Marc Anthony controlled Jennifer Lopez’s style, didn’t want her to look “sexy”


In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m really trying to use some of the thousands of archive photos of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony for all of these split stories. Part of it is sheer joy on my part: joy at seeing just how many photos of the two of them exist (because when too many couples breakup, there are only a handful of couple-y photos), and plus, I like looking at Jennifer Lopez’s married-girl styles throughout the years. It’s the married-girl styles that take center stage in this story – according to Us Weekly, Marc had very specific ideas on how Jennifer should be styled, and when she veered away from “conservative wife” style, he belittled her and broke her down. Now, we already heard about how controlling Marc was (and is, probably). Do you believe this?

Us Weekly named Jennifer Lopez Style Icon of the Decade in spring 2010 — but her husband Marc Anthony tried to call the shots over the fashion diva’s clothes during a photo shoot for the magazine last year.

Anthony, now 42, objected to a pic that he found “too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-year-old mother of two,” one insider tells Us.

Ever since the couple tied the knot seven years ago, the Latin crooner strove to curtail his wife’s famous style choices.

“He would make her feel terrible about herself if she wanted to wear something sexy,” says another source. “He likes her to dress in a demure, ‘wife’ style. He hated the fact that she was a sex symbol.”

“Marc has always been a very dominating husband,” another insider says of the couple, who announced the end of their marriage last Friday. “He wants to control everything Jennifer does.”

[From Us Weekly]

Part of me doesn’t believe this, just because telling Jennifer Lopez to put away the leather catsuits and Herve Leger bondage dresses would be like telling her not to breathe. That being said, Jennifer’s style did suffer during her marriage. She’s always seemed like the kind of woman who enjoys fashion and styling, and takes great joy in putting a look together, but her best looks were definitely before Marc Anthony, in my opinion. Remember when she used to show up at the Oscars looking like a goddess? But when she was with Marc, every awards show gown seemed frumpy and budget. So… do we blame Marc for these high fashion crimes?





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  1. Pyewacket says:

    Oh please, she walked around half dressed most of the time they were married, so if he was “controlling” her style, he did a pretty sh*tty job of covering the “sexy”.

  2. Kelly says:

    So HE’S the one who told her to keep her mouth open all the time! It all becomes clear now. And I thought it was because she didn’t want her lips to get glued together with lipgloss.

  3. Heatheradair says:

    yeeeaahhhhhhh, I’m not really feeling all that sartorially sorry for Jenny….

    I think it’s pretty common for men to have some degree of the same attitude. Like, “you’re my woman now, keep your ass covered.”

    And he does have a point – she’s a mom, she’s not a kid anymore, there’s no harm in looking “demure.” Which she didn’t, but obviously she’s more willful than him, in the end.

  4. Bb says:

    LoL exactly what I was thinking , pyewacket.

  5. mln76 says:

    I have always thought that Marc could be controlling even before all of the blinds that have strongly hinted that he may be abusive. A lot of women like JLo with strong personalities are drawn to someone who is controlling and is ‘stronger than them’ and we know what a jerk her ex husband is. I totally can believe it. Also believe she started getting more ‘vampy’ as she decided she was getting out of the marraige.

  6. Eve says:

    Since I don’t give a flying f*ck about Lopez (meaning I don’t really care if she’s doing fine or not) I hope the rumors about her hooking up with that Triunfo Del Amor’s actor turn out to be true.

    How awesome are going to be the jokes about them on The Soup?

    Please, please, please, let this be true…*crossing fingers*

  7. HotLatino says:

    Oh Marc, first of all, being sexy is part of the DNA of us Latinos, we cannot not be sexy , we cannot not be hot and I agree with US weekly, JLo is a style icon!!

  8. Justaposter says:

    Remember all of the clauses he put in his last divorce. If the ex wife (sorry can’t remember her name) ever said anything bad about him, or her friends he would fine her and take it out of her alamony payments.

  9. Blue says:

    Well that clearly didn’t work. ITA with #1 comment

  10. arock says:

    he looks like a cadaver. how is it that she has managed to slip out unnoticed wearing skin tight out fits or next to nothing for the last 20 plus years? shes a beautiful woman, im not against it but a hard sell as a reason for divorce.
    ***if anyone has the low down on his last divorce ie-clauses etc. id love to see it.

