One of Arnold’s mistresses details his M.O., says he was screwing Total Recall actress

The Arnold mistress that got lawyered up with Gloria Allred, Gigi Goyette, has gone to the National Enquirer and given a very detailed account of her affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which began when she was just 16 and was rekindled many years later when he was newly married to Maria Shriver. They supposedly had a seven year affair, with sex sessions that sometimes went down right under Maria’s nose. Gigi says that Maria had no clue, and that she met her and Maria was very nice to her. Plus Gigi had a female friend who confessed to sleeping with Arnold too, and she suspects he was sleeping with at least one other woman. Goyette gave the Enquirer some cheesy bikini photos of herself and she looks pretty trashy and fame-hungry. She also has photos with Arnold to support her side of the story. She’s probably the second in a long line of women we’re about to meet. As we heard earlier today she’s also told the British press she knows of at least a dozen other women that Arnold slept with during his long marriage to Maria.

For all of you who have questioned what Maria knew – I believe that she could have been in the dark this whole time. Smart women have been fooled by sweet-talking cheating husbands since the beginning of time. It’s our tendency to trust the men we love and there is no reason to trash Maria because of her famous political family and misplaced loyalty. (In hindsight.)

However, I do have to mention that the Enquirer’s source claims to have secondhand knowledge that Maria found out about Arnold’s affair with a friend of hers. That detail is near the bottom of the quoted text below. Maybe she thought it was an isolated thing and that he’d gotten it out of his system. Who knows what kind of lies he fed her.

Here’s part of The Enquirer’s story, with more in their print edition with Oprah’s love triangle on the cover:

On when she was 16 and hooked up with a then 28 year-old Arnold
“I’d made love before, but never with anyone like Arnold. He was a perfect Adonis – he had the most amazing body I’d ever seen in my life!”

On how they had sex again in 1989 in the same hotel where Maria was staying
Arnold had been married to Maria… three years at the time, but he still made a beeline for Gigi…

“He leaned over to me and, in a whisper, asked if I wanted to come up to his room for a nightcap.” It was the start of seven years of secret sexual trysts. But that night Arnold didn’t want the type of sex they’d enjoyed when Gigi was 17.

Arnold tried to pull a Clintonian “it’s not sex sex”
“I gave Arnold a massage, and then we had oral sex. Arnold explained that he couldn’t have full intercourse – just what he called ‘outercourse,’” Gigi recalled.

All that flew out the window the next year
Gigi returned to the same event the following year and checked into [a hotel]. Her heart sank when Arnold arrived not only with his wife, but his in-laws…

“I was in the lobby when they walked in, and Arnold introduced me to all of them. Maria shook hands with me. She was polite and friendly, but I was dying!”

Later that night, the group met in the bar and smoked cigars, Gigi said.

“Finally, Maria left and Arnold whispered to me. ‘Go to your room. I’ll see you there,’” Gigi recalled.

When he showed up, Gigi expressed her worries and meeting in the same hotel where his wife was staying.

“But Arnold took me in his arms and neither of us could deny our strong attraction,” she said. “He stayed with me for an hour and we had the most amazing sex session. Then he went back to Maria.”

On how he invited her to the Total Recall set but was screwing an actress there too
Arnold invited Gigi to Mexico City where he was still making “Total Recall,” she said.

She flew down with her mother, and after they had a sushi dinner with Arnold, he called Gigi in her hotel room and invited her to his room for another “nightcap.”

“I gave him a massage and we made love for two hours until he made the excuse that he had an early call on the set.”

But the trip ended badly when Gigi suspected that Arnold was having an affair with an actress.

“I was supposed to have dinner with Arnold one night, but he canceled at the last minute. I found out later that he was having a ‘private rehearsal’ with an actress instead.”

Her friend was sleeping with Arnold too and Maria found out
Gigi claims she got hit with a huge bombshell while having dinner with a new pal…

“My friend said she’d made love with Arnold in a car. But somehow Maria found out. Arnold then got rid of the woman,” Gigi said.

