Octomom doctor loses license for implanting *12* embryos in her

I realize Octomom is old news and good riddance to that lying, conniving, plastic witch. Whenever I hear about her now I think of that disgusting spanking video she was in that TMZ posted. (Warning on this link, it’s technically SFW but will haunt your dreams.) I’m kind of surprised she hasn’t pulled more famewhore moves lately.


Anyway when this creature first hit the scene she insisted that she was implanted with six embryos and that two of them split or somehow grew into a couple of extra babies. Fertility experts asserted that this wasn’t possible or was at least highly unlikely. Suleman has denied all responsibility for having eight babies at once, and has saidhow am I supposed to know more than one would grow?” It’s hard to keep up with her various lies, but her publicist quit last year and alleged that she had 11 embryos implanted in an attempt to get rich and famous. We know how well that worked out for her, the bitch is deep in debt and her house is in foreclosure.

The good news is that Suleman’s fertility doctor, who ignored that his client was crazy, unemployed and a single mom with six kids at home, has had his license revoked. We’ve previously heard that he implanted seven embryos in a 49 year-old, which is incredibly risky for all parties to say the least, and that he’s been sued six times. It turns out that he of course didn’t just implant six embryos in Suleman, he implanted 12!

California will yank the medical license of the Beverly Hills fertility doctor who implanted 12 embryos into “Octomom” Nadya Suleman three years ago.

Dr. Michael Kamrava will lose his license effective July 1, said the state Medical Board, in a decision more severe than an administrative law judge’s recommendation that Kamrava get probation for five years.

At a hearing last year, Kamrava apologized for implanting the embryos into Suleman instead of referring the 33-year-old unemployed single mother of six to a mental-health evaluation.

The board found that Kamrava “did not exercise sound judgment” in treating Suleman and two other patients – a 48-year-old who had complications after becoming pregnant with quadruplets and a 42-year-old who contracted ovarian cancer after fertility treatments.

The board found that Kamrava “committed gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, and incompetence.”

Kamrava’s attorneys had argued that Suleman could have terminated some of the fetuses, that the negative publicity surrounding the Octomom case is a sufficient deterrent, and that Kamrava had learned his lesson.

[From People]

At least this doctor has been exposed and discredited. Suleman will have to find someone else to give her more babies to add to her brood of 14, and don’t think that’s not coming. Last year when the news broke that Kamrava could potentially get his license revoked, she askedWhat am I going to do if I ever want to go back?” She has never ruled out having more children.


Micheal M Kamrava Director of Embryo Implantation, leaves his cl

Octomom is shown at the “Celebrity Charity Tabloid Roast” on 5/31/11. Credit: Josephine Santos/Pacific Coast News. Dr. Kamrava is shown outside his clinic on 2/9/09. Credit: SplashNews

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  1. jackie says:

    As a doctor, I am happy with this outcome. Fertility is a tricky subject, and some think that a few ethical lines are blurred, but it was complete negligence to implant so many embryos, in an unstable person.

    He should have acted on behalf of the children, and on her health – 12 embryos, even if not all are carried to term, is a ridiculous risk on a body.

  2. fabgrrl says:

    He is like a real life Dr. Nick, from the Simpsons. I’m so glad this happened, I just wish he were facing criminal charges as well.

  3. TRT says:

    He should support all those kids as a punishment, not tax payers.

    She looks ugly after loosing all baby weight.

  4. vanessa says:

    I feel sorry for those kids, they have absolutely no hope for a good and stable life. I wish the dcfs would step in but I guess they can’t since there’s no abuse..

  5. Whatever says:

    At a hearing last year, Kamrava apologized for implanting the embryos into Suleman instead of referring the 33-year-old unemployed single mother of six to a mental-health evaluation.


    This statement pretty much proves to me that he knew he was dealing with a mentally unstable person who needed attention from a mental health professional.

    I completely agree that he should have some financial obligation here. He should be sued on behalf of the children and the money used to purchase them a home in a trust for the kids and provide the essentials. It isn’t the kids’ fault and only about 50% the mother’s fault.

    These doctors who provide unethical treatments, supply celebs with drugs, etc, all belong in prison! As far as taking the kids away, life in foster care or a group home/orphanage is no picnic and more kids than we like to admit are abused in those situations, often by other kids. Taking them away is not an option.

