Pippa Middleton is the single princess/celebrity we’ve been waiting for


I’ve been slightly surprised with how much press Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of The Duchess of Crumpets Cambridge, has been getting since the royal wedding. Before the wedding, there was interest in Pippa, but the general feeling was that Pippa was kind of a famewhore and much more nakedly ambitious than her sister. Then came Pippa’s great performance at the wedding – she looked pretty, she was solicitous and cautious about not overshadowing her sister on Kate’s special day, and her maid of honor dress was the bomb. So, basically, Pippa is now an international celebrity, and she got the cover of People Magazine and Us Weekly this week. Here’s an excerpt of People’s story:


Pippa Middleton knows how to make a memorable first impression. With one wedding (her sister Kate’s) and one dress (an ivory Alexander McQueen that flaunted all her enviable curves), Philippa Charlotte Middleton, 27, managed to snag the spotlight as much of the world looked on.

Athletic, ambitious and well educated, she is described by multiple friends as “more outgoing” than her reserved older sister, 29.

At Scotland’s Edinburgh University, “Pippa would always have male admirers,” a fellow student tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

Preferring to party at the private country estates of her blue-blooded friends, she maintained a discreet public profile. Still, it’s clear the younger Middleton sister has a fun-loving streak – not unlike her sister’s new brother-in-law, Prince Harry.

Says Katie Nicholl, author of The Making of a Royal Romance: “It’s a bit like Harry and William. Harry can afford to be a little more carefree. Pippa can as well.”

[From People]

Meanwhile, Us Weekly reports that Pippa is already engaged to her boyfriend, Alex Loudon. According to Us Weekly’s sources, “Pippa says it’s not true, but I know someone she has confided in, and she says they’re going to get married. I’d imagine it’s all hush-hush because of Kate’s wedding. But soon it will be Pippa’s time to shine.” Apparently, Alex has even given Pippa a ring and everything. He probably wants to nail it down, you know? Because Pippa has found herself in a pretty strong position – she’s the single princess (sort of) that everybody has been wanting. She could probably have any dude in Britain.

Oh, and she really is being treated like a princess – some photo agencies dug up some old photos of Pippa sunbathing topless (from what I can see, you can’t see nipple or anything), and the Middleton family just SHUT IT DOWN. The photos are being pulled as we speak. Princess!






Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN & CoverAwards.

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  1. Hanh says:

    I believe Pippa’s starting her own business and she’s using her fame to get that going which I think is a smart thing to do. I don’t think she’s particularly that pretty but she has a great body and she looks like a fun person to be around.

  2. Crash2GO2 says:

    I think it’s fun. I like that she is pretty yet normal looking, of a normal weight, and well educated. Like Kate, she seems to have conducted her young life reasonably well. Certainly a better role model for young women than someone like Jordan or Lindsay Lohan.

  3. TRT says:

    Both sisters are way overrated. But I guess American society needs to talk about something or somebody….

  4. Franny says:

    I just want to tweeze those damn eyebrows.

  5. lucy2 says:

    I loved her dress for the wedding. Other than that, eh.

  6. brin says:

    Pip pip for Princess Pippa! She’s got a great smile.

  7. Rachface says:

    Even though I love CB, I generally don’t post snarky things. But I for the life of me do not understand how people find this chick attractive. She is what 26? 27? and she looks like a beat 40-something. I can only assume its royalty proximity/hype that people are in to.
    Honestly look at that picture where she is in the white pants or especially the one where she is in the blazer and tell me that if before Will and Kate got engaged, the caption was that it was “so-and-so the editor of some magazine (who is in the 40s)” you wouldn’t believe it.

  8. Hanh says:

    Kate looks pretty old for her age also. I think its the time spent vacationing 11 times a year in the sun that does it. Kate has more wrinkles than I do and I’m years older.

  9. mary jones says:

    She is so not pretty. In fact shes downright ugly. Reminds me of how they keep pushing Olivia Munn down peoples throats saying how hot she is, hoping people will believe it.

  10. Elj says:

    I do NOT get it. Kate’s gorgeous, Pippa’s weird looking. I don’t get this obsession with her. Her, really??

    Just weird.

  11. guesty says:

    She is a cutie. And topless in front of what looks like William in the water! Scandalous. Lol.

