Benicio del Toro “was not happy” to learn that Kimberly Stewart was preggo


I have been truly surprised by the lack of coverage given to Benicio del Toro and Kimberly Stewart’s unplanned pregnancy. He’s an Oscar winner, and he boned Scarlett Johansson in an elevator. She’s the daughter of a rock star and she was once BFFs with Paris Hilton. This should totally be a bigger story. Specifically, I want to know if the pregnancy was the result of a one night stand socked in alcohol (and more) or if it was actually a “they fooled around quite a few times” sort of relationship. Barely anyone is talking, though. Benicio’s rep confirmed the news more than a month ago, and The Mail followed up half-heartedly, saying that Kimberly had been offered a reality show where the focus would be on how she’s raising Benicio’s kid as a single mom, while living with her dad Rod Stewart. This week’s Star Magazine had a scrap of a story in this week’s issue, but I’ll take anything I can get:

Kimberly Stewart is expecting Benicio del Toro’s baby later this year, but don’t bother passing out any congratulatory cigars.

“Benicio was not happy about the news that Kimberly was pregnant,” a source close to the noncouple tells Star. Publicly, Benicio is attempting to appear he wants to be a doting dad. But the sources counters, “He’s just not the settling down type and has never wanted kids. He made it crystal clear to Kimberly that they were just having a ‘no-strings-attached’ fling.”

While the source claims Kimberly, 31, is a realist and knew Benicio’s viewpoint going into the situation, she has found some comfort with loved ones, especially her mom, Alana, and her rocker dad, Rod.

“Her family has been amazing. They are rallying around her and being very supportive.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

So according to this source their relationship was a “no-strings-attached fling”. That resulted in a pregnancy. Seriously? I know Benicio doesn’t look all that bright, but I’ve always considered him an intelligent man. How does a half-way intelligent dude have a “no-strings-attached fling”… WITHOUT PROTECTION? Gross, gross, gross.

By the way, I do have a theory as to why we aren’t getting much info about Kimberly and Benicio – it’s because of January Jones! Her (married) baby-daddy blind item is more exciting than (somewhat) established paternity.




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58 Responses to “Benicio del Toro “was not happy” to learn that Kimberly Stewart was preggo”

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  1. brin says:

    Ok, he is starting to look like a werewolf and she just looks wacko.
    Neither of them don’t seem too bright if they didn’t bother to use protection. Poor embryo.

  2. Anna says:

    She may be even more useless than Paris Hilton. She’s probably only having the baby because motherhood is the ultimate whitewash and will give her another excuse not to find a job.

  3. Quest says:

    That first pic is creeping me out.

  4. BRE says:

    Yeah, if he didn’t want a baby than he should be responsible enough to use a condom and not expect her to take care of things. If she does get a reality show (which I doubt) I’m sure she will get all “oh it’s so hard to be a single mom” crap even though her dad has always supported her and she has never had to really work to support herself.
    I don’t understand these rich parents that give their children everything and never expect them to make something of themselves, don’t they see that they are just raising spoiled, self-centered adults that really do not add anything to society expect perhaps a sex tape.

  5. Hautie says:

    Well she gets credit for not calling the paparazzi every time she leaves the house.

    And if poor lil’ Benicio didn’t want kids. Get a vasectomy. Snip*Snip!

  6. originalgracie says:

    @Brin: “Poor embryo.” Indeed!! I totally co-sign that thought! I feel for all the poor embryos who will be born into capricious relationships.

    Sometimes it works out great if you have loving people to raise the child. I hope like hell that Kimberly has amazing people on her end to make that happen.

    It’s interesting that Rod’s marriage to Alana produced the two most slacker kids ever: Kimberly and Sean. These children have learned zero about life or responsibility in their lives. Dad bails them out time after time.

    I hope this baby wakes Kim the hell up and she finally realizes that she needs to get off her ass and out of fantasyland and be a real person. I mean, how long can you let Dad pay the bills? It’s gross.

  7. originalgracie says:

    And Sean Stewart is like the grossest slacker kid ever. Barf.

