David Beckham rages at a douche heckling him about hookers

PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - SEPTEMBER 26: David Beckham of LA Galaxy gives out some advice to Children during a Training Session for local players at the Marvin Lee Stadium on September 26, 2010 in Macoya, Trinidad And Tobago. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Sometimes I wish Antoine Dodson would come over to my house so we could gossip together about various tabloid stories. I would love to hear his take on David Beckham and the alleged affair with a hooker – I imagine Dodson saying “Oh, NO, homeboy, you don’t have to pay for it. How dumb are you? Really?!?” And I would love to hear Antoine’s take on the latest chapter of Beckham’s hooker sex scandal. Late Friday, David filed libel and slander lawsuits against In Touch Weekly and the hooker for their stories of vanilla sex and dong burning (true that). And now David is so pissed off about the whole thing that he will totally go off on his fans for heckling him about hookers. In David’s defense, the dude sounded like a total douche. News of the World has the video here, but here’s what went down:

Don’t tease David Beckham about his hooker scandal. The soccer stud, 35, exploded after one fan taunted him after his team LA Galaxy defeated the New York Red Bulls, 2-0, Friday night.

“Stop with the prostitutes!” the fan yelled, referring to In Touch Weekly’s erroneous cover claiming that Beckham had wild sex with $10,000-a-night hookers.

Hearing the remarks, Beckham immediately turned around and marched toward his heckler.

“Oh, he’s coming after me!” the fan said (video is shown on Britain’s News of the World’s website).

Seconds later, Beckham got in the man’s face and snapped, “Do you want to say it again? Do you want to say it again?”

“I didn’t say anything!” the person pleaded.

Disgusted, Beckham replied, “You got a Galaxy shirt on! You got a Galaxy shirt on!”

He walked away still furious before turning back again, pointing at his head and mouthing the words: “Say it to my face.”

On Friday, he filed suit against In Touch, accusing the tabloid of libel, slander and intentionally causing emotional distress. (In Touch has yet to comment.)

Last week, Beckham’s rep told UsMagazine.com the allegations “are completely untrue and totally ridiculous, as the magazine was clearly told before publication. Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it.”

Beckham has been wed to wife Victoria for 11 years. They have three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5.

[From Us Weekly]

David’s reaction does seem genuine and genuinely pissed off, so maybe I’ll have to rethink my “I totally believe this sh-t” attitude towards the hooker story. Well… I still believe it, although I think David genuinely regrets it, and he probably does have a solid case. Am I trying to have it both ways? Sure. I like the dong buring story. I want it to be true!

David Beckham attends the launch of the David Beckham Academy at Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya September 26, 2010. The Academy will provide football and life skills programmes as well as coaching workshops to almost 200 young players and coaches. The commitment was made at the FIFA World Cup 2010 Final Draw in Cape Town last December.  REUTERS/Andrea De Silva (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

David Beckham attends the launch of the David Beckham Academy at Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya September 26, 2010. The Academy will provide football and life skills programmes as well as coaching workshops to almost 200 young players and coaches. The commitment was made at the FIFA World Cup 2010 Final Draw in Cape Town last December.  REUTERS/Andrea De Silva (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

David Beckham and son Brooklyn watching Great Britain's Andy Murray's defeat to Spain's Rafael Nadal in the Semi-Final Round of the 2010 Wimbledon Championships, Day Twelve at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London, UK on July 2, 2010. Photo by Corinne Dubreuil/Cameleon/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

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27 Responses to “David Beckham rages at a douche heckling him about hookers”

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  1. rheba says:

    LMAO…get over it….grow a thicker skin or go hide away from the public

  2. Oi says:

    Paging A-rod…Becks could use some expert advice on this issue.

  3. PsychicEyes says:

    I have no sympathy for Mr. Beckham — he should have known much better. Look, if you are going to get married and have children and market the hell out of your family’s image then don’t shit on that image.

    My intuition tells me he was playing where he should not have been playing. And the lawsuit is for Victoria to keep face. I expect the lawsuit will get thrown out of court for a legal technicality because there are many people in high places who do not want the Madame to be called as a witness.

    BTW, I don’t buy that the Hooker does not have evidence. I sense that she showed the black book and telephone statement details to the tabloids. The tabloids did not publish it because it lists details of the other high-profile clients. Anyways, that is my take on it.

    Mr. Beckham needs to stop the whining and crying and just keep his pants on. Otherwise, get divorced and play all that you want.

  4. wunderkindt says:

    Besides having an obvious hooker prob, looks like Becks has quite the anger management prob too.

    Becks got crazy mad when the dude ordered him to STOP with the prostitutes!

  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I can’t even imagine David angry and the fact that got so angry just proves that he is sick of this disgusting lies. His kids are old enough to read and they aren’t good rumors for Posh to hear. I am happy David is suing and nowadays you have to, sometimes, because the half witted will believe anything and they can ruin your reputation.

  6. Raven says:

    If he’s suing the mag in the US he’s going to have a lot harder time than he did in Britain.

  7. Whatever says:

    Who knows, maybe he is telling the truth. He is suing, unlike Ashton, who only threatens suits and then denies on twitter. We’ll see how it all plays out. The story sounds a little off because someone who really has a book full of famous clients would not show it to the tabs, or they would be out of business the next day. Anyone can make a list of celebrities and say whatever they like. In time, she’ll either bring some actual evidence to the table or they will prevail in court. I’ll watch awhile and the truth will come out.

