Us Weekly: Justin Timberlake was “aggressively” trying to dump Jessica Biel


Oh, joy! Us Weekly has put the Justin Timberlake-Jessica Biel drama on their cover this week. It makes sense, because Us Weekly was the publication with all of the big scoops on Justin’s wandering dong – they were the first to report the Olivia Munn affair, they were the first to report that JT was trying to get in Mila Kunis’s pants, and Us Weekly even had a big “Jessica is a clingy superfreak and Justin tells everybody that he’s single” story last year. Anyway, since Justin and Jessica confirmed their split last week, most of the rumors have been about Justin’s wandering dong, and the potential for a jumpoff relationship with Mila Kunis, although sources say they aren’t hooking up yet. Jessica Biel’s publicity team tried to play offense yesterday, leaking to Page Six that Biel had done the dumping – and no one is buying. So… what is Us Weekly’s cover story all about? How Justin was absolutely miserable with Jessica, and how he “had been aggressively trying to end things” for a long time. See, this is the kind of story that makes me have sympathy for him.

They just weren’t in synch. In a statement to last Thursday, reps for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel said the pair “mutually have decided to part ways.”

The harsh truth: Timberlake, 30, “had been aggressively trying to end things” with the actress, 29, since the Golden Globes Jan. 16, one source close to the singer tells the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday.

What’s more, the pal adds, “he hasn’t been happy with Jessica for close to two years.” (The couple got together in January 2007, shortly after Timberlake’s split from Cameron Diaz.)

“You’d be surprised at how soon the love was lost on this one,” the friend continues. “Justin said he was miserable.”

Timberlake finally fessed up to his feelings about the relationship shortly after his Jan. 31 birthday. “He just said he didn’t want to marry her and it didn’t feel right,” another source says. Biel, the source says, was blindsided. “It just stung her in the heart.”

But even in that final “talk,” Timberlake didn’t come clean about his rampant affairs with other women (including actress Olivia Munn, among others.) “He didn’t admit the cheating, even though we all knew it,” the insider says.

For much more on the big-time breakup — why Biel never “believed” stories of his cheating, how Timberlake partied the day of the split announcement and more — pick up the new Us Weekly, on stands now.

[From Us Weekly]

I buy this. I buy all of it. To make matters worse (or more hilarious), Us Weekly must have contacted Jessica’s publicist about this cover story, and Biel decided to not even fight with that publication. Instead, Biel and her publicity team leaked this to People Magazine… and it was even published before Us Weekly released their story online! Like, it’s Biel’s pre-emptive strike. And I’m still not buying Biel’s version:

Friends of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have already shot down rumors that the couple’s recent breakup was caused by cheating. Nor was it caused by a discussion of marriage, friends of the two tell PEOPLE.

“The topic of marriage wasn’t the catalyst or final straw that broke up the relationship,” says a Timberlake friend, responding to rumors that Biel, 29, pressured Timberlake, 30, to rush down the aisle.

Contrary to some reports, “there was no ring shopping,” says a source close to Biel. “She wasn’t even thinking about marriage. That didn’t play a part in their breakup at all.”

In the wake of the split, Timberlake “is upset,” says his friend. “They always spent vacations together. They always spent down time together. He was invested in her, in her friends and family.”

Continues the friend: “He was invested in their relationship on a lot of different levels. After four years it’s just not easy to walk away from it.”

[From People]

You know who the “friends” are, right? They’re Jessica and her publicist! Worst. Pre-emptive. Strike. Ever. I don’t buy that Justin’s wandering dong wasn’t a big factor in the breakup, because I think Justin did the dumping and I think he really wants a new girlfriend, rather than just some semi-private hookups. And Biel can tell herself that he was “invested” in the relationship, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t give a crap. He really doesn’t.




Photos courtesy of Fame, Us Weekly cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. jc126 says:

    Yes, I do believe this. She seems like a total barnacle, ultra-clingy. Ugh. There’s nothing worse than a mate who is so insecure about you leaving that they smother you and won’t let you out of their site. Especially when they can’t take a hint when you try to dump them!

  2. bite me says:

    he spent two years trying to break up with her arse…oh well there goes biel career

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    this coupling always surprised me because I perceive him as a MUCH bigger celebrity than she is.

