Brandi Glanville is dating 10-years-younger “model” Spencer Falls


Last week the tabloids were reporting that Brandi Glanville had undergone $27,000 worth of plastic surgery in the hopes that a “makeover” would help her find a “good man”. I doubted the story because Brandi has looked tweaked for a while, and I just don’t think she’s had anything “new” done (except maybe Botox). I also doubted the story because I think that Brandi is probably more concerned with having fun than finding a “good man”. She’s sort of like Jennifer Aniston in that way – Aniston and Glanville may say that they want some nice guy, but really, they just enjoy being free and swinging, post-divorce. Anyway, Brandi has got a new boyfriend and they’ve even done their first photo op together! True love!

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville is definitely on a mission to show she’s not missing ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. Brandi stepped out with Virgin Mobile model Spencer Falls, more than 10 years her junior, Saturday at Halloween mecca Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in LA.

A spy said, “They were all over each other, holding hands and flirting.” Spencer, previously linked to Lindsay Lohan, seemed “totally smitten” by the reality star.

[From Page Six]

These are the photos from that pumpkin patch photo op – and yes, Brandi is very, very aware that she’s being photographed. I don’t think “Spencer Falls” is a bad-looking guy or anything, but this whole thing reeks of some kind of management set-up. Like, Brandi was in the market for a younger guy to be seen with, and “Spencer Falls” has an all-encompassing contract with Virgin Mobile so that every time “Spencer Falls” is mentioned in the gossip pages, VIRGIN MOBILE VIRGIN MOBILE VIRGIN MOBILE is repeated ad nauseum. Incidentally, Brandi’s old makeout buddy Gerard Butler briefly boned the female model in those Virgin Mobile ads, Sarah Carroll. The Virgin Mobile people certainly do get around.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    Brandi looked beautiful on tv yesterday and I hear Leann is not happy…lol.

  2. Flounder says:

    Yeah! Good for her…I like her.

  3. Tierra says:

    I just hope she makes him use a steel condom. I couldnt imagine being with someone that was with LL…ewwww.

  4. NeNe says:

    I like Brandi too, and I am glad that poor little Leann ain’t too happy. It’s about time she got a taste of her own medicine.

  5. Lukie says:

    The only new work I see is a breast reduction. They lost their “half a grapefruit sitting on top of her chest” look.

  6. Heatheradair says:

    and how many days until LeAnn is pap’d wearing black with a flannel?????

  7. Kimble says:

    After watching RHOBH yesterday, Brandi has gone up a lot in my estimation. I hope she is having fun with a hot young thing – good luck to her …

    I think she should leave her face alone though – she is pretty enough without the Hollywood “joker” look!

  8. Memphis says:

    She looks great here! And she looked fabulous on WWHL with Andy! You just know Eddie is somewhere banging his head against the wall wondering exactly what he was thinking…And that Leann is probably quoting anything and everything she can find on twitter about potty mouths and bonus moms and preparing to “accidentally” SWF Brandi by the end of the week.

  9. Joanna says:

    wow, i see people are hanging on to the brandi/leann as hard as jen/angie. who cares about some rhobh housewife? or leann for that matter? both=famewhores to me.

  10. arock says:

    caught the tail end of the andy cohen show thing after the real housewives, and i have to say she is hilarious.
    fair- knocking those chicks (especially denna) is easy, but she gets in the wise cracks and is totally self depreciating in regards to her past, the eddie stuff, and how inane the real housewives franchise can be.
    drop that f-bomb and flick your hair girl, i got your back.

  11. J O'C says:

    Staged photo op or not, I hope she is really loving her life right now. She seems like a nice person.

  12. fabgrrl says:

    She looks good, happy and carefree. But seriously, where are her kids? Why would you go to a pumpkin patch, when you are a mom of young kids, without bringing them along? Am I so out of it? Are pumpkin patches now THE PLACE for adult celebrities to be seen?

  13. why? says:

    Leann was ALREADY papped wearing ALL BLACK(except LR added a twist by wearing a sheer shirt to expose her bra) on Monday at LAX. And LR even went so far as to have x17 call her SEXY, just like they did when they were at the pumpkin patch taking photos/videos of BG and that guy and calling BG sexy. If all is well in LR and EC marriage and LR is happy as she claims, why did she once again commit yet another SWF moment of BG?

    We know that EC was banging his head against the walls after he saw this photo and video of BG with Spencer Falls(x17 took the photos/video on Sat, they posted the video on Sat, but I think they posted the photos on Sun) hence why LR had the nerve to show up at LAX wearing ALL BLACK to SWF BG on Monday.

    LR continues to SWF BG and then she and her “fans” get upset when LR is called out for it?

    Wow, how interesting. LR and EC have been crowned the Heidi and Spencer of 2011 and the “Spencer Falls” guy is featured in commercials which everyone knows are making fun of Heidi and Spencer.

    The question is how long before EC and LR are papped at the pumpkin patch with BG and EC kids doing the same pose on that horse because they are the Heidi and Spencer of 2011?

