Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s camps worried about an accidental pregnancy?


Last month, one couldn’t help but wonder whether Selena Gomez’s conspicuous hospitalization for “exhaustion” could have anything at all to do with the fact that she and boyfriend Justin Bieber had been joined at the tongue for the previous few months. So there was an audible sigh of relief when Selena almost immediately felt better and was even able to wear hot pants onstage while the Bieb stared at her chest. Certainly, the pair have been anything but subtle with their public displays of gross affection, including but not limited to foot rubbing and butt grabbing. It also didn’t help matters when Selena removed her purity ring; and since the two teen stars currently both enjoy (inexplicably) thriving careers, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that there are many friends, family members, and otherwise financially interested parties that considered Selena’s little health scare to be a wake up call. In other words and according to Star, insiders are revealing that there is a real panic that a pregnancy scare could become a reality.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have gotten so hot and heavy together, their friends and family members fear the worst — that an accidental pregnancy could derail the teen lovebirds’ careers.

With numerous photos circulating of Justin, 17, and Selena, 18, sharing deep kisses and steamy intertwined embraces, an insider tells Star, “Justin’s been told straight up that if he’s having sex, he had better use protection. He’s young and full of hormones, and the last thing he and Selena need to make is a terrible and costly mistake.

“Everyone knows their intentions are good, but they also know how easy it is to get worked up when you’re young and in love. It would only take a few moments of weakness to cause what could be a lifetime of regret.”

Red flags were raised after Selena was photographed wrapped around Justin’s torso as they frolicked in the surf in Hawaii in late May. Then, on June 9, Selena suddenly checked into a hospital in Burbank, Calif., and the rumor mill went into overdrive buzzing that she was suffering from nausea and dizziness — classic symptoms of early pregnancy.

The singer/actress, whose new movie, Monte Carlo, was just released, later revealed that she had simply been “very malnourished…low on iron and exhausted.” Still, the incident threw a scare into her and Justin’s inner circle.

After those photos from Hawaii surfaced, everyone started whispering that they were probably having sex,” the insider tells Star. “Justin and Selena keep denying it. When they visited his mom, Pattie, in Canada soon after, she delivered a serious lecture on the risks of premarital sex. She likes Selena, but Pattie thinks they’ve been getting far too hot and heavy — and she warned Justin to cool it down.”

No one other than Justin and Selena know for certain if anything is going on behind closed doors, but their PDA has raised plenty of eyebrows — and concerns. Said the insider: “The most important thing is that Justin and Selena don’t throw away their amazing futures because they were careless and foolish.”

[From Star, print edition, July 18, 2011]

While it feels really gross to even speculate whether these two are totally doing it, they probably are enjoying a better more active sex life together than most of us boring adult types do. Although I can see why Justin’s mother has been described as particularly worried, since she reportedly gave birth to the Bieb when she was just sixteen years old. Selena’s mom also had her when she was just 16. If anything, Selena and Bieb he should listen to their moms before anyone else; but like most teenagers, they probably don’t consider the consequences. In other words, if Selena’s not on the pill, she’d better start taking it, like, yesterday.



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  1. Motzie says:

    Two babies having a baby………..

  2. MarenGermany says:

    is it so hard to use a condom?

  3. katnip says:

    Anyone who thinks these two are not sexually active is living in a cave.

    They are doing way more than just holding hands. I hope she is using protection and him too. They are allowed to go on vacations together with little to no adult supervision. It reminds me of when people were speculating about Justin T and Brittany. Well we all know now they were active.

    so wake up.. Teens are having all kinds of sex. And I mean all kinds.

  4. G.see says:

    When I saw the news the first time it came saying she was hospitalised and the symptoms she had. My first reaction was she is pregnant. They may deny it. The public r not foolish. They made her take it out.

  5. Quest says:

    Isn’t this a little too late.

  6. Dorothy#1 says:

    Whatever! He is 17, she is 18. Of course they are having sex. I only hope they are using birth control!

  7. Lem says:

    Betting money says half of those handlers know just how much money they could make off a baby Bieber and are poking holes in condoms

  8. Ruby says:

    You’re kidding me! I honestly believe they just sit on the bed and hold hands and talk bout feelings and stuff

  9. confused says:

    Of course they’re doing it. But still the pairing is weird. Was/Is Selena that desperate for a shag?

  10. Kevin says:

    That baby would be a cute little Canuckarican.

  11. danielle says:

    Condoms aren’t 100% effective. Better to use condoms and the pill…

  12. normades says:

    Of course they’re doing it. I just hope their parents are realistic about the situation and are teaching them to be responsible, not guilty.

