Kate Winslet’s face in Venice: jacked, tweaked and made of lies?


These are some new photos of Kate Winslet at the Venice Film Festival, at the photo call for her new movie, Carnage. I’ll talk about the movie in a moment, but for now, can we talk about Kate’s face? This is The (Tweaked, ‘Toxed) Face of The British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League, you know. She looks like a Kardashian dipped in bleach. She looks like she has Megan Fox’s surgeon, the one who makes Caucasian women look pan-Asian. A year ago, Kate looked super-puffy and waxy, and we just thought she was doing Botox and fillers. But now we have to talk about the tweaking, right? Because this is not Kate Winslet’s natural face. She’s been plucked, sucked, tweaked, ‘Toxed, filled, injected, pulled, and chopped. That is a face made of lies.

As for Kate’s new film…I kept hearing about it when it was a play called God of Carnage and James Gandolfini was starring in it. Everyone loved the play, but I’m not sure if the film adaptation looks any good. It stars Kate, Jodie Foster (who is MIA at Venice), John C. Reilly and Christoph Waltz. Oh, and it’s directed by Roman Polanski. So… yeah. It looks TERRIBLE.

Out of all of them, doesn’t Kate look like the one who doesn’t fit somehow? I always think she has problems when she’s doing an American accent, though.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. NeNe says:

    Let her keep up the fantasy that she had no work done to her face, while everybody laughs behind her back, because it is so obvious.

  2. Eve says:

    Kate Winslet: I think the eye area looks strange.

    Jodie Foster may be MIA at Venice but my forever and ever dong is there for Love and Bruises — and I got to save awesome pictures of him…*sigh* *drools*

  3. Rose says:

    God I hate this stupid specualtion, her face looks exactly the same as it always had. Its just great lighting.

  4. Twez says:

    She doesn’t look smooth or overly filled… you can see faint lines around her mouth and on her forehead. She just looks stern. My first thought was that her feet were hurting. Ha!

  5. The Original Ashley says:

    In the preview pic I was all ready to bash her but after looking at the close-ups, she has lines on her forehead, around her nose, eyes, and her mouth. She may have gotten a chemical peel (hence the shin), or it could be sweat, but she has too many lines to say she’s been tweaked.

    Her skin looks dewy though. Is Kate a fan of Makeup Forever’s HD powder? It looks a bit too airbrushed and soft for someone with her amount of lines.

  6. MB says:

    I think she looks great and to imply that her face looks as jacked as poor Megan Fox is absurd.

  7. Ell says:

    I can only see lines and shaped eyebrows, I can’t see plastic surgery or botox, she’s still in her 30’s…I can’t imagine she would need to mess with her face yet.

    I liked her american accent in Mildred Pierce but then I’m not american so what do I know.

  8. mln76 says:

    she’s got the beginnings of Kardasshian cat face that’s really sad, she’s going to be another Nicole Kidman 🙁

  9. Pyewacket says:

    She is such the liar!

    @Lulu- We dissect her because she lies about the work. If you are going on some tirade about anti-plastic surgery then practice what you preach. Nothing worse than a hypocrite!

  10. Lulu says:

    Oh, come on, ease up on the microscope, people. She looks good and healthy for a woman her age. Why do we dissect everyone of these stars???!!! I’m sure she has “light work” done via lasers and possibly chemical peels — but she has NO CHOICE being in this industry with the klieg lights on her 24-7.

    Bottom line: she looks damn good! Nothing like Joan Rivers, Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox!!!

  11. Emma says:

    She’s aging. She’s always had harsh features that look more glowing with a bigger figure and more severe with a smaller figure. I’m sick of defending her because I’m surrounded by cynics who would rather jump at the opportunity to pick someone apart and refuse to believe that anyone has the common sense to not mess with their face. Her face looks normal. She has wrinkles, lines, she doesn’t look weird. You of course chose the most ‘off’ pictures of her at this event. Go look up pictures for yourself. Look at these ones:



    Kim Kardashian cat face? Another Nicole Kidman? Are you guys serious? That looks very much like Kate to me. If she looks fine in one picture and different in the next, at the SAME event, then you know you shouldn’t be so goddamn judgmental.

  12. Jag says:

    A mid-face facelift would possibly do that to her. She looks like she’s having trouble keeping her mouth closed. Wow.

  13. Cherry says:

    I don’t understand, I don’t see anything wrong with her face. Didn’t she always have eyes like that? And she has a few lines in her face, too… What’s the dead giveaway for plastic surgery, cause I don’t see it.

  14. kibbles says:

    Knowing that Hollyweird loves child rapist Roman Polanski and respected Oscar-winning actors are in this film, I expect it will receive praise from film critics and be up for a ton of awards.

  15. cedar falls says:

    I see forehead lines – both horizontal and the cursed ’11’!

    I think she looks like she’s had a glycolic peel, is tired from the flight over and had one too many espressos to perk herself up, which would explain the smooth skin and slightly ‘wired’ expression.

  16. Seal Team 6 says:

    She looks exactly the same as she always has — there are even eye bags and lines.

  17. AnnieC says:

    You know, this is a woman who built her career on true talent. She’s a gifted actress with a wide range of acting credits. Kate never presented herself as some sort of sex symbol or great beauty — it was always about the work. So to probe every picture of her and even more ridiculous to compare her to a talentless, Botoxed air-head like Kardashian is totally unfair.

    She does what most women do — sensible work to keep her looking good…and dammit she does!!!

  18. Seal Team 6 says:


    Terrific post! I agree 100%.

  19. Robb7 says:

    Soft, lovely, sexy woman with oodles of talent (Kate W.) vs. a plastic, hard, talentless fool (Kim K.) — are you kidding me!!!

    What’s wrong with you?

  20. Bubulle says:

    You guys are crazy, she doesn’t look any different.

  21. J O'C says:

    I don’t see it…I think she looks great (and not at all Kardashian-like).

