Gwyneth Paltrow: People hate me because of my amazing work ethic


This photo, above, is maybe one of my favorite photos of Gwyneth Paltrow ever. I want to know what that expression is. My interpretation: “OH NOES! PEASANTS!!!” CB and I talked about doing a caption contest for it. You guys can help yourselves if you’d like!

Anyway, these are some new photos of Madame Goop yesterday, at a “book signing, for peasants” in which Goop looked kind of rough and she deigned to meet some designated members of Her Public. I know we’ve been doing a lot of Gwyneth stories lately, but in our defense, The Insufferable One has been all over the place lately to promote her book, and nearly every elitist, verbal morsel that deigns to fall out of Our Queen’s lips is too delicious to pass up. Over the past few days we’ve covered her Self cover, and her interview in USA Today. We all had a good time laughing at her (because we are peasants and do not fully understand her), but now something has changed.

What has changed, you may ask. I shall tell you, my peasant friends. Remember how earlier this week, the news came out that Gwyneth was going to be appearing on Glee yet again? Only this time, she was going to be covering… Adele. Here’s the song, as song by Adele:

Beautiful, right? Gorgeous voice, soulful, sad, chill-inducing with raw emotion, beauty and authenticity. Take a moment and enjoy it, because Adele is just that amazing. And because in about 30 seconds, you’re going to have a rage stroke. Here’s Gwyneth covering the Adele song:

Nasal, contemptuous, horrible. Gwyneth sang a gorgeous song like she was doing Katy Friggin’ Perry. I want to slap the hell out of Gwyneth and scream “Your voice is not as strong as you think it is! STFU!!!”

Oh, but that’s SO not all. Gwyneth also gave a nauseatingly smug interview to PopEater yesterday. You can read the whole thing here, but here are some of my favorite (insufferable) parts:

On the rumors she’s boning Matthew Morrison & starting a food magazine: “Matthew’s become a really good friend of mine. It’s funny the press like to write things. They say I’m starting a food magazine, but it’s like the truth is I don’t have time to get a blow dry, how am I going to start a food magazine? It’s like I was out, I was out at a dinner with six people. They have to fill up all these pages. You know what? You’ll see me out for dinner with Matt Morrison again, he’s a great friend. I adore him. You have to just live your life.”

On why she thinks some people hate her: “My theory is twofold. I think there’s a part of me that because I think I do a lot, I think my work ethic is the reason why I’m successful. I think that a lot of people don’t want to put in effort and it’s easier to not change, not do something good for you, not work on your relationship, not make yourself a meal, not work out. [They’re just] pissed off at someone else doing that. Everything in my life that’s good is because I worked my ass off to get it and to maintain it. I also think, for example, like Mario Batali used to make fun of me all the time if I had soy milk in my coffee or if I was doing a cleanse or something. He used to grill me like, “Oh what are we eating? Squeezed out asparagus and seaweed?” And now he’s the one doing a cleanse and having almond milk. I think people mistake me trying to be the best version of myself for me telling them you’re not, or they just think well, what does that make me then, you annoying f**king person on the soapbox. But I can’t please everybody, all I can do is focus on the people who seem to appreciate what I do and put into the world. I’ll just do what I’m doing because, especially now, we live in a world now where everybody is able to express their opinion.”

More about her haters: “It’s a projection. Sometimes if I hear of something really unkind or somebody’s really misunderstood me or something like that for a second I’ll be like, “Oooh wow that hurt,” but almost immediately I’ll be like, “poor guy.” What state are they in that they’re seeing that or projecting that.”

PopEater calls her perfect: “It’s funny because I’m so not. Of course, some of it is luck. My parents had money and they sent me to a good school, but it’s like, what do you choose to do with that? You can rely on that and not do anything with it or you can say, “How am I going to justify that good fortune? How am I going to say my parents didn’t waste their money on me?” I just think I’m really all about hard work and I honestly feel like anyone can have or do what they want as long as they put their mind to it.”

[From PopEater]

So, in case you needed a reminder, every time you have a giggle about what a smug, insufferable cold fish Gwyneth is, she feels sorry for you and your small, imperfect peasant life. Speaking of making fun of her, she’s getting really good at dodging and talking around questions about her marriage, right? I also love how one second she’s talking about HARD she works and how grueling it all is and how peasants don’t understand how she suffers, and the next minute she’s reminding us of the privileged life she’s lived and how she’s never really struggled for anything. Stick to a talking point for us dumb peasants, Goop.




Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. Hautie says:

    Bless her poor little heart. Gwyneth is such a slave to her career.

    The last movie she was consider a lead in… that made money… was in 1999.

    The movie: The Talented Mr. Ripley.

    Those Iron Man movies and their success, has nothing to do with her.

    So I am curious about all this hard work she does to earn a living. Is she doing tacky commercials for Japan TV too? Cause I see no successful films for her since 1999.

    And that husband of hers is no prize.

    I am still embarrassed for her from his behavior the other night.

    (When he took off running before he would let anyone photograph them together.)

  2. Nikki says:

    Congrats, Gwyneth… you killed the song… and not in the good way… 😐

  3. DrM says:

    I think the reasons you are so irritating are two fold as well Gwyennie – One: you’re an out of touch, arrogant twit and two: a ‘bitchy cause I need a pie, a pint, and a good lay’ trash talking fewl. PLEASE take your bony ass elsewhere…

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. Vanessa says:

    Caption: “Oh shit, the peasants dont wear leather pants to the book store..”

  5. Jenna says:

    I don’t give a crap about Goopy. I’m pissed that Glee is covering Lykke Li.

  6. megs says:

    It is distracting how much she says “like.”

  7. Folly says:

    I never comment on goop thread because i am neutral about her,i dont hate or like her,but seriously what is all this random interview about,selling a cookbook?

  8. Quest says:


    GAWD! I make leather pants look so much hotter than Lady GAGA and all you peasants.

  9. N.D. says:

    >>>I think my work ethic is the reason why I’m successful.

    >>>I honestly feel like anyone can have or do what they want as long as they put their mind to it.

    That’s why people hate you, Goopy. Because you had everything on a plate but think it’s all your hard work and everybody else not being as perfect as you think you are is just them being lazy and envious “poor guy”.

    I’ve never seen anyone as notoriously oblivious to their privileged status as she is.

  10. lrm says:

    my like for her as an actress if officially over…it’s taken years of her doing this random, tangential marth stewart stuff,t he singing, the pontificating-
    i cannot take her anymore.

    i used to enjoy her in movies.

    omg-she says about the image that she is perfect ‘the funny thing is i’m not’….
    like she accepts THAT projection, but not the ones where ppl don’t like her or what she does. She really has no sense of irony, does she?

    Oh,and who WOULD reply with ‘well, yes, it’s true; I am perfect, thankyou’.

    Wait. She would-if she felt it were true.

