In Touch: Demi Moore has a drinking problem, she’s “a complete mess”


Last week, as Ashton Kutcher’s wandering dong and its various sketchy escapades eclipsed all other gossip stories, there was a surprising report via Life & Style. I thought it was just a planted story from Ashton’s team, trying to justify Ashton’s zipper problems, but I also thought there could something there. The basic gist was that Ashton and Demi’s marriage was on the rocks not because of Ashton’s dong, but because of Demi’s ongoing substance abuse problems. Demi used to have issues, back in the 1980s, but she’s allegedly been clean and sober since then. Last week’s report made it seem like Ashton left Demi as some sort of exercise in “tough love”. Now In Touch is piling on, claiming that Demi is drowning her sorrows in liquor:


Demi Moore is spiraling out of control according to a new report in InTouch Weekly. The magazine alleges that Demi, 48, has been behaving more like a ‘Girl Gone Wild’ over the past year instead of a married mom-of-three. The report claims that Demi has been so insecure that her husband Ashton Kutcher, 33, would leave her for a younger woman that she has reportedly turned to drinking.

“Demi is a complete mess,” a friend reveals. “The last year of her life has been a downward spiral, and she’s being urged to face her demons.”

The magazine points out one instance when Demi and Ashton were having their home renovated and Demi reportedly greeted the workers “sloppy drunk” every day.

“She would be drunk to the point of sexy dancing and passing out,” says the insider. “The workers were embarrassed for Ashton. Demi seemed to insecure — like she was working so hard to prove her appeal.”

Demi entered rehab in the 80s for a reported cocaine addiction and after a two week stint she was said to have kicked the habit for good.

“Demi is in a bad place, and her loved ones are concerned,” says the source. “They want her to get better … it’s a misconception that she was ever 100 percent sober. She’s been drinking for years.”

[From Hollywood Life]

“She would be drunk to the point of sexy dancing and passing out” – ah, college. “Youwannaseemedance? Issosexy. Zzzzz….” As I said last week, I’ll buy that Demi Moore has issues. I’ll buy that she’s drinking a lot and drowning her sorrows. I’ll buy that she has self-esteem issues – I think that‘s why she hasn’t left him, even with a perfectly good “out” and the potential to play it all for sympathy. What I don’t buy is that Ashton left her in a fury of “tough love” and that he was only boning 20-somethings in the hot tub because he was so “worried” about Demi.



Cover courtesy of In Touch, additional pics by Fame.

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  1. cmc says:

    I don’t even see how they expect us to believe that as a plausible option. No matter what her problems are, the answer is NEVER revenge cheating. WTF.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Me …why now ? We never heard of this type of behavior before, not in the entire 6 years of their marriage! However, we have head a lot about Ashton ….,(negative things I might add). So, I’m really disappointed that Demi pulled out of movie deal. What better way to get revenge…then to have your career come back with s vengeance , and Demi looking back and saying “kiss this!”.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Me …why now ? We never heard of this type of behavior before, not in the entire 6 years of their marriage! However, we have head a lot about Ashton ….,(negative things I might add). So, I’m really disappointed that Demi pulled out of movie deal. What better way to get revenge…then to have your career come back with s vengeance.

  2. Kimbob says:

    Yeah, sign me up, too. I’ll buy all of that, as well. What I’m NOT BUYING is giving Ashton’s wandering dong a pass because Demi’s succumbed to her demons on addiction.

    If Ashton had actually “had it up-to-here” w/Demi’s drinking/using…he would’ve LEFT HER FIRST (that’s the TOUGH LOVE), he would’ve left no question as TO WHY he left, then he could’ve boned whomever w/some level of impunity.

    No, no, no…Ashton doesn’t get a pass w/me at all!

  3. Hautie says:

    If Demi was truly a boozy mess… long enough for his PR group to claim she is an legit alcoholic, then it would show in her face.

    Alcohol is awful to your skin. (*cough*Christina Aguilera)

    Demi does not have the skin/face of a boozer.

    But I do buy she may have recently pick up the tequila, for a few Margarita’s.

    And lets be honest, the girl needs a drink with her business splashed all over the tabloids.

    Plus I do not believe that CBS/Chuck Lorre are pleased with this horror story. The last thing they needed was to have another “star” acting like a public dumbass.

    I bet they are regretting not coughing up the cash for Hugh Grant to take over the lead. At least he is past running around looking for strange.

  4. brin says:

    If true, they both have major issues and this marriage doesn’t have much chance of surviving.

  5. Kit says:

    Not buying it, sounds like damage control from doucheton’s people.

  6. velourazure says:

    those are some chompers she’s sporting.