    I don’t think anyone is surprised it ended…only surprised that it lasted as long as it did.

  4. I think she did the same thing when she dated Chris Evans. She is a hanger on. Get some self-esteem girl, stat!!

  5. Arianna says:

    i just dont like her. i feel like i hate a lot but she seems skeezy to me, not just jt.

    I always thought jt was too energetic and hyper (and sleazy lol) for biel

  6. EllenP says:

    Pardon my mean spirit this mornin’–I don’t find either one of them attractive at all. Just lump them in there with all the other so-called hot celebrities. Biel is persistent or stubborn to have hung around, but also naive or blind??

  7. Rita says:

    For some reason, I want to see Jessica wearing the tux with black rimmed glasses and a shaved Justin wearing the red dress with dangly ear rings. The gender seems interchangable.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I’m not sure why it took him two years to dump her. Just do it and be done with it.

  9. brin says:

    Why didn’t he just break up with her? What a dumb douche.

  10. Quest says:

    I’m sorry to concur with the tabliods are saying because Jessica is like a flea on a dog (She being the flea and JT being the dog.) Very difficult to get rid of

  11. malachais says:

    I’m sorry but regardless of how clingy and idiotic she was in the relationship, JT should have been honest with her period, why drag a relationship on for so long and just cheat on her to “make her” break up with him? Be a man and break up when the feelings are gone. Hell, he should have broken up with her when he had thoughts about a possible hook up. Don’t just take her to events and make it seem like everything is fine, they’re both IDIOTS.

  12. krissy says:

    That story in People is really weird, they were together for 4 years and really invested in each other and spent all their free time together yet they never even thought about or talked about marriage, I wouldn’t buy that from anybody let alone super clingy ex child stars with nothing else going on.

  13. Jayna says:

    LOL A lot of US magazine’s stories are made up anymore. They don’t have the cache People does. This one I don’t believe solely because they said he’s been unhappy for two years and the love was lost quickly. The guy is single. He didn’t have to stay with her. So I don’t find these sources credible.

  14. Hautie says:


    The only reason he stuck it out Jessica this long, was to use her as a excuse.

    He could shag random tail and then tell them that he just couldn’t dump Jessica.

    Move on to the next one.

    And since Jessica was willing to let him cheat, she got to be his public girlfriend.

    Had he wanted her gone 2 years ago. He would have done it. He just used her for his advantage.

    And I still think he is a unfortunate looking man. Never did understand his appeal. At all.

  15. Anoneemouse says:

    What a spineless weasel. Anyone that would rather stay and “be miserable” in a relationship rather than be honest is nothing short of a douche but we already knew that about him.

  16. Dana M says:

    My brother had a similar stalker/clingy ex girlfriend. He tried breaking up with her for a year and she would continually come back and wouldn’t get the hint. She would go to my mothers house and wait for my brother to come over, and followed him on a date once after he had broken up with her a few days before. Shed call my parents crying….ugh. So, I do believe the Jessica Justin story and can see her clingy tendencies.

    Jessica get some self respect!!!

  17. Whatever says:

    Ugh, I believe it too, but don’t get why it would make anyone have sympathy for him. It makes him look like an enormous douche. Be a man and move on, don’t waste someone’s time for years. That is a douche move if there ever was one. Don’t we grow men in America anymore?? Guess not. He’s such an ugly little troll. Another guy who would be locked in his room with a blow up doll if he wasn’t rich!

  18. sassenach says:

    Whatever. I knew alot of people here would read this trash and blame Jessica. Justin is just a weak, sorry mama’s boy.

    For many women there is always that one guy that you fall in love with and make an idiot out of yourself for. True this particularly happens when woman are younger than Jessica is now but it happens all the same. Regardless of how clingy she was that is not an excuse for staying with someone and cheating constantly.

  19. WillyNilly says:

    I have NO sympathy whatsoever for JT. If he was unhappy for TWO YEARS, it just proves what a massive pussy he is.

    Team Jessica….I never thought I would say that.

  20. irishserra says:

    I agree that she is very clingy. He is also an asshole, who just got bored very quick and knew that if he just dumped her he would look like a callous ass and so he tried to stick it out to make himself look better. But then, isn’t that how most marriages (especially in Hollywood) go?