    She is SO self absorpbed [like most actors and celebs, true, but she is so condescending in such a clueless way]-her world clearly revolves around her image-and that is so sad to me.

    For all the growth she thinks she has done, she’s still just another celebrity who is all about external validation, one way or another.

    shallow, shallow, shallow.

    okay, now i’ll go back to eyerolling….

  11. nellie says:

    She fails to realize that her life lessons were afforded to her because she came from a place of money and privilege. IF you compare her start to life with normal everyday people the playing field was definitely not even. She had a head start so to speak. Do I begrudge her priviledged background, no way however because of her wealth and privilege and let’s not forget connections (Uncle Morty) her take on life is going to be completely different from the average person. Therefore my hate on Goopy is her spouting off her life style choices as if she is some sort of authority we have to take seriously. When she gives us her gems of wisdom such as “I take an 1 hour and 1/2 to dedicate to exercise 7 days a week, or hours to make cupcakes for my kid’s function , or hours to spend on a dress fitting keep in mind that she also has in place nannies, cooks, maids, chauffeurs, and an abundant monetary resource in helping her to accomplish those goals. Whereas the average mother of 5 has no help, no nannies, no cooks, no maids and is working 2 jobs to keep food on the table.

  12. normades says:

    I was starting to unhate on her until I read that NY times article about her dinner party and it just made me wanna puke

  13. TheMango says:

    @Jenna I KNOW RIGHT?? I am so pissed as well. Atleast it isnt goop who is singing it.

  14. Susan says:

    6 months and she’ll be doing Walmart book signings.

  15. GeekChic says:

    Adele’s voice is so amazing that I’m embarrassed to even sing along to her in the car when I’m alone. The fact that Goopy was even willing to try to cover Adele shows just how up her own ass she is. She really has no idea that she’s not all that talented. She honestly believes she can hang vocally with Adele. That, my friends, is tragic (mostly to our ears).

  16. DrM says:

    Kaiser and CB I have question for you? Do you think GP is the most disliked (as in most negative comments) celeb on Celebitchy to date? Just wondering 🙂

  17. Crash2GO2 says:

    Most people in this world struggle to get enough nutrition (not talking about America). And she has the ‘privilege’ of malnourishing herself and can’t even see it for what it is, despite suffering from self induced osteopenia.

    No wonder Chris is on his way out.

  18. she’s annoying and unsexy and I don’t know why she’s dragging herself through this media circus lately but guess what I DON’T REALLY CARE. she thinks she is better than everyone else? whatever, I don’t think she is. she thinks she has great body RIGHT excuse me Imma just take a minute here to laugh. she thinks she’s on top of her game? well, hate to break it to her but she’s a joke. she used to make half-decent movies in the 90s though. should’ve stuck to that. don’t want to read about her anymore.

  19. Kaiser says:

    DrM – Anecdotally, no, she’s not the most hated, although I think she brings out the some of the funniest comments. Some of the most hated people are Chris Brown, Jesse James, Sean Penn, etc.

  20. EdithP says:

    I thought she was hated because she was an ice cold blonde?

    Again, the fact that she is so out of touch with reality is stunning.

  21. Ari says:

    Insufferable hoar!

  22. gloaming says:

    I don’t think I can take any more.

    I mean, I’ve tried not clicking on the links but her face is just goading me……..

  23. LadyBert62 says:

    She just makes it so easy to dislike her! ha ha

  24. Tanya says:

    She’s such a clueless tool…

    Her astute and revelatory peek into the public’s collective psyche really pegged us all, don’t you think, guys?

  25. Faye says:

    Actually, I like people who have a solid work ethic. It’s a character trait I applaud. Just because people don’t like you, Goopster, doesn’t mean they’re lazy ne’er do wells.

    Also, did she name-drop Mario Batali just so she could trash him?

    I don’t even “hate” her, really. I just think she’s kind of funny. For example: the fact that she has a two-fold theory on why people don’t like her. That’s hilarious.

  26. lucy2 says:

    People dislike her because she’s smug and condescending, and apparently has no ability to see things from any perspective other than her own blissfully privileged one – and keeps talking about it!
    Man, she really can’t go a breath or two with out a name drop or the word “cleanse”, huh? It’s funny.

  27. DrM says:

    thanks for answering my question Kaiser 🙂

  28. Rose says:

    i refuse to listen to Gwyneth’s version. Every time that F-you song comes on now i see Gwyneth stiffly balancing on a piano singing… or awkwardly stomping in a classroom in leather pants. ugh.
    I won’t let her ruin Adele.

  29. francesca says:

    I agree she is ridiculous, but I don’t get why she BOTHERS everyone so much. It’s like she is the popular girl in high school and the other girls spend all their time talking about how awful she is. Which only betrays how obsessed with her they are!

  30. Zoya says:

    No, people hate you because you make comments like this. and because you’re the Paris Hilton of the Hollywood Elite.

  31. Alix says:

    I can’t stand her and I didn’t even know she *had* a work ethic! What’s my excuse?

  32. OtherChris says:

    I couldn’t even get through it because I’m so jealous. Yeah, it’s envy. I certainly wasn’t . . . bored or annoyed.

  33. Raven Sparrow says:


    “Dammit! Can not walk in these leather pants. Must not let peasants know. Look cool LOOK COOL!”

  34. MsS says:

    When you think you’ve heard it all…. What can one say: ‘work ethic’- some years ago didn’t this woman say somewhere she couldn’t understand why mothers went back to work after having a baby (as if many mothers are not forced to work- it’s not ‘a choice’!)?… Denial is only the beginning. Oh…and very high brow and intellectual to use words like ‘projection’ to fend off anyone commenting on her perfect work. Puurleez can this woman take part in a wife swap in a real working family. And really who are these people she’s taking about who asks for her advice?

  35. lambchops says:

    This sums up why I can’t stand her. She thinks she worked her ass off to get where she is. No, it was handed to her. She was born into privilege and doesn’t even know it. Is she trying to be relatable when she talks about her life? All I hear is a privileged spoiled brat. How the hell does she think she gets to work out for 2 hours a day? Because she’s rich and privileged and someone watches her kids for her. Most people could not afford a nanny and personal trainer like she can. She never acknowledges this. I wish she would stop the over-exposure campaign.

  36. Venus says:

    No, francesca (#29) — No one is obsessing over her. I don’t even THINK about GOOP until I read an article on her here at this site. And every time I do, it is one out-of-touch, insufferable comment after another. I don’t hate her, but heck, there isn’t a whole lot to “like” there either. She’s the fly buzzing around your ear; the puddle of pee the dog left on the floor — an annoyance that is only thought about when it is in your face.

  37. Flim says:

    Your bile-infused passion toward this woman suggests jealous obssession. If someone starts stealing her garbage, i will close my mouth, raise my eyebrows, and think of you.

