Kirstie Alley claims she lost “90 pounds” to get down to her 22-inch waist


Here are some new photos of Kirstie Alley and her 22 inch waist. Don’t get me wrong – Kristie looks much better than she did one year ago, and I hope she’s working hard to keep the weight off. But the bitch is delusional about her size, and nonsensical numbers and claims just pour out of her mouth on a regular basis. This story is only the latest in an epic Delusion Tour in which Kirstie claimed she was size 12 when she began Dancing With the Stars, and ended the show a “stretchy” size 4 or 6. Yesterday, on an appearance on The View, Kristie once again claimed a specific number, seemingly oblivious to the contradiction. She claimed that she had lost “90 pounds” since deciding to be on DWTS. She may well have lost 90 pounds (I would put the figure closer to 50-60 pounds, just eye-balling it), but the loss of 90 pounds does not equal the drop from a size 12 to a size 6. Kirstie’s just horrible with numbers, right?

Kirstie Alley continued her fashion offensive today as she stepped out in a stylish ensemble. The Dancing With The Stars runner-up slipped into a belted shirt-dress, which she wore over her trademark leggings.

Kirstie recently has lost 90lbs since she first decided to join the dancing competition.
And Alley certainly appeared confident in her skin today as she left the Tribeca Hotel in New York.

The actress looked youthful, with her hair swept back into a ponytail, completing her look with a dramatic belt, a beaded purse and Christian Louboutin heels.

Yesterday she appeared on the U.S. daytime talkshow The View.

Speaking on the show, she said: ‘I lost 60 before [the show] and 30 during,’ she said.

Panelist Whoopi Goldberg revealed she has been a fan through both the 60-year-old’s highs and lows.

‘I always thought you looked good no matter what,’ she said.

As well as a rigorous workout regime, Alley also credits her transformation to her own weight loss programme, Organic Liason.

‘I don’t think I could have made it through Dancing with the Stars without it,’ she said.
Kirstie now has a new goal in her sights – to squeeze into a new dress in time for a holiday in Italy later this year.

She claims it has a 22 inch waist, although given Megan Fox would be one of the few women able to wear it, it seems she may be exaggerating.

‘I tried it on, and I can almost zip it up,’ she told America’s Life & Style magazine last week.

She is confident she’ll be able to get in it by the time she jets off in a few weeks.
‘I’ll be my target size by then,’ she said.

Alley, who was partnered with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, has kept up dancing since the competition’s finale in May.

‘I’ve been dancing almost every day since the show ended,’ she confides. ‘I like all the Latin dancing. It’s the best exercise and the best cardio.’

[From The Mail]

So… all of these claims are just Kirstie shilling her dumb Scientology diet crap? While I think that Kirstie definitely thinks her crazy claims are helping her “sell” Organic Liason, I don’t believe that Kirstie’s only problem is a crappy sales pitch. Her real problem is that she is now (and has always been) focused on the WRONG part of weight loss. Instead of throwing out crazy numbers that no one believes, why not focus on having more energy, looking better in clothes, feeling better over all? You can’t find happiness in the size six label that your assistant sewed into your size 16 dress, Kirstie. You will only keep the weight off when you embrace not only a healthy lifestyle, but a healthy mindset. That’s my preach for the day.



Photos courtesy of WENN & Pacific Coast News.

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  1. anoneemouse says:

    Scientologists must live a life of illusion. If she has a 24-inch waist then mine must be 12-inches.

  2. Lizzy says:

    I totally agree with you Kaiser about a healthy mindset, you need to be realistic about weight loss but also accept your metabolism and work with it.

    She is so delusional, I sincerely hope she does not believe all the crap she is saying and yet I can’t hate her, I grew up with the “look who’s talking” movies.

  3. nnn says:

    Oh please !

    When i was modelling a few years back at college, i had a 22 inches waist, weighed 115 lbs for a 5’8.5″ height. Most models my height and beyond that were around 24″ – 25″.

    As an example actresses Brigitte Bardot and Gina Lollobrigida super tiny waist were notoriousely at 20″.

    It was easy, because i always made an extra hole on each and every of my belts at that size and my boyfriend was able to join his hands around my waist. I was obssessed with those 50’s actresses and their super tiny waist and trained to reach that since i turned 15.

    This doesn’t look anywhere near a 22 inch waist at all…more like 40″

  4. Shay says:

    I wish she would disappear. Frankly the most annoying D-grade celebrity there is, that should never have been given a second or third or fourth chance.
    She is crap.

  5. ginger says:

    maybe she’s planning surgery to remove the excess skin, fat and a couple of ribs before she jets off on holiday.

  6. brin says:

    She’s as delusional as Lindsay!

