Melissa McCarthy “tries not to give too much energy” to body criticisms


When we were recapping the Emmys, I wrote about Melissa McCarthy’s surprise Emmy win for Mike & Molly (which was probably more for her scene-stealing performance in Bridesmaids), and I said at the end that you guys shouldn’t go all crazy by making lots of unnecessary comments about her weight. That was just a personal desire of mine – I didn’t want to cull through dozens of comments like “she’s so fat” and “I hate her because she’s fat.” Yes, she’s heavy. I know that. She knows that. You know that. Everyone is aware. She’s also really funny and talented and she’s having a great career break right now, and I’m really happy for her. I just get tired of debating celebrities’ thinness. Can we just accept that she’s heavy and move on to the other stuff about her? With that in mind, Melissa covers the new issue of The Hollywood Reporteryou can read the full article here, and here are some highlights:


She’s launching a plus-sized clothing line: McCarthy is using her raised profile to launch a line for other plus-size women. “Trying to find stuff that’s still fashion-forward in my size is damn near impossible. It’s either for like a 98-year-old woman or a 14-year-old hooker, and there is nothing in the middle,” she laughs, recalling her recent struggles to find a dress for the Emmys. After combing through “9 million dresses with taffeta or shiny bows,” she opted to channel her teenage passion to become a fashion designer and design her own Emmy gown (with couture dressmaker Daniella Pearl.)

Motherhood changed her perception of herself: She has been less bothered by criticism of her physical appearance since becoming a mother to daughters Vivian, 4 — who has been parading around for days with her mother’s Emmy tiara — and Georgette, 1 1/2. “The stupid stuff like what I wear or how I look I can’t control, so I just try not to give too much energy to it,” she continues, noting later that after having her second child, her body is a work in progress. “At 20, I would have been like: ‘Don’t they like me? Was it my hair?’ At 41, I think the things that define me, I hope, are a lot more than those kinds of petty things.”

Future projects: She and her actor husband Ben Falcone recently sold a multicamera TV comedy project to CBS about a woman having a midlife crisis, and she’s co-writing a movie with Bridesmaids writer Annie Mumolo for Paramount, which will star McCarthy as the mastermind of a plan to hijack the Stanley Cup in order to cheer up her sick husband. She’s also in negotiations to star opposite Jason Bateman in the movie Identity Thief, while Bridesmaids producer Judd Apatow cast her in his untitled Knocked Up spinoff and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig has set up his movie Dumb Jock to feature her as the star. “She’s really one of my new heroes,” Feig says of McCarthy. “I’ll do anything to keep working with her. When you find someone like her, you don’t let them go.”

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

I wish Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks would start a clothing line aimed at designing flattering tops for the large-breasted ladies amongst us (coughmecough). As for Melissa’s plus-sized line… maybe the stuff will be cute. You never know. In my experience, the simpler the item you want, the harder it is to find. You want a simple, loose, black peasant top for the heavy-breasted amongst us, with no sparkles or embellishments or lace accoutrements? Good luck with that. I’ve been trying to find it for years. It’s my white whale.

Oh, and Melissa is hosting SNL this weekend. Will you watch? I hope she’s really, really good.



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  1. Franny says:

    I’m large breasted and wearing a loose black peasant top right now!

    Almost every time I walk into a store, I just wish I could start a clothing line. I just can’t ever seem to find what I’m looking for (clean lines, flattering to the waist and chest).

    Also, I like the dress she’s wearing in the first picture more than her emmy dress.

  2. lucy2 says:

    I am so happy she’s having so much success. Been a fan of hers since the Gilmore Girls days.

  3. Sanka says:

    Really like her dress in the top photo.

  4. gee_gee says:

    She’s adorable. If people can live with John Goodman and Kevin James they can damn sure live with Melissa.

    And I could use the large busty clothing too.

  5. Launicaangelina says:

    She’s beautiful and hilarious! I don’t watch her tv show but she was perfect in Bridesmaids and really funny in Life As We Know It (yes, that was the Katherine Heigel movie).

  6. gee says:

    She’s very pretty, I’ve loved her since Gilmore Girls!

    @gee_gee, so true about Kevin James and John Goodman! It’s about time things start balancing out a little.