  11. Truthful says:

    Sooo that’s why she has gone off of the deep end…hmm, I say they have been seperated for a while–cause the old JLo has been back for a minute.

    she knew how he was before she married him, they dated briefly when they were younger.

    so her camp is busy as hell today huh??

    Like her friend Eva Longeoria, she’s gonna point fingers and make herself look like a angel, whose husband tried to clip her wings, when all she wanted to do was whore, oops, I mean SOAR.

    I can’t!!!! I can see this is going to be a lonnng one.

  12. Kim says:

    I have to say im with Mark on this one. She is older and a mother. She shouldnt be dressing like she did in her 20’s anymore. She dresses way to young and sleazy really. Esp the dress she wore to the BAFTAs to meet the royals.

    Not that im into a husband controlling his wife but i think asking your wife and mother of your children to tone it done if she dressed like the hooker Lopez does isnt “controlling” its for the sake of her kids also. If those kids were at an age where they understood how their mother dressed they would be mortified.

    That said the way they hooked up kind of determined it wasnt for the long haul. He dumped his ex and she jumped right in. They are both major egomaniacs and thats a recipe for disaster.

  13. yeahyeahyeah says:

    I believe it. There is a lot of machismo in Latin communities and men grow up thinking they can dominate women. And women like JLo do not want to be dominated. It leads to a lot of fights and sometimes to physical abuse. I have seen it a lot in my family and the people I grew up with. I would not be surprised if Marc Anthony was raised in that manner.

  14. DethHammer says:

    OMG stop everything! Let us all shed a tear! JLO’S FASHION SUFFERED!!! What a TRAGEDY!!!

    Seriously, these celebutards do not live or even orbit anywhere near a healthy sense of reality. If her style was the main factor that suffered, she’ll be more than ok.

    All of this seems strictly from Team JLo, so I will wait to hear what Team Marc has to say about things. The truth is always somewhere in between (and possibly in that Cuban model/actor Levy’s pants)

  15. lrm says:

    well, there’s a middle ground between vampy and demure….
    and if anything, perhaps that is what he was talking about-
    i have no idea.
    but J Lo could stand to update her ‘sexy’ [and yes, sexy has more than one speed, even for Latinos who cannot ‘not’ be sexy….LOL]
    …she does not n eed to wear dated/outdated low V neck dresses that make her look lumpy and cheesy/budget.
    She can be sexy while still covering her midriff….
    I think a ‘more mature sexiness’ would be appropriate for 40 with twins. Hey, I am her age; I’m just saying….

    It seems like her only version of sexy is a combo of tranny and beauty pageant.
    She doesnt need pearls and a suit.
    Just branch out a little.

    I havve NEVER considered her a style icon.
    Though I do think she’s becoming an icon, suprisingly enough….
    If she continues with a mega comeback, she will have the Madonna cache-whether she is truly worth of it [based on her ‘body of work’ lol] or not.

  16. Kristin says:

    When I was 15, my ex boyfriend started out by telling me what I could and could not wear, and it only escalated from there. A year and a half later I had to get out.

    After seven years for these two, my guess is this story is absolutely true but there are more details that may never come out.

  17. Quest says:

    Bull fn shit…

    JLO has always dressed however she pleased and the problem is that she tries to hard to dress sexy. A man (husband) would always imply that his wife wear something a little less sexy but JLo does what JLo does and it is usually a no,no.

    The snake skin getup

    AI season 10 final outfit with Marc onstage

    JLo’s New Years outfit

    JLo at the 2011 Grammys

    Do you remember this outfit with her then Bo – Diddy

    Conclusion: I cannot blame Marc for JLO’s shitty fashion sense.