Gigi ended her affair with Arnold in 1996 after falling in love with another man.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, May 30, 2011]

This is a small glimpse into Arnie’s M.O. He introduces a lover to his wife like she’s just a friend and then screws her for an hour and goes back to his wife. He invites a mistress to join him in Mexico even though he’s married, and then proceeds to ignore the mistress for some actress he’s screwing on the side too. It’s all really skeevy and underhanded, and there’s no reason to blame his poor wife for sticking by him and believing him. We don’t know how he acted behind closed doors or what he told her.

Update: As Roma pointed out in the comments, the mistress claims that she suspected Arnold was having an affair with an actress in his 1990 film Total Recall, with whom he had a “private rehearsal” session one night. His costars included Sharon Stone and Rachel Ticotin, who is now on Law and Order: LA. He seems to have a preference for brunettes, not that it matters, and Sharon is a blonde. Ticotin was single at the time.

Here’s a picture of the woman from the Enquirer cover. She looks pretty trashy, but she was cute when she was younger. You can see another photo of her with Arnold here.


Header photo from 2007. Photo above from 2009. Credit:

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  1. sue says:

    He’s a real piece of work. And we thought Tiger was bad….

  2. mln76 says:

    She must have caught him more than once but based on the way that Maria was raised in a family where philandering was accepted I think she knew how to stay in denial and not ask any questions that she didn’t want answers to whether she was conscious of it or not.

  3. Roma says:

    So – she totally just said that he was sleeping with one of the actresses in Total Recall, right??

  4. Celebitchy says:

    Yes Roma! let’s figure out who it was…

  5. strawberrygirl says:

    Perhaps I’m alone on this, but what good does it do by coming forward with all this? Maria knows he’s trash and so do we, but he has four kids. They don’t deserve to be humiliated by knowing how many women he cheated on their mother with.

  6. Anna says:

    Good god she looks like Iggy Pop.

  7. Caity says:

    He definitely has a thing for mannish women, doesn’t he?

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    Again I say: Let us not start the Elin-like slamming of Maria about how she “must have known.” Men (people in general) can be V.E.R.Y.S.N.E.A.K.Y. when they have something to hide. So just stop.

    @ Roma & CB – Alright, ladies. Who was in that turd-fest besides Sharon Stone? I don’t “recall” – ha! ;)

    And Arnold is a card-carrying member of the SSHO (Stupid Shit of the Highest Order.) Apparently, there’s a club.

  9. ZenB says:

    “Goyette gave the Enquirer some cheesy bikini photos of herself and she looks pretty trashy and fame-hungry”

    I was going to sarcastically say “ya think? She slept with a married man,” but like the last one I am shocked with how trashy she really is at least in the recent photo. I think Ahnuld had issues with Maria’s class.

    As for whether she knew or not, I think she knew, I think she thought she could live with it – after all she was raised to turn a blind eye. However, the child being conceived under her own roof was too much.

    I’m not judging. I’m not a fan of the men in her family but we are all products of our environment.

  10. ZenB says:

    @Roma and @Celebitchy this is from way back of my memory banks (which means I could totally be wrong…

    but I thought he and Rachel Ticotin were an item way back when. She was the muscly brunette. Considering she played his lover and a hooker, they could have totally been “rehearsing”.

  11. Toe says:

    Gigi, sex with arnold must have probably been HOT!….just not only with you!! I wonder who the “actress” was he was meeting for private rehearsal? (eyeing sharon stone)

  12. Quest says:

    You might think at least one of these women he had affairs with would look hot, but ewww…all of them look wasted.

    His affair was rumored to be with “RACHEL TICOTIN” during Total Recall not Sharon Stone

    I keep gagging when I read Arnold’s quotes and keep thinking that he did it in the Terminators voice/accent – “Go to your room, I’ll see you there,’ according to Gigi

  13. sandy says:

    is anyone else surprised? we knew there were more, this is not going to end well, sorry for the kids involved.

  14. Hollowdoll says:

    He’s a worthless dick.
    And since we all know I’m going to hell.
    When I look at her all I can think of is this.

