Sister Wives: Meri admits she wants to leave, Kody wants more kids no matter what

Kody pushes for more babies despite the wives’ wishes
After watching the second and third episodes of Sister Wives, I’m struck by how likable, genuine and open the wives are, and how husband Kody is starting to seem like an egomaniac. It’s like the wives are trying to make sure that the children have normalcy and consistency while Kody’s aim is to have as many kids as possible. For instance Christine, Kody’s then-pregnant third wife, said on the last episode that she thought she was done having kids after she had five and a very difficult miscarriage last year. She explained that she’s 37 and said “I hemorrhaged and I passed out [during the miscarriage] and it was really horrible…” In a video on TLC’s website, Christine said that she didn’t want more kids after five as she was worried that it would burden her older kids to care for new ones. Her daughter Aspen, 14, convinced her to try again. However, in that same video Kody admits that he bribed Aspen to convince her mom to have more kids by offering the girl $100 if she was successful! Then when Aspen tried to ask for the hundred bucks he wouldn’t pay up.

On the show, Kody again emphasized that he wanted Christine to have even more kids after her sixth, saying “I love the fact that Truely [their soon-to-be born daughter] is a girl, because there is a chance that Christine might try again… for a boy.” The guy was about to welcome his 14th biological child into the world, he had three stepchildren joining his family and a fourth, 30 year-old wife who can presumably have more of his biological kids and all he could think about was pressuring the third wife to have more.

Meri admits that she’s only staying for her daughter’s sake
Kody’s first wife Meri broke down in tears during the couch interview portion of the show and explained that she isn’t sure she wants to stay in the family. Meri, 40, has one 14 year-old daughter, Mariah, and has admitted that she tried to get pregnant again but that it didn’t work for her. When she talked about the new wife Robyn, 30, she started crying and explained how difficult it is to see Kody fall in love with her, and how she thinks about leaving.

You just wonder when he’s going to give you the attention he’s giving her. She is the new thing, the new excitement and we’ve been married for 20 years, and so you just think ‘gosh, that’s been a long time.’ And I do think, I don’t want to do this [welcome a fourth wife], I’m comfortable with Janelle and Christine, you know they get me. I don’t know that I even want to stay, sometimes. The only thing that even wants me to stay is my commitment level and my daughter. This is her family and I wouldn’t ever do that to her.”

Meri might not have the means to strike out on her own, either, and she may fear reprisal from the church and/or Kody. We just heard from Kody’s former sister-in-law that she was cut off from her children when she dared to leave the man that Kody’s sister was married to.

Robyn gets teary talking about Kody’s kids and her new life
The last episode focused on moving Kody’s soon-to-be fourth wife, Robyn, into a home closer to the family so he would no longer have to make the five hour trip to see her.

Robyn seems excited about joining the family and fitting in, and she sort-of admitted that she needs help caring for her three children after being a divorced single mom for three years. She said “The cool thing about this [polygamy] is you got people all over mothering your kids.” She has three children: Dayton, 9, Aurora, 7, and Brianna, 5. Her oldest, son Dayton, has Asperger’s syndrome. Robyn’s first marriage was not polygamist, but she grew up in a polygamist family. Robyn thinks it’s a great lifestyle that will only benefit her and her children. She’s also very focused on the fact that they’re going public with their family and thinks it’s a positive thing.

I grew up where I had to hide who I was. This television show will be a big shock to all of my high school class and anyone that knew me… There were times when I couldn’t claim my dad as my dad… and he couldn’t claim us.”

On creating a normal life for the kids
Robyn and all the moms have emphasized how their focus is on the children and making sure they’re happy and well adjusted. Robyn said “These kids are just normal kids, they’re just doing their thing, that we’re normal and that we’re just a family. I’m hoping that this will be something that frees the kids from not [sic] living in secrecy and not having to say ‘hey that’s not my dad,’ but ‘hey, this is who I am’

In one scene, Robyn shed happy tears over how much she loved Janelle’s daughter Madison, 14. Janelle is Kody’s second wife, works out of the home and has an analytical personality. She explains things in very logical, matter-of-fact terms and is the only wife that I’ve yet to see cry on the show. Her daughter Madison is similarly very independent and explained on the show that she didn’t want to be a polygamist. Madison said “It’s [my parents'] choice if they want to live polygamy, but my choice [is] I don’t want to. I love my family and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but for me, I just want one [husband].”

Robyn responded to Madison by explaining that its every child’s choice. “She does not want to live this lifestyle, which is fine. Every child is going to have their choice and we’re going to support them and love them through all of it.” Does that include any of their kids being gay? It’s highly doubtful.

Here are Kody and Robyn getting papped at the mall buying jewelry in Salt Lake City, Utah on 10/9/10. Doesn’t he looked thrilled? Christine is also shown out with her baby on 10/11/10. Credit: Fame Pictures.






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  1. Just a Poster says:

    I really like the 3 wives a lot, and the first wife is going to school. So maybe she has had a plan for awhile to bolt. Once her daughter is old enough I can totally see her leaving. I think the other two are savvy enough to keep their relationship with her, if Meri chooses to leave.

  2. dorothy says:

    Kind of sad really. While one wife is pumping out kids, Kody’s off romancing a new one. I can see where it would be painful. Wonder if Kody’s going to put pressure on the new wife to have more children?

  3. Marna says:

    It’s interesting to me how Robyn seems to be the only wife that relishes the attention of the show. I’m sure she didn’t get involved with Kody because he was going to be on TV but she looks just as happy as he does to be papped, while Christine looks like she doesn’t know how to handle things. Famewhores: the polygamist generation.

  4. Leticia says:

    I personally disagree with polygamy. Usually the kids and wives do not get the individual attention that they need and deserve. Polygamist husbands remind me of mini-cult leaders.

  5. Lulu says:

    I am so bothered by all of this. I haven’t watched an episode nor will I.

    I did see the sweet photo of Meri and Kody when they married 20 years ago and think that’s how it should have stayed. A man and a wife.


  6. Just a Poster says:

    Lulu I was also. But I was also shocked by how normal the 3 wives seemed.

  7. sharylmj says:

    yeah.. it’s like Kody is so happy when he is with Robin.. the new wife.. very sad and sick!! I really feel for Meri!!! To have fertility issues in that family would be a big deal.. that’s part of the deal.. to have kids. I bet she is regretting ever introducing Kody to Robin.

  8. JustBe says:

    So, I’m confused, what is it that women get out of participating in polygamist relationships? An in-house babysitter when it’s your turn to step out on your occasional date with your shared husband?

    Didn’t the initial reports indicate that the first wife introduced the husband to the 4th and encouraged him to bring her into the fold? How did she think adding another relationship to her husband’s plate was going to work in her favor?

    Was there any consequence for that ‘man’ bribing his daughter to convince the mom to risk her physical and emotional health to have another kid?

    Why the hell would a ‘man’ who is supposed to now be parenting and providing for 17 children want more? This is all just one big circus for the sole purpose of entertaining and rubbing the ego of the husband. I’m glad that the women are making an effort to provide a good life for their children, but that’s about the nicest thing that I can say about this setup.