  8. launicaangelina says:

    I, too, want more details! I don’t understand the lack of coverage.

  9. Dorothy says:

    It’s called condoms Benicio!

  10. Ruby says:

    Wrap that sh*t up seriously. I had a conversation with a male friend about why some guys don’t like to use condoms. Some crap about it feels better natural. But maybe deep down these guys like the thrill of maybe catching some disease or worse HIV. Yes there are people out there like that. Gross. Maybe these men are simply happy to fork over money for the next 18 years. So many stories about these “unplanned” (it’s assumed they are). Image all the STDs floating that go unreported with these celebs. Ewwww.
    I hope this little baby is loved.

  11. Eowyn says:

    It could be a mistake during ONE night. It happen to EVERYBODY! Everybody Forget one time in their life to use condom so this!
    Then, she could have think, it is here, I will keep it because it could be my only chance to have one!
    You just like to jump to everybody without analyse other options.
    And SHE is also responsible, she could have told him she takes pill an forget it (that’s also happen to every woman at least one time in her life!).

  12. azurea says:

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: sometimes birth control FAILS! Not that I think that’s what happened in this case…

  13. fabgrrl says:

    Jebus! Men, if you don’t want kids, wear a condom or get a vasectomy! Or both!

    Personally, I would be all for men getting free vasectomies at 18, or 16, or whenever they *think* about becoming sexually active. Followed by a free reversal whenever they ask for it.

    {Okay, I’m ranting. I know vasectomies aren’t always simple, safe procedures for every man – my husband is one of those few guys for whom a vas. would be major, painful surgery and could have bad consequences. But MOST men can have it done easily, and have it reversed.}

    EDIT: And give girls an IUD or start their depo-provera when they get their first pap.

  14. Heather says:

    Condom could have broke as well.

  15. Hollowdoll says:

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, he’s turning into Wolfman Jack.

    We don’t know exactly what happened. If he never wanted kids you would think he would be extra careful. I know I have been.

  16. Fabianne says:

    What makes you think he didn’t use protection? What about her? Maybe she’s the one who wasn’t all that responsible contraception-wise.

  17. Pamela says:

    It is absolutely true that sometimes birth control fails….BUT…we there are WAY too many unplanned pregnancies out there. A good portion of them have to be due to stupidity. (maybe this one was, maybe it wasn’t)

    Even if the woman IS on b/c, why aren’t these men wearing condoms? The stat for herpes alone is 1 in 4 adults, aren’t these people worried about more than JUST unplanned pregnancies. And to think of all the married men that knock up some starlet (ahem, January Jones). If I found out my husband was having an affair and was using a codom, I’m not sure which aspect would enrage me more.

  18. Nikki says:

    Return of the Wolfman!

  19. Alix says:

    Contraception might have failed, but the quote makes it sound more like he’s pissed (like it’s someone’s fault). Moron should remember that this unwanted kid of his will be able to read someday, and learn exactly how much his father didn’t want him. A more appropriate response would be surprise (“We were using protection!”) and a statement to the fact that, while he and the baby’s mother have no plans to continue as a couple, he is, of course, going to fulfill all his responsibilities to his unborn child.

  20. Jeanette says:


    But I bet he’s been saying that every day since he got the news…

    Kim seems like one of those whiney swf types to me that you see in the movies..constantly scheming on something.

  21. ladybert62 says:

    If you dont want kids, use birth control! Condoms dont hurt and are cheap; birth control pills dont hurt and are not cheap but she has the moola to afford them.

    The unplanned for surprise child gets my sympathy here – no one else does.

  22. Mizz Tickles says:

    He’ll change his mind once he sees his little one – I think will be a girl.

  23. Rhiley says:

    Poor embryo :-(

  24. Alaska says:

    I love the pictures that you choose! The thumbnail pic of her w/ crazy eyes and then the first creepy pic of Benicio are hilarious!

  25. TRT says:

    Benicio is cool. I really don’t get it how he got attracted to this empty headed imbecile and had sex with her?????!!!!!&&&%$^#

    I really thought he had a bit more class and …. and a bit more taste….