  15. Solveig says:

    I bet he was screwing the three-boobed woman on the set of Total Recall.

  16. 4Real says:

    He has a type…MANLY type…we sure there aren’t any MEN in this harem of his?

  17. Celebitchy says:

    @Zen and Quest – yes I updated with that too before I got your messages! I just looked at IMDB and she looks more his type.

  18. Andrea says:

    That broad looks like Mickey Rourke in drag!

  19. Miss Marie says:

    Maria had her reasons for staying in the marriage, just like Jackie and Joan before her. Her cousin Caroline is in a similiar “no hope” marriage. Don’t feel sorry for her. Women and men know these things – only the dumbest of dumb don’t figure it out. Don’t paint her out to be a saint. She comes across as very shrewd and bitchy.

  20. Miss Marie says:

    Remember, the Kennedys are powerful. Only recently did they try to block the Kennedy miniseries and nearly succeeded. They did win in many ways b/c it is now to be played on some mediocre cable station. They control the media. There is so much to this story, one will never know.

  21. brin says:

    This is going to be way worse than Tiger by the simple fact that Arnold has been on earth a lot longer.

  22. mln76 says:

    @Miss Marie I don’t think she’s a saint but in this case Arnold courted her because marrying a Kennedy gave him connections and prestige and in part made him believable as a candidate ( I know he’s a Republican ). I am pretty sure he’s even admitted he worshiped them from affair since they are the closest thing the U.S. has to a royal family (especially to Arnold’s generation).

    And she had her own high powered position at NBC that she gave up for his political career not a saint but a maytr (that’s not a compliment)

  23. MeriJaan says:

    Nothing but a filthy pig. Do they ever think about their children?? Sickening!

  24. Rhiley says:

    Yikes, the years have not been kind to this poor woman.

  25. Maritza says:

    The plot thickens, it just keeps getting better and better…
    I wonder how many more kids he has out there. I’d bet anything he did Maria Conchita Alonso when they did The Running Man.

  26. Roma says:

    I like how I read through the whole thing and all I took away was “blind item!” Nice detective work, ladies.

    I stand by my statement that Arnold is attracted to masculine women.

  27. grisgrisny says:

    I second the three boobied Martian!

  28. P.M. says:

    Wait a minute. She knows of “at least a dozen other women he had affairs with?” Is there some kind of skank scout troop? And when it comes to the other wo/men why is the sex always amazing? Just once I’d like to hear one say his name should be the premature ejaculator.

  29. Sumodo1 says:

    I met Maria when we were both 15 at a school one of her cousins went to. Her cousin told her I was “cool” so we were able to hang out. So, a few years later, she meets Arnold, who is 28, and I met a guy who was that same age. Listen to me girls, it has been HELL kicking that relationship. I totally get where Maria is at. You never forget what it feels like to be that age, and THAT is what you feel like with that man. I am barely over my guy, and I didn’t have children with him. My heart goes out to Maria.

  30. mln76 says:

    @ P M he was at least 40 during that time and he was sleeping with a 16 year old please let’s lay the blame where it belongs. But the premuture ejaculator comment PURE GOLD.

  31. Meghan says:

    I love that she got all pissed about him screwing the actress and left, like how dare he cheat on me!!!!

    Did these women not learn from the Tiger Woods drama? Coming out and giving your interviews and all that makes YOU look just as bad as Arnold.

    I actually watched part of The Kennedy’s miniseries. The plot and stuff was pretty good, but they did a terrible job with casting. Katie Holmes looked nothing like Jackie, I just sat there the entire time going “you’re not Jackie, you’re Katie!” And they made Greg Kinnear up so half the time he looked like Bobby Kennedy, then at some points he looked like a mix of Bobby/Bill Clinton/George W Bush.

  32. BrandyMc says:

    My vote is for Sharon Stone!

  33. Ellie says:

    He doesn’t gave very good taste in his mistresses, now does he? Kind of odd. And, these bitches should have come forward while he was running for office. FORSHAME on them! THey are worse than he is if you ask me.

