Anna Paquin brings the fug, Alex Skarsgard undresses you with his eyes

Last night was the cast party for the Season 4 premiere of True Blood, where Alexander Skarsgard ruled the red carpet as usual. To start we had Anna Paquin trying to bring her pose hard to a ridiculous little black dress with purple glitter piping down the front. It could be Stella McCartney, she’s doing a lot of these dumb boob cut-out dresses, but I can’t verify that. It’s fug, no matter who designed it, and Anna’s mouth-breathing just makes it worse. She probably thinks she’s fashion-forward as she often wears incredibly bad outfits with a sneer.




Deborah Ann Woll, Jessica, with some really terrible makeup and styling I’m sorry to say. She’s so gorgeous on the show, what happened?



Todd Lowe, showing how underrated Terry is. This is one lovely man.



Sam Trammell and his pregnant girlfriend, Missy Yager. She’s having twins!



Carrie Preston, cute as a button but in pink! I don’t like her in that color, it clashes with her hair.


Jim Parrack, Hoyt, just is so hot to me. I know he’s not a beefcake on the show, but I like him so much. His girlfriend looks ridiculous in that tight mini though.



Speaking of beefcake, here’s Joe Manganiello in pink and red – just no. He needs to take something off to look good here, pants or shirt will do.

And Ryan Kwanten. What is going on with this outfit from the waist down? I thought he could never look unattractive, but I was wrong.


Kristin Bauer tried to work a satin jumpsuit and she kind of did. Her squinty husband ruins it for me though.



Rutina Wesley looked cute and not as busy from the side. From the front, with those shoes, there’s too much going on.



Stephen Moyer just is not doing it for me at all. He never really did.


And Alexander Skarsgard steals the show as always. This man just slays me.






True Blood comes back this Sunday! You can take the first eight minutes to get your drink on after watching the disappointing preview clip. It can only get better from here, right?

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52 Responses to “Anna Paquin brings the fug, Alex Skarsgard undresses you with his eyes”

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  1. Jenn WInd says:

    I can not wait until Sunday night!! I have been looking forward to this show to start again since it ended last season. At least I had Game of Thrones to pass my sunday nights, but it is not the same as True Blood!!!

  2. nellie says:

    Alex is gorgeous and he knows how to wear a suit so well. Those Swedish guys are just gorgeous.

  3. Audrey says:

    Agreed. Rutina’s dress is gorgeous, but the shoes are too much. Kristin definitely makes the jumpsuit work. I like the pink dress too – I don’t think it clashes with Carrie’s hair. But why ON EARTH is Anna standing that way in the 4th photo?! I can’t wait for that “pose” to be out of style. Makes all women who stand that way look sheepish and not confident at all.

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Woot!!!!! OMG I am sooo excited for season 4!!! They all look generally good to me. The purple glitter piping on Anna’s dress is not good at all LOL. I am so excited the show is coming back I love them all. This is a show where none of the main characters bother me at all and I would be sad if anyone of them left.

  5. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Love that most of them posed with their significant others, but where are Joe’s fiancé, Carrie’s husband (Ben from Lost) and Deborah’s boyfriend? Although I don’t like the Jessica character, I loved reading about how Deborah meant her boyfriend (who is legally blind).

  6. Bee says:

    Alexander is too gorgeous. He’s illegal! No man should ever be allowed to look that edible

  7. Ari says:

    Ill have to wait till Monday when the torrent is available LOL but yes, Alex is a beacon of light in all of this fug

  8. Snarky_Pup says:

    Alex really does steal the show!

  9. Jennifer says:

    I really, really do not like Anna Paquin. I don’t think she’s pretty in any way, shape or form and her acting is sub par.

  10. Samigirl says:

    Ryan looks like a little republican 🙂
    Runita wins for the ladies HANDS DOWN. She looks so hot.

  11. Hmmm says:

    Is that Moyer trying to do ‘Blue Steel’?

    Anna P is not capable of being a sexpot. Her marriage to Stephen Moyer has led to delusion land. They’re both deluded. They are not hot. And their poses look silly. Kinda like porn actors. Two thumbs down.

  12. HannahG says:

    Awww Rutina is so cute in real life! I’m so used to seeing her scowling and shouting at everyone.

  13. Hazel says:

    ASkars is just so unbelievably gorgeous. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Why? WHY?!

  14. ZenB says:

    None of them do it for me. I used to have a thing for Joe but he looks way older than I am (41) with that beard and he’s only in his 30s. !BEARD.FAIL!

    70s girl with her 70s husband are the worst fashionwise – oy vey!

  15. Laura says:

    Alex is definitely bringing the sexiness. I am so peeved that I missed this. This looks like it was at the Arclight Hollywood-I could totally have seen him in person. Damn!

