Jennifer Aniston thinks Bradley Cooper is “the kind of guy she’d love to be with”


As we already know, Jennifer Aniston is trying to make this Bradley Cooper thing happen again. Aniston and Bradley (“2.0”) went on a few dates back in 2009, and shortly after those dates, Bradley told everyone who would listen that he and Jennifer weren’t dating, that they were just friends, and oh-by-the-way she’s an insecure mess. Two seconds after that, he was with Renee Zellweger. Bradley and Renee lasted more than a year and a half – a long time for Aniston to plot her revenge! And how. Soon after Renee and Bradley split, there was a mysterious item in The Enquirer, all about how Renee “stole” Bradley from Jennifer and how Jennifer was already trying to jump on 2.0 all over again. Many of you yelled at me. And then People Magazine confirmed that Bradley and Jennifer were spending time together again. AND I WAS RIGHT. Anyway, here are the latest shenanigans, via OK! Magazine:

Jennifer Aniston hasn’t wasted any time calling up old flame Bradley Cooper after his recent split from Renee Zellweger.

“As soon as she heard he was back on the market, she picked up the phone and they reconnected – via assistants at first,” a source tells OK!.

Of course, their budding relationship hardly had storybook beginnings. After getting close to Bradley in June 2009, Jen was left embarrassed when Bradley called timeout on their date nights to get serious with Renee instead.

“When he ended up with Renee instead of her, Jen was blown away,” a source tells OK!. “She moved on, but there was always a part of her that still liked him.”

Even before Renee put the brake on Jen and Brad 2.0, the pair enjoyed “an easygoing friendship,” according to a second insider. And there’s no doubt Jen and Bradley, 36, have plenty in common. Both have been married before – to other Brads and Jennifers. They both attended school in NYC and now prefer to spend their time at home in LA with their dogs rather than hitting the Hollywood scene.

“Their similarities in lifestyles and likes and dislikes are uncanny,” reasons the insider. “They’re both drama-free.”

After deciding that Bradley’s dalliance with Renee is firmly in the past, Jen is quietly confident about the future.

“There was definitely a feeling of unfinished business for her,” shares the source. “He’s the kind of guy she’d love to be with, he’s charming and very sweet, and she thinks he’s gorgeous.”

But: “She knows how important Bradley’s career is to him, and she admires how dedicated he is, so she’s being patient,” the source explains.

“Jen’s not rushing it… she knows it will all happen in the right time.”

[From OK! Magazine, print edition]

Um, desperate much? It really does sound like Aniston has spent a little too much time plotting this seduction. As for the veracity of this report… well… I don’t know. On one side, Aniston’s people are always gossiping about this kind of thing, and this is the traditional build-up for her relationships that we’ve seen before, so it fits, pattern-wise. But I also think it makes her look like… she’s pushing it too hard. To put it nicely.

Of course, the other tabloids have their takes on the situation too. According to Us Weekly, Bradley’s people are pushing the “it’s not a love connection” story, claiming that Aniston and Bradley have only been in contact because “They were looking at projects to work on together. Bradley loves Jennifer as a friend…[But] Bradley knows that by dating Jen, he’s be known as Mr. Jennifer Aniston.” Or “2.0” I suspect. Us Weekly also claims that because his dad just died, he’s just not in a relationship place right now. In Touch Weekly (via Jezebel) says that they’re “headed for heartbreak,” but Bradley is the one doing the wooing. Oh, and Star Magazine claims there might be an interloper in the relationship – Scarlett Johannson! Apparently, ScarJo visited Bradley on April 13. Ooooh, Aniston’s going to be pissed!




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  1. brin says:

    Ugh, no matter what the real story is (if there is one), this just makes her look desperate. If her pr people are pushing this, it’s a mistake.

  2. Tanya says:

    For some reason, his face reminds me of a dinosaur…

    Random, sorry, just had to say it.

  3. You don't say says:

    I find all these stories to be amusing at this point. One tabloid said they are meant to be, another says no way in hell, he is not ready, she or he put out a denial last week. In other words, this story will keep going because they both have films to promote.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Oh look, the spinsters are all fighting over the gay man again. tsk, tsk.

  5. sorrento says:

    Another week, another Aniston story, same old same old and I mean OLD

  6. hmmhmm says:


    desperate.. exactly. I dislike when girls make themselves desperate and then get trampled on by their significant others because the guys can sense them being so “desperate”. Independent Ladies (Destiny Childs) music begins to play..

    Side note: Taylor Swift is the new J. Aniston!

  7. DenG says:

    She is a legend in (you know this one) her own mind.