  38. whatyousay?! says:

    i’m not a fan, but i happen to agree with her completely…..and understand that I am agreeing with her not Kaiser’s silly word twisting interpretations.

    I think its hilarious that some of us peasants are upset that she says she works hard. she does; and if you put in the same amount of energy plus financial aid you could have the power to outshine her…but that would take too much work right?

    –having grown up amidst wealthy people you would be surprised how most of them “rest on their lorels” and dont do anything with their lives but live comfortably of family wealth; then there are those that utilize the social network the family wealth has gotten them–that gets you one job at best; if youre not willing to work hard at something you wont succeed. she is successful as much as you hate that. and I cannot stress enough that EVERYONE has two hours a day they could spend exercising and saying you dont is just pure laziness.

  39. clare says:

    #25-Faye, my feelings exactly.

  40. dorothy says:

    She’s a legend in her own mind.

  41. Hollowdoll says:

    “My laxative just kicked in”


    “I wish I was home in bed with my solid gold vibrator”

  42. whitedaisy says:


    “Are you addressing me? How dare you do so, while not on your knees.”

    She opens her mouth and the jokes just write themselves.

  43. TaylorB says:

    She is right, there is no reason a mother, even ones without nannies, maids and personal assistants, should not carve out several hours a day to go to the gym, do some shopping, or a dress fitting, maybe even a long lunch with friends. But just remeber ladies crack a window in the car for the kids while you are having your ‘me time’.

  44. JenJen says:

    Yeah, that great work ethic that comes from Daddy putting his foot down and saying ” o.k., Sweetheart, we will only pay for your own place until I make sure you make it as a star… but no eating out money!”.

    Yeah, school of hard knocks, Goopy, who wouldn’t sympathize?

  45. lucy2 says:

    Forgot to add that I too won’t be listening to her Adele cover, and am amazed/appalled that she dared do one. Goop’s voice is fine but not incredible, why would she choose to do a cover of someone who’s voice is that amazing, and who’s on a career high right now?

  46. Kimbob says:

    I feel really, really bad for her, and here’s why. Gwynneth is doing all this “stuff” for external validation because her home like REALLY SUCKS. She has a husband who refuses to be photographed or seen w/her in public. HOW AWFUL IS THAT??!! Seriously, her husband WENT PUBLIC w/his band to make $$$, he WAS a public figure BEFORE his marriage to her….and they get married and all of a sudden…what?…he becomes camera shy? He doesn’t want to be “known” as Mr. Gwynneth Paltrow?

    I really don’t “get it” w/this guy..whatshisname?…is it Chris Martin w/Coldplay..right? Anyway, he MUST BE INSUFFERABLE to live with..not wanting to “be seen” w/his wife? WTF??!!

    Yes, Gwynneth is not palatable, I agree. But I understand WHY, and I do feel for her. Her home life SUCKS!! This is why she seeks external validation..I’m not saying it’s “ok,” but I feel my sneaking suspicion is on point.

  47. Qtwerpy says:

    Good lord, again? Seriously, folks, are you intentionally misreading what she says or attributing contempt of your life because you choose to? I don’t even like her much, but these comments are ridiculous.

    First, the whole “she’s washed up and trying to be relevant” thing–she made a choice to take time off to raise her kids. Now, you may be pissed that YOU can’t take time off to raise your kids, but plenty of people do it, so unless you’re trashing them, too, I don’t get it.

    Second, okay, yes, the fast stuff is annoying, but people do it all the time. Among a certain group (and no, I’m not talking smug, rich, white ladies here), fasting is recommended. Hell, I took a health class in college where the professor recommended fasting, particularly if you were trying to detox. And so she works hard to stay in shape. So what. Plenty of people do. Do you also sit around trashing them for fun?

    Third, whatever you may think of her, you cannot deny that she really does work/try hard. So she was rich and went to a good school. So what? Seriously, folks, that does not guarantee success. And while it does make it easier, lots of entertainment people have family in the industry. Do you hate them, too? I see people all the time who had every advantage, yet continue to piss it away, and she certainly hasn’t done that.

    Fourth, really, do you not maybe think that the whole projection thing is valid? Seriously, the comments all seem to focus on how you think she feels about you, or what her constant trying (and inability to stop talking about it) “says” about your lifestyle.

    And last, sure, GOOP is kind of silly. But do you rant when Vogue also tries to sell you ridiculously overpriced items, or talks about how women should get $1000 beauty treatments once a month? If so, bitch away about GOOP. If not, why does Paltrow doing it bother you so much?

  48. Annaloo says:


    Lesson one any parent gives to their kids: The world is not fair.

    If I could HIRE a trainer to come over to one of my THREE homes for a three hour workout daily.

    If I had access to people like Mario Batali (or Bobby Flay, or Anthony Bourdain) because I had a yen to learn how to cook.

    If ONLY my father had been a TV producer and buddies with Steven Spielberg (Uncle Morty) so that my FIRST job in the industry could get me a SAG card.

    It is often said that there is little difference btw the thinking of those in the wealthy privileged upper classes and the lower, poorer classes of society when you listen to them. They ONLY KNOW WHAT IS IN THEIR OWN WORLDS and mistake their ignorance for pride.

    Gwyneth nauseates me …I have never remembered or known any public figure as sanctimonious as she is.

    So CLEANSE THAT, Gwynnie/Goop/whateverYourHumanNameIs, you Holy Heifer of Highbrowness. To paraphrase Dave Grohl: “It should be our f*cking right to not have to like you”

  49. mln76 says:

    She’s pathetic she reminds me of a man going through a mid-life crisis but instead of sports cars and bimbos its Glee guest spots and embarrassing award show appearances. Goopy can actually act but this year of endless Goop is grating on my last nerve.

  50. kazoo says:

    “>>>I think my work ethic is the reason why I’m successful.

    >>>I honestly feel like anyone can have or do what they want as long as they put their mind to it.

    That’s why people hate you, Goopy. Because you had everything on a plate but think it’s all your hard work and everybody else not being as perfect as you think you are is just them being lazy and envious “poor guy”.”

    This phrase was coined for Gwyneth: born on third base but thinks she hit a triple.

  51. Jules says:

    I just find her amazingly annoying.

  52. BalladofMaxwellDemon says:

    Maybe it’s the recording, but she sounds auto-tuned to all hell. I have avoided listening to her sing at all, but finally gave in. She’s not as bad as I thought, but that’s not saying much.

  53. whitedaisy says:

    Who are these new posters in defense of Gwyneth?
    Is her PR team making an appearance?

  54. AngelMay says:

    If you have to have a “twofold” theory about why people hate you, you’re spending too much time thinking about it!

    I actually love this girl. Her interviews are priceless. Don’t ever change, Gwynnie!

  55. Annaloo says:


    “This phrase was coined for Gwyneth: born on third base but thinks she hit a triple. ”

    SO TRUE! This was perfect.