  22. aenflex says:

    I hope to find speculation on a celebrity gossip site, otherwise it’s just news, and who cares about that? She certainly has had something, but so what – it’s tasteful and not nearly as bad as Fox.

  23. manda says:

    I don’t see evidence of any work. I see forehead lines, laugh lines, crows feet. I think she’s just making a weird face in one of the shots.

  24. Ell says:

    Lol… @Robb7

  25. Dusty says:

    If one does side-by-side comparisons of faces injected with fillers,Botox,etc., you will see the similiar lines. I know doctors follow a guideline on where to put the injections so it makes sense that eventually they all look the same. Cat lady looks!

  26. Jaded says:

    She doesn’t look AT ALL like a KardASSion or a KIDDINGman, she looks like she takes good care of her face, maybe has had a peel or two, but no surgery and no botox. She has noticeable lines on her forehead, under her eyes and around her mouth but when I’ve seen her interviewed her face is completely mobile and full of expression. Enough Kate bashing, she’s lovely.

  27. Lady Satan says:

    It doesn’t look like she’s had work done – you can’t have lines like that after fillers or lifts or ‘tox.

    She *does* look like she’s lost weight in her face though. Maybe it’s just that plus good make-up / good lighting.

  28. NeNe says:

    @ Pyewacket:

    You are absolutely right!!!!

  29. Toot says:

    Were her eyes always that shape? That’s what stuck out to me.

  30. Eve says:

    I’ll say this: unless she doesn’t consider having a nose job “plastic surgery”, she IS a liar. Because there’s no way her nose bridge got straighter and narrower on its own.

    Her eyes look a little strange too: their outer corners seem to be pointing up (more than they used to).

  31. LaLa says:

    I think she just looks constipated.

  32. sassenach says:

    I won’t comment on the tweaking but I will say that Kate does a terrible American accent. I think she is a fine actress but she should go to whoever Hugh Laurie hired to help with his accent for House.

  33. Jackson says:

    I don’t think she has had much done at all. I see lines around her mouth, under her eyes, and on her forehead. She’s just not smiling so you can’t see all the lines that well. Comparing her to MF is just crazy. Sorry! Good lighting and no smiling equals minimal lines.

  34. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    I think she’s just aging. Women lose a lot of volume in their 30;s. She does not look like someone who has been refilling it with hyaluronic acid.

    People’s faces change, they get less soft, a little sharper.. I see this with her. I think she had a nose job earlier in her career but that’s about it….

  35. Sumodo1 says:

    Kate “work” is more subtle than, let’s say, Sandra Bullock, whose chronological photos show the buildup of the work done to her face over the years. Agreed, though, her campaign is hypocritical, to say the least!

  36. GiGi says:

    I’ve always been onboard with the fact that everyone has injectables (at the very least) and that everyone lies about it.

    However, last week I had a facial with IPL and it did make me look like I’d had work done (although not quite to the extent of some of these ladies). My normally full lips were puffy, my cheeks and chin are firmer – and IPL is the low end of what can be done “non-invasively” – I’m guessing a lot of the people who say they would never have anything done are really doing laser/heat/light treatments along with their red carpet facials.

  37. dd says:

    i like the way she is dresst.
    and maybe she use a really good anti ageing cream or something.
    nothint dramatic.

    but is it just me or the all of her latest project
    looks the SAME[this,mildred price and an other one i forget]

  38. GeekChic says:

    Wow, when this site gets a hate-on for someone, it seems to know no bounds.

    @Emma, great post, and I fully agree. I don’t even like Kate that much, as there is something about her that I just find off-putting, but there’s nothing wrong with her face. You can see lines on her forehead, small bags under her eyes, and her whole face, forehead included, moves in that trailer. Where are you getting this garbage about a Kardashian cat-face? What exactly are you seeing that is “jacked?” As others have said, her features change somewhat when she gains/loses weight, and that’s all I see here.

    I love CB, truly, but the irrational hate directed to certain people gets awfully tiresome. Kate’s face is not jacked or tweaked. End of story. (Of course it won’t be the end of the story, as we will get another 5000 posts on her face now that this site has decided her face is jacked. Another 5000 posts on which I won’t click.)

  39. Emma says:

    I’m confident that these pictures will shut the cynics up:



    Just goes to show how different you can look under a certain light.

  40. tracking says:

    Is it possible she’s just captured with an odd facial expression? The closeups look pretty natural to me. I’m with those that think it might be the sometimes odd-looking changes that happen simply with age in the 30s-40s.

  41. Darlene says:

    She looks the same to me, only a little tired or grumpy.

  42. Hibiscus says:

    Her surgeon must have a good laugh everytime he treats the “Face of The British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League”.

    Kate is a PATHETIC LIAR!

    And that is the point,and
    not that she’s done something to her face. Every actress does that.
    That is the industry.
    Only the ones who overdo it or where something goes wrong usually get called out.
    “Kardashian dipped in bleach” hits it on the nail.

  43. Emma says:

    I also agree with #40 (tracking). Women think they’re in their prime and then bam! Age hits them like a ton of bricks. Kate doesn’t look weirdly different to me, she looks older.

  44. Kaiser says:

    I seriously don’t understand how so many of you think that she looks natural. One of my favorite movies is ‘Sense & Sensibility’ and the past few years, it has been so jarring to me to see the crazy things Kate has done to her face. Look at her eyes, for the love of God. When you age naturally, your eyes don’t suddenly become cat-like.

  45. GeekChic says:

    @K, I don’t see anything remotely cat-like about her eyes. I do see small bags underneath them and some small wrinkles, both of which shouldn’t be there if her face were as jacked as you say.

  46. Emma says:

    What is this cat eye bullshit? People are being silly now.

  47. spinner says:

    Good grief…she looks exactly the same. I don’t think she’s had anything done, surgery wise. Go pick on some one else.

  48. Kate says:

    Sense and Sensibility is my all-time favorite movie, and while I’ll concede that I think Kate has hit the botox, I don’t think she’s had anything drastic done. I think it has been subtle, like Streep and Bullock. More importantly what has happened to her since that movie is 20 years and probably a 20 pound weight loss. That will thin a person’s face much more effectively than cosmetic surgery.