  7. curleque says:

    90lbs? Wasn’t she claiming she was under 200 lbs at the height of her fatness? So, that makes her around 100 lbs now? Really Kirstie?

    I guess she also uses a “stretchy” tape to get that 22″ measurement.

  8. workerbee says:

    Maybe the 22″ waist is the view from the front and doesn’t count the back? This girl needs to learn how to measure.

  9. Cherry Rose says:

    I think that Kirstie might have those Funhouse mirrors all over her house that distort her actual shape. It’s the only explanation I can come to that explains why she is so delusional about her weight.

    Either that, or she has reverse Body Dsyphormic Disorder, where instead of seeing herself as fat, she perpetually sees herself as much skinnier than she actually is.

  10. TQB says:

    Dang it, Kirstie, there you are, looking fantastic in that shirt, and you gotta go wreck it all with the crazy talk? Can you not just look good and be happy, must it be about crazypants numbers?

    Sad. Really sad. She will never keep it off because she never focuses on what really matters but instead deludes herself with size labels, pounds and inches.

  11. dannyexplosion says:

    Actually it’s her leg that has a 22 inch waist.

  12. Andrea says:

    What’s up with her Sarah Jessica Parker grandma hands also? Yuck!

  13. dread pirate cuervo says:

    If she had a 22″ waist, she’d be wearing children’s clothes.

  14. Tiffany says:

    I am getting SO sick of this bitch! She is a liar. Let’s just say it.
    I am 5’9″ and 150 and am much smaller than her. I have a tiny waist for my body, tiny and it is nowhere near 22 inches. Fricking ridiculous, and I am starting to get sick of it.
    Why lie? I wear a 6 dress and top, for real with 8/10 pant. I was once due to thyroid disease, up to 225 and there is no way she lost 90 pounds, no way she started at 200. She is as tall as me and has always been bigger even when I was sick and big. I’ve lost 75 and went from a 20 to my current size. It’s usually 5-10 pounds per size.
    Her mouth makes NO sense. Please stop, be happy you lost the weight and keep it off. I have little ups and downs depending on my meds, but I nip that in the bud at 10 pounds gained. Just exercise and eat clean, Kirstie and realize that as a 60 yo former fat woman, you should be happy to look the way you do now and stop LYING. Be happy with your “22” inch waist like KK is with her size 2 ass.

  15. Splat says:

    While I believe she has lost considerable weight there is no way she has a 22 inch waist, only if she has one of those mirrors from th circus maybe, she does looke a lot better though!

  16. tomtomclub says:

    Kirstie is applying Scientology aka LIE your ASS OFF
    Kirstie Suckered several of her Scientology Friends into becoming Investors in her “Orgasmic Lemurs” Scientology elixir scam

    She has to make good on a bad investment to her Cult Shareholders.

    Like the Store that sits empty in LA

    Krstie was lining up Investors at the the Celebrity Center in LA and Flag in Clearwater

    the sales for her diet crap are really bad

    The Cult and Her SCIENTOLOGY ONLY Shareholders expect her to lure in “new recruits” and money

    the pressure is on

  17. Tierra says:

    She makes it so hard to like her when she starts talking about these crazy numbers. I think her asstist. or stylist is making tags and measuring tapes for her so maybe she really does think thats what size she is. I know Im about a third of her size and even at my skinniest I still had a 25-26″ waist.

  18. REALIST says:

    Kirstie is a C-lister now-who cares what she does or weighs-let’s move on…
    Oh, and Kirstie-don’t wear white and bag the ruffle at the bottom (looks like a peplum). A smile rather than a sneer could improve your look, too.

  19. frances canin says:


  20. MeMyself says:

    That belt is fug.

    And can’t she wear anything besides leggings?

  21. Rose says:

    I am 5’10’ and 148 pounds and I have no where NEAR a 22 inch waist, it’s 28/30 depending on time of month. Seriously, how delusional is this woman?

  22. Nina says:

    I am 5’10”, 135 lbs currently. My thigh measures 22.5″. It is a small thigh. There is no way in hell that she is anywhere near a 22″ waist.

    Delusional, thy name is Kirstie.

    Also? It is kind of blowing my mind that Megan Fox’s waist is as big as my thigh. That is .. kind of gross!

  23. Lizzard says:

    If she really were a 22 inch waist, then how are her thighs rubbing together in every picture? I’d believe her thigh is 22 inches around before ever believing her waist is…

    Also, I want to like her, I really do. I know what it feels like to constantly struggle with weigh or body issues or have people point it out to me, but when she lies like this it makes it very difficult to feel sympathetic towards her.

