Sarah Ferguson is a pathological liar, blames her crazy on her parents


Sarah Ferguson is crazy. I think we’ve established that by now. Not only is she just flat-out crazy, Fergie actually offends me and others with her insanity by claiming that she’s this wonderful mother (she’s not, she’s a narcissistic drama queen) or that she “loves” the idea that both she and Princess Diana weren’t at the royal wedding. For real. Anyway, Fergie is still in the midst of a publicity tour to promote her show on OWN (Oprah’s network). This morning, she gave an interview to Today, and it’s a lot of the same crap that we heard in Fergie’s Harper’s Bazaar interview. Pity poor Fergie, she’s a victim of her own generosity! The media is so mean! She’s so wonderful and selfless and no one ever gives her credit for being so awesome!

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Ah. Her story about selling influence to the royal family is now a “tabloid setup” – her story has changed yet again. She also changed her story about watching the royal wedding! Jesus, she just lies all of the time. She told Oprah that she did in fact watch the wedding in Thailand. Now she claims she didn’t. WTF?

Also, some excerpts from Fergie’s show have begun to come out, and it’s just… ugh. I mean, I imagine it will be good television just to see how delusional she is and what a pathological liar she is, but I wish some of Oprah’s sycophants would call Fergie out on her BS:

Sarah Ferguson broke down in tears on US television as she said she had been left feeling “emotionally bankrupt”, “worthless”, “unlovable” and “pointless” by the years of abuse. Telling how she had been scarred by the behaviour of her late mother, Susan Barrantes, she said: “I looked in the mirror this morning and went, ‘Well, no wonder no one loves you – you are so disgusting.’”

The Duchess made the emotional disclosures in a six-part documentary series for US the Opera Winfrey Network in which she is filmed undergoing therapy. In the show, called Finding Sarah, the Duke of York’s former wife revealed how her mother spotted a vein on her forehead when she was a toddler which she believed to be a sign of the antichrist.

The Duchess recalled: “When she used to hit me because I didn’t sit on my potty or wouldn’t eat, a little vein would come up on the centre of my head near my red hair… It’s just the way I was brought up. No wonder I’m so flawed.”

She went on to disclose that she blamed herself for the break up of her parents’ marriage after Barrantes left her father for an Argentinian polo player.

She said: “I believed I caused my mother to leave and therefore I am worthless and unlovable.”

Wiping her eyes with a pink handkerchief, the Duchess went on: “Dad, who was a tough military man, said, ‘You need to get rid of all your ponies because there’s no one here to look after them. . . your mum has gone.’ Every time I got upset he would call me a sheep’s ass and tell me I looked like a clown and to grow up and stop being so silly. So I did. I shut up and never said a word.”

But the Duchess went on to tell how her daughters, Beatrice, 22, and Eugenie, 21, are a constant source of support and encouragement.

She said: “The girls are solid, confident, fabulous and they do really well… they have seen me sabotage myself and learn from my mistakes. They believe in me and love me.”
Finding Sarah will premiere in the US on Sunday, June 12.

[From The Telegraph]

Do I believe that Fergie had a difficult childhood? Sure. Do I believe that she probably suffered emotional abuse from her crazy parents? Sure. But I also believe that at some point in one’s life, you really have to take responsibility for your own actions. I believe that about Linnocent’s “I’m just a crackheaded child” act, and I believe that about Fergie’s “I’m a victim!” tour. Her mother didn’t make her peddle influence to the highest bidder. Her mother didn’t make her lie about everything and anything to this day. She’s 51 years old – it’s beyond time to take responsibility for your own crap.



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  1. OtherChris says:

    Sorry, I think she’s a train wreck, but unless you’ve grown up being abused, you can’t really put yourself in that position to say what person “should” do at a certain point. Some people can overcome it, but most of them just go on damaging themselves and other people. They don’t have the tools to do better unless they really work at it. It doesn’t mean I find her behavior forgivable, but it does explain some of it.

  2. OtherChris says:

    Also, she looks like crap here. Ladies, put on your sunblock and a hat! She’s the poster child for too much sun on fair skin.