    I don’t watch this show and I won’t. I’m not impressed by how the women/wives ‘seem’ normal and are trying to raise their kids in a ‘normal’ fashion.

    I think like most other ‘reality’ show ‘stars’, for the most part, this is how they would behave at work. This show is their job and if behaving/saying certain things improves the ratings and/or makes the lifestyle seem more urbane than it actually is, then everyone is a thespian.

  9. cantbelievethis says:

    “I hemorrhaged and I passed out [during the miscarriage] and it was really horrible…”

    That man is disgusting and dangerous.

  10. Lynnie says:

    Truely? They’re going to name a baby girl “Truely?” That’s bad enough, but it’s made much worse by the fact that it’s MISSPELLED.

  11. Just a Poster says:

    I love that name! Remember it is from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

  12. JennaBell says:

    I agree with Lulu and many of the rest of you. This premise of this show is so revolting and offensive. I was hoping a few episodes would air to dismal ratings, it would be cancelled, and we would never have to hear about these people again.

  13. Jane says:

    I haven’t watched this show, just seen things like this article posted on the internet. I have seen another series like this and it ended with a few of the wives leaving.

    I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out polygamy is a man thing more than any anything to do with religious beliefs.

    This guy and those like him are on an ego trip, nothing more. He is able to have a variety of women (he won’t stop with the fourth wife) and be the center of attention with all of them. The women’s world revolves around him. The women are just one of a crowd, expected to pop out babies at his whim and be happy with what crumbs he throws them when he gets time. What makes this situation worse is this guy seems to be about as sensitive as rock to his other wives.

  14. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    This just makes me sad. He apparently doesnt think about the harm to the women, just what he wants.


  15. TaylorB says:

    Lynnie wrote: “Truely? They’re going to name a baby girl “Truely?”

    I agree, they should have named her “SERIOUSLY???”

  16. Diane says:

    Why isn’t this guy in jail?? It’s bigamy, plain and simple, over and over and over.

  17. trollydolly says:

    Polygamist husbands remind me of mini-cult leaders.

    Too right.

  18. just me says:

    What I find sad in these pictures is that Kody is out jewelry/fragrance shopping while Christine is out buying Walmart brand food. Robyn is in for a big surprise! I have a feeling that Kody and the rest of the family are barely getting by. Sad….

  19. Megan says:

    the pictures of him and the “new” wife make me wanna barf! and i hope the 1st wife leaves… YOU DESERVE BETTER!!!!

  20. Lindsay says:

    Lynnie – Almost all the names are strange or not spelled conventionally (I guess technically you can’t misspell the name that you give your child). A little ot – one of my friends teaches 4th grade and has a girl in her class that kept handing in papers with different spelling variations of her name. When she was asked about it she said her parents let her spell it how ever she wanted to and that it didn’t matter. The teacher told her to pick one spelling. I thought that was so odd.

    I was shocked and saddened by a few things on that episode. First, that he was talking to the doctor about fertility treatments for the 1st wife while the 3rd was in labor. Second, that he thought in vitro was a generous gift and was “floored” that an older woman with a 14 year old, in school, and clearly insecure in her marriage didn’t see it that way. Third and least important, his car vs theirs. One of them drives an older car missing two hubcaps and he drives a new Lexus that holds 4, at most 5 people uncomfortably. So it is really expensive and really impractical. Yuck.

    Also, he was kissing the gf knowing how the other three feel about it. And then said I am not going to sit here kissing my girlfriend while my wife is in labor after he was caught doing just that and then continued. I don’t understand why that is considered infidelity to them but all three (especially the one in labor) were totally opposed to it.

  21. lilred says:

    When asked by Meri how he would feel if she were to take up with another man, his answer was… He couldn’t believe that she could even think something so vile that obviously goes against nature and God.

    What a total asshat.

  22. Praise St. Angie! says:

    gee, how did I know this guy would favor a Ed Hardy-type shirt (DOUCHE WEAR) and acid wash jeans?

    he is so disgusting. and with the new gf/wife, he’s like a child with a new toy. UGH. why any woman would WANT this type of situation is beyond me.

    I understand that it’s THEIR choice to be there, but I could never make such a choice. it seems to me, as another poster put it, that these women are insecure with the lowest possible self-esteem and think that they don’t deserve better, or can’t achieve anything else.

  23. JM says:

    What little I know about the show is what I’ve read here. I have no desire to see this play out. I’ve read “Escape” by Caroline Jessup, a former FDLS member who was forced to marry at age 14 (her husband was in his 50′s) and eventually fled with her 6 children. I’m inclined to believe her more than the rose colored version being aired.
    What I’m curious about are the 3 (non-legal) wives. Do they all receive public assistance? Are their children covered under Medicaid and do they all get assistance for that too? Shouldn’t the government go after them for tax fraud if that’s the case? Why should the taxpayers have to support this big douche’s desire to procreate with as many women who’ll let him all in the name of religion.
    *If I’m wrong about the public aid, I retract my last statement.

  24. texasmom says:

    Hmm, my only hope is that his Prince Valiant ‘do will turn away an entire generation AWAY from polygamy.

  25. hairball says:

    What the hell is wrong with TLC??? Didn’t it used to have respectibility?

    Watching a show where women are abused under the false pretenses of religion. It’s ok for him to whore it out but not for the women, because of the bible.

    And it’s a wonder people turn away from organized religion in mass droves – including myself. DISGUSTING.

  26. Bodhi says:

    Before reading anything… THANK YOU for the labels!! I don’t watch this show & I had no clue who was who!

  27. Weeble says:

    I just don’t see his appeal. He comes off as a bit of a skeeve to me. He’s not particularly attractive, or seemingly smart, either, and he does not take into consideration the health or well-being of the women.

    I don’t blame Meri for one second feeling the way she does. She’s been with him the longest and thought they were building a life together. She seems like she’s good friends with the other wives, but it seems the relationship with the 4th one is more of something he wanted for himself and not the family.

  28. GatsbyGal says:

    Polygamist husbands ARE mini-cult leaders. And the wives and kids are his followers. I have terrible difficulty in believing any “sister wife” is actually happy in her life.

    And poor Meri, my god. It’s so obvious that she’s unhappy and that she was just a regular woman who got sucked into Kody’s cult years ago and now doesn’t see a way out.

  29. gonnabarf says:

    I totally agree with you Lindsay about the new Lexus, which I think is important!! I’m curios about the new GF now 4th wife and what her ex-husband thinks about this! If you can’t survive in a traditional marriage after having three kids by the age of 30, how can you survive in a polygamist marriage. These new kids aren’t his own blood children, and I’m curious to see if they will be treated differently!!

  30. Rosanna says:

    I like Janelle a LOT. Can’t help thinking she stays with Kody because her self-esteem is low. It shouldn’t be, because she is very brilliant! Maybe if she looses some weight that will help her.. I sure hope so.
    Can you tell I like this chick a lot? ;)

  31. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Who lets a fourteen-year-old convince her into having a baby she doesn’t want? And this poor kid thought that she was actually going to get that money, huh? That’s why your father drives a luxury car while the rest whither, because he’s not a parsimonious hockey-haired morally bankrupt gnat.