    While I’m not a huge fan of her outfit in this picture, she does look quite pulled together for her which is a vast improvement from her normal wears. Yes the belt is pretty terrible, and the white ruffle bottomed top could be cut in a more flattering way, but she looks good. She actually looks like shes wearing makeup and has on jewelry and seems to be accessorizing decently.

  24. Aly says:

    @MeMyself I think the leggings are some sort of spanx.

  25. Phoenix says:

    She looks so much better than she did but all of these fantastical numbers, that she pulls from I don’t know where, take away from her weight loss. I’d put her at a size 14 now so it’s weird to me that she tried to claim she started at a 12. I might be way out, it might be camera angles, lighting, clothes, maybe she just ate pasta.. maybe she is a size 6, but for me I’m being generous at a size 14 :/

  26. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Maybe she’s measuring in thetans not inches?

  27. original kate says:

    she looks good, but anyone with a tape measure knows that is not a 22 inch waist.

  28. Nina says:

    @Lizzard: I can assure you that not even her thigh is 22″.

  29. lucy2 says:

    She totally needs to stop talking numbers and just be happy with how much better she looks and feels.

  30. nan says:

    In Scientology inches.

  31. bagladey says:

    Kirstie may be quirky, but there’s nothing quirky about the misinformation and lies or delusional ideas she’s spewing. She’s starting to grate on my nerves with this BS and I’m not feeling as tolerant and benevolent towards her as I used to. Why is a 60-year-old mother of two grown children publicly talking such sh*t? Who’s going to call her out on this?

  32. ZenB says:

    “As well as a rigorous workout regime, Alley also credits her transformation to *her own weight loss programme*, Organic Liason.”

    Well at least now I know why she says the insane things that she does.

  33. Cheyenne says:

    @lucy2: co-sign. I really feel sorry for this poor deluded woman. Must be hell to have such a negative body image. Who does she think she’s kidding?

  34. Turd Ferguson says:

    Those damn thighs arent even 22″. She couldnt even fit onto a bar stool at Cheers, wake up lady.

  35. Gossip Owl says:

    In 2 years she is going to be back up to 200+ lbs because she refuses to accept reality about herself and her weight. And I doubt her eating habits have changed. When her life goes well she will lose weight but when it’s not she will binge. But throwing out these crazy numbers will get her nowhere fast.

  36. Benny says:

    I think she meant to say that she has 22″ thighs…..

  37. 4Real says:

    Bytch please you aint seen 22″ a day in your life period.

  38. Kiska says:

    She opening her self to ridicule because she is delusional about her size. Why not just accept what you are at and stop lying about how big/small you are.

  39. OriginalGracie says:

    “You will only keep the weight off when you embrace not only a healthy lifestyle, but a healthy mindset. That’s my preach for the day.”

    Amen. And maybe someday (not likely, unfortunately) she will realize that her mental and emotional happiness does not revolve around a dress size. Wouldn’t it be better to have a very happy life, great sex, wonderful friends……and be a size 10? Or a 12?
    Or a 20?

    Somewhere along the way, Kristie got brain damage. She can’t connect the dots.

  40. Rhona says:

    She was referring to her 22″ WASTE – the coiler she left behind after her bucket of chicken breakfast.

  41. The Truth Fairy says:

    She is delusional.

  42. RHONYC says:

    here we go again with the tacky-shoe parade. ugh! 🙁

  43. Lucky Charm says:

    “I tried it on, and I can almost zip it up” –

    My interpretation of this is I don’t think she’s saying that SHE has a 22″ waist. It’s the dress that does and it’s several sizes too small, which is why she can’t zip it up. I can try on my daughters clothes and “almost” zip them up, too. But they are WAY to small and nowhere near the size that I actually wear. However, I don’t make myself crazy by even trying on clothes that are obviously too small in the first place….

    If she’s a stretchy size 4/6 with a 22″ waist, then I am dating Prince Harry (move over Pippa!) and we are getting married at Christmas!

  44. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Size 4 or 6?!?! My ass…no seriously, she has my ass- my SIZE 12 ass!

  45. Novaraen says:

    I still think she’s using her measuring tape backwards. Starting from the 60″ mark. She could definitely get to the 22″ mark that way. LOL

  46. Mary Jane says:

    Maybe she means 22-inches wide (straight across) — not around. I could maybe believe that…

  47. Paige says:

    Please, most anorexics dream of a 22″ waist…and never get there. Ms. Christie has lost it — and I don’t mean the weight 😉

  48. XIOnce says:

    I want that blouse & belt. For the first time ever she’s not wearing terribly hideous shoes… just super ugly ones.

  49. blondie says:

    Yeah… sure Kirstie has a 22 inch waist… And Lindsay Lohan is sober. Those are totally believable statements.