  3. Jules says:

    Couldn’t she have gotten her horsefaced daughter some braces? Good grief!

  4. vanessa says:

    @otherchris-I agree with what you said. when you’re a victim of childhood abuse, you don’t even realize how much it takes a toll on your life until you’re older and the decisions you make are subconscious. But with all that said, when you realize that you have issues, you should go to therapy, talk it out and then learn the tools to overcome it. Seems to me she holds on to all of it as a crutch. Sounds like she knows her problems but won’t seek help because she gets attention from it…she’s crazy!!

  5. fhm says:

    I hope her show flops as hard as Paris’.

  6. Mizz Tickles says:

    Fergie would be a fun gal to drink wine and smoke weed with!

  7. lucy2 says:

    I saw part of this, and laughed when she claimed that was a set up – she still agreed to it! She was bargaining access for cash, no doubt about it.
    If her life has been so horrible, she needs real therapy, not a reality show and sobbing with Dr. Phil.

  8. Relli says:

    Hey Kaiser, do you think you could put that last paragraph into a greeting card? I have a few people i have said those things to and i don’t think its gotten through to them yet :)

  9. Sunshine Daze says:

    I don’t understand why Oprah would give her a show. I can see someone like Shania Twain or Chaz Bono, or anyone who had some talent or an inspirational story to tell. Fergie is just a lame, DAW, celebrity wanna-be. I hope nobody watches the show and the Oprah network pulls it after one episode.

  10. tooey says:

    @lucy2 – exactly what I was thinking. You can’t be “set-up” in this scenario without demonstrating a willingness to play.

  11. MarenGermany says:

    my first thought, too: that is some serious lindsay lohan shit.
    pity me, pity me.
    narcistic bitch.
    i was physically and emotionally abused, I am half her age and standing strong.

    If I were famous (yeah, sure) I would NEVER sit down and be like
    “daddy was such a meanie”


  12. Happymom says:

    I get that her upbringing made her who she is, but to put it out there for public consumption is just cringe worthy. Get yourself some PRIVATE therapy, and stfu. It’s just so distasteful. Talk about airing your dirty laundry. Ugh. And she just continues along the same path by trying to make money off of all of it.

  13. MarenGermany says:

    @ Vanessa just read your comment.

    you are totally right and explained it obviously better than me :)

  14. You don't say says:

    I saw part of the interview with Robin Roberts and she looked totally spaced out. She kept thanking her for being nice. She has issues but she looked over medicated in this particular instance. It is sad really. So is Oprah becoming the shoulder to cry on lately, but I guess she always was.

  15. teehee says:

    otherchris— what a fabulous way to wrap up something that is more complex than most people have the skills or bravery to face, let alone defeat properly in their lives. As someone who has gone thru the bulk of the process, it is not at all anything to tackle superficially. And yes, it doesnt mean its ok to carry on the pattern, but it also doesnt mean that the person who does it is crazy or that they should be labelled. They’re just not conscious enough of it yet.

  16. photo jojo says:

    That top photo is a poster for the daily use of sunscreen. Girl looks rough.

  17. Kloops says:

    I do believe she’s mentally ill and most certainly had an emotionally abusive childhood, but I have zero interest in watching anything about her. What is the quote? “Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all full up!”. Yeah, something like that.

    And for the love all that is holy, if you are fair skinned wear sunscreen!

  18. MollyB says:

    Every time I see the advertisement for her show and she whimpers “They said I was awful!” in this little baby voice, I want to throw my blender through my television. You’re a grown-ass woman!

  19. meg says:

    As the daughter of a crazy mother- I think it’s terrible that her daughters have to emotionally support her. Talk about being robbed!

  20. WhiteNoise says:

    She really is the ultimate professional victim. Everytime she’s caught out, she brings out another tale of woe (my terrible childhood :roll: ) to try and excuse it.

  21. Incognita says:

    I still can’t get over that whack job residing under the same roof as her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. Not only does her poor daughters have to put up with her brand of crazy, her ex has to deal with her to and can’t move on with his life. I can see why the Queen and her minions (aka “The Firm”) distance themselves from her.