  56. EdithP says:

    I can’t believe people still think you need to “detox”.

  57. Mshuffleupagus says:

    oh, eff her so hard.


    “oh sweet christ, they’re all wearing Gap.”

  58. curmudgeon says:

    “Like Oh my God! Apple is drinking non organic juice and playing with that peasant child in the kids section! Clerk dial 911!!”

  59. JenJen says:

    @Qtwerpy- “Seriously, the comments all seem to focus on how you think she feels about you, or what her constant trying (and inability to stop talking about it) “says” about your lifestyle.”

    People are allowed to not like her, it doesn’t mean that we have pathetic, peasant lifestyles, gee that sounds familiar! No, I do not believe that Goopy cares about how any of us feel about her, it’s just an excuse to praise and brag about herself. Joking about her condescending ego does not make us jealous. I think if most of us here had a husband that refused to be seen with us he would be kicked to the curb.

  60. Ann says:

    The amazing work ethic as in being a beneficiary of nepotism?

  61. original kate says:

    “Oooh wow that hurt,” but almost immediately I’ll be like, “poor guy.” What state are they in that they’re projecting that.”

    amazingly, this was almost word for word what i thought when i heard goop’s cover of adele’s song: “oooh, wow, that hurt!” but almost immediately i was like, “poor goop – what state is she in that she’s projecting that?”


  62. mln76 says:

    @original kate OMFG your post is too funny.

  63. ncgrits says:

    As they say: “She woke up on third and thinks she hit a triple.”

    Privilege thy name is Gwyneth.

  64. The Observer says:

    Does she really not have a clue that
    the reason she is disliked by so many
    people is because of her numerous
    anti-American remarks?

  65. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


    “Oh that lettuce leaf is falling out my a$$”

    What a tool. I vote you off the planet too!

  66. GQ says:

    She became such a laughing stoke lately

  67. e says:

    @whatyousay?! it is rest on their LAURELS!!! The expression refers to Athenian symbols of achievement. Jesus.

  68. melissa says:

    Didn’t Katie Holmes wear those pants a few weeks ago? You should never wear something Katie wore.

  69. Annaloo says:

    Gwyneth Pal-joke

  70. whatyousay?! says:


    oh ya; forgot. but the misspell doesn’t change my appropriate use/application.
    sorry, did not mean to upset you so much with the spelling error.

    –i dont think Jesus was the Athenian symbol of achievement though.

  71. Qtwerpy says:


    Of course you have a right not to like her. But I see so many comments, here and elsewhere, that seem focused on whether she is judging others by talking about what she does, and how obnoxious it is that she says she works, because surely she can’t know what work is. It just seems astonishing how many people want to hate her, but adore other celebs who the same crap could apply to. I don’t know, maybe the collective hate is legit and just happens to be hitting all at once, but lately it seems like it’s what’s in style, and it makes me sad to see such hatred towards any person (especially one none of us knows), and even more, so many women tearing down another woman. I have similar feelings when I see the Katy Perry/Russell Brand posts. That said, I absolutely hate Courtney Love, so…

    I get that it seems weird about the photos, but geez, people are weird, and they are not the first couple to want to keep their personal stuff unpapped. It may be a complete non-issue between the two of them. Who knows.

    And no, not in any way affiliated with Paltrow. I find her vaguely annoying, honestly, but really don’t get the level of hate directed towards her. I wish people would stop–it makes me feel bad for her, and pay attention to her, and I am ashamed to admit that I think I might almost like her by now. No one should have to go through that.

  72. original kate says:

    oh, i forgot my goop caption:

    “i smell middle-class people.”

  73. e says:

    –i dont think Jesus was the Athenian symbol of achievement though.

    Of Course Jesus wasn’t the Athenian symbol of achievement; that would be silly. Let me tell you a little story about punctuation….

  74. WhiteNoise says:


    “Surely my cookbooks are not going to be alphabetically filed? Don’t you have a separate ‘Outstanding Achievers’ section?”

  75. KattyKat says:

    I used to dislike her for reasons that weren’t her fault. I hated that the press was trying to force feed me this wan, jaundiced, sickly looking young(at the time)woman as beautiful and interesting. I hated that they compared her to Grace Kelly. I actually don’t know much about Grace Kelly but I do know she was beautiful and not wan, jaundiced or sickly looking. What the magazines called elegant and poised (like the aforementioned Ms. Kelly); I called stiff, boring and stick up her @$$.

    Now I think she’s hilarious! She’s trying really hard to take the stick up her @$$ out but she just doesn’t know how. I’m serious. I think she’s in transition. I think she wants to come and join the world but she doesn’t know how. Iron Man? Glee? Goop? GOING OUT TO FACE THE MASSES? These are big steps for Goopy. She used to only do high art, live in her ivory tower hang out with her own kind.

    I don’t hold Glee against her because I can’t stand what Glee does to any pop or rock song. They turn it into Broadway Musical music. If she didn’t torture Adele someone else on that show would and I “enjoy” her more than the cast of Glee.

    Enjoy can be a very bitchy word.

  76. KattyKat says:

    Caption: They’ve come with torches and pitch forks!

  77. Gemini says:

    Miss Paltrow needs some coaching in HUMILITY … and a deep need to understand how much further her embracing that characteristic could take her – and it’d take her a whole hell of a lot further than being a fame addict …

  78. whatyousay?! says:


    you’re so cute

    lighten up

  79. Yasmine says:

    @whatyousay?!: Could it be!!!! is that you, Goopy? Your royal highness???
    For real though, are you her PR team or what?

    If you are, tell her goopy self to stfu OR dare go to a lower-income household with a REAL working mother who has to ‘work her ass off’ without all of Goopster shitster’s UNEXAMINED PRIVILEGE and see if she does not get slapped in the face with a rude awakening. Pretentious biaaaatch.

    And one last thing, her husband does so much campaigning for OXFAM, especially on their tours. Can you imagine campaigning for basic sanitation and water for starving people, and basic literacy for women, while your princessy wife goes around talking down to people and demeaning others for not living her extremely privileged and unusustainable lifestyle? Tisk tisk…

  80. curmudgeon says:

    Don’t worry sis, most of us got your joke. v/funny 🙂

  81. whatyousay?! says:

    yasmine: just because you have different jobs does not mean that what she does isn’t work.
    (..or do you think all actors for that matter don’t work? )
    yes it definitely seems more luxurious from our standpoint, but they are still working nonetheless.
    …and for her to be everywhere trying to get involved with anything she can to get all of this [negative]attention actually takes a lot of energy.

    …but no i’m just at work in an extremely boring field, hence my search for entertainment on this website.

  82. nikki says:

    I don’t know who you are or your life but I think you are seriously out of touch with how much work some women need to do to make ends meet and care for their family.

