Natalie Portman’s pregnancy was a surprise, says Us Weekly


Natalie Portman is pregnant, engaged, and one of the leading contenders for this year’s Best Actress Oscar. Is it fair to rake her over the coals? Eh. While I’m not her biggest fan, I’m not hugely interested in (metaphorically) beating up on a pregnant woman. Do you sense a big caveat coming? Of course. Considering Natalie’s pregnancy-and-engagement announcement took most people by surprise, the tabloids are doing what they love to do – digging up dirt on someone new. Us Weekly has an interesting story on Natalie and her beloved, Benjamin Millepied, in this week’s issue. Their sources confirm many of the rumors we’ve already heard about Benjamin – that he was very much involved with a dancer when he met Natalie, and that there was some overlap in the two relationships. Us Weekly’s sources also give the impression that Benjamin is, in fact, a fame-hungry star-f-cker who is looking to build a career on his association with Natalie. One more thing – the pregnancy wasn’t planned, and Benjamin only proposed after Natalie got pregnant.

One year ago, Natalie Portman ran in the new year with her new boyfriend, Benjamin Millepied, at a private party in New York City.

“At midnight, they kissed for a long time on the dance floor,” an attendee tells Us Weekly.

Fast-forward one year, and she has two more reasons to smile: she’s pregnant and engaged.

“The pregnancy was a bit of a shock,” says a Portman source, adding that she’s three months along. “He proposed after they found out. They are happy, and all is right.”

But the fairy tale may not be as idyllic as it appears. Insiders say Millepied, a noted ladies man, was still involved with his live-in love, ballerina Isabella Boylston, when he met Portman.

“When he started dating Natalie, he dropped Isabella,” says a source. Indeed, another source says Boylston learned of the on-set affair before Millepied could tell her.

“She was upset,” says the ballet insider. “Their breakup was bitter.”

A pattern? A source recalls that just a few years ago Millepied persuaded a Danish dancer to move to NYC, only to leave her for another dancer. But the Portman source insists no one stole anyone: “He fell in love with someone else. He pursued Natalie. That was on him.”

From the moment Millepied met Portman, he was smitten.

“It was seductive to watch them,” says a source on the Black Swan set. “There was no way the attraction could be missed. I don’t think he could help himself – she’s dazzling!”

As for Portman, she was struck by the dancer as well. “She’s into artsy, smart guys, and he’s an artsy, smart guy,” says the Portman source. However, some worry that Millepied is a little too eager to go Hollywood.

“He could be using Natalie to move up the fame ladder,” says a Millepied source. Meanwhile, others say he has turned over a new leaf.

“He wants to settle down,” says a source. Adds another, “We are looking at a summer baby and maybe a wedding just before or after! Everyone is excited.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

My favorite quote is from the Portman source: “He fell in love with someone else. He pursued Natalie. That was on him.” Ah, that’s wonderful. If only everyone thought that way! If only everyone just blamed the cheating guy for being a womanizing douche, and no one ever blamed the woman he was screwing. Notice that the Portman source doesn’t really say if Natalie KNEW Benjamin was already in a relationship when he began pursuing her. Oh, well. “That was on him.”

Also, I agree with some of your theories that Benjamin was the one poking holes in the condoms. He hit the jackpot with this one, didn’t he?

By the way, Natalie was at the People’s Choice Awards last night, but it doesn’t look like she took her bump to the red carpet. Sigh… I think this is probably going to be happening a lot. So many awards shows, so many opportunities for Natalie to remind us that she’s too good to walk a red carpet. Anyway, you can see some shots of Natalie backstage with her bump here, at HuffPo.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eve says:

    The first poster who suggested he was poking holes in the condoms was Danielle on this thread:

    I thought that was funny as hell but also said it was a valid theory. Now it DOES look like it actually happened that way.

  2. normades says:

    What bump?

  3. Hautie says:

    Lets just hopes she never legally marries him.

    I had really thought the announcement of the engagement, was to soften the news of her sudden pregnancy.

  4. brin says:

    Sounds like the dressed-up, A-list, dancing version of leann & eddie (minus the constant tweeting & photo ops….and the bump).

  5. Marjalane says:

    While I have never been a big fan of Natalie Portman’s, I am sorry to see that she apparently agreed to throw her career away by being in this latest movie with Doofus Ashton Kutcher. What was she thinking? It looks as bad as everything else he’s ever made.

  6. mln76 says:

    ehh I feel like people are living in 1952 or something talking about “accidents”. I think the statistic is something like one in three pregnancies are unplanned. Nat’s human I am not someone who thinks she is a nice person but let her be for the pregnancy. But yeah the dude gives off a high end K-Fed vibe.

  7. Bubbling says:

    Ah the bitch face strikes again. we will have to wait and see about this guy, it’s only fer to give him a chance plus it doesn’t hurt that he is cute.