    Ugh. Both morons.

  21. womanfromthenorth says:

    I have not been a ultra-clingy bitch since I was 14 for god sake.

    Grow up Jess and move on

  22. Toot says:

    Jessica may be clingy, but Justin is a major douche. I don’t see why Jessica is getting all this slack when Justin seems like a major sleaze.

    Any chicks wanting Justin can have him. He’ll do the same to you, like he did Jessica, in about four years.

  23. Lila says:

    Contract was up. She likes ladies and needed him for the higher profile. Like the way Bosworth uses Skarsgaard. He needs to be in a famous relationship for press as well, that’s why he’s never unattached. Ever.

  24. Relli says:

    What a douche, seriously it took him 4 years to tell her he didn’t want to marry her and took her 4 years to figure that out, bad on both of them. This is what happens when you stalker someone into a relationship with you.

    Honestly i wouldn’t get married in holyweird either but that’s usually something you know early on, whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life together or not. Its like i am always telling one of my best friends, you cannot make someone fall in love with and be in relationship with you. Either they want to be with you or not, guys are not that complicated.

  25. margaritachum says:

    why does she always looks bored?

    on another note i believe this story afterall she stalked him.
    which i really don’t understand cause i never got his appeal…

  26. Newbie says:

    This is why I don’t usually read “People”. They’re too celeb-friendly to really get their hands dirty. They basically print what celebs tell them to, and all the gossip (the good stuff!) goes out the window.
    I feel bad that she obviously was soooo obsessed with this kid, but I can’t blame her for loving hard. It happens. IMO, this is all his problem/fault. He should have gotten out if he was unhappy. Goes to show that people DO stay in unhappy relationships in hollywood, I guess.

  27. Sigh. says:

    As long as he didn’t have the STONES enough to end it for good (= douche), she didn’t have/want GUTS/INSIGHT enough to walk away and stay gone (= delusional).

    He didn’t explicitly say “Bitch, beat it,” and waffled with her for however long, so she held on tight hoping that means “I still have an ‘in.’ He MUST still love me, or will again, at least.”

    I have very little sympathy for either. This is what happens when 2 emotionally immature people date.

  28. someone says:

    Why would it take two years???? If he cared anything for her, he should have ended it 2 yrs. ago..what a douche!

  29. Jewels says:

    Do you realize that you people respond to these tabloid stories as though they are truth, when they are no more than spin, spin, spin. You have no idea who these people are and yet you make the nastiest judgments about them – from their hair color to how “clingy” they might be. It’s pure gossip – take it as such and stop putting so much emotional energy into something you know nothing about.

  30. TG says:

    Why does he date for so long if he prefers to play the field. Why the need to jump into these long relationships when clearly there is no desire?

  31. gobo says:

    I know I should find her beautiful and yet… and yet I just don’t see it. She’s a bit of a blank face. Like a big flesh coloured nothing.

  32. daria says:

    How does anybody know that this stuff, any of it is true? We never knew anything about Jesse James until the pictures came out and if there was anyone getting more trim on the side it was him. And, from women very willing to tell their story. Look at Tiger! What exactly do we not like about Jessica Biel that everyone vilifies her in this way on this page? She had an unfortunate interview where they probably edited to make it sound like she felt “sorry for herself for being so attractive”? I have always seen her in either work out clothes with no makeup walking her dogs, or at an event. I just don’t get the hate.

  33. Jackson says:

    I don’t buy this at all. He was aggressively trying to dump her and he couldn’t? What?? You find your cajones, be they literal or figurative, and say ‘I’m sorry, I’m not happy, it’s not working, we’re done.’ And then you don’t call, don’t answer her calls, don’t run back to her when you are alone. What a joke. I am no fan of JB but this is laughable. JT was too much of a wimpy douche to man-up and tell her it was over. That’s how you end things, JT.

  34. RHONYC says:

    another one bites the dust. ;-)

  35. Ell says:

    Justin always comes across as spineless, I can imagine him not being happy for 2 years but staying put. Also, he must like the cling-ons. Cammy D seems to suffer with the same problem.