    Where are the kids? The other HW were at the pumpkin patch, so I wonder if they were filming or doing something for the show. According to EC, his kids are not allowed to make cameos on that show because he doesn’t want millions of people to see their faces and has plans to sue BG if she does. So I think that is why we are not seeing BG at the pumpkin patch with the kids or the kids with BG at the pumpkin patch.

  14. madpoe says:

    Ah-HA! “Normal” pumpkin pickin’ attire!

  15. Pyewacket says:

    Since when is this woman relevant?

  16. Rita says:

    I watched Brandi on NBC Today and the Wendy William’s show yesterday and I have to say I thought she was terrific. Not that she said or did anything note worthy but she didn’t bring a rehearsed persona to the set. In fact, she was understandably some what nervous and a little awkward. I can really identify with that as I’m sure most women can.

    It could have been me sitting there nervously in front of tens of billions of people….well, except for the legs…..the hair, the body, the face, and the shoes. OMG can that woman rock the footwear. However, if I’m ever on stage with Brandi you’ll see some world class awkward. Yep, when it comes to awkward in a public situation, I can shade the bump and smack down the kazoo with the best of them.

  17. Skylar says:

    Uh, she is so NOT attractive and seems like she has straw for brains so I am not surprised she is surrounded by hay bales here. Sorry, I think Eddie traded WAY up.

  18. Victoria says:

    Both Brandi and Leann Are fugs but at least Brandi is not a homewrecking famewhore. Famewhore? Maybe. But at the very least.

  19. Jezi says:

    @Skylar Hang out on Leann’s twitter page for a while and you will rethink that.

    Brandi is unbelievably gorgeous and her personality makes her that much more beautiful. She nailed WWHL last night and I was very proud of her.

  20. thetruthhurts says:

    Brandi is gorgeous, I have those same boots…! The guy though, she could do better, he is not good looking at all. Forget someone 10 yrs younger, get a REAL man baby!

  21. TXCinderella says:

    Boy does she look SKINNY…and pretty…and happy! Take THAT LeAnne!

  22. ShanKat says:

    Jacob from O-Town needs some new threads.

  23. brin says:

    Hope you had a good time, Jezi! Brandi did great!

  24. why? says:

    Eddie traded WAY UP… to a NEW bank account!

    I just find it funny that the guy BG is with is the guy in the commericials that are making fun of Heidi and Spencer, since LR and EC are considered the Heidi and Spencer of 2011. This can’t be a coincidence. Are the producers of RHOBH sending LR and EC a message?

  25. juju says:

    She looks way hotter then Leann Rimes, I think Eddie made a big mistake. Leann can say all she wants that she likes her skinny bones but she looks horrible !! Brandi looks sexy !!

  26. Jezi says:

    @brin Girl we had soooooo much fun!!! I tweeted her this morning telling her that you know you had a good night when you almost fall down stairs, get locked in a bathroom stall, and find yourself trying to get into an apartment that clearly isn’t yours on the wrong floor no less. That would be our night give or take a few other incidents. Definitely a night to remember.

  27. Karen says:

    What’s the deal with celebrities and the blooming pumpkin patch??? I live in Toronto and if I need a pumpkin, I have to schlep to my local supermarket and bring it home. Do these people really need to trek out to wherever in California these places are just to be photographed by the paps?? Seriously…it’s getting embarassing when Brandi Glanville (whom I do not have a problem with) is bringing her low rent fella to be photographed without the kids. Sheesh!!!!

  28. Rhiley says:

    While I do think that Brandi Glanville is coming across a little better on Real Housewives (even though she signed herself up for the abuse), I was totally embarassed watching her on WWHL last night. I had to change the channel. Somebody needs to wash her mouth out with soap. I am not attacking her parenting skills here, because I don’t know her at all and have never seen her with her children, but I just hope she doesn’t call herself a slut pig in front of her children or throw the f word around her children or talk about cock in front of her children. She really has no filter and it makes for uncomfortable television.

  29. the.princess.leia says:

    On Watch What Happens Live, Andy asked Brandi who would she want to play her if a movie was made about her life. I kinda snorted & said Leann Rimes to myself but when Brandi actually said it, I just about fell out of my chair laughing.

    I’m surprised Le hasn’t turned that into some tabloid snippet yet.

  30. brin says:

    LOL, Jezi…..sounds like a Lucy/Ethel kinda night! Hope you found your way back home! I’m really glad you got to meet her…you need to visit her in Cali!

  31. Jezi says:

    @brin Oh it was. We are both paying the price today though. I made it home great, except for not knowing what floor I was on…lol.

  32. anne_000 says:

    @28 Rhiley: “Slut pig” is what Kim Richards called Brandi, so Brandi used that name-calling as a joke on WWHL.

    Also, Camille Grammer, in her blog last week, said “Slut Pig” should be on a t-shirt.

    It wasn’t Brandi who thought up that term.

  33. Stonegoddess says:

    She is so beautiful and looks so happy. Good for her. She deserves this & more after what she’s gone through and is still having to deal with from those two.

    Happiness is the best revenge so keep on keeping on Brandi, we all love you.