  22. Christine says:

    How can she say she’s a great mother? (Which she did during the Today Show interview) And she completely changed her story, on the tabloid set up and on watching the wedding. She is ill. I feel badly for her daughters, whom she is emotionally abusing with her antics.

  23. Hautie says:

    Here is something I am curious about… so even with the divorce. The Queen allowed her to keep the title? Duchess of York?

    She just stop being “HRH” The Duchess of York. Yes? Like when Diana divorce Charles. She got to keep her title too. (Princess of Wales) But lost the HRH part of it.

    Oddly enough, I believe that Andrew actually still wants her around.

    I image if he wanted to remarry, he would have moved the ex-wife out of his home by now.

    Or maybe he is waiting on his Mother to pass away, in order to remarry Sarah! :)

    Cause lord knows he can’t remarry her if the Queen still has a pulse.

    Oh and something else I have taken notice of. The Queen has not made anyone else a Princess since Diana.

    They have either been Duchess or Countess. Even with William marrying Kate. It was made clear she is a Duchess and not a Princess.

  24. badrockandroll says:

    So, two of Oprah’s latest finds have had abusive childhoods? What a coincidence!

    I certainly don’t believe this one at all. Does anyone beside Sara Ferguson have real memories of their potty training? So I call her tale of the abusive behaviour of her mother a lie. And wasn’t her father a horse-y guy for the Royal Family; isn’t that how Sara met Andrew? Seems unlikely that he would keep his horses, but make her get rid of her ponies.

    This sort of bogus “hitherto repressed memory of child abuse, ergo my screw ups are not my fault” nonsense sickens me and cheapens the triumphs of the thousands of children who have survived victimizing and brutality.

  25. Sumodo1 says:

    Fergie is a hoot! Who’s she hurting?

  26. Lisa says:

    My mother is in her sixties and still hasn’t taken responsibility for a single thing, and she had a seriously messed up childhood, too. Some people will go their entire lives without growing up … at least Sarah is getting some help now.

  27. badrockandroll says:

    I should have read the Telegraph article before I posted: its headline suggests that Sarah was beaten by her mother because she bore the sign of the devil, but the article doesn’t explain further. I’ve noticed before that Sarah doesn’t speak in traditional sentence form and rarely finishes a thought: perhaps the vein in the centre of her forehead to which she refers is the mark of Satan? It’s certainly not from Botox.

  28. Testarosa says:

    Sure, I have felt some pity for Sarah Palin in the past vis-a-vis the baggage she must carry from having been so woefully neglected by a mother who seemed self-involved and self-serving beyond any acceptable measure. In addition, her mother met a horrific end in a car accident in Argentina wherein (I believe) she was decapitated. Those must be extremely painful memories. No question.

    But to all of a sudden muster repressed memories of abuse just as she’s launching a new television programme is just pathetic. When oh when is the Oprah “mothership” going to stop throwing Sarah Ferguson a life jacket and make this seriously immature grown woman stand on her own two feet? This “enabling” has got to come to a halt, STAT!

  29. Wah wah wah says:

    Everyone has things happen to them in life that are traumatic. It’s how we choose to deal with them. Those events do not define who you are, unless you languish in them.

    Look at the girl who had her arm bitten off by a shark, or the girl abducted by that wacky couple for 9 months. Those girls endured incredibly tragic experiences and have thrived, gracefully, in spite of them.

    I get so sick of celebs coming up with some sob story to get media attention for their album/movie/book/show. I recall hearing about some teen star’s “battle with bulimia” where she cut back on calories & purged for a summer. It’s an insult to people that have genuine struggles.

    Sarah briefly mentioned a charity she was involved with – she should focus a lot more on that than whining about her poor childhood.

  30. TXCinderella says:

    Oh Sarah honey, two words: makeup & bra.

  31. e says:

    Actually, I thought she told Oprah that she was on the phone with her friend while she was in Thailand and her friend was giving her a blow by blow because she didn’t have a TV. I agree that she lies but I don’t think she changed her story on this one.

  32. Kim says:

    If true- sad and i feel bad for her.

