Snooki admits that her drastic weight loss is due to diet pills


Last weekend, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi spent her weekend much like any other in recent history; that is, she hosted a nightclub bash, this time close to home in New Jersey’s Atlantic City. From these pictures, it’s fairly obvious that Snooki (whlie no less orange than usual) has lost a lot of weight lately, and this has been a work in progress for most of the summer. In addition, Snooki’s figure also got a story plant in People in June. Supposedly, she’s lost about 15 pounds this year, which wouldn’t be considered “drastic” but for the fact that 15 pounds makes a great deal of difference on a smaller frame like Snooki’s. Until now, many people had believed that the Snookster had achieved this goal by hitting the gym pretty hard and drinking a lot less. However, Snooki has now admitted to having a little help from some little pills:


She stunned fans when she unveiled her new figure earlier this year.

And now Snooki is clearly enjoying her appearance, showing off her slimline look in a tight minidress at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City this weekend.

But despite reports her 15lb weight loss is down to healthy eating and exercise, Snooki took to her Twitter page this morning to credit diet pills Zantrex and the hormone HCG for her new body.

She wrote on her Twitter page: “Glad to hear reports that say I look good =) but it’s not because of HCG! Thanks @Zantrex!”

The 4ft 9in reality TV star has been relying on Zantrex fat burning tablets, apparently also favoured by Britney Spears, and drops of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HGC) hormone for helping maintain her figure.

Side effects of Zantrex can include palpitations, anxiety, cold sweats, nausea, diarrhea, increased heart rate and irritability.

And this weekend she showed off the fruits of her labour as she donned a bijou pink dress, and a pair of ubiquitous flattering nude heels for her Vegas night out.

Still a radioactive hue, even the heavy orange tan appeared more attractive without the accompanying spherical body.

The chief protagonist of the show that everyone loves to hate has been working on her figure for several months.

As well as her diet quick fixes, Snooki has been cutting down on her food – swapping her beloved fried pickles for egg whites.

She tweeted over the summer: “As everyone’s planning their night at the club, I’m wondering when Gold’s [Gym] closes.”

Even back in January, the reality star was working on her fitness, she told E!” “I try to eat healthy. I just have to quit the drinking so much.”

[From Daily Mail]

With side effects like those listed above, I can only assume that Zantrex is something like a non-prescription form of Adderall. Poor Snooki. And I really do mean that in a way because, while diet pills are almost always bad news, the girl must be under terrible pressure to lose weight while being compared to the likes of fellow cast members like hard-bodied J-Woww. Also, Snooki is very short, and petites unfortunately have to consume less calories to stay slim alongside their taller counterparts. Once upon a time, my father once told my high-school self something while I was upset about all of the cute little cheerleaders getting the boyfriends that I wanted: “If you’re short and gain 5 pounds, it looks like 15 pounds. If you’re tall and gain 5 pounds, it looks like you just put on too much mascara.” Wise words.



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  1. Eve says:

    She’s repulsive. They’re all repulsive. I’m actually disgusted by these “reality” shows “celebrities”. As in if I look at them long enough I will certainly throw up.

    I’m repelled by myself right now because I took the time to comment on this hideous creature.

  2. Truthful says:

    hmmmm, I smell an endorsement deal for Snooks.

    She’s another that just will never go away, I am starting to hate reality tv.

    it used to be good for laughs, but now its boring.

  3. Andrea says:

    I so agree with the height/weight statements. Being a tall girl, I was also jealous in high school of the petite girls and their boyfriends. I have found out some years later that it eventually catches up with them. I am 5’9″ and can gain up to about 15 pounds before having to change pants sizes. My mother always told me the same thing, but I am just now starting to believe it…it’s good to be tall!

  4. Quest says:

    Now she can get rid of that stupid tan, it is unhealthy looking

  5. Cherry Rose says:

    Ok, I’m sorry, but I get annoyed at this site always bashing Adderall and other ADD/ADHD medications, like they’re just a legal way to get speed.

    I know some people don’t believe that ADHD or ADD exist, but it does. I can say that because I’ve been diagnosed since I was 5. Trust me, I need my medications, because if I didn’t take them, I would get nothing done and would never shut up.

    I know that people do abuse it, and have been ever since it came out, but there are people who really do need it. [/rant]

    At least Snooki is being honest, though she did wait a while before admitting she’s using a diet pill. And she does look better, and probably at a healthier weight for her body.

