Fergie’s alleged “plastic surgery makeover” cost $30,000: was it worth it?


A few weeks ago, there were some new photos of Fergie, celebrating her birthday in Las Vegas. It seemed like Fergie had purchased herself a new face for her birthday, although her husband Josh Duhamel claimed that her drastically new look was the result of “new lipstick.” Ha! Anyway, these are some photos of Fergie and Josh at a benefit for the Red Cross. Fergie’s face is still looking… different. But she looks good, I’m not saying that. I’d even dare to say that Fergie got a appropriate work done – she doesn’t look scary and frozen-faced, she just looks “refreshed” and “younger”.

As for what Fergie may or may not have gotten done, Star Magazine got some plastic surgeons to talk about what they think might have happened. According to one, Fergie has had an estimated $30,000 plastic surgery makeover. NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schwartz (who doesn’t treat Fergie) claims that she’s had a brow lift, eyelid lift and filler in her cheeks: “Fergie’s forehead looks tighter, her jaw line is sharper, she looks fresh-faced and years younger because her skin is so taut and smooth, and it creates a well-rested look.” Another plastic surgeon suggests that Fergie has gotten Botox injections in her eyebrows, and thinks she also got a chemical peel.

By the way, I don’t know who designed Fergie’s dress, but it’s cute. Paris Hilton was also at this event (I don’t care enough to put photos up of her), and she was wearing a ball gown. I think Fergie looks totally appropriate for the event.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. NancyMan says:

    I always thought she looked a little like a recent transgender patient. I’d say its 50/50 on whether she looks better or not.

    Although he act like a douche, her husband Josh is very fine!

  2. HotPockets says:

    No, it wasn’t worth it.

    I don’t think plastic surgery in general is ever worth its price tag, anyway.

    Fergie looks like she is melting!

  3. tango says:

    That second photo reminded me of Jasmine Bleeth.

    Well Fergie looks ok. But no matter how much plastic surgery she has, it’s not going to make her hubbie stop cheating.

  4. Lolly says:

    I think the dress is Helmut Lang – so cute.

  5. Kaboom says:

    She looks more like 38 than 56 now, so I guess it’s an upgrade.

  6. DetRiotgirl says:

    I think it’s an improvement. She still looks slightly muppet-esque to me though.

  7. Stephy2585 says:

    A few weeks ago I saw her performing somewhere and I was shocked by how fat her face looked.
    I guess it was just looking puffy from $30, 000 worth of body alteration.
    Good on ya, Fergs.
    She looks great in my opinion.

  8. zxc says:

    What can I say he is prettier than she so I guess it was not worth it.

  9. courtney says:

    looks upgrade maybe the work was medically neccessary like a nose job after having her nose broken and it never healing correctly. things of that kind have been done for decades get over it

  10. lisa says:

    She always had places on her body that looked older then her age.. hands, neck area and the corner of her eyes. And she does that thing women who are insecure do. hair flipping. She keeps her hair in her face all the time.

    But she looks good here. For some reason I have never felt heat between them. He seems very.. I don’t know boring or not much of a personality. although I have seen him be really funny in interviews. I just scratch my head. can’t explain it..

  11. Unbeweavable says:

    Not a fan. She looks like Anna Lynne McCord now, doesn’t she?!

  12. malachais says:

    Her face looks great, but the fake tanner/tan makes her look blotchy.

    @lisa, I agree. I think the condition of someone’s hands normally can give a good idea of their age, unless of course you’ve worked in manual labor.

  13. Disbelieving says:

    Her teeth scare me. They are like doll teeth: just a line of blinding white without any discernable separation. Creepy.

    Can’t say I support the idea of anyone being “refreshed”. Are we all to be plastic dolls and not flesh and blood humans?

  14. Zelda says:

    She now looks like a tranny her own age instead of a cross-dresser 15 years her senior. So… improvement?

