Kate Gosselin in a bikini: hot or scary? Plus, where’s her bodyguard Steve?

Note: If Kate Gosselin isn’t the main video above, chose the “More” link on the left and it should be the last one on the second page. You can also see a bikini photo here

Kate Gosselin went to Australia with her kids for that reality show she stars in that forces her to interact with them for a couple of hours every day. She promptly stripped down to a bikini to show off her flat abs and spray tan while her eight kids were supervised by the film crew. Photos taken of Kate and crew at the airport show a bald beefy dude in the background who looks like a bodyguard type. This makes me wonder what happened to that married silver-haired bodyguard, Steve Neild, that lived in Kate’s basement. Kate unconvincingly denied having a relationship with Nield, but photographs and hearsay suggested otherwise. This bitch also denied her obvious boob job, Botox, and the known fact that two of her kids were expelled from school for fighting.

So did Steve go back to his long suffering wife after realizing that no amount of money was worth putting up with Kate? He looked pretty frustrated and annoyed in the last photos I saw of him with Kate. It doesn’t matter how superficially “hot” she is after spending hours running and paying out tens of thousands for fake hair, boobs and lipo. No man is going to put up with her, and I’m surprised that guy Steve lasted as long as he did.

Steve with Kate in December:
Photo by: Jackson Lee/starmaxinc.com 2010  12/8/10 Kate Gosselin - with bodyguard Steve Neild - departs the Ted Gibson Salon with a new hairstyle. (NYC) Photo via Newscom

Two photos below are from 12/1/10 and credit: Fame Pictures


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  1. Marjalane says:

    It’s almost as if she tries to project a vacant, dumb blond face when she knows she’s being papped. At least the therapists of the world know they have eight little messed up lives to work with in the future. She’s ghastly.

  2. Isabel says:

    She’s a MegaBitch, but she has a great bikini body, albeit a completely manufactured one.

    Still…I see her, and I think of the “c” word.

  3. Zombie Nurse says:

    Long French-tipped nails always set off my bitch alarm. Well, that and everything else about her too.

  4. Sarah says:

    Can’t stand the bitch but I gotta give her doctor’s credit. They did a good job. I hope the next surgery is to sew her mouth shut though.

  5. Eileen says:

    Just hearing her name repulses me so yes, her bikini body would add to that so I will elect not to watch the video.

  6. whitedaisy says:

    She is a vile excuse of a parent. who cares what her body looks like?

    someone close to the situation needs to call Child Protective Services on both Kate and TLC. (The Learning Channel, my ass.)

  7. Lisa says:

    fanny please stop kiss Kate’s ass and blaming everything on John, Kate is no victim just like John is not innocent in all this. Self-involved and whiny are two word to describe Kate not John.

  8. Roma says:

    @fanny: Gets trashed needlessly?

    If she showed the least bit of interest in her children I think people would be more forgiving. But a domineering bossy mom who drags her kids away from any fun activity they get to participate in – corn maze and camping, for example – because of her own complaints – high heels and not wanting to “pretend to be homeless” – detracts from any sympathy that she may receive.

    And that’s not even taking into account the plastic surgery, the extensions, the spray tans, the porn nails, the posing for paps, the “woe is me” interviews… I’ll stop, but I could go on.

  9. K says:

    I love how everyone in pap photos of her has the same “Not this bitch” look on their faces.

  10. Judy says:

    Bitch uses every possible excuse to strip down…she’s not interacting with her kids at all, and the scoop is that Steve was the photographer for these pics. And he’s there w/ her, as usual.

  11. Sherri says:

    Fanny I agree w/you . . .couldn’t have said it better myself . . .

  12. Miss says:

    Wow. She looks awesome.

  13. texasmom says:

    Kate Gosselin is ALWAYS scary, no matter what she is wearing.

    It is heart-breaking that she pulled her kids out of school for WEEKS so that she could prance around the world in her bikini.

  14. Stubbylove says:

    Hate to say it but she’s never looked better. Again, the amazing looks that money can buy!

  15. bros says:

    god this woman makes my skin crawl. everything about her is fake. fake stomach, fake boobs, fake hair, fake face, fake mother, fake nails (porn nails is right-she should be on The Shore with those nails).

  16. whybenice says:

    Doesn’t she look like a drugged Denise Richards in the bikini shot — weird!

  17. Caprice says:

    I would really like it if Kate would stop trying so hard to look like she’s in her early 20s and just take care of her children.

  18. whybenice says:

    Probably because that is Denise Richards. Coffee!!

  19. Roxanne75 says:

    porn nails, thank you Thursday morning! LOL!

  20. Heather says:

    She looks good but still comes off as a real C-U-Next Tuesday.

  21. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @fanny: When I first read your comment about Kate ‘getting trashed needlessly” I thought you meant she’s a closet drinker who gets wasted every night when the cameras go away. I thought, “Wow, I bet your right! She looks like a vodka girl…” So, I was all set to agree with you–until I read the rest of your post. You couldn’t be further from wrong. Jon eventually turned into a d-bag, but my theory is he had an early mid-life crisis brought on by marrying a nasty gargoyle too young and then being constantly emasculated and berated for the next 10 years. Jon was actually always really great with the kids on the show, and was the only one who’s ever really done any parenting. Getting verbally abused and even slapped by my spouse on national tv would make me a whiny b*tch too, so in a way I think he kinda earned the right.