  36. gg says:

    I agree with brin and malachais! How do you “aggressively try to dump” somebody?? All this means is he never made it clear to her, yet he did to everybody else, and he was just waiting for a better jump-off so he could still get sex. What a chicken $hite.

    I smell a Timberlake RAT.

  37. jc126 says:

    Sometimes, someone can make it very clear that they are not happy, they want out, and the clingy party will BEG and beg for “another chance”, will promise to change whatever they’re doing wrong, will try to guilt trip you into hanging around.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    “aggressively trying to dump her”

    I don’t like Tony Romo but at least he knows how to send the “dump you” message – i.e. Jessica Simpson. He stopped taking her calls and put her on the security guard’s list of people not allowed to come to his house. But even he did the “I’ll sleep around on her and maybe she’ll get the message” beforehand. Still very tacky.

    In my own experience, when it ends, just try to exit in as civilized a manner as possible with your dignity intact. No blame, no blow outs – its time to go. Grown ups know how to do it.

  39. Gwen says:

    I don’t really like her but he’s such a douche IMO.

  40. hatsumomo says:

    Where did Beil’s career go? I thought she was in a few movies and I cant think of a single one. And JT is a bastard if he really phoned it in for the last two years. Had my man ever does this to me after the last five years we spent together and he told me he wanted out, I wont be sad it was over, but super fucking pissed off that he lead me to believe it was still working when it wasn’t. Thats two years of my prime wasted on someone!!!! what a pair of asses.

  41. MNGIRL76 says:

    They look like they hate each other in every picture. I still think she is a lesbian and he was her beard.

  42. JM says:

    @ post#23: Sorry. Fonts are screwy & couldn’t read your name. Please leave Bosworthless out of this post. She’s a whole other brand of crazy. A long faded starlet desperately trying to cling to her former fame. Skarsgard doesn’t need her. He needs to ditch her PRONTO! There is a general consensus among his fandom that would rather he out himself than remain attached to her.

    On Topic: Justin is an egotistical douche and I really hope Mila Kunis is as intelligent as she appears and avoids him like the plague. Jessica needs to invest time in building her self esteem. If the 2 year report is true (which I doubt), she really comes off looking like a door mat.

  43. SistaSoFine says:

    Nods head @ Hautie & Lila

  44. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Who cares?

  45. curmudgeon says:

    Well said and very true. Its supposed to be entertainment but sometimes you do get the feeling people think they know more than they do. Or are WAY more invested in it than they should be.

  46. Sharonkings says:

    They are both over rated and boring. Justin will have a new celeb gf in the next month.

  47. anne_000 says:

    two idiots dated each other for 4 years. then they broke up. end of story.

  48. Chelly says:

    Of course it was a marriage issue, she’s about to hit 30 and when you’re with a guy for more than two years- marriage crosses your mind! He didn’t want to settle and its obvious he just wants to be with someone else.

  49. Ari says:

    I actually think he was trying to be the nice guy but got fed up. But even so, you BREAK UP WITH THE GIRL! she wasn’t on her deathbed and its some kind of final wish to be with her or some silly soap opera scenario. She would have been fine.

  50. Maritza says:

    Jake Gylenhaal is single, these two would make a perfect couple.

  51. mymy says:

    This I believe. It was so obvious to me when I looked at photo’s of them.
    I can’t stand Justin. That said. Jessica is pathetic. If what she said at the birthday party is true. It is so passive aggressive. She thought if she laid it out there in front of everyone she was ensuring Justin would stay with her longer.How could he break up with her after that. It would be so cruel.
    My guess is she used her parents also.
    I have read about them. And I think they were overly involved in seeing this to a marriage. To their Princess.
    You know they type. Can’t believe the writing on the wall as they believe the child is to special to be dumped and don’t give her the best advice based on their blinders about said child.
    I could tell he was uncomfortable when she would talk marriage one year into relationship. She was blind to it.
    Nothing this guy tried to do to shake her made a dent. And to top it off she gets up on his birthday and rather inappropriately gushes. He knew then he had to do what a man with any balls would have done. And break it off. I bet her parents are calling him. the apple don’t fall far from the tree.

  52. whitedaisy says:

    Anyone else notice the size of JT’s pupils in that cover photo?
    Dude is on something.