  7. Maritza says:

    I love her show, it’s so funny. Everyone one in it does a very good job. I think Melissa McCarthy is pretty and as long as she doesn’t gain anymore weight she looks just fine.

  8. RocketMerry says:

    She’s a very beautiful woman and she seems sweet too.
    Also, wasn’t she a designer or something before doing comedy? So she probably knows quite a bit more about fashion design than others *coughSimpsonRichieBartonLavigneKardashianandsooncough*

    And I totally agree that basic, simple clothing items do not exist. Anywhere.

  9. PrettyTarheel says:

    Kaiser, tell me about it. I have been breastfeeding for 4 months, and I’m packing a pair that could be considered lethal weapons. I spend hours looking for SOMEWHERE that will have clothes to flatter me. I am used to dressing for small(er) breasted me, and the new me is struggling.
    Mike and Molly makes me giggle, even if it is a bit cheesy sometimes.

  10. aenflex says:

    I think she is hilarious. And I agree that people should try and be more accepting of others, regardless of physical appearance. A human is a human. BUT – all day we dog on scrawny celebs, speculate about drug use, eating disorders, starvation, etc. No reason we can’t do the same about largely overweight folks. It’s an outward sign of an inward problem, as Neicy Nash would say, the exact same way weighing 85 lbs or cutting oneself is an outward sign of an inward problem. It’s unhealthy for the person, physically, and maybe emotionally too. Does this mean fame and praise are undeserved – NO. But in the celebrity gossip world, I thought everyone was a fair target? Or is the Scientology….

  11. Nicole says:

    As part of the big bewbied club and a plus sized gal myself, I am a big fan of the cowl neck. Done correctly, it can be really flattering. You really have to dig. Every Celebrity who does lines manages to do them shittily. I would like to see what Melissa does. She seems to acknowledge the issues but she doesn’t seem very top heavy, so would she allow for the more endowed woman?

  12. smith says:

    I’m going to echo everyone else’s comments – she’s beautiful, funny as hell and I’ve enjoyed everything she’s done. I recently began watching “Mike and Molly” (not sure why I held out) and as promised, she has great timing and delivery.

    We should treat actors like any other profession. Are they good at what they do? Yes or no? Their physical make-up shouldn’t even be a part of the conversation. Not my body, not my business.

  13. CC says:

    Doesn’t sofia have a clothing line already?

  14. Rhiley says:

    Holy cow, I didn’t realize until now this is the girls from Bridesmaids. That movie is hilarious, her character especially. I love when she has all the puppies in her minivan. Now I want to go home and lay on my couch, watch Bridesmaids, and eat a grilled cheese sandwich.

  15. Kristen says:

    Omg! If she were super-skinny, she’d be the spitting image of Waity Katie.

  16. grace says:

    Good she doesn’t spend energy on that, because people’s energy to criticize others will never cease. If you are very skinny, “she’s emaciated, has eating disorder, is starving herself”, if you are an average person, “she is not toned, her legs have no shape”, if you are toned “she is too muscular, looks like a man”, if you have any meat “fat”, if you are big “she is too fat, it is unhealthy, I’m concerned for her well being”. It is almost impossible to win. I really have a certain admiration for Jessica Simpson, for ex., for not having an eating disorder, at this point, as a result of being so criticized.

  17. OhMyMy says:

    I love her. I’m glad she’s taking ownership of her own fashion and starting her own line. I wish her lots of luck with that.

    I have my own fit problems being petite. Learning how to sew in home ec class in the 7th grade was one of the best things for me. I don’t know which ancestor passed the skill to me cause no-one else in my family has it.
    Being able to make your own clothes is awesome. When you’re short even off-the-rack needs to be altered.

  18. Dusty says:

    I hope she doesn’t succumb to the pressure of being thin like Jennifer Hudson did.

  19. Jess says:

    I love her! I’ve loved her ever since she was Sookie on Gilmore Girls, and I’m happy she’s having some much-deserved success!

  20. severine says:

    So, we can’t comment on her weight but we can poke fun at the celebrities deemed “too skinny to be healthy”? People saying shit like “eat a sandwich”? Yeah, can’t have it both ways.
    I think Melissa is fairly talented and deserves her success.

  21. marybeth18 says:

    And to think, she and Jenny McCarthy are cousins!!

    I think/hope she’ll be good on SNL- she has a background in improv (Groundlings, I think?).