    And, I’d suggest re-watching Revolutionary Road. Her American accent is just fine in that one.

  49. Toot says:


    That’s what I noticed too. Her eyes have that slant, to a lesser degree, of KK.

  50. brin says:

    Stand your ground, Kaiser!! This is why I love this site!

  51. Cate says:

    I think she looks tweaked. For sure. Her face looks too waxy, her eyes too wide open–as if they have been pulled on excessively and can’t shut. (And what the hell is up with her expression?) She doesn’t look “soft and natural” anymore–and she once did.

  52. not says:

    I’m much more interested in her acting skills (since she is one of the few actors that deserve to be mentioned for her talent). Excellent reviews for the movie, the script AND her performance.

  53. Eve says:

    By the way, when I read things like “Face of The British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League” I remember The Legion of Doom (“meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…”).


  54. Goofpuff says:

    Her face looks pulled, her skin is weirdly tight looking. I don’t know what she did but I hope it relaxes soon. I’m afraid if she smiles, her skin might split, its so tight.

  55. Emma says:

    To #51 (Cate), see my post in #39. She looks pretty soft and natural in those pictures.

  56. Cherry says:

    @44. Kaiser but Sense & Sensibility came out in 1995, when Kate was just 19 years old! Of course she doesn’t look the same now! There have been some previous threads regarding Angelina Jolie’s (lack of) plastic surgery by comparing her current self to teenage pics. And there are always people yelling that you can’t compare teenage pics with that of an adult woman. So I don’t think it’s a fair comparison for Kate either.

  57. melangie says:

    I was prepared to hate the movie trailer (Roman Polanski bias) but it looks interesting. Kind of a modern “Who’s afraid of Virginia W” ?

  58. Karen says:

    @GeekChic @Emma – Add me to the “I have no idea what y’all are talking about because I don’t see a jacked/tweaked/Botoxed face” club.

  59. DeeVine says:

    She should start another club “Women who lie about plastic surgery”.

  60. Sloane Wyatt says:

    With her heavy white lip liner on her upper lip, Kate looks like the new star of the “Got Milk?” print ads.


  61. Nikita says:

    I have spent an inordinate amount of time (and brain cells) looking at her photos here, and I mostly agree with everyone here that she hasn’t been worked over like Megan Fox.

    But, as natural as she looks, I am a little bothered by her lack of expression…don’t people who haven’t been ‘toxed’ move their face more? Look at her male co-stars next to her in the group photos…don’t they look way more expressive just standing still next to her?

    I still think she looks awesome, and will defend her in a heartbeat against, say, a Demi Moore fan, but I think she has had a little something done…

  62. bagladey says:

    @GeekChic @Emma – Add me to the “I have no idea what y’all are talking about because I don’t see a jacked/tweaked/Botoxed face” club.

  63. Eve says:

    Am I seeing duplicate comments here? You guys don’t have to post under multiple monikers in order to make a point, you know.

  64. the original bellaluna says:

    #1. She looks very…ummm…surprised for her age.

    #2. That movie looks hysterical!

    #3. Isn’t that the awful Nazi guy from Inglourious Basterds?

  65. Stubbylove says:

    I think she looks great and natural. I agree with many here – don’t think she looks jacked at all. The film looks funny as hell!

  66. Toot says:

    Yep, that’s the Nazi.

    This movie may be “wonderful” , but I just can’t support a child rapist and seeing it will do that.

  67. Eve says:

    @ Original Bellaluna:

    3 — that’s Christoph Waltz who plays Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds.

    He didn’t scare me in that movie though — the other Nazi (who plays Jolie’s husband in Salt)…now *that* one was scary.

    EDIT — here he is:


  68. theotheryael says:

    i’m terrible at noticing plastic surgery, but to me kate looks normal. i get the eye comments, but there are days where my eye shape is changed slightly due to tiredness or allergies. so, i can’t say much.

    @bellaluna – yeah, it is! i love me some christoph waltz. he can speak german/french/whatever to me any day (or night 😉 ).

  69. Nibbi says:

    whatchu talkin’ bout, kaiser. i see all kindsa fine lines, but she still looks fabulous. if she’s still in her thirties, that’s me, in, like, two years… i hope.

  70. TXCinderella says:

    In the close-up pic, you can see the fine lines around her eyes and on her forehead. I don’t think she has done anything other than some topical stuff. She is a beautiful woman, let’s hope she doesn’t do anything that alters her appearance drastically.

  71. Franny says:

    I don’t have a comment about her face because it looks more like she just lost some weight…

    but seriously ladies, eye liner is your friend. I just don’t understand these women who know they are going to be photographed, and can’t even put on a smidge of eye liner…it just helps the eyes pop!

  72. Seal Team 6 says:

    Kaiser —

    I absolutely love you, but Winslet’s eye are not “catlike,” her face isn’t jacked, and she has a zillion lines and bags in these photos. I think she probably had a nose tweak back in the early days, but that’s it. Her whole face is also very mobile.

    She’s well into her 30’s, is a mother, and your face changes as you get older. She has definitely not had any fillers or eye work done.

    And, “Sense” is one of my favorite movies of all time, but Winslet was literally a kid then — still a high school-aged teen.

  73. Seal Team 6 says:

    @Nikita —

    Look at the other photos linked in the comments — lots of expression from Kate.

  74. blonde on the dock says:

    She looks the same to me too. Gorgeous! I don’t see where she’s had anything done.

  75. ama says:

    She looks great, and I truly don’t see any obvious cosmetic surgery. Comparing her to Megan Fox or Lardassian is just a sin.

  76. mike says:

    This is why you should take everything you read on gossip sites with a grain of salt. Even those things people consider as true as Gospel, because she doesn’t look jacked at all. Makeup and lighting can do wonders, and that’s all there’s to it here.