  53. Anti-icon says:

    This “hype” is ALL manufactured on these two — they always seemed to be a fauxmance…..and that makes me think JT is a jerk….because I like Cameron Diaz, and they seemed genuine — the photos didn’t look like torture sessions, the way he/Biel looked. Down with Fauxmances. And Mila Kunis, run from JT, he is a poser boy-man.

  54. Betsy says:

    Justin has no backbone. Jessica is a Stage Five Clinger.

    Regardless, I do not believe a word that is written in People. They exist solely to be a mouthpiece for the Hollywood PR machine. The ‘people’ in this case are the publicists and spin doctors.

  55. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I think both publicists’ releases are for shit but Justin is a pussy & a twatwaffle. Jess should’ve seen the writing on the wall long ago, but I don’t think she should be vilified for wanting her man to want her in return.

  56. Maxx says:

    Meh…. she’s find a new sucker, I mean beard soon.

  57. Mingy says:

    what #18 and #29 said

  58. california angel says:

    lol ariana “i feel like i hate a lot but”..hehe i feel the same way sometimes. Anywho, I smell a beard situation OR career opportunity that didn’t work out, along the same lines as his shin-dig with Britney that allowed him to launch his solo singing career with the contrived controversy of their breakup. Too convenient… p.s. lol dread pirate cuervo

  59. Tvcon says:

    I dont by it. Both releases are trying to do damage control. Plain and simple Justin is looking bad in this instance and the best thing he can do is just hide for a while.

  60. Alejandro says:

    Blind items for months suggesting he’s boning Mila. I guess we’ll see what is what once they’re done promoting their shitty film.

    Justin is a total passive aggressive douche willing to go to any lengths to preserve his good guy image amongst the general public so the US Weekly story isn’t surprising in the least.

  61. Alix says:

    If you’re being really aggressive about trying to break up with someone, it should take about two minutes. Unless you’re being really passive-aggressive, in which case, yeah, I suppose it could take this long. Losers, both of them.

  62. ADS says:

    @58.100 percent agree. This was not love connection in the slightest. Waaaay too obvious.

  63. ADS says:

    Anyone notice JT often has a case of the crazy eyes-like on the U.S mag cover. Wonder what drugs his handlers prop him up with?

  64. Nikki says:

    I’m with you Kaiser, I’m going to have to say I totally believe this story. This is exactly what I thought even before the story was printed. I think JT is a stereotypical spineless guy and just didn’t have the balls to dump her for a long time, so instead he cheated and acted like a jerk, hoping maybe she’d dump him and he wouldn’t have to take responsibility, which of course makes no sense, but many guys do this. Good riddance.

  65. Magsy says:

    She was never the right guy for him.

  66. tvcon says:

    I wonder where he’s hiding at anyways.

  67. mln76 says:

    Ughh …. yes it’s possible to stalk someone into dating and refusing to admit you have been dumped you even if you aren’t famous ( I have seen it done )…. But if you are famous and have auditions/premieres to attend and you are trying to court the elite of Hollywood in some douchtastic quest for an Oscar nomination the last thing you would want is to alienate the public with a messy breakup with a basket case who just had a photo op with your mom 2 weeks ago. Exhibit A he co starred in a movie with his ex girlfriend who went on record that she would do bodily harm to her and it still took another year and a half to shake her off.

  68. Magsy says:

    I can’t see Justin doing anything “aggressively.”

  69. Isa says:

    They totally airbrushed that cover to give her some color.

  70. Lady Katie says:

    I like Jessica Biel. She’s got a great personality and an incredible body…that said, there are myriad reasons why JT chose her. One thing I noticed, though, is that as soon as they got “comfortable” in their relationship, she began to dress sloppy. It was like she said, “Now that I’ve got him, no sense in trying to keep him cuz the hard work’s done!! Now I can relax.” LOLs, not a good call, IMHO.

  71. yay says:

    dude… look at his eyes….. mdma, or coke or whatever…. in every pic he has those over chemically imbalaced pupils…. dude…. stop w those f–king pills…..
    i guess im starting to understand the reasons of your split…. the traumatic paedo experiences he had to go thru while a kid working at disney scarred him for life. he probably is also gay, living the lie and paying the price…. while billions of neurons are burning away every night…. swooooshh…