J.Lo & Marc Anthony split because of jealousy, crazy fights, Marc’s controlling ways


And so it begins. Starting Monday afternoon, speculation and stories about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony went into overdrive. I guess, technically, it started just as soon as Marc and Jennifer announced their split on Friday, picked up some steam over the weekend, but it seemed like yesterday, all of a sudden there were a million stories about J.Lo and Marc. So let’s take it point by point, shall we?

*Lainey says that Us Weekly had the story early last week, but held it for a few days under the understanding that Jennifer would give them a statement. Then, Marc went behind Jennifer’s back and released the news to People Mag. Keep this in mind in the coming weeks – because I feel an Us Weekly vs. People Mag pissing contest coming on, and we will all be the beneficiaries.

*Us Weekly says that Jennifer and Marc have been “struggling for years” and that Jennifer “tried everything she could to make it work… They went to marriage counseling. She was patient and loving and did everything he wanted her to.. She exhausted all the possibilities,” according to a source close Jennifer. Another source says, “They had a very up and down marriage. They would get into heated, horrible fights. Then, they would also go through times where they were extremely loving and romantic…It was a roller coaster with them from the beginning.” Yet more insiders say, “She is devastated. Absolutely beside herself. This is someone she dedicated a long time to, and that she truly loved. She is looking forward to the future. She is jumping back into work and being a mom with all her energy and she is really excited. She feels like she has grown leaps and bounds and is a new person now, better than ever.” Jennifer is expected to stay in LA and get primary custody of their twins. She’s also really busy, with lots of ongoing and new projects.

*Meanwhile, People Magazine says that Marc and Jennifer’s split came “after months of nonstop arguing…. Marc and Jennifer decided it’s best to go their separate ways for the sake of their two kids.” A source says that “Jennifer is doing okay. In the past two weeks, she has spent a lot of quality time with her kids and her family in L.A. She is, of course, sad that she and Marc didn’t work out, but they both feel they have tried everything.” So far, very similar to Us Weekly’s story. That will change in the weeks to come, I think.

*There were some stories that “the reason” for the split was Jennifer’s alleged relationship/affair with a Cuban male model named William Levy, known as the “Brad Pitt of Cuba”. He was the too-pretty dude in Jennifer’s video for “I’m Into You” (a music video I actually kind of liked). William is 30 years old and he just split from his wife of eight years one month after the music video shoot with Jennifer. BUT! William denied that junk, getting his spokesperson to tell TMZ, “The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been.” Also: Levy forces underage girls to fellate him while he strangles them, allegedly.

*One more story, courtesy of E! News. According to E! News’ source, Jennifer just kept trying to make her marriage work: “She tried so hard to make this marriage work… She put up with—and kept putting up with—Marc’s controlling ways, which had been going on for a long time, and she was really trying to make the best of it. He would micromanage their lives . He was all over her all the time—about everything—and I know she tried very hard, and for a long time, to act like it didn’t bother her, but I know it did. A lot. He would hover over her, and it was almost antagonizing. She couldn’t breathe.” A source from American Idol (coughDameSeacrestcough) says that Jennifer was almost “scary” in her devotion to Marc, “She was always saying, ‘Marc likes this’ or ‘Marc doesn’t like that,’ as if he was her manager. We never once saw them fight.” Also: Jennifer had jealousy issues too, and tried to end Marc’s ongoing friendship with his ex-wife Dayanara Torres. Eh.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    They’re both nasty, but this is going to become a seriously entertaining train-wreck.

    Marriage counseling only works when BOTH parties want to salvage the relationship and put in the work to do so. I wasted a FULL YEAR in marriage counseling with my ex, only to know I’d done what I could and leave without looking back.

  2. brin says:

    If they want to put their kids first they won’t do this he said, she said in the tabloids…but I don’t see that happening.

  3. Quest says:

    Poor JLo…always the passionate, committed one *right*…I think they both have issues. I hope the kids get through this

  4. katnip says:

    All that “fighting” and “counseling” where we all these “insiders” and “sources” at that time. I don’t recall many tabloid covers about Jlo and Marc.

    I think that the tabloids and PR people play games. they leak stories about other celebrity couples to cover for their clients. All these stories we see about “Usual cover story couples” every single week for years.. are usually WRONG. Then you see some couple that was never on the covers breaking up, pregnant, cheating whatever. then the public says the line “I didn’t see that coming”..

    why because the tabloids spend their time in the same backyards making up lies and the attention is taken away from the people the stories are really about.

    PR games that people have been buying for years. Leak a story about some couple that the tabloids will print a story about when it is really about someone else. Bait and Switch.

    If all these sources knew so much then where were they before Friday.