    I definitely agree with you to a point, sometimes it seems like everyone is having so much fun twisting her words they forget she is a real human that none of us know. But what gets me about her is that it seems like she doesn’t realize that although she has worked hard to have her own career she had a pretty decent jumping off point that many people will never get to in their lives, even with working extremely hard. And in my opinion it is much harder to work from the bottom up than to start in the middle.

  83. Az says:

    I guess Goop may come and go but Gwyneth is an insufferable, condescending, elitist bitch forever.

  84. Mia says:

    Bitch please!

  85. whatyousay?! says:

    I wish I could be out of touch.

    —is this really bc i said that everyone can find time to work out?
    it’s true–not always convenient, but not any less true.

    …wake up at 4 or 5 am or stay up late. or take your kids for a bike ride, walk, catch, baseball….it’s not easy to get the energy to do this stuff; but it can be done.

  86. Qtwerpy says:

    @nikki, no argument that it is harder without money and connections. I’m definitely guilty of cursing how much connections play in getting jobs or even interviews.

    But I do know that, as a single working mother, I have (on a good day) two hours where I am neither working nor actively parenting. If I was more motivated, I would always use that time to work out, complete projects, freelance, etc. I don’t, but I have in the past and while it sucks, it is possible. Misery-inducing, eventually, but possible.

  87. Annaloo says:

    Folks defending Gwyneth: THere’s a reason for why she stirs up such strong feeling.

    Have a look at these links:

    Girls fighting poor body image:


    US Labor statistics:


    When dreams you work for ALL YOUR LIFE don’t come true

    Her trumpeting and preening around like all of this is just a “matter of hard work”– as if she did this all on her own – is insincere and delusional at best. People look at her, and then hate themselves, or their lives or their bodies….. while she has no control over THAT, running around bragging and acting like what she’s got is normal doesn’t help. An attitude of “you don’t have this is bc you’re not open to change or want to work for it” is borderline offensive.

    Gwyneth is sadly, sadly unaware of how LUCKY she is. She is not Salt of the Earth, no matter how much she poses like she is. To talk about how “hard she works”, and then to imply (or outright SAY) that others who balk at her are “haters” & are not trying hard enough says more about her and her ignorant snobbery more than anything..

    She’s not the worst person on earth,but the earlier quote of her being born on third and thinking she hit a triple is spot on. She has lorded over others for so long, I don’t think it’s in her field of perception to know that anyone is beyond her sycophantic group of elitist friends and connections. It is VERY unattractive to brag at a time when so many people are financially stressed. It is beyond insensitive to think others could have your life if they just work their butts off. Many people do, and never see their work and efforts pay off.

    Nothing in life is guaranteed, that is true. And yes, we all have opportunities to create life as we feel it should be, but it does not mean we all operate from equal playing fields.

    Hard work for Gwyneth is having 20 dresses to try on and then singing practice. Sadly, she won’t disappear in the media, but I am not about to allow her garbage make me think she’s got it over me or you, or you or you.

    Personally, I can’t stand people who brag and behave so cluelessly about the world around them or that their sh*t doesn’t stink. Gwyneth would squeeze a skinny (but virulently smelly) turd and then balk if you told her “that smells really bad”. You’d be a “hater” of what she was putting down for the world to pick up. And she is laying down SH*T. A lot of it lately. If that makes me a hater, I wear the “hater” tag with pride.

  88. SassyOne says:

    FFS, that had to be the most physically painful 20 seconds I’ve experienced all week.

    Goopy, here’s a clue… You are an insufferable, egocentric dumb-ass.

    Not very attractive anymore, either.


  89. everlyo says:

    who cares about her life or lifestyle! I hate her for butchering Adele!!!!!!!!

  90. melissa says:

    The whole version of goop killing adele:

    It’s is so horrible especially when she sings the high notes.

  91. jenn says:

    Eh. Alot of people in this world have a realy strong work ethic. I think she exaggerates. But whatever. That song she did onstage with the muppets was cute. I liked her in that movie with ben Afflek back in the day (bounce?). that’s the only thing I ever thought was really good in. Other than that, I think it’s depressing she got botox. And other than that, whatever.

  92. KateNonymous says:

    So is she telling me that because I don’t do cleanses, I’m not working hard enough? Or is she just doing her own thing and not commenting on me? Because she says both in the same statement, and she can’t have it both ways.

  93. Catherine says:

    She seems content in her own little bubble.

  94. Estella says:

    I try to support Gwyneth because I DO think she has looks and talent and that she is a good Mom but these neverending interviews and condescending quotes are making it difficult to feel the love for her. I may have finally hit a wall: Gwynnie overload!

  95. kira says:

    I really disliked her after she made that ignorant comment that the British dealt with the terrorist act of 7/11 so much better than the Americans with 9/11. That’s when Goop-y became insufferable.

    I don’t understand why she is trying so hard to be liked? I know she is loaded, has a nice family and is a successful actor. Isn’t that enough? Why beat a dead horse? This tells me that she’s not entirely happy until everyone in the world LIKES her, too. How sad.

    BTW, her new publicist is Stephen Huvane who also reps Aniston. Maybe, this latest PR strategy is to over-saturate the media with her face on every single magazine–doing interview after interview–until we give in? It worked for Aniston, so is Goop-y taking one from her play book? Who knows.

  96. Melissa says:

    She basically gave a big “FU and I don’t give a f*ck what you think” to all her haters. I can understand the outrage, it’s gotta hurt a bit.

  97. Bobbie says:

    I find myself really hating this woman. Granted, I am dealing with the devastating long term hospitalization of my beloved 2 year nephew with severe brain injury. As I sit with my sister day after day, I watch her reading to her son to help him recover little movements like the ability to blink, swallow, or move any part of his body, I do periodically get on this website to escape from reality. Seeing this smug idiot’s face preaching about how great she is while my sister, who is the most beautiful person I know, deals with this, makes me want to kill her. I hope she rots in hell.

  98. pixiegirl says:

    Gwyneth, just stop. We know you’re trying to convince us how much you work, how hard you work, how busy you are, etc, but you’re just embarrassing yourself at this point. Trying too hard = desperation. Calm down and go detox or something (and try not to tell anyone about it).

  99. Moops says:

    Wow! I didn’t hate her before, but now I do!! This is the same, tired old refrain that bitches everywhere sing: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful (or, in Gwynnie’s case, because I’m perfect)” When will these people get it? We don’t hate you because you are better than us: we hate you because you THINK you are better than us! The fact that Gwynnie chalks up her superior status to hard work, as opposed to innate superiority, is really inconsequential.