    LR and EC can suck it.

  34. why? says:

    Was I watching something different because it didn’t appear that BG came off as embarassing at all on WWHL? In fact the evidence and positive feedback that BG is getting from all over the place doesn’t even support that.

    Yeah that was funny when she answered that Leann Rimes should play her in a movie because just hours before the show aired, LR released photos of herself at LAX SWF BG photos from Sat.

    How odd, didn’t the person who sent a queation into WWHL for BG make the same statement about BG “foul mouth”?

  35. eileen says:

    Kaiser I’m surprised you didn’t do a story about Leann tweeting Wendy Williams saying she “thought Wendy was better than that….disappointed.” about interviewing Brandi Glanville and asking what Leann was like as a stepmother. Then she went on a psychotic tweeting free-for-all….then deleted them all. But good for her we have them for her! 😀!/melwister/status/128835330563510272/photo/1

  36. brin says:

    I love her sense of humor. They asked her on NY Live how her relationship with Eddie was and she said “We make out all the time”. For her to laugh things off like that is cool.

  37. Sara says:

    The guy is ugly, he needs to pull his pants up, Brandi is alright but nothing to write home about, she looks like she has to much filler in her cheeks.

  38. april says:

    I wanted to like her because she was dumped by Eddie, but I came across disliking her because of her crass attitude and foul mouth. I’m not fans of Eddie and Lee Ann either. Hopefully I will see the better side of her, but for now it’s not happening. Sorry fans of Brandi, just my opinion.

  39. Jezi says:

    @brin Ha! I know she told me she said that. She’s very sarcastic. Some people don’t get her sense of humor, but those of us who do think she’s hysterical.

  40. Sara says:

    Why is it if she has so many fans that there is just like three of the same people who comment on her story’s over and over.

  41. Memphis says:


    Forget the movie..Leann is already *trying* to play Brandi in real life! LOL

    Brandi’s lucky Leann hasn’t showed up and gone all “Buffalo Bill” on her ass trying to wear her skin!

  42. brin says:

    @Jezi…yup! You can tell she’s joking though and if she can laugh things off, it says a lot about her.
    I think it’s so nuts that Leann is bent out of shape, like she deserves respect!

  43. JuliaDomna says:

    Don’t like those boots or that outfit or her face. Her boyfriend is cute though.

  44. Victoria says:

    If LeSCAM thought that Wendy was not going to ask the tough questions then she don’t know shit about Wendy. Wendy calls EVERYONE out and asks whatever the hell she wants. She better be lucky it wasn’t her radio show because Wendy pulls it inon telly, but on her radio show in Philly and else where she used to GO H.A.M on people.

  45. why? says:

    Is Leann gearing up to release another staged photo-op to her mouthpieces?

    Yeap, LR already tweeted about being in Malibu with her BFF(Liz, EC mistress), so I won’t be surprised when photos of LR out shopping with Liz and probably EC kids in 3, 2, 1 pop up all over the internet. Now which one of LR mouthpieces will get these photos? I’m thinking x17 since they were the ones who posted the photos of BG at the pumpkn patch first?

    That is funny that LR would write that about WW, considering that Leann Rimes sat down with Maya Angelou to talk about BG and EC kids and her affair with EC. The nerve. So does that mean NBC/Hallmark Channel should cancel LR interview with Maya A? I mean how disappointing that Maya A and NBC/HC would encourage LR to talk about BG and EC kids after EC stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure. And even go so far as to annouce that she and EC will be taking EC and BG kids to North Carolina to have dinner with Maya A, so that the paps will catch them at the airport with those kids.

  46. Jezi says:

    @brin I know, she’s losing her shit. Wendy didn’t even say anything nasty, she just asked how Leann was as a stepmom. Brandi said one word and Leann flew off the damn handle. All day tweeting nasty stuff. Saying Eddie stayed with Brandi at the end cause the lawyer made him. Said Brandi just got on a reality show to talk shit about the father of her kids. Then said that Brandi doesn’t know how she is because she doesn’t talk to Eddie or her. Totally contradicting herself and then she went back and deleted everything. She started again this morning to. She’s cuckoo for coco puffs.

  47. why? says:

    If EC and LR are happy and content in their marriage like they are claiming in each and every one of their interviews, why then would LR feel the need to be on twitter tweeting all that nasty stuff about BG and EC marriage yesterday and today? And to tweet that the lawyer made EC stay? So it was the lawyer who told EC to call LR a speedbump? And what about BG court documents where BG was begging EC to leave, how does LR explain this?

    I get the feeling that things in EC and LR marriage are worse off than what we think they are. If only the media would stop protecting LR for fear of being bullied by LR pals at NBC.

    Of course LR is back to doing what she did yesterday, her behavior is being encouraged by her pals at NBC. So was LR Regis and Kelly appearance to appease LR for having BG on the Today show?

  48. your new friend says:

    he looks like justin bobby from the hills! haha (its sad that i watched that show…junk food for the soul)

  49. Camille says:

    He’s a cutie, good for her :).