  7. miss_bhaven says:

    Maybe Kaballah can save her.

    Wow, she is soooo long toothed.

  8. Jenny says:

    Once again, the woman is the villain and her poor, poor husband had no choice but to cheat. Tabloids are horrible, but this mess is beyond belief.

    This story like most in tabloids likes to trash women and make men look like innocent children or their saviours, depending upon the story. Why do people pay money for this dreck.

  9. Embee says:

    I bet she’s been tossing them back recently, owing to the stress of her marriage.

    That dress in the top photo is awesome!

  10. lambchops says:

    Why would you want to be with this child? Go find an older, attractive businessman who thinks he is lucky to have you. Be a trophy wife for an older, rich man, not a young boy. Dump the booger turd.

  11. anne_000 says:

    Didn’t they just attend a Kabbalah camp to work on their marriage?

    Dlisted had a blind item that suggested ‘someone’ is trying to make it look like she’s working to save this marriage only for the purpose of making herself look good while she’s already talking to a divorce lawyer.

    Demi, keep prolonging it. You’re almost complete in your Norma Desmond transformation.

  12. Alejandro says:

    When you cheat have your pr people blame your wife seems to be Ashton’s m.o.

  13. Jaded says:

    @ Hautie – totally agree, she does not look at all like a serial boozer. If anything it could be the demon Bolivian Marching Powder which would explain her really dramatic weight loss. Girl looks like a stick insect now.

  14. Quest says:

    Ashton is a pile of doo-doo, sinky-smelly, piled on doooo-dooooo. Demi should drop him in a deep hole and shot him with a shit-gun.

    I don’t think she has a drinking problem but she does have a douche problem

  15. Jayna says:

    In Touch is a joke of a gossip mag. Made-up stories and cut-and-paste articles from other rags.

  16. Melissa says:

    I’m telling you, these two were/are swingers. That’s why they haven’t split yet. Of course that is just what I have heard, but what I did hear sounded very plausible. But now it’s getting embarrassing for Demi because she is looking like the wronged, cheated on wife.

  17. Cirque28 says:

    A classic cheater deflection. “OMG, s/he is crazy! It’s not my fault I screwed around!”

    Demi is too wiry to be a drunk. If she does anything, I could see pills. Just idle speculation though.

  18. Kristine says:

    I know for a fact that she doesn’t drink. A friend of mine went to a party and she was there. The party got pretty wild but she didn’t even have a glass of wine or a beer, only water.

  19. Firecracker says:

    Not buying it either.

    And 2.5 Men, I’m still waiting for it to get funny. It’s so gross to me how Berta and now Allen’s gf are all goo-goo eyed over Ashton. The long hair and facial hair are disgusting, I just don’t get his appeal. I wish they would’ve chosen John Stamos or someone sexier than a block of wood.

  20. ShanKat says:

    Better an 8ball than a douchebag.

  21. bluhare says:

    Whether they had an open marriage, agreement or whatever, he should have paid to shut that twinkie up. Why humiliate Demi that way.

    And Demi should get over the “older” thing. A jerk is a jerk whether you’re 28, 48, or 68.

  22. Lantana says:

    ita Kimbob
    Golly, if Life & Style are so misguided as to think cheating on a spouse is “tough love” I’m going to be hard pressed to believe other things they print, let alone take any more relationship pointers from their stories.

  23. islandwalker says:

    Is she desperate , embarrassed and depressed? I’ll buy that. As far as the substance abuse, I’ll believe it when someone from her camp admits it. He’s a complete loser.

  24. Melissa says:

    @bluhare: Again, of course it is rumored, but from I have heard, she liked to watch him with other women. So I guess they both should have paid to keep the twinkie quiet? If true.

  25. Kim says:

    If true its very sad and she needs to go to rehab for her kids sake.

    It doesnt even begin to excuse cheating so why would anyone think it was trying to blame her for the cheating. She drinks so he cheats? WTF? NOTHING justifies cheating.

  26. Violet says:

    Nothing justifies Ashton’s behavior. If Demi has substance abuse problems that she refuses to deal with, he should leave her. Not cheat on her, especially so openly and so recklessly.

  27. BELLA says:

    Have you heard of all her plastic surgery?Time for him to leave his mommy

  28. Roxy750 says:

    I wish she’d go back with Bruce.

    • Moonbeam says:

      I read she had an even worse cheating problem with Bruce, and that he even kept a girlfriend in a condo. That was in the tabloids years ago.

