Christina Aguilera explains SuperBowl flub: ‘I took in the moment a little too much’

Christina Aguilera has that new singing competition reality show The Voice premiering tonight, and I’m sort-of looking forward to seeing it. The concept of a blind audition is interesting, and if they try to make it even somewhat more fast-paced that neverending Idol it could be fun. Plus, it’s hard to find shows I can watch with my six year-old that aren’t just for kids. I think that explains the popularity of Dancing With The Stars more than anything else.

Anyway as part of her new gig Christina has to talk about the fact that she’s been too drunk on several occasions to remember the words to the National Anthem, to walk properly, or to remember where she lives. She’s previously called her very public issues with drunkenness “hiccups” and explained that she just went through “a really hard divorce.” In an appearance on the Ellen show today, Christina expands on that theme. She doesn’t say that there’s no excuse for forgetting the lyrics during the most important US sporting event of the year to a song that celebrates national pride, she doesn’t say she’s sorry and embarrassed, she just offers a bunch of excuses and justifications as is typical for her.

Ellen: I saw you sing (at the Super Bowl)

Christina: That’s right, I did sing at the Super bowl.

Ellen: I saw it and didn’t see anything. Then it was this huge thing…then I felt stupid that maybe I didn’t know the lyrics.

Christina: I had been singing that song my entire life. I was the youngest anthem singer in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I sang for the “Steelers” when I was this big (as a child.)

Ellen: How old were you?

Christina: I think 7 or 8 years old. I would sing for them. I think had a moment where I was at the “Super bowl” at 30 years old. I took in the moment a little bit too much. Shoot me for appreciating the moment but here I am at the “Super bowl”…singing for a team and in front of the world. And remembering what it was like to be that young and look where I made it now. And then it was like, oh. That night I knew, I just made myself a Trivial Pursuit question…In 2011 what female singer, ya know, flubbed the lyrics. It’s just insane. But I have a really good laugh about it and you get over things. You get back up again and you just prove to yourself and to everyone you that much stronger.

[From the Ellen Degeneres show, received via e-mail]

It’s all about Christina and how she feels and how she’s been labeled and is recovering from that after screwing up. We’re all judging her (read this earlier interview, she said people were judging) for being overwhelmed with national pride (in the form of some Jack Daniels) when she was just trying to do her job that she gets paid seven figures for. Well now Christina has another job to laugh about if (when) she shows up too blitzed to do it properly.

Also, would it kill her to cover up a little? She’s wearing lingerie in public again.

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35 Responses to “Christina Aguilera explains SuperBowl flub: ‘I took in the moment a little too much’”

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  1. Crash2GO2 says:

    Ha! She took in the alcohol a little too much.

  2. brin says:

    I think she took in more than a moment.

  3. kazoo says:

    @brin, hahaha. she took in some alcohol. chick was smashed.

  4. Julie says:

    Doesn’t she look like Snooky in the bottom pictures??

  5. asd says:


  6. Lala11_7 says:


  7. Delta Juliet says:

    Funny. I noticed it at the time she screwed up, and I haven’t thought of it since. If they stop talking about it, no one will really remember.
    And she really needs a new look. The barbie hair, drag queen make-up and too tight clothes are really doing nothing for her at this point.

  8. TQB says:

    OKokok, yes, she needs to put on some damn clothes, and yes, my first thought was exactly what @brin noted.

    But still, I used to be a performer. The stuff you flub is the stuff you’ve been saying/singing all your life. One little second of distraction and you make a dumb mistake like that. It sucks.

    The falling down on repeated occasions? Yeah, that’s drunkenness. but the Super Bowl thing was totally blown out of proportion.

    I heard her on the radio this morning singing with the Stones and man, she really can sing. I hope she pulls herself back together – too much talent to waste it with booze and ring dings.

  9. kazoo says:

    @julie, omg! i think snooki is her doppelganger. they look like twins to me, especially when christina’s big.

  10. Quest says:

    The moment of boozing pre-show is more or less what she meant. Xtina is trying way to hard, just let it go already. I think we all want to forget about “that moment”

  11. Twez says:

    Hooker, please. What you took in “too much” of was liquor.

  12. filthycute says:

    bloated narcissist.

  13. Zoya says:

    Ellen: “I saw it and didn’t see anything.”

    Ellen is such a lying, celeb ass kissing hasbeen. one of the many reasons her talk show sucks.

  14. smith says:

    Somewhere Janet Jackson and her “forty year old tittie” is breathing a sigh of relief.

  15. Hautie says:

    Geez, Christina is never going to retire that tragic wig.