  12. Polkasox says:

    @crash2go2 – she’s a ‘normal’ weight? Really?? She’s a stick!!

  13. Meg says:

    I totally agree RachFace…she definitely look like a nice looking 40 something year old…I could see her having a younger kid and being a “MILF”….not a 27, 28 year old. Look at those crows feet!! Does she smoke?? Does Kate?
    Her body’s nice though.

  14. vanessa says:

    she looks about 35, not 27 and she’s not THAT pretty…kate is very pretty though. Pippa looks like demi moore to me if demi stretched her face out.

  15. anonymous says:

    Yea, Peppa, this is just what we need a dried up over suntanned party girl to fawn over as if we don’t have enough real celebrities to do that to.

  16. irishserra says:

    She’s kind of cute, I guess, but nothing to write home about and definitely nothing to write tabloid articles about!

  17. Justaposter says:

    Man you guys are harsh today! LOL

  18. NoFrank says:

    I think she’s prettier than Kate. She has a much nicer smile. The wedding pictures make Kate look like a Bratz doll, and I’m sorry, I know it was a big deal that Kate did her own makeup for the wedding, but she looks hard. Pippa has a much more genuine look to her.

  19. filthycute says:

    Knockout? Curves???

    Who wrote this trash?

  20. heavenasia says:

    Totally agree, there is no way this woman is 28 yrs old.
    I’m surprised that she is supposed to be the younger sister of Kate, cos she looks much older and more mature IMO

  21. JuJuBee says:

    Why do they insist on making Pippa happen on this side of the pond?

  22. DGO says:

    I think she’s a plain woman who wore a knockout dress for a wedding. What’s the big deal?

  23. HotLatino says:

    How is she a stick? That most Americans are now overweight doesn’t mean that thin people are suddenly sticks. Is Pippa part Asian, she sure looks like it. I’m always curious since I’m part Korean 😛

  24. hmmhmm says:

    She does not look her age & she’s a full on Brit. I always thought she was older than kate..

  25. Dudette says:

    I find her very appealing. She’s not as classically pretty as Kate is but she’s got a certain spark about her that I find Kate lack and that makes her very attractive. And she did look pretty terrific at the wedding. She strikes me as a smart and sensible lady who so far has been far more discreet than some other people would have been if their sister had just married a crown prince.

  26. Anaya says:

    Kate is okay. Pippa is okay too. I don’t dislike them or the other Middleton’s however it’s weird how certain media outlets are going overboard covering this family. Kate didn’t have a lot going on with herself back when she and Prince William were dating all those years. Now that they’re married Kate still doesn’t have much going on other than being the wife of the 2nd heir to the British throne.

    Not that anyone is making me read about them. I’m saying that in my opinion Kate and Pippa aren’t that interesting. Honestly the only member of the royal family I actually like to read about or see photos of is Prince Harry. I think he’s got more charisma than his older brother. Harry seems fun. So does his on/off girlfriend Chelsy. William and Kate are boring. That’s the thing. There isn’t a fun factor for me when it comes to William, Kate and the Middleton’s. Sorry. I’m just giving my honest opinion. 🙂

  27. Rita says:

    I really like Pippa. She seems like a fun loving natural sort of gal. The other day I saw her dancing in just her slip and bra, which I hope she doesn’t do often but she looked like she just got caught up in the moment…..of course that’s how trouble starts.

    @Crash2go2, brin, bellaluna, et al- Morning!!!!

    @Kaiser, Just a quick bitch about your advertising. Nothing downloads until that damn Allstate insurance add is completely downloaded on every thread. It’s time consuming and annoying as hell. I will never buy Allstate Insurance because of it.

  28. bluhare says:

    Well played, Carole Middleton. Well played.

  29. silken_floss says:

    Meh. Bland as oatmeal

  30. danielle says:

    It says on the cover that it will tell us how she got that body – I’d read that! What’s the secret? (sigh, I suspect it’s eat less, exercise more)

  31. garvels says:

    Her career has always involved the social scene so it would only make sense that she would cash in on her new found fame to build business opportunities. Unlike Kate, she does not appear to be content with just being a stay at home housewife. Both sisters seem to be very happy with their choices in life, so I wish them well.