    And it’s asinine to compare 19 yr old Kate to today’s Kate. People’s faces change. I know guys from HS/College who look completely different today– and I doubt it’s because of plastic surgery…

    However, I AM disappointed that she and Foster and Reiley are working with that child rapist Polanski.

  77. Ron says:

    Ok I am 46. 46 and have had absolutely nothing done to my face. I have taken good care of my skin and do moisturizers day and night and sunscreen like a religion and my skin looks great. I have no wrinkles around my eyes, and everyone asks if i have had something done and NO I have not. I hate these posts. And as other posters have mentioned, someone does not like Kate Winslet under any circumstances.

  78. taylor says:


    Totally agree with your comments.

  79. Heather says:

    Kate, I want so badly to love you for your stance on nudity in film & your amazing range as an actor, but when I watch old films of you and your nose job is SO DAMN obvious, yet you form the “British Anti Cosmetic League” (for the love of God, NO!!) & seize every opportunity to THROW in our faces how “natural” you are, it makes me detest you…just as I detest other hypocritical twits like Megan Fox & Salma Hayek. It does more harm to women when you blather on about plastic surgery being, “bad.” Instead, I would love to hear about your work in getting re-touching taken out of film & magazines so we can see what you butches really look like, thus perhaps making us less prone to *want* to get surgery in the first place, because we are trying to attain an unrealistic idea of perfection– one that only exists due to good lighting & special effects. In short, I agree with Madonna, “I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery; I have a problem with talking about plastic surgery.”

  80. Heather says:

    Um, bitches** not butches. Damn iPad.

  81. murt says:

    Ummmm WTF???? She looks completely normal, and if anything a bit older and more tired than usual.

    I really don’t get these types of posts – obviously in some cases like Nicole Kidman the tweaking is obvious, but otherwise, faces do change with age – mine certainly has… I’d hate to think how I’d be judged if I were a celebrity…

    I also couldn’t believe the Beyonce posts on this site where you were judging her as tweaked based on photos where she was heavily made-up and photoshopped.

  82. the original bellaluna says:

    Toot – If this movie supports child rape, count me out. I don’t care who’s in it.

  83. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Her makeup and lighting has changed over the past 2 years, yet her face always looks different from before, so it’s NOT just makeup and lighting.

    She had her jowls tucked, definitely (just compare 2008-2009 and now); she had a nose job, definitely; and I suspect she had some type of face lift, which is why her eyes appear asian now. She looked MUCH better before. But besides how it ruined her looks, what I really don’t like is the hypocrisy.

    I agree with the very first poster – it’s OBVIOUS that she’s had surgery, and her hypocritical campaign against it only makes people laugh at her behind her back. She’s now a joke, when before she was an actress.

  84. Embee says:

    I don’t spot plastic surgery well but I don’t think she looks fake (especially the linked pics from Emma).

    It seems unlikely that Emma Thompson would stand by her side if she is lying. That’s far afield of Thompson’s character.

  85. Benny says:

    I used to think she was so hot. Now she looks like Madonna. WHY!?!?!

    This is so sad. But I think she’s the perfect spokesperson against cosmetic surgery. Just use her before and after photos as a cautionary tale.

  86. taxi says:

    She looks great & natural. She’s always had big eyes. Remember “Heavenly Creatures”? When she was about 15? She’s never been a huge smiler/grinner in public.
    Remember, the wondrous work of a makeup pro can change someone’s look dramatically.

    BTW, the trailer reminds me of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe”. Pass.

  87. ElleGin says:

    I think it’s just the weight loss. She looks a bit stiff when she isn’t smiling. Also, I don’t think the light hair colour does anything for her. I prefer her as a redhead in Titanic.

    I don’t think her eyes look that slanted. It’s more of an angle issue and squinting issue. She seems to squint a bit in a lot of the pics. Squinting your eyes can make the eyes look slightly slanted.

    She has lost the roundness in her face, and so I think that contributed to the change in her nose. I don’t see a radical difference in her.

  88. madrid says:

    guys, I dont like very much kate and she looks supresively flawless in the close ups but she looks fine in the rest of the series…http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/gallery/2011/sep/01/venice-kate-winslet-carnage-pictures#/?picture=378488083&index=0

  89. kerfuffles says:

    Hmmmmm….I love to gossip about whether a celeb has had plastic surgery or fillers/’tox, particularly when the celeb denies it and tries to pretend it’s all real.

    I’ve used botox myself in the past for the line between my eyebrows, so I don’t have a problem with it if it’s done right (I may do it again but stopped for the time being because I felt I was getting those unnaturally arched “bat brows” from the ‘tox).

    But…it really doesn’t look to me like she’s had any work done beyond maybe a chemical peel. She’s got quite a few lines and wrinkles, and you simply don’t have those if you’ve been using the ‘tox and fillers.

    Her arched eyebrows could MAYBE be due to ‘tox, but I’m really thinking it’s just her facial expression in the pic and a good eyebrow person.

    If she has had any work done, I think it’s good work. I don’t think she looks anything like Megan Fox or a Kardashian. I’m a little surprised about the tone of the this whole post because it seems a little overboard in light of what Winslet looks like in these pics.

  90. Toe says:

    She looks good. I love her shoes, simple but nice.

  91. Heather says:

    NOTE: Just Google Sense and Sensibility (better yet, watch it). You will change your stance on whether or not she has had plastic surgery. If we were discussing whether or not she had, “good” plastic surgery, things would be different. I would agree that she looks fairly natural (by Hollywood standards), but whether or not she has had plastic surgery (good or bad)–VERY OBVIOUS she HAS when you see her earliest films and then see her now. It is not a matter of aging and the face changing; noses do not usually get dramatically thinner as one ages.

    I could not care less about whether or not a celebrity had plastic surgery (notwithstanding the entertainment value of gossiping about it). What I do care about is when they are hypocritical about it, and act so uppity about whether or not THEY would do it. It is so condescending and disrespectful… so…Leanne Rimes-esque. Ew.

