Whoopi Goldberg says there’s no personal animosity on The View

Despite all the assumptions to the contrary, Whoopi Goldberg says there is no animosity amongst the women on The View. According to Whoopi nothing gets personal behind the scenes and they all respect each other’s right to their own political opinion.

“What we want the viewers to understand is that you can disagree with your friends, loved ones and not make it personal,” Whoopi tells Extra at a signing for her new children’s book, Plum Fantastic: Sugar Plum Ballerinas. “In spite of what anybody reads or says, there are no personal digs taken at that table.”

Whoopi goes on to add that she hopes viwers will “stop listening for trouble and hear what we are talking about.”

[From OK! Magazine]

I’m not sure if Whoopi’s been watching the same show the rest of the world has. I do think it’s nice that she thinks it’s all done respectfully, but I also think she’s in some kind of denial. I’ve never interpreted Whoopi as mean and ugly on the show, at times maybe showing phony inquisitiveness to make a point, but not nasty. Maybe she thinks that’s the way they all come across. It makes me wonder if she actually watches the show after filming.

Whoopi should ask Elisabeth or Joy how they feel about each other. Her belief that none of them have any personal dislike for each other would be shot all to hell after a conversation with with either of them. But it’s sweet she thinks it’s all sunshine and roses on the couch.

Whoopi Goldberg is shown promoting her new book, Sugar Plum Ballerinas, at Barnes and Noble in New York City on 10/23/08. The photo agency points out her new cowboy boots. Credit: MLM/Fame Pictures

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  1. prissa says:

    Did anyone hear if Elizabeth went on the campaign trail this weekend with Sarah Palin? She was all excited talking about it on the View Friday. Just wondering how that worked out?

  2. daisy424 says:

    Whoopi is my favorite, but from what I have seen, she is wrong about this one.

  3. Feebee says:

    Whoopi told Diane Sawyer that the ladies have their say on-air and then it’s all done with… that’s how women do it, guys on the other hand would bring it backstage. As a female, it’s been my life experience that it’s the other way round. Guys can argue and let it go (well Not All, some guys are worse than chicks!) For me it’s the ladies who can’t and/or won’t switch it off, myself included. Is it two faced to go off at someone then be all happy to see you two minutes later?

  4. vdantev says:

    Someone’s getting fired…..

  5. Ron says:

    Riiiiiight. And those girls from the Hills are BFF’s when the cameras are off too!

  6. Anne says:

    Like Joy said the other day, they are entertainers. I interpret this as most of the ladies are putting on a act for cameras but Elizabeth is just bat shit crazy, have you seen the introduction and speech for Palin on the weekend? CRAAAZZYYY!

    The statement by Joy disappoints me because it really is about what the audience wants to see and it’s not sincere.

  7. Kaiser says:

    What’s startling to me is that The View has become a harder interview for politicians than, say, Wolf Blitzer.

    The MSM should be ashamed.

  8. Anna says:

    Yeah didn’t we get the same spiel when Rosie and Elisabeth clashed a lot in their political debates? That they respected each other and were great friends, even after filming? And it became apparent that was not the case when Rosie left a month earlier than she was supposed to. And also that Star Jones drove everybody crazy because she is just plain annoying. Yeah I don’t think this is true… but if Whoopi thinks that, all the better for her I guess.

  9. EM says:

    Of coarse there’s animosity and who wouldn’t be hostile listening to EH spew her ignorance day-after-day. You can’t pay me enough to watch 1-minute of her garbage!

  10. Shane says:

    Whoopie is a self righteous bully.

  11. Tlrmade says:

    I must admit, I’ve tried to watch to see what all the hubub is about and have never managed to see an entire show. They remind me too much of my children who are too young to have learned how to respectfully converse and disagree with another adult. They just remind me of why some men can’t stand being around a bunch of women. While I don’t find EH to be a particularly good representation of the conservative veiw,she is the only one on the show!I think they keep her BECAUSE she doesn’t articulate her views well. They’re afraid to have someone on the panel who could actually challenge their ideas intelligently. I think they also like the fact that there is little threat that she will be able to win any recruits to the conservative voice…

  12. Liz says:

    Are you all kidding? Elizabeth is the only voice of reason on that show! If she seems to get a little overwrought sometimes it’s because she is continually being attacked by those other 3 Liberal pitbulls daily. Thanks goodness she is on the show, or they’d have everyone drinking kool-aid along side themselves. They really should change their name to The Far Left View; it would be more accurate.

  13. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is young and dumb.
    I compare her to a bratty defiant
    child. All of the Ladies of the View say that they get along. That is a crock. They say what they are told to say by Barbara Walters & Bill Getty.
    Elisabeth is intensely disliked by Goldberg, Behar, Walters, Shepherd, Jones, O’Donnell & Vierra.

  14. I think EH is a little too defiant with her views. Sometimes she won’t give anyone a chance to speak their views.I don’t believe they are all chummy after the show, not after the heated discussions they have. She is very strong headed and stick to her guns.

  15. Cheryl says:

    I will never watch the View because of Hasselbeck. Why is she even on there? What qualifies her to be on there? Just because she was on a reality show? In that case, bring on Omarosa in her place! Get rid of Hasselbeck and I’ll start watching your show again!

  16. Mary Esther says:

    Woopie makes her feelings/beliefs into what seem like innocent questions, but they really are bully statements of what she believes in. She tries to interrupt EH but lets Joy with her big mouth and squinty eyes go on and on. It is a pain to watch.

  17. Jeanne says:

    Producers please bring a gay man onto the panel to settle these bitches down.

  18. Whoopi, Ty so much for your support! I am Lesbian. I have been w/my beloved L for 34 years. No words, no papers,nothing could make us feel closer than life has, thank-you for trying though. P.. 😀