  29. Ashley says:

    I feel like she’s too thin to have a severe drinking problem. Alcohol is calorie-laden, and women of her age have slower metabolisms than than they did in their 20’s and 30’s. Even if she was drinking in lieu of eating entirely, I still don’t think she’d be so thin. And seconding what’s mentioned above, her face doesn’t really show signs of hardcore alcoholism. Consistent alcohol ages your skin, and I’m pretty sure her looks are her top concern. I doubt her vanity would allow her to put her figure/skin/etc in jeopardy.

    However, I totally buy the idea that while she doesn’t drink most of the time, when she does, she gets absolutely trashed.

  30. midnightmoon says:

    hi all, longtime lurker, first time poster here. youse guys are fun to read. i saw some photos on TMZ a bit and a while ago of ashton & demi hanging out on the beach. demi’s facial expressions explained it all to me-she seemed, shall we say-OUT OF CONTROL. ashton was trying to reign her in. i just did a search. the photos are gone, but read the commentary. i think that helps clarify. demi doing weird shit in public, just not caring. but truly, it was her facial expressions that led me to think it’s her who has a real problem.

    armchair analysis alert: fwiw, i think demi may actually have some kind of mental illness. i say this as one who has been through it with myself and family. i think she is actually the less mature of the two, quite needy & obsessed with her looks *duh!*, possible body dysmorphic issues.

    for me, putting the finger on demi having the issues is REALLY saying something, because i have never ever liked ashton. but i think he is in over his head with someone like demi who has so many (well documented) problems. not to mention: hollyweird is a horrible place for folks with low self-esteem. she has a bare modicum of talent, and she was on top for a little while, and then she was gone. and that had to be so hard for her to take.

    i don’t really like either one of them, but somehow i feel sorry for both. i have absolutely no issues with an open marriage-i am in one myself, and while it requires a great deal of communication and maturity, it is actually quite a bit more common than the lame-stream media wants you to know. i do it not for sex but for filling in the inevitable gaps in my needs-i don’t expect my husband to like everything i do.

    when someone as famous as demi operates sort of openly in terms of having ‘permission granted’ open sex, there are, i believe, other reasons. and i think it was a way for her to hang onto ashton. i think his going out of his way to be photographed with strange has to do with his giving her a warning-get your crap together or i’m moving on. i actually really buy that. he is a douche. and he should just leave, but i think he IS trying to get her attention. this is probably gonna be the last straw, and he probably has had it with her. but i do believe he loves her, and loves her kids, and didn’t actually want to go this route.

    some people do not listen the first 30 or 40 times you tell them they need to pay attention. he is very likely on his last nerve with her. but there are people who CANNOT hear what people are saying to them. and they are called narcissists. and i think that’s probably what demi may be. so self-centered she takes everything personally if it doesn’t involve the total worship of her ‘Goddess’ self.

    finally, uhhhh: !!!WTF!!! is ashton doing having unprotected sex? what is he THINKING. what was sarah leal thinking? (obviously, brains were disengaged for their lovely little tabloid tussle).

    i am just a tad little bit worried about the future of our species with idiots of this magnitude running around practically guaranteeing procreation. wow. just wow. maybe darwin was wrong?

  31. Jayna says:

    I believe they are swingers or at the very least she picked girls for them to have threesomes with like that last fling he had stated. She said he said Demi would be pissed though if he cheated on her alone. I guess Demi thought offering him threesomes would keep him married to her. It’s not working, Demi. He still wants to go seduce his strange on the side.

  32. islandwalker says:

    #28- Roxy- His current wife might object.

  33. midnightmoon says:

    one last note: someone said they saw her at the party and she only drank water. well, the photos on the beach were of her drinking Corona’s. the text of the TMZ report state that explicitly. i don’t know that she’s an actual alcoholic, but if demi is, she is really playing a stupid game by going anywhere near drugs or alcohol. her well documented struggles in the 80s are world reknowned. and it is so true that if you are under stress, turning to something to numb your feelings can make life very difficult indeed. and btw, you can be an alcoholic and VERY thin. she wasn’t this thin until very recently. something is going on, for sure. and she looks awful these days. awful. i am so sorry-another gorgeous woman turning into a robot before our eyes. how i wish hollywood would let go of the plastic surgery and the endless pursuit of fake youth. acting requires FACIAL MUSCLES. not just skinniness, fake hair, makeup and lots of bling to distract us. sooo sad. where are the true actresses any more? yikes.

  34. Melissa says:

    @Jayna: That makes a lot of sense. I think that’s exactly what it is.

  35. ladybert62 says:

    I wish she would dump creepy Ashton
    I wish Bruce Willis would beat him up.

  36. Roma says:

    I do think that she’s back to using cocaine; I didn’t realize it until after it went down but a few months ago I thought she looked pretty coked out in the pictures.

    Users can always spot each other and remember taking those kind of pics. It explains that weight loss and her trying to “recapture her youth”, especially if she used heavily when she was younger.

