Teen Mom’s Amber charged with 2 felonies, misdemeanor (update)

Hollywood Life has an exclusive that Teen Mom’s Amber, who was shown attacking her daughter’s dad Gary at least twice on the show, has been officially charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor for three separate abusive incidents against Gary. Two of the incidents were shown on MTV, and the other is from MTV’s footage that never aired. The two attacks that aired on MTV are shown in the videos below.

amberinsetAmber Portwood is finally facing consequences for her violent actions against baby daddy Gary Shirley. Amber, 20, was officially charged Nov. 18 with two felony counts and one misdemeanor for domestic violence and battery. Under Indiana law, an incident of domestic abuse is considered a felony if a child is present for the abuse — which baby Leah was in both cases. Interestingly, one of the two felonies is based on footage never aired by MTV. As HollywoodLife.com told you first, the court subpoenaed MTV for all raw footage from Teen Mom.

The two incidents related to the felony charges occurred Aug. 14, 2009, and July 18, 2010, while the misdemeanor incident (in which Leah was not present) occurred June 14, 2010. Official documents state that Amber choked, slapped, punched and kicked Gary, 24, in their home.

Public Information Offer, Detective Mitch Carroll, tells us Amber will likely be issued a warrant through the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office. According to a press release, “the affidavit has been submitted to the prosecutor for formal charges. If convicted, Portwood faces up to three years in jail and fines of up to $10,000.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Amber probably won’t go to jail, but hopefully she’ll get fined and have to do a ton of community service, along with parenting and anger management classes. The last we heard from her she was sort-of sharing custody with Gary after having abandoned their daughter Leah to his care for nearly two weeks at the end of October. OK! had a very sympathetic cover story of her a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll ask again what I wrote at the time – imagine if it was Gary who beat Amber twice on camera. Do you think that MTV would dare not to step in or that they would even show that footage? Hopefully she’ll face some serious consequences and get the help she so obviously needs. She also needs supervision when she’s with her daughter.

Update: Amber denies this, in her way. She told Hollywood LifeI didn’t hit Gary in front of Leah so there are no felony charges. None of this is true, there’s nothing against me. They can’t charge me if they don’t have proof.” What does she call all that footage of her doing it then?

Life & Style reports that Amber has given up Leah in the face of these charges and that she’s “not in any rush to get Leah back.


L&S cover via CoverAwards


This is from this season of Teen Mom. (There’s a slightly better version here, I can’t embed it – and the fight starts at 3:30, with the hitting at 4:10.)

The video below is from Teen Mom Season 1 the first season on “16 and Pregnant” I think, as I didn’t see it on Teen Mom.

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  1. guesty says:


  2. LittleFATMe says:

    Thank God they are doing SOMETHING, but after seeing her on the show I doubt it will be enough.

  3. happygirl says:

    @ guesty – I second that! GOOD!!

  4. elina says:

    THAT BI*** IS CRAZY! Wish she would get some jail time because it is unacceptable to put your hands on ANYBODY. The first picture is hilarious though haha!

  5. NayNay says:

    Good. It is now time for her to pay the pied piper.

  6. bellaluna says:

    Having been “choked, slapped, kicked, and punched” myself, I can only say I hope Gary gets help to deal with his issues resulting from Amber’s abusive behaviour. And I don’t mean from Dr. *coughbullshitcough* Drew.

  7. Diane says:

    She needs serious help before she starts hitting her kid. Scary girl.

  8. meg says:

    I’m glad she is getting it for her actions- but the look on Gary’s face in the first pic is really funny. (i know it’s terrible)

  9. Baby says:

    Amber needs to learn a lesson. She made a choice to be a mother and now she needs to start acting like one. I am very happy Gary has Leah.

  10. David says:

    Poor Leah, she has a bad lot in life so far.

  11. Jeri says:

    Maybe she’ll learn something. If she doesn’t do a Lohan and claim to have been sat up.

  12. kelBear says:

    I laugh every time I see that top picture. It’s just so funny and yes I know the situation is far from funny but that photo cracks me up!

  13. Ernestine says:

    “In Indiana, an incident of domestic abuse is considered a felony if a child is present for the abuse.”

    So, basically, in Indiana, you can slap around your mate and pretty much get away with it as long as you’re childless? Great.

