Tom Cruise takes Katie Holmes out for her 32nd birthday


Katie Holmes turned 32 years old on Saturday. Thirsty-two… going on a hard 40-something due to excessive Xenu and medication. Anyway, Tom Cruise managed to pry himself away from Jeremy Renner and Josh Holloway on the Canadian set of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (twitch) to fly down to New York to treat his girls to some family time. On Friday, Tom took Suri and Katie to see The Nutcracker, and they even got to pose with some of the ballerinas (cute pics here). Then, Tom took Katie out for two birthday dinners on Saturday and Sunday night. These photos are from last night – I guess Katie didn’t feel like wearing makeup for dinner…?

Katie Holmes, having a romantic 32nd birthday dinner with hubby Tom Cruise at ABC Kitchen in New York City. The couple was casually dressed – he wore jeans and she was in a lacy top – and very affectionate at their late-night meal. According to an observer, the two were very cozy at their table, laughing and enjoying themselves. Earlier in the weekend, the two took daughter Suri to see the New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker – and the family headed backstage, where Suri got to meet the dancers and pose for pictures.

[From People]

So Tom got to spend some time with his girls… good for him. There was some speculation in last week’s Star Magazine that Tom and Katie are having marriage problems yet again, so this weekend came at a convenient time. Tom and Katie haven’t been spending a lot of time together, though. She’s been filming in LA, he’s been in Europe and Canada – Tom goes weeks without seeing his wife and daughter. God knows what he does in that time. Shops for lifts?





Photos courtesy of WENN and Fame.

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  1. Crash2GO2 says:

    Get ready for the screeches of ‘can that child still not walk?!?’.

  2. anti says:

    she looks RIPPED.

  3. Samigirl says:

    @Crash, I was thinking the exact same thing. I’ve got my slut shank ready for those obviously superior parents, though.

  4. annaloo says:

    32? I thought it was 42… Poor Katie.. I hate seeing how after some women marries someone, their entire inner light seems to just fade off.

  5. bite me says:

    looking good tommy girl

  6. Stronzilla says:

    You know, i don’t think Katie really knew what she was getting herself into with this marriage. It probably seemed like a good idea on paper but she’s not as good as other CoS wives (hint, hint, KP) at hiding the strain and make up or not she looks bad.

  7. L says:

    Alas @crash-that was the first thing I noticed again. I mean christ, her feet come down past Tom’s knees now. But the kid down.

  8. Jayna says:

    I saw another photo of them out on a date on another site. She had on heels and was like ten feet taller than him. It was odd looking. Though, I give him credit for being secure enough to date tall women. Though, I hate when she drapes her arms around his shoulders. It looks like she’s the man when she does that.

  9. Roma says:

    Hey, I’m one of those “stop carrying the child” and I’m not a parent. I think a lot of time they’re carrying her because it’s late at night and she should be in bed, not going out for dinner.

    And Katie, girl, you can afford a makeup artist. You should have one on call for your birthday dinner.

  10. OhCamille! says:

    I’m looking forward to the day the kids’ height eclipses the dads’ height and he’s still carrying her. The fact that kids grown fast, this will come sooner than later and we can all laugh.

    No sorrow for that freak show. You get what you pay for.

    Sorry for the snark, but can’t help myself.

  11. brin says:

    She really does look downcast all the time….how bad can things be for her?

  12. Lady Jane says:

    Katie looks so over it. I think she has quit the relationship. As a mother of 3, soon to be 4, I am run ragged – without help of staff, nannies, assistants, hair-makeup-clothes stylists etc. But I would deffo put some slap on for my husband on my birthday.

  13. mln76 says:

    I think people need to calm down with the stop carrying the kid B.S. first off this isn’t a normal situation they are surrounded by paps/fans waving at them calling out the kids name. Second it looks to be late and Suri looks exhausted. Mom’s birthday dinner is a special occasion so it’s fine to keep her out.
    And I don’t think Tom has seen her in weeks and may not see her again for a few weeks (That is something I don’t approve of BTW).

  14. dorothy says:

    Wow. Thats the worst I’ve seen Katie look in a long time. Looks tired and haggard. Could be just the strain of having to tote around a child that should be walking. Wonder if she carrys Tom around as well.

  15. Eleonor says:

    The first picture is soo sad. She looks drained, and on medication.

  16. Ruby Red Lips2 says:

    mln 76 – totally agree

  17. Zombie Nurse says:

    I just can’t with those pants. Unless you are 1980s Jane Fonda or staring in a community theater adaption of Grease, shiny leggings are not a viable sartorial option.