  92. kerfuffles says:

    I totally forgot about her nose…yeah, I do think she had that thinned down. I guess I didn’t think of that because I don’t consider that an issue of fighting aging, which seems to be her big anti-surgery thing.

    Even if she hasn’t had anything else done and is “aging naturally” I still think she should cop to the nose job if she is going to go on these anti-plastic surgery tirades. Even if that isn’t an age-related issue, it still makes her a hypocrite to some extent.

  93. lrm says:

    she’s always had that arched eyebrows/surprised look, even when younger.

    she does not look tweaked beyond superficial, but she could have fillers, which in her mind may be ‘temporary’ and thus not plastic surgery/corrective.

    who knows….
    but i agree with the poster who says her features look less harsh when she carries more weight.

    she is under pressure to b ea size 6, but she looks better a bit more fuller bodied.

    i hope she ages like streep, thompson, mirren-and then she would continue to get great roles-b/c she is a good actress-and not need to be stick thin.

    she really should NOT try to stay relevant by staying thin, IMO>
    I mean, go away for a little while, and dont stress about getting roles….

    she will get roles-b/c she is good.
    let them come to her.

    Kate, if you are reading this, follow others-even marisa tomei, etc. ppl who are out of the limelight and still take roles when they feel like it.
    Kate does not need 6 films a year….
    And she does not need to submit to the talentless trend of losing weight, etc to be an actress.

    Oh, and I LOVED her in eternal sunshine-brilliant. an her american accent was fine in that. but i have not seen her in others with said accent, so can’t see.

    I am not a mega fan [of anyone, really], but I do see that celebitchy is biased against ms. winslet.
    SHe is a bit haughty in recent years, in interviews, esp with the plastic surgery thing, but you are a bit overboard on the critique.
    she does not look kardsashian at all.

  94. Mrs.Krabapple says:


    And then in 2010:


    And in case people are going to make the excuse “it’s due to weight loss”, here’s the full-length photo that shows did not have any significant weight loss, EXCEPT FOR HER FACE (i.e., jowl tuck and/or face lift):


    Hopefully as she starts to age again and the jowls return, she’ll regain her former look (or most of it). She really was prettier before the work.

    By the way, this is the same woman who lied for years about her beautiful, natural, childbirth experience — only to admit years later that she made the whole story up (she had a c-section). So all the respect people gave her for going the natural route was based on lies. If she can lie about her child’s birth, does ANYONE really think she wouldn’t stoop to lying about plastic surgery?

    The thing is, she’s a famous actress. There are TONS of pics of her, both before and after. Does she really think the public cannot compare her before/after to see she’s clearly lying about the surgery? If so, that’s insulting to both her and our intelligence. I am totally “over” this phony-baloney actress (who I USED to like).

  95. Kristen says:

    First of all, I don’t think Kate Winslet looks any different than she ever does.

    Secondly, I still have a ridiculous schoolgirl-esque crush on Cristoph Waltz. Love. Adore.

  96. Meg says:

    i think you’re extremely hard on kate, she’s an amazing actor and does american accents very well. what’s your problem with kate REALLY about?

  97. lucy2 says:

    I don’t see it. I do think maybe she had her nose worked on way back when she first got started. However, I think what she and Emma, etc. are talking about now is the surgery that some actresses do to try to look 25 forever, pulling their faces every which way to avoid the slightest sag.
    Either way, there’s no way she’s jacked like some of the others out there.

  98. LOLITA says:

    cute outfit.

    hate the shoes.

  99. fizXgirl314 says:

    damn… heel! didn’t this woman just save someone’s life? It’s like people are sitting around like rabid dogs waiting to attack… It’s one thing when we criticize people like that chick on “real” housewives who always makes me think of “Mars Attacks” when I look at her… but isn’t Kate Winslet our “friend”??

  100. Karen says:

    @63 – Nope, I’m not a duplicate commenter. I interpret the action of #62 as agreeing with me and so he/she copied my post instead of writing their own message.

  101. Emma says:

    I also highly doubt Emma ‘strong willed no time for bullshit’ Thompson would stand so closely by Kate’s side on this if something were up. This woman is the real deal and the cynics can’t take it. Whatever. It’s not like she cares what you think anyway.

  102. curleque says:

    I don’t know how old some of the posters are here, but I will tell you from experience that as you age your face changes naturally, and I don’t mean just fine lines and wrinkles. Fat leaves some areas naturally. Noses look like they change a bit. Weight, even a few pounds, makes a difference.

    Plus, some people just look very different from photo to photo. I know, because I happen to be one of those people.

    I don’t know whether Kate has been tweaked, but these are my two cents.

    Megan Fox? That’s a WHOLE other story…

  103. Ally says:

    That movie looks a mess. I hate Polanski anyway (maybe he can go clubbing in Paris with Dominique Strauss-Kahn), but the direction looks hapless — like he wanted to do exciting things with the camera, but couldn’t think of anything but awkward angles and wide angles.

    Yasmina Reza’s plays are all about subtle moral/intellectual negotiations between upper-middle class people, and are very witty and entertaining. This seems to have turned her play into an attempt to recreate Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, in a way that’s both copycat and needlessly hysterical for the author/script.

  104. Courtney says:

    Winslet Reminds me more of a young Vanessa Redgrave than of Kim Kardashian. her face looks the same as it always has no plastic surgery visible she’ll be 36 next month and don’t forget has a 12 year old daughter and an 8 year old son

  105. dnagwi says:

    There is no way she has had work done on her face, she has lines around her eyes and moth

  106. ashleighb says:

    she’s smiling in the older pics (which bring out the crow’s feet) and straight-faced in the current one (eyes more relaxed, therefor wrinkles eased.)

    i wouldn’t exactly call this gossip, sorry guys.

  107. B says:

    That trailer is a bit mediocre. I wouldn’t say that it looks “AWFUL” but I guess people are pretty prejudiced against Polanski since they can’t seem to separate his work from his very in the past personal life.