  14. beebeedoom says:

    She must either be psychotic or just really stupid. Why would u beat someone up, but worse, have it documented? They’re both despicable in my opinion for different reasons but I hope she serves time for her crimes.

  15. Iggles says:


    I usually hate when people harp on “what if the situation was reversed” in domestic violence incidents, but in THIS case such scrutiny is definitely warranted.

    If Gary did any of the thing Amber did to him, he would be in jail and hated right now. This crazy woman deserves jail and Gary should have full custody. Hands down.

  16. Ernestine says:

    Iggles, I am in complete agreement.

  17. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    She was kicking his ass. I have never seen a woman go off on a man like that, I mean she was just kicking his ass like O.M.G, I bet you nobody is gonna be messing with her.

    I do think she needs to be in jail. I do think thats exactly where she needs to be. Amber needs to be locked up for awhile. I guess Gary isn’t pressing charges but wow she needs to be punished.

  18. mel says:

    Amber needs to lose custody for her behavior and go thru parenting classes if she wants Leah back.

  19. Eileen says:

    I saw on Dlisted she’s already denying that it ever happened. How exactly does that work when its on national television dumbass?? So much for lessons learned.

  20. Eileen says:

    Wait she’s denying that is was in front of her child-that is.

  21. happygirl says:

    @Eileen…yeah, I read she was saying they had no proof…but you said my thoughts exactly…it was on TV! Plus, the officials got ALL of the tapes MTV had… Maybe she’s saying you can’t see the baby on the tapes? I don’t know, but I find it hard to believe that they would charge her if they didn’t have the proof. Either way, she needs some serious help. Ugh!

  22. Missfit says:

    She’s a pretty girl too, too bad she’s a evil soul. But no matter how someone looks, it doesn’t justify how ugly they are deep down inside. But ya, she’s all about looks, since he’s such a “fat piece of shit” to her. :/ He doesn’t need that. He seems like a good guy too (I never seen the show though, just based on these clips). Poor guy. 16 and pg? Then her ass doesn’t need to be on the show any longer after 16…well there shouldn’t even be a show like this any damn way, so ya,lol.

  23. Skye says:

    Will putting her in jail solve her anger issues? Scare her straight? I doubt it. Somewhere along the way she learned that violence is a proper outlet for anger and frustration, and I doubt jail will teach her otherwise. She needs counseling. Both of them do, because he will need to learn how to cope with a volatile, anger prone woman for the next 16-18 years.

    I also think it’s cheaper in the long run to put her in therapy and parenting classes. Locking her up and causing her to have a jail record will ruin her chances of ever getting a decent job once this MTV thing is over. And she’ll end up on Social Services with taxpayers having to foot the bill.

  24. MrsOdie2 says:

    Every one of those girls should have placed her child for adoption like Catelynn and Tyler did. Their daughter Carly has a fighting chance at a happy, normal life. The rest are all just stuck in teenage romance drama and neglect and even abuse. So sad. I can’t even watch the show anymore because it depresses me too much.

  25. seVen says:

    I never understood those shows. Why glorify Teen pregnancy. How many girls are going to think ” oh i get get pregnant at 16 and be on tv too!!” its disgusting. MTV has gone down the shitter.

  26. LolaBella says:

    I’ve never seen any of these shows, but watching these clips all I could think about was that she deserves whatever punishment she gets.

    Also, Gary seems like a saint for not defending himself physically, all he does is try to protect himself from the blows and talk her down. She is lucky. Someone else in that situation may have retaliated in kind.

    This is so sad for the baby and for Gary.

  27. GatsbyGal says:

    “Hopefully she’ll face some serious consequences and get the help she so obviously needs. She also needs supervision when she’s with her daughter.”

    Hahaha, I knew this was you writing this, Celebitchy, even before I looked. You’re always much too kind and forgiving.

    What this bitch really needs is to go to prison and never see her daughter again. It’s obvious she doesn’t care about the girl, and let’s just see how much she enjoys trying to beat up on hardened female inmates instead of her poor boyfriend.

  28. Christi says:

    Such a sad case. I remember Amber from the first season of 16 and Pregnant and she was so different from then to now. I believe she absolutley should suffer the consequences for her actions but she needs medical attention, I really believe she has severe PPD and with the weight loss her ego is off the chart…

    * the last video is from Teen Mom season 1.