  32. junipergreen says:

    She cleans up exceptionally well, but in candids she’s sort of jarring to look at. I have no idea why she is getting all this attention–for what? For looking nice at her sister’s wedding and behaving deferentially and like a “lady”? I just don’t get it. The cover of people? Seems a bit much.

  33. ZenB says:

    She’s got a great body but she looks older than I do and I was a teen when she was born. As a Californian, I agree with the eyebrow comments but what is the style in the UK?

    *Is* she part something not English? Maybe Asian like someone else implied.

    She and her brother are positively California colored. We have a lot of Mexican, Korean and Armenian blood out here (more or less in that order).

    Kate is the only one who isn’t super tan. Pippa is a tad darker than I am and I’m half hispanic/half southern European. Her brother looked somewhat darker than I am.

    PS: She is much hotter than Olivia Munn. Olivia not only does not have a pretty face but her body is kind of manly.

  34. Eleonor says:

    I find her kind of trashy: the day of the wedding she was orange (too much fake tan), and I disagree she did try to overshadow her sister, she wore a WHITE DRESS, the day of her sister’s wedding. But at least Pippa has reached her goal: get the attention.

  35. sandy says:

    lol,.. oh lord here’s comes another opportunist, capitalizing on kates day, i liked her in that white dress, everything else, not.

  36. Alice says:

    Oh please please please don’t join in with this. I do NOT understand the fascination with her! I’ve heard all these things about her ‘fabulous’ bum, yet when I look at her I can’t even see one, and all this stuff about how pretty/gorgeous/beautiful she is and all I see is a blander Jennifer Gardner. Please let there be one outlet where I don’t have to see endless articles about how wonderful Pippa is.

  37. tomas says:

    She is soooooooooooo very AVERAGE. The only people fascinated with her are the media, no on else gives a crap! And, since when is she a princess as said in the headline?

  38. really says:

    a la carte ASIAN fusion.

  39. tomas says:

    By the way, has PEOPLE magazine lost their freakin’ minds by putting her on the cover or what?! They are completely DELUSIONAL if they think Pippa stole the show on wedding day…

  40. teehee says:

    I just need to vent my view on this– I can only imagine the press are saying this positive stuff because they have to, or because they hope people will fall for it and actuallyt hink Pippa is somethign to be interested in.
    I do NOT think she is attractive,
    I did NOT like her dress at all– its something your grandma wears to easter sunday
    She (and Kate) has NO figure, no waist, no hips, skinny
    She is not a knockout, not a bombshell, not “smokin” as some idiots have even gone so far as to say. WTF?!
    I cant even say that people must be starved for class, because look at the pics of the young brother or even Pippa herself, in drunken hot mess parties.
    I really dont understand this at all. And as for posts or stories about her, I say NO PLEASE. And I am an avid royals gossip follower!

  41. Isa says:

    I don’t know why, but I can still see her marrying Harry, or at least them hooking up a couple of times.

    She is just very attractive and I can understand why people are curious about her.

  42. Amanda G says:

    She looks older than 27….like, 10 years older.

  43. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    To be fair, no one said that they were 27 and 29 in human years.

  44. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    @teehee – calm down. You might not think Pippa is hot stuff but other people do. Just avoid posts about her if it bothers you so much, otherwise can’t see why there shouldn’t be threads/posts about her.

    @Isa I can see the same thing happening too. We’ll see.

    I like Pippa. I think she’s pretty and knows how to style herself. She handled her MoH duties with a lot of elegance and poise. Didn’t steal the show but definitely enhanced it. But now that Kate has chosen to be a boring, dutiful housewife of course the media is going to latch onto the perkier, naughtier more outgoing sister. But that’s hardly Pippa’s fault. Far from courting the media, she’s not even been snapped out since the wedding!

  45. Aurelia says:

    Pippa looks just like the Thai lady called ping who is the proprietor of our local take away bar.

  46. kazoo says:

    it’s odd how she and kate look so much older than their ages, because their mom looks very good for her age. that might mean it’s lifestyle, not genetics, that are causing the premature aging.

    pippa, like her sister, are butterfaces to me.

  47. Embee says:

    pretty sure Kate picked Pippa’s dress, folks. It’s unlikely P just showed up and Kate was all, “You’re wearing THAT? But it’s MY day.”