  22. cmc says:

    Hey Kaiser- Sofia does have a clothing line! It’s being sold at Kmart and looks super cute.

  23. Mare says:

    Maybe then people writing here should stop calling skinny actresses twigs and skeletons, maybe they should stop saying that Rumer Willis is disgusting to look at, or calling Sarah Jessica Parker horseface. Or maybe stop writing horrible things about Gwyneth’s body, or Cameron’s arms. Or maybe stop calling people ugly names for their plastic surgery? Yeah, not going to happen. Because you think these things are fine but when someone’s fat that’s ok and we should focus only on their career.

  24. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Melissa is a refreshing alternative to the goopmeister.

  25. Amy says:

    I think that the black dress she’s wearing (with the embellishment on the neckline) is the same one Adele wore to some awards show… maybe the Mtv awards. I will kiss anyone who knows who designs it and where I can get my mitts on it.

  26. kay says:

    I think she is very talented. I also think your reasons for not wanting her weight discussed (the culling through posts) is very valid.
    Good luck monitoring which threads are ok to post about weight issues, and which are not.

  27. Kloops says:

    I hope she continues to have a kick ass career. I will go see most anything she’s in. She’s delightful.

  28. Hootie Hoo says:

    I really like her a lot. There is a lot of criticism for female actors to be a size zilch. It is refreshing to see a woman who is not only talented but is breaking the doors open for plus-sized actresses.
    She killed it in Bridesmaids. I never laughed so hard.

  29. curegirl0421 says:

    Oh I would love a collection from her – she’s totally right. I’m about her size, and really – Lane Bryant is a sea of tube tops and embellished jeans (really guys, who is your audience?!) and everywhere else is just giant flower prints and bows to “draw the eye.” I can draw the eye myself, thanks – give me a v-neck and bob’s your uncle. (ahem.)

    Anyway, yes I’d love it! And I’d buy!

    As to the large-busted looking for cute black peasanty things…try Ferserious. I’m wearing one of their shirts right now and it’s accentuating and flattering at the same time. And cheap!

  30. Happy21 says:

    I agree to a point with whoever up there said something about how we can say all this mean shit about other people but not her.

    I think that its easier to poke fun at skinny stars because they open themselves up to the critisism by always saying that there is nothing wrong with them when it is apparent that they have severely fucked up body image issues. At least Melissa and say Adele are the first to admit that they have weighty issues but makes it clear to all of us that it doesn’t define them or make them any less an artist. If they were saying they were size 6es or saying that they didn’t know how they got to be where they are weight-wise, we’d have something to say but because these women are large and in charge and know it, I give them credit. Jennifer Hudson was like this too before she decided to conform to Hollywood’s acceptance of what is beautiful. I think that we should all be happy with our bodies if we take care of them. These twig-like stars (like Leann Rimes) who claim that they are righteous and healthy is complete bullshit. She is not and that’s all she ever talks about. She makes it easy to blast her for her weight. Or Bethany Frankel, Miss I’m too busy to eat. Bullshit! Great way to stay healthy!

    And really this site is called Celebitchy so…

  31. dragonlady sakura says:

    Love her! She’s hilarious in the movie Bridesmaids and steals every scene she was in. And as a fuller figured gal, I especially wish her much success in her career because she deserves the recognition.

  32. Rachel says:

    i think she has a really pretty face and good for her for not losing weight like ALL STARS do

  33. Nymeria says:

    “I’ve been trying to find it for years. It’s my white whale.”

    I love literary references. Just so you know.

    Body snarking is mean, and I’m unquestionably guilty of snarking on the bodies of celebrities I consider to be too skinny (primarily Waity), but there is usually at least one “I don’t think X is too thin, and I’d LOVE to have her figure!” comment amongst all the “X does look a bit peaky” or “X looks just fine” comments. Whereas there is never a comment along the lines of “I’d LOVE to look like Melissa McCarthy / Rosie O’Donnell / [insert overweight celebrity here]!” And if there is one, then please point it out.

  34. Paloma says:

    I wish someone would design gym wear for middle age women, 40 on up. It is really hard to find decent stuff.

  35. Bec says:

    She is a brilliant comedian! One of the most talented people to come along in a very long time!