  50. Rita says:

    @brin, Jezi, Brandi

    I have it on good authority that while Brandi was on Wendy’s show, LeAnn was in the green room at Regis and Kelly watching tv. She had a gerbil and a hamster with her that had concern looks on their faces while they each chewed sunflower seeds. Apparently, a security guard standing in the doorway was watching LeAnn yell at the tv when Regis looked over the guards shoulder.

    Regis- “ Did you slip her the….”
    Security- “Yes, Mr. Philbin but it had no effect.”
    Regis- “What’s she doing with the puppets?”
    Security-“Their names are Mason and Jake and they’re not puppets. She smuggled them in here in her bra.”
    Regis- “Good grief!!! Didn’t you frisk her?”
    Security- “No! Would you have?”
    LeAnn- “Bitch!!!!! Lies!!!! Don’t listen to her my luvy bonus boys.”
    Regis- “Okay, that’s it. If she mentions bonus-anything on the air, the control room goes directly to commercial and we slip out near Camera 1. Is your team ready?”
    Security guard opens left side of jacket.
    Regis- “Stun gun?”
    Security nods
    Regis- “What if she walks out on stage in a bikini?”
    Security guard opens right side of jacket.
    Regis- “44”
    Security nods
    Regis- “Magnum?”
    Security-“Yep, and fully automatic. I could drop a horse with it if I have to.”
    Regis- “Keep the safety off……you might have to. God, I’m glad I’m retiring.”

  51. truthful says:

    I’m rooting for Brandi!!

    I’m pissed that this photo op will cause
    Leeann’s psycho behind to come out now, smdh.

  52. EP says:

    why do all these twats dress like farmers to buy pumpkins?

  53. brin says:

    @Jezi…She is crazy! That makes no sense! Eddie must cry himself to sleep at night.
    @Rita…lol…did you see Leann’s “performance”? She was trying to be sexy and failing big time!
    Also…she sang “16 Tons” because that’s how much eye makeup she had caked on!

  54. erica says:

    98% of people who commented on this post sound like they are on her payroll. i would bet $ ‘why?’ is brandi herself. Both of these girls play the game. They are BOTH trash.

  55. why? says:


    So when is Leann going to release those staged photo-ops to her mouthpiece today because that is what this is all about isn’t it? It’s not like we haven’t seen THIS behavior before, right?

  56. Stonegoddess says:

    For those that say Brandi is trash, I don’t get it. What has she done to deserve that title?

    She didn’t break up a marriage w/ children, she didn’t flaunt her affair for the world and then say she couldn’t get out of bed for a year and a half.

    She is divorced, happy and dating. Doesn’t seem like trash to me. Maybe the problem is that people are used to a strong, independant woman that says what she means and means what she says.

    She has been quite classy through this whole thing from what I can see. I’m not sure after what they (we know who I mean) have put her through that I could have that much constraint.

    Obviously she is taking her children into account when she speaks publicly and doesn’t parade them in front of the cameras for press like the other two do.

    I am not on BG’s payroll but I do think she is funny, beautiful, classy and has handled herself extremely well.

  57. Rita says:


    I don’t watch or listen to anything associated with Rimes but I noticed she put two more videos on CMT since her last one failed terribly.

    The two live performance videos from her failed album are just terrible. I couldn’t keep my eyes open but I was giggling at the same time (sort of like washing down a sleeping pill with a can of Red Bull). Both songs are slow so you’d think she could be understood but I expected someone in the audience to yell,

    “Move your lips and tongue when your mouth is open so we know WTF you’re trying to sing”.

    She has good tone but one can get the same tone by playing a recording backwards at half speed of a goose being sodomised by a jack rabbit and if its a video, one would be able to understand what the poor thing is trying to say.

    Anyway, one of the songs is “The bottle let me down”, lol. When she discovers her douche-bag has been spending time in someone else’s vajajay, that bottle is going to be her best friend.

    (Douche-bag in this context is a metaphorical double entendre sort of thing. Anyway, keep those bunnies off your bumpers, ladies.”

  58. brin says:


  59. jet says:

    Brandi is “gorgeous”? What low standards you all have.

  60. beclove says:

    IMO Brandi has an awesome attitude for someone who has been though a very public nightmare. I don’t have to know her personally to make that call- it’s pretty simple as she isn’t in jail for kicking Leann Rimes’ A$$ all over town. Can’t say I would be that noble (guess I have no class!) And the BB’s here and on twitter have a consistently kick A$$ approach to the spewer of bull $hit that is Leann Rimes. Wishing Brandi and her kids the best!! BB’s too!

  61. Hootie Hoo says:

    You get some girl, you deserve it.

    He looks delicious, like a young Michael Hutchence (RIP)

  62. erica says:


  63. skilo says:

    I really like Brandi, but anyone or anything previously linked to the cracken would be an “oh hell no” for me. She can do and has done better and no I’m not talking about EC.

  64. C.Lynn says:

    I’m sorry but Brandi isn’t even remotely attractive. Eddie didn’t trade up or trade down. He made a lateral move.

  65. Eva says:

    He looks like Aaron Johnson!! – coincidence!

