Sofia Vergara wears white to celebrate Ed O’Neill: lovely or meh?


Yesterday, Ed O’Neill was FINALLY recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Something like three decades in television and film, numerous awards and the respect of his peers, and Ed finally got a star. To celebrate, many of Ed’s Modern Family costars came out to celebrate, including Sofia Vergara (his on-screen wife), Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Rico Rodriguez (Ed’s on-screen stepson). I was just going to write about how great Sofia looked and how happy I was for Ed, until I saw this:


Katey Sagal!! Ed’s costar in Married With Children. I’ve heard that Ed and Katey are still tight after all of these years, but this is the best. Katey coming out to celebrate Ed… that’s wonderful. She looks great too. I like the idea of Ed’s two on-screen wives coming together to celebrate him.

Anyway, back to Sofia and how great she looks. I love this white dress! She looks amazing. Sofia recently discussed her style evolution with USA Today, saying, “In my 20s, I would have on a mini-skirt and the boobs. Now, if I’m doing something short, I try to cover up [on top]. I’m almost 40, so I had to evolve – it’s natural. I love tight dresses. But I don’t do now tight and short. I do tight and long. I spend a lot of money on shoes and bags. But I wear things I have found all over the world that don’t have to be expensive. I like to dress up.” She also says that she thinks she’s past the age where she could pull off jean shorts: “My son’s friends and girlfriends are wearing them. I don’t feel it’s right.” Sofia is currently working on a line of affordable clothes and accessories for K-Mart too.





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16 Responses to “Sofia Vergara wears white to celebrate Ed O’Neill: lovely or meh?”

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  1. corey says:

    Lovely. I think a little “meh” is good for those occasions. After all, its not her day.

  2. Green_Eyes says:

    She looks great..LOVEn the shoes.. Katie looks great also.. Great tribute that both Katie and Sofia were there… ( love her name..was my Oma’s..wish my mom had passed it down..)

  3. Cherry says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but…
    as far as I know, nobody is ‘getting’ a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they’re buying one. You have to be famous of course, but it’s not like it some sort of huge honor that suddenly falls into your lap. If Ed didn’t get one until now, that means he didn’t want to spend money on it until recently. At least this is what I heard about it. Does anybody how this works, exactly? Who decides who gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

    That said, I think it’s clear that Ed O’Neil deserves all the honors. He’s probably the best comedy actor out there.

  4. Harley says:

    My girl crush and the Bundys all in one pic? Nothing but love for all three of them! Congrats to Ed! And Rico is too adorable!

    I like that Sofia isn’t trying to tart it up and still manages to look sexy. Everything I’ve read about her just makes me love her more…

  5. Cindy says:

    Love love love Married with Children, and always felt it should have gotten more awards show love, specifically Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal. 20 years later, he’s got a star and she won for Sons of Anarchy. Good for them.

  6. Stubbylove says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous – lovely dress & styling – perfect for the occasion. Congrats to Ed as well – long time coming & well deserved.

  7. Eve says:

    Please, this woman is NEVER “meh”. She’s pretty much flawless and is rapidly becoming one of my girl crushes.

    And I can’t say enough how much I love Modern Family and Ed O’Neil (now that is a deserved star).

    The fact Kate Sagal was there celebrating him also shows that he was probably nice to work with all those years. And I love that she voices Turanga Leela in Futurama. Love. It.

  8. lucy2 says:

    Sofia looks great, I love the dress, perfect for the occasion.
    Cherry – I think most are nominated, applied for, and paid for by a committee, fan club, sponsor, etc, not by the celebrity themselves.

    I read something about this, and Ed said when he heard, he didn’t care about it but his kid convinced him it was a fun honor.

  9. smith says:

    I think Ed O’Neill is kinda hot. Old guy hot, but still …I’d hit it.

  10. Melissa says:

    I’m not sure why, but I just don’t feel it for Sofia Vergara. I feel like I Should think she is the hottest woman ever, but for some reason I don’t. I’m conflicted. lol

  11. curleque says:

    They all look great! (Well, maybe not Ed, but I love him anyway.)

    Cameron Diaz should take some style cues from Sofia. Enough with the biscuit-flashing skirts!

  12. Catherine says:

    She looks fabulous. If that is Meh, then I want to look Meh more often.

  13. sahidul says:

    The important question is why is Tyler Ferguson wearing those hideous sneakers? So put of place…

  14. Madison says:

    She looks fantastic and proves that you can dress your age and still look stunning. There’s nothing worse than the Madonna type mother’s who dress like their teenage daughters or their friends.

  15. Emily says:

    @Catherine, I agree! I’d love it if I could look this meh!

  16. DogBoy says:

    Goddess-like. Fitting for a goddess.