  37. Turtle Dove says:

    I call BS on the boozie Demi. She looks too GOOD to be an alcoholic. I’ve seen drunks and they do not look like her.

  38. bluhare says:

    @melissa: She wasn’t watching this one.

  39. Camille says:

    Has Demi had new veneers done or something? Her teeth look huge. Maybe it is just her weight loss making them look bigger *shrugs*.

    As for her being a alcoholic, well it might be true, it would explain all of the stupid half naked twit pics she does etc.

  40. I agree with most of the other posters. No way is she hitting the bottle hard. She might be hitting it a little, but if there is any addiction – I say it is pills. The kind that make you not want to eat anything.

  41. Chris says:

    Ah well, she’s had a charmed run up until this point and all good things must come to an end.

  42. Scout says:

    @ #10 – lambchops – Awesome thinking! Not that she is my favorite person, but I feel sort of humiliated for her…she does seem to have issues in the self esteem area. As for the drinking, I don’t believe she is in serious trouble. She may be drinking a bit more right now – or not – but she looks too put together and good in recent photos! Another reason she should show her pathetic husband the door – looking as she does, she doesn’t need to grovel for anyone.

  43. Belle Epoch says:

    No mention of the KIDS. They don’t seem especially likeable, but this can’t be easy for them. They were closer to being his peers that she was.

    I could never understand why a grown woman would want to hang around with Ashton’s little boy friends. He’s not what you’d call sophisticated. Is she really stupid?

  44. Vesper says:

    I agree, for the most part, w/ @ midnightmoon. I have noticed for quite some time that in many pics Demi’s eyes look glazed. The exhuberance she once had is gone. My initial thought was pills, however, many addicts will use anything they can get their hands on. I could see Demi using coke to keep the weight off, pills to dull the pain and booze when she wants to be the life of the party.

    I don’t think it is improbable that over time Ashton became overwhelmed by his wife’s addictions and gave her an ultimatium. Perhaps, he really did leave her, and planned on a reconciliation if she got help. Maybe it is only now that Ashton has come to the realization that things will not change and he has decided to end the marriage. Speculating ever further, perhaps Demi won’t let go.

    I also believe they had an open marriage. There have been rumours for years. If Ashton decided to end the marriage it could explain why he has been less discreet in the last year. I’m not trying to condone his actions, but it does explain things.

  45. Maritza says:

    Ashton just got tired of waking up and having to look at her granny teef!

  46. melanie says:

    she looks like his mom. I’m in my forties and its not easy getting older but when you try to look so young it looks bizarre. I just feel so sad for her.

  47. the original bellaluna says:

    One of my priors from a previous thread:

    Yom Kippur is the Holy Day of Atonement for the Jewish faith.

    And here’s a new link for ya:

  48. Casey says:

    I am an alcoholic in recovery and there is no way she could have been drinking all this time and be as thin as she is. Any time I have ever relapsed I would have gained weight right away from water retention, even if I was not eating; especially in the face. Cocaine maybe but if she has been drinking for “years” like it says then she could not be as thin and gaunt as she is. And there is never an excuse for cheating!!

  49. lauren says:

    Demi is such a role model for her three daughters..WTF.. has she forgotten she is a Mother? I knew a woman that was an alcoholic, and she looked like a bag of bones,no bloating. Didn’t realize she was so sick until she was hospitalized for “exaustion”. Demi is probably mixing booze and coke. Demi’s mom was an alcoholic that lived in a trailer park..maybe alcoholism is in DM’s genes.

  50. Vesper says:

    Just to add to my original posting…

    It is not cheating if:

    1) is an open marriage.

    2) Ashton has already left Demi. Perhaps, they have agreed to postpone a public announcement. Not spending their wedding anniversary together is pretty telling.

  51. alexandra says:

    The only d-bag here is Demi for marrying a man child. She was competing with Bruce who could get a young thing and keep it. The reality of everything is that men get better with age and they can afford to get young girls. Women, we do not do so well in the aging department, but can definately get a young guy here and there to toy with. But not make them a husband that is unrealistic. She had it coming

  52. Susan says:

    I agree with Alexandra…never commit to a man child!

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  54. jackie says:

    Is anyone sick of hearing about a privledged 50 year old woman who has everything, who grabbed a young boy who was her oldest daughte’s childhood “crush” getting dumped? People can’t get jobs! Oh poor Demi never felt good enough. Who does? She should go away for awhile with some dignity and grow up instead of showing her kids what a whining brat she is because she lost her boy toy who probably wants to have a family of his own some day. He’s a young guy. She’s a control freak. Give me More should be the name they used to call her.