  18. Relli says:


    Well he could us all a favor and taken the shit out of her style too. PLEASE this woman’s main problem is not covering up becuase she is a mom. Becoming a mom doesn’t automatically make you desire high waisted pleated jeans (mom jeans) or fugly high neck floral dresses. She needs to dress her age. Its like she is the only person who doesn’t understand that she is over 40 and looks totally ridiculous in so many of her get ups. ALL i see is woman who made late in the game in terms of age and is constantly still trying to play at the raunchy levels of Rhianna or lady Gaga, in which she fails and looks totally DESPERATE. I am not saying she doesn’t have a great body but there are ways go about looking sexy without lookign trashy and try-hard, also i have major issues with the porn/sexy face she is always making. She has a beautiful smile.

  19. Liz says:

    Both ridiculous people.

  20. lucy2 says:

    I agree too, pyewacket. I wouldn’t doubt he was controlling, but she certainly managed to wear plenty of stuff this claims he objected to.

    I’m wondering if her camp is putting this out there to gain sympathy and prep everyone for her dressing super slutty now that she’s single?

  21. Genefer says:

    Oh Come on!Lopez outweighs him by 100 lbs do you REALLY think he could tell her what to do? She could squish him like the knat he is!

  22. Cherry says:

    @17. Quest: Spot on. This is total BS, and I’m pretty convinced JLo’s people started the rumor. It makes her look good, doesn’t it? ‘Oh, poor Jennifer. Her husband didn’t allow her to be the SMOKIN’ HOT PIECE OF A## she really is. Does anyone remember that? How HOT she is? HELLO? ANYONE?’

  23. bluhare says:

    Please. She wouldn’t know sexy if it came up and hit her.

  24. Jackson says:

    Wow, when was that gold/bronze metallic dress pic taken? Either it’s an odd photo or she has had even more work done than I thought in the last several years. She often looks so cheap and tacky that I would want someone else to take the blame for it too.

  25. sapphire says:

    @Pyewacket-you called it. No, she was never a style icon, just shock value. Great body with no idea how to dress that didn’t include too tight, hanging out or vage flash.Nothing wrong with sexy, but learn how to wear a dress that fits!

  26. Melinda says:

    Quest- I had all of those god awful outfits running through my mind while reading this thinking, “What?!” She has continued to wear the same type of tacky and inappropriate crap the entire time. She really should let up, but I only see it getting worse. She is going to become a complete laughing stock and completely reek of desperation.

  27. ladybert62 says:

    So how did these two seemingly opposites ever get together in the first place? It seems they did not have conversations but Marc Anthony monologues about what she could/should do. I am surprised the marriage lasted 7 years.

  28. Novaraen says:

    Um…no on the controlling being the reason. He got her when she was on a low in her career. It started to spike up again with American Idol…she got more diva-like and distant because of being busy. He got with his backup singer in retaliation and jealousy and then VOILA…divorce!

    The shit they’re telling you is all false…bitch has been dressing from the Fredericks of Hollywood catalog for YEARS.

  29. Blue says:

    So if this was her being covered up these years, what the hell are we going to have to endure now that she’s free?

  30. Kelly says:

    @Blue, LOL. She’s just going to leave off the double-stick tape from now on.

  31. Embee says:

    I believe he controlled her and I believe she is escaping. And this:

    “A lot of women like JLo with strong personalities are drawn to someone who is controlling and is ’stronger than them’”

    That she outweighs him is irrelevant, if he was systematically destroying her sense of self by degrading her on a daily basis. Abuse isn’t always physical, and JLo has the demeanor of an emotionally abused woman.

  32. Jana says:

    Nah. His ex-wife was sexy. It’s Jennifer’s business to be sexy. But was he controlling on the photoshoot and maybe objected to one outfit that he felt was over the top? Probably. But otherwise, she’s out plenty with him looking very sexy. He didn’t seem to mind. I think their issue is, most likely, she’s gearing up to be very busy again, and they have little ones. He may be supportive of her career to a degree, but a man of his culture, when he’s now on a TV show and also touring part of the time, wants a wife more at home or with him. She has always said she’s driven, wants to do it all, music, movies, her clothing businesses, touring, on and on. She’s out of mommy mode fulltime now and back to focusing on her career. It was a timebomb that was waiting to explode when he married her. And she married him out of desparation. He was there and willing to marry her after the Ben fiasco.