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    Hey, Beni – there are ways to prevent that, you know? As so many of my illustrious fellow-commenters have pointed out: wrap it up, get it snipped, or stop being a man-ho. Easy stuff here, dude.

  27. beth says:

    imagine, he’ll have to deal with her on-and-off in matters regarding the baby for YEARS. and then the occasional convenient opportunities for sex given their unusual shared parenthood arrangement, which i’m sure have already worn out their welcome by now, and one of them will have to keep tactfully declining, because noone who’s up for casual sex is always going to be in sync with potential stand-in. so some crankiness foreseen.

    im bein sooo mean. valium’s fault.

  28. anti says:

    she has crazy,crazy eyes.

    poor kiddo. :(

  29. Maritza says:

    Well if he never wanted kids he should get a vasectomy! Benicio used to be so handsome, now with that werewolf look he is just plain creepy.

  30. jc126 says:

    Every time I see him, I want to make him take a nap for about a month.

  31. Angelina says:

    Stevie Nicks said the baby is a girl to be called Sophia so i hope he is there for his daughter

  32. Dingles says:

    He is an idiot, and even the thought that he didn’t use a condom with a chick that’s been passed around more than the common cold is incredible. Kimberly played the game and now she has her daddy funding her spoiled lifestyle as well as financial support for the next 18 years from Benicio. If men are stupid enough to be duped by uneducated trash like this, I say they get what they deserve.

  33. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    he needs a shot of restylane into his eyebags..

    Just saying…………….

  34. Victoria says:

    Benicio, tengo dos consejos para ti:
    1. Si no quieres hijos usa preservativos
    2. Tu hijo esta en camino, mejor que te involucres y seas parte de su vida. Por ejemplo: acompanya a la madre al obstreta.

    (In English so I don’t get censored: Benicio, I have two advices for you:
    1. If you don’t want children use condoms
    2. Your son is on his way, what about getting involved in his life. For example: go with the mother to her visits to the OB.)

  35. fancyamazon says:

    @Eowyn I agree. It’s very easy to say “use condoms, duh” and he shouldn’t have left it up to her, but she had some responsibility there as well. And as we should have learned by now, “nature will out”. Meaning that sex in it’s most basic sense is to create life. So sometimes, no matter what we do to try to stop it, it happens anyway. We’ll never know what these two did or didn’t do or talk about.

    Same with the January thing, really.

  36. Amy says:

    We are assuming a lot by saying they didn’t use protection. I imagine he’s been around the block quite a bit (especially if he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel with her) and hadn’t knocked anyone up until now.

    So, maybe he was foolish or maybe it was an accident. Or, maybe she replaced her pills with tic-tacs. :D

    One thing is clear — That’s gonna be an *interesting* looking child.

  37. 4Real says:

    Well WHO WOULD be happy about knocking up that trash?

  38. Joe's Mom says:

    Whatever their relationship was and whatever the details are, they feel it is a private matter and don’t feel like talking. Their friends apparently have their backs and don’t feel compelled to blab, either. I’m sure everyone’s fine with it, and the baby will be fine too.

  39. Sparkly says:

    You guys do know that condoms (and BC) aren’t 100% effective, right? Unplanned pregnancies do happen even when you’re actively protecting against them. It just really bothers me to see people calling them idiots, stupid, or uneducated when we don’t know the circumstances.

    A bit of a touchy subject, as I had both condoms AND hormonal bc fail. Honestly, if he’s as much of a horndog as it’s always sounded, I’m surprised it took this long to happen.

  40. TeeTee says:

    Rod will be raising another child, smdh.

    hopefully she wasn’ drugging and is clean now.

  41. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Then he should have kept it in his pants, dumbass!

  42. Chris says:

    Oh stop your whining, Benny. A lot guys would be delighted to get their hooks into her via an unexpected pregnancy. It’s not like you got drunk and knocked up Susan Boyle.

  43. Kim says:

    File this under DUHHHHHHH! Of course he wasnt happy esp since she got preggers on purpose/knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

    Benicio if you didnt want kids you should have put a condom on! or dont have sex!