    These adults, man. Fools, all.

    Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these ladies who are so deeply unhappy have seen this show as an opportunity to set some things up so that someone in that home can escape the cluthes of that lifestyle and have something resembling a life.

  32. Chrissy says:

    I hope they talk about what – if anything – is being done to address Robyn’s son’s Aspergers. Is he receiving any therapy? Seeing him in the midst of that move, playing alone on a computer in his room just scared me. Having a child on the autism spectrum takes a lot of hard work to help pull them out of it. I haven’t heard anything yet about what is being done to help Robyn’s son. And who is going to pay for that son’s care?? Where is their biological father? The whole situation is strange and just … wrong. Yuck.

  33. Persistent Cat says:

    OMG, they should be arrested just for the names they gave their kids. Truely, Mariah, Aspen, Madison??? And then the new three.

    He’s vile, just vile. She might die but whatevs, he needs to prove his verility. Someone called him an “asshat.” Agreed.

  34. skibunny says:

    What the hell is the attraction for this guy? He’s a “Pig”.

  35. Maya says:

    I am totally totally totally against polygamy, and I think it devalues women. I would NEVER be in one.

    That being said, it’s hard to argue that the far right needs to just back off and allow gay marriage in one breath, and not allow polygamist marriage in another because it goes against MY value system. As long (a big if) as the woman or the children are not abused, I don’t see how I can impose my beliefs on another religious life style.

  36. GohanBabe says:

    I have watched the show from the beginning, which is unusual for me since I’m not a reality TV watcher. But for some reason these ladies are fascinating to me. From what I can tell, of the first three wives, two of them grew up in the polygamist culture (Meri & Christine). It was actually Meri’s family that “converted” Kody to the lifestyle.

    Who we are fresh out of high school is not who we are as we are nearing 40. I can see these three women being invested in this lifestyle and believing what they are doing is based on their faith, when they were younger. But 20 years on, the reality is setting in especially since Kody is now exercising his “right” to secure a new wife.

    Now, of the five adults involved in this relationship, three of them grew up in that culture (Meri, Christine, Robyn). Which makes their kids the 3rd generation (at least) in that culture.

    Also, Kody is only legally married to Meri. He is not legally married to the other women. So what if they had a private ceremony, they aren’t legal marriages. If Meri chooses to leave, I wonder if she will have some protection under the law regarding her daughter?

    I will continue to watch the show. I have no idea why other than the women are so interesting to me. I agree with others, Kody is an egomaniac.

  37. KJ says:

    So….is this show supposed to make us see the good things about polygamy? Because it’s not. I saw the clip of Meri crying, it broke my heart, and all it did was remind me of a Dateline special I saw a while back about a woman who fled her polygamist family.

  38. Whatever says:

    What the hell is wrong with TLC??? Didn’t it used to have respectibility?

    Exactly! Didn’t it used to be The LEARNING Channel? How far they have fallen.

    Everything I know about this show I read on this site. I refuse to watch because I think polygamy is inherently abusive to women. This story just solidifies that opinion. So his first AND third wives didn’t want to add another, but Kody goes ahead and does what he wants with no regard for their feelings. And they should keep having babies, regardless of past problems or potential health risks? Not to mention the whole passive agressive way he uses the daughter against the mother to convince her to have another baby? WTF is that? This guy is a selfish asshole and I can’t imagine that he got ONE woman, let alone FOUR.

    Usually I live and let live, but this? Not so much.

  39. Bella Mosley says:

    You said they should have remained Man and wife – that’s just exactly what they have remained!
    He remained a man and she became a wife.
    My church says Husband and Wife – and Kody is no ones husband.

  40. Granger says:

    Ahhh, the truth finally comes out. When the show first started, and the women all insisted there’s no jealousy in the house, I didn’t buy it for a second. How can you claim to not be jealous that the man you love is f***ing another woman in (virtually) the next room? How can you stand it when you’ve had a crappy day and you want to cry on your husband’s (your BEST FRIEND’S) shoulder, and he’s off doing the nasty with someone else? It’s crazy. And I’m glad to hear one of the wives admit it.

    I’m leaning toward agreeing with another poster who said that maybe the wives agreed to do this show so (at least) one of them could get out without any repercussions. After all, he isn’t going to deny anyone their children, or do anything reprehensible, if the whole world is watching.

  41. Granger says:

    Bella Mosley, that is beautifully said!!!

  42. sharylmj says:

    #36 GohanBabe:
    I am so fascinated too! I can’t believe that these women, who all seem so genuine and real live with this man. It makes me sad for them. The women are so loving with the kids and each other. Things seemed strained between Kody & Meri – I’m sure he is really making her feel bad because she didn’t give him more children and then added a new cute wife on top of it. The more I see these people and hear them speak the more I like the women and lower my opinion of Kody..he is going to regret doing this show.

  43. michael says:

    polygamy just seems so unfathomable to me. given i don’t know much about it, but why would any self respecting woman agree to this? this just seems like it would be any straight man’s DREAM. & how is it possible that I can’t legally marry, but this a-hole can have however many wives or “wives” he wants. I know he’s only legally married to ONE, but it just baffles me that this is the kind of society we live in.

    clearly that man is living it up with his ridiculous hair & ed hardy type clothes. god, i hate mid life crisis men. so pathetic.

  44. Melanie says:

    Well, of course she is only going to have just one husband. She’s a woman! What she should have said was, “I only want my husband to have one wife”

  45. Melanie says:

    It’s odd that some of the commenters saying Meri was tricked into this. I thought she was how he got into polygamy. Right?

    I still feel bad for her but from the ten minutes of the first episode I saw several weeks ago that’s how I remember it in my hazy mind.

  46. V says:

    @ Maya
    I totally agree. I am in no way an advocate for polygamy. I think it’s weird and kinda gross, but it’s none of anyone’s business. The problem that arises most is that these women typically collect large amounts of government aide for their 12 kids and since they aren’t married the husband doesn’t end up paying his share of the child support. So one guy has 20 kids and 4 wives but 3 of those wives are sucking the system dry because they can’t be legally married to the guy. If we allowed all 4 wives to legally marry the one man then that man would be financially responsible for all of his women and children. In the case of this show, it doesn’t seem that the wives are collecting welfare illegally, but who knows. i think legalizing marriage between ANY two consenting adults is the way to go. Gays, polygamists… anyone who wants to sign that contract and bind their lives to someone should have the right to do so. In the case of polygamy it might just save the taxpayers a lot of money.

  47. Jezi says:

    This is so sad. These women are most likely brainwashed. They have such low self esteem and low self worth to allow such behavior from the man that supposedly “loves them”. I heard that they are being brought up on charges. Polygamy is illegal. This man is a piece of poo.

  48. Moreaces says:

    I personally disagree with polygamy. Usually the kids and wives do not get the individual attention that they need and deserve. Polygamist husbands remind me of mini-cult leaders.

    I agree

  49. hmm says:

    The funny thing is, the husband’s a total cheeseball. I’d be embarrassed to have people know I went on a second date with the guy, much less married him.