  33. Quest says:

    JLo had some pretty high-profile relationships:

    Ojani Noa (married 1997-1998) he was sued in 2006
    Sean Combs (dated approx. 1998-2000)
    Cris Judd (married 2001-2003)
    Ben Affleck (engaged in Nov 2002- Jan 2004)
    Marc Anthony (married Jun 2004-Jul 2011)

    Most of these relationship intertwined and usually ENDED when she thinks there is better on the horizon…hmmmmm…William Levy?

  34. Maybe she won most of the arguments about what to wear over the years and now she is just sick of the arguments.

  35. You don't say says:

    Yes, her publicist is working overtime to make her seem like a poor innocent little waif who escaped a dreadful, controlling monster. He probably was not perfect, (but she was probably no angel either), but man, she is crucifying him. This kind of overkill shows you who the control freak really is.

  36. Very Telling says:

    GMAB he had no problem with her ass out Idol outfit

  37. malachais says:

    I think they are both egotistical pieces of work. While he may be controlling, I get the impression she was very hard to deal with as well. I don’t think the tabs are trying to paint as ‘innocent,’ and I think she really did try to make it work for as long as possible, until she became relevant once again in the media.

    Marc and Jennifer were using each other until they got tired of the drama. Jennifer seems to get tired of relationships quickly and looks to move on fast. She had twins with the man, I honestly think she truly cared for him at one point but they both got tired of the BS.

  38. Tiffany says:

    @Eve. Su madre esta Bieber. I love clippos magnificos!
    Traveling on tour for 18 months, and what gets the auto download from itunes? The Soup!

  39. Cherry Rose says:

    I broke up with my ex about six months ago, and now that I’m out of the relationship I can see how controlling he really was.

    While he didn’t try to control what I wore, he tried to control the more personal aspects of my life.

    For instance, he hated the fact that I had friends. He’d tell me I didn’t need any friends, and the few friends I would hang out with, he’d talk shit about them and tell me how they were a bad influence on me. All the while he still had his friends and that was okay, even though a lot of them didn’t have their shit together and were into doing drugs.

    But what really ticked me off was that he tried to exert control over me taking my medications. I’ve been on ADD/ADHD meds since I was five, and my ex would tell me I didn’t need to take 40 mg of Adderall, that my doctor prescribed to me AND I’ve been on Adderall since I was 14. So he thought he had the right to go through my pill box and just take my 10 mg, without asking, like it was nothing.

    There’s so many other things he did throughout our relationship, but he was very hypocritical about it. If I did the same things, he would have screamed at me and chewed me out for it, trying to make me feel bad. But if he did the same thing, it was okay, because he was “a man”.

    Thank god I’m out of that relationship. I find it sad that there was a 9 year difference, yet I was the more mature one about things.

    Anyway, if Marc Anthony was controlling, I’m glad that Jennifer Lopez got out. There’s nothing fun about being in a controlling relationship.

  40. NoFrank says:

    You know what always struck me in pictures of the two of them? The way he looks so…proprietary. Not as though he is proud of his beautiful wife, or loves her so very much, but more like “Yeah, bitches, see this? THIS? is MINE. You can look, but I AM THE MAN who gets to see this naked. Are you jealous? You should be jealous because I AM AWESOME.” Always with the glasses, looking like he invented her or something. I never got a sense that they adored each other. I got a sense that he wanted you to envy him because he bagged a hottie. It kind of sickened me.

  41. Violet says:

    I just don’t buy all these stories of Marc controlling JLo. They both strike me as very opinionated, high-maintenance divas. After all, we’re talking about the woman who is so pushy that she recently shoved Mary Louise Parker out of her way so she could talk to Prince William’s new bride.

    I just have to wonder if all these rumors are being generated by JLo’s PR team to make her look better by making her husband look bad. In which case, shame on her. They need to keep it civil for the sake of the kids.

  42. kaligula says:

    i totally believe this, and noticed right away after they were married that she stopped looking like herself. he’s a male primadonna, possibly in the closet, and she only went to him because he swept her up at a very vulnerable time– right after her failed engagement to Affleck, which was a big source of embarassment and sadness to her, i believe.

    one way or another i don’t think he’s really capable of love (perhaps someday). & i think she was very emotionally confused during their marriage and hopefully now she’ll get centered again.

