Kim Kardashian’s birthday cake to be covered in diamonds & worth “millions”

You may have assumed that Kim Kardasian has already had her 30th birthday based on the fact that she’s had at least two birthday parties already. Her birthday was in fact yesterday, but there is yet another bash planned for the weekend (which she’s booked for but denies knowing about, more on that in a moment) during which she’ll be served a record setting cake adorned with diamonds. Just yesterday Kaiser reported on the two million dollar bra that Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima was wearing to promote the company. I like how Kaiser explained it – that it was a business decision to earn the company more publicity than they could otherwise get with the amount it cost to make the bra. It still seemed callous and excessive in this economy. The same is true of the jeweler and baker making Kim Kardashian’s diamon- encrusted birthday cake. It’s for PR purposes but it comes across as so wasteful. It’s also a more frivolous symbol than a bra, although hopefully the diamonds will be reused and no one will be sifting through the Kardashian’s plumbing system trying to retrieve them all.

The best part of this story is the fact that the diamond cake was supposed to be a big surprise for Kim, but Radar blew it by reporting about it. Kim wrote that she didn’t know about this, doesn’t approve of the concept at all and that she would be happy with just a cupcake and a donation for the homeless. This is the same woman who wears fur to a jamba juice run once blew more than $100k in purses at Hermes in one stop, and thinks there’s nothing worse in this world than foundation that isn’t orange enough. Radar points out that the event was scheduled well ahead of time with Kim’s name attached and that she’s conveniently forgetting about her paid appearance. Here’s more.

From Kim’s Blog: “I’m seeing some ridiculous stories today about a million-dollar birthday cake being made for my “birthday party.” First of all, this is the first I’ve heard about this, and I would never allow anyone to spend that much money on a cake. Making a million dollar birthday cake is just ridiculous! I’d rather they give me a cupcake and donate the rest of the money to the homeless!

Secondly, I’ve already had my birthday club celebrations at Tao in Vegas and NYC and there are NO other birthday parties this weekend. Tonight I’ll be having a private celebration with my friends and family, and then the birthday celebrations will be over. I’m sorry if you guys have been misled by anyone claiming they are hosting my official birthday party. That’s just not true.”

From Radar: Well Kim, Glo was/is expecting more than 2,000 guests for your party and sources connected to the situation say you agreed to make a paid appearance and there’s no doubt that they’ve been advertising it for weeks!

As for the million-dollar diamond-encrusted cake? Well that was supposed to be a surprise and apparently reported before anyone told you! The proof? Read the press release for the event here. spoke exclusively to Danielle Orsino, who handles public relations for GLO, and she said that a media outlet “called Kim and said ‘you’re really spending a million dollars on a cake?

“The restaurateur and jeweler wanted to break the record for the most expensive cake and they wanted to surprise Kim

“They’ve been working so hard on it and still want to preset[sic] it to the public, of course they won’t force her to accept it, it was just meant to be a fun surprise.

“The jeweler is going to encrust the cake with loose diamonds worth over a million dollars,” Orsino told

“Their goal is to break the record for the most expensive cake ever made which was 1.65 million dollars.”

[From Radar Online]

I can buy that Kim was scheduled to attend this event but never approved of it as a “birthday party” per se. She probably has so many events to attend that it’s hard for her to keep track of them all. So is she going to show up now and pose with the million dollar cake? Will the cake even be made? She should be grateful for all this additional publicity, although she’s certainly not lacking for it lately.

I still have a lot of questions about how this cake is going to be consumed. Are the backers/bakers going to ask the guests to turn in their plates after eating? With that crowd it’s going to be difficult to collect. You know that all the guests will be trying to stick those things in the little plastic baggies they just happen to have in their purses, for “gum.” What’s more, is Kim’s rumored hookup/”friend” Kanye West going to turn up? Will he get diamonds stuck in his diamonds?

Kim Kardashian is shown out in NY last night. Credit: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures




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  1. Chris says:

    Her cake could still end up covered in diamonds if Kanye helps her blow out the candles.

  2. M says:

    I want those emeralds!

  3. Hautie says:

    That last picture looks like Lil Kim… hahaha!

    And I bet that would not be a positive to Kim Kardashian to realize she has started to look like Lil Kim.

  4. really says:

    I hope she chokes on one of those diamonds. We’re in a recession biaoch!!!

  5. sally says:

    Kim, the dress is too tight if we can see the outline of your ladyparts.

  6. Eileen says:

    I’d love to be at that party: “Excuse me, do I have something in my teeth?” fellow party-goer “Yeah you’ve got a diamond here and here…”

  7. sasha says:

    It’s not going to be ‘the most expensive cake ever made’ as cake decorations are not an intrinsic part of the cake. It would only be ‘the most expensive cake ever made’ if she ate it.

    So go on Kim, don’t let us down. I look forward to twitpics of your diamond-encrusted poo (‘the most expensive poo ever pooped’).