  48. jennifer says:

    Pippa has a sweet smile and pretty eyes. I don’t think she looks in her 40s, that’s crazy. She’s youthful looking, but the Middletons are not 20 like Diana was. They’re both pushing 30 and it shows…so what? Pippa did NOT “steal the show”. She was a sweet sister/maid of honor-that’s it. Kate totally owned that day. (And her dress was sexier even though she was the bride- Pippa’s dress was almost matronly.) In live footage they’re both prettier than in their pictures. The brother is great looking too.

  49. KLaw says:

    Is her name actually PIPPA?? That can’t be her real name… it sounds like a name for a poodle

  50. Jaxx says:

    Of course Kate approved Pippa’s dress. I found it rather strange that she put Pippa in the traditional bride color but it did make for very nice photos and was all very complimentary.

    The thing that most impressed me was what Pippa’s dress said about Kate’s character. She obviously loves her sister and wanted her to look her very best as well on that day. Many brides would not want their attendant to in any way outshine them (not that she did) so Kate must really feel very secure and confident about herself. I was impressed by her poise and dignity on her big day.

  51. Minx2 says:

    I’m already sick of this whole Pippa business. She’s an attractive girl but her attractiveness is mostly in her great body – she’s not all that pretty. Her eyes are too close set, nose not so great and she’s got thin lips. More importantly, she already looks old and will age badly..too much sun won’t help it. Kate is much prettier than her sister while Pippa is an obvious social climber. She’ll dump that fiance in no time now that she’s in the spotlight.

  52. Amy says:

    Pippa’s real name is Philippa, but goes by Pippa. Just like Kate’s real name is Catherine and always went by Kate until she got married (probably wanted to get rid of the references to Waity Katie).

    I like Pippa, she seems to knows what she wants and she isn’t ashamed of going after it. Sure, she has definitely used the attention her sister gets to her advantage (and btw the UK media has been following her for years! It’s only since the wedding that Americans have realized she exists) but she didn’t “steal the show” the day of the wedding. And she wore white, but obviously Kate had veto power in what she wore. Wouldn’t it have looked weird if Pippa hadn’t been wearing white? All the little bridesmaids were wearing it too!

    And I don’t think she looks that old, she looks her age. Chelsy Davy is the one who looks horrible for her age.

  53. Richie says:

    This is ridiculous!!! she ain’t no beauty!!! yeah she looked fairly good at the wedding so what? what’s the big deal about all this??? this chic has got crows feet at such a young age and she looks way too old for her age! all the Middleton women look real meh to me!!!

  54. This woman is THIN. That is it. Nothing about her is even remotely interesting.

  55. CG says:

    I know I’m nitpicking, but … Isn’t the People cover reference to “Princess Kate” incorrect? Isn’t Kate’s married title not Princess? Like, if you were to call her Princess, shouldn’t it be Princess William, since she was actually styled as a duchess upon marriage, not a princess? So if you get all formal with the titles, she would be either Princess William of Wales or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but not Princess Kate. Or maybe I’m smoking crack.

  56. lin234 says:

    lol This situation reminds me of high school. Pippa’s that popular girl in high school who is completely average in the face but she has a great body. Because she’s popular, she acts and thinks that she’s a ten. Guys thinks she’s hot because of her body but girls who don’t are seen as jealous. I think this is why it annoys women so much because we can see exactly what is in front of us but we’re being told we’re wrong by others.

    I’ll be the first to admit when I find other women beautiful but these sisters aren’t anything special. Although, since Kate has got engaged, she has started to look prettier to me. The royal goggles are very much alive.

  57. garvels says:

    @JAXX-I had the same thought about Kate when I saw Pippa’s dress at the wedding. It raised Kate up a few points in my book.

  58. RobN says:

    Well, all you ladies here may not think she’s anything special, but all your husbands and boyfriends do. Whether they’d admit that to you is an entirely different question.

  59. Kim says:

    1 thing i dont want is the Royals on every tabloid. If i want to read about them Ill buy Royal magazine or some other magazine dedicated to the royal family.