  8. Disbelieving says:

    Have some compassion people. Take it from a desperate spinster, its hard to be a desperate spinster. Especially when you are really a desperate divorcee and everyone keeps forgotting that dammit you were married once and for awhile to, so you aren’t necessarily a big old failure, you just didn’t quite see the end coming, and then it came, and now what do you do cause you are older and everyone knows it and are all watching you age, and pointing it out, and talking about how pathetic you are, and so you try really hard not to act pathetic but at night you secretly wonder if you are that pathetic, so you wake up and get your hair done and put your battle make-up on and tell yourself you aren’t pathetic for a few more hours until they tell you again that you are……


    Sad really.

  9. tango says:

    Oh Jennifer. Just go find someone like Jim Toth. In the business but not an actor. So he understands your life but isn’t motivated to be a movie star or desiring that kind of media attention so you’re the one to really shine.

    I think Jenns problem is she keeps hoping to outdo Brad & Angie in regards to romance and family life. And keeps chasing men who don’t want that and then wonders why she can’t find it!

  10. Shy says:

    Run Bradley run. So true. You will only be known as Mister Jennifer *pity party for Brad Pitt* Aniston. Just like Vince Vaugh was a famous comic before he met Aniston. Now he only known as *the ugly fat guy Jennifer Aniston dated when Brad Pitt dumped her*.

    Go for Scarlett Bradley.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    @ hmmhmm

    Love the Taylor Swift comment! So true. If I were a guy, I’d be afraid to date her – afraid of ending up in a country song!

  12. hmmhmm says:

    Nothing wrong with being in a song, sheryl crowe knew how to do it. It made her song that more interesting and of all people, UNCLE JOEY? Right..?

    taylor is just asking for it! It’s unlady like to kiss and tell. I mean, with close gf’s fine.. been there, done that. But she has too much garbage and everyone is in on it.

    not sure if J.A ever made a public comment about these stories being wishy washy because it’s just hurting her image at this point. and especially after that “rachel do” comment where she ‘hated’ it. smhh, smhhhhh.

  13. serena says:

    I don’t see that happening. He brushed her off in the past, why would he’ll want to date her seriously? No way, maybe they’ll just do some flash boning.

  14. WhiteNoise says:

    How can any woman find this guy attractive? How??

    I think this is all a bowl of bullshit, frankly, and tired old, uncreative bullshit topped off with a wizened year-old cherry bullshit.

  15. Hollowdoll says:

    He’s been funny in a few movies but I don’t see what the appeal is. Meh.

  16. mln76 says:

    I tend to believe she is insecure. No self-confident woman in her late 30s/early 40s falls that hard for a douche bag like Jon Mayer. I don’t know what’s going on with Bradley although the People story from last week makes me think there is something going on….
    ITA with tango she needs an older agent or businessman and to swear off all actors(except possibly John Stamos), models, and singers.

  17. Anne de Vries says:

    I love how they call a 1.5 year relationship a ‘dalliance’ and make it sound like they were these two star-crossed lovers that have been waiting for this moment to have their Great Romance..

  18. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Disbelieving: Whoa girl, since when is it pathetic to be single? I think you need to find some new ‘friends’ or whoever it is that is telling you that you are pathetic for not being married.

    As for this whole Jen Bradley story – yeah whatever. Read the tabloids and call it gospel if you want.

  19. JaisyMaisy says:

    @HmmHmm…I thought that was Alanis who was porking Uncle Joey in the ’90s. If you tell me Sheryl Crow was porkin’ him too, it’s gonna blow me away. Uncle Joey got around!

  20. Tanya says:

    @JaisyMaisy: OMFG you made me spit tea all over the place! LOLOLOLOL! I can so see Uncle Joey as a conniving man whore.

  21. HappyMom says:

    You would think her PR team would be trying a little harder to put the kabosh on this story. Really-you want it to appear like you’d take back a guy who stated he wouldn’t want to date you because you were insecure? But like a pp noted-she did date John Mayer. Twice. Ewwwwwww.

  22. hmmhmm says:


    I apologize! “my favorite mistake” by sheryl was about someone else. I dont think it’s been revealed but if it has, do indulge.

  23. Toe says:

    @ Disbelieving: looolll
    The first picture says it all…. RUN Bradley RUN!! :)

  24. mia girl says:

    ITA with your advice. Anniston needs to date a non-celebrity. She should settle in with a director/producer type.

    Although, call me crazy, but the more I see all these ridiculous stories and the fact that her team floats them, I am starting to think maybe she is actually at an “I’m loving women” point in her life and lets all this “trying to find a man stuff” get out so she can actually do her thing with some gals. Really, I am getting that feeling.

  25. JaisyMaisy says:

    @HmmHmmm…I was so hoping that scenario actually happened. And that Uncle Joey was doing his Popeye impersonation in the throws of ecstacy.

  26. brin says:

    @hmmhmm…a while back I heard it was thought to be about Eric Clapton, but that’s just rumor, not fact.