  18. Me1st says:

    sorry, whether the paps are there or not that child should walk, other celeb children walk. and WTF, put some damn pants on that kid, its freakin cold in NY

  19. brin says:


  20. hellen says:

    She looks like a dead lily on toast. A DRUNK dead lily on toast.

    I see Tommy is still wearing his super height-enhancing secret-lift booties.

  21. Delta Juliet says:

    Like the other busy moms on here, I don’t have any of the staff at my disposal that Katie girl has and I still look 10x better on a daily basis, never mind for my birthday dinner! Jeesh. Put some effort in.

  22. REALIST says:

    @15-my first thought-major depression. Of course the wacko’s at C of S don’t believe in mental health treatment.

  23. Folly says:

    I have to laugh at the,they look so happy together statement from people,someone comment on jj that she/he worked in that kitchen where they eat and that they look so miserable together and katie barely said two words throughout the meal.

  24. I Choose Me says:

    32? Wow. Girl looks way older. I think it’s because she looks so tired in most of the pics of her I see. Not surprised. I can only imagine how wearying (emotionally draining) the Scientolgy life-style must be. As for the no make-up – I’m assuming that these pics were taken after the dinner so that’s understandably. Lipstick tends to come off when you dab your lips after eating.

  25. fanny says:

    I love Tom Cruise … what an incredible talent. It’s probably not true about them splitting up. Sure hope not as they seem like a great couple. Suri is beginning to realize that the camera thing isn’t fun … she is starting to look a little shy. To bad you didn’t post some nicer pictures of them from the event.

  26. Leek says:

    I can only hope to look that good in my late 40’s.

  27. pato says:

    I pitty her, I don´t care if she is a public person and married tom because of publicity, still, she has the right to privacy, and all those people (not only paps) taking her picture and her kid´s picture…get a life and leave her alone!

  28. missy says:

    These photos aren’t taken on her birthday. These are from Sunday. She looked much better in her birthday photos.

  29. Leah says:

    OMG. Suri is wearing a coat.

  30. olivia says:

    All that money… and this is how she looks …Looks like someone wishes she had never married.Also can’t that kid walk .. yet ..are they both planning on carrying her through her teens and twenties?

  31. serena says:

    God, she worst than jennifer garner. At least at the celebration of your birthday, dress up properly with a bit of make up.. what the hell.
    She really seems 40 like.

    I guess he’s not the type of betraying during a relationship.

  32. chasingadalia says:

    Fanny – maybe there weren’t better pictures.

  33. Jackson says:

    Katie, Katie, Katie! All of that gorgeous bone structure going to waste.

  34. meg says:

    “…the two were very cozy at their table, laughing and enjoying themselves.” All I can picture is Tommy fondling her remote under the table. “OK- now Laugh like I said something funny!”

  35. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Me1st: “sorry, whether the paps are there or not that child should walk”

    May I ask why that is your opinion?

  36. frank franken says:

    she’s a lost cause

  37. Hakura says:

    I can only go from what I can see in these pictures, but she really does look exhausted and sad all the time. As someone who’s experienced clinical ‘depression’, it really looks like she’s having that problem. It’s worrying that the CoS is against mental health treatment. (Am I the only one who saw ‘CoS’ and immediately thought ‘Chamber of Secrets’ a-la Harry Potter? xD)

    I don’t blame her for carrying Suri, Say what you will about over-carrying one’s child, I think I would be worried about her with paps calling her name, and people swarming. She could disappear in a fraction of a second. And besides, she looks really tired. Lay off them on the kid, huh?

  38. Bodhi says:

    32? Wow, first those pictures of Gretchen & now Kat(i)e, I feel so much better about myself today!

    Anyhoo… I can see why they would still carry Suri, those crowds of paps can be SCARY. However, it is far, far to late to take a small child out. Get a sitter for God’s sake. Or order in if you really want to include the little one. Kids need routine & its pretty clear that they either don’t have one for Suri, or they don’t stick to it.

    I used to live with a friend & her 2 year old. Grandma used to drive 5 hours every few weekends after work to spend time with the 2 year old. Sometimes she wouldn’t get to the house until 10 or later & she would INSIST on waking the kiddo up so she could play with her & feed her sugar. Needless to say, NO ONE in the house had a good weekend when Grandma was in town, because the kid was psychotic from being thrown off her routine

  39. Aries_Mira says:

    @ Hakura (# 37) – I agree with you completely. We only have pictures to speculate on her life, but she really does look tired, and unhappy. She is a lovely young woman but you can see that something is missing when you look at pictures of her from four and five years back. She just looks… done. I hope we’re wrong, and that she’s just having a bad day, but they seem to be happening more and more according to pictures.