  60. Kibbles says:

    They’ve milked their celebrity status to build their company up in the last decade and the children are nothing more than bottom ring socialites who knew how to climb the social ladder by using Kate who managed to bag her prince by walking down a catwalk wearing underwear. Pippa seems to be the most ambitious of the three Middleton children (though the least attractive – agree with the comments here that her beauty is way over exaggerated and she looks 40-something) and loves to work the camera. So, the Middletons are happy with regular everyday paparazzi shots but anything racy which will embarrass the Royal Family, make the Queen angry, or expose them as nuveau riche trash must be taken down to respect their privacy. The Middletons can’t and shouldn’t have it both ways. I’m not justifying having the paps chase them down at 75 mph and cause another death. But photos taken when they are on vacation or walking down the street comes with the territory. This is the life they chose when they attached themselves to William and they should have prepared themselves for what they would have to deal with in exchange for their new social status.

  61. orion70 says:

    @ZenB, for some reason I keep thinking Samoan, when I look at her.

    They seem like a happy and fun-loving family all round.

    I still don’t get all the hype about that dress though. I guess I’m in the minority because I did not like it.

  62. riri says:

    She is not pretty nor attractive, but perhaps British women are not so pretty in general, so for them, women like Kate or Pipa are considered “pretty”?

    There is nothing outstanding or interesting about her or Kate, which is actually the prettier sister.

    The only thing that is interesting is the proximity to the Royals.

  63. Dominique says:

    I’m 26 and I grew up going to the beach a lot in CA and I don’t have those sun spots…is that in my future? I’m not trying to be mean (maybe a little), but is that normal?

  64. CeeCee says:

    Puh-lease. She did not steal the show from Catherine People mag.

    The unfortunate thing for Pippa is the UK tabloids will not let this one die anytime soon, once you have their attention they grip on and won’t let go. Enjoy the status while you can and make sure you behave well. It won’t be long before she is photographed looking dowdy and sallow sans make up pulling her knickers out of her arse, and they will tear her to pieces. That goes for the whole family. Keep strong Middletons, you earned your place!

  65. Matt says:

    I think its funny how suddenly she is a celebrity/future famewhore.

    Does this mean Carole Middleton is the new Kris Jenner?

  66. kasper says:

    it’s the gold digging bland sisters! lets all make a big deal of them. next up, we will sing the praises of mud.

  67. eternalcanadian says:

    If Miz Philippa doesn’t want Alex, I’ll take him. He’s totally gorgeous! Now I know Catherine wanted the royal life because she knows Alex and yet she picked William? Pfft. 😛

    Catherine and Philippa do look like they are 37 and 39 instead of 27 and 29. The reason is the makeup and the tanning. That black eyeliner is the worst thing a woman can do to age herself. I was so surprised at their makeup for the royal wedding. Stripes across their cheeks and eyes not to mention that awful eyeliner and spikey eyelashes!

  68. Micki says:

    I don’t really think she has SO good chances for another blue-blood wedding. And parting/going out with someone doesn’t always result in marriage. Her sister still reaps critic about being “middle class” from the Palace insiders and they are the ones to turn her life into misery, not the Queen. She doesn’t give a da*n as long as the picture’s intact.On the other hands the rest of the upper crust mothers are not going to be happy with such match, money is not a factor, birth is everything, sorry Pippa.

  69. teehee says:

    Amen lin234— that must be exactly it that ticks me off so much abotu this 😀 Thanks, I feel so much better now that I understand it better LOL!

  70. The fasination here is seeing a very young and attractive woman, that is not an actress in something besides messed up jeans and loaded. Now that is something we haven’t seen in the media for a very long, long time.

  71. Vickyb says:

    I’ve never stared that closely at her because I find them all a bit dull, but she does look old for her age, and it’s her eyebrows that aren’t helped. They need to be shortened, and made less heavy, and someone needs to try and thread/tweeze an arch into them. And I can’t agree with the knockout figure thing – being slim and having a great figure are two different things. She’s slim but nothing incredible, and her bum looks quite flat in that pic of her in the white jeans. AND WHY IS SHE WEARING WHITE JEANS?!?! Do Sloanes STILL have to model themselves on Princess Di circa 1986?!

  72. Oh the Humanity says:

    I always thought she was the older sister

  73. Talita says:

    I like her

  74. leslie kenyon says:

    I am so happy to find other people who agree with me that these sisters are way over rated. But I agree with the person who thought Kate has gotten prettier since the engagement. Before she was pretty but nothing special pretty.

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