Joe Manganiello and his fiance break up, he’s spotted out with Rose McGowan

Kaiser sent me this lead yesterday and I just kind of shrugged and ignored it for a while. Joe Manganiello used to be a crush of mine, until he opened his mouth and words fell out, pretty much. He’s hot enough on True Blood and is super beefy and all, but after reading his “25 Things You Don’t Know About” I was completely over him. If you don’t remember it or missed it, you should read it for a laugh. It was worse than Scott Disick’s 25 Things, truly, and included diddies like “I shaved my head twice and got my front teeth pulled out for stage roles in college,” “I won third place in a chess tournament when I was 6,” and “I made the junior Olympic volleyball team when I was 16.” So after that I found him self-obsessed, braggy and dull. His appearances on True Blood this season kind of brought it home for me, and his “acting” seems wooden and one dimensional.

Anyway Joe broke up with his fiance, and for some of you that might be good news. I don’t care if he’s single, but I wouldn’t want to spent a half hour talking to him either. (Screwing him, maybe, but only if I was very drunk.) Oh and he was spotted out chatting up Rose McGowan. She’s perfect for him.

True Blood’s Joe Mangeniello and fiancee Audra Marie have called it quits, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

“It’s totally over,” one pal says.

Adds another insider: “It was a long time coming. They’ll both be better off for it.”

Manganiello’s rep does not comment on his personal life.

After about a year and a half of dating, the hunky star, 34, and the model-actress announced their engagement in October 2010; he popped the question during a vacation in Italy.

At the time, Manganiello gushed to E! News of his love: “I always dreamed of finding someone who is beautiful and sweet, equal parts. And I did. From there she’s just unbelievably understanding and compassionate and patient from all the craziness that comes from this job and lifestyle.”

But by spring 2011, a source close to the actor noted he “refused” to set a wedding date. “He [went] completely quiet about discussing wedding details,” the source said.

As his then bride-to-be forged ahead with choosing her wedding dress, her bridal party and even her gift registry, “He [was] clearly having reservations.”

Manganellio hasn’t exactly gone into hiding in the wake of the split. On Monday Sept. 12, he hit the W Hotels’ Fashion Next bash for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week — where he and actress Rose McGowan sat and chatted together for a while and sipped champagne.

“I was surprised how long they chatted for,” an onlooker says.

[From US Weekly]

At least he said sweet things about his girlfriend while they were together, that’s something. I used to be a fangirl, judging from this earlier article I wrote about his engagement. So I decided to watch some random interviews with him to see if I was judging him too harshly. In this interview, the one below, he seems decent and funny. In anther interview he’s flirting with the interviewer and seems really full of himself. In the decent interview he’s in his hometown of Pittsburgh with his fiance, Audra. Around 2:30 she comes on and he talks about how he proposed in Italy. She shows her ring around 3:40. She seems to bring out the best in him, so I guess it’s sad. He’s probably thrilled to be able to play the field now though. You know he thinks he’s hot sh*t, unlike Alex Skarsgard, who remains somewhat humble about his ethereally good looks.

Joe and Audra (who just split up) describe how they met around 3:40. It was at the Superbowl in 2009. He actually loved True Blood and werewolves well before he was offered the part of Alcide.




Joe and Audra are shown in the header in April of this year and in the other photos in January. Credit:

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  1. seVen says:

    He’s like David Beckham to me. I’d do them both as long as they didnt speak.

  2. gee says:

    I’d love reasing 25 things about you all then reading about his braggy ass. He is hansome though…

  3. Laura says:

    Yes, he always said very sweet things, like about how she’s a great dresser and cooks good.

    “Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux on the hit HBO drama, told People that Marie is “a great dresser. She’s gorgeous and she’s tall. And she’s sweet … nice. And she makes crazy English breakfasts.”

  4. Heatheradair says:


    I remember saying during one of the last episodes of True Blood that “he can’t even sip a beer convincingly.”

    he can’t act, he’s sort of goat-like, facially, in my mind, and his hair — dear heavens. I know, all men can’t be bald, but could he at least TRIM that mess?

    NOT a fangirl.

    Hoping that they DON’T make some sort of Sookie-Alcide thing happen….(but then, of all the pieces of meat on True Blood, I end up a Hoyt fan. WTF. Meatheads, man…..).

    Bottom line: he’s dull. His body is his only marketable tool.

  5. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Sounds like the fame went to his head (the little one) and he thought he could do better.

  6. brin says:

    She’s better off, he’s a not very sharp tool.

  7. Talie says:

    He got famous and his career heated up (Alan Ball TV show + Soderbergh movie). And her career is still nowhere. It’s a classic story. He wants a woman to match his new status. Douche, but not surprising.