    And let’s really break down what she’s saying here: people hate her because she is better than them (b/c she works hard) in the following areas – she works out, eats right, has a good relationship (?), does things that “are good for her” (not sure what she means there), and got a good education. Really? Uh, last time I checked, EVERY actress/celebrity/wannabe in California works out and eats right. Good education? Gwyneth highest degree is a H.S. diploma. She’s as uneducated as the bulk of actresses out there. Good relationship? Bitch, please. I guess we’ll have to take her word on how strong her marriage is, since we never see Chris (except in the company of other women). And we can’t hate her because of all the movies she’s in (hello, 8-year hiatus), the one book she’s written (Katie Price is more prolific), or the makeup ads she does (join the celebrity club).
    So, why do we hate Gwyneth so? Besides the relentless name dropping and fake British accent? For the same reason people hate/hated Martha Stewart (no, NOT because she cooks – everyone loves Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, etc.): because she conveys the same judgmental, pretentious, superior vibe that Martha did. THe best thing for Martha’s rep was going to prison – it knocked the smug right off her pretty face. Hard to look down on the peasants when they share a cell with you. Hear that, Gwynnie? Start hanging with La Lohan and maybe there will be hope for you yet.

  100. Moops says:

    @Annaloo: Amen!! Well put

  101. Kim says:

    She cheated on Brad Pitt before he turned old and weird – dumb ho.

  102. Hakura says:

    “Beautiful, right? Gorgeous voice, soulful, sad, chill-inducing with raw emotion, beauty and authenticity. Take a moment and enjoy it, because Adele is just that amazing”.

    That is probably the best decription I’ve ever seen of Adele’s music. I immediately get goosebumps…So smooth & natural talent… Enough for her to so easily get through ‘unplugged’ performances without a hitch.

    No one should be doing Adele songs except Adele. No one else will ever come close to making them sound as great as she does.

    Goopy’s voice isn’t horrible, but to me, it’s more than a little arrogant to be comparing herself to other artists that are incredibly talented, as though she could actually compete. (Which she can’t). I don’t know why she ever started the whole singing thing as a ‘job’.

  103. Cheyenne says:

    Yo, Gwinny — did it ever occur to you that maybe people don’t like you because you’re an obnoxious bitch?

  104. Homer says:

    Oh wow. I don’t have anything against people born into privilege who take advantage of opportunities that present themselves, but for fucks sake understand your place in the world and don’t be so fucking smug about it.

    Guess what Gwyneth, I work my ass off too, I go to the gym religiously, I do absolutely everything I can to try to better myself and my life, but I still have a mountain ahead of me because nothing has ever come to me easy. She will never know how that feels, I don’t think she’s a terrible person at all but she just can’t understand where a lot of us are coming from and why it’s so gross to have all of this self congratulatory-ness rubbed in our faces. I really believe she thinks that if we just follow all of her advice we could have the same life she has, but we’re just stupid fat lazy peasants.

  105. Masque says:


    “What the hell? Is that Jennifer Lopez on the cover of People as the most beautiful woman???”

  106. kazoo says:

    annaloo, thoughtful & well said.

    the other thing about gwyneth is that you’d think she was the ONLY celebrity who grew up privileged &/or with a hollywood background. but there are TONS of celebs with those backgrounds. however, how often have you heard jake or maggie gyllenhaal, the deschanel sisters, nicholas cage, sophia coppola, kate hudson, rashida jones, the ronsons, bryce dallas howard, etc. actually BRAG about their backgrounds? sure, they may mention or talk about their famous relatives but in the interviews i’ve seen where those people talk about their families, they definitely acknowledge how lucky they are & how they owe their start to their connections. many of those people even come from much more money than gwyneth.

    so no…gwyneth’s issue is larger than her just being “wealthy” with semi-famous parents.

  107. Ginevra says:

    I love how her definition of “hard work” is juice fasts and cardio.

    I honestly find it refreshing that she owns up to the work she puts into keeping up her appearance — so many celebrities try to create an image of it being completely natural. What bothers me is the insinuation that everyone else is just not working as hard as her. Does it not occur to her that many people are working several jobs just to keep food on the table for their kids, and that personal trainers, gym memberships, healthy foods or even time for a jog around the block are luxuries?

    If she really believes this so strongly, I’d respect her more if she followed Michelle Williams’s example and started charities to help working mothers do yoga or improve their nutrition or whatever.

  108. MaudeLebowski says:

    She is definitely trying really hard not to notice the things that suck in her life. If she runs around wildly filling all her time with meaningless projects, she won’t have time to dwell.
    When my husband and my cat and I have our evenings free, most evenings, we flop down blissfully with our feet up and go Aaaaaah.

  109. Cleo says:

    wow, one of those pix looks like Mallory Keaton from Family Ties. Secret cousins!

    She also looks like the girl from HGTV’s Secrets of a Stylist.

    I expected her to have that recession proof body of work like Cate Blanchette and Nicole Kidman.

  110. kiki says:

    no in reguards to gwnythe or whatever her name is some actresses or people come off as unlikeable maybe cannot say what it is but thats how she looks but not that people don`t like her just she comes across a certain way most people could care less they have their own lives to lead

  111. Rachel() says:

    “My husband’s making out with a…a…Peasant?”
    I don’t hate Gweny, but man is she amusing. You guys, she doesn’t mean to be so horribly condescending. She genuinely wants to help you rise above your peasantly status!

  112. Janna says:

    People hate me because — and then she brags on herself. I’ve always defended
    Gwyneth, but ughhhhhhhh. I really believe her marrige is going south, and
    she’s trying to build up her ego and
    prepare for it and feel empowered and
    it’s coming off as egotistical.

  113. Chris says:

    She doesn’t make enough of an impression on me to hate or like her. She’s just meh. Don’t get me wrong I’m not so easy going that I don’t hate people because I do, but just not her.

  114. di butler says:

    I hope Adele drags her under a bus and wails her.

  115. ctkat1 says:

    This cookbook is going to be really interesting, sales-wise. Gwyneth is really, really popular with the famous people- they all love her. Which is why they show up for her, agree to duet with her at award shows, put her in a recurring role on their television programs, etc.

    However, judging from the ticket sales of her latest movie ‘Country Strong’ we peasants aren’t too enamored of her. At least, not enough to spend our money paying to see her.

    In the last 3 years, she’s done the two ‘Iron Man’ movies, ‘Two Lovers’ and ‘Country Strong’…so the film career isn’t much these days, at least as far as solo projects. The two films that she headlined both tanked at the box office and critically.

    In order for the cookbook to be a success, peasants will have to buy it- the copies that Beyonce and Ryan Murphy purchase won’t get her on any bestseller lists. So will she sell? Or will it be the cookbook sale equivalent of the ‘Country Strong’ box office?

  116. brie says:

    What kind of idiot willingly covers a song by someone with such an amazing voice and presence..

  117. Truthzbetta says:


    Why don’t people like you, it can’t be you’re a pretentious bag of obnoxious can it?

    Dr. Dame Goop, “My very ultra complicated theory is TWOFOLD.”

    Haaa haa. Her narcissism requires the methods of nuclear phyics for her to analyze.