  27. mia girl says:

    @brinn & @hmmmmm
    Crow supposedly ruled out Clapton a few years later and I think has even performed the song with him.

    Another rumor was that it was about Jakob Dylan.

  28. hmmhmm says:


    yeah, i laughed out loud. I know, picturing those two together.. idk, I don’t see it but then again she was with ryan reynolds. Funny guys aren’t always last [:

    @ Brin, I google’d it. It’s a tribute to all the guys she dated over the years.

  29. anonymous says:

    JA should just date around like she has been doing, after that directing stunt this may sound redundant but the woman is not over Brad Pitt,when a woman pulls competitive stunts like that, they are signaling their intentions, competing with Angie, that is her big problem, when she said to death do us part with Pitt, JA meant it! She would rather have her ex back I’m sure Angie knows this, what a hell of a mess Brad Pitt have gotten himself into.

  30. brin says:

    @hmmhmm & @mia girl….another mystery solved by google….thanks!

  31. mln76 says:

    @anonymous I just think that’s ridiculous if you believe that Aniston is still in love with Pitt that still isn’t Brad problem he has six kids and a life with Angie if ( and I am not saying I believe this) she is still competing with Angie for Brad she needs therapy.

  32. jaja says:

    Aniston just wants someone that will get her attention. That’s all she’s about. Superficial attention. She just wanted Brad Pitt for the same reason. She talked in plenty of interviews about Pitt…in regards to it not lasting forever. She played the game his way to get the ring and when he left like he said he would…she had a meltdown. He said he didn’t believe it would last forever during the first yr of marriage. She will submit to a man and when does what he wants…as in leaves…she freaks out. She only wants these guys for the fame…looks…and money. Superficial qualities that makes her insecure self feel validated.

  33. Melanie says:

    I feel sorry for her because her love life is a media circus. Just because AJ laps up the attention doesn’t mean that any guy JA dates will. I think she is getting sexed up on the down low though. And @ Disbelieving: I hope to God you are being sarcastic girl because that is so wrong.

  34. mln76 says:

    @melanie the two women have nothing to do with one another and constantly blaming Angie for Jen’s man problems is beyond idiotic. Jen does a whole bunch of attention seeking behavior when she feels the need and that’s very possibly what’s turned him off.

  35. Melanie says:

    mln: Unfortunately all three of these people are linked together. I believe every last one of them enjoys it too. You are being ridiculous if you think I am blaming Angie for Jen’s current love life though. I am just saying that it is much easier to find a woman to play along with this circus than a man.

  36. naturegirl says:


  37. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I want her to be with someone already.. She needs to have someone on the regular.

  38. ZenB says:

    I don’t like Aniston. I REALLY, REALLY don’t but at this point, I find it hard to believe she is that desperate. Her PR people have figured out that some audience out there likes her as the desperate spinster (vs. the fun single girl) so they milk it. She’s made a career out of it. She has no talent, she’s whiny and she manages to be in great shape yet strike me as oddly unsexy. I’m straight what do I know but I haven’t heard any of my guy or lesbian friends say “OMG! Jen Aniston is HAWT”.

    As for Bradley, if he goes for ScarJo, I hope he can have sex in head to toe Saran Wrap. Benicio and Sean Penn? EWWW! EWWW! EWWW!

    For those who don’t get his appeal – he is not my normal type – I usually like edgy – he has beautiful blue eyes and from the neck down he is beyond HOT!! I can watch his parts in the A-Team any day of the week.

  39. skibunny says:

    And what exactly makes Angelina such a catch? If you believe any of the rags she doesnt come off like a prize either.
    I think this story is bs.

  40. mln76 says:

    I don’t see where Bradley mentioned Angelina’s name anywhere in the article. Jen’s fans are still so eager 7 years after the breakup to blame Jen’s problems on Angie even when she has nothing to do with the actual story. If Bradley’s sources did leak this story to Us he didn’t say Angie is a bitch so therefore Jen must be one too, hell he didn’t say Angie is a catch either. He didn’t mention Angie at all because she has nothing to do with Jen’s personal life. He co-starred with Jen he’s ‘friendly’ with her. He’s had enough dealings with her to make an assessment of her behavior with the press and how publicly she handles relationships post breakup- Vince Vaughn, Jon Mayer and whatever the hell was going on with Gerard Butler.

    I don’t even know if I believe he said this but lets face it Jen’s love life is her responsibility not Angie’s end of story.