    I’m a big fan of his work, but this looks like it might fall a bit flat. It could just be the trailer’s fault, though, so we’ll see.

  108. Ben says:

    Goddamn, people. She’s just arching her eyebrows and pulling her forehead back. I’d do the same posing for harsh, flashy pictures.

  109. Heather says:

    @Mrs. Krabapple: TOTALLY AGREE! Okay, all of you naysayers, just read this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-300032/Why-Kate-lied-Mias-birth.html

    It is about how she lied about giving birth to her first daughter–saying she lied about doing it naturally (for years and publicly blathered about it–in detail!!!) because she thought if she told the truth (that she had a C-Section) she would not be a member of the, “powerful/strong women’s club…” or whatever she calls it.

    Oh jeez, her logic for lying about plastic surgery is so transparent here. Just substitute “natural childbirth” with “natural beauty.” She only admitted that she lied about natural childbirth AFTER she gave birth naturally with her second child. She was then able to still remain a member of the “strong women’s club.” So freakin pathetic. I dislike her more now, darn it.

    I would be willing to bet that people (subconsciously or not) come to her defense because she is not a great classic (“perfect”) beauty, so it is more believeable that she would not have had plastic surgery. ..Whereas Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian look like Barbie doll replicas.

    The truth is, you CAN AND DO HAVE WRINKLES even after plastic surgery and Botox! I am 36, and I know about aging and the process of fighting it. 😉

    My point is not to bash Ms. Winslet, but if she is going to blather on about this whole anti-plastic surgery thing, I am going to call her out on the hypocrisy. Oh, and the whole lying about natural childbirth thing…wow. Apparently her uncanny abilities as an actor extend to her interviews and daily life. Kate, just stop talking about it, you insecure twit!

  110. Ceasar says:

    She looks great and nothing looks tweaked to me. Kaiser you are really going overboard on hating her.

  111. daisyfly says:


    Sorry, I don’t see the work. The eye shape is exactly the same. Shadows and light can make a dramatic difference in the appearance and softness of someone but in natural light, it’s hard to hide the flaws and you can see Kate’s lines on her forehead, around her eyes, and her mouth. Her facial shape is the same.

  112. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    “There is no way she has had work done on her face, she has lines around her eyes and moth”

    Wrinkles and sagging are two different things. She clearly had her jowls tucked, and it looks like a face-lift as well to keep the face tight, to address the sagging. That’s different from Botox or other fillers that can minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Some women do one or the other, or both. Previously, it looked like Winslet had done both (surgery for sagging and Botox for wrinkles), but now it looks like she’s backing off from the Botox. Which is a good thing. But the surgery results are still there, making her face seem distorted from her earlier look (as others have said, she now looks like Madonna, which is very unfortunate). But it’s harder to un-do surgery than to simply stop using Botox.

    “I also highly doubt Emma ’strong willed no time for bullshit’ Thompson would stand so closely by Kate’s side on this if something were up. This woman is the real deal and the cynics can’t take it. Whatever. It’s not like she cares what you think anyway.”

    First of all, we already know Winslet publicly lied for years about the b.s. beautiful, natural, childbirth experience. SHE ADMITTED IT. So she already has zero credibility, regardless of who her celebrity friends are. She can have all the celebrity friends in the world, and it wouldn’t change the fact that she’s an admitted liar when it comes to making herself look good in the eyes of the public.

    And secondly, I think she DOES care about what the public thinks, she cares a hell of a lot — in fact she cares TOO MUCH about what the public thinks. That’s why she lied in the first place about the natural child birth, why she had the plastic surgery in the first place, and why she’s lying about the surgery now.

    Winslet also once said her husband would leave her if she ever got plastic surgery. And when did their marriage break up? Shortly after Winslet started to look like Madonna. So was she lying when she said Sam would leave her? Who knows. She’s such a liar about everything else, who knows what to believe with this woman. But I believe what I SEE — I see a woman who had surgery to reduce her jowls, at least previously used Botox, had a nose job, then lied to the public about it.

    I used to like her as an actress, I really did. But now I can barely stand to look at her lying (and distorted) face.

  113. Dirty Martini says:

    Still love her. Still think shes gorgeous. Still don’t care if she’s tweaked or not. Still Dont care if shes told the truth or not ont his matter. In fact, I didn’t even think about it.

    I;m too busy thinking about how gorgeous and how fabulous she is and how I wish i were her.

    That is all.

  114. ADS says:

    She looks gorgeous. I mean,yeah possibly she has had a chemical peel or whatever these high end facial are but I do not think she has had a nip and tuck. Therefore she is not lying. She is a sexy woman but she lacks confidence which is why she tries to come across as an every woman, when in effect she is fundamentally a Hollywood star. But my reckoning is that she is still a pretty decent lady nonetheless.

  115. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    “I;m too busy thinking about how gorgeous and how fabulous she is and how I wish i were her.”

    That’s probably the saddest comment I’ve read on this thread. THIS is exactly what is wrong with actresses like Winslet lying about the surgery.

  116. Hibiscus says:

    She is a pathetic joke.

    “Heather: Just Google Sense and Sensibility (better yet, watch it). You will change your stance on whether or not she has had plastic surgery. (…) noses do not usually get dramatically thinner as one ages.”

    Yes indeed.
    And chins don’t get magically longer and better definded, not with weightloss nor with age …
    The perfect photogenic jawline – they all want to have it and many get it surgically, it’s absolutely common.

    I think hypocritic Winslet-b**ch is now my new hate object, even though I like her acting.
    It’s her fault. Anti-Surgery-League, Polanski ass-kisser – it’s all too much.

  117. DrM says:

    Amazing the vitriol…she looks the same as she always has. Epic fail on this one Kaiser. She also isn’t a fool and there is no way in hell she would publicly put herself out there as the spokesperson for an anti-cosmetic surgery league and then have an extensive range of treatments and/or surgery on her face…

    I love this site usually but this kind of attack lacks credibility and is wholly uncalled for. Its the net version of the the worst kind of tabloid, making things up out of thin air.