  50. LucaBella says:

    She looks to be about 180 pounds. If she lost anywhere near 90 pounds then she was nearly 300 [or more] pounds to begin with.

    Why is everyone crazy? She’s still pretty big so come on, Crazie Alley! Stop lying to everyone and making us hate you!

  51. Please stop. says:

    22 inch waist? LOL!! If she is going to lie at least make it believable.

  52. the skinny says:

    srsly is this a joke?
    the pics are clearly skewed/pinched narrow in photoshop.
    i think maybe she has 22 inch CANKLES.

  53. TeeTee says:

    she’s soo annoying!!

    she is going to gain it all back and go into hiding..

    as mentioned she is not embracing it correctly…lying and gloating, smdh.

  54. June says:

    maybe she is confusing the horizontal length of the waist instead of the diameter? 😉

    hell I’m like 105 lbs and I dont even have a 22in waist!

  55. fannomore says:

    26 to size 14
    52 to 32 waist
    case closed

  56. YvetteW says:

    Maybe someone installed one of those circus mirrors that make you long and lean in her home. She looks at her reflection and clearly sees something that I do not see. She looks healthier, too bad that isn’t enough to make her happy.

  57. Stella says:

    Kirstie looks healthy; however she needs to stop spouting misinformation. It makes her look extremely foolish. It angers me too because of what some other’s and I go through with our stomachs.

    I suffer from several GI disorder/diseases. In 2006, I began living a very sedentary lifestyle. I blew up and looked very bloated. I am 5’3″ and now weigh 90 lbs. I suffer from malabsorption now. I am eating very healthy but with a great deal of food. I have to undergo invasive procedures to find out what is wrong. I have to shop in the junior’s and it’s embarrassing as I’m almost 40. I had to hire a tailor to alter my good clothes. I look awful. Alley is not that size. She should embrace her weight loss but stop talking.

  58. Franny says:

    she has a very specific way of dressing which makes her look like a 16 year old mall rat. she always wears some billowing top, cinched in at the waste, with leggings down to the heels. It just looks cheap!

  59. MeriJaan says:

    Well she better hurry and and snag a man cause she is going to be fat again in about 6 months.

  60. Wah wah wah says:

    Eff you Kirstie. I *did* lose 140lbs (earth weight). And I didn’t have lapband or gastric bypass. I worked out like a fiend & gave up sugar/processed foods/artificial sweetners/whining. (I was a little overweight but 4mos of prednisone for Lupus made me explode)

    Karma is a bitch and it shows on your ass & cankles Kirstie. She’ll be in a ‘stretchy’ size 18 by Xmas.

  61. eugeniedfranval says:

    haha, her organic liaison “store”, the one she had a noisy midweek party for that pissed off most of Los Feliz, is mostly empty nearly every day. it wasn’t even open for about two weeks after the party and now occasionally has a very bored clerk shuffling papers behind the desk in a cavernous and lonely room.

  62. ag says:

    She looks great, but one of her canckles is easily 22 inches. Her waist is more like 35.

  63. april says:

    Those leggings look awful with her shirt.

  64. Asa says:

    As someone who is 5’8″ (the same a Kirstie) and a size 16-18, I can confidently say she is no smaller than a 16 (and I am talking no vanity sizing). There is no way, at her height, she is less than 190 lbs. I find this sad because she is perpetuating size ideals rather than health ideals. She is obsessed with the measurements and clothing sizes, but what about her cholesterol, blood sugar, or body fat percentage? This is such a terrible message for any overweight woman setting healthy goals. Lying to one’s self about the reality of weight and weight-related issues for the sake of vanity will not benefit this woman.

  65. Minx2 says:

    Oh Kristie.. you’ve come a long way baby and you look great (you and your 22 inch thighs), but it doesn’t mean you should put on leggins. Trust me on this one.

  66. beckey says:

    ever since she started losing all this weight on dwts she’s been acting more snotty. she thinks she’s to good and bad now. i use to like her but her attitude makes her very ugly!

  67. AJ425 says:

    god kirstie.. i love you so much and i have always been a fan of yours. i thought you were so beautiful even at your heaviest, and now you look AMAZING!!! why on earth are you claiming to have a 22″ waist? i’m 120lbs and 5’2″ – my waist is about 23″ and i wear a size 3-4… how are you claiming to be a double 0?? this is a bold faced lie – your credibility is absolutely gone! what a shame…

  68. Anonymous says:

    God…now you’ve just given the housewives reading your blog the chance to rant furious about how THEIR waists are 22 inches, no way Kristie Allen has a 22 inch waist, blah blah blah. Geez, all of you…Yes you guys are all perfect and beautiful; do you have to use Kristie Allen as a launching pad to boost your own egos? Pathetic.