  34. Cha Cha Loca says:

    These women make Maria look like a supermodel. Apparently his type is a fat pig with a seriously busted face. Damn…

  35. Robbie's Girl says:

    @Maritza I thought the same thing.

  36. TaylorB says:

    So he was banging an actress while making ‘Total Recall’? I wonder if it was Sharon Stone?

    He is such a dink.

  37. daria says:

    I’m not giving her excuses, but I do remember hearing her say years ago, that unlike her relatives who married nice Catholic boys, she had to be the one to fall for the brash hotshot. And the way she said it? Damn, even back then, you could tell she was implying she bit off more than she could chew at a young age.

    She met him very young, and he went after her with a vegeance. She had kids with him, and the one thing she asked off him(she said so herself) was that after the election, she wanted him to take time off from work and focus on her family.

    That sounds like a woman who was hoping to get her family back on track. Pipedreams with a pig like him, but it’s hard to tell someone who had three children with him otherwise. I feel for his family and his children outside of the marriage.

  38. daria says:

    ps: and as for his “tastes” in women. Read this article and includes an old quote from him that basically says he’s a horndog who will basically hump anything with a vagina, he has no standards:

  39. Bubbles says:

    i’m convinced that he’s just trying to sleep with himself. All these woman looks like him in drag with a few pounds added

  40. Sumodo1 says:

    She deserves our sympathy. This is a nice girl and a fellow journalist of mine. I am upset for her big-time.

  41. TaylorB says:

    You all are right, Stone probably isn’t the gal she doesn’t seem his type. No offense intended to Mildred, but he seems to prefer to step down on the attractive scale when he picks his mistresses rather than up.

  42. George says:

    I am seeing some mean comments about Maria’s looks.. huh? She is gorgeous, ok so she is a bit thin and needs some meat on her bones or she looks very gaunt but she is a very pretty woman.

    Arnold is the worst kind of guy. He is a groper and an intimidator. I have no doubt that SOME of these women were pressurised to sleep with him to keep their job or to further their career.

    Maria, sue this bastard for every penny, give interviews about how awful he is, show your girls that men should not treat their women like this.

  43. hatsumomo says:

    Maria knew. And I believe she didnt care, as long as they still had a facade to hide behind.

  44. Kate says:

    He sure loves his women FAT & UGLY!

  45. TaylorB says:

    I hope that my comment didn’t come as a comment on Marias looks, personally I think she is very attractive, classy, and smart. The mistress, I am sorry to say, but again this is just my opinion… not so much, I have seen stevedores that were more dainty.

  46. LindaR says:

    His mistresses are ugly, but so is he. I wouldn’t be able to stand having that steroidal jaw next to mine. He is gross.

  47. Madison says:

    This is 100% Arnie’s fault and any woman who would cheat with a married father is just as much a scumbag.

    Maria probably had no idea about the extent of Arnie’s cheating but she must have at least suspected at some point during their 25 year marriage that he was having an affair but chose to believe Arnie’s denials because he was her husband, most women are like that.

  48. DSMR says:

    The writing was on the wall. I shamefully admit too reading his Biography back in 1978. He was and is the Jesse James of the muscleheaded world. I’m positive there will be hordes of women coming forward, this guy doesn’t have the juice (pun intended) to hold back the dam about to break on him.

  49. yve says:

    The housekeepers son was supposed to be around their home so she surely must’ve had some idea as he is his spitting image

  50. teehee says:

    I like the blonde who gives the shots in the office. :) her clothes are nice LOL

  51. Quercus says:

    This story is just going to keep getting better, or worse I guess, depending on your point of view.

    In my opinion, he’s way worse than Tiger. He’s not only a philanderer, he’s also a serial sex abuser, which is far more offensive. And while Maria may have been unaware of the former, I don’t see how she could have denied the latter.

  52. Chris says:

    Rainier Wolfcastle has turned into Mayor Quimby. :)

  53. You don't say says:

    His other women look like Brunnhilda in Ride of the Valkyries. All they need are breast plates and a spear. Seems appropriate as he is from that part of the world. I always was annoyed by him, but this is just beyond the pale.