  15. AngelMay says:

    She looks much better, I hope she knows to stop here and not keep jacking her face a la surgery addict Madonna.
    She could do better than Josh, IMO.

  16. Evelyn says:

    I think she looks good. When she first debuted her new face it was rather lumpy. If she wants plastic surgery, I say go for it, it’s her life, face and money

  17. Kasey says:

    @tango & Unbeweaveable- I agree that she’s channeling both Bleeth & McCord. What ever happened to Bleeth (I always thought she was a Pamela Anderson/ Carmen Electra hybrid)?

    @zxc-LMOL! You are SO wrong for that but SO funny!

    Anyway, compared to how she looked before, she looks amazing and ‘normal’. She should have never jacked up her face in the first place but I’m glad for her that she has the $$$$ and common sense to fix it and didn’t continue prancing around looking like The Joker. So I say “worth EVERY penny”!

  18. bite me says:

    meth is a bitch… poor thing

  19. JenJen says:

    Why was he at the Kid’s Choice Awards? To promote himself, that is what they both do. Don’t like either one of them, they are annoying.

  20. Marjalane says:

    I hope Lindsey Lohan is saving her money so she can buy a meth makeover in a few years too.

  21. Nanea says:

    After spending those $ 30,000 on a new face, she should have raided her piggy bank and bought some shampoo and used it.

    Seriously, she doesn’t look quite as meth-face wasted any longer, so it’s an improvement, but the hair is still hopeless.

  22. N says:

    She looks like I imagine Humpty Dumpty would if he fell off the wall, smashed his face, and someone tried to put it back together again. Something is just off….

  23. Solveig says:

    What’s the event? Something about the Red Cross? Well, if it’s so, her dress is much appropriate, it looks made of a rollerbandage covered with blood.

  24. mia girl says:

    There was a blind recently about a singer who got work done on her nose and her peple are freaking out because it has changed her voice. One of the most popular guesses was Fergie based on her craptastic performance at the Kids Choice Awards.

  25. Louise says:

    I guess I didn’t see the bad pictures of her because she looks pretty much the same to me. I remember a patch where she looked puffy but not horrible. Also I think Fergie has been seen pretty regularly. So wouldn’t it had been noticed that she has so many surgeries and procedures?
    @JenJen: Fergie was nominated and attended the Kids’ Choice Awards. Being her husband, Josh came too.

  26. guesty says:

    She looks more natural imo. And her body is freakin tight.

  27. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    She looks better. She needs to unload that cheating creep or she’ll ruin her looks trying to be enough for him.

  28. luls says:

    i think a major thing this woman really needed all along, and STILL does, is a neck lift!!! it especially sticks out, now that her face is ‘refreshed’ and matching her hot bod!

  29. khaveman says:

    I think it’s one of the softer, more subtle ‘refreshers’ I’ve seen in Hollywood, so I think she got her money’s worth. Good for her, she is in the public eye, so her face (and voice) is her money-maker. Such a hot hubby — to bad I hear he’s a cheat. Very nice dress on her!

  30. Jules says:

    I guess it looks good if you want to go through life without any facial expression.

  31. Quest says:

    Saw her on the Kids Choice Awards performing and she looked so different…not quite sure if it was in a good way or bad…I am still confused.

  32. Amanda G says:

    She looks exactly the same to me. Just less makeup.

  33. Nibbi says:

    kaiser i sort of love you right now for saying you didn’t care enough to post a pic of paris hilton on this thing. THANK YOU. this is exactly the medicine that whole situation needs …

  34. Yasmine says:

    Y’know how the National Geographic will release pictures of deep sea expeditions when they discover new species that have never seen any sunlight in the depths of the ocean? I see those species’ pictures and think: woah, wtf? alien! THAT’S what I think when I see pictures of Fergie, everytime. Never fails.

  35. albeli says:

    She doesn’t look more attractive or younger–just “off” somehow.