  33. suki says:

    I wonder what she thinks she gains when she refers to herself in the 3rd person. Oprah called her out on it. She does it so often, it must be a choice she is making. It just makes her sound crazier.

  34. Cakes says:

    The last time I acted out because “daddy didnt love me” I was 17. Ever since, my decisions are mine regardless of that sorry excuse for a father. Its called being an adult.

  35. Alix says:

    She seems completely clueless that this is exactly the type of tacky self-disclosure and media-whoring that keeps her on the Queen’s Do Not Invite list.

  36. eternalcanadian says:

    Can’t believe I once thought she was cool. Now she’s just a bitter, old trainwreck that has milked the “I wasn’t invited to William and Catherine’s wedding, boohoo” story way too long. Shame on Oprah for even giving her a show on OWN!

  37. taxi says:

    I agree with EternalCanadian – Oprah dropped a lot of notches in my opinion by giving this woman 2 minutes of air time, much less a show.

    Fergie had plenty of opportunities to wise up, tell the truth, and act like an adult. Lots of us had abusive parents & bad childhoods & did not get to marry & divorce a rich prince, live in a palace for free, get a big allowance, & not have to fret over child-support or childcare issues.

    She milks the Diana friendship, which was over a long time before Diana died. They hadn’t even spoken for 2 or 3 years.

    Maybe Andy keeps her around as a fwb?

  38. Bobby the K says:


  39. Debbie says:


    Looney tunes it’s an easy cop out to blame those who are dead, She knew all along what she was doing when she got that $$$$$ for Andrew

    A pity she wasn’t in the car with Diana

    She is batshit crazy wanting to be the center of attention

  40. Lorrie says:

    I like Sarah for the most part. She should not have to worry about money but the Royal family are jerks. She was married to Andrew and had 2 kids. Why do they let her sink into financial trouble ?
    She should be on a good pension for life.
    It’s really irritating.

  41. Kimbob says:

    I call BS on her blame game. WE ALL have these type incidents growing up. I certainly don’t blame my parents. They did the best they could.

    One of Sarah’s major problems was, & still is, is LACK OF IMPULSE CONTROL. Lack of impulse control when it comes to EVERYTHING…money, food, attention…any type of pleasure. She is extremely hedonistic, and she just cannot deny herself any type of pleasure…i.e., immediate gratification.

    Another pitfall she fell prey to was that she thought too highly of herself, & subsequently her ego went through the roof after she became a member of the royal family. She had no humility, & thought, due to her “new stature,” that she was then immune, above scrutiny. She erroneously assumed that, due to her new stature, she was above reproach..when in fact, it was EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE. She was scrutinized more, & boy, did she indulge herself. For someone who claims their ‘feelings of worthlessness,’ her actions were otherwise, as she HAD TO HAVE thought she was deserving of all she received…and STILL WHINED about how broke she was numerous times after blowing through mounds of money…I call BS.

    Oh, & her claim that she was ‘set up by the press,’…to the contrary. Someone (actually many) went through a great deal of planning to “set her up.” These people HAD TO HAVE KNOWN BEFOREHAND that what they had set up would be too tempting for greedy Sarah to turn down, thus, they would’ve walked away empty-handed for all their efforts. No set up…they went through the guise because they were pretty certain Sarah would fall for the ruse….LMAO!!! After watching that video of the “set up,” Sarah was haughty, condescending, quite self-assured…even SMUG. No, if she has self-esteem issues, it’s because she’s gotten caught so many damn times w/her pants down..caught red-handed in EXTREMELY COMPROMISING positions. Not the actions of one w/alleged low self-esteem. Her low self-esteem is THE RESULT of her actions. Actions that were the direct result of her feeling superior, better-than…entitlement “issues.”

  42. Margaret Greene says:

    I was watching T.V. where I seen Sarah in the Queen’s platform at the Escot races.The Queen allows her to spend Chirstmas with the family at Sandringham.Fergie goes to the chapel early and leaves late to advoid the crowds.I heard a lady ask Prince Andrew about her and he said she was inside the chapel.She lies about the fact she has not spend christmas at all with her 2 girls in years.Her girls are very sweet and down to earth.Feel sorry for them and the Queen