    @NoFrank i agree, and @Cherry Rose, good for you for believing in yourself and getting out! stay strong, sister <3

  43. Deven says:

    She should divorce him just because, in any pictures ever taken of them, he NEVER smiled. What a complete jerk!!

  44. I do say says:

    Totally and emphatically disagree with @Kim. She has never dressed inappropriately as a woman of her age and with two children. There is nothing wrong with oozing sexuality if you got it. Clothes don’t make it inappropriate — actions do. And she’s never acted over the line. This is the American viewpoint on sex — so uneasy with it! Step out of the 1950s, please.

  45. Embee says:

    @Cherry Rose I am very sorry you went through such a negative experience but am so proud of you for leaving. It is very hard to do!

  46. bros says:

    yah what about that gold monstrosity for the oscars? or was it the golden globes? if anything I feel like she’s shown more skin in tighter dresses while married to him.

  47. ADS says:

    @cherry rose good for you for getting out. As you have stated there are subtle ways to attempt to control someone you are in a relationship with. She may not have totally changed how she dressed but it was deffo more understated sexy during her marriage. Yes, it could of been her taking her age and marital status into consideration for the change but who knows?? Some idiot has commented here that they are ‘with Marc on this one’ as Jennifer apparently has no business dressing in that flashy/sexy way now she’s older. Well, I would say that it’s purely a decision for JLO to make and not her husband. If that indeed was the case.

  48. B86 says:

    NoFrank and I do say,
    I 100% agree with You
    women and men can be equaly sexy, and sexy beautiful clothes do not make any woman unappropriate – only Actions do. Jennifer is beautiful, nice in and outside woman, she’s only in her middleage, she should not hide her beauty and cover up her body. Showing is newer the same as giving, and what about those menstars-young, old, Nicholson, Connery, also many others, they had like 100s girlfriends. Just for sex. And Jennifer was always in relationship for love. She had very very small amound of partners, compered to many other stars. She always is graceful and behaves with style. And Mark just based on pictures, looks controllive. I think, he really thought, that if he won’t be, he wouldn’t look and be like a real macho man. Many men are like that. Expecially if they don’t take 1th place, wife has moore publicity.

  49. Maritza says:

    The fact is he fell in love with her knowing she liked to dress sexy, I’m pretty sure that is what attracted him to her so why does he want to change her? Jennifer needs a man like Nick Cannon who adores his wife (Mariah Carrie) and hasn’t changed her and let’s her be herself. Or someone like Ice Cube he let’s his wife Coco do whatever she wants and treats her like a queen. Most Latinos are very controlling and jealous and passionate when in love and hate.

  50. xploxite says:

    NO ONE can control this woman she’s the type that has to have things her way.

  51. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    So who’s accepting the Noble Prize for Literature on this one?

  52. Ron says:

    So he didn’t want her to look like a Hooker, he wanted her to look like a Call Girl. Like either of them have any taste anyway. At least that explains why she was dressed like a whore to meet the Duke and Duchess, she was able to pick her own dress again.

  53. Hakura says:

    If MA didn’t want his wife to be ‘sexy’, he really shouldn’t have married JLo. Something I noticed about all those couples pics of them (especially at big events/awards shows), is that she *does* get to dress sexy when she’s on his arm, but her style outside of such events (while *not* with him) definitely suffered.

    Perhaps looking like a ‘Goddess’ was only okay when he was showing her off in public, to make himself look good?

  54. ADS says:

    @50 spoken as someone who believes something is true just because it’s in a magazine or tabloid.

  55. B86 says:

    And that is how it should be. No man has the wright to controll, or change a woman. It should be ecual union, not male 2 steps infront, telling his wife what to wear. I agree with above Nick Cannon is amazing husband. Did not critisize or change his wife. With those “oldtraditioned” trying to show like alfa male men, they really do not know what Alfa Male Is. it so important for them to look like an owner, not partner.