  6. Jam says:

    Your dad is so right! I’m 5’2″ and when I gain 5 pounds I feel (and feel like I look) like I gained 20. But then again, when I lose 5, it looks like a lot more than it is. 🙂 15 pounds on anyone, especially someone is 4’9″ looks like so much. And Zantrex…sorry it doesn’t do shit. It just gives you tons of energy because there’s so much caffeine and they tell you it works with “a healthy diet and exercise.” Well, yeah, a healthy diet and exercise is what burns the fat, not the actual pill. Take a 5 hour energy and drink a lot of water and it’s the same thing…

    And people always tell me that I don’t eat anything, which is a total lie. I just can’t do the 2,000 calorie diet people *think* is required or I’d most definitely gain weight. It sucks!

  7. Isabel says:

    Call me stupid, but what’s with the lipstick? Is it supposed to emphasize the tan/orangeness? It’s disgusting.

    All of it is disgusting, actually. I can’t even call Snooki a “she”. Snooki is an “it” whether it’s 90 lbs or 200 lbs. Just trash.

  8. Jezi says:

    Actually she could’ve lost the 15 lbs by doing diet and exercise. But I have to admit, most people who exercise and diet do use diuretics and fat burners. When I was training hard last summer I would take them while I worked out. It allows you to shed water weight and keeps up your energy.

  9. Jam says:

    @Cherry rose–the whole point of mentioning Adderrall is BECAUSE it’d be abuse to use it for anything other than ADD/ADHD. You just said it yourself! So what’s to be annoyed about…?

  10. Hanna says:

    Snooki using diet pills? I thought she only used organic and holistic products.

  11. Roma says:

    Any products containing ephedra or ephedrine are seriously bad, especially when combined with caffeine. It’s why you won’t see them on the shelves in Canada.

    That being said her tweet sounds like a paid advertisement and considering the guys are roiding up I’d say she’s more than likely on Clen.

  12. Ashley says:

    At least she is being honest about her weight lost. I bet there are lots of celebs that take pills, have lipo but claim healthy living.

    At 5 10″ its true that 15 pounds lost or gained doesnt effect pant size. Being tall does have its benifits.

  13. Poison Ivy says:

    I dont give a crap ’bout her body. Her face is the problem – always looks busted with all that fake bake and tons of make-up.

  14. Kelly says:

    Those pictures with the orange and the pink – what on earth is going on with her face??? Is that contouring? First, I see what looks like huge forehead furrows – on a girl in her early 20s? Then the two “burnt-umber” lines drawn down each side of her nose. They’re not fooling us, she still looks like a guinea pig.

    With the skin color and the hair, though, she’s like a horrible caricature of Minnehaha.

  15. podzol says:

    Holy shit, she looks like fried bacon. (or should I say 1/2 fat fried bacon)

  16. original kate says:

    still fug.

  17. Delta Juliet says:

    As someone who is 5’3″ on a good day, are we saying it’s a surprise that being tall is a good thing? LOL I’ve known that my whole life.

  18. Sarah says:

    I hate to say this but if she wasn’t so orange, she’d be really cute. Still nasty as hell but cute.

  19. gee says:

    That mascara quote is framable. It’s excellent! LOL

  20. Tierra says:

    Thats a shame. I dont watch them or anything but she seems harmless. Im glad she’s honest about the pill use but she just screwed herself in a big way. Now she can look forward to constant yo-yo dieting and going from big to slim and back again. Now she will be even bigger when she eats regularly. Those pills do nothing but create a viscous never-ending cycle. They’re absolutely the worst thing for your metabolism.

  21. Charmander says:

    She is supposed to be a Zantrex spokesperson. I saw an ad in the last pages of this month’s Cosmo. Desperate airplane reading material, I promise! (No, I really wanted to learn that I should go down a guy with seltzer in my mouth because it tingles?)

  22. Rachel says:

    Your dad sounds awesome!

    As for Snooki, all I want to do is attack her with a salt scrub & a brillo pad.

  23. Auds says:

    Due to her tan, she may as well be the lovechild of George Hamilton and Donatella Versace.

  24. Kimbob says:

    Gah!!!!! Looking at pics of Snooki just makes me want to barf. Her “tan” looks absolutely horrible. She looks like she was deep fried…seriously. That is an extremely GROSS look. If I see anymore posts on this girl I will not click on them. It is painful to just look at her.