  41. kira says:

    @ZenB–hey, stop dissing Scar Jo. The Benicio thing was only a rumor, I think? And, John Mayer is WAY worse than Sean Penn. That’s like having sex with 1,000 desperate groupies concentrated onto one gnarly penus. Ewwww

    As for Aniston, I agree. This sounds like an attention-getting ploy. She knows that her fan base is rooting for her. If she dates another famous Brad (OMG–2.0!), then her fan base can say she’s dating a hotter Brad, etc. It’s like a funny, ongoing soap opera. :-)

    I don’t think she cares about looking desperate–when she did that People mag. interview, the cover read “Jen: 5 years after Brad!” I think most people would be mortified to be linked to an ex 5 years afterwards, but she seems to have no problems going there. (And, no, I don’t believe it’s all People magazine’s fault and Jen is some poor, innocent victim. To say that is naive, as big celebs have A LOT of say in the media business, and People mag. is known for catering to them).

  42. KY says:

    Gay men don’t make good bf’s.

  43. rosy says:

    For god sake people, didn’t the “spinster” word go by way of the dodo bird? At least she doesn’t need a man hanging around her all the time to feel fulfilled.

  44. flounder says:

    I know this sounds awful, but I see him with someone younger. Jennifer seems a bit too used up.

  45. fizXgirl314 says:

    Jeez, this thread seems to be full of self loathing… what kind of sane woman puts forth words like “used up” and “spinster”… I have a theory that the people making all these nasty judgemental calls will be the ones to live through the social stigma they’ve been so eager to dispense… just sayin’.

  46. Runs with Scissors says:

    I don’t think Jen will be happy with a guy unless she can out do Angie and Brad. And since that’ll never happen, she’ll keep playing games like this with her fans until she realizes she can’t “win” and settles with someone. But that would mean growing up, so I don’t think the odds are great.

    She’s got some ego on her, I’ll say that.

  47. Kim says:

    They soooooo would NOT make a good couple. First, he would never put up with her neediness. Second, he is gay.

  48. Disbelieving says:


    It was a joke.

  49. anonymous says:

    If JA got with George Clooney they will create a media storm and I think JA have figured that out, she really will out do Brad and Angie then or be on the same level. She has already made an overture to George and maybe he might just take her up on it, but I thnk he likes them younger nothing over 35, Elisabetha have lastd a long time though.

  50. Cali says:

    “Nothing wrong with being in a song, sheryl crowe knew how to do it. It made her song that more interesting and of all people, UNCLE JOEY? Right..?”

    Alanis sang about Uncle Joey lol which was SHOCKING!

    And I hope this B. Cooper- Jen Aniston thing is not true. She still looks great and has a lot to offer. Why can’t she date a regular guy? She would probably fair better. Are celebs so afraid of average joes? She would be worshipped by other men, it just seems that celeb men are not suiting her well since Brad.

  51. poodlemom says:

    Doesn’t Scarjo have a Sean Penn “baby bump”???

  52. Josephina says:

    I want Scarlet Johanssen and Bradley Coope together…total hotness.

    I, too, also believe that Aniston is still not over Brad yet. She should have been WAY over him…but she is still competing with Brad/Angie’s celebrity power/romance/family life/proven record acting career.

    Aniston has given birth to a fan base that wants Brad to break up with the mother of his 6 children and return to her—like he’s stolen property. The Brangelina triangle only exists because a third party, Aniston, publicly expressed still wanting the marriage after filing for divorce and crying uncontrollably upon hearing the news of Angie’s first pregnancy.

    I felt sympathy for her in 2005. Now that it is 2011, I hope she moves forward and finds someone special.

  53. anon1000 says:

    aniston is a bitter, vindictive, grudge-holding famewh^re whose ego was hurt by brad moving on with lightening speed. she wants revenge and wants vindication (in the eyes of the media and her fans she lied to who bought that fake “cheating”) that HO and her fans seem to forget that Vanity Fair interview when that HO said she knew her marriage was over in 2003)

  54. Anne de Vries says:

    @ #46 – I agree, and I don’t believe that she’s a spinster or used up or absolutely needs a man – but SHE comes across in her actions like SHE believes that stuff.

  55. Eve says:


    I rarely like Aniston’s pictures but I saw the post’s thumbnail (her second picture) and thought she looked really good in it. Her make-up (not dramatic) and her facial expression (rather peaceful) look nice here.

  56. Anna says:

    You people are so annoying , why do Angie and Brad have to be in everything JA does? Fuck Angie and Brad , they do what they do and let JA move with her life… She looks like a spinster doubt it she looks younger than nearly all of the other starts that are her age , look at Angelina younger than jennifer and still looks older than JA. Brad can do what he wants date JA or ScarJo who has been humping Sean Penn. While the thing with John Mayer was with her before he got all the groupies he had now , so I doubt she by sleeping with him has sleep with 1,000 women.

  57. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Disbelieving: Oh. Silly me!

  58. heath says:

    i completely agree with disbelieving and tango. shy you are completely wrong about the vince vaughn thing. get your facts straight.

  59. heath says:

    and josephina there is nothing wrong with her crying over that type of news, clearly some people have never been on the other side of things and lack the experience to make a call like that.

  60. Hey! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!