  56. Ruffian9 says:

    Firstly, I had a bit of a chuckle over the idea that JLo is in any way a ‘style’ icon.

    I’m really, really uncomfortable with the idea that any spouse feels they have the right to dictate to a woman what she wears or how she presents herself. Mother or not, 40 years old or not, she’s a grown woman who can wear what she damn pleases. Period.

  57. Cherry Rose says:

    Thank you. It was hard. I had doubts but my ex tried to act like he was just joking, but after awhile it became apparent that he wasn’t.

    My ex was also very jealous. He would always accuse me of flirting with other guys, including his younger brother of all things, or if I’d be txting someone, he’d say “Are you talking to your other boyfriend?”

    My ex is definitely a misogynist. Saying that women are whores, and all women are manipulative and coniving. And it’s wrong if a woman cheats, but if a man cheats, that’s ok because the woman was doing something wrong. Seriously, WTF kind of thinking is that?

    I’m very glad I’m out of that relationship. I think I stayed in it longer than I should because a) I was young (I was 19-21 when we dated) and b) it was a comfort thing.

    So ladies, if your man is controlling or says things like that, it’s time to leave the relationship, because things are only going to get worse.

  58. Jana says:

    Wow, people read a gossip story, with no source, and half the stuff in US Magazine is made up, not like People, and many on here are taking this story as gospel and condemns Marc as trying to control everything she wears. Unbelievable.

  59. theaPie says:

    He looks controlling in all their posed photos together. Like ‘Just try to lay a hand on her. She’s all MINE.’ So grim looking – never relaxed or smiling.

    Little bantam rooster.

  60. antisara says:

    GET OVER IT ALREADY! speculation ain’t gonna save their marriage. CM’ON! HOLLYWEIRD REQUIRES THEIR FAMOUS HO’S TO SHOW SKIN AND ACT LIKE THEY WANT TO PUT OUT WITH ANYONE, MARC KNOWS IT. Jello has always been a slut (how do you think she made it in Hollyweird? her smarts? dubious, her good looks? she ain’t that pretty, more like a lot of blow jobs ahem…BLIZARD jobs), yet he married her. Marc has always had the INTERNATIONAL MACHO SYNDROME yet Jello married him, SO, sounds like a match made in Hollywood Hell. It really was a matter of time AND marketing strategy.

  61. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    “Anthony, now 42, objected to a pic that he found “too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-year-old mother of two,” one insider tells Us.”

    I’m kind of with him on this but…meh. She’s all Harper Valley PTA for at least 10 more years.

    What I want to know is…Who is the new dude!? Who is the new dude!? (Join in on the chant when ready.)

  62. corey says:

    I never liked them as a couple. On paper it seemed like a good idea, but in pictures, they didn’t compliment each other at all. I could see there being some professional jealousy resulting in sabotaging and controlling behavior. I just find it hard to believe that Jennifer put up with it for so long. I can’t picture her as being the kind of wife carrying the weight of her husband’s issues. That takes patience, she doesn’t come across as someone that has a lot of it.

  63. CooCooCatchoo says:

    The white dress with the rings and cut outs above is sooo awful. She’s been wearing a lot of cut out dresses lately. They all make her look pudgy, and they all look budget. Not a fan of that hoochie momma cocktail waitress look.

  64. Flan says:

    @Cherry Rose: am glad for you, you got out of that relationship. Guys like that like to control ‘their’ women, because they feel they have no control anywhere else.

  65. Ceci says:

    Back in 2004 or 2005 it was said that Guadalupe (Jennifer’s mother) did not like Marc Anthony and missed Ben;start=21

    People tried to spin differently that it wasn’t true but people heard her say it and there were rumblings of it.

    I really think she tries to support her daughter’s relationships and marriages but isn’t do it well…she could probably be more vocal in the beginning so Jennifer would learn something.

    Jennifer is a romantic and her parents divorced when she was three years old so all that must affect.

    So for me this isn’t “Jennifer’s camp” just trying to spin things in her favor. I do think since her marriage is over they aren’t holding back but it doesn’t mean it’s all lies.