  25. Callli Pygian says:

    Gah!!! That lipstick!!!!!

    So now she’s thin-fat. Not healthy. Not good muscle to fat ratio.Bet she hasn’t stopped boozing, though. Probably has the nutritional status of a 50 year old alcoholic who has been hitting it hard for 30+ years. Losing weight with diet pills? Ironic, since quitting drinking would be all she would need to do to lose the bulge.

    In the thumbnail on the home page, she looks like a clot of hair one might pull from a drain.

  26. madpoe says:

    I took Zantrex when it was made with Ephdera. It never helped with any weight lose for me (stacker 2 worked tho’) . She has to have an endorsement with them or wise its horse crap!

    I’ve never been to a tanning salon, is there something on the dial that reads: “Oompa Loompa” “Fanta orange” or something. I’m curious. lol. no i’m not.

  27. Mary jones says:

    Still ugly. When she gets a new face let me know.

  28. ladylala says:

    Err im skeptical of this supposed weight loss. I genuinely do not see that big a difference. Girl is fat.

  29. B says:

    Yeah, I too used to feel jealous of all of the cute little girls around me, but now I’ve learned to embrace my height (6’0”) for a variety of reasons…the ability to carry a little more weight without much show being one of them!

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    Well, douche-head Ronnie got an endorsement deal with Hydroxycut, so it’s no surprise that Snooki got one with Zantrex.

    FYI, Zantrex no longer has ephedra/ephedrine. Neither does Metabolife. When the laws changes several years back, so did their formulas.

  31. the original bellaluna says:

    Being tall during the teen/young adult dating years sucks. Guys who are “boob height” are the only ones who want to dance with you.

    I used to sing, and some guys loved to compliment me on my “great set of lungs” (they meant boobs). And all the cute shoes and boots (heels) made me over 6 feet tall.

    Being tall during pregnancy is beneficial, though.

  32. Original Tiffany says:

    I too was jealous of all the petite little cute girls, especially in jr. high when I was already 5’9″.
    It’s awesome to be tall. I have totally embraced it. Your weight can fluctuate and no one can ever tell unless it’s drastic.
    Adderall-I have a story. My friend is a drug rep and gave me two pills. One day in December a few years ago I was trying to decorate for Christmas and fighting low thyroid. NO ENERGY. Took one. Decorated the whole fucking house in one day, cleaned the whole thing including the windows and stayed awake until super late. Got an amazing amount of work done. Realized this is some heavy shit. Can’t believe they give it to kids! I’ve tried diet pills but feel like hell. Then I got my thyroid balanced out, ate healthy and exercised and lost 90 lbs. No drugs. Been 3 years now.

    What color in the 64 pack of crayolas is she? Burnt Sienna? With white lipstick? Nice look.

  33. Jover says:

    Sign on with just about everyone; I would like to know where are all the feminist in academia,media blasting this stuff – this little orange misfit is commodifying her own stupidity and grossness – this should be as repulsive as Palin’s stances and so forth. where are the feminists? On a side note gov. christie of nj has canceled their tax break for mtv – naturally it was cast in typical 1st amend. free speech terms but how in the hell is the state of NJ obligated to give a tax break for MTV to film this sludge in NJ. Last time i looked MTV was a fairly wealthy corporate entity.

  34. normades says:

    Aside from the duck lips I don’t really see the difference.

  35. Catherine says:

    The weight loss doesn’t take away the tacky ignorant attitude she has. Nor does that hideous spray tan.

  36. Katyusha says:

    Bedhead, your dad is rad.

  37. Kelly says:

    I just realized the main drawback to Snooki’s dramatic weightloss – no more TEAM MEATBALL… Now it’s like Team Meatball-and-Cocktail-Weiner.

  38. Tammi says:

    She’s smaller but I dont know if she looks any better.

  39. Lio says:

    Ugly on the inside keeps showing through, no amount of weight loss is going to hide that.

  40. DarkEmpress says:

    I just recently became a snooki fan after watching her on Ellen. The link was actually posted by CB about her weight loss. She is actually really funny and honest.

  41. Semper says:

    I feel for the girl in this regard. I’m 5’3″ with a curvy build to begin with, and to maintain a healthy weight I have to really watch what I eat. To be “skinny” I pretty much have to starve myself which was even the case back in high school. Being short does suck sometimes.