  50. wonderful says:


    I beg all of you, please, forward your comments to the Discovery Channel, the owners of TLC. Just how much blatant misogyny are we going to allow in society, ladies? If we sit silently by, the answer is: A LOT. We are only 50 years into the civil revolution, attitudes have BARELY changed. These sort of things are no different to us silently allowing women to be prevented from voting. I AM SICK OF BEING TREATED AS A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN BY THE MEDIA.

  51. Shannon says:

    I think it’s funny that no one is attempting to claim that we should stop judging these people because they’re consenting adults anymore. I guess it finally sunk in how depraved polygamy is. Nobody can defend this.

    (Told ya so…)

  52. Mary says:

    Someone arrest this clown please.

  53. Kitten says:

    @ Michael-you can legally marry in Massachusetts :)

    @Praise-I love how you refereed to Ed Hardy as “douchewear”! I’m referring to it as such from now on :)

  54. hanh says:

    Ugh. The man is awful. I feel sorry for his wives. He treats them like crap.

  55. Mistral says:

    Barf!!! Yes, it is our business. We make laws to govern the way people behave/live in society, to protect members of society from harm and exploitation. That’s why we have certain rules and laws.

    Women and children are among the most powerless in our society (yes, even our North American society), and the polygamist way of life is designed to oppress women and children. It gives complete control over the bodies/minds of women and children to men who often abuse them.

    Polygamy is about SEX, plain and simple. The whole “God wants me to do this” is a bullshit lie. Cult leaders always pretend that the things they want to do are the edicts of a god. Slave owners used to say that slavery was approved by God, too. That doesn’t make it true or mean that we shouldn’t have outlawed it and made laws against it.

  56. Annabelle says:

    I agree that this seems cult-ish and that Kody is an egomaniac. He picks up vulnerable women who are having trouble coping with divorce/single parenthood. He kind of seems like a predator to me.

    @ V – re: “but it’s none of anyone’s business. The problem that arises most is that these women typically collect large amounts of government aide” <– who pays for government aide to go out to ppl? Tax payers? You & me? That is when it becomes our business. Not only that, but we all have a duty of care to each other & our world (well not legally but morally, we do … or we should). If someone is being abused (these women and children are) then its our business to act. Wouldn’t you want people to act if that was you on national television being treated like poop?

  57. Luna says:

    Have you noticed how he greets each wife with a big old “Hey, how’s it goin’?” It’s as though they are co-workers, with zero intimacy. I also think the wives themselves must have incredibly beaten-down self esteems. I like them all, individually, but agree that it is very cultish, almost Manson-ish. They have their own “language,” Plyglets, Plyg-food, etc. He’s a douchebag.

  58. TeeTee says:

    I watched this show last weekend and I was so saddened–he just perks up with this new slim wife–she does not dress like these other ladies..she is more wordly..I am amazed how long these women have been with him..20 years, 17 years etc.

    the wives seem so sad and his anniversary Mexico trip w/his first wed–seemed forced and all he could offer her were infertility treatments to get pregnant again..

    so he is perfume/jewelery shopping with her huh??

    RUN ladies and take your kids, you all work anyway!

  59. V says:

    @ Annabelle
    I said that very same thing about taxes and taxpayers paying for these people’s kids and such… it was just later in my post…apparently you didn’t read that part.
    I agree that these people aren’t in a healthy relationship, but that’s just these people and i think those women would be just as unhappy with that douche if they got to be a single wife. those women entered into that lifestyle willingly, they aren’t on some compound in the desert like the one raided a few years ago. I agree with you that it’s not the choice for me, or for my future children, but i don’t agree with the government deciding who can and can’t be married. a lot of women are in seriously abusive one man/one woman marriages and they haven’t outlawed typical man/woman marriage to protect those women/children now have they? Just because you and i don’t agree with this lifestyle doesn’t give us the right to dictate, by way of the legal system, to others who they can marry. These are consenting adults… plain and simple. the fact that these three women are unhappy and obviously lacking self-esteem is sad, but that still doesn’t mean that ALL women in this type of situation are the same. These are adult women who can make big girl decisions and leave that disaster whenever they want. as a woman i don’t buy this ‘brainwashed’ crap for one second, they’ve chosen this and no one forced them and they can choose to end it too. they’ve pointed out that they were all married by the time the first baby was born, so if any one of those wives wanted out of the lifestyle they could have cut their losses before any kids came into the picture.
    No matter what you may think, i am not an advocate for polygamy but an advocate for freedom.

  60. DD says:

    Ya I have no desire to watch these women with no self esteem be controlled by an emotionally abusive sociopath. It’s not fun or interesting, it’s just pathetic.

  61. albeli says:

    This is so misogynistic and abusive. I don’t understand how anyone can watch this and feel OK about being part of the audience for this.

  62. Taya says:

    I agree with most. Kody is a scumbag and only in it for the sex. I feel sorry for Meri, Janelle and Christine. They seem like good women with low self-esteem who think that Kody is the best they can do. I am sure Meri will leave Kody once her daughter reaches 18. I just hope she takes Janelle and Christine with her.

    I do not like Robyn. She reminds me of a Grifter who is using Kody for money and the other wives for free babysitters and to also take care of her ‘special needs’ son. A complete bitch who wants the spotlight. All this woman is going to do is purposely make herself become number one and push all the other wives around. A clear closeted controller.

  63. Andrea says:

    I’m so boycotting TLC for showing this garbage.

  64. Amy says:

    I haven’t watched this, but I have watched numerous documentaries about polygamy. It never comes across well to me.

    It’s a misogynistic lifestyle, through and through. Show me a Mormon lady with four husbands, please!

    • gardnervicki says:

      Amy, that is because there are no scrptural references in the Bible to polygamy. If you find an LDS church or missionary, ask them for a 3 in-1 book. It has the Bible which Mormons do believe in as far as it is translated correctly, and it has the Doctrine and Covenants, which ae revelations given to our prophet Joseph Smith. There is also an Official Declaration stating that the law of polygamy does not follow the laws of the land, which we are told to do (see the 12th Article of faith).Therefore the laws were repealed from the principles of the gospel.

  65. Kate says:

    “…parsimonious hockey-haired morally bankrupt gnat.”


    Seriously though, let me have four husbands. Let’s find a church that supports Polyandry!

    I heard it’s common in Tibet. Though I would bet even polyandric marriages still primarily benefit the men in some way.

    I am guessing it is hardly the sexy good time I am envisioning.

  66. Lindsay says:

    gonnabarf – Thanks. I think it is demonstrative of his priorities. To me it is least important because if he was actually fully taking care of all his wives and children financially and emotionally, great go buy a nice car. But obviously that’s not what is happening.

    Jo ‘Mama’ Besser – Who else should I get life advice from if not from young teens with a financial motive that differs from my best emotional and physical interests?

    Persistent Cat- Madison is a normal name and I like the name Aspen, but spelling it Aspyn is very odd. I wish names and how they chose to spell them were even in the top ten concerns.

  67. gg says:

    This is gross. I just watched two episodes to see why these hamsters were on TV and saw Meri ask Little Lord Surfleroy how he would feel if she had another guy, a boyfriend or want to marry somebody, and he had the gall to say the whole idea of HER wanting more than one guy, sick.

