Snooki is the hamster in the ball that dropped the night before New Years (video)

Here’s video of drunken troll Snooki celebrating New Years a day early in Seaside Heights, NJ. Snooki was slowly lowered to the ground inside a giant clear plastic ball while wearing a leopard print bathrobe and clutching a red plastic drink cup. MTV was banned from filming the stunt in Times Square and it was subsequently moved to a more appropriate low rent venue. The whole thing was filmed the night prior to New Year’s Eve but was aired on MTV the next night, giving the illusion that Snooki was being dropped live right before midnight on New Year’s. I guess they couldn’t risk any malfunctions on the big night. They had to keep up the pretense that Snooki was really in the ball and she didn’t join her fellow Jersey Shore castmembers in the MTV studio on the big night. She was probably wasted somewhere with whatever guy she’s smooshing on lately.

These kids kind of sum up the end of New Year’s eve for me – drunk, stupid, bloated, rust-colored, and everything you wake up wanting to change about your life with a splitting hangover the next morning. Let’s hope they left the bulk of their fame behind in 2010.

Photos are from and Snooki’s Twitter. That’s her latest boyfriend, Jionni LaValle. Video from MTV via Huffington Post


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5 Responses to “Snooki is the hamster in the ball that dropped the night before New Years (video)”

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    What, no ping pong ball to go with the red plastic cup?

  2. DOGBOY says:

    I’d hit it… with a stick.

  3. mollination says:

    I don’t think these kids understood their appeal in the beginning. I kind of liked nicole polizzi or whatever her name is (in the beginning) because she was this weird, real girl that cracked me up. The appeal was that they were real people somewhere in the world that acted like this, and were unintentionally funny, and real looking.

    Nobody likes them as asshat “celebrities”. Then their just annoying, contrived, arrogant little s***heads.

  4. przdent obama says:

    somebody should shove hamster snookie up richard gere’s butt.

  5. Aries_Mira says:

    Get that show off the air, what a waste of time.