  42. Pirouette says:

    Jover, if your question didn’t sound so bitter and if I thought you had already tried to find the information you supposedly seek and failed, I would suggest some sources for you, but that’s not really what you are looking for.

  43. original kate says:

    “(No, I really wanted to learn that I should go down a guy with seltzer in my mouth because it tingles?)”

    @charmander: 2 words for you: pop rocks.

  44. Jenna says:

    Your father was a very wise man. It’s actually kind of a pain being tall because of that truth – in the last 18 months I’ve lost about 100 pounds. Sounds shocking, right?

    But I don’t really look all that different. I went from a size 18 to a size 10 pair of jeans – but the same body that can hold a lot of weight and still look good can LOSE a lot of weight… and not look all that different. It’s frustrating to know I’ve done the work, and not get a big POW for the effort. Oh well. Least I’m not bright orange. And I don’t have to pop speed to fit into my trousers.

  45. SAHMom says:

    Weight Loss is such a big issue these days, for many reasons. But the question is always the same – can I do it and can I maintain it?

    Being a stay-at-home mom, wife and a WOMAN, you must maintain a weight that works for you – meaning it does not compromise your job as mentioned. You have to be able to take care of your family, your husband and yourself. It does not matter what others say as long as you and the bathroom scale are satisfied. What do I mean? Simply put – it does not matter how much you weigh as long as you are HEALTHY! As long as your heart, your sugar and your cholesterol are fine, you can be happy with your weight. Because if you’re healthy, you can do your work efficiently.

    If you do want to loose weight – it has to be by choice! Chosen by you – not anyone else. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the topic but it can be discussed at length but if you do not choose to do so, it will not work. Choices – that works! Because if the plan is what you decided on, you will commit to it. The choice has to be one that works for you – not your sister who no matter what she eats, does not gain any pound! Yours and yours alone.

    Check this link for choices on weight loss:

    Remember – your choice.

  46. Kelly says:

    Looseweight? What in the heck kind of link is that? How reliable can it be when “lose” is spelled wrong?

    I’ve decided I like roly-poly Snooki better.

  47. gg says:

    She has got a very serious case of body dysmorphia. Goes way out of her way to look as disgusting as possible, thinking it looks good somehow. I have never seen her wear anything nice or do her hair and makeup anything but dead wrong. It’s very sad.

  48. LIVEALOT says:

    SHE IS GHASTLY! the lips, the tan…. but i actually do like her purple tipped hair. yikes

  49. Faye says:

    My friend thinks she’s cute; he doesn’t like her fake tan and silly makeup but he thinks that she’s still cute. He’s like, the only person I know that thinks that. We used to date…should I be concerned that I’m super ugly? Or does he just like short “curvy” girls?

  50. Charmander says:

    @original kate

    LMAO those things feel like they hurt when I just eat them! I’d be worried hahaha

  51. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @CherryRose I totally agree with you, and I know many people who suffer from ADD/ADHD. It is very real. Like anything else if you use it properly it won’t be a problem. There will always be those who abuse any and every drug, prescription or street. It’s not about the drug, it’s the people.

  52. Jover says:

    Piroutte i’m not bitter; i’m baffled, no one can read and pay attention to everything point me to an interview, an op-ed piece,etc. and i’ll read it – I do know that when snooki appeared on the cover of THE rolling stone the posters were apoplectic, but they were just readers distressed/outraged at how fare RS had sunk. Supposedly there are feminists in hollywood, and they say alot about Palin, but i haven’t read anything re Snooki and co.

  53. Chris says:

    Of all the slutty “celebrity” women out there…she makes want to vomit the quickest.

  54. smh says:

    like anybody thought this monster actually had the willpower and discipline to make it on her own. and those pills can be deadly but if she was in her right mind she wouldn’t talk about them like that making young girls want to take them. either way, fat or not, she looks hideous, especially in the face. it takes real courage to look at that face, it’s almost down to lilo levels of disgusting. also i hate it how i know about this waste of oxygen, when i never in my life tuned into her program or that crappy non-music channel and i never would. so how do i know about her? it’s because crap is everywhere, she, that situation idiot and other disgusting fame whores are on every website and talked about on the t.v. i can’t wait for this “reality” tv fad to disappear already!!

