Lindsay Lohan’s latest “boyfriend” Vikram Chatwal is spoiling her


Last week, Page Six had an interesting little item about how Lindsay Lohan was managing to live the high life (operative word: HIGH) in New York and Los Angeles over the past month, while she continues to not “work” and somehow maintain her grueling drug addiction schedule. According to Page Six, a 39-year-old hotelier named Vikram Chatwal was paying Linnocent’s bills. We “joke” about how Linnocent is a hooker these days, and the Page Six item seemed to be yet another piece of evidence supporting the “theory,” especially given the quote from a Linnocent associate: “They have a friendship and a business relationship, and that’s it.” Well, now Star Magazine has another suspicious item about Vikram and Linnocent’s “bidness relationship”.

Will love save Lindsay Lohan? The troubled star is currently hooking up with super-wealthy NYC-based hotelier and man about town Vikram Chatwal. He has showered her with perks like penthouse digs, fancy dinners and the use of his private jet during her recent weeklong visit to his Chatwal hotel in Manhattan. And he’s trying to help her stay sober!

“Lindsay and Vikram have known each other socially for a while, but they’ve gotten closer since she got out of rehab earlier this year,” says a source, who notes that Vikram completed a stint in rehab for alcohol addiction in 2009 and has been clean since. “He’s looking out for her and being super protective.”

But since Vikram is in the midst of a divorce from his wife of five years, actress Priya Sachdev, “He and Lindsay are taking it slow,” says the source.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Look, I tend to have a dirty, trashy mind, and so I was reading all of that and inserting my own little editor’s notes. Like, “Lindsay and Vikram have known each other socially for a while [meaning that they had slept together a few times when Vikram bought her drugs].” And “They’ve gotten closer since she got out of rehab earlier this year [meaning she was in the market for a sugar daddy].” And “He’s looking out for her and being super protective [because she does butt stuff].” Oh, and “He and Lindsay are taking it slow [because Linnocent makes him wait until the check clears].” Here’s an old photo of Vikram, by the way:


Here’s another question: who is leaking this junk? Because when Page Six outed Vikram as her john last week, Linnocent’s people made the effort to make it seem like there was nothing romantic. But then after yesterday’s cracked-out, delusional interview with Linnocent, it’s almost like the cracked-out dumbass literally has no idea what her media strategy is at this point, so maybe she thinks that she’ll play her paying john as some kind of romantic liaison. I don’t know. Crackheads are tricky.

Oh, one more thing – remember yesterday’s Page Six story in which someone told Linnocent that she looked like Victoria Gotti, and one of Linnocent’s people said, “Yeah, a younger, prettier version”? Considering Linnocent doesn’t even have the part yet, it was a pretty dumb move, especially given that Victoria herself is now walking back the Linnocent casting rumors. Victoria tells Page Six: “Though it was said that I insisted she play my part, that’s not true. I didn’t insist and actually have no say in who gets the part… I think Lindsay is a very talented actress and a sweet girl.” Oh, and a source tells Page Six that Linnocent made “an extremely good impression on everyone involved with the film.” Meaning blow jobs.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Innocent says:

    Gossip Cop refuted this story with a statement from Lindsay herself denying it.

    Lindsay needs to hopefully get the necklace charge dismissed or at least reduced to a misdemeanor and beat it then get back to acting.

  2. Lisa says:

    Ewww! Looking at her just makes me wanna puke. She’s so disgusting.

  3. byrdie says:

    what the heck is wrong with this girl?

  4. Kaiser says:

    Innocent/Dina – As far as I’m concerned, Linnocent’s denial is further proof that he’s her john. Also, Linnocent’s last official statement was about how she and James Franco are best friends and she’ll only do OZ if he’s attached. The bitch is a delusional crack liar.

  5. Hautie says:

    I am still baffled with what is wrong with her face.

    Is it botox or fillers?

    There is something off with it.

    And it is painfully obvious when she smiles, that she did something.

    Or am I just seeing the bloating from the alcohol?

  6. searching4grace says:

    Go Kaiser! Do you think Dina has anything with Lindsay’s name in it on Google Alert? That guy looks so skeezy.

  7. Quest says:

    Business Relationship + Paying LL Bills = Sex*

    *Hooker- someone who offers sex as a form of barter


  8. TheMango says:

    The Chatwal is a notorious womanizer. If this is true, ah well disaster ensues.

  9. brin says:

    Spoiling her with more crack!

  10. danielle352 says:

    Did someone really post a link to this exact story, same quotes, but with linnocent’s “denial” at the end??

    This ain’t our first rodeo.

  11. dread pirate cuervo says:

    “because she does butt stuff”

    I love you, Kaiser!

    The thing that comes to mind most when I see pics of Lindsay is the “ass to ass” scene at the end of Requiem for a Dream. That’s totally her specialty.