    She thinks about herself THAT much? It’s a joke. Gotta be. Whether she knows it or not, it IS a hilarious joke.

  118. Isa says:

    Her explanation makes PERFECT sense, especially when you consider all the hatred spewed towards Heidi Klum.

  119. funny_girl says:

    I think people are sick of celebrities telling us how to live our lives and touting themselves as some kind of expert in everything. They’re just the same as anyone else except they have more money. That’s it.

    I dont think Gwyneth’s cookbook will do well because before she went on about being macrobiotic and now, all of a sudden, she’s a foodie. Like, which is it?

    I wonder whether she reads these pages and/or other gossip columns? She must do as this is not the first time I’ve heard her defend herself against “haters”. I’m sure some women are jealous of her body/wealth/career etc-she does seem to have it all but she is kind of rubbing it in everyone’s noses with the constant commentary on her diet, exercise, lifestyle etc. I actually think her website Goop is killing her popularity. I like her website myself but it does seem to be pissing everyone off. Also Jay-Z now has his own lifestyle website which seems shockingly similar to Gwynnie’s, only with a manly black background.

    I normally defend Gwyneth but now I just think she’s an attention seeker going on too much about everything now.. She should just go back and do films, I liked some of her earlier films. I think people are sick of celebrities trying to cash in-like Lilly Allen who had a tvshow, was a singer and now is a fashion designer apparently!

    Who is doing this girl’s PR? She needs someone new asap. The less she says from now on and just produces good work, like someone like Cate Blanchett, the better.

  120. kaligula says:

    lol rage stroke


    and a sincere thank you to ALL readers/commenters… you gave me lots of laughs.

    for the record, i just think she’s AT BEST mediocrely talented and is pretty much a waste of space in any movie she’s in. the year she won the oscar over Cate Blanchett was the last year i could enjoy or take the oscars seriously.

    as for her obnoxiousness, and delusionality about her level of talent, well, i just kind of feel sorry for her. she’s pretty, though!

  121. rissa says:

    its like two in the morning but I decided to comment anyways. WOW! always thought GP was a rachel bilson type of person to you. harmless.. never understood the hate.. but WOW! what a goop!

  122. rraven says:

    In the wise words of Peter Griffin, Goop “insists upon herself”, and that’s why she’s hard to take and kind of annoying

  123. Samigirl says:

    I kind of just want to beat her over her head with her (incredibly undeserved) Oscar.

  124. Hakura says:

    @Kira“Maybe, this latest PR strategy is to over-saturate the media with her face on every single magazine–doing interview after interview–until we give in.”

    I was under the impression that method tended to produce the opposite affect. I know seeing someone plastered on every magazine, interview, & commercials/show guest spots.. ALL AT ONCE…tends to make people tire of them much quicker. It’s gotten that way with Olivia Wilde & Megan Fox most recently.

    Granted, I don’t care much for Jen A, Goopy, or Angelina&co to begin with, so it doesn’t take much for me to be sick of it. I admit Lindsay does hold my intention, the way people look out their car window at an accident as they go slowly by. It’s like the neverending chronicles of Lohan. & I *do* pay attention to Leann Rimes, because she’s neurotic, & certifiably insane psycho-bitch. More like a massive train wreck than a car accident.

  125. mia girl says:

    “Bloody hell, what is my “cook double” doing here?! I swear that 80% of the recipes in this cookbook are mine.”

  126. Rundee says:

    I read the article and all following comments and apart from 2 commenters almost everything else was very aggressive and hurtful and would absolutely destroy every person who read this about themselves.
    In my sons school a 16yr old just tried to kill himself because of comments like these online.
    I know she´s not 16 and she´s a public figure.
    But SHE IS HUMAN! You may disagree with her, but they way you all write these things is so inhuman, unpitying and cold.
    The way you treat people here scares me, I don´t see the difference to anonymously bashing that 16yr old online (and afterwards probably not even recognizing it was your comments).

  127. kira says:

    @Hakura. I thought if you spend your time selling magazine covers, then it translates to bigger status.

    I know Jen A is often called an A-list actress, but I have no idea what acting she’s done to deserve it? She hasn’t done a lot of acting (other than rom-coms), or received a nomination? I don’t remember her opening a movie by herself like Julia Roberts could do or Sandra Bullock can do? All I know is that she does a lot of magazines, interviews, self-promotion, is always on the tabloids, etc. So, it seems like she got her status from all that. It seems like Gwyneth is doing the same thing?

    Anyways, that’s the way it seems to work these days. Sell magazines, get some buzz, and then get more movie offers. How else to explain the career of some “actresses”?

  128. gobo says:

    @Rundee; you’re right, she isn’t a sixteen year old, and neither am I. We’re adults. And you know what else? That sixteen year old probably wasn’t going around telling the world how to lead a perfect life like her as a working mom when the reality is she has only ever lead a priveledged existence. If people are pissed at Gwyneth do you think they might have a reason and a point? She promotes herself as a public figure and that means she must accept that people will form opinions based on what she says and does. These are our opinions and we are entitled to express them.

  129. JenJen says:

    @Qtwerpy- if you are a single working mother than perhaps you understand some of the other contempt for Goopy. She goes on shows claiming “I don’t want to be Martha Stewart, I just want to help busy, working moms like ME, ya know, COOK” (lol). She says she lives part time in NY (where her mother also lives) and her young children are in school in London. If her husband is touring so much, who is raising her kids, the hired help? This recent endless self promotion tour must be more important to try to convince us she is the perfect, wife, mother, actress, singer, author, blah, blah, blah. Shut up Goopy and go home and raise your kids.

  130. Palestinian says:

    “I think people mistake me trying to be the best version of myself for me telling them you’re not,”…she has a point there. I can see people getting threatened by others success. I should add that I also do find her clueless and obnoxious.

  131. Andie says:

    I couldn’t even bear to listen to her murdering that song. I’m buggered if I know how the marriage to Chris works (maybe it’s now over). Can you imagine what spoiled pretentious little feckers Peach and Noah are going to grow up to be? Maybe people dislike her because she is unbelieveably smug, self absorbed, and up her own arse.

  132. Hakura says:

    @Kira@Hakura. I thought if you spend your time selling magazine covers, then it translates to bigger status.

    You do have a point in that… I’d not really thought about it that way. Like forcing their images on us repeatedly slowly convinces us that they’re major celebrities. So obnoxious.

    I agree about Jen A… Once the whole JenVsAngelina war slowed down, she hasn’t been too frequently mentioned. Just the few rom-coms that I never saw.
    I have to disagree that talking about her negatively is ‘inhuman’… in fact, it’s extremely human to express negativity.. That, like all things, should be done in moderation, of course.

    But she’s not a child. & she repeatedly makes arrogant comments about what it takes to be ‘the perfect mother’, subtly putting down those who don’t follow her example (when she spends half the time not even in the same country as her children. Not having hours to work out per day doesn’t make other mothers ‘less’ than she is.