  55. echolocate says:

    I just wanted to back up Cherry Rose. It’s not that it’s not okay to report it when someone is truly abusing Adderall. It’s just that the reflexive use of Adderall as an a possible reason for someone’s weight loss or late night partying places the drug in jeopardy. (“We’ve got to protect the children from becoming Snookis!”)

    It also stigmatizes the drug’s legal use, which sort of sucks if you really have ADHD, because you’ve already spent a lifetime wondering why your theme song has to be Neil Young’s “(Why Do I Keep) F**king Up”? Even if you’re smart and capable, you have to spend twice the effort to accomplish half of what less intelligent peers accomplish.

    Adderall is already a controlled substance for which prescriptions are usually limited to more costly 30-day supplies. When it’s prescribed appropriately, it actually serves to calm real ADHD patients down and regulates attention span. What is an “upper” for everyone else is instead a tool to sort out the cacophony of things competing for the patient’s attention.

    I realize people do abuse it, but I’d rather we return to the good old standbys (coke, meth, crack) as the possible culprits, rather than demonizing a drug that is actually helping many people function more normally. Just like people who require painkillers for appropriate, monitored pain management probably wish heroin would be fingered instead of Oxy when the actual drug is unknown.

    Real abusers jeopardize the continued availability of these drugs as it is.

  56. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Wise words indeed Kaiser. As being 5’2 myself, my friends never believe me when I say that 5 pounds on my body is alot more then on their 5’8 frames. As for the whole adderall issue my stance is that ADD is a legitimate thing, so is depression, but doctors give pills for this shit too easily. These are all serious drugs. Science still doesn’t know exactly how they work and by what pathways. There’s also the fact they work in different ways in every human body. As others have commented, for some they are very very necessary, I’m not saying don’t take them, I am saying do so cautiously.

  57. Str8Shooter says:

    Just 10 more lbs to go, and she will be rid of that massive lump of fat on top of her orange body.

  58. Sivre54311 says:

    snooki is so gross it makes me want to vomit….im sick of her getting paid to be an annoying drunk whore and could care less if she fell off the face of the earth…..its about time you lost weight now lets see if you can keep it off so you dont look like a pumpkin for halloween. disgrace to our country

  59. Marc Richter says:

    Yeah, were those diet pills or speed? Honestly, I know she got some guff in pop media because of her weight, but she looked just fine before (we just saw too much of her) and she didn’t need to lose the weight.

  60. Mimi says:

    I don’t believe her when she says it is not the HCG, and that she is taking that to maintain her body….maintain what if she is still losing weight? She is young and does not have much to lose so she can’t possibly mean sagging skin etc. HCG is taken for fat loss and it is extremely effective and fast. You are also not supposed to stay on it for more than 40 days so it sounds like the lies are falling from her lips as the weight is falling from her body. She may be taking Zantrex as well, but it sounds like HCG is doing the majority of the work and she is using Zantrex for endorsements.

  61. Merk says:

    She looks good. But trashy is trashy. We focus so much on exterior the prob wasn’t her weight, or burnt orange color, it’s her attitude.I recently saw a pic of her where she had a make”under”.No bronzer, poof, or trashy clothes.She look awesome.Tall girls embrace your height.Shorties do the same.Self-love is so important & one thing doesn’t outweigh the other.I’m a shorty who loves being my height (5 2). All in life has pros & cons.But the world would be better if ppl just embraced who they are, forgot about physical & worked on shit that mattered (ur character).I’ve never been jealous of my tall friends, yes they carry their weigh better but I love ppl try not to waste time being jealous. Oh and to lady who drank ADD med…well the reason why it had that effect on u is bc u DON’T have ADD.My stepson has been on ADD med for 4 yrs now. he went from failing in school to being honor roll. And u should NEVER drink ADD med if u don’t need it, thats called abusing drugs. If ur low energy seek medical advice. I’m sure a doctor can find u help on that not ADD med.

  62. kera says:

    They Only Reason she is talking about diet pills Zantrex 3 is because she is getting paid to talk about it and to lose weight.. I hate how they want to say its a diet pill when in reality they probably paid for plastic surgery and then told her to thank them later.

  63. Leanne says:

    I didn’t realize she had only lost 15 pounds. I guess it really does make more of a difference on a smaller body. As far as the petite comments go, I am petite and I never had a real boyfriend in high school – all the guys wanted girls with big boobs. Everyone has their own things they’re insecure about.

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  66. beccaa says:

    I Love Snooki!! I wish I had her personality. shes sooo funny!!

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