  5. You don't say says:

    This back and forth in the tabloids does no one any good, but the tabloids who will just fill in the blanks with whatever they so choose. Again, it appears that adults and their egos are more important than their children. Sad situation.

  6. Sandra says:

    I would LOVE to hear what Marc Anthony’s people are going to respond because clearly the whole controlling stuff comes from JLo’s clan.

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awww I was super sad to hear that they broke up. I thought he was the one for Jen. I can’t say I know any reason why they would break up. Who knows and I am not inclined to believe anything written in tabloids.

  8. lin234 says:

    Jen tried to end his friendship with his ex-wife? She already ended their marriage wasn’t that enough? Doesn’t Marc have kids with his ex-wife? J-Low is totally the type to try and ban him from his other children too.

    They are both scum. It’s not surprising they are getting divorced. What is surprising is that it lasted as long as it did.

  9. Samigirl says:

    @lin234-That was the one thing that caught my eye as well. They do have…I think 2 kids? I don’t know, bc I never really payed attention to MA. Regardless, I HATE my ex, and we are still, while not friends, friendly when we see each other, for our son’s sake. That’s how it should be when you are co-parenting.

  10. Jana says:

    It seems like JLO’s camp is in overdrive working on making her the sweet, devoted, perfect wife who played no fault in it. LOL

    I love the one where it said she’s so devastated, and the very next sentence, she’s really excited, blah, blah.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – Very valid point. Sadly, I don’t see that happening either.

    *sits back, opens popcorn*

  12. gloaming says:

    Those allegations towards Levy are awful. What a revolting scumbag!

  13. lucky says:

    I feel like she must be exhausting to be with. He may be controlling but do we really think she is easy going? I think it was a battle of the controllers. Just looking at all of her pulled faces in these photographs EXHAUSTS me… ugh….

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    @ lucky – No room in her house for anyone else: her ego takes up too much space.

  15. Jaded says:

    How can this woman spend any time with her kids when she is obsessed with being famous any way she can? Singing, acting, running a restaurant, designing clothing, creating perfume, being a judge on a talent show…..where does she find time for her husband and children? She clearly has set her priorities on being in the spotlight any way she can, nothing else comes in the way of her fame-whoring.

  16. Ahem says:

    Sure she’s obsessed with her career but how many men or women in hollywood aren’t?

    Eh…Spanish news has always said he was abusive to her and controlling and I kind of believe that. Esp when she started dressy frumpy when they got together. Plus…given HIS track record he’s always been a cheater as well.

    Her being a diva doesn’t mean she deserved any kind of emotional or physical abuse from her husband, the father of her children…just sayin. It’s not like he didn’t know who she was going into the relationship. They dated before.

  17. zesty says:

    These photos are hilarious! The first one looks like MA is a background prop while Lopez strikes a pose. The second one–what is up with her face? She looks really strange. Her face looks so forced in all of them. Ahh, good times.

  18. ladybert62 says:

    Because I am a shallow person, I say this should be great fun! Bring on the popcorn! ha ha

  19. curleque says:

    There’s been rumors for years about what a controlling and abusive pr*ck Marc is. I think she wanted to leave for years, but could not swallow her pride until now. It’s hard to make that decision to leave.

    I think he is a sterotypical, old-school Latino husband. And she is a crazy diva. They both knew what they were getting into. Poor kids…

  20. Sue says:

    lin234@ JLO didn’t end Marc marriage, Marc and ex wife Dayanara were divorce before but got back together I remember her saying how he wanted her to give up her career to stay home with the kids which she did and he spent all his time away from her and the family traveling and Dayanara had a big problem with the fact that he was never home; I never saw why she went back to him unless it was for the kids.

    I always wondered how often Marc saw his other children they live in Miami with their mom but you never really saw any photos of them with JLO and Marc and they traveled a lot with both careers which leaves little time to spend with them. I hope they saw him a lot their nothing worse than a parent a banding there kids for their new family.

  21. TaylorB says:

    She is probably better off without him, he cheats and is demanding, that kind of ‘charm’ can wear pretty thin after a bit.

  22. Victoria says:

    FUG! that most recent pic! She looks very “Mr Potato head-ish” tisk tisk.. does no one escape the surgery thing! Her ‘face/lips/eyebrows!!!’ – looks different…..

  23. Kelly says:

    I agree with @Jaded – can’t she just slow down? Enough with the perfume, the music, the Idol… she must be really easily bored.

    Also, this has nothing to do with their marital problems, and it’s my own peculiar bias, but I cannot stand it when a woman is bigger than her (male) partner (women, I don’t care one way or the other). My personal preference is that my man has to be taller than me by at least 2 inches and much more substantial, physically. My current beau is 5’8″ (2 inches taller than me) and totally ripped and solid.

    When I look at them, I get the really unwanted mental image of her huge ass grinding his skinny carcass into the bed. And I apologise if I just burned that image into all of your brains!