  8. Dibba says:

    I must be getting old. I have NO idea who these people are and I don’t care to find out.

  9. Mia says:

    Well said, Heatheradair!

    He is a tool. The only reason he has any success is his body.

  10. The Original Ashley says:

    Saw this coming. He got too big (and his ego shows it was always there), and he dumped this girl so he could trade up (or play around for at least a few more years). Ugh.

  11. 4Real says: wait boooo!! Ugh just shut up and take your shirt off honey! LOL!!

  12. Christine says:

    The more he was on TB, the less into him I was. This detracts from his hotness factor too; he totally just thought he could do better, and play around. Such a cliche.

  13. celine says:

    hmm well, i agree his 25 things list turned me off to..especially the teeth thing that was IT for me. and yeah i don’t care that he is single either, i actually think she looks very very pretty and no he can’t do better.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Typical Hollywood move – when one gets success, the other usually gets left behind.
    He is nice to look at, but agree that beyond that, not much is going on there.

  15. LittleLoLo says:

    So, I’ve avoided other Joe posts since I don’t want to be “that girl”…but now I feel like I have to. I grew up with Joe in Pittsburgh and actually just saw him last weekend when he was in town. He is remarkably sweet, smart and humble. I can’t speak to his ‘Hollywood life’ or how he behaves in interviews, etc., but speaking as someone who has known him forever, he is not a meathead and is a genuinely nice guy.

    Ok, “that girl” over! I live to snark on other celebs, so I get it, but just as I would be interested to know how personal friends of other actors perceive them, I thought maybe some of you would like another perspective.

  16. Lady of the Lake says:

    I’m sorry, but his ex-fiancee has a really annoying voice. Maybe that’s what did it.

  17. Alcidie says:

    He’s just way too hot to get married right now… he needs to be shirtless and having sex all.the.time. At least that’s how I normally think of him 🙂

  18. xxodettexx says:

    “He’s hot enough on True Blood and is super beefy and all, but after reading his “25 Things You Don’t Know About” I was completely over him.”

    AGREED. there are some actors that once you hear about their private lives you fall even more in love with them [see, ian solmerhalder] but then there’s ones like joe… too bad i had to read about his 25 things i didnt know about him that i know wish i hadnt ever found out!

  19. Happy21 says:

    I think he is sooo fine but Rose McGowan…really? Her face is fucked. Me, I’m kinda pretty and my face is my own…Hey Joe, how bout me

  20. UKHels says:

    he ain’t nuttin but a six pack to me – his acting on TB rivalled ERW’s for awfulness

  21. Jilli says:

    Another vapid and self centered Hollywood bone head. No one should be surprised as the place is just overflowing with the kind…men and women both.

  22. Gretchen says:

    The answers listed in the post were not the worst of the ’25 things you don’t know about’. Never EVER trust anyone who says their favourite book is The Fountainhead, especially not dudes. NEVER. EVER. Always the biggest assholes.

  23. Crissy says:

    I never got the self-centered vibe from him. But when he said that he likes Audra because she’s a great dresser and cook, that rubbed me the wrong way. Thanks LittleLoLo for clearing that up…

    I agree with Alcidie, he’s too hot to be engaged right now at the start of his career surge. 99% of the time actors sell fantasy and he can’t sell if he’s tied down. Happy 21, Rose would be a TERRIBLE choice with her knifed up face plus she slept around so much. I don’t want Joe getting infected so early on :). Next, please!

  24. YvetteW says:

    I have to agree – I liked him better before he started talking. Just looking is much better for my fantasies. Don’t know anything about the fiance, but I quess it’s better to break up now rather than 3 months into the marriage. Oh well

  25. FingerBinger says:

    Rose McGowan must have it going on. She was supposedly the reason Robert Rodriguez,the director, left his wife. She used to really pretty back when she did Scream, but she’s done so much stuff to her face she’s kind of scary looking.

  26. Amy says:

    Ugh. Even his real life speaking voice is a turn-off. Alcide’s not that nasally, is he? I’m almost afraid to read the 25 Things because I still think Alcide’s HOT.

  27. Auds says:

    Best comment: SeVen.
    So true!

  28. Camille says:

    Love his ex’s first name.

    I too saw this coming. He has a great body and that’s about it really.

  29. sue says:

    Dumb as a bag of rocks. Heard some interviews with him and the stupid makes him unappealing to me. You can be hot as hell but if your dumb, it is a complete turnoff for me. Plus, not a great actor, not winning an oscar anytime soon.

  30. Peruvian says:

    This is totally off topic but, aren’t you going to post something on the Straw Dogs premiere???

  31. Arwood says:

    I value the article post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

  32. Elizlaur says:

    Wow……I am speechless!!!