    They are dunzo if anything! And it’s funny how people dislike Jennifer so much they won’t let her or want to let her come out the “winner” (even though their are no “winners,” espcially since kids are involved.)

  66. Kosmos says:

    I don’t believe this is true at all. First of all, Jennifer was always putting out her sex image for years, too much, it was always about her…she is bossy and brash. I don’t think he controlled her, but she may have controlled him. If he had been jealous, it was because she’s so over the top with trying to come off sexy…it’s for that reason, and others, that I find her exactly the opposite, boring, boring, boring, get over yourself please. She’s just not my favorite person, can you tell?

  67. Jen says:

    Too bad that JLo thinks sexy = trashy. There are a lot of demure sexy women who don’t show random parts of their body in outfits. The dress at the BAFTA may have been sexy to her; not so much to me.

  68. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    Who is the new dude!? Who is the new dude!?

    (Btw: I still kinda like her. She makes the going into middle age thing look like a hoot. I can’t wait to see how far and how long she takes the whole sexpot spokesmodel role. Anybody remember the movie “Death Becomes Her”? And her Medina-fied machinations never cease to amaze me. He reps then he doesn’t then she breaks up with a guy then he reps again then he doesn’t then she…you get the picture.)

    Who is the new dude!? Who is the new dude!?

  69. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    Oh, and Wendy Williams said yesterday on The View that she doesn’t believe this. She thinks announcing divorce is a pr stunt. I don’t agree, but it does smell “Medinafied!” **jazz hands**.

  70. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Okay, I’m just going to say it, don’t shoot:

    He’s always had the look of the protagonist from The Collector to me

    Women who absolutely MUST have a man from the events of their first dates to the grave, why? Are you lose your oxygen supply if not attached by the member? I’ve just known so many women who deny themselves of so much because there’s this abject fear of ending up single. I seen my frequent attendance to movies along treated as a sign of repressed childhood trauma. Now. I’ve seen men who collect women just because they say they can, who are disrespectful and abusive and all the rest. I suppose being a woman, it’s easier to track my herd, but overheard in exchanges it’s often ‘I need a man’ vs ‘I need pussy’. Then both trundle off with someone, anyone to fill that vaccancy and sometimes you end up at a deficit. What’s up with the Jennifer Love Hewitt`s of the world? Is it wrong to even wonder?

    I know Marc Anthony has at least five kids, I don’t know where his empire’s fiscally negligent ass is stashing them. I’d like to assume they’re in a space free of back taxes, a land where trust funds exists, and not even the cadaverous talons of ‘Daddy Snorted’ could break through the integrity of its intrest rates. A world where the concept of the Sheer Pubic Public Revolution Catsuit could never exist.

    Marrying on the rebound has just reaped what it sold. What did you learn? Oh, nothing? That’s good.

  71. Amandahugandkiss says:

    Yeah, it is fairly clear from these comments who has actually had experience in an abusive relationship.
    Abusers don’t get their way all the time- when you win something they make an issue, you pay for it. All the times J-Lo managed to make it out of the house in a racy outfit, I would imagine her stylists, manager, producers of the shows/Evers all fought for the outfits. Abusers have a way of backing down in front of others, but then when you get home…well, use your imagination.
    I would imagine the new career gave her enough confidence to realise she didn’t have to put up with it.
    I’m not her biggest fan, but I am with her on this. Let her wear what she wants- how many of us would want perfect strangers judging whether we should be wearing something sexy?

  72. Hakura says:

    @Ceci“I really think she tries to support her daughter’s relationships and marriages but isn’t do it well…she could probably be more vocal in the beginning so Jennifer would learn something.”

    I was thinking perhaps it’s the opposite… Maybe her mother is too vocal about her opinions (especially at the beginning), & JLo feels this very teenage urge to rebel. I’m not sure if it was true, but one of the articles mentioned that the mother had a domineering personality as well.

    I totally realize that JLo is a grown woman who should be held accountable for her bad choices, I just think there are certain ways she doesn’t seem to have matured… Relationships being #1. Dating a few weeks before getting engaged, never being able to stay single for any length of time (so much so that many relationships overlap eachother). It does sound like an area in her life where she’s insecure.