  66. Patricia says:

    Nauseating from every angle

    she needs to put her tittys back in her shirt – once she locates a real shirt

    and he needs a top to tail disenfecting scrub down – with a finishing spritz of agent orage defoliant.

  67. hatekyle says:

    watch out brandi! this time hold on to him and keep him away from married white female leanne!

  68. Jenn says:

    I like Brandi and hope she’s having a blast! Couldn’t see any of the Twitter posts from MeAnn- the link didn’t work- but I can just guess. Shut up, sweetie, and go buy your husband a present so he remembers true LovE. Puke.

  69. Anahata says:

    Brandi is stunning. She’s probably had some work done but how refreshing that she looks like a real woman compared to those rubber faces on rhobv. Leeann rimes is no doubt so jealous she can’t breathe. They always say looking/feeling great is the best revenge. FU Leeann!!!

  70. hatekyle says:

    Way to go’s like trading a 20-lb old motorola cellphone which LeAnn now has and getting a new IPhone 4s

  71. Violet says:

    They look like they’re having fun, so good for her!

    Poor LeAnn, this must create a real dilemma for her. She loves to go all SWF on Brandi, but having an affair with a model would conflict with her looooooove for Eddie, lol.

  72. DianaK says:

    Great body language between Brandi and the younger guy …even if this relationship is a pr/contract thing it looks like Brandi is having fun and enjoying herself 🙂
    I hope the Gerold Buttler rumor was just that because she can do soooooo much better …as evident!
    Also her attire is very appropriate for the occasion …not stuffy, overdone or anything like “Mimic” tries to pull off. Brandi’s look is effortless sexy (great toned arms …not muscular, just very toned and feminine).
    Also saw a short clip of her interview with Willians and what is she supposed to say when asked such a personal question and in such a direct way, but she answered it very diplomatically as well as very honestly …she could take some cues from Denise Richards in the restrainght department but in any evert she answered honestly and with class. Oh and I too am very awkward around other adults …Brandi seems most comfortable around her boys.
    Oh and I’m only commenting here because my husband refuses to stop playing guitar hero.

  73. why? says:

    How come LR and EC NEVER abide by the rules and standards that they impose on BG?

    LR tweeted that BG should talk about what she is there to promote, funny right because when LR was on Ellen she didn’t talk about what she was there to promote. LR talked about BG and EC kids and her affair with EC. So why is it okay for LR and EC to talk about the affair and BG and EC kids, but it’s not okay when BG does it? BG could have laid it all out there, but she didn’t. Even when she doesn’t have to be, BG is nice to LR and EC. Overbearing. LR went berserk because BG called her overbearing?Considering how LR walks around in nightgowns with no bra and tweets about BG those kids nonstop, that was nothing. LR should have been greatful that BG didn’t bring up what EC mentioned in his court documents about his kids and experiencing ANY TYPE of public exposure.

    LR states that it’s been 3 years and that they should stop talking about the affair, so then how come Leann sat down with Maya Angelou to talk about her affair with EC?

    Note to Leann: That interview with Maya Angelou which is airing in Jan of 2012 should be canceled because like you said the kids don’t need that negativity. So let’s see just how willing LR is to take that high road she keeps talking about.

    LR even tweeted that she doesn’t say anything negative about BG. Just because she deletes the posts to hide what she said about BG doesn’t change the fact that she said it. LR also encourages her staff members, DB, and her road manager to attack BG. Does LR not understand that people are watching all of this and how LR continues to associate with these people who attack BG?

  74. Vesper says:

    White trash all the way!!!

    Good body, average face, looks older than her age.

    Dumb as dirt.

    Instead of showing people who she is (beyond a foul mouth and airhead), she is too busy putting down her ex, three years after the fact. Yes, that is definitely the sign of a happy woman.

    I’m sure Eddie says a prayer every day, for kicking her ass to the curb.

  75. iseepinkelefants says:

    #65 – That’s what I thought! Yeah talk about coincidence.

    Good for Brandi (thought he’s not that hot). She seems much happier. You can tell on RH that she was going through some tough stuff. She practically cries at the drop of a hat (sign of depression me thinks). She seems like she’s in a better place.

    It probably helps that she’s loved so much by the fans. Not often do new girls get so much fan love. But then again Kyle and Kim are horrible and the rest look no better (Taylor, Lisa, Camille and Adrienne), so no surprise there.

  76. Julia says:

    I am astonished that the ‘skinny ‘ brigade isn’t yelling their ‘skeletor’ favourite mantra.

    I am pretty sure that this lady is as skinny and even skinnier than certain celebrities who are deemed as a sack of bones at every possible occasion.

    Glad that she is happy though. And personally neither her or Lean are beautiful women. Eddy is the only beautiful one in that infamous triangle.