    And how exactly is she left to do it all on her own?? The woman (and I use the term loosely) has a bodyguard, nannies, personal assistant, camera crew, etc. She’s too busy getting her nails, extensions, etc. etc. etc. to do any actual parenting. Do you know how many hours each week it takes to maintain that kind of physical image (not to mention the money)? While Jon was literally scooping poop out of his constipated toddler’s behind Kate was off shopping and literally refusing to deal with it (and she’s a former nurse!). So, no. The broad isn’t trashed ‘needlessly.’ She deserves every nasty thing we say about her here and more.

  22. Twinkle says:

    @whybenice – i read your first comment and i said in my head exactly what i then read in your second comment…too funny!! Maybe a coffee and a red bull!!

  23. munchies says:

    i already forgotten her, why suddenly shes back in the internet?

  24. bros says:

    yah scarlet vixen. well said. and anyone who thinks she looks so great has to understand the hours and cost involved. in fact, CDAN revealed that it was her who did not tip or thank her 2000 dollar extension stylist. she is revolting and half her body is donated plastic surgery, and the other half is obsessive and narcissistic working out made possible because someone else is watching over her precious little money makers. here is a good one of the reality of her plastic surgery.


  25. InVain says:

    Um, her hair scares me.

  26. Cat Burrito says:

    Who watches that show?
    Is this what it is to be “just a working mom.” To me this is what it looks like to be on constant vacation.

  27. OXA says:

    I read that Australians do not know who she is so there were no press at the airport. Observer said some skinny gray haired man was taking photos of them, note steve is not in the photos.

  28. Girl from Denmark says:

    What´s the story with this woman. In my country we don´t really know of her. What has she done? And do everyone agree she´s a C—? She looks nasty.

  29. original kate says:

    she is shaped just like spongebob squarepants.

  30. Relli says:

    No amount of plastic surgery, expensive clothing or beauty regimen can cover the mark of the beast.

  31. MissyA says:

    She’s a terrible, terrible mother, and an awful person.

    So she probably looks great in a bikini because she emptied out two of her children’s college funds to get the best lipo money can buy.

    Truly, a terrible parent. If she gets in a fatal car accident tomorrow, her children would be better off for it. (I’m sorry if that’s borderline nasty, but I was raised by a woman just like her, and it’s the god damn truth.)

  32. Str8Shooter says:

    @Fanny: What is it with people like you who somehow defend this skank as if she’s a poor welfare mother who can barely feed her kids and works three shitty jobs…when in reality, she’s jetting all over the country to get a freakin HAIRCUT and her nails done…constantly taking time for ‘herself’ away from her kids…and not to mention, has an army of nannies, servants, personal trainers, etc. to do all her dirty work.

    Seriously. Get off the whole “poor Kate” schtick.

  33. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Relli Here Here!!!

    The woman is wretched.

    Fanny, get your head out of your a$$. The woman turned herself into a raving famewhore.

  34. scout says:

    @original kate – LOL! Awesome – you are right! Agree with the posters here who recognize her for the famewhore she is. Ick!

  35. JRenee says:

    Wonder what is going to become of those 8 children.

  36. bagladey says:


  37. Anon says:

    Want to know what is even scarier?

    This woman used to be a NURSE.

    This is the type of personality that is currently helping sick patients in hospitals (and you can’t say she is a product of fame, because if you had seen their original show you would know she was exactly the same person, just less resources).


  38. lucy2 says:

    One of the revealed blind items on CDAN was that she got a $2000 haircut and didn’t tip anyone. I’d say it sounds likely.

    I think her fame is losing steam though, you don’t hear as much about her or him these days, thank goodness. At least until she tries some other stunt to keep her fame.

  39. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Check out her stomach in “Photo 2 of 10” in the set of pictures. Her stomach is disgustingly GROSS. As is her personality.

  40. Jeri says:

    You can’t see it in these pictures but this has been bugging me.

    Women that get tummy tucks (or the Mommy package giving birth) seem to no longer have waists. Their bodies often appear straight from the boobs down.

    Do the hips get tucked along with the bellies so you no longer have an indentation at the waist? Has anyone else noticed this? I’ve seen it in Kendra, Kate G, Lisa Rinna, the Mommy in Modern family and many others I can’t name offhand. I don’t think they should be perfect but I have noticed they all have this straightness that is very noticeable in a bikini.

    Anyone else see it??!!

  41. Kim says:

    No amount of surgery could make Kate even remotely attractive. She will always look like cheap trailer trash.

  42. guesty says:

    don’t want to admit that she looks good in her ‘kini…but she does.

    & yeah…where is her bg?

  43. jamie says:

    she looks like shes in mid to late 40’s not early 30’s ,maybe its just the scowl she always has on her face ! no wonder she can’t get a man lol

  44. wonderful says:

    Jeri: I’m with ya – kinda like how their belly-buttons disappear too.

  45. ezra says:

    Wait until those poor sngry kids start to come of age, there’s going to be more than one “Mommy Dearest” hatchet job “tribute” waiting in the wings.
    She IS awful.

  46. eternalcanadian says:

    Wow, Kate has turned into one whacked out gal. She’s downright scary, Snooki-like, and not in a good way!