    So what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. I feel sorry for these women and predict it will all go bellyup at some point. Each of these gals DESERVES a devoted, good man and not to share the walking dildo. He’s a tool.

  68. Bopa says:

    I think Meri grew up in it and was probably sheltered. I’m sure that she believed it was the only right way but as she’s grown up and lived in her own family it’s luster has worn off. I hope she (and the other ladies) gets out and realizes that there is a support system that will help her. The 4th wife seems like she wants free daycare. The media attention probably helps also. I hope that TLC stops rewarding people for living extreme lifestyles that are detremental to the children invovled.

  69. Wanda says:

    It is interesting to see how the three women have these deep bonds and rally for each other and their children. In the truest sense of the word they are the partners in the “marriage” and Kody is simply the stupid stud horse.
    I was really thinking these women would be vapid but they are not.

  70. Canucklehad says:

    Don’t you just want to punch that guy in the face?

  71. Lia says:

    Boy, this guy is really playing everyone, isn’t he? With checks from the TV show in hand, he’s probably laughing all the way to the hen house. I can’t believe that supposedly intelligent network execs would buy into this.

  72. kate 2.0 says:

    #59 – I respectfully disagree. Maybe in this particular instance the women chose this life and have the ability to leave. But in most fundamentalist mormon sects (the most common place you find polygamy in the U.S.), the women are powerless, penniless and do NOT chose this life.

    If you don’t think its anyone’s business whether people enter into “plural marriages,” I suggest reading a book called “Under the Banner of Heaven.” It gives a very thorough and detailed history of the early Mormon church and how the fundamentalist sects split off over the polygamy issue. One of the things that it talks about is the phenomenal amount of government assistance collected by the wives who are not the first (and therefore only legal) wife. It is considered a good thing to take as much money as they can – called bleeding the beast or something. But all the money goes to the church, its not like these women take it all and live the high life. The church takes it, the church owns everything, including the homes they live in. The towns they live in are entirely or almost entirely populated by fellow fundamentalists, meaning that all of the positions of authority (mayors, sheriffs, etc) are filled by church members and the church just does whatever it wants. A church that teaches “good women = subservient women.” It is so isolated, and these women can’t just leave – they are married off to 50 year old men while they are teenagers, have no education or skills to support themselves. They start having kids while they are kids, and would almost surely have to leave their children behind to get away. Its very sad, and not a choice for many women involved in polygamy (in the U.S.).

    I know this has gotten more attention lately, and I’m not saying that every polygamist is a fundamentalist Mormon. But its a very interesting book, and provides a lot of insight that you could not previously find even about mainstream Mormonism. They are notoriously fanatical about keeping the history of the church private (and went so far as to publicly condemn and try to discredit the book). Forgetting about the allegations of (1)emotional/physical/sexual abuse, (2)expulsion of young boys who wind up homeless/uneducated/abandoned/ so they don’t compete for young girls and (3) the astronomical birth defect rates relative to the rest of society….and it is still ongoing, organized, intentional and outrageous defrauding of the government.

    For me, that book pretty much eliminated the idea that it is a harmless lifestyle choice that people can easily walk away from if they chose. I think that is the (very rare) exception to the rule.

  73. Jennifer says:

    Just a quick correction: The baby Christine just had is baby number 13 for Kody, not 14. They were all excited that baby number 13 might be born on the 13th (and I believe did end up being born on the 13th of whichever month it was).

  74. Knitter says:

    I’m not saying that Kody is a “first-rate man” or that I agree that polygamy is the most empowering choice for women in our society, but here’s something to think about:

    George Bernard Shaw theorized that “The maternal instinct leads a woman to prefer a tenth share in a first rate man to the exclusive possession of a third rate one.”

    Here is an article on why polygamy is better for most women than it is for most men:

  75. Sara says:

    I don’t like him, or his stupid hair.

  76. original kate says:

    @ knitter: this article sounds like it was written by hugh hefner. the major fault is the assumption that the women in question have no resources of their own and must rely on a share of the man’s resources. and why make women choose between being the 2nd wife of a “desirable” man or the only wife of a less desirable man? why can’t a woman have her own education, her own career and resources AND be the only partner of an equally desirable man?

    as for these people they need to shut up already. for the sake of their children they should stop airing their laundry in public.

  77. Anne says:

    It looks to me like his three wives are no longer young, thin, exciting, so he’s looking for a new hot woman to have more kids. He seems like all the over confident “frat boys” who never grow up.

    The wives have to get along and help each other because he has 4 wives! It’s not really an advantage. If something happened to me, my husband would have raised the kids. If one of the wives dies the others will help because Kody will be out courting a replacement.

  78. Lisa Robinson says:

    ***************The man is a media whore and he is in love with his new wife. THe other wives look stupid and lacking self respect,, ladies wake up the new wife is using you for a babysitter and cook!!! You are teaching your children the wrong messege, “When you have no self respect you put up with a man’s crap until you go on national tv and look like a giant sucker”

  79. OMG says:

    I am against poligamy but i did watch the shows. I beleive 2 out of the three women work. I just dont think that Kody is the one who is weird or gross or whatever name you want to call him but these women love this situation. Meri is the one that introduced Kody to the second wife and the 4th wife but then in the same breath says that she has jealousy issues??? Where is her logic? And the 3rd wife who just had a baby always knew that she would be a 3rd wife. Who dreams to be married to a man who is already married twice. And Kody wants more babies?? The maddness has to stop. I just think that the whole situation is totally and ‘truely’ messed right up and they all need help and/or a reality check

  80. Debbie says:

    What a bunch of close minded people. After all, monogamous marriage is so perfect an institution for every adult that a huge percentage of people cheat on their partners and 60% of them end in divorce. It’s all about perspective people. If you’ve decided ahead of time that these people are unhappy then, then that’s what you’ll create in your own minds. They have ups and downs and complexities in their lives like everyone else. You can do all kinds of mental gymnastics trying to pick apart every little thing and define it as a problem. If he said he’d like more kids, you’d say he’s pressuring them to have more and if he said he doesn’t want more, you’d say he doesn’t like kids and regrets having so many. It doesn’t matter. Your comments say more about your own unhappiness with your lives than anything about theirs. They’re just people putting on their pants one leg at a time and going through their days like everyone else.

  81. bunny wabba says:

    “Every child is going to have their choice and we’re going to support them and love them through all of it.” Does that include any of their kids being gay? It’s highly doubtful.

    being gay isn’t a choice but i see what you mean…

  82. Kristine says:

    So many great comments have been posted in this forum. One issue that strikes me, is that Kody is in fact driving a new Lexus convertible coupe- while wife #2 (the work-horse) is left to drive an old “hoopdie” with two pieces of duct tape holding together her drivers’ side window. Sick, sad and selfish.

    And another thing- the “How’s it goin?” IS super creepy… notice he never kisses wife numero dos, on the lips either. What a maniacal freak- his hair and wardrobe are outrageous. Wanna-be Sammy Hagar for sure, yet only four feet tall. Barf, I can’t believe this clown got one woman to say “yes”- let alone four.

  83. Nan says:

    aren’t these women worried about STDs–what a joke!

