Carey Mulligan reportedly dating British pretty boy Tom Sturridge now


Above is a photo of Carey Mulligan in the back of a taxi, leaving the Chateau Marmont late Monday night, after she attended the Hollywood Awards. I didn’t recognize the dude in the car with her, but LaineyGossip is identifying the dude as Tom Sturridge. Now, that name might not be familiar to you if you are A) Above the age of 19 or B) Not into sparkly British actors. Tom is best friends forever with Robert Pattinson – indeed, there is even a popular conspiracy theory that involves The Sparkler and Tom Sturridge being lovers. LaineyGossip points out that Sturridge is also good friends with Andrew Garfield, who Carey worked with and befriended on Never Let Me Go, her soon-to-be-released film. Basically, the Young Hot British Acting community is very tight, very insular, and very incestuous.

Also worth noting: I saw Tom in The Boat That Rocked, and I can safely say he might be one of the prettiest, most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. Not “beautiful” in the same way David Gandy is beautiful – Gandy is hot, he’s sexy, and I want to drape myself around him like a Snuggie. Tom is “beautiful” in that fascinating, delicate, untouchable way. His lips are perfect and pink and his cheekbones are insane. He would make a gorgeous woman.

So, are Carey and Tom really dating? She only got out of the relationship with Shia LaBeouf a few weeks ago – does she move on very quickly? Does Shia? Because there are some rumors about him dating someone else too. Maybe it was a horrible breakup? So bad that both just ran in the other direction, into the arms of other people? Eh. Even though I don’t put any stock into the Sturridge-Pattinsons homoerotic conspiracy theory, Tom does beep on my gaydar. It’s totally possible that Tom is Carey’s gay BFF. In fact, that would make a lot of sense, to me at least. Carey invites her gay to spend the night with her at Best Western, and they stay up watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, drinking White Russians and eating sweet potato French fries.

Here’s video of Carey and Tom leaving – you can’t even see his face in the video either! Son of a…



Header courtesy of Fame. Additional photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Diane says:

    I’d never heard of him either, I checked him out and oh yeah, pretty boy, way too pretty.

  2. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I hope she boned him but he does beep my gaydar too…

  3. marah says:

    Tom was spotted just last month cuddling with British model gf Nettie at Marcus Foster gig in London

  4. Vee says:

    They are cute together and having fun. They are young and single, it’s all good!

  5. Kate says:

    He is gay.

  6. Kitten says:

    Man, I love me some sweet potato fries…

  7. Someone Else says:

    He is supposedly Robert Pattinson’s boyfriend.

    He & Carey are friends — nothing more. Based on the last few pics of her, she looks like she’s grieving (Shia?).

    I hope she bounces back quickly. Of course you never know until you meet them, but she seems like a really sweet girl.

  8. Roxanne75 says:

    Um, wasn’t she just with someone and may or may not have just broke up?? wow, this girl moves fast

  9. mln says:

    I can never tell if an Englishman is gay or not. I swore that Hugh Grant was gay until he got caught with that hooker.

  10. Sankay says:

    Tom was also geat in the movie Pirate Radio.

  11. hairball says:

    Pass on baby-faced boys.

    Everyone says he is a good actor. I saw a clip one time of him with Annette Bening – she was playing British – and I wasn’t impressed. It seemed obvious he was acting. But, others insist the guy can act.

    I hope he is doing some work here in the states – I think he was over the summer – because it is hard to understand why he just hangs around RP all the time – not like at his house, but at actual events (interviews etc), don’t get it.

  12. Camille says:

    Don’t see the appeal of that Tom guy, yuck.
    Well whatever Carey is up to, I hope she is having fun.

  13. Anti-icon says:

    ….and they stay up watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, drinking White Russians and eating sweet potato French fries.

    This sounds like heaven to me. Maybe we should have HOT Guys Eating Sweet Potato Fries Friday!!!!