Stanley Tucci is a creep

We reported back in June that Anne Hathaway revealed that co-star Stanley Tucci elbowed her repeatedly in the chest while they were filming “The Devil Wears Prada” and then blamed her for his sexual harassment.

She said: “He would just smack me in my boob and elbow me.

“It really hurt, so, after about the fourth time, I finally said, ‘Stanley, can you please stay away from my t**s?'”

However, the curvaceous brunette insists Tucci wasn’t deterred by her request.

She added: “He got really flustered and said, ‘What do you expect? You’re flinging those melons around like its harvest season’.”

Thanks to justaguy at Saving Face Forum for posting the picture above from September 9th, which reminds everyone what an asshole Tucci really is.

If that creep worked in an office he would get fired, demoted or sued for such obvious sexual harassment. Instead, Hathaway has to resort to telling her story to magazines. Let’s hope that Hollywood bigwigs take note of it and that his career suffers as a result.

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  1. Gail says:

    How old is this guy? It seems he is bemused by a pair of breasts? Maybe he has never seen any seeing as in Hollywood they are either size 0 nat chests or plastic fantastic! Grow up and get on with your job you perv.

  2. dupababy says:

    she should have inserted a couple of steel plates in her bra then let that creep sidle up with his wandering elbow..

  3. Kelley says:

    If someone in the Screen Actors Guild does not get involved then that is horrible. He should not be permitted to behave this way, and anyone who casts him in a role should be held accountable.

    She is a young actress and I am sure she is under an enormous amount of pressure. I wonder if she metioned this to her co-star Meryl, something tells me Meryl could have schooled her on how to put the smack down on his ass. Personally I would have put a little hair remover or super glue in his shampoo bottle. Pig!

  4. Celebitchy says:

    Kelley I agree, but I don’t think hair remover would do much harm. hehe

  5. chrispian says:

    What happened to him pitching for the other team? Is he a switch hitter now? Just a few years ago all you saw about him was about him being gay. But I suppose if any hottie is going to help bring you back from then Anne is a really good choice. He should rent some of her recent movies if he wants to glare unubstructed.

  6. Andris says:

    I think he was just blinking…

  7. Gross! he is totaly checking her out! Perve!

  8. fatback says:

    In all fairness to Tucci, and to expand on what Gail said… Anne Hathaway is 100% woman with real live womanly curves. That’s pretty amazing when you see it. Plus, he could have been snapped attempting Seinfeld’s ‘eclipse look’ to grab a peek and just got caught in the act. No harm, no foul, I say.

  9. BooBoo says:

    He’s not from Hollywood, he’s from NY. And he’s not gay, he had an affair with Edie Falco that broke up both their marriages. And, yes, he’s probably a horny asshole.

  10. Celebitchy says:

    There’s nothing wrong with sneaking a peek. Elbowing someone in the boobs repeatedly and then blaming them for it is abusive.

  11. tom says:

    Who can blame him? I’d have smashed my face into those ivory pillows and sucked the mess out of them. Damn!

  12. chic mommy says:

    poor Anne Hathaway, I feel so bad for her. I’ve worked for slimey bosses in the past too, and those kind of stares and advances can just ruin your self esteem.

  13. jess says:

    1) thats not her boss and 2) have you guys never had fun at work before? we joke around like that all the time at all the jobs i’ve had.

  14. Andris says:

    1 word.. tittyfuck

  15. Ed says:

    What a bunch of humorless twats. Since when does accidentlly elbowing someone constitute sexual harrassment?Celebitchy, Kelley, etc, do you take your clothes off at work? I’m guessing not – I think this is one of the countless differences between your jobs and the work actors do – I’m not sure accidentally hitting someone in the boob as someone else tells you where to move and how to act is what most people would consider harassment.

    And looking at a girl’s cleavage means you’re an asshole? Does that make everyone who saw her in Brokeback Mountain or any of the other movies where she took her top off assholes too?

  16. Sam says:

    Hmm… Anne Hathaway looks beautiful in this picture.

  17. bluefish A says:

    hey elfie- heard of those anti-rape barbed condoms from South Africa?
    quite a few men with your attitude are getting their junk handed to them.
    as a woman, i’m sure i was put on this earth for my own pleasure.
    and hathaway is the young one, tucci is the pervy old man who can’t act like a professional.

  18. Suburbia,NY says:

    He is totally not a pervert. Cant you people just see that the press, the media, envious people are just out to fuck him over? Why would he jeopardize his marriage (again???) He has a wonderful wife, step-daughter and family that he adores and spends so much time with. The Edie Falco thing happens, duh.. look at Clinton… get over it people.. he could have been going thru something bad at that time and it just happened. He loves his wife.. as for Annie.. her movies have not been the greatest and its pretty obvious that she wants to get noticed.. I mean, seriously, acting with Meryl and Tucci is a big deal.. remember that God awful movie where she acts like she’s from the South Bronx??? TERRIBLE!!! Tucci is a great guy and people are embelishing to fuck his life and career over.

  19. Hi. I borrowed your thread for a blog post of my own. Your site was returned when I searched for the quote from Seinfeld. Not only the thread, but the picture was perfect for the theme of the thought.

    As to your discussion, unsurprisingly, opinion seems to be divided along gender lines. Men will sympathize with Mr. Tucci’s situation, confronted as he is by such beauty and women will have yet more proof that men are just pigs.