    Lainey’s take on your analysis Kaiser…

  118. Emma says:

    So, the premiere for Carnage was tonight. Tons of pictures of Kate. She looks like herself, 100%, without a doubt, upside down smile and all, wrinkles and crow’s feet galore. But you probably won’t make a topic on it and if you do, you’ll once again pick out the most ‘off’ looking pictures of her so you can back up your argument. I think you’re a harsh, nit-picky cynic. Kate looks normal. I find it ridiculous that you’re speaking as though you were given facts about what she’s supposedly done. You don’t know shit, so you can’t call someone a liar or a fake based on sheer gossip. Some people just like to gossip so much to the point where they can’t draw a line between what they know and what they think they know. There is no Kidmanesque, obvious stamp on Kate’s forehead that says she tweaked her face. You’re just picking her apart. If you took the time to actually go through pictures from this event, you’d find that in some she actually does look like herself. What does that tell you? Stop being so damn judgmental, will you? I used to enjoy this site purely to read gossip but the amount of cynical behaviour has reached an intolerable level. I hate that kind of attitude, so I’ll be boycotting celebitchy from this day forth.

  119. justez says:

    I don’t know if it’s the lighting, her pose, or bad timing (it seems all these photos were taken in moments of each other) but something does seem off. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t, I’m terrible at stuff like this.

    However, I do think the attacking of Kaiser is rather uncalled for, she wouldn’t be making a big deal about it if Kate hadn’t talked about it so much as of late.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Kate, and don’t want her to be a hypocrite, I’m just saying this pics do look a little bit weird, but there could be reasons other than surgery for that.

  120. Katherine says:

    WOW! She lied about having natural childbirth when she actually had a caesarian. Not just that she used drugs rather than went drugless but that she had an effing caesarian. I’m almost speechless.
    She’s bothered me for a while and now I realize why. I think she’s a pathological liar and has some real emotional issues. Her campaign for Oscar was unseemly and verged on the desperate. Her whole shtick of being humble adn so down to earth seemed completely phony to me.

    As much as I have enjoyed many of her performances, I also have felt others were very much over praised and a number nowhere near deserving of Oscar noms (Titanic, Iris for just 2 examples). We Americans are complete suckers for British accents and almost blindly ascribe great acting ability when we hear one.

    While very attractive – especially when all dolled up – I have never found her a great beauty at all. She is an attractive meat and potatoes type girl despite the big weight loss, bleached hair, more glamorous clothes and hairdos, nose job and whatever else she has done to her face.

    Me thinks she has always protested too much about a number of issues it seems.

    And as for her practically immediate coupling with Sam Mendes within a month of meeting, he was not exactly in the closet for quite a period of time there before he married Kate. I thought that was a marriage of convenience to further her career.

  121. RMac says:

    I know my face looks different depending on what I’m wearing, how my hair is, what kind of makeup I’m using, if I had a coke the day before… perhaps we should afford others the same consideration? I actually think Kate looks a little filled out, in a good way! She looks better with a little meat on a her bones, her face definitely looks better.

    I don’t really get all the hostility towards Kate, I don’t see that’s she’s really messed up her face. She’s certainly no Kardashian. What an insult!

  122. Dirty Martini says:

    ROFLMAO @ Ms. Krapapple….

    And also don’t care about how sad you are about how I feel!

    Just sayin’….. Love me some KW. Laugh me some haters.

    I love how loving others really pisses some folks off. The fact I love me some KW and someone else hates the fact I love me some KW says so much more about them than me.

  123. GT says:

    If she was botoxed to death she wouldn’t have lines on her forehead, it would be totally smooth!! Plus she has faint ones around the eye area. She looks fine to me!!!

  124. LeeLoo says:

    I’m thinking chemical peel.
    In my world, chemical peels don’t count anywhere near towards plastic surgery. It thins out wrinkles but doesn’t get rid of them entirely. She doesn’t look tweaked or botoxed at all.

  125. Nad says:

    Are people still riding the ‘Kate used Sam to further her career’ train? Kate’s career was just fine way before she even met Sam Mendes. She had the success of Titanic, she had been nominated for 2 Oscars, then she got another nomination for Iris before things got serious with Mendes. She worked hard for her career. She built up a body of work based on her talent rather than her appearance. Mendes didn’t do shit. In fact his career wasn’t looking so hot when he met Winslet. He had the success of American Beauty in ’99 but many thought he’d be a one-hit wonder because he had nothing lined up afterwards. And then came Kate, and then came Road to Perdition. Mendes is a dick. He said in an interview (prior to the divorce) that he didn’t believe in marriage, and that the biggest risk he took was getting married & having a child. Uh that doesn’t sound promising. It’s as if he thought ‘Ah what the hell, I’ll go for it’, knowing that one day he might not want marriage anymore because he didn’t believe in it, citing his upbringing from a broken home. If you don’t believe in marriage, don’t take a leap in the dark and do it anyway, because you have deeply rooted beliefs that could push you to back out of a committed relationship. Low and behold…

  126. nooooooo... says:

    She looks fine to me. In fact, I’m two years older than Kate, and we have about the same aging issues – slight wrinkles in the forehead, slight eye wrinkles (hers are worse than mine in some of these photos), lines by the mouth. Most people mistake me for being in my early 30s when I’m actually 38. Guess that means I’ve had work done, eh? (To clarify: no. Though I am dumping more money into wrinkle creams these days.)

    Given that Kate has the wealth to employ an arsenal of chefs, personal trainers, nutritionists, housecleaners, makeup artists, nannies…it’s not surprising she looks good. If I had all that I’d feel – and possibly look – like a new woman. But I don’t doubt her claims of avoiding plastic surgery, and I agree with someone who said she wouldn’t put herself out there if she’d had it done; it would out itself.

    As for her childbirth lie – well, it might not help her case, but lying about that doesn’t necessarily means she’s lying about this.