  12. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I don’t even know why Lindsay and Dina bother lying anymore, nobody believes them

    Truth is Lindsay is hooking for drugs and money and private jets etc and this is the ‘business arrangement’

    Her face is f’cked, she is as high as a kite, she is completely delusional and lost. Sadly this is not going to end well.

    Again, I just wish someone would show her a clip of her when she was 11 or so and see the enthusiasm and life, but sadly that girl is gone and this drugged out law breaking lying kleptomaniac sociopath has taken residence in her plastic surgery face and body

  13. Roma says:

    “I never, ever, ever got wasted and had sex with a NYC firefighter in the atrium of my friend’s condo who I picked up by showing him the tattoo an elephant on my ass”.

    There. Because I issued a denial it must not be true, right?

  14. suggabugga says:


  15. meg says:

    I still don’t understand how she can be wearing more make-up than Victoria. That in itself is a feat.

  16. Phillylady says:

    Poor woman. Kaiser is it really an official statement that she said that about Franco? Really just wondering. I know the girl is wacked. But are we certain she said that in particular? Trying to get a reading of how wacked she is…

    Also, it makes me sick and sad that she may be whoring. Her general involvement with this fit is bizarre.

  17. Marie says:

    “because she does butt stuff” OMG I just shot coffee out my nose you bitch Kasier!! I will laugh all day about that comment.

    As for Lohan just because she isn’t standing on the corner walking up to cars saying 10 dollars and I’ll suck your dick if you want for 15 I will swallow your load, doesn’t make her any less of a whore, if she is fucking/sucking for money or items (plane rides, penthouse stays etc) she’s not only a druggie, crack thief but a whore.

  18. sisi says:

    The Lohans get every single friggin detail published on gossip websites. So there must be a reason for this sudden shyness.
    Lohan is probably disappointed that she couldn’t sell the scoop to Radar or TMZ now that it has been discovered, so she took to long to search for the highest bidder.
    Or she indeed tried to keep it on the downlow because the ‘business relationship’ isn’t entirely legal like others here said.

  19. Zoya says:

    The cute little redhead girl from “the parent trap” is now a drug addict and a prostitute… it’s pretty sad when you think about it like that. =/

    I bet Dina knows, too… but she doesn’t mind where the money comes from as long as Lindsay keeps providing for her.

  20. Madisyn says:

    “Friends since she got out of rehab”? We were all wondering where the money for that $7,000 a month Venice condo came from. Now we know.

    Blohan has flown back and forth from LA to NYC how many times now? I’ve lost count. All wondered where that money came from. Now we know.

    One week from today till the Crack Trial of the Century. Can’t wait!

    I’ve all ready shopped for my Crack Snacks, ARE YOU READY GIRLS?

  21. clare says:

    If jail time will deflate those awful duck lips, I’m all for it.

  22. Devon says:

    Her face is jacked. Something is really really off when you compare it to the pictures of her in LA. I really think that her reason of being in NYC so much is so she can party her ass off before heading to jail. She knows she’s headed there and it getting all the crack and booze she can get into herself before then.

  23. Whatever!! says:

    She needs to go back to the dark red hair and put on about 10lbs. Then she’ll look better at least. I know, off topic, but seriously I hate her as a blonde

  24. Merry says:

    He’s actually not a douche looking thing. I’m surprised!

  25. jm says:

    Don’t you know – she wears her hair white (I’m sorry bleach blonde =/= blonde) to signify her innocence!

  26. 4Real says:

    Eewww soooo gross! And he’s fug too!

  27. logan says:

    Lohan being called “spoiled” probably has a different meaning then the average gal being spoiled. Lohan might just need a good soak in the bath.

  28. melinda says:


  29. skeptical says:

    So they got closer when she got out of rehab, huh?

    “See, Samantha, I wasn’t stalking you when I moved in right next door the day after I got out of rehab…I was with Vik!
    That teddy bear photoshoot I did outside your door was just a misunderstanding!”

  30. Ron says:

    I will be shocked if Linds is convicted in this case. The jewelry store has made the DA’s case much much harder.

  31. logan says:

    @Ron, yes we all know this. But can’t we just pretend for a little while longer that justice is for everyone?

  32. Zelda says:

    Your editor’s notes are boss.
    Hilarious post.

  33. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Dina…where the f*ck are you?! Your daughter is a junkie prostitute, do you even care?

    Drugs are evil, they steal your life and soul

    Lindsay is just a shell of her former self, it’s actually very sad how drugs have taken over her person

  34. original kate says:

    so blohan has a boyfriend. is that what all the kids are calling sugar daddies these days – “boyfriends?”

    aw, how quaint.

