Arnold Schwarzenegger hires a divorce attorney, is he ready to face reality?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially hired a high-powered divorce attorney, just two weeks after the news came out that this now-estranged wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver, hired her own celebrity divorce attorney, Laura Wasser. Arnold has retained Bob Kaufman, who has represented Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson in their divorces. This is a real turnaround for Arnold, whose last public statement had him saying he still loved Maria and sounding like he was holding out for a reconciliation. This was of course before all that “lovechild” business broke and before we heard other sordid details about all the women Arnold was screwing on the side. Surprisingly, only one other mistress has come out publicly, though, suggesting that The Governator either kept it in his pants most of the time except for the maid (unlikely) or paid off his side pieces to keep quiet, as he did with the housekeeper.

Yesterday Arnold was seen outside a hotel in Santa Monica, where he met with his daughters Christina, 19, and Katherine, 20, for about an hour and a half. Paparazzi agency X17 is speculating that it was a “divorce pow wow” in light of the news that Arnold has hired a lawyer. That’s likely, although we have no way of knowing what they discussed.

The Huffington Post reports that the “Schwarzenegger-Shriver divorce could be one of the most expensive celebrity divorces to date, with their combined net worth estimated at $500 million.” That’s a lot of money to divide. We still haven’t heard anything about Mel Gibson’s divorce, and his net worth is somewhere significantly north of that at around $900 million.

Maria Shriver stepped out on Tuesday without her wedding ring. There were also photos of her on Memorial day without her ring, but this time she held her left hand up for the paparazzi to send a clear message that she wasn’t clinging to her marriage in any way. It looks like Arnold has come around on that issue as well. I’m kind of surprised that he’s facing reality. He’s been leading a double life for years, but now that he’s been caught I find it hard to believe that he’d just concede that he needs to get a divorce. He must have been so deep in denial and delusion for years and that doesn’t just go away when someone gets busted.




Maria Shriver photo credit: Brabus, Arnold is shown out riding his motorcycle with a buddy on 5/30/11. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. machiavelli says:

    We saw this with Jesse Whatshisname. At first he was all rehab and oh Sandra please come back. He quickly got over it, didn’t he?

  2. devilgirl says:

    Maria needs some stockings on those legs. Bare legs are not for her.

  3. Quest says:

    I hope she takes him to the cleaners.

  4. N.D. says:

    Why do you think he was in delusion about their marriage? My take is he married her not for love but for convenience. He got everything he wanted from this marriage while living life to the full on the side as well. Now, his political career is over, kids are mostly crown up, he can afford being single again. Sure, he wouldn’t divorce her on his own, but he doesn’t need her in his life all that much anymore so he wouldn’t have problem facing a reality and being practical about it (hiring a lawyer).

  5. LindaR says:

    I hope his dick falls off. It’s one thing to be a serial cheater, quite another to produce children as a result of the cheating. Adults create the mess, the children are innocents that get thrown into it. Not to mention how disgusted Arnie’s grown children with Maria must feel knowing what a horndog there father is and that the media is all over it. The majority of offspring don’t even like to consider that their parents have sex. An unrealistic expectation but, nevertheless, true.

  6. dorothy says:

    The dickhead should have faced reality when the child was born. Instead he hid it for years from his wife and children. I hope she wipes him out in the divorce.

  7. Crash2GO2 says:

    LOL @LindaR!

    I think her legs look fine. Tan. Why should she cover them?

    Go Maria! We’ve got your back (at least most of us)!

  8. LunaT says:

    Uh, from his behavior, it’s safe to say he hasn’t been facing reality for a while. Decades.

    cosign w/Crash on Maria’s legs.

  9. jacq says:

    She is like a female Predator, doesn’t her face seem like those chisled cheekbones could open up at any second? Yuck
    Arnold looks like a wax figure of himself and, yeah, his dick should fall off.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    @ LindaR & Luna T – Co-sign!

    I don’t think Arnie and reality have been close in quite awhile. Two prime examples:

    The budget mess in CA;
    His “home” life.

  11. Kate says:

    This divorce will cost him at least half of that $300 mil as well as at LEAST a decade of spousal support (Marriage of long standing in CA) at a rate that she is currently accustomed to – that doesn’t even include any child support. My question is WHY DID SHE STAY SO LONG??