  36. yeahright says:

    Kaiser, you really should stop being a hypocrite. If you don’t want people talking about her weight, and saying mean things about her, then You should Stop talking about other celeb weight, face, hair,clothes,and life in general. This is Celebitchy, not I-only-say-mean-things-about-celebs-I-don’t-like-bitchy.

  37. ambergesa says:

    Why on earth would it be a bad thing for her to lose weight like Jennifer Hudson? That’s insane yes DON’T be healthy, limit yourself on the activities you can enjoy with others, make sure taking the stairs is hard, and take years off your life and stay fat. What kind of craziness is that. Seriously if you don’t want to hear fat comments a. don’t write a gossip blog with posts about larger people and b. don’t continually rage on skinny girls, double standard much?

  38. Happy21 says:

    @ambergesa…it is a total double standard. I agree.

    But you don’t need to be a size 4 or less to be healthy…I am a size 8-10 and am extremely healthy. I get a physical every year and the doctor tells me so. I am still slightly overweight. I think its that J. Hud went extreme in her quest to be healthy as so many stars do. Instead of being healthy it becomes about the numbers and what it looks like physically.

  39. Mingy says:

    im looking forward to seeing her on snl…im definitely a new fan of hers because of bridesmaids.

    ive never seen mike and molly tho..

  40. palermo says:

    Normally I would agree with the don’t talk about her weight, but on a site such as this one, it’s fair game, just as others have said, we criticize everybody else for imperfections.

  41. ambergesa says:

    Happy21 I agree not everyone has to be a size 4 to be healthy. Some people have bigger frames or wider hips. But the opposite can be true too. I have many very healthy, strong, physically fit friends that are size 0. They are doing nothing nefarious, they eat. Women are different, and can be beautiful in a range of sizes.

  42. Ron says:

    All Kaiser is saying, is just don’t dwell on the weight issue. Feel free to criticize, but it’s obvious and a bast thing to mention. What else is there to say about Melissa. She’s talented and funny and fabulous. i love that her career has taken off at 40!! That is a miracle in itself in Hollywood. My sister is a size 6-8 and big busted and has the same problem finding dresses ands tops that don;t make her look like a hooker.

  43. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Gee_Gee I totally agree, Many plus size men almost never have their size brought up in discussion unless they themselves bring it up. I feel every time there’s a funny plus size women, we always say yeah she’s great but she needs to lose weight” Or the she beautiful if she was skinny comments”, I realize everyone is entitled to their opinions but it is always a double standard for plus size women vs plus size men.

  44. Jane says:

    I think she is great, but I predict she will be on a diet within two to five years and she will slim down. I just think it is too hard to put up with the comments that will not only continue but increase as she becomes more well known.

    There will be some reason, like health, that will be mentioned, but the reality will be she will have had enough.

    The other reality is that there is only so many roles that will be offered to her. She is in very hard business to stay employed unless you look a certain way.

    I hope she is able to avoid all that and continue to be successful and happy, but it is Hollyweird she is dealing with, so who knows.

  45. okeydokey says:

    who cares how big or small someone else is? It’s their business.

    That being said, my best friend is a plus size and she’s found lots of really cute things at Avenue. And her favorite shirt comes from Holyclothing.

  46. wenderwoman says:

    Wow! Good for her! I didn’t realize she was so talented. And I think she is very pretty just the way she is.

  47. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I honestly try not to snark on people’s bodies too much. I have my own body issues so I try and critize on what they have said or done but I think we’re all guilty of it.

    I haven’t seen her show Mike and Molly. Any good?

  48. luls says:

    To me, shes a comedy caricature figure.

    Nothing beautiful about her either. Perhaps ‘cute’ when dressed up/hair + makeup, but no beauty. Just my 2 cents.

  49. Estella says:

    I just watched Bridesmaids and it would have sucked without this lady.She made the movie, IMO. I loved her bit part in Go too.

  50. Kim says:

    I agree. whether skinny, fat or in between wasting your energy on the size and weight game is silly. If you are healthy it doesnt matter what size you are. That energy can be used so much more productively on other things.

  51. Shaz says:

    Melissa is darling, adorable, talented and all around fabulous. Haters s@ck so ya gotta ignore them – the only thing that makes’em happy is spewing vitriol, especially on those more talented and far nicer than they (them?)