Denise Richards talks more smack about Charlie, says the “gloves are off”

While Charlie Sheen has vowed to never say ex-wife Denise Richards’ name in public again, Denise just refuses to stop blabbing about him to every media outlet in town. In her latest interview with TV Guide, Richards talks about Charlie’s treatment of their two girls, Sam and Lola, at his wedding to Brooke Mueller, and once again tries to make everyone believe that she’s not a husband stealer.

Denise Richards has a message for her ex-husband Charlie Sheen: “The gloves are off,” she says in the upcoming issue of TV Guide. “When I keep my mouth shut, [Charlie] continues to fuel [the feud] anyway, so I’m not gonna sit back anymore.”

Richards’ daughters Sam, 4, and Lola, 3 with Sheen attended their dad’s nuptials to Brooke Mueller on May 30. (Click here to see weddings of the year.)

As previously reported – “They were told there were going to be flower girls. But then Charlie changed his mind,” Richards tells TV Guide.

For the ceremony Sheen and Mueller gave the girls necklaces to wear.

“But when they came home I was told by the nanny they had to give them back,” Richards fumes.

“I said, ‘But aren’t they a gift?’ The nanny said, ‘They are, but they can only wear them at his house.’ I said, ‘Have him call his lawyer then, ‘cause I’m not gonna tell a 3- and 4-year-old, ‘You have to give back the necklaces Daddy gave you and only wear them at Daddy’s house.’”

Richards continues, “Now, I know this sounds f—ing crazy – and it is. But this is what I deal with.”

But the E! It’s Complicated reality star hasn’t given up on the idea of finding happily ever after.

“I’m not bitter from this. I know I’ll find the right one, damn it. But when I do I will never get divorced. I’m done,” Richards says. “But I love men. I’ve never ended badly with someone except my ex-husband.”

That includes her controversial romance with Heather Locklear’s ex husband Richie Sambora.

“The timeline was that Charlie and I ended, then my friendship with Heather [Locklear] – which wasn’t a long friendship – ended, then she filed for divorce, and then Richie [Sambora] and I got together after that,” Richards explains. “But I knew that in the public’s eye – because Heather is America’s TV sweetheart – it wasn’t gonna go over well…Because the press made it seem that she and I were having dinner on Friday and I was screwing her husband on Sunday, and that’s not the case. Heather knows that I did not ‘steal’ Richie. She knows it.”

[From Us Weekly]

Here’s an idea: Denise doesn’t even have to show up in person to these interviews anymore. She can just send the same tape of herself trashing Charlie and insisting that she didn’t stab Heather Locklear in the back. It would save everyone a lot of time. I am nothing if not efficient!

As for her claims about the necklaces and Charlie deciding not to let his daughters be flower girls, he could have a very good reason for both. Both of the girls seem very shy- perhaps he didn’t want to put them in a position where everyone at the wedding was looking at them. As for the necklaces, all I can say is, there are certain things I don’t let my daughter bring to her dad’s house when she visits, such as her jacket or her favorite stuffed animal, because I know from experience she will either lose them or forget to bring them home. Still, if Charlie wanted the necklaces to stay at his house, he should have taken them from the girls before he sent them home. Either way, Denise is not doing herself or her kids any favors by trotting this stuff out in public.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Denise Richards is shown in a still from her E! Reality show, thanks to Splash News. In the still above, she had just attended a “passion party” and was talking about it, but I don’t know what she’s gesturing about because the clip I saw of her pole dancing with her friends didn’t include that part.

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  1. headache says:

    Agreed. 1000%

  2. CandyKay says:

    I heard a great proverb once: “In an argument, the person who talks most is usually losing.”

  3. devilgirl says:

    She just needs to STFU, raise her daughters and move on. Who does she think she is kidding with her rhetoric?

  4. Livia says:

    Denise, put the gloves back on – ’cause we don’t even want to think about where those hands of yours have been… ::shudders::

  5. Carrie says:

    You’re right, devilgirl. If she could stop being a selfish bitch long enough to think about putting the kids’ interests first, she’d keep silent, angry or not.

    It’s not surprising that their two unfortunate offspring always look so miserable.

  6. CJ says:

    My, what a mouth of DR!

    Hope she don’t talk that way in front of her girls.

  7. A.J. says:

    As an addendum to my previous post, I would like to add that both Denise and Charlie need to stfu and move on. No one cares to hear their drama… I mean, these two people are relevant… how?

  8. Cici says:

    Denise – if you’re reading this – and I know you read everything about yourself on celeb blogs – PLEASE STOP. We all know Charlie is a crazy, inexplicable idiot and a total jerk. But you’re making yourself look worse if that’s even possible! you don’t need to refute everything he says and perpetuate your silly mess. for the sake of the GIRLS, stop this game of oneupsmanship even if it means letting him have the last word.

  9. Cindy Kennedy says:

    She needs to shut up and get on with her life. Charlie Sheen has moved on. He is married to someone else now. He has stated recently that he prefers not to discuss Denise Richards anymore.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Truer words were never spoken.

  10. Enturbulator says:

    She isn’t going to sit back anymore? Has she ever? She needs to just shut up about Charlie. I think she knows that if she isn’t constantly stirring the pot, she would lose the attention she is getting in the press. The press really needs to start ignoring her.