  127. coco says:

    The woman has wrinkles on her forehead, around the eyes and around her mouth. What are you talking about having a work done? If this is a full botoxed face then what is Nicole Kidman’s face?

  128. JT says:

    What’s with the hate vendetta against Kate? She’s had nothing done to her face. She’s always had quite slanted eyes; her natural shape is more apparent here because she’s wearing so little makeup. When you put heavy eye liner or shadow under the eye, like she normally does, it’s give the illusion that the eye is more level and not slanted. Also you can clearly see fine lines and wrinkles everywhere that would be absent in someone that has had cosmetic surgery. Her forehead, around her mouth and eyes all have lines, these simple would not be there if she’s had Botox.

    As for someone pointing out the change of her jaw line and chin from what it once was when she was in Sense and Sensibility she was heavier when she did that move. It was done in 1995, she was 19 years old and if you know anything about weight loss you know that your face can change dramatically. Most notably your jaw line and chin. Her chin and jaw line are simply more pronounced and more defined because of her weight loss, totally expected. As for her nose, the bridge is just as wide.

    What this is, besides pure hate, which frankly nobody benefits from, is just someone trying to drag Kate down from her high horse. She’s come off like a self-righteous, pretentious bitch with how she went about proclaiming her views. What right does she have to judge people; people that she will never meet that don’t have the privilege of a world stage to voice their opinions. Celebrities need to understand that just because they can preach to people about their opinions doesn’t mean they should.

  129. dj says:

    I love that outfit and her body looks great!

  130. helen says:

    My face has changed completely since I was 24, never mind when I was in my teens. My street I grew up on had a party once, and they had a little exhibition with brides from the area to see if people who knew us as kids could recognise us- and I was the one NO ONE recognised. My nose looks different, my jaw looks different, my eyes look different. And I haven’t had anything done. I don’t think Kate Winslet has had anything done, either, her face looks totally normal to me. Who can stand up to the intense critical inspection in the media fishbowl? I guess women will always attack women, human nature, right?

  131. nemera says:

    I find her looks very ordinary.

    She is a Handsome woman.. not beautiful by my account. That Plastic Surgery League thing was denied by her and the others. So that story was BS.

    I think she is good actresses.. I just get so so sossoso sick of the way she talks. She acts like she is so above everyone else. That her actin is so tough and that she give so much more than any other actress. Which is why I applaud her but will never pay to see a movie she is in. I wait for it to be played on TV for free, then I still may skip it. She bothers me because of her smugness.

    I don’t care if she has or has not had surgery. I don’t think the majority of the gossip world care either. Nor do they care who she is dating..

    I think she wants so much to be seen as this SEXY thing, and sorry it is never going to happen. Women may love her look, but I don’t think a lot of men think of her as this sexy beast.. and I think she wants that on some level. Maybe that is the reason she takes her cloths off so much.


  132. Shelby says:

    She looks lovely, and totally natural. Kate is one of the best actresses around.

  133. Nad says:

    @ #131 (nemera) She’s been taking her clothes off since Heavenly Creatures, literally. Did she want to be seen as a sex symbol at 17? I don’t think so. She’s one of few actresses who does nudity for the art. It always adds to the scene in context, it’s never out of place. People think it’s out of place only because she’s done nudity in many other films and they’re sick of it. I just think she’s become much more comfy in her body, who she is, she feels good in her own skin and confident enough to show off her legs for instance. She barely wore shorter dresses before. She said a few years ago that she might as well do that, take advantage of it, because she won’t be in shape like that forever.

  134. Mila says:

    She has lines on her forehead, around her nose, eyes, and her mouth.
    Makeup is good. Amazing, actually,also she has highlighter, plus light > sheen.
    She looks good.

  135. Rev. Brandy says:

    I think she’s just trying not to squint for all the photos. Look at JCR to her right in the group shot – he’s squinting away and not caring. She clearly has lines on her face and great make-up – I think she’s just attempting to keep her eyes open for the photos. I have blue eyes and do the same in bright sunlight, otherwise no one can ever see my eyes for all the squinting.

  136. Annie says:

    I don’t get the hate – to me she just has more mature version of the same face she had in Sense and Sensibility. Her features appear more defined and sharper and her bone structure slightly stronger which is how many people age. She looks great and nothing like botox-head Kardashian or worm lips Kidman. And why shouldn’t she? She’s never been much of a partier or sunbather that I know of and seems pretty healthy.

  137. Lauren says:

    I am watching the movie Little Children, and Kate is glowing. She is my favorite actress. I try to overlook all the speculation, because KW is such a superlative actress. Watch The Reader, and you won’t care how tweaked KW is. Love you Kate. Tweaked or Untweaked.

  138. smh says:

    they def. did something with that upper lip, some women tend to have those muscles pulled upwards so they’ll have a bigger upper lip, remember gwen stefani a few years back? yeah and the eyes look bad also, i guess she had to go for an old fashioned facial tightening because botox would make her lies too obvious again. i don’t know why so many women have a girl boner for this mediocre actress and person. her oscar speech was contrived and annoying as hell.

  139. Moops says:

    Not jacked, not horrible – but definite evidence of botox. The eyes are more cat-like, a sure sign of it.

  140. Magsy says:

    Still pretty. I like Kate. If so her surgeon is amazing.

  141. Amy T says:

    I’m a professional makeup artist by trade, and stare at actresses faces all day, LOL…my opinion? I think she’s had some resurfacing done and at the very most mayyyyyyyyyybe some botox between the eyes. I used to rag on a lot of these chicks, but then I saw firsthand how much pressure there is on them by managers, agents, directors, etc to do these procedures. It sucks to be a woman in Hollywood, that’s for sure. Especially one over 30.

  142. Lynsay W says:

    Oh my gosh. Can you see? She’s obviously not had botox/fillers! You can even see the faint lines around her eyes and mouth, if you look at her in Titanic then her recent work, it obvious she’s just aged naturally! She’s beautiful, Long Live KAte Winslet!