David Beckham sues In Touch over claims he hired hookers for vanilla sex


Unlikely nearly everyone else who mumbles about lawsuits when a tabloid claims they’re having an affair, David Beckham has follow-through. I admire that. After In Touch Weekly reported this past week that David had hired a hooker six times back in 2007 to have some hot vanilla sex, David has now filed a lawsuit for libel, slander and “intentional infliction of emotional distress” against In Touch. Not only if Beckham suing ITW – he’s also suing the hooker (former hooker?) Irma Nici.

Lawyers for David Beckham have filed a lawsuit against In Touch Weekly after running a cover this week claiming that he had wild sex with hookers.

In the suit – filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court – he accuses the tabloid of libel, slander and intentionally causing emotional distress.

The suit also names 26-year-old Irma Nici, who is quoted as saying she was a call girl who slept with Beckham five times in 2007. She also says he had sex with a second prostitute.

In Touch has yet to comment.

Earlier this week, Beckham’s rep told UsMagazine.com the allegations “are completely untrue and totally ridiculous, as the magazine was clearly told before publication. Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it.”

David, 35, and Victoria, 36, who have been wed for 11 years, have three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5.

[From Us Weekly]

I have mixed feelings about this… on one side, I really believed In Touch’s story, and I still kind of believe it. I definitely think David has cheated on Victoria many times in the past, and that Victoria pretty much turns a blind eye because they’re pretty much a corporation at this point, and because they probably still love each other a lot, and because they’ve got three kids and they both seem like great parents. So, in that way, I think ITW is just digging around a marriage between two people who have their own set of rules as far as fidelity goes, and that’s perhaps not fair. So… basically, I believe In Touch had every right to publish their story – they had a solid, named source and two named confirmation sources after all – but I also admire David Beckham for having the balls to take on a tabloid.

Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham celebrates a Galaxy goal as he sits on the bench during their MLS soccer match against Columbus Crew in Carson, California, September 11, 2010. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

CARSON, CA - SEPTEMBER 24: David Beckham  of the Los Angeles Galaxy warms up prior to their MLS match against New York Red Bulls at The Home Depot Center on September 24, 2010 in Carson, California. (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham changes his shirt before entering the game during the second half of their MLS soccer match against Columbus Crew in Carson, California, September 11, 2010. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

HARRISON, NJ - AUGUST 14: David Beckham  of the Los Angeles Galaxy looks on from the bench during their match against the New York Red Bulls on August 14, 2010 at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. Galaxy defeat the Red Bulls 1-0. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images for New York Red Bulls)

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  1. malachais says:

    $10,000 a night hooker? I dunno. That woman is pretty fug, jeez. You could prob buy a carnival of prettier hookers for that price.

    I don’t care how rich these male celebrities are, have some class and just keep it in your pants. Either way, Posh won’t leave him. To me she’s beautiful and a “good” mom (from what the public is able to see) but seems very self-centered.

  2. Marjalane says:

    Eh. I’m sure Victoria forced him to do it. In Touch wouldn’t have stood behind it, esp. since it’s from 2007 if they didn’t have the proof. There are a lot of “filed lawsuits” that just quietly go nowhere. The “filing” is what gets the attention, and the Beckhams have plenty of cash to waste on putting up a good front.

  3. Lauren says:

    Honestly why would he sue if the story is true? Perhaps she is lying and sold a nice story to pay her rent. Where is the evidence?

  4. Meaza says:

    omg, this was like 3 years ago…how cares?

  5. Snarf says:

    I’m glad he’s going after the hooker. Maybe it’ll stem the tide of these classless Rachel Uchitel wanna-bes.

  6. iKat says:

    I don’t believe these marriage-ruining tabloid stories and think it is a really good think that David Beckham is not letting them get away with this.

  7. Cheyenne says:

    I doubt Beckham would sue if he didn’t have a case. He filed suit in Los Angeles County and the US standard for proving libel and slander is much more stringent than the British. I hope he puts In Touch out of business. And the same goes for their sister shitrag Life & Style.

    @Marjalane: In Touch has printed so many bullshit lies about so many people I’ve lost count. They probably thought Beckham would be like everybody else they lied about and just ignore it.

  8. Eleonor says:

    In Touch weekly doesn’t have nothing better than a cheating story of THREE years ago to publish? I totally believe David’s cheating, but it’s so stupid talking about a scandal now.

  9. mike says:

    I think this is just a bullsh*t suit thrown up to give the impression of innocence. US libel/slander laws are notoriously difficult to win.

    This sounds like a bogus suit designed to annoy the tabloid rag and to threaten the hooker into silence.