    Sad, sad, sad for the children involved. This is getting messier by the minute. Maria should get her children away from the press and try to protect them as much as possible. Same for any other children involved, as it may involve more than what we know.

  54. N.D. says:

    Arnold was well known for his womanizing ways way before he married Maria. And they were friends/acquaintances for a few years before marrying. She knew who he was. The whole world did. As some journalist commented on this situation “I’m yet to meet anyone who was surprised by this”.

    I’m not saying it to trash/blame Maria. There is nothing wrong with having an “understanding”. Understanding doesn’t equal to “no rules” though, just a different (from traditional monogamy) set of them. Clearly (from Maria’s reaction) Arnold broke some of them. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to provoke such a public scandal that hurts their kids for example.

  55. Deven says:

    He’s the same slime he always has been. Anyone who starts out in life grabbing people’s bodies in private places has nowhere to go but down. Working on his body was a means of gaining female eyes and then getting familiar so he could grope them. He’s a complete case of arrested development and for that alone, he should be embarrassed. I have no idea how Maria could cope with his mental disabilities.

  56. Kisha says:

    My god, I really feel for Maria. Even if she some of what was going on she must have loved the guy enough to stay. She appears to be highly intelligent and accomplished so I find it hard to believe that she knew about his dogging around. It is crazy that he got away with it for so long. It makes me crazy that these types of men walk the earth. Why get married if your just going to screw around and possibly infect your wife with some disease? How selfish!

  57. truthzbetta says:

    Egads, he reminds me of Bill Clinton. You have to wonder if some of these characters marry powerful women just to abuse them or what?

    He fooled me and it’s disappointing. People look for role models because we need them, and if you decide to be one like he did then Jeez you could live up just a little bit. You know he KNEW better b/c he was pretending so well.

    He could have changed his disgusting behavior in his twenties, thirties, or even forties when he knew how many people were idolizing him. He was a living Superman and it meant something.

    Anybody wondering if The Rock is a fraud too? He’s cultivating a strong family friendly heroic image with a sense of humor, he married a woman of substance who derailed him from an actual orgy he had been intending to go to, and for some (probably DAMN good reason) the powerful cool wife divorced him.

    Yes indeed, this is so Tiger Woods redux. Boo.

  58. truthzbetta says:


    I hope Maria and all the skeevy, low rent baby mamas and side pieces end up with all Arnie’s cash. Or better yet just give all his money to Maria and all the kids everywhere.

    It’s where the money belongs and it’s the only punishment Musclehead will understand.

  59. jen says:

    Arnold’s officially a Kennedy now.

  60. jill says:

    Maria knew. And as long as they could keep up the pretense of marriage for the public, she didn’t really care where Arnold was misplacing his dick. JMO.

    All I want is for Arnold not to benefit from this in any way. I’d like for this to be the end of his movie career. That would be satisfaction enuf for his abuses of power and privilege.

  61. beany says:

    These women are so trashy, when you detailed his wrong-doings keep it in mind that you are on the same boat, just because you are not as rich and famous as the other person doesn’t mean you should not hold your own level of dignity.

  62. chasingadalia says:

    Who the hell outside of Cosmo says the phrase “sex session”?

  63. Gina Makai says:

    I’m from Hungary(40 years ago) and Arnold from Austria. I have to tell you all, that I never liked him from day one I’d seen him on T.V. as a body builder. He just kind of presented an image of “all high and mighty”, it totally turn me off. I sure as hell wouldn’t have any relations with him even if had lots of money. however If I was rich I would’ve kicked his a** to the curb, without looking back~~Them Gold-digger.I have to say I’m almost the same age as him. To this day I wouldn’t touch him a ten foot pole. Lol.

  64. Kimbob says:

    WOW!!! That link CB provided that is a pic of Arnold and a younger Gigi Goyette…they look like THEY ARE FRATERNAL TWINS….geez!