  77. TabbyCat says:

    Lol Vesper, it was in fact, BRANDI that kicked HIS ass to the curb. Sorry to burst your bubble, but LR was only Ed’s third choice. lol As for foul language, that coming from an apolgist of LR and EC, who said for their speech at their wedding (in which Brandi and Ed’s children were in attendence) EC – something about “hogging the *f-ing* microphone” and LR who said “Now lets f-ing eat cake, bitches!” in from of the 2 boys and other children. Now THAT, is classy! LR and EC apologists have absolutely no room to condemn Brandi when LR and EC are 55 times more foul-mouthed than Brandi. Brandi is a classy lady and her popularity stats, polls and ratings don’t lie. LR is pure filth, trash. She is losing fans every day because of her abuse of 2 innocent boys and their mother, and she has lost her singing career. Stats, and karma, doesn’t lie. Face it. You backed the wrong horse. Karma always tells the truth. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  78. Tierra says:

    lol@ vesper..aka Leanne

    Its so easy to spot LR paid

  79. reeda redneck says:

    For some reason, the entire triangle of BG, EC, and LR seems fishy and faker than BG’s new squeeze “Spencer Falls”‘ commercials. Since the breakup of BG marriage, and LR marriage, everyone involved has, in the words of that old crackhead Charlie Sheen, been winning. DS, huge divorce settlement and hush money. EC, wife with bigger pockets and apparently job opportunities. LR, publicity the likes she has never seen before. Why if this were Hollywood I would imagine this entire mess could really just be nothing more than business. How many years later have another famous triangle been milking that tired scenerio? BG, EC, and LR are the white trash ghetto triangle, and whatever they do, we can all be so relieved to know we can follow the drama on Twitter, and every Hollywood rag in print.

  80. Jezi says:

    I have been chatting with Brandi on the phone for a year and supporting her for over a year and she took it upon herself to ask me to meet her whilst in New York, she invited me to the Watch What Happens Live taping and when I walked in the dressing room, she smiled at me with a huge, bright grin and said “Jezi, I’m so happy you’re here, come give me a hug”…I said “But I don’t want to mess up your hair and makeup”…she said “shut up and hug me”. The warmth of this woman is indescribeable. Her friend Kristen who I met there as well, was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, aside from Brandi. She shook my hand and said, “I have heard so much about you”. Her friend was just as sweet. Brandi was very low key, she didn’t show off her new found “celebrity”, she was extremely humble and grateful for all the support her fans have shown towards her and for helping her to break away from being “Eddie’s ex-wife” and “Leann’s nemesis” and allows her to be her. I’m so happy that the world is now getting to know the person I have gotten to know for over a year. She is one of the most kindest and loyal people I have met. She didn’t have to meet me, she didn’t have to befriend me, she didn’t have to do any of it. But she did and that shows her true character. I love that girl to death and will always be there for her.

  81. Patton says:

    @Jezi: I noticed one of your post mentioned LeAnn tweet that Eddie’s lawyer “made” him stay with Brandi…! I’ve also seen mention that LeAnn has since deleted many of her tweets on the subject. I’m no lawyer, however, I suspect her and Eddie’s lawyers wouldn’t want that info conveyed to the public. End result would be that Eddie, LeAnn and his/her lawyer were CONSPIRING together to defraud Brandi of joint assets and “MISLEADING the Judge and THE COURT”. Such an offense would be “CRIMINAL” and prosecutable for conspiracy and fraud, potentially
    even “RICO LAWS” are applicable (don’t just apply to Chicago mobs anymore).
    LeAnn and Eddie weren’t married at the time so don’t know if spousal privileged
    would apply. Might forward the thought to Brandi. Perhaps Bravo would fund litigation, would make for GREAT TV with Eddie & LeAnn facing jail-time. Brandi would get full permanent custody of boys & LeAnn/Eddies punitive damages! A true modern day David and Goliath story (stay at home mom takes down the evil wealthy celeb), and an awesome movie rights situation for Brandi and any books to be written!

  82. brin says:

    @Patton…now that’s one Lifetime movie I would watch!

  83. Diana says:

    Good advice, Patton! And kind of you to share it!

  84. Jezi says:

    @Patton Thanks for the info. I certainly will pass that along.

  85. why? says:


    Leann does look older than her age, how is that even possible when LR life with EC and his kids is as blissful as LR keeps claiming? I guess covering up EC affairs will do that to a person like LR, who is suffering from a very bad case of “I don’t want to hear I told you so”-itis.

    So then by your logic EC isn’t happy with LR like he and LR keep claming in their interviews, since it’s been 3 years and EC continues to allow LR, DB, LR road manager, and now LR hair stylist to put down BG on twitter and to use his kids to do it, right?

    Well isn’t that why LR is constantly SWF BG because EC kicked LR to curb for Liz, the woman LR is trying to pass off as her BFF?

    LR “fans”, the ones who attack BG have foul mouths, yet LR tweets to those people and sends them DMs, so what is your point? That LR and EC do not have to abide by the rules and standards that they impose on BG.

    LR is dumb as dirt, all she had to do was lay low, close the twitter account/blog, and lay off of BG and EC kids, and then she wouldn’t be in a position where she has to send her pr people to these sites to redeem her and EC by trashing BG.