  84. Natalie says:

    I really like the first wife, and feel it’s time for her to leave and start new with someone who will love her solely. The second wife is extremely independant and strong and obviously pays all the bills. The third wife is needy and wishes she had Kody to herself and I don’t find her treats her fairly and takes advantage of her. The fourth wife gets on my nerves. She was looking for a family to raise her kids since she has such a hard time and will sooner or later cause problems in the family.

  85. Mimi says:

    He is not in jail because he is only legally married to Meri!! I felt so sorry for Christine she was carrying his child and he is off hanging out with Robyn. There is something about Robyn I really don’t think she is genuine like the other wives………

  86. Tonya says:

    These women do not respect Kody. Meri talked about how she married Kody hastily when she was young because she thought she was in love, and her body language showed that she thought she was stupid.

    Christine said that, in the past, she didn’t know if she wanted to give Kody children because she didn’t think he was doing a good job. Then, in her usual passive-aggressive way that shows fire boiling up from within, she said that he is a good father now as she gleamed a quick, fake smile. Personally, I didn’t believe her.

    Kody is a goofball who laughs at himself, but he is NOT funny. He is annoying. The wives do not laugh with him and they become uncomfortable, sometimes giving a fake smile. Robyn is the only one who looks like she has fun with him, but she has her times of annoyance too.

    He appears to be very imperceptive to his wives’ body language and emotions. Not a bright guy. He likely does not have deep, meaningful relationships with any of them, despite having been with them for many years.

    Robyn suffers from a low self-esteem and just falls over for this guy like a puppy dog. The first three wives are NOT truly jealous. They are uncomfortable because they are forced to see the truth. …. They are not head-over-heels in love with Kody, which contrasts with Robyn. The verbal clue to this situation is when Christine said that she is not jealous of Robyn for her pretty looks, but because she is a good companion to Kody.

  87. hello says:

    Does anyone know where there are the vidoes of Meri saying she is only in it because of her daughter?
    They were not on any of the episodes.

  88. Nina says:

    hello – I believe Meri said that on the Sister Wives Special.

  89. nygirl says:

    unless i have amnesia…didn’t Meri introduce her husband to Robyn? (at a party Meri told him to ask Robyn to dance?)

  90. Kathy says:

    I think that this is the worst type of TV TLC can have on. How did we tell our children that there is wrong when they act that there is nothng wrong with have more than one wife. I think Meri is wrong to put up with this and needs to get out with her daughter. SISTER WIVES is just wrong all the way around.

  91. Fan of the Wives says:

    While I am completely amazed that Kody got one woman to marry him, much less four, I do think that their lifestyle is a little more honest than that of a guy who serial dates, or marries for that matter, and impregnates women only to abandon them when someone new comes along. Kody isn’t severing ties with his children. I also totally get why the women like each other, they seem great (at least the first three). I would want to be friends with them. I DO NOT see what they find attractive about Kody. He is so cheesy and childish.

  92. Diane says:

    Thanks to all involved, especially the wives, for educating the world on this religious practice. They have dispelled the myth that ALL polygamists oppress women, abuse children, encourage incest, promote old men taking child brides, etc… These sister wives are strong, confident women. The children appear well cared for, well adjusted and are obviously loved. The relationships are age appropriate and the first three marriages have proven stay-ability. The children appear to be free to choose to be monogamous. The family is very brave. Our society is tolerant of much worse practices in the name of other religions. I know polygamy is NOT for me but I applaud them for knowing it IS for them commend them for their level of commitment.

  93. Diva says:

    I believe people find what they don’t understand to be offensive. But if it works for them then who are we as people to say it’s not right? It IS right for them. So many married people get divorced and don’t respect the institution of marriage anyway, so if their way of making it work for them works, FOR THEM, then do what you need Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. And Meri is NOT leaving a twenty year marriage just to be alone… That’s not true. Why would she? I’d do it IF I could have more than one husband too (it’s got to be fair!)! I already have 5 children so the help would be WONDERFUL!!!! And I love the name Truely. She is gorgeous! Don’t let society determine if what makes YOU happy is the “norm”. It’s like discriminating against gay people.. And it IS DISCRIMINATION! Live your life!

  94. Trinda says:

    It is sad that so many of those who commented do this without seeing the show. I watch the show everyweek and I have witnessed these women standing up for themselves. If anything Cody follows them. As for Meri who do you think introduced Cody to the other women. It was Meri. Watch the show before you comment and understand these women and Cody have children that can be hurt by what is posted. As for government assistance I don’t believe any of these women collect for themselves or their children. Jonelle always worked to help Cody with the cost of the family. Meri worked until she was fired from her job in social work, which I do not agree. Its very sad that these people who have a healthy happy family is targeted. Target all the drug addicts start placing your anger where it belongs.

  95. natasha says:

    i just want to say that i dont know why people are going to be prosecuted for being polygamist. Its healthy if it works for them. You cnat critisize polygamist and root for homosexuals. You habve to make up your minds. Are you for a traditional marraige or are you for nontraditional marraige or are you neutral??? You cant say that may wives are bad but just two married men are fine. I dont see why the police dont investigate homosexuals, and other marraiges as well, anyone is a suspect for crime in that case. People get married for insurance fraud, and you know what im talking about. Im just sick how that people say that having a large family is wrong, but homosexuals are fine. To be developmentally healthy, there are things that woman brings to the family and what a man brings to the family. You cannot have what a woman brings when you have two males. ITs just not the same, no matter how gay he is. same with the lesbians.

    As far as a polygamist goes, who knows if its healthy or not, i dont see why its unhealthy, thre is a support system much stronger than that of just one man and woman, but jobs can be hard to keep with a family that big.

    I just wish that this world would make up their mind.

  96. natasha says:

    and would you be offended if they had a gay couple on television showing their lifestyles???

  97. Sari says:

    I have watched the series back to back on my cable “on demand” channel and find myself emotionally invested in the family?!? I suppose it’s because of the likability factor of the first three wives. I applaud Jannelle’s daughter for telling Robyn that she chooses monogamy for herself. My heart breaks for Meri and Christine. I think both women want a husband that is totally in love with them and devoted to them. Janelle seems OK with the arrangement, but still waters run deep and she doesn’t express herself on an emotional level like they do. Robyn is just tired of trying to do it all by herself and was looking to be rescued. In the intro to the show Kody says “love should be multiplied not divided”, but isn’t that exactly what he’s doing? “Dividing” his time, attention, love and himself between four women? Many people have said that polygamy is all about the sex for the man. I believe it goes much deeper than that. I believe it’s about the power and control he has over these women. I fear that the female children will follow in their mother’s footsteps and many will choose polygamy over monogamy because it’s familiar to them, just as Meri, Christine and Robyn have done. Even given the choice they will still probably choose the lifestyle that they were raised in. I pray that Meri will get a better insight on the abuse that she is allowing herself and Mariah to be exposed to through her studies in Psychology. She said she wants to help “at risk teens” Meri, start at home with your precious daughter Mariah. I imagine if these women don’t leave Kody and this lifestyle choice, then 20 years from now, Kody will have several other new much younger wives procreating more children, while three 60′ish and one 50′ish women will be longing for a man that has cast them aside using them only for babysitting his young children and cooking and cleaning for his “new and improved wives”. We all have the power to make a change for ourselves and our families. My wish is for these women to leave Kody and find strength in themselves, each other and their new found independence. God Bless them and their children.