    Yes, Arnold is disgusting, and like one blogger commented, he’d hump ANYTHING w/a vagina…that seems to be his only requirement. That Maria Baena has legs that look like TREE TRUNKS. All these revelations about Arnold are not surprising. I’d read over the years that he was known for womanizing, but he really is disgusting. I totally feel for Maria and truly hope she leaves him in the dust. He’s a “serial offender,” & she’s only inviting more of the same if she takes him back…that is a GIVEN.

  65. ZenB!tch says:

    @truthzbetta Ahnuld married Maria because she was a Kennedy. He’s not only the original Tiger Woods but he has a bit of the Nick Cage in him. Remember when he married Lisa Marie just because he wanted to father Elvis’ grandchild?

    Lisa Marie is a little nuts but what did Maria see in Ahnuld? Sure her uncles and probably brothers are horndogs but at least they were decent looking horndogs. I’m not for one second implying that redeems the Kennedy men, I can’t stand them but Ahnuld doesn’t even have that going for him. He’s just overall hideous inside and out.

    Also if anyone read that Gawker piece – UGH! *shudder* I don’t want that man’s tongue anywhere near me. So repulsive.

  66. Eve says:

    AHNULD will get many “Thank You” muffin (no pun intended, well…maybe just a little) gift baskests from both Tiger Woods and Jesse James, you know…for taking the heat off them.

  67. Trashaddict says:

    Whether Maria knew or not, poor baby must be humiliated now. I feel sad for her. But I kind of understand Arnold going for the less high maintenance women. It takes time away from the guy to get yourself looking like Maria does and if they just want something to poke, the packaging doesn’t matter so much to them at the time. Just saying. Seems like romance is dying in America. So sad.

  68. skinanny says:

    She is just lucky that she doesn’t have aids…..not maids…aids.

  69. Debbie says:

    Maria Shriver who really gives a shit, I can bet you all along she knew.

    Now she will try and play poor little me.

    As for Arnie who really cares The lives of Gelebs are out of this world they will have to deal with the devastation and hurt for there loved ones.

    I get sick and tired of these woman trying to play the sympathy card when something like this happens She is a Kennedy and they were always screwing around and getting away with breaking all kinds of laws, According to other sources she has been unhappy for years so she probably couldn’t give a damn.


  70. Pensol says:

    Y’know what’s really sad about all this? 99.9% of the information at this link ( was available to the general public LONG before Arnold ran for Governor back in ’03. But nobody paid it any attention, because nobody cared. All the voters could see was this really cool action movie star who was gonna go to Sacramento and “clean house.” Anybody talking about his sordid past was just a “hater.” Awesome. No wonder my state is in the toilet.

  71. Shay says:

    I’m thinking the fallout will rival Tiger Woods’ scandal.
    What are they talking about when they say he doesn’t qualify for the White House?
    Arnie is perfect for the part. He’ll emulate a few notable presidents.
    What is it with the Kennedy stigma. Most Kennedy women just tolerate their husbands’ crap anyway. It makes me laugh how Shriver once said that she isn’t the typical Kennedy woman. She sure is! Kennedy women compromise their core beliefs for their ‘men’. It explains why she embraced Arnold’s republican views.
    I don’t have any sympathy for these women.

  72. Andie B says:

    All these sleazy stories will just be the tip of the iceberg. Arnie is just so ugly, but I guess for some he has the allure of fame and celebrity. I do feel sorry for his wife whether she turned a blind eye or not. She gave birth to four of the ugly bastard’s kids. The woman on the Enquirer cover looks like Iggy Pop after he’s gained 70 pounds.

  73. sunseeker says:

    How is it that woman here slam Patty for her looks, looks have nothing to do with it, her behaviour yes. How many of us are Oil Paintings, Her son will read this, he is old enough. I have no time for any of them, that includes Maria, she must have known, why question him about it. The boy looks a spitting image of him.
    I just feel very sorry for the boy, it seems he is a very kind well mannered boy. Also you are making Maria out to be stupid.If my husband is known for grabbing woman’s bottoms,and a lot of woman complain about his behaviour there must be something wrong with him. Love is not THAT blind

  74. really says:

    plain and simple: Arnold is just a SKANK HOE. Maria should have the so-called-marriage ANNULLED asap. He was never a husband, and never will be to anyone!