    BTW, the publicity hasn’t helped LR one bit, look at how LR album flopped and EC show was canceled after 3 episodes right after they did their round of promotions for PBC. It’s just like what happened to Heidi and Spencer. EC and LR are overexposed and the more we see and hear of EC and LR the worse the backlash for them. LR will never learn, she will keep staging photo-op s after photo-ops and tweeting about BG and kids and then scracthing her head in bewilderment because she just doesn’t understand why these pr stunts are not helping her and EC image.

    Why does someone keep trying to push Denise Richards as an example for BG to mimic when Denise Richards was the complete opposite and airing her dirty laundry all the time?

  86. Stonegoddess says:

    @ Jezi, thank you for telling us that about Brandi. She seems like a really lovely, warm, upfront lady – not to mention beautiful.

    This only confirms what my and I’m sure many other’s impression of her is. I have never met her (would love to if only to give her a big supportive hug) but will always stand in her corner for the classy way she has handled herself through this whole thing.


  87. Kellie says:

    Love Brandi!

  88. Jezi says:

    @stonegoddess You’re welcome. I just wanted people to understand how wonderful she is, inside and out. She’s had some of her model friends for about 20 years now and they have sent me the sweetest messages about her and also thanking us for supporting her.

  89. Deliverer Of Deceit says:

    I believe these 2 are dating as much as I believe the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch, flies through the air & brings toys to all the children of the world.

    And do enough people really throw pumpkins in a pumpkin patch to warrant a sign disallowing it?

  90. why? says:

    How predictable. Why oh why is camp LeannInc so predictable?

    Just as expected, LR released yet another staged photo-op to her mouthpiece. Guess which mouthpiece? x17, the very same one who first took these photos of BG and Spencer Falls. I guess LR is upset at all the attention x17 gave to BG because LR paid x17 to call her sexy and gorgeous.

    x17 has photos of LR coming out of a bikini shop, which means that LR and EC are going on a vacation. A vacation? Really? After he lost his job?

    Yes, Leann what a great way to get people to dislike EC and you even more. EC doesn’t have a job and we all know that he is going to abuse the court systems and ask them to reduce his child support. What a great way to put the kids first, Leann. What a great way to keep the kids away from all the negativity.

    Cue the backlash. Because once again Leann constant attention seeking documents just how little LR and EC put those kid first.

    I can’t believe that Heidi and Spencer of 2011 would be dumb enough to go on another vacation after her hubby is claiming that he has to change his child support arrangements because he doesn’t have a job. That is being dishonest.

    So prior to taking off on a vacation with EC, LR stops at a bikini shop to gloat about how they are scamming the court systems.

    Well LR shouldn’t be shocked when this little vacation stunt and the daily shots of her and EC on a beach/airport in Cabo/Tahiti cause a lot of backlash.

  91. why? says:

    So EC sat back and allowed M, DB, LR road manager, and LR to attack BG on twitter over the weekend and on Monday and to even go so far as to use EC own kids to do it because LR promised to take him on yet another lavish vacation.

    And LR thinks that she can convince people that EC, the man who just sold out his kids and his ex-wife for yet another expensive trip, loves her because he made lunch for her?

    EC is cheating because now LR thinks a sandwich is going to validate her marriage to EC.

  92. why? says:

    How could we have forgotten. No wonder LR has been in such a frenzy. It’s the anniversary of EC affair with SMJ. Remember in Nov 2009 when Life and Style reported that EC was cheating on LR in Oct of 2009 with SMJ?

    Too funny. This year LR tweets about how Friday(Oct 21st) was her and EC 6 month anniversary, which just so happened to be the very same day(Oct 21) that Life and Style had reported that EC had hooked up with SMJ in 2009.

    The lengths LR will go through to hide EC affairs. So LR made a big deal about her and EC 6 month anniversary because it was really the anniversary of EC affair with SMJ.

    How odd that EC and LR 6 month anniversary just so happened to fall on the same day that EC was hooking up with SMJ in 2009. And remember how they threatened to sue Life and Style because they exposed the affair and even had SMJ to sign a statement, whatever happened to that lawsuit?

  93. Francesca says:

    I agree; the bitches of BH have really put her on the spit. It only makes them look like the spiteful old hags they are. Kudo’s to you Brandi. Having fun is the best revenge…

  94. lc rime says:

    I thinks she looks great. Saw her on her new show and like her! Cant wait to see what is to come. Go Brandi but I agree with her maybe finding a more mature man?

  95. Diana says:

    Women and girls growing up, take note. Learn how to make and manage your own money. Learn how to support yourself and take care of yourself and your babies. Have “a room of your own” and a safe place to call your own. Make good friends and take care of those friendships. Be a good friend. Look for people like Jezi or Darin Harvey and you’ll have good friends in your corner. I believe Brandi Glanville had the guts to figure this out and she’s taking care of business. Cheering her on!

  96. why? says:

    How does Leann fix the fallout from her twitter tantrum(in response to BG interviews and appearing on RHOBH)?