  8. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    AGAIN… Who cares?? It was three years ago, why does it matter, I am sure Victoria is so over it and now to have all these douches bringing up the past. Find something better to chat about like Ashton, who is boning someone right now (other than his wife), I’m sure.

  9. Marjalane says:

    Nothing will come of this suit; It’ll drag out long enough to pacify David Beckhams nasty ass wife and then it’ll go away. I think he jumped this guys case because he’s totally stressed out by all the bitchin’ at home! Apparently they filed several suits across the globe- and he might win one in a country with different laws. Like I said in a prior post- he and Victoria have plenty of cash to waste on maintaining his “innocence”. Snort.

  10. divax says:

    LA Galaxy LOST 2-0 to the Red Bulls, not vice versa

  11. Cam says:

    I don’t blame him for getting so angry. US magazines are out of control these days.

  12. Girafe99 says:

    @divax if we are really being pedantic, then the LA Galaxy lost 0-2 to the Red Bulls : )

  13. iKat says:

    Poor guy. Imagine what this is doing to his personal life… If it’s not true, then the scum that printed it should be really ashamed.

  14. divax says:

    Girafe – you’re right, of course: 0-2 !! I was just pointing out that the Galaxy was the team defeated, not the Red Bulls, as the article stated.

  15. ERM says:

    I’d be interested to know if his voice gets any deeper when angry!

    Not sure if I believe it or not but good for him. The other guy was a coward, seriously if you’re going to yell at him do it when confronts you too.

  16. Anj says:

    What a fuckin douchebag Looser.

    I hope his football carrer tanks down.

    No manwhore like him should be idol of anyone.

    I SALUTE the fan who said the prostitute line. I wouldve said the same!

  17. BethL says:

    I don’t believe David was with prostitutes because he doesn’t seem like the type. He seems more like a groupie kind of guy. Amusing how the “fan” backed down when he was face to face with David.

  18. Feebee says:

    Well hecklers are a bit like us aren’t they except they’re not quite so anonymous… saying whatever shit we like without consequences. The heckler was out of line, a douchebag. I don’t blame Beckham for taking him on but someone posted that it made Becks look like he had an anger management problem… seriously? I think the headline coloured the view. If that’s all the rage David can muster – though to be fair he was in public in front of fans – he hardly has an anger management problem.

    I saw more distress, frustration and disgust than anger. I hardly think the heckler was worried for his safety, though I wish he had been, the prick.

  19. kim says:

    Hum – Why would he care if its not true? Sticks & stones right & certainly he is used to tabloid lies by now.

    A mature man would just ignore the comments.

    Love me some Beckham but me thinketh he protest to much.

  20. AD says:

    Beckham has previous form for threatening lawsuits and not following through. His childrens nanny sold her story in 2005 and exposed the Beckham marriage as a sham. In the News Of The World (which is now a very pro Beckham paper). She said he was a verbally abusive bully towards his wife and a vain cheater. The Beckhams ‘sued’ the paper but the lawsuit was settled (dropped) privately. Over the years there have been about 5 women (one of whom was an ex prositute-Sarah Marbeck) who have sold stories about having a sexual relationship with him. He has sued none of them. This is very interesting when consider how incredibly litigious Beckham is.

  21. Dizzybenny says:

    I would have repeated to his face,then he would have punch me or shoved me to the ground.Then i would have sued for millions and retire :)

  22. cedar falls says:

    @ LOVE ANGELINA: “because the half witted will believe anything”.

    Ooooooh, perfect example of “irony” there, methinks!

  23. KC says:

    I watched the video and that guy who yelled it out was a major douchebag. Own up to your annoying comments dumbass.

    And honestly, Beckham is one football star/athlete who would not need to pay for sex. Women jump at him regardless. I’m not saying if he did or didn’t, I’m just saying he definitely wouldn’t need to.

    This always makes me wonder, why do superstar athletes need to pay for sex if they can get it from pretty much anyone else and from better looking people. Its not like the hooker is gonna keep quiet anyways…

  24. poiup says:

    Just sounds like a fan that looked for something witty to shout.

  25. Alex says:

    I believe every word Abbie Gibson said about Beckham – behind closed doors she witnessed him being verbally abusive to his wife, calling her a ‘f-ing bitch’ and threatening to leave her when she was pregnant with kid number 3.

    I believe every word Danielle Heath said about Beckham – cheating on his wife with her just a few weeks after the (proven) affair with Rebecca Loos.

    I believe Sarah Marbeck. I believe Emma Ryan. I believe Jordan/Katie Price, because even she has more credibility on this matter than Beckham, who throws a tantrum every time one of his bits on the side runs to the papers, but backs down before proposed lawsuits get anywhere because he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  26. AD says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if this vid was probably set up. Done to make Beckham look like someone on the edge as some hooker apparently attacks his credibility and his marriage. Everything surrounding this man is contrived.

  27. AD says:

    @ Alex. There was also a vicars daughter,Celina Laurie who sold her story in 2004 about sleeping with him. Once again he threatened to sue The People newspaper who broke the story but did not follow through. Notice how the UK press never mention his indiscretions anymore-complete whitewash. Whereas other celebs-especially footballers that stray get call loverat, etc.