    If he really were wronged, I think he’d have sued in Britain, where the libel laws are much stronger and he has more than good chance of winning. (This is why the majority of celebs winning against the tabloids happens in Britain.)

  10. BethL says:

    People sue based on where the tabloid is published. In Touch is based in the US so I doubt they could sue in England. Most of the tabloids sued are British since it’s a lot easier than other countries. It doesn’t make sense to me to believe the story or call it a coverup. If it was true a lot of evidence and information could come out. Just denying it or ignore it complete would have been a better way to go. It’ a three year old story that people don’t care much about anyway.

  11. chloe says:

    I dont really have an opinion one way or another on this but fyi the story ran on the internet which means it becomes under international so the beckhams could have filed from the uk or anywhere else in the world.

  12. Cheyenne says:

    Beckham is also suing Bauer-Griffin publications (the parent company of In Touch) in several other countries, including Germany, where the main office is located. Gossipcop has the whole story, you can read it here: http://www.gossipcop.com

  13. Wens says:

    Good for them, I think we all know that these tabloids make stories up and print lies for the hell of it – I mean just look at how many time Angelina / Jennifer have been knocked up again, about to get divorced etc etc.
    These stories impact on peoples lives, and their children’s lives and it’s disgusting that they are allowed to get away with it so good for you Beckham – let’s hope you put them out of business

  14. hmm(the original) says:

    Good for him. Unlike some others (Ashton and Chris Martin) who threaten to sue when allegations of infidelity are printed, Beckham is actually following through.

  15. Dee says:


    News of the World

    David Beckham’s $25 million vice girl writ

    Star sues over lies as we reveal hooker has no proof of sex romp

    DAVID Beckham’s lawyers were waiting to pounce on hooker Irma Nici last night to serve a massive $25 MILLION libel writ.

    Two burly off-duty cops armed with the 21-page document were staking out a New York hotel where the prostitute has been holed up since her three-in-a-bed lies were published in downmarket US magazine In Touch.

    The £16 million lawsuit accuses Irma of damaging Becks’ reputation and causing him “mental anguish”.

    News of the World reporters tracked down Nici to the room in the New York hotel just hours before off-duty New York cops arrived there with the writ from the angry football superstar and his wife Victoria.

    The celebrity couple are claiming the huge sum – around £16 million – PLUS punitive damages from the call girl and almost everyone connected with In Touch that printed her pack of lies, including writers, photographers, editors and distributors.

    The 21-page document, already lodged with the Los Angeles court, accuses publisher Bauer and editor Michelle Lee of libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress, despite being expressly warned that the story was total fabrication.

    The writ states: “The case arises from defendants’ publication of lies to make money for themselves and to embarrass and inflict emotional distress upon Beckham, a world-famous athlete. Defendants published these statements with actual malice and with intent to profit by causing harm to Beckham.”

    Nevertheless prostitute Irma, who told the mag she slept with Becks FIVE TIMES, has spent this week attempting to extort another £200,000 from other media organisations for her lies.

    But incredibly the brazen Bosnian-born call girl failed to provide a single shred of evidence to support her ludicrous claims. We discovered even her name is fake.

    We played along with her in order to expose her scam as the price tag on her story spiralled up and up.

    All the way through the discussions Irma, her notorious madam and agent Kristin Davis, and executives from the American mag In Touch – fooled into printing the allegations – confidently insisted they had evidence to prove their accusations that Beckham paid a total of £9,400 in cash for two sex sessions was true. But in the end they could come up with nothing.

    Their tale unravelled in a series of meetings with nervy Irma after we traced her to the hotel on New York’s East Side.

    LIE! First we pressed Davis and Irma to back up the hooker’s claims that dad-of-three Beckham had sex with her in a junior suite at Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridien hotel in August 2007.

    But senior hotel staff vowed to us that neither Becks nor Nici had been there when she said they were.

    A senior marketing manager insisted: “I would know if David Beckham was ever here, even for a fleeting drink. We’ve checked our records and neither he nor the woman named were here.”

    And amazingly Irma confessed she’s not even sure of the exact date the supposed encounter happened.

    LIE! Irma, 26, claims she met Becks after an introduction through a mutual friend. But tellingly she refused to give us the pal’s name.

    LIE! Irma alleged she had sex with Becks several times and then phoned Davis asking her to supply a “brunette with curves” for a threesome. But they refused to corroborate the story by identifing the mystery second vice-girl, referring to her only as Jess.

    Davis, who served four months in prison for supplying prostitutes to New York’s elite, claimed: “Jess will never meet or talk to you in person about it. She’s out of the game, and not even in this state. She wants nothing to do with it. She will not talk for all the money in the world.”