  11. JC says:

    OT, but Cindy: for real? PC junk statements like this are retarded. the OP clearly stated his intent with the phrase, yet you just had to put your fatass two cents’ in, yeah?

  12. vdantev says:

    So much for her ‘vow’ to never utter Charlie’s name again. You dinks out there who watch her show are to blame for her perpetual diarrhea of the mouth !

  13. legalaid says:

    She needs to realize that the more you step in poop, the more it stinks.

  14. Kevin says:

    Is she demonstrating the size of Charlie’s “tinkler” in that photo?
    I bet Charlie now wishes the glove would have been on when he was hammering this idiot so there would be no kids to argue over and make payments on,,,not that he doesn’t love his kids cause I don’t know,,,,not saying,,just saying.

  15. silly lilly says:

    she is so far removed from reality she is laughable. EVERY divorced family has things that go to dads and things that go to moms and things that STAY at dads and things that STAY at moms. I live 10 blocks from my ex husband and our kids have things that we particularly want them to have when they are with the respective parent and that is the end of it. My daughter has certain hair bows that she does NOT wear to dads and she does not wear any dress that I particularly want to make sure I have available. HE has a coat he prefers she only use at his home and she is FINE with it. She actually has the option to take ANYTHING if she agrees to be responsible and bring it back. The point, is that if I wish to borrow something my ex purchased for my daughter for a reason, I ask. Otherwise, while it may be my child’s, my child has two homes. Just like she has two beds, she has two wardrobes, accessories, toys, etc. WHY does Denise think this is “F**Ked” up? What a twatwaffle.

    And no I don’t buy the Richie thing. I just don’t. On the OFF chance that she is telling the truth, she banged her friend’s ex husband. A million other men in the world and she HAD to bang HER FRIENDS ex husband. Get outta here. Bullcrap. It is the code of women. Unless you are goin on Jerry Springer type of person… you do NOT sleep with the ex of your friend. Best friend, just friend, co worker or casual acquantance. YOU DO NOT choose HIM. There is no getting out of this and she was portrayed for the skank she is. Nothing more. Gee.. ya think she and her twit friend/cousin/assistant/sister/butt wiper are reading the comments today?

  16. Shay says:

    Why are you so worried about jewelery your ex-husband bought for your daughters? He didn’t buy that shit for you.

    Yea the way you operate in life is really going to attract a sane, stable man who doesn’t want you for publicity.

  17. Lalalala says:

    She makes me wish I had a remote that I could mute people with…

  18. GoodScout says:

    Just remember, the prettier they are, the more batshiat crazy they are.

  19. STEVEN says:

    I never listen to what anyone says. Charlie you make Monday nights the funniest night in my house!!!!!!! 8) 😆 😉

  20. Vince says:

    she is getting everything she wants..

    ATTENTION! Of course she wants to talk about it.

  21. spoonman says:

    Regardless of how crazy DR is-I’d still like to bed this sailor talking tramp and find out if she is a dead lay like Scott Biao revealed in an interview with Howard Stern!

    If the sex is crap, that is most likely the real reason CS left her. With such a great personality going for her-it couldn’t have been that- NOT!!!!

    As for her new show-who can resist watching a true train wreck happen…

  22. Nan says:

    Didn’t she know he was a whore-monger?

  23. Rianna says:

    this is a woman who really could use a couple of bong hits asap.

  24. Siobhan says:

    Charlie makes lousy choices…wow big earthshattering news. In many ways, these two deserve each other, but someone PLEASE take those beautiful children out the cluthes of that bitch and give them to parents who won’t exploit them or use them as ammunition.

  25. justarose says:

    You know what really bothers me about Denise is her controlling aspect if she can’t have her way God block your ears because you are going to hear it and it ain’t pretty. Just like she yelled @ the Tabloid writer for People and called her a C–t!
    Because she had the audacity to suggest Denise leaks information to the press
    Which I for one totally believe! come on a 2005 tape suddenly appears calling her all kinds of derogatory remarks among one a Negro hum have you ever looked up the definition in a Websters dictionary because it has nothing to do with color but seems to fit you to a tee! Charlie you aren’t to smart where was your tape recorder when she was building a case against you for a long time! Lets see 2005 hum
    probably for future alimony. The funny part is didn’t she stay with you after all this abuse she loved the power of being Mrs Sheen didn’t she. Denise for the record leave Heather out of it I do not hear her saying a thing about you, Richie left you because his ex didn’t like or respect you so he cared more still for her than you! Charlie if you happen to read this please let the courts release your side of the story if would make good for Sunday night reading!

  26. Judy says:

    He now has her children age 3 and 4 in therapy. WOw I wonder how that 3 year old communicates with a shrink. I t is a samn shame that she cold not have just gotten a divorce and not called charlie a pedophile and dragged all the sirt out for the public to see. She couldn;t help herself becuse she wnated more of his money. She gets 35k a month child support and a large settlement. She got her self a 4 millio dollar ranch and she didn’t get it from her “talent” as an actress.
    SHe is going to keep up her crap and sooner or later CPS will step in or the courts and shut her mouth for her.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    yeah, that’s superb motherhood there. pole dancing with your friends while your children are about to go to therapy is so much better than having to leave two necklaces at daddy’s house and not being a flowergirl. SO much better.

    i hear denise surfs the web trying to find what people say about her, prompting me to say, who the hell cares? People will say what they want to about you.