    Oh well. Anna Paquin looks silly and Rutina Wesley is so damn beautiful it’s hard to look past her face and onto that fug outfit. Her boyfriend(?) is cute too. Cute couple.

  16. apsutter says:

    I HATE how Anna Paquin looks and dresses in real life but I love her as Sookie! They always make her look so adorable and sweet and I love all her little sun dresses.

  17. Incredulous says:

    @Hmmm nah, that looks like Magnum. Blue Steel is turning to the right and that looks like a left turn pose to me.

  18. Crittle says:

    Joe wins!

  19. Jen34 says:

    A fashion fail for all. However, I am beyond excited to see the show again. Alex is the sexiest thing going these days.

  20. The Bobster says:

    And I remember when Anna used to be so cute as the information superhighway girl.

  21. Ann says:

    Damn! Alex looks so fine.

  22. MM says:

    I absolutely cannot wait for this!! I did enjoy Game of Thrones in the interim!! You go HBO!

  23. Twez says:

    So the purple glitter is part of the dress? I thought someone busted out the Bedazzler to liven up a PVC minicorset.

  24. original kate says:

    ok, my fashion recap:

    anna: she is so cute but this dress is all wrong.

    carrie: ditto.

    stephen: i know the suit w/vest is on trend but he looks starched & constipated. and for the love of jeebus, someone cut his hair.

    ryan: no words for this.

    rutina: i’d love this if it were longer and tighter. she has a great body but this dress is doing her no favors.

    deborah: makeup is weird but her dress is. to. die.

    kristin: i can’t even look at what she’s wearing because i am so transfixed by her husband – he looks like the swedish hulk hogan.

    alexander: dreamy.

  25. bigchili says:

    I’m so excited for Sunday. Love Ryan and Sam but it’s all about Alex – that man is beautiful. And he’s wearing the hell out of that suit.

    I really wish Anna would close that gap in her teeth. I think she’d be really pretty wishout it but it’s all I can see.

  26. esblondie says:

    Yeah, I don’t see the Stephen Moyer thing and never have as well. He just always has the same look on his face, just like Anna Paquin. They both annoy me for some reason…like they’re trying really hard to be sexy.

  27. Heatheradair says:

    The Kwanten is channeling an early George W to me here…………

  28. wifeyskarsgard says:

    Finally True blood back in my life starting Sunday!! Anna Paquin always looks so bad in events and such but she actually looks better in the show. I guess she should hire the makeup/dress team from the show full time. Dont know what is going on with Deborah Ann Woll?! shes so sexy in the show as Jessica. Always a delight to see Alex, Joe Manganiello, and Kristin Bauer. I seriously have a vampire girl-crush on Pam, shes so damn sexy and dangerous….in a good way 😉

  29. AT says:

    The older Ryan gets the more and more he looks like George Dubya.

  30. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Laura, “Her boyfriend(?) is cute too. Cute couple.”

    That’s Rutina’s husband, they’ve been together for a long time and they do make a nice looking couple!

  31. Chicken'sMom says:

    Deborah Ann Wall is just SOOOO pretty. My husband would dump me so fast for just a hour with her and I would agree with him.

  32. Devon says:

    When I saw the pictures of Alex last night, I actually sighed. That man is just perfection. A man who can wear a suit, and a 3 piece suit is even better, like that *sigh*. I’m sorry to my husband but I’d drop him in a second for Alex.

    Stephen looks…douchey. I’ve heard from fans that were watching the filming of one episode that he is kind of a prick who wouldn’t even sign a few photos (there weren’t that many fans there, I think about 20) but Alex was more than happy to sign photos, take photos and talk with the fans. This suit is not helping the douche factor. Anna’s dress makes it look like she can’t breathe from sucking it in too much. Deborah’s makeup is really harsh & I think Carrie looks darling. I love Kristin but her husband looks so gross.

    I want it to be Sunday so bad. I’ve resorted to watching all the promo clips they’ve released and piecing the episodes together bit by bits. Lame, I know, but I’m really suffering from TBW.

  33. RHONYC says:

    Skars can wear.a.damn.suit, man!

    just noticed too…he’s got great hands.


  34. original kate says:

    “The Kwanten is channeling an early George W to me here”

    …..and there go all my naughty fantasies.

  35. Mia says:

    Anna’s dress looks awful as usual. Stephen is posing way too hard. Alex looks delish as usual.

  36. Hex says:

    Todd Lowe: Sha-BANG! That man is gorgeous in real life!

    Was anyone else a bit surprised to see that Todd Lowe and Carrie Preston looked so damned attractive in these pictures when their characters are sort of bedraggled trailer park chic on the show?