  36. kls says:

    Doesn’t matter how much she has spent or what she had done, she is still ugly.

  37. Bopa says:

    I’m looking at an old and new pic of her and it looks like she had work done on her brow line which is why she looks less tranny. Her problem was never really her whole brow line just the space between her eyes. She looked like a klingon before…now it’s not so extreme.

  38. Becky says:

    I think her face actually looks more natural now-whatever she did or didn’t do works.

    I agree, her dress is cute. She looks better to me than she has in awhile-for a change she doesn’t look trashy.

  39. Pattypuff says:

    Good grief, all that work and no one thought to make her forehead more than two inches high???

  40. poodlemom says:

    Poor Fergie! She has all that plastic surgery done…and yet, she won’t stop and have a baby for her cheating husband! What does she think she will look like after motherhood?? She should stop with all the surgery already!

  41. pera says:

    She has the forehead of a Cro-Magnon. She needs more room there.

  42. SolitaryAngel says:

    I love the dress too!!!!

  43. Victoire says:

    Her forehead, I just can’t see anything else

  44. Ashley says:

    30K is change money for ppl like her, what’s the big deal everyone???
    She looked really weird back in the old days..,..she does now too but in a different way.

  45. OriginalGracie says:

    What I learned about Fergie that really surprised me: I saw her in a video clip and she was so funny and charming! I think she is one of those people who you have to see her live or in a video to really “get” her.

    In pics she can look weird or plastic.
    Seeing her speak and hearing her very pleasant voice softens that and really makes you like her.

    And have you ever seen their house? Holy Jesus it’s huge and just her clothes and shoe closet alone were just insane. She was cute and funny showing it and it really endeared her to me.

    She seems very sweet and lovely and I like her.

  46. Confuzzle says:

    How old is she really? And why does that dude have a mutant shaped head?

  47. Nikki says:

    Ugh. She still looks like an intergalactic, tranny, franken-hooker to me.

  48. Mtn Girl says:

    @bite me – touche.

    $30k and Fergie still looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet a few too many times.

  49. TXCinderella says:

    She can do all she wants to her face, but the neck tells the truth. She does look good here though, and her dress is cute.

  50. honeyv says:

    I used to like her face a lot since she was in “Shut Up” until I don’t know, “Don’t lie” video or something. Years went by and her face started to look ..oily, bigger and wrinkly (?). Don’t wanna offend her/anybody but that’s my opinion. It’s pretty much obvious she had some work done around her face. Now she looks a bit better.
    By the way, I looove BEP single ‘Just can’t get enough’. And her dress. Her entire look actually.

  51. YAY says:

    hmm..she looks pretty. Most people are NOT pretty, so she’s doing OK.

  52. original kate says:

    mr. original kate saw this photo of fergie’s face and said “i don’t know who that is but she looks like a hot dog.”

  53. oh hey says:

    Meh, she WAS a meth addict, and the effects of the drug are really damaging to the face, if she found a surgeon that can undo all the meth damage, more power to her.

  54. Kim says:

    The eye job & eyebrow lift is very good. She hasnt ever been gorgeous nor will she ever be so i think this surgery did make her look a little more refreshed and less harsh.

  55. Pia says:

    I don’t think there’s much changed in the actual form of her face, but there is a change in her skin. I’m sure she had a chemical peel, which is really not a big deal.Maybe something else, but if so it’s minor. Whatever she did, it’s well done. Her skin looks dramatically better. It definitely erased some of the damage her drug use caused.

  56. bre says:

    am i the only one who thinks she looks like rachel zoe now?

  57. Francesca says:

    Her low hair line isn’t helping the Cruela Deville eyebrow thing.

  58. After all she is a celebrity so whatever procedures she have had but she is looking splendid and fresh now.

  59. Its an improvement in her appearance definitely. If we go precisely there may be few scars too due to incision, and they will rejuvenate gradually.

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