    She keeps on picking it up off the bathroom floor daily and dusting off the lint.

    If anyone was going to do a intervention with her. I hope it would be to separate her from that wig!

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    Maybe she meant she “took hit the bong too much”?

  17. gg says:

    Imagine what she might look like with real hair and un-stencilled eyebrows. Can’t.

  18. Amanda G says:

    “I just made myself a Trivial Pursuit question” LOL As much as I don’t like the decisions she’s made the last year or so, I’m still rooting for her because she has a great voice. I will watch The Voice tonight just for her.

  19. Truthzbetta says:

    I do appreciate reality competitions shows. Same reason. It’s one of few things out there grandmas and babies and everyone in between can all watch together and get into. Now that I’m off Idol because of Jello maybe I’ll check this thing out. X-tina has the kind of voice (not my fave) that all these shows are looking for so get the girl herself.

    There’s a market for that. God knows we have the grimy markets over saturated so a reality competition show fills a nice space. If X-tina can go G for a second, be clean and sober, keep a clamp on the Durty Gurl thing it might be interesting. The other thing seemed pushed for a fake Madonna image anyway. I’ve never bought her I’m Too Sexy for my Pants image as very real since she just wanted to be whatever was expected so damn bad.

    So I won’t believe her good girl act either but she oughtta give it a go. We have seen the bad girl wannabe done to death. Most people call it a phase and grow the F up. Yeah, what is girlfriend wearing? You have a voice and don’t need this.

  20. Truthzbetta says:

    Also note to Christina– look at Whitney Houston. Massive waste of a perfectly good diva.

    Too much drugs and alcohol can turn you from Christina Aguillera to Bobbie Christina Brown.

  21. Annie says:

    Seriously, it was a flub, but it wasn’t that bad of a mistake. People need to let this drop. Everyone makes mistakes.

  22. jenna says:

    Does she not realize that it’s completely obvious that her eyebrows are very enhanced????!

  23. Anya says:

    Is X-tina allegic to any other shade of lipstick? Some one please get this girl a new stylist- chica is in desparate need of a new look. How long has she been rocking this 50s pin up thing now? It’s beyond old. I almost wish she went back to the leather chaps just for something different.

  24. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Zoya it’s possible Ellen really didn’t notice. I didn’t notice it either until it hit the blogs. I used to sing the national anthem in school when I was a kid. But, other than that, I’ve never paid that much attention to it. Call me unpatriotic, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who didn’t catch it until it was pointed out.

    @Smith lol, so true.

  25. sakara says:

    the new hollywood phonies are a lot worse than the old phonies.

  26. sandy says:

    like some said above, i forgotten about it, she needs to move on, so does that, james franco guy, every one makes mistake, but they are public images, it comes with the territory. she does have talent, I’m rooting for her.

  27. Psyren says:

    What’s going on with her face? She looks like Madame from Solid Gold in that last pic. *shudders*

  28. Elizabeth says:

    @ Anya

    I’m with you, girl. Chica really needs a new look – too much drag queen in the mix right now. I keep seeing Mae West when I look at her – originally very sexy but seriously let herself go.

  29. Jaariel says:

    ITA w/Celebitchy re: DWTS. In fact I just said the same thing the other day, that I don’t LOVE the show, but it’s about the only semi-interesting show on that I can watch with my kids without having to be on guard to censor or “explain” topics @ a time when all we wanna do is kick back & relax.
    I hope network programmers get a frikkin clue!!
    And I’m also looking forward to The Voice. Hope it’s good!!!

  30. To be fair, though – it was a very emotional (read: drunk) night for most of us. . .

    . . . Well, for those of us who bleed Green and Gold, anyway. I was far more lit than Christina could have ever hoped to be. Bless you boys. (/gratuitous Packer praise)

  31. deepak says:

    agu, what kind of food are u eat that make u sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful so i like you and i want to marry u.

  32. lcrime says:

    Love xtina.. I could say I would mess that national anthem up too..BIg cup to fill. She is doing her thing and will come out fine. And yes – everyone is judging her or we would not be chatting about her…hold that head up girl and work it out.

  33. Hakura says:

    I definitely wouldn’t crucify her for flubbing lyrics. Obviously if she was drunk, that was ridiculous & disrespectful to the event, but if it was just a *mistake*, that’s just human. Granted *I* would be embarrassed, but it happens.

    She has the potential to be so beautiful & classy (her ‘old Hollywood’ look was gorgeous)… I don’t understand why she has to look like such a hot mess all the time. Over exposed, messy, rough. Come on girl, get it together… You’re one of the only ones out there with an actual VOICE.

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