    And yes, leave Suri alone. I would carry her too with all the press jostling and pushing for a few pictures. I’d be terrified of her accidentally getting lost in the shuffle.

  40. gabs says:

    I understand why its necessary here to carry Suri. All the paps and fans around can be scary and its faster to get back to the car by carrying her than letting her walk with her tiny legs it takes her longer.

    Of course the marraige is ok. The contract isn’t up yet.

  41. echolocate says:

    I think Suri is what keeps her bound to Tom. Does Nicole see much of her kids with Tom?

    Setting aside the nutty CoS way of raising kids, I could also imagine that Katie might indulge her to keep that bond strong. It would be pretty awful to have Suri go through her “I hate you!” stage if the rest of Katie’s life is so controlled and devoid of warmth.

    I actually think Tom has some weird traits beyond his involvement with Scientology. It could be fun to be married to a wealthy gay man (obviously, only speculating since I have no direct knowledge), but he’s so walled-in as a person, even setting aside the CoS. In contrast to Travolta, he seems unknowable, like he belongs in “Westworld.”

    And, as in “Westworld,” when he’s under stress, he cracks, and the behaviors that come out are wacky and unpredictable. He’d be much better off if he just allowed himself to be human and relinquished control once in awhile. It’s not even clear to me anymore that it’s CoS causing Katie’s problems. She struck a bargain to beard for the worst, most controlling, veneered, alleged gay dude ever, and it’s destroying her capacity to care about herself. It all probably seemed a lot more fun and “do-able” back when she agreed to it, because he’s a pretty charming and persuasive guy when he needs to be.

  42. Bee says:

    Why does Katie Holmes insist on looking like hell in every picture!? For goodness sake she needs to hire a makeup artist, hair stylist, anything. So she doesn’t look like walking death all the time.

  43. wunderkindt says:

    32? holy crap she looks more like 42!

  44. Hakura says:

    @Aries_Mira (#39)- I truly hope we’re wrong too. I really feel for Katie, seeing her look so downtrodden in all these pictures. I hope that either the reality is different than what we see, or that she takes whatever steps she needs to to make it better.

    I think some people are blaming her makeup/hair not being done on laziness… but I just think it’s another sign of how badly she’s feeling about herself right now.

  45. Kim says:

    The fact that Katie wouldnt even dress up a little for her own birthday and in fact made a point of wearing ugly, baggy clothes and no makeup is proof to me that she is not happy in her marriage.

    She dresses to the nines for movie events and just did last week so if she is choosing to make an effort there but not with her husband that is huge red flag to me. Its not because she is comfortable with Tom and doesnt feel need to dress up – this is a woman who herself admits she LOVES fashion & dressing up. What better excuse to dress up than a fancy birthday dinner with your husband?

    She is not a happy camper.

  46. Jeri says:

    They should adapt to Suri’s hours instead of having her out late with them. If they insist on her being with them at all times they should eat a very early dinner and go to early shows so Suri could keep healthy hours. It’s silly to have such a young child out late at night regardless of Toms’ religious beliefs.

  47. citysuede says:

    maybe she looks tired and unhappy because she needs medication, and scientolotom won’t let her take it.

  48. Pirouette says:

    Why does everyone think she has to wear makeup? Maybe her lack of makeup indicates a higher level of self-confidence, not vice-versa.

    The child should walk because she has two legs and is human. Walking/running/skipping etc. is what humans do with their legs.

  49. Chris says:

    @OhCamille! lol.

    I’m laughing now. 🙂

  50. Kloops says:

    It is weird that for a self professed fashion obsessed woman she so often looks like she could not give a damn. Jen Garner has always said that she’s indifferent to fashion and relies on stylists for events. KH looks like and acts like a zombie. You rarely see photos of her interacting with her child in public. To an outsider, it looks like she knows she has sold her soul and child to CoS.

  51. Megatrona says:

    On one hand I feel sorry for Katie.but she did decide to make this business decision of marring Tom. Of course she is unhappy she probably didn’t realize what it would be about, she was too focused on being an A celebrity. Now she is in over her head, the scientologists must have her very threaten so she is probably scared
    Scientologists are not to be fucked around with, they are a very dangerous cult who have (amongst others) a rule called “fair game” where they can get rid of “suppressive people” in any way, CRAZY!

  52. JenJen says:

    You can take the girl out of Ohio…give her all the Barbizon classes(LOL) you can afford but it doesn’t give her the “star” quality. (Sarah Jessica is the exception but she goes overboard with it sometimes trying too hard). Either this Katie has serious clinical depression or she is TRYING to get him to divorce her to cash in. I think he threatens to take the life size doll that does not look properly taken care of,her hair is not usually brushed and she doesn’t look bathed. No excuse for neglect,Kate is just TRASH!I have never bought all this her “style” crap,you can’t buy it. Poor Jackie,she must be rolling over in her grave.