    LIE! Irma claimed she had phone records of Beckham calling her from the Manhattan hotel. But when pressed she could not produce any. Lamely she claimed she had lost the password for internet access to her mobile account and admitted she didn’t have paper records.

    LIE! Olive-skinned Irma insisted she keeps detailed notes on all her client bookings. But she could not provide a phone number for Beckham. “I never wrote it down,” she said. “It wasn’t a big deal.”

    LIE! The vice girl offered to show us evidence of US immigration stamps in her passport to prove she was in New York at the time she alleges she was with Beckham. Sadly, she didn’t have the document with her. And later she claimed her handbag had been “stolen”.

    LIE! Irma claimed she had a second sex romp with Beckham at London’s Claridges a month later. But she said credit card receipts to show she was there were unavailable.

    LIE! The hooker swore to us in her rasping East European accent: “It is all true what I wrote in the magazine – I was very happy with it.”

    But she refused to take a lie detector test – standard practice in the USA on such stories. Her excuse was that the results would give police the opportunity to convict her as a prostitute – although she had already admitted that in print.

    LIE! Irma told us her surname Nici, used by In Touch, was real. But a day later she admitted it was a “professional name”. Then she insisted it’s her mum’s “maiden name”. But we can reveal her genuine surname is Nezirovic and her family live in Holland.

    Crazy demands for Irma’s story included clauses that would indemnify the US magazine publisher from legal action by Beckham – even if their story proved to be untrue!

    At our first meeting with Irma, she had clearly been crying. She acted shifty as she lounged on the bed, often glancing at Davis for assurance.

    Looking solemn in a tarty see-through black sweater dress, with huge bags under her eyes, she had clearly not slept well for days. She picked at chocolate frosted cupcakes, spilling crumbs on her bedspread, while feverishly necking energy drink Red Bull.

    “I’ve had ten today,” she said, fighting to stay awake. Having sold her scandalous fantasy – touted as “the greatest story in the world” – Irma now had the nerve to snivel about the attention she had attracted. My mother sort of knew what I did but she isn’t happy,” she whined. “And my uncle is furious. The TV in Bosnia is running the stories about me. This is bad for me.”

    Instead of the glamorous courtesan, she now looked a gibbering wreck, terrified of leaving the room, scared of the tsunami of outrage and curiosity that has swept the world. With straggly hair and no make-up, she seemed a far cry from the image portrayed in near-naked pin-up shots flogged around by her agent.

    But the busty 36DD brunette cheekily managed to conjure up several more allegations about former England captain Beckham’s performance in the sack. “He was no big deal,” she claimed. “I’ve had other, more famous clients.”

    Despite the glaring lack of credibility, gullible In Touch executives told the News of the World: “Once you meet Irma you will know she is telling the truth. Her story is consistent.” But the magazine bosses, also served with a Beckham writ on Friday, had got it wrong again.

    Nevertheless, conniving agent Davis demanded $300,000 (£190,000) for an interview, photo and video shoot with Irma and bragged: “I love the negotiating.”

    The mouthy madam – running as a candidate for Governor of New York on a platform of legalising prostitution and marijuana – added: “My girl is telling the truth. She was good at her job. I want control over her image. Tramp sells.” The meeting was abandoned after an hour, with a promise to reconvene next morning, Friday, at 11am. Irma stretched out and yawned: “I just wanna go to sleep.”

    But at around 2.25am Irma, wearing the same black dress, walked out of the front entrance of the hotel with a suited driver carrying a black bag. She tried to hide her face as our photographer spotted her. She then quickly retreated back to her room. The photographer said: “It was was all very weird – it makes you wonder if she was out for some extra business.”

    In her six-page In Touch story Irma depicted herself as a jet-setting happy hooker, who has banked hundreds of thousands from her dodgy lifestyle.

    But during our meetings it was plain that she was really miserable, unhappy with her career choice and desperate for fame.

    In an extraordinary few minutes she tried to blame her childhood and disastrous relationships with men for putting her on the road to maligning David Beckham – who yesterday flew to Trinidad after playing Friday night for LA Galaxy, losing 2-0 to New York’s Red Bulls.

    She claimed she was forced to go public about her life of vice after an ex-boyfriend found her secret diary and threatened to sell it.

    Irma, who lived for a while in London’s Paddington, said: “But I made notes on my clients. I wrote about all my experiences. My ex threatened to expose me so I asked Kristin for help. I’m still worried about him, I think he still has the diary.”