  37. Amanda G says:

    Can’t wait to see Eric on my screen again! I think Anna Paquin is pretty and has a great body, but then she opens her mouth….ugh…those teeth. Fix those teeth.

    Stephen has never done a thing for me and I think he’s miscast as Bill.

  38. hairball says:

    Stephen Moyer so did it for me in Season 1 and once a while he looks stunning, but that is not very often at all.

    I’ve actually heard he’s really nice to his fans and people in general. Who knows.

    Alex is fine, but Eric – OMFG.

    I think it’s such a mistake to have one whole year between seasons. It is just too long. Game of Thrones ended and it’s not until spring of next year. I seriously don’t enjoy getting sucked into series like that only to have them abruptly end for a year.

  39. hairball says:

    Anna P – I used to think she was so pretty in X-men. Then she sort of transformed into this harsh looking creature.

    In season 1, her face was cutish, but ever since season 2, her face looks so harsh to me. Not cute. I only picture her as Sookie now, but would have liked to have had someone else.

  40. pitd says:

    Rutina looks so pretty here! I always found her kind of unattractive on the show (I think it was her constantly trembling lip) but she’s actually really pretty!
    And ugh. Sookie. Just stop. She’s trying so hard to be ‘sexy’. Honey, just stop with the whatever-your-doing-here. I think she’s trying to pout? And why is she always snarling at people like that?

  41. luls says:

    Im sorry to be mean, but I REALLY think Anna had to have blown somebody to get her role in True Blood. She’s VERY unattractive (in the face) AND her acting is mediocre at best.

    Uuggh, her face screams ‘PUNCH ME’, even more than that Glee chick.

  42. UKHels says:

    Alex looks hot as always but they are the wrong shirt and tie for the suit, sory ladies

    don’t get Anna Paquin at all – body off baywatch, face off crimewatch

    SM looks seedy as always, make up far too harsh for the lovely DAW, KB’s husband looks like a cross between captain caveman and gerard depardieu

    and where’s Lafayette????

  43. Gwen says:

    Yum, Alex looks gooood 😀

  44. Camille says:

    I think Anna is beautiful but that dress is bad bad bad. Awful.

    Alex is delicious. LOVE him. How gorgeous is his smile 😀 .

    Aww Sam. I <3 him too.

    Kristin Bauer is beautiful- but she needs to lay off on the lip injections.

  45. launicaangelina says:

    anna paquin has got to stop with the sneering. i think she is pretty but she sneers often.

    stephen moyer needs to 86 the effin bangs. it’s a horrible look on men, especially when they are older as he is.

  46. Lila says:

    Deborah Ann Woll looks ultra violet in her Black Swan getup, and you can redirect traffic through Sookie’s Gap with the help of those purple road flares running up her bodice. Stephen Moyer is her husband. Todd Lowe and Hoyt mmmmmmmm. Skarsgaard is the best dressed man there and Ryan Kwanten should be deported for that ensemble. Kristen Bauer’s husband should go h-h-head JUMP!

  47. nooooooo... says:

    I have such a girl-crush on Pam. And Alex S…oh yes. Carrie looks cute, as do Sam and his girlfriend, and I can suddenly see Todd included in HGF (anyone else remember him from Gilmore Girls?).

    But good God, that pic of Joe…my panties just exploded. I love the outfit, but I’m not at all averse to it coming off. Just read that article about him delivering masonry a while back. I would’ve taken out a second mortgage and bought load after load of bricks just to have him stack them in my yard.

  48. Cathy says:

    I see almost the entire cast brought their significant other. Wonder where Alexander’s is????? I heard she wasn’t there! Are they off again???? What’s the deal? She went last year in that hideous dress!

  49. Hmmm says:

    @Incredulous, #17

    Bwahahha! Thanks for the finer points of instruction. I hang my head in shame at not noticing the difference. It definitely is a ‘Magnum’.

  50. Hmmm says:

    I must be the only one who does not fancy ASkars. I find his eyes too close set- a deal breaker for me.

  51. Canuck says:

    I really dislike Anna’s dress, it looks cheap and trashy. But she gets a pass from me because I have the sneaking feeling she’s actually making fun of KB’s dress from last year.

    Alex is, as ever, mouthwateringly yummy.

  52. Onyx XV says:

    Rutina for the win! Wow, she is looking gorgeous! What a great outfit. The shoes go perfectly, her hair and makeup are flawless. Stunning.

    Anna Paquin IS fug, IMO. No matter what she’s wearing, she always looks like a cheap little WT tart to me. I also always wonder why she’s never fixed that gap in her teeth. Guess she thinks it’s cute.

    @ Hmmm – no, you’re not the only one. He does absolutely zero for me, and ITA about the close-set eyes.