  8. Miss says:

    LOL@Sasha. Hilarious.

  9. Samigirl says:

    @M, I’m screaming what your screaming, babe. That necklace is A-MA-ZING!

  10. bros says:

    i love that she thinks she is important enough to warrant this stupid waste of a cake. I hope she eats it all and busts out of her clearly-ill fitting dress and failed attempt at dressing “klassy”.

  11. wednesday says:

    Stoooopid. Give me a Fudgie the Whale cake from Carvel any day!

  12. Marjalane says:

    Why are there people in this world who encourage and support this awful she-rat? I don’t watch their hideous show, but do they ever do anything charitable? are they ever involved in anything that benefits anything but the make-up industry? The idea of a skank like Kim Kardashian being showered with a diamond cake and endless parties while many people are working three jobs to survive, makes me crazy.

  13. Kitten says:

    This is the kind of shit that rich people do that makes me want to throw up. Just blatant excess..ugh…she’s so gross.

  14. guesty says:

    those emeralds are goregeous & she looks more like herself in these pics.

    & was so waiting for cb to cover this ostentatious event! so thxs cb for bringing it as always. :) kim really needs to get a clue.

  15. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Just changed my mind, she’s the douchebag of the day.

  16. Zombie Nurse says:

    This reminds me of the Chapelle Show sketch where Dave is doing a fake MTV Crins episode and in the kitchen he shows off his diamond grinder that he uses to sprinkle diamonds on all his meals. “Makes my dookie sparkle.”

  17. cprincess says:

    Tell me again exactly what this family of grifters actually do?
    That dress looks terrible-shes about 5 feet high right and yeah she is starting to look like Lil Kim(minus the personality).

  18. Taurus says:

    I never thought I would see the day when white women wanted to look black. Look at the amount of makeup she has on! She’s my complexion and I come from a black mother and an even blacker father lol. Us black women need to feel so flattered.


  19. kathug says:

    that necklace is waayyyy over the top…..can you say nouveau riche??

  20. Eileen says:

    I’m going to run over and get a job as “professional fake cake carrier awayer” and get mine!

  21. Bailey says:

    she needs to rethink that lipstick, wtf?
    I do love those emeralds

  22. Mouse says:

    Could someone please explain to me why I’m supposed to give a crap about anything to do with this person or her fame hungry family??

  23. Cheyenne says:

    This bimbo is living proof that a bajillion dollars can’t buy ten cents worth of class.

  24. Nudgie says:

    Kan’t you people get it Korrect? When talking about the Kurvatious Schemin’ Armenian Kan you please remember that you Kan and must spell ‘c’ words with the Kardassian “K” like the whole Klan does??? It is So UnKouth otherwise…

    BTW, KHappy KBirthday Kim. Did you Know Plastic Surgeries happen exponentially after the age of 30??? :)

  25. Harmony says:

    that seems more than a little pointless…she literally can’t have her cake and eat it too in this case so what is the point?

    Siggghhhh I don’t mean to be the b*tch who criticizes how people spend their money. Luxury is not evil…but this makes me feel sick. Millions? Seriously? If you’re going to give that up so freely for basically nothing why wouldn’t you spend it instead to help others?

    I won’t get into how her money isn’t REALLY “earned” anyway…but thats another story, and good for her that she has financial success…I just wish people didn’t waste their good luck on sh*t like this…

  26. fizXgirl314 says:

    wow the queen of frivolty… this bitch should be scraping gum off tables at a greasy diner, not living so extravagantly… life just isn’t fair…

    and her make up looks halfway decent in those pics…

  27. Richie says:

    she looks burnt in her 1st pic…her make up is not right..Kim Kim Kim the fame whore!!

  28. fizXgirl314 says:

    I would like to add as an Armenian, this woman does not represent the typical Armenian… Some of us are actually education and have SOME class… I just hate that the one HALF Armenian on TV happens to be this low class skank…

  29. Jeri says:

    She’s one rung up from Jessica Simpson when it comes to brains. Maybe.

    Harmony: She’s not paying for the cake.

  30. Kim says:

    With all the surgeries she has had – She looks like Lil Kim now! I cant imagine that was the intention.

  31. birdgherl says:

    The peach/orange lip gloss is all wrong. That necklace and earrings, however, are to die for.

  32. coucou says:

    She is gorgeous…wow…and she seems to be really nice…i like the K Klan, the only Klan i will ever like!

    As for the Kake, COME ON people, it’s a publicity stunt just to get some buzz up, y’all know it’s gonna be rhinestones…no one in their right mind would risk losing a real diamond just for a glitter cake.

    Love the Chappelle story about the diamond dookie! Hilarious! Wonder if he’ll be there?

  33. hjsplit says:

    Why didnt I think about this? I hear exactly what youre saying and Im so happy that I came across your blog. You really know what youre talking about, and you made me feel like I should learn more about this. Thanks for this; Im officially a huge fan of your blog