  8. normades says:

    @min 76: a high end K-Fed, that is priceless!

  9. anti says:

    #6 – i agree with the the K-Fed vibe!

  10. dayjolie says:

    Princess Harvard got her self a golddigger.

  11. Devon says:

    While I agree with mln76 that a good portion of pregnancies are unplanned, I do really think that this one wasn’t in Natalie’s plan. She’s right in the prime of her career and having a baby *may* throw it off course. I’m not saying that she doesn’t want children eventually but right now? All that being said, she’s going to milk this for all it’s worth with it being Oscar time. I would and it couldn’t come at a better time with that Ashton Kutcher POS coming out soon.

    This dude is one shifty trick. Ditching his live in love for someone who can benefit him? I really doubt that she didn’t know. She may have not known at the beginning but she would have HAD to have known before he knocked her up. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he was poking holes or messing around with her pill.

  12. fabgrrl says:

    Natalie is a goddess, she could do so much better. She should hook up with Mila Kunis in real life, ROWR!!

  13. Ruby Red Lips2 says:

    “Also, I agree with some of your theories that Benjamin was the one poking holes in the condoms. He hit the jackpot with this one, didn’t he?”

    Lol!!! So funny!

    Tho Natalie is an absolute beauty and a great actress, I really don’t get the hating! Leave her alone and let her enjoy pregnancy & mummyhood as she should

  14. Sara says:

    No wonder she had all the bitch faces at Black Swan premiers!! She was probably nauseous!!

  15. lucy2 says:

    Even if he is gold-digging (which is possible, but haven’t seen anything convincing of that yet) Natalie is not a stupid girl – she’ll protect herself and her assets if they get married.
    Maybe he was jerky in the past but they’re meant to be. Or maybe in a few years we’ll be hearing how he broke her heart. Who knows, but I agree with Ruby, let her be. Aside from the initial announcement, I haven’t seen her talking about it at all, so I don’t get the idea that she’s using it to promote herself. I think like most celebs, the announcement was made to beat a tabloid to it and control the story.

  16. GG says:

    I’ve posted on every story about this guy. I know him from NYCB. My daughter danced with him. He is full of himself and a true gold digger. Trust me! He is using Natalie. He is all about HIM! Just ask his last two live-ins. Such a shame! He turns on that ole’ french charm. And really, he’s not that hot ladies. You have to see him in person. Just my two cents! Run Natalie!

  17. Heather says:

    Can’t stand her personally, but I feel sorta bad for her.

  18. gabs says:

    He totally poked holes in the condoms. CHA CHING.

    Anyway, I dont blame Natalie for not walking the carpet. It was infested with kardashians and jersey shore ppl. Ew

  19. Kaiser says:

    GG – If you have any info on him, insider dish, random stories, I’d love to hear it! We can even source you in a story. Email me:

  20. tapioca says:

    “ehh I feel like people are living in 1952 or something talking about “accidents”.”

    But then creating another human life is a pretty big deal(!) and wouldn’t the world be a better place if more people took care – *coughAmber&Garycough* – instead of popping sprogs willy-nilly? Still, Nat-Po clearly has the funds and family support to back her up even if her relationshipship goes t*ts-up. Which it obviously will, although I wish them luck!

  21. KLO says:

    I wish Natalie a peaceful pregnancy and hope she has a healthy baby.
    After all, everything else is just stuff that doesn’t really matter.

  22. Heather says:

    Eh. This baby will be good for her I think. As low as I feel about her personal opinions and general attitude(the Polanski thing didn’t win her any points with me at all), I think she’d be a good mom. That baby won’t want for anything and you know it’s going to be a damn good looking kid assuming it doesn’t get daddy’s fivehead.

  23. Courtney says:

    Oh please she’s 29 nearly 30 years old and if she can’t take the birth control pill or use an implanted devise how was her pregnancy a surprise I could see it being so if she’d had a miscarriage or something previously like when Joanne woodward conceived her oldest daughter Nell only about 5 months after she had miscaried her first pregnancy and Paul was ever so protective of her during that pregnancy because it had nearly killed him to watch her hurting so deeply after their first loss and blaming herself all he wanted was to see her happy again and that didn’t truely happen until they felt Nell Kick for the first time because that told them that mom and baby were both healthy

  24. fabgrrl says:

    @Courtney (Nell?)

    OH.MY.GOD! WHAT do Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward have to do with this? NOTHING!

  25. Embee says:

    I wish her luck and happiness, and an easy pregnancy.

    You never know with these situations…

    Their timeline/drama is almost exactly the same as how my husband and I met. Still, we had talked from the beginning of our relationship about our values and goals, and when we were surprised by pregnancy we knew we could do it together. It’s been hard, even REALLY hard at times, but we’re still crazy in love years later, and growing more deeply in our relationship every day.