  24. annaloo says:

    OMG– this is JLO GOLD!

    This is from the 2011 Grammys awards.. now that all of this is out, how they behaved in this clip… HOW DID WE NOT SEE IT COMING???!


    Look how she awkwardly tries to take his hand, and he DENIES her!!!

    the eye-rolling is EPIC.


  25. DetRiotgirl says:

    I thought there’ve been rumors about him being controlling and abusive for years, so seeing the allegations come up again now doesn’t shock me. I’m surprised they split because, before this weekend, I never believed those rumors. But, now I’m not so sure. If he is controlling and abusive, then I’m glad she got out; spoiled diva or not.

  26. Eve says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I actually like that pink dress (bottom picture). Maybe not the length, but the bodice is beautiful.

    Does anyone know who is the designer?

  27. NancyMan says:

    Aren’t any A list celebrities doing anything this week?

  28. Gossip Owl says:

    I think Marc will get back together with Dayanara Torres. I always figured his relationship with Jennifer was the reason they split. Since it’s done with I see them reconciling.

  29. sapphire says:

    Back when JL was preggers, there were a couple of pictures with Creepy Hubby cupping her belly that were just revolting.

  30. P.J. says:

    All we saw were images of a happy, devoted couple, who apparently weren’t so happy after all. It just shows that you can’t judge a relationship from red-carpet photos.

  31. Truthful says:

    hmm, JLo will have her replacement sooner than we think. I only feel for the kids–not this self absorbed duo.

    they both are chronic cheaters..

    JLo dimisses men like she changes her thongs.

    I saw a show on Telemundo, when Marc and Dayonarra had split and his wife said that they were still together and she thought thye were working on their marriage but LO and BEHOLD–he was creeping w/JLo.

    she was in tears, sobbing into a kleenex.

    JHo got her twins and she is moving ON!

    who knows maybe w/her video lead, it sure seemed HOT and we all know she can’t act, it could be true..

    HOW ironic, that he asked for a divorce after the video w/JLo.

    He is GORGEOUS!!!

    Thanks for the clips of this crazy EX couple!!

    NEVER seen Marc and JLo with HIS first set of kids, I always thought that was weird.

  32. jane says:

    I’m currently in an abusive relationship and trying to get out. It’s easier said than done. Even harder now that I am unemployed and can’t find anything.

  33. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Hang in there Jane, it will happen for you. Be safe.

    Everybody knows Gloria and Emilio Estefan are THE Latin power couple. These two are a pair of zircons in comparison.

  34. SEF says:

    Poor, poor sweet and innocent Jenny from the Block. I truly believe everything her camp is saying and clearly the fault is all his. Hmmm . . .

  35. Anti-icon says:

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for JLO because she had her BIG 15 Minutes. Then she chose to become a mother and wife, and this time, she was committed to it. But no, she wasn’t was she? She could easily raise those kids outside of America and be comfortable and shelter them from the spotlight and give them a fun and affluent upbringing. But she’s addicted to fame, people.

    This is going to be an entertaining divorce.

  36. NeNe says:

    Why am I thinking that she would be the controlling one in the relationship?

  37. NeNe says:


    I’m with you on this one. Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm

  38. poopie says:

    @Kelly : totally agree and YES you HAVE burned that image into my brain FOREVAH! I cannot stand M.A. never have and he probs has the napoleon ‘little guy’ complex so he shoves everyone around, point with his ringed pinky finger. ACCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! you never hear ANYTHING about him except when connected to j.l. WHERE did all the money come from ? Her?

  39. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @ #32. Jane, you can get free, confidential counseling through a woman’s shelter. They’ll help you put together an exit plan and maybe even assist in finding a job.

    You deserve love and kindness, and I am rooting for you.

  40. 4Real says:

    She knew how he was they’ve known each other for YEARS….

    That noise you hear is DAYANARA laughing her assoff…

  41. sluggo says:

    I’m gonna bet that cold, hard CASH is at the heart of all this. We’ve been hearing about the astronomical amounts which Skeletor owes for back taxes … and now J-Lo is pulling in some fairly hefty paychecks (AI, commercials, TV production). So why should she be making all that dough and seeing it all go to pay off Skeletor’s tax bill? Knowing men, it wouldn’t surprise me if he just expected her to fork it all over because HE’s the husband and whatever cash is coming in is his, I mean “theirs” — I sure would have done the same thing and do a very VERY fast walkaway from the guy!

    Not to mention the persistent rumors about that dancer … gossip had Marc stepping out on the marriage LONG before anything was up with J-Lo. This man cannot have it look like he’s been dumped.