  98. Nan says:

    If these women seemed delusional, i would be outraged. They seem, however, to be making a conscious choice. I don’t think it is my role to judge them. I married a man who turned out to be abusive and a pathological gambler and I exposed my kids to that for far too long….i thought a “broken home” would be horrible for them. Talk about delusion and low self esteem!!! These women seem healthier than I was in a monogomous relationship.

  99. Ginger says:

    I really enjoyed watching this series the first year because wanted to understand their point of view. I don’t believe that Cory is as sincere as he wants us to believe and I am sorry that his (wives)are taken by him. He just wants his sperm to be spread far and wide. That is evident by his need for Mary to have another child even though she doesn’t want to. I also am concerned that the family can’t afford what they already have. The station, of course, will foot the bill, as it has for Kate plus eight. I don’t believe you should ever have more children than you can afford and I hate that this generation has a way out by putting their children on the public highway to distruction.

    Good luck in your lives and I hope that God understands what you have done when the time comes to answer the questions.

    Life was meant to live and not meant to publist to the world. Take care of your children by taking care of yourselves.

  100. Ginger says:

    Sonething I forgot to say was about what I saw in the driveway when Janelle and Cody were leaving on their camping
    trip. Good Lord!! How many convertables were there? And if you are having financial problems how many, unfriendly, family cars do you need? How many of those, what?, kids can you fit into the cars that we saw parked in the driveway? I have no kids but two Standard Poodles and I drive a GMC Suburban so they have plenty of room. I also only drive when I need to and don’t waste gas. You could fit seven or eight kids in a suburban very comfortable and wouldn’t spend as much for gas.

  101. Linda says:

    If you are reading this Meri, please look to God for the answers you are looking for. Think about what you are teaching your daughter, seek groups that will help you to get out of this! I have been watching the show, I can tell you are the sad one of the wives, it is written all over your face. Just because you grew up in it, does not mean you have to put your daughter through this. You have wasted 20 years of your life already, and there is someone out there that will love only you, as my husband does me. Twenty nine years, I have been married to one man that loves me so much, and I him. God is the answer to all your prayers. I will be praying for you!!

  102. Tonya says:

    I personally love the show, I do love the 3 wives, not to sure about the 4th one, she just doesn’t seem to care about the other 3 wives and how they feel…I like Cody but he seems to excited about the new one and has to remember he has 4 wives and with the way Meri feels, he should show her she is still loved and back off of the new one.

  103. Mary says:

    Read most of your comments. Real easy problem to solve. If you don’t like the show just change the channel. I really like the show, find it interesting and enjoy watching the family. Hope TLC will continue this show, at least it offers a look into another life style. People stop being so judgemental, and leave this family as is.

  104. Jane Cook says:

    It broke my heart to see the older kids so upset about moving. Kody is an egomaniac and I cannot believe that these four women actually believe he loves them. He loves Kody. I feel so bad for all the kids. Robyn was a fool to get involved with him. I think they should all leave and hit him up for child support. Good-bye Lexus sports car, Kody!

  105. SHIRLEY says:

    What in the hell is wrong with all u people,, this family is not hurting any one, they are not breaking any laws, and if its a crime to live your life as you wish as long as you aren’t hurting any one,I say leave them alone,,if they want to live this way thats there right, They are not like the Jeff what ever his name is, now what they did was truly ageist the law and that bastard needs to burn in hell..but leave these people alone.. God Bless Brown family…

  106. Wendy says:

    Don’t use false logic to defend the women. Just because they chose the new wife, does not mean there isn’t jealously. In fact, as part of their religion, they are *required* to choose the new wife. Yeah, he’s a self-centered, free-loading, child-ignoring, new wife-loving, sportscar-driving a-hole. And I shouldn’t watch it. But I do. Then I read the blogs and feel sorry for the wives and the children.

  107. yasmine says:

    Everyone mentions Truely but no one mentions McKelti or however you spell it? that poor kid will spell her name all her life!

    How are they any different from the 19 and counting Brood? TLC is paying their bills with all the publicity. They are getting booked on shows. TLC makes these no name people rich. Kate plus 8.. without TLC she wouldnt be on dancing, she wouldnt afford trips to Europe.. There are no problems and I hope that the government really does look into their financial issues and make sure the wives are not taking advantage of the system. Just because they are not married does not meant that overgrown child husband Kody shouldnt be paying child Support!

    I also agree that wife #4 is in it for the attention and the free babysitting. Why wouldnt she be? Teenagers galore to watch her kids while she can do whatever, and having a baby just ensures that she is “entitled” to this.

    Reality Tv is very depressing already and takes away from the real pasttimes that American families should be experiencing, but this is just sad.

    And how is this a faith!??? God takes marriage very seriously and to have sex with 3 other women is ADULTERY and God plainly states that you are not to commit this.. How does Kody feel that he should be an exception to this? What scriptural backing does he have to argue the fact that he is SINNING against God everyday that he lives this lifestyle?

  108. Shorty says:

    I think his real wife should just leave him he doenst seem like he really loves her as much as she needs it so yea leave him and move on

  109. Emily says:

    I don’t like Kody or Robyn. They are both pitiful. Meri has a special place in my heart.

  110. Kathy says:

    I like Meri, I have watched the show, I hate it when she cries. kody is an A*#@*h*^%. I wish Meri would TELL him, she want a younger 2nd Husband…how would he like it??????
    He makes me sick. I would love to beable to talk with Meri

  111. fran says:

    Just like all of us this family has its ups and downs. Yet, they see to be a genuine caring family. Kids will be kids and I am sure they have and will have the teenage drama. I admire the family. would love to know them. I would just like to see what happens when they all reach menopause. God judges the heart not the rules and governed by society,

  112. Abbie says:

    I feel so sorry for the children caught up in all of this, for adults can adapt easier to the mess that kody seems to be making, however, the kids must be feeling all messed up and confused inside their heads, how will they be treated at school now? and how will they turn out in adult life?

  113. Wendy says:

    Its 9-27-2011 and Im watching a new sister wives… I usally dont watch it because it upsets me so bad.. but for what ever reason I am watching it now.. and remember why I had only watched a few shows. I stopped watching it because Kody is so selfish.. he says.. love is to be multiplied, not divided, really what would happen should one of the wives say.. you know the love more thing.. well I love this other man as much as I love you… Im moving him in… yeah.. its only meant to be mulitplied when he is the one getting to do ALL the math… Its so sad to watch them all.. The women are thrown into so much more emotional things that a one husband one wife household normally never has… the children are hurt over and over again watching their dad what probably seems like to them.. cheating on THEIR mother.. I dont just blame him.. I blame the Sister Wives too… they may want to expience all the emotional crap that goes with basically being cheated on.. but its not fair to the kids… they never ever signed up for that life… I think its mean, its cruel and very selfish..