    No relationship is easy. Life can be messy. If they are committed to one another they will make it work.

    Also, I think motherhood will be fabulous for her, and that she will be a fabulous mother.

  26. Yasmine says:

    Man I love this site! Spill the beans GG!! Give us some more!

  27. original kate says:

    that is one pissed off looking pregnant lady.

  28. carrie says:

    it’s the same story than jessica alba(her daughter was an accident)

  29. Bodhi says:

    What bump? I see no bump in those HuffPo pictures.

    As for the issue of unplanned or not… I went off BC in the summer & got pregnant in late July/early August. My husband & I are perfectly aware how babies are made & we decided that if it happened, so be it. Our Bean was unplanned, but its not like we didn’t know the potential consequences of our actions

  30. Iggles says:

    Um.. what’s with all the Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward references? It’s a little disconcerting… vaguely obsessive and creepy…

    Anyway, I believe this dude is a social climber. It won’t last.

    Edited to say: fabgrrl – co-sign 100%

  31. mln76 says:

    @tapoica basically my point was yes this is a woman at almost 30 is worth millions and has the resources to raise her child. It’s really none of our beeswax if the baby is an accident. There is not a comparison to Teen Mom or whatever the MTV show is called. Birth control is really important but I know people who have gotten pregnant on the pill and other methods they love their children and are happy.
    BTW I think that people are scandalized because Portman looks all of 15 years old. No one was scandalized when Amy Adams got pregnant for instance.

  32. Anon says:

    I agree, I want to know more too GG!

    I’ve never cared for Natalie Portman either.. although I actually have no valid reason. She is a decent actress, plus she’s pretty and smart and generally has shied away from being a celebrity. But I get such a pretentious vibe from her, and I don’t even know why.

  33. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I am glad for her. I hope she finds happiness…

  34. OtherChris says:

    She’s so beautiful, I can’t imagine any man not finding her appealing, so I don’t believe that he’s a total famewhore–he’s probably in love with her.

  35. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Unplanned, you say? Well, duh-doi.

  36. Sharopa says:

    As long as he stays “a fame-hungry star-f-cker” and doesn’t move on to become a fame-hungry star whacker I’m sure Natalie will be fine.

  37. MNGIRL76 says:

    Totally GG! Do it Please!

  38. GG says:

    I would spill more, but out of the respect for the young women of NYCB, I feel its inappropriate. Too attached to this situation. Wish I could!

  39. Ron says:

    I think this explains some of the bitch face she’s had going lately. She’s kind of upset and probably had morning sickness. I know when my Mom was pregnanat with my younger brother and sister, she could smell something like chicken and want to barf.

  40. Camille says:

    Where is all the yelling about Natalie being a ‘Home Wrecker!!one’? 😆

    Yeah I don’t see this ending well for Natalie. I see another Alba/Cash type thing happening here.

  41. Raven says:

    Marjalane, I’m with you. I was shocked when I saw the ad for the film and did a doubletake that she was playing the female lead. She is A list and he seems B list to me. It seems like she was slumming when she took the film. This looks like more of a Katherine Heigl film.

  42. LuckyLilGem says:

    Once again, she has the bitchface on in the photos. Something tells me she’s not entirely happy with the situation.

  43. Kath says:

    “And really, he’s not that hot ladies. You have to see him in person.”

    I don’t even think he’s hot in the photos, not at all. I would have thought she’d pick someone genuinely handsome. I always wonder why “the other woman” bothers with trying to snag someone who’s obviously a cheater, but maybe he’ll stick with her because I can’t see him doing any better.

  44. truthzbetta says:

    He is short, and not that hot. And this is the art world’s version of that K-Fed thing, isn’t it?

    Portman’s publicist is sure working overtime to use this for the Oscar race. Portman’s tried all the other Oscar winning tricks, which for women are about getting nude or playing a hooker. Only the really sexy ones have to be fug for a film to win.

    Getting preggers in time for the Oscar race works. Press can’t say anything bad about her or call her and her K-fed cheaters because of her “condition.” But they will need daily updates. Works like a charm.

  45. MrsOdie2 says:

    There’s no “bump” at three months. Especially not with a first pregnancy. The uterus is barely above the pubic bone at that point. I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant with my second, and there is no outward sign of my pregnancy. Except my b****face. Morning sickness is a bastard.

  46. truthzbetta says:

    Wish GG could tell us. Serious douche vibe every time he opens his mouth.

    It’s a crap Oscar year. None of these flicks scream Lawrence of Arabia, no director is in Scorsese territory, none of the actors approach Ben Kingsley.

    Social Network is being considered? And a hyper kinetic ballet melodrama where every principle has got the tabs on speed dial for their personal situations?

    It’s going to look like the People’s Choice Awards in $50,000 rent-a-gowns.