    She just always goes on & on about herself, & it’s irritating. No one has made any horrible comment threatening violence. THAT would be inhiman, & going way too far.

  133. Camille says:

    I can’t believe that I ever used to like this woman.

  134. Annaloo says:

    GP:”But I can’t please everybody, all I can do is focus on the people who seem to appreciate what I do and put into the world…”

    YES! Your own little circle of Yes-people, you delusional twit!

    “…I’ll just do what I’m doing because, especially now, we live in a world now where everybody is able to express their opinion.”





  135. april says:

    you can do all of these things for self improvement, working out, cleanses, having a work ethic… etc. but when you talk about it all the time and think everyone wants to know how to be like you, it makes you seem a little up your own ass.

  136. jemshoes says:

    @ Annaloo – great comments!

    I’ve always thought Goopy is anything but vapid, and her soundbites reflect this. She knows exactly what she’s saying and how it’s going to come out sounding – but she really believes no one’s on to her, and that her insincerity and condescension is very cleverly veiled to us, the peasants / unwashed masses. 😉 She’s too good for us – even when she’s trying to flog us her stuff! Goopy has alienated ex-fans like me not because I’m jealous of her life, her successes, or her amazing work ethic, but because she’s proved herself very judgemental yet ill-juding, and it just keeps getting worse with every GOOP newsletter she writes. GOOP has really killed her celebrity and her career.

  137. annachristoff says:

    I am not her biggest fan, but I would defend her on the comments of hers quoted above. She is right that most people would rather trash someone who is successful and take them down than to look deep into their own mediocre selves and really understand where the problems lie.

    All this venom towards her on this site smacks of envy. And why the hell do people glorify the poor and lower middle class as the only people who know about life and what hard work is, whereas successful, wealthy people are inevitably phonies, criminals, and the unearned priviliged?

    I am the first to agree that 99% of our celebrities today are average at best, not particularly talented or better looking than the non-famous and well groomed. But to read such obviously jealous cattiiness on sites like this makes me, for these few moments here, defend some celebs who have made it-

    GP’s early films were very good, through Ripley (as one poster here wrote). And she doesn’t seem the wasted , drugged out, used and abused wench that so many “sympathetic” celebrities are or try to portray. For these things, I defend her.

  138. Micki says:

    Hm, I just think about her amazing friend Madona, who is working daily her ass off, dieting, cleansing, putting a LOT of effort in her kids (nearly everything that makes fun is VERBOTTEN, LOL), who promotes tiredlessly her daughter and who has a world tour nearly every year, plus, plus and surprise-she’s not critisized or hated because of it but because of her babybfs and plastic surgery. So what on Earth is GOOPY talking about?
    She’s not the only one on 800 Kal. a day with 3h training, ikids and a husband.Half Hollywood is in the same boat too…

  139. Elizabeth says:

    “Born on third base and thinks he hit a triple”
    Molly Ivin (political writer from Texas) on George W. Bush

    Seems to fit here!

  140. mayzeee says:

    barf! the only people who read goop is housewifes who are married to rich men for their money. gwyenth has something in common with these women is that they have nothing to do and n o impact. Instead of telling us what to do an dhow to cook she should go out there and actually do some real charity go safe orphan, raise awareness of women who are subject to domestic violence, war, discrimination ….

  141. Sophie says:

    Always hated her acting. Now she confirms she’s insufferable as a person as well. Great! So many celebrities should just shut the hell up. I don’t think Ms. P understands what that means, though.

    I find it interesting how people bitch about celebrities speaking about politics or causes (like the hate George Clooney and the like get), but dumb women lick up GP’s “life lessons.” She’s got too much “goop” in her brain.

  142. MaudeLebowski says:

    “I can see people getting threatened by others success.”

    My sister is that sort of person. Gets very angry when others do well. But she’s not normal and I hope to hell that’s a rare failing in this world.

  143. Liana says:

    She is right that most people would rather trash someone who is successful and take them down than to look deep into their own mediocre selves and really understand where the problems lie.

    * * * * *

    Really? Most people are “mediocre?” Really? I don’t see her being trashed because she’s sucessful. I see her being trashed because she’s insufferable. Of course, that’s my own mediocre opinion.

  144. Qtwerpy says:

    @ JenJen,

    Sorry, I tend not to spend time on the internet on the weekends. Actually, as a single mother, no, it doesn’t bother me. I have no clue where she spends her time, although a quick google search suggests that she does (or did, in 2009) divide time, but it doesn’t mention the kids. I don’t know if they stay in London, or they go with her, or what, nor do I know where her husband stays during that time, or where the kids are when she’s on location. But most actors split time between locations, regardless of whether they have kids (Jolie-Pitts, anyone?).

    Look, work is work, no matter how easy it may seem from the outside, and leaving your kids to do it sucks. I’m sure working out, and trying on clothes, and getting your hair done, etc, doesn’t seem like work, but it’s still part of a job. I for one am grateful that I don’t have a job based on my appearance, because that level of maintanence would be horrid. I also may be one of the few people who read that GOOP about time with kids, etc, and wasn’t offended–a busy day filled with stuff that is necessary to your career is still a busy day. Just like I wouldn’t attack a stay at home mom for saying it was hard–it IS hard. Parenting is hard, regardless, and so filled with judgment, both from others and from yourself, that I have a hard time slamming someone else for trying themselves.

    And, since I am sure it will be raised, if I had a job that required evening hours, I would have to find help as well, whether I wanted to or not, and whether I could afford to or not, or I would have to find another job. Schools and daycares are only open so many hours. Having help doesn’t always = lazy, uninvolved parent who doesn’t want to deal with the kids. Sometimes it really is just logistics.

  145. maynie says:

    THE CAPTION WOULD READ: PEP TALK TO SELF!! I can interact with the peasants!!!
    Whilst I much rather be home at the estate cooking organic veggies for my tots, I realize how much seeing me means to these poor slobs!For most this will be the best thing in their lives!and I can endure the site and smell of them for an hour! I am teaching Apple benevolence! My hand sanitizer and hot shower await me! I can burn these clothes! shudder! I am like princess Diana hugging the lepers cept I am making some money…she could have too if she worked as hard as me…
    me …

  146. cz says:

    Ugh, they cover a Lykki Li song. I hate to see good music get covered by glee…it taints it for me some how.

  147. Forelithe says:

    I’m with Rose, I refuse to listen her. Adele’s 21 is my current; driving in my car CD.

  148. Jami says:

    LOVE Gwyneth! Like, for real.

  149. bored says:

    Ugh.. the NAME DROPPING. Why does she feel the constant need to do that.
    Every interview has the same tired bit:
    “There was this time when some obscurely famous person made a jokingly disparaging comment that actually highlighted how fabulous I truly am, and how much they admire me”.