  114. BETTY CARROLL says:

    everyone who writes a comment on this page is comparing it to their own life. you know nothing about them except what you see in a hour episode that only comes to six hour in a season. take a look at your own life. all most all mothers work to help support their spouse except that these three woumen have each other to pick up the slack around the house. Eat your heart out you are all jelous.

  115. Cornelia says:

    I feel so sorry for Meri. I think she is so beautiful and sweet and sad. There would be plenty of men who’d be honoured to have her- AND ONLY HER- as their wife.

    It made me sick when Kody was falling over Robyn (who is by-far the least pretty; she has a man face)while Christine was in labor; how he and Robyn were in the jewelry store while she was taking care of a newborn.

    Kody is a total creep and loser. I have heard people say positive things about his brain-washed wives, but no one likes him at all. He is disgusting and should be behind bars.

  116. momma/4/ONE hubs says:

    I feel for the Meri-I love her-after her daughter is 18 I think that Meri should move onto a monogamous relationship-she really deserves that one on one relationship.
    Christine I feel is in it NOT for the butt wipe Cody but because she just loves the sister wives as friends, plus, she’s too smart for Cody.
    Jenelle-is so sweet-I like that fact that she’s all about the kids.
    Robyn-is ALL for Cody’s self esteem NOT for the family—what a burden to take her on and (she’s too cute for him-what is she thinking?)

  117. dorothy says:

    Kody just strikes me as wanting a Harem with lots of children. I haven’t seen him hauling kids to and fro for activities. I guess his big contribution is sperm. So now you think is he the nutty one or is it the women that married him?

  118. Cj says:

    Wow, how did the creep get one wife. The wives gotta be pretty hard up. No wonder they were blessed with such ugly kids. TLC shame on you. Another Warren Jeffs in the making, are you going to broadcast when he has sex with his kids? Good thing the Las Vegas parents keep their own kids away from that mess. How much welfare is Vegas paying? Is this legal?

  119. Dawnski82 says:

    I love this family. I have my own religous beliefs and don’t like people judging me. They seem to be very happy and commited to each other. Why hate them for that?? I live in Vegas and wish I knew where they were so that I could have lunch with them.

  120. Marilyn Johnson says:

    I don’t believe that government should be able to tell people how to live their life. It’s sad that this family has to be up-rooted to avoid being separated. Although, I do not agree with polygamy, and I find it really disturbing that they mention their faith and God, but never offer any Biblical scripture that supports that their way of life is something God commands of us. God created one Eve, and scripture actually says one man one woman. This is a man made and inspired religion, those women are neglected and lonely.

  121. Deena says:

    I thought that Meri’s daughter is the oldest of Kody’s children, but now I have read that Janelle’s son is actually older?

  122. ann chaney says:

    there are things that trouble me about robyn’s transactions with the others. she has to do special workouts in the gym because she doesn’t want to push too much. i was riding a bike four-six miles a day up until the due date with three kids. i had spotted a couple of times and needed to lie down for awhile until things got better. no problem. her constant hovering over kody is irritating and i know it botghers the others.she knows what she’s doing, and she’s in the spotlight.

    worse than anything: her treatment of her kids. one of them is challenged with ausberger’s syndrom, which is being ignored. there needs to be some therapy with experts and spend some time with him. she has to pay attention to her kids. my grandson has autism and everyone works together helping him interact with us.
    prayers for insight and understanding.

  123. Sunshine007 says:

    My opinions…

    1. FREE MARY!! Although I like Janelle and believe she is the brains of this family, Mary appears to be the most “normal”.

    2. I am not a supporter of polygamy, but I do believe they should have the right to practice their own beliefs.

    3. Kody is a loser and I hate his “comb over”. He drives a newer Lexus while is wives drive cars that look like they will break down at any moment.What man would allow his wife, who has to transport his children, drive the crappy car? What a douche…you ever notice how every episode there is drama with all his wives except Robyn?? Ugh. They are broke and steady having more kids! WTF? So irresponsible. Some of his own kids hate him because they see their mom(s) being pushed aside for a younger, newer woman.

    4. And ROBYN! OMG, Really? REALLY?? Why does she always have to be the center of attention. She plays a fantastic victim, always crying when things don’t go her way and making every little thing a big deal. I want to shake her and scream “shut the fuc* up!” Like the happiness of his FIRST (and legally, only) wife you bimbo!

    5. I watch the show faithfully, because I too am fascinated with the women. Janelle needs to lose some weight and she will be fine without Kody, she is smart. Mary, can clearly do better, and she knows this! The only women I can see who actually deserve Kody is Robyn and Christine. They come across as the type of women who would be involved, and led by an idiot like Kody.

  124. Special328 says:

    I really like the family unity here! They seem to be really happy most of the time, which doesn’t happen in a lot of monogamist families. I wish them well in their lifestyle! I applaud the teamwork!

  125. Mich says:

    Wow! I can not believe all of the haters. Just because we don’t understand something or agree with it does not give us the right to be so judgemental.

  126. Tara says:

    Stop being haters people, everyone knows its human nature, to hate or be scared what u can’t understand! But realy its not as complicated as one might think, the r simply a family! Weather u agree with it or not familys come in many diferent forms! Hate only breeds hate! Only when u open ur hearts will able to experience great love! Only a hipocrit asks for exceptences but yet doesn’t give it to others! So before u judge and scrutinize, ask ur self, how u would feel if u were the one being judge and scrutinized!

  127. gardnervicki says:

    I have a few questions rather than a comment. Or maybe both. I have heard ya’ll mention the Book of Mormon many times and that you believe that Joseph Smith was the prohphet that organized the church after the church was taken from the earth because man was too wicked to live the principles therein. If you believe it, why don’t you read and refer to the Doctrine and Covenants. And in the back there is an Official Declaration-1 relating to the practice of polygamy and when it was taken from the principles of the gospel. PRES. Wilford Woodruff on October 6, 1890.He was told by our Heavenly Father that in accordance to the laws of the land, (which in the 12th Article of Faith) says that we are to support the laws of the land. And since it was against the laws of the land, it was not to be practiced anymore. Kody, how can you, a former LDS missionary, knowing all the things and promises that you were given when you went thru the temple, how can you posssibly explain why you turned from the truth and the whole truth? You do realize that one day you will sit in front of our Heavenly father and have to answer for your decision. It is bad enough that you fell away from the church, but to take 4 “wives” and 17 children with you is unbelievable and very selfish.. You have helped condemn them too.Wives, get out. I like all of them but Robin, she is a DRAMA QUEEN and can turn on the water works better than anyone I have ever known. One day, when the saints are ready, we will be called to live the law of Consecration. But that time is not now. I really hope that you, Kody will answer my questions. If not, I will assume that you are indeed a coward.

  128. Lynn says:

    I have no problem with the polygamy that is a choice being made between four consenting adults. However, I do have a problem with him using religion as an excuse, because from what I have seen, there isn’t much of that in the house. It seems more than he is his own little cult with him thinking he is God. The women with the exception of Robin seem to be getting wise to the fact that he is just a womanizer who enjoys the fame and the new thinner, younger, dumber wife. I expect Mari to bail anytime and the others will follow in short order