  44. AM says:

    Ofcourse Kimbo was going to keep the baby what else is there for her to do but live off her father and Benicio’s money – and this is how she will stay relevant. A reality show? (she wishes!).I agree with the comments here if Benicio didn’t want kids he should’ve of got a vasectomy. He was asked about his impending fatherhood and he said “we’re just going to work that one day by day” – doesn’t sound like a delighted father to be. Looking at recent pics of him he looks like shit (probably too much alcohol)so it’s no surprise he knocked up someone like Kimbo.

  45. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @fabgrrrl, head on over to the botox mom thread on page four and check out my love letter to you, if you haven’t already.

    @brin “he’s starting to look like a werewolf”

    that’s part of his appeal ;)

    @originalgracie “I hope this baby wakes Kim the hell up and she finally realizes that she needs to get off her ass and out of fantasyland and be a real person. I mean, how long can you let Dad pay the bills? It’s gross.”

    I believe it will be quite the opposite. The lazy is strong with this one. Daddy will pay for a nanny because being a rich, entitled single mom is soooo hard and the child support money from Benecio will pay her credit card bills (since she’s not responsible for a mortgage or utilities living at casa de Rod).

  46. Isa says:

    Condoms break but what about Plan B? Other forms of birth control should be used in monogamous relationships.
    And can I just say that vasectomies don’t always work. My husband has a little brother thanks to a failed one. He even had it done again by a different doctor and it still didn’t work so he’s given up. It’s really rare but talk about super sperm!

    It does seem like there are so many pregnancies in Hollywood that no one is using protection but we don’t know what went down in the bedroom that night(s).

  47. Carolyn says:

    Some people are terminally boring no matter what scandles they try to drum up. Kimberley is one of these people. I hope she has the decently to learn real parenting skills – methinks Benicio isn’t going to be around much in this child’s life.

  48. AM says:

    Is this what nightmares are made of?

  49. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Babies are big business in Hollywood. No one would be talking about them otherwise. There are accidental pregnancies, but some are the result of denial. Maybe she wanted a baby and behaved carelessly. Now that she’s pregnant, she’s relevant.

  50. Angelina says:

    Benicio should be happy i mean this is the first publicity he has had in ages

    He barely works these days and when he does they are not hit movies so this puts him back in the press i think a lot of folk probably forgot about him

  51. AM says:

    I think he would’ve been happy if she didn’t go ahead with the pregnancy

  52. Crash2GO2 says:

    “EDIT: And give girls an IUD or start their depo-provera when they get their first pap.”

    Whoa, that’s a pretty eugenic stance on birth control.

  53. Camille says:

    Have people forgotten about ‘the morning after pill’? If a condom breaks or whatever go to your doctor and get it!
    I actually think you can get it from the pharmacy now without a prescription, well I’m pretty sure in New Zealand you can anyway.

  54. FCss says:

    he should’ve kept it in his pants!

  55. duh says:

    @ Camille: but why would she take ‘the morning after pill’? Isn’t it reserved for people who don’t want to have a baby? I don’t think that a girl in her 30s coming from a family with money would get rid of a baby just because it was an accident. It’s not the XIX century when a single woman with a baby would be ostracized. Especially when the father of the baby is a rich and successful man. Also the baby will not stop her career because she has none. It’s a perfect timing for her to have this baby.

  56. ViktoryGin says:

    Oops. Betcha wish you’d kept it in your pants, huh, Beni?

    I know he’s pissed right now. Stewart is not his type AT ALL. He tends to date mature, sophisticated women.

    And very much has a type: dark-haired Italian women.

    This is obviously a case of “hit it and quit it” gone wrong.

  57. AM says:

    @ViktoryGin – Kimbo is his type he likes easy women and she likes rich men. Nuff said!

  58. Meg says:

    I know Benicio doesn’t look all that bright, but I’ve always considered him an intelligent man. How does a half-way intelligent dude have a “no-strings-attached fling”… WITHOUT PROTECTION?
    some people get abortions like they’re going to get a haircut= no big deal. maybe that’s what he expected her to do if this happened