  53. Camille says:

    Katie looks like death here. I think Tom is sucking the life out of her, he looks younger than she does. I mean couldn’t she have slapped on some blusher and some lip gloss or something?
    I see no sexual chemistry with these 2 at all, I really do think this must be some kind of business relationship/transaction or something.
    I get a kind of asexual vibe from Tom and Katie just looks so damn depressed.

  54. JenJen says:

    I remember that Tom had his mother and sister living with them when mini Kate was born. I assume they lived with him and Nicole too and in the divorce he claimed the kids had a close bond with his family. No,you never hear Nicole speak of the kids or seen with them. Short man complex all the way!

  55. e.non says:

    they are such assholes for constantly subjecting that kid to something that obviously terrorizes her.

    they deserve each and every tantrum she throws their way for what they are doing to her. is she ever around other children..

  56. Bitter fruit says:

    I wonder when the brainwashing will wear off.

  57. Cheyenne says:

    Dear God. She looks like an empty shell. Like there is nothing inside her any more.

  58. truthzbetta says:

    The size differential is Bigfootizing to poor Katie. If she wants to play the 50 foot woman in Hollywood’s next inevitable remake send the producers Exhibit A. Life with Tommy.

    She does not look happy, young, or rich.

  59. Lori says:

    I think Tom is wearing George Costanza’s Timberlands.

  60. Crash2GO2 says:

    “The child should walk because she has two legs and is human. Walking/running/skipping etc. is what humans do with their legs.”

    And a parent should carry ‘it’s’ small child when it is required because ‘it’ has two arms and that is what humans do with their arms. 🙄

  61. Gabriela says:

    Get some sleep, Katie. And loose the Xenu.

  62. fanny says:

    I think they are carrying the child because Suri doesn’t want her picture taken.

  63. Patricia says:

    She looks MISERABLE!!!!!!!!
    I think she is so over this marriage.
    I wish to god she’d just pull the damn plug already! I bet she knows she’ll never see Suri again. I wonder…
    Anyway, that’s always a great way to avoid sex – look like hell at every opportunity 🙂

  64. d says:

    I actually don’t think Tom’s gay either, but I also get the asexual vibe. I think Katie looks like crap because she’s overwhelmed AND, my bet is that Cruise and his lifestyle is VERY difficult to live with. But strangely, I don’t feel any sympathy. Don’t know why.

  65. Zvonk says:

    If you click on the “cute pics here” link in the article, you can see Tom Cruise holding his Suri in his arms backstage at the Ballet. So it’s not just because there are paparazzi around and they’re trying to get to the car quickly.

    And whilst I’m here, a question…

    When Tom was with Nicole, they made a statement that they were going to adopt, because Tom was unable to father a child due to his low sperm count. I remember this, because many people commended him for being brave in making that admission. Did Xenu heal Tom’s sperm or something?

  66. Lynda says:

    Boy, she looks bad but at least we don’t see that smirk. AND PUT SOMETHING ON THAT KID’s LEGS, HANDS AND HEAD!!!

  67. Paula's Pillbox says:

    she looks 42 and extremely unhappy. so sad.

  68. Jenn says:

    Katie looks like she was rode hard & put away wet.

  69. Penny says:

    I don’t understand why they have to subject there child to all the paparazzi.Lots of other celebs have kids & they aren’t constantly whoring them out for publicity!

  70. Sunnyjyl says:

    After seeing these pics, and looking behind them, I am swearing right now to never, never snap a phone photo if I seem them passing on the street. How absolutely annoying for that child. I barely gawk at Yoko Ono when she jogs in Central Park. (Which is super hard for me) But, I think I can glance on by for a celebrity with their kid from now on. Seeing the people gawking as Katie and Tom walk away gives me the creeps.

    Oh, and I agree with Kim about how Katie is looking there. That woman looks depressed. I’ve forgotten what her truly happy face looks like.

  71. mtn girl says:

    Well…at least Suri has graduated to a coat and boots, too bad she still can’t walk…Katie looks baked.

  72. Dee Cee says:

    The deal is she hates the reporters, as they often say mean things about her and Tom wants to be the ‘pretty one’ in this family.. She works, does without and suffers hard for the money.

  73. mojoman says:

    KH’s eyes look so empty..not even glimmer of life in them, what a sad situation. That shows you money cant buy you love and happiness.