    Brassy blonde Davis, 49 – known as “the hooker booker” after exposing shamed ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s sexual habits – bragged: “Irma was one of my best girls. She flew backwards and forwards from London. Sometimes she was so busy she’d be here in New York for four months at a stretch.

    “I had to have words with her ex boyfriend but we couldn’t take the risk Irma would be exposed. We needed to take control, and she trusts me. So we decided to do it.”

    Irma claimed she fell into prostitution after meeting a jet-set crowd in St Tropez when she was 17, then moving to London. Irma said her diary was “more real” than Belle de Jour’s bestseller and she planned to write her own kiss-and-tell book.

    But yesterday afternoon Irma had a change of heart and insisted she regretted her decision to sell her story. “I never wanted to do it in the first place,” she moaned.

    “I haven’t even got money from Kristin. Everyone is making money besides me. I plan to leave tonight. I’m done with everyone, including Kristin. They’re selling me out. I have contacted someone who’s going to guide me there. I’ve had enough.”

    Last night publicist Max Clifford revealed Irma had contacted him to sell her story in the UK. He said they had agreed to meet in London and he had warned her not to speak to anyone.

  16. Wresa says:

    I don’t think he cheated with this hooker. I think he cheated with that one “model” (?) years ago but, it seems like they worked through that.

    And I know I’m just repeating what others have said a million times, but god, these mistresses are so shameless it blows my mind! What their parents must think…

  17. lio says:

    False or true, I don’t believe that Posh would be OK with infidelity anyway. Behind his lawsuit i smell a major beakdown, followed by a lot of cries and maybe threats from her.

  18. PsychicEyes says:

    My intuition tells me that the lawsuits is to appease his wife. Scare the hell out of the newspaper and the chick — he’s got the money to make their lives miserable.

    Anyhoo, I never sensed that they were the peachy-keen family that they project to the public. Sorry, I don’t buy it at all.

  19. Nanea says:

    In Touch has often been out of touch, down to printing quite outrageous lies.

    It’s good of Beckham to sue. While I don’t think he’s squeaky clean, I doubt this story.

  20. Feebee says:

    He’s suing because they said he had wild sex with hookers? I think the “wild” is stretching it a bit.

    Part true or not good on him for suing, these pricks get away with much too much.

    EDIT: I mean the tabloids.

  21. mike says:


    He may be–in fact, should be–able to scare the living daylights out of the hooker, but the gossip rag?

    Not really. If lawsuits could scare off tabloids, there would be no tabloids today. At WORST, Beck’s lawsuit is a mild annoyance and nothing more.

  22. PsychicEyes says:

    One last comment: my intuition tells me that this case will get thrown out of court because of the Hookers’s Madame who has too many secrets on individuals in very, very high places.

  23. Cheyenne says:

    Umm, Dee — News Of the World is the same slag rag that was successfully sued by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for printing lies that they were breaking up. NOTW had to pay the Jolie-Pitts an unspecified amount in damages and issue a public apology.

    Now they claim THEY are the ones who busted In Touch? That’s a hoot. Sounds to me like they are trying to salvage what’s left of their reputation — and there was damn little of that left before the Jolie-Pitts sued them. NOTW probably had more successful lawsuits filed against them than any other tabloid.

    I think In Touch is lying through their teeth, as per usual — but I don’t think it was NOTW that busted them.

  24. Lady Jane says:

    I assume most posters on CB are American? Because over on this side of the pond, it is pretty much accepted that Becks cheated at least once before with Rachael Loos. Posh n Becks issued denials and then just went to ground (or rather, a staged, awkward skiing holiday) to prove how ‘solid’ their love/marriage was. Nothing ever came of the alleged lawsuits at that time and I think the Beckhams were just hoping the world would forget about it. Whatever. Once a cheater….

  25. Alex says:

    He was PROVED to have cheated on his wife with Rebecca Loos years ago – he rattled his sabre about suing then but she produced all the dirty texts he sent her and he backed down. A few weeks later Abbie Gibson revealed he was at it again with Posh’s beauty assistant. He tried to enforce Gibson’s confidentiality contract but he did not try to sue her for making false claims.

    Beckham is clearly a philanderer generally and Posh will forgive him every time because she thinks the sun rises and sets on him. However he appears to be serious about suing on this occasion so maybe he’s been wrongly accused this time.

  26. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Three YEARS ago people.. Who cares????

  27. Keyanna says:

    Why in the world would this gorgeous man have to PAY for sex?

  28. Ruffian9 says:

    “My intuition tells me that the lawsuits is to appease his wife.”

    Totally agree.

  29. british bitch says:

    A lot of men pay hard cash for hard fast sex. BIG FUCKING DEAL. Unless they get caught…