  29. Danny says:

    Hahah!! Damn the photo above is funny as Hell

  30. Eileen says:

    Seriously-I always thought Gary was a total tool because he won’t work or go to school and just lives off people, but I have to give him BIG kudos for not even shoving her ass away from him while she was pommeling him. He knew cameras were rolling and wasn’t ABOUT to even touch her during her tirade.

  31. Julie says:

    If anyone here doubted female on male spousal abuse – here’s your proof.

    She is violent, plain and simple; someone needs to keep that child safely away from her (and, most likely, her father).

  32. Julie says:

    …she also attempts to goad him into physical retaliation, on camera: “Push me down the stairs!”

  33. Shannon says:

    “So, basically, in Indiana, you can slap around your mate and pretty much get away with it as long as you’re childless? Great. ”

    No this isn’t true at all. When violence occurs (domestic or otherwise) it tends to happen without an officer present. If that is the case, it’s a misdemeanor unless there are serious wounds. This is true of almost everywhere. It’s because if the officer wasn’t present, there’s generally no way to tell exactly how things went down and it becomes a case of “what party A said” and “what party B said”. There are states with mandatory arrest laws for domestic violence though, where if there are any marks at all one party must be arrested or removed from the residence.

  34. Heather says:

    What a crazy bitch.

  35. bellaluna says:

    @ Shannon, et al.:

    In many states, law enforcement has removed the requirement that the abused testify (or even confirm) the abuse. Too many women have ended up dead at the hands of their abusers after retracting their statements, and/or refusing to make statements altogether.

    Also, if law enforcement officers are unable to determine which party is “At Fault,” they arrest or hold both parties until they are able to sort things out as best they’re able.

  36. mia says:

    Meth madness!!

  37. la_bacque says:

    Those videos are disgusting. I feel sorry for the baby

  38. Michele H says:

    She’s a pig. It doesn’t matter how much weight she loses, she’ll still have a pig face.

    I don’t think that she should have any unsupervised custody of her baby. She’ll beat her, too.

    Doesn’t sound like she misses her kid too much. Partying, ect – what a piece of trash. That poor baby girl! Her mom needs help & some anger management classes.

  39. Aries-Mira says:

    I can only hope that her attitude will improve from here on. What she did was wrong on so many levels! If she continues down this path of violence, she’ll lose custody of her daughter and she’ll seriously injure somebody. If she can’t figure this out, she deserves everything that’s coming to her. Violence against another person, man or woman, child or adult, should not be tolerated. Period.

  40. Jacq says:

    What a worthless human being. There are women who would give ANYTHING to be able to mother/carry a child. It is always people like this who take this privilege – and it is a privilege – for granted.
    Gotta give it to her, though. She’s bringing the eyebrow game!

  41. thegorilla says:

    that makes me sad for him, she is very aggressive and her body language and words etc, are very abusive, it’s not cool at all, and she’s clearly not holding back on the hits and that punch made me cringe, scary definetly

  42. thegorilla says:

    oh yeah and he maintained his composure well, he just wanted to get out of the situation, i feel bad for him… and how dumb is she to do that with cameras around

  43. devilgirl says:

    I love how she has the nerve to call him trash. She might want to take a look in the mirror, because trash is what SHE is.

  44. Jezi says:

    @Eileen Leah wasn’t around when she beat him that time. She was with Gary’s mom. However, she’s done a lot of other things to him in front of their daughter.

    It’s about time she faces the consequences, domestic violence is wrong no matter whose doing the hitting.

  45. Trippin says:

    What makes anyone think she isn’t already hitting her kid!! Lock the bitch up.

  46. None Of Your Business says:

    It Is None Of Yuh Guys Business What Happen The Ppl Who Called Are Stupid If He Didn’t Charge Her That Was On Him.. And He Wasnt Gonna Be Stupid Enough To Do It On Tv… But No Guy Would Let A Girl Hit Him WIthout Fighting Back… So Leave Her Alone And Mind Your Own Business And The Ppl Who Called You Guys Are St*pid… If You Guys Didnt Like Her You Could Have Just Changed The Channel..

  47. Louwho says:

    What a psycho bitch. I’m guessing “None of Your Business” is Amber. Amber, YOU are trash. YOU are fat. You need to be put in jail and taught how to spell.