    Leann gives an interview to Pridesource about how she cares about gay issues. So Leann thinks that she can erase the things she and her staff did to BG on twitter by pretending to be concerned about gay issues? Who is advising Leann? This was a very bad decision, especially since last week LR used the Stand Up For Kids campaign to promote her relationship/marriage with EC(because in 2009 at about this time EC was messing around with SMJ). When LR gets involved in charity it’s always to benefit herself. People are not stupid and no one is buying it, especially after how she acted on twitter this week towards BG.

    LR just couldn’t do this interview without exploiting EC kids and taunting BG in the process. LR addresses BG overbearing comment by arguing that she wasn’t being overbearing, but loving/taking care of EC(notice how she leaves out BG) sons. Why would LR even address this question or even talk about BG and EC kids, since she threw such a fit over BG commenting on LR as a stepparent? If the kids were her priority, LR would have taken the high road.

    Once again LR won’t even acknowledge that the kids are BG kids. She refers to them as EC kids. And I thought that LR wanted all the negativity to end?

    I sincerely hope that LR doesn’t think that this interview where she pretends to care about Gay issues, makes it okay for her set up and stage “happy family” or “devoted bonus mom” photo-ops with BG and EC kids or to continue to talk about those kids in her blog/tweets.

    And this interview certainly doesn’t erase what LR did, especially since she is STILL talking about her affair with EC and BG and EC kids after she and her staff blasted BG for commenting.

    Cue the backlash. LR should have just laid low and kept quiet, but she just had to have the last word and once again ride the coattails of others. When will LR learn? LR addressed BG overbearing comment under the pretense that she was doing an interview about how she cares about gay issues. This is precisely why the backlash against LR continues to grow.

  97. why? says:

    Wow, more articles about how LR is supporting the LGBT community are popping up everywhere.

    What does LR do when she wants to set up a “happy family/devoted bonus mom” photo-op with EC and his kids, convince people that EC isn’t cheating on her by making out with him on a beach in front of his kids or at an airport, and erase the fallout over her twitter comments to BG?

    Leann has her mouthpieces release article after article about how LR cares about LGBT community and doesn’t believe in cyberbullying, simply because LR posed for the No8 campaign and of course cried when she sung with the Gay Men’s Chorus.

    Really Leann? Camp Leann seriously thinks that it is a good idea to use the LGBT causes and community as a platform to clean up LR image, even when people have saved and documented the cyberbullying that LR, DB, M, LR road manager, LR “fans”, and the top people whom LR tweets have done to BG?

    Leann thinks that she can deflect from her bad behavior towards BG by claiming that she supports the LGBT? Most celebs get involved in a cause because they actually care, but not Leann Rimes. She only gets involved because she is trying to get something out of it.And we all know that the main reason LR is suddenly so involved with the LGBT community is just so that she can release more staged photos of her and EC (airport/beach in Cabo or Tahiti)and BG and EC kids? Who is advising Leann? And I’m sure that this has something to do with the fact that LR CMT movie is airing next month.

    This is a bad move and it’s going to blow up in LR face like all of her pr stunts do. Leann just needs to disappear from the public eye like Heidi and Spencer did. Leann just used the Stand up for kids campaign to promote her marriage to EC, now she is using the LGBT community and thinks that she is fooling people by releasing articles about how she is against cyberbullying? Funny how LR wasn’t concerned about these issues when she was sitting on twitter writing about how EC lawyers told him to stay with BG for the kids sake or about how she is EC WIFE. Or before LR saw all the attention and support BG was getting.

    Cue the backlash. LR used the LGBT community just like she used Standy Up For kids, tornado victims, and Psoriasis.

  98. why? says:

    Leann kicked off her next round of “I am more popular than BG” mega media blitz by inviting the paps to EC son soccer game, you know because the kids are LR and EC FIRST priority. Wow, what a great bonus mom. She attempts to prove that she isn’t an overbearing stepmother by releasing photos of her depicting her as a loving and devoted bonus mom. I’m sure this will go over well with the public. Who is advising LR? All that photo-op will prove is that BG was right in calling LR overbearing.

    This “devoted bonus mom/happy family” staged photo-op with EC and BG kids at EC son soccer game came at the expense of the LGBT community and the No8 campaign. LR used their issues to “clean up” her image, so that she could in return exploit EC kids again. And at the kid’s soccer game? Seriously the child has had how many soccer games this year and not once did we see any photos of them? And then LR has something to prove(ie-She is not being overbearing, but loving EC sons) and viola out come the photos of the kids at the soccer game?

    Take cover because the backlash against LR and EC is going to be very bad. How stupid does LR have to be to invite the paps to that child’s game and then use the LGBT campaign to justify it(in other words she did a good deed, so now it makes it okay for her to call x17, Dailymail, GG,JJ, Radaronline, People mag, and CBS).

    And then LR just can’t understand why BG called her overbearing and inappropriate?

    Note to Leann: Cancel the release of this staged photo-op at the soccer game because everyone knows that you are tipping off the paps, especially when you attempt to clean up your image by releasing articles about how you are an advocate for LGBT right before you set up and tip off the paps.

  99. Mikamoo says:

    She needs to eat a pumpkin pie