  42. Kelly says:

    “Short-man syndrome” – absolutely, 100%! I just looked up his height – IMDB says 5’8″ and I am calling BS – other sites say 5’6″. And in my experience, many 5″6″ men have short-man syndrome. My guess is she is the same height but outweighs him by a good 10-15 lbs.

    Also, I never noticed the ring before. I was not aware he was a member of the Cuban Mafia!

  43. Eve says:

    I saw the guy who is rumored to be the reason for their split and recognized him from The Soup — he’s the super ham actor from Triunfo Del Amor!!!!!


  44. cprincess says:

    she’s insufferable and if i hear one more time from her about how ‘traditional’ she is I will scream…
    He might be really controlling but he’s a huge talent and a big star in the latin world…
    Yeah-she so excited about all her new projects and devastated about the divorce but she still so excited about all her new projects oh and don’t forget about the kids!
    she must be overjoyed that she’s getting all this PR!

  45. Blue says:

    I really hate when these people say they stayed together and tried to make it work for the kids, yet when the marriage finally ends they have no problem bad mouthing each other to anyone who will listen. Especially when they’re celebrities, a lot of people are watching and listening. Their kids will be able to get their hands on this stuff when they et older. Just part ways and raise your kids, no need for name calling & allegations. I know they do it to get sympathy but think ofyour kids. That’s why I stopped talking about my daughter’s father and my mom. We have our issues but I don’t want her to get a bad impression of them and decide if she wants to be around them without any bias influence from me. She’s only 16.5 months but still I don’t want to get into the habit of trash talk because she will get older and i want to be able to hold my tongue.

  46. antisara says:

    I’d be VERY jealous too of Dayanara, because she is a UNIVERSE prettier than Jello, so I’m going with that story. Female jealousy can be a real b*tch!

  47. Justaposter says:

    @ Jane, hon, sending you tons of hugs and love and mojo. Be safe, be smart and please like Sloane said, you can get counseling and help. You can do this, I have faith in you!

    @Annaloo.. I remember seeing that on the show. I thought that was a little weird at the time and remember reading a blind about them saying they would be done by Valentines day. (From CDAN)

    That whole *skit* just seemed a wee bit too close to home for it to be cheeky.

  48. Maritza says:

    I just hope Dayanara(who is gorgeous and deserves so much better)is not dumb enough to fall for him all over again, he might want to just make Jennifer jealous to try to get her back. His true love has always been Jennifer.

  49. Ellie says:

    I’m shocked they stayed together this long. We all know how much she LOVES to have weddings and wear new wedding dresses………

  50. the original bellaluna says:

    @ jane – I don’t know where you live, or if you have kids, but there are even “underground” networks to help you get out. A LOT of battered women are unemployed (better to keep you under his thumb that way) but there are STILL options.

    Please, please, PLEASE look into them. Do whatever you have to do to get away and get healthy! It takes a long time, I’m not going to lie, but it is worth it.

    (Spoken as a former battered woman, who nearly died several times “under his thumb,” less than 6 feet away from my baby’s crib.)

  51. Quixotic1205 says:

    @Jane: I second what everyone has said here. Find you nearest battered woman shelter and they can help you get CONFIDENTIAL counseling, help with resources, formulate an exit plan.

    Know that you are not alone. So many women are and have been victims of abuse. They come from all walks of life. They are more often than not smart, independent, strong minded women that get into a situation out of what they initially think is a loving relationship. I know because it happened to me. Now, I’m happily married to a very sweet, good man, have a 10 month old, masters degree and am a college professor.

    Things can and will get better.

  52. KOOL GUY says:


  53. misty says:

    Jen needs a big athlete boyfriend so she can feel like a woman and be protected. Having a scrawny man brow beating you is embarrassing. This weasel, Marc Anthony, is ridiculous.

  54. Kosmos says:

    I don’t know if the rumors about Marc are true. If so, he is unworthy of anyone. I know that Jennifer was completely jealous of Marc’s former wife and their children together. JLo has to be #1, yet I find her almost talentless, and always trying too hard to be sexy or important. Again, please get over yourself. She is not my idea of a woman I find appealing or even interesting.

  55. Ivan says:

    J.Lo will never be ready for marriage, just lust. According to one of her interviews she states: “A person must be sexually & physically attracted to the person they are married to; she also mentions the word LUST. LOVE? Is actually only a word in her world she seems to keep confusing with LUST. I have been married to my wife for 22 years, and together we have lived the true value of our marriage vows. J.Lo please learn the difference between love and lust, maybe then you wouldn’t have to put a ? behind the word love you seem too often to use & abuse. As for Marc Anthony, man I feel for you you let go of a beautiful women w/your two sons. I hope you have learned from this experience, everything that “shines” is not gold brother. I love your music, your talent is one of a kind; I look forward to enjoying more of your music, & videos in the near future. Peace my brother.