  6. Laurie says:

    How can Nadya still deny having plastic surgery? Her face has completely morphed over the past few years.

  7. uknowuloveme says:

    they are both deranged

  8. judyjudy says:

    Sick and sad.

  9. Roma says:

    @Whatever: While I understand your theory including being financially responsible, there is no way that Octomom is only 50% responsible. It was her choice to have (many) more babies when she already couldn’t take care of the ones she had.

    He’s a shitty doctor, but she appears to be a shitty human being.

  10. anon33 says:


    must go burn it now….

  11. LindaR says:

    How is it that sick freaks can always find each other and wreak havoc in other peoples lives, in this case the lives of the babies that were created. I hate humans, sometimes.

  12. Isa says:

    anon33- Don’t go burn your tank top! It looks better on you anyway!

    This is good news. Ugh. Still can’t believe he did this. It’s like he wanted some of the fame too. Sick, sick people.

  13. Tammi says:

    She looks so different, what did she do to her face?

  14. lucy2 says:

    I can’t believe it’s taken this long. As soon as the story came out, everyone questioned why the doctor willingly participated. I hope his license was at least suspended up until this point so he wasn’t able to do more harm in the meantime.

  15. Lady D says:

    Jackie, this sentence of yours: “but it was complete negligence to implant so many embryos, in an unstable person.”
    I don’t like to argue with a doctor but wouldn’t it be complete negligence to implant that many embryos is a stable person as well? What reason could there be for implanting that many embryos in anybody? Or is this common practice, to implant approximately that many in the hopes of having one child? I know very little about reproduction issues, but this seems incredibly negligent, if not criminal behaviour on the part of the doctor. The dr. and patient decide together how many get implanted I assume, but doesn’t the dr. have the final say? If a woman insists on having 3 embryos implanted and the dr. knows this could potentially kill the patient, who gets what they want?

  16. gg says:

    Well, it’s about time – what took them so long?

    I wonder if she’s quit spending money on the gym like Suze Ormann told her to on Oprah. Also, She’s jacked her forehead because her eyebrows look totally different. I think she got her eyes done.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    Well, that’s a step in the right direction. Now, who’s going to remove her uterus? Anyone?

    (I’d volunteer, but I’m not a doctor.)

  18. Whatever says:

    @Whatever: While I understand your theory including being financially responsible, there is no way that Octomom is only 50% responsible. It was her choice to have (many) more babies when she already couldn’t take care of the ones she had.


    @Roma, I disagree because I think she has an underlying mental issue that makes her hoard babies. I don’t think that absolves her of responsibility, but she is impaired (based on my sofa psych analysis) 🙂 so I wonder if she was clear headed enough to make that choice. And his admission that he should have referred her for a mental health evaluation proves that he knew she wasn’t all there mentally, yet he chose to implant her anyway. That is medical negligence and doctors have a responsibility to do no harm. I think we can all agree that harm was done to 15 people in this case.

  19. Lisa Turtle says:

    How has DYFS not taken those children away from that woman? Disgusting, all around.

  20. firefly says:

    WHO keeps giving this woman free money to spend on herself and the budget Angelina plastic surgeries?!

  21. Cheyenne says:

    @Lisa Turtle: They can’t take the kids away unless there is evidence of abuse and/or neglect, and so far there has been no evidence of either. I don’t know how well adjusted they are and wouldn’t care to hazard a guess, but in every picture I’ve seen of them they all looked healthy and well-fed.

    Just the fact that all eight survived infancy is a miracle.

  22. Micki says:

    Lady Di (13)

    I think doctors implant 3 embrios as the survival chances are not high for various reasons. Usually 1 baby survives, sometimes if they are too many (3-4-5) doctors decide to terminate the weaker fetus in order to inhance the chances for the rest.I have never heard about a doctor, who implanted 12 embrios!It’s clearly a crime even if she has a perfect health and no issues.
    There was a woman in UK about 10 years ago, who willingly went through all, got 3 embrios, one died and she got 2 babies.Then the stupid bitch SUED the hospital because she bargained only for one!As if it’s a precise science like math.
    I am all for every woman’s chance to have a baby if she wishes but the ethical aspects should be regarded as 50% of the final decision.