  35. Maria says:

    im going to be so happy when this girl finally goes away and the media stops covering her. crack head!

  36. Dee Cee says:

    Let’s all blame Paris who homed in on Lindsay with her devoted evil minions and easily eliminated her early on. The Hilton pig-liar is worse than anyone imagines, now Big Butt Kim made friends, learned her ho techniques has pushed her out of the limelight. I think Tara Reid, Nicole Richie could tell some horrid tales too.

  37. alexandra says:

    Yuuumm!! He is a looker!!……..not

  38. jill says:

    Actually, I’ve always wondered if SamRo was paying Crackie’s bills during the period they were together. In other words, I’ve always assumed that she was a whore. The Indian hotelier is just the latest to pay for her services. Heck even Jack Nicholson’s probably tapped that.

  39. Hakura says:

    @Innocent“Lindsay needs to hopefully get the necklace charge dismissed or at least reduced to a misdemeanor and beat it then get back to acting.”

    Hopefully? I know you’re usually very supportive of Lindsay in your comments… But knowing all of what she’s done (& hasn’t been punished for), do you really think it’d be at all fair for her to simply get off? I mean, everyone knows she has done the things she’s being charged for, & if so, should be held accountable like the rest of us.

    (I’m not attacking you at all, I just don’t understand wanting her to get away with blatanly criminal behavior.)

  40. Hakura says:

    @Dee Cee“Let’s all blame Paris who homed in on Lindsay with her devoted evil minions and easily eliminated her early on. “

    I think Paris Hilton can somehow be blamed for all of the world’s problems. (Ripples… She seems to always be the center of them… Lindsay, Britney? Perhaps she visited a terrorist country & bought a black market item (thus contributng to their terrorism ‘funding’). Or perhaps she was captured & brain washed to be a ‘sleeper’. xD

    No, I’m not surious, but couldn’t you just SEE that?

  41. MaudeLebowski says:

    “Gossip Cop refuted this story with a statement from Lindsay herself denying it.”

    Ahahahaha!! Yes, because Lindsay denying it really clears things up.

    I am thoroughly skeeved out by the whole image in my head. Creepy slimy old guy paying her bills for favours.
    Not surprised at her, mind you, but skeeved out and also surprised at my level of skeevedness.

  42. skeptical says:

    i think it was kinda like that..tho sam seemed too much of a doormat to really insist on lilo doing anything in return. those two would often be out “shopping” and by that i mean lilo would be shopping and sam would be in the background just standing and waiting, and it was always sam swiping her credit card.
    and they lived in sam’s house.
    and sam was the only one with regular gigs. lindsay got herself booted from Ugly Betty (episode appearances were cut short, remember?)
    and labor pains went straight to dvd.

  43. kaligula says:

    why can’t celebitchy be its own tv channel? :)))))))

  44. honeyv says:

    Her lips are plumped and she looks gross. She also looks like she has something done to her face. And she looks older, way too old! She is so trashy. Ohh, and her boyfriend looks like a weird hippie guy, but trashier, I don’t know, a combo between a hippie and a pimp.

  45. supalolly says:

    @tiffany – racist much?

    Hilarious (and pretty blatant) how linnocent has her hair styled exactly like Victoria Gotti in the pics above.

  46. portachi says:

    Lohan is a bitch, she should go back to jail. Now she has a new sugar daddy boyfriend. Lol

  47. machiavelli says:

    If this is true….is her services worth what he is paying her? I mean, what makes her worth paying all this – private jet, condo etc

  48. Ashley says:

    Ahaha”she does butt stuff” so true. Something tells me she does more than that. I’ve seen Requiem for a Dream, crackheads will do anything for their fix.

    This hotel guy looks like an uglier version of her ex Fez from that 70’s Show. He must be hard up if he’s sniffing around Lezlo. A millionaire and he can’t someone better than Lohan? Yeah he’s really hard up.

  49. Ashley says:

    skeptical – I hate to be on Lezlo’s side but SamRo only got her gigs because of Lindsay. Celebrity DJs only get paid more when they’re dating a celebrity. People used to say that was the only reason DJ AM was with Nicole Ritchie. The clubs bank on your notoriety. People know of SamRo because of Lindsay. And when they first started dating Lindsay would go to her gigs, which upped SamRo’s price.

    Oh and let’s not forget all the time she called the paps to take pictures of Lezlo while she was passed out in her front seat.

    As much as I dislike Lindsay, SamRo was shady, who used to use her for her fame.

  50. Ron says:

    When I first saw this article I thought the desperate Lohan had snagged some old, rich dude. But now that I saw some pics of the guy, it is evident Lohan isn’t going to play this dude, he’s a serious playa himself. If she doesn’t continue to put out and jump when he snaps his fingers, Lilo’s butt will be back on the streets !!