  75. Jazz says:

    I couldn’t read all of that woman’s story, I was too grossed out – eeeww. With the housekeeper thing I bet Ahnuld got off on getting two women pregnant at the same time. There’s going to be a loooong line of women ready to skeeve out of the woodwork and a whole bunch more kids too.

  76. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Sumodo1: Thanks for your insightful post. I too believe she was a young girl who fell in love big time, and as they say, love is blind. Perhaps it’s to our reproductive advantage that it is (after all she did have four children with him) but it doesn’t help our hearts much, if the love is not returned in kind. :(

  77. Stacia says:

    Poor thing. I hate that for her. What a man-whore he is. I hope she gets more than half of his assets. Dirt bag!

    Please dont blame her for maybe seeing the signs but still trying to make it work. I think the kid he had w/mistress was the last staw.

  78. vanessa says:

    I think she knew all along, maybe not about every encounter, but she probably busted him a few times and just let it go. Now I think it’s a problem for her because this shiz is getting leaked to the press with pictures and it’s embarassing that all that is out there for her kids to see. She probably protected them from that and now there’s nothing she can do other than divorce him.

  79. Katherine M. says:

    Gigi Goyette was named as one of Arnold’s mistresses back in 2001 in the National Enquirer and the story was all over the news again in 2005.

    During Arnold’s gubanatorial campaigns many women came forward with their experiences and affairs with Arnold. Has everyone forgotten that?

    Arnolds affairs and behavior are not news. I am sure they are not news to Maria either. She was a reporter for heavens sake – you think she didn’t have all kinds of her own sources?

  80. Lisa says:

    Ya know, while I know most of us aren’t surprised, what with the stories that have come out over the years, I really feel bad for all the kids involved. If they don’t read, you know they hear rumors and that is perhaps the saddest thing of all….They’re the innocent victims caught up in the sordid affair.

  81. anne_000 says:

    the present-day photo of the ex-mistress, it looks like she’s out of her mind & trying to take a dump on the sidewalk. i’ve seen that before here in los angeles.

    as for maria, i think she knew. i’ve read & heard reports saying she suspected about the 14-yr old kid for some time, especially when ppl were noting how much he looks like his dad.

    or i wonder if she thought that she was so great w/ her kennedy background & media fame that arnold would stop his womanizing ways just for her if he wanted to succeed in his political career?

  82. poodlemom says:

    Who’s gonna do the dishes now???

  83. reader says:

    An asshole tried lying to his family because he thought he can get away with it. Well, he didn’t, so call him stupid too. Now there’s nobody to lie to, poor asshole. The stupidest are women who are eager to “do” married men obviously feeling completely unworthy of any ‘other and proper treatment’ in life. Such a loooooow self-esteem. Shame on you.

  84. Anderlie says:

    Yes @ Madison and the others condemning the woman too. I’m genuinely annoyed at Arnold but I’m soooo sick of the women in these situations getting off lightly. He’s a married man, step off lady! Men wouldn’t cheat as much if women had the sense to say ‘oh no, you’re married, I can’t do that with you.’

    Jesus it makes me so angry that people show so litte disregard for others it really does.

  85. Anderlie says:

    Ugh, my english got a bit off track there. I meant: show so little regard for others

  86. Jag says:

    @ Shay ~ They mean because Arnold is foreign-born, he can’t be President.

    I’ll never understand how these women stay with these men who cheat to this extent. The fake apologies that he gave about groping all those women would’ve been enough for me to divorce him. ITA that this is only the tip of the iceburg. Ugh!

  87. Ja says:

    Nothing against money and power but I have to make this rant: I don’t care what he was doing when he was not married but once he acquired the family image on which he was to cash for long years, it’s a whole different story. The same goes for the injunctions in the UK. These people should not make money based on false images, it’s a deception and a fraud. Funny thing, the more money and power, the more cheek…