  13. gee says:

    @Kevin LOL!!! I thought she was mexican though? Canucxican?

  14. Tiffany says:

    Who wasn’t doing it at that age with a steady?

    Methinks she was preggo too, not exhaustion.

  15. The Bobster says:

    Compare the look on her face to that of a year ago. Of course she’s getting it.

  16. Kevin says:

    gee, I believe you are right. I Stand corrected. carry on.

  17. Ruby7 says:

    Just where are her parents?? Do they have no shame? There is no way I would allow my daughter to be gallivanting around with a boy at this age. In my culture, once your daughter has a bad name, it’s forever. Obviously these are people who lack morals or culture.

    • Lily says:

      i totally agree with u ruby7!! there too young even tho alot of kids do tht when dating. wut gets me especially about them is they parade about purity rings.

  18. jover says:

    What i find interesting is that no one is commenting on the wretched corporate pop music their labels produce for them; just two products of the corporate entertainment industry easy to manage and easy to replace – while it is gross to be talking about their sex life, that’s more engaging than their awful disposable “music.”

  19. Tiffany says:

    Ruby7, she is of legal age. It is he who is underage. I don’t think there is much her parents can do. I went away with my BF-now hubby-on trips when I was 19. Most people hr age are at frat parties passing out and having one nighters with randoms at that age.
    Lighten up, she’s old enough to live on her own and live her own life if she so chooses.

  20. Wresa says:

    “Everyone knows their intentions are good, but they also know how easy it is to get worked up when you’re young and in love. It would only take a few moments of weakness to cause what could be a lifetime of regret.”

    OMG is my MOM the “source” in this story?!?

  21. Melinda says:

    If they aren’t having sex, I will eat my shoe.

  22. Brooklyn says:

    what? they’re totally doing it. please. i am their age and i PROMISE they’re getting laid.

  23. Anonymous says:

    omg i cant blive someone hit selena

  24. WOW! well I think i read somewhere else that his mom just had the “talk” with him 😉 so hopefully he’ll start using protection or already is!

  25. Firecracker says:

    Ickk! Just the thought of this makes me sick to my stomach.

  26. april says:

    Both Justin and Selena’s mothers were unwed mothers. So it probably would happen to her too. Maybe she had an abortion? I wish they would be more covert with their affection.

  27. Adam says:

    This is really disgusting. But come to think of it, people their age are supposed to be thinking of their futures. A great career and stuff; They have it! Whats next for them? .. Truly they are making out, or whatever you choose to call it. They just need to be constantly reminded of PROTECTION! Like each time they’d be left alone? What about that?

  28. Madison says:

    The last thing we or they need is a baby bieber. I hope they are smart enough to be using birth control.

  29. Miss Diagnosed says:

    Oh, so many things make me ashamed of being Canadian. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Pamela Anderson, Nickleback, and now Justin Bieber.

    For the love of God Bieber, wrap it up before you Mountie Selena!

  30. HannahG says:

    It’s amazing how differently things are that side of the Atlantic. 0ver here over 16s have sex and go on holiday without people making “OMG no parental supervision”

    Why wouldn’t they be having sex?!! They are a couple over legal age of consent!

  31. Zak says:

    They are both hoes.

  32. Yanira says:

    Selena said she was aware of her mom’s situation and that she had to make sure to not repeat that past.

  33. Chris says:

    But the Bieb says he’s a Christian and one of their rules is no sex before marriage.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I think Selena could have done better…

  35. jaime says:

    lolin the first piture he is staring at her boobs

  36. james says:

    i feel sorry for Selena coz if this is true she has been really close to him one horrible thought

  37. yamilet says:

    well i think there are doing it justin really loves selena but having a baby i think they should wait for like when there like 21 years old

  38. someone says:

    Wow… this age is sad sad sad im 14 and my religon says it wrong so iv never even dated dont have sex untill your Married,wonderfull rule do you know how gross it sounds when you people talk about this I hope thier not doing s3x.If they are whhhy selena I looked up to you!This makes me sad=C

  39. selena says:

    what the fack is this selena gomez is shit girllllll

  40. Biebs says:

    Gosh people grow up the are over age so find another subject

  41. bobs says:

    I’m not sure how any of this really matters. Iran wants to destroy America and Israel, the economy has tanked, there is global food shortages, we are at war. And yet here u are acting like your works hinges on whether they have sex?.ok let’s be clear…their sex lives are no ones business. And if they get pregnant, its still none of your business. U don’t know them, you cyber stalk them. Get you’re own lives and boyfriends.