Did Brandi Glanville get a $27K plastic surgery makeover “recently”?


CB and I were debating whether or not Brandi Glanville wants it out there in the public sphere that she’s been nipped, tucked, tweaked and augmented. CB thinks Brandi’s perspective is “anything for publicity” but I’m trying to give her more credit. In Touch Weekly is running a suspicious story about Brandi’s “plastic surgery makeover” which they claim happened “recently”. But part of the “makeover” allegedly includes her implants, which she’s had for a while, right? She had implants when she was with Eddie. LeAnn went to the same boob guy, remember? But In Touch’s source goes even further, and says that Brandi got a lot of crap done to “find a man.” Really?

According to an insider close to Brandi Glanville, Brandi recently splashed out on a $27,000 surgery makeover in a bid to find a man. The source says Brandi has undergone a forehead lift, a nose job, a boob job, filler injections and lip. Plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Garo Kassabian agrees that she may have gone to extremes to turn back the clock.

Dr. Kassabian says: “It’s obvious she has had a breast augmentation.” Brandi, 38, has admitted as much, but Dr. Kassabian adds, “It seems that she’s had a nose job too. And it appears as though she’s had some augmentation to her face. Her cheeks look like they’ve been injected with fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm.”

Brandi reportedly hopes that taking off a few years will give her an edge when competing for men with younger LA women.

“She’s really worries about being single,” an insider explains. “It’s been two years, and she still can’t find a good man! Maybe this will help.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I’ll buy that Brandi has fillers too – she’s had that “filler look” that many LA women have these days. But what has she had done recently? I don’t know, because I’m not watching that stupid Real Housewives show. I know some of you love it, but watching those Beverly Hills bitches makes me want to shoot myself in the face. As for Brandi “finding a man” – hasn’t she found plenty of dudes to bone? She even allegedly got into Gerard Butler’s pants. But maybe she hasn’t found a GOOD man.

By the way, apparently Brandi thinks Winston Churchill was a “famous black leader”. Discuss.




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  1. KatScorp says:

    Since finally garnering an income through RHoBH, Brandi hasn’t had the TIME to do shit like nose jobs, forehead lifts or a new tit job. That stuff requires recovery time. Even LeAnn Rimes kept quiet for a month after getting her own boob implants.

    Brandi’s had those implants for years; In Touch Weekly is decidedly OUT of touch. Still, thanks for the new Brandi story; her mistaken belief that Churchill was a black guy is rather endearing.

  2. brin says:

    If you just read her twitter page she will tell you. She is very honest and has said she’s had her boobs done years ago and botex…nothing else and nothing recent. Her mom told her to study Churchill and she says she has (now…lol). She is the first one to admit her faults. Polar opposite of bogus mom.

  3. hyena says:

    How is it endearing to be an idiot?

  4. The Truth Fairy says:

    Sounds like they are speculating what she had done in the past and estimated the total cost. There is a Website that does this with lots of celebrities but I can’t remember what it’s called.

  5. Arianna says:

    i can’t justify giving money to people like this, so i can’t ever watch as stupid a show as this

  6. RomanianPrincess says:

    Her feet…her feet burn my eyes (made myself laugh there, for a second)!!
    Holy bunion, Batman! How about getting those things fixed as well, while she’s at it?

  7. RocketMerry says:

    She looks so much like Stacy Cray Cray. I honestly thought this was a Clooney post!

  8. KatScorp says:

    It’s endearing that Brandi isn’t full of herself; up on her high horse and telling other people what is right, what is wrong and how every person should think. Brandi doesn’t talk down to people, she isn’t condenscending, and she doesn’t take heself too seriously.

    It’s endearing that rather than claim she didn’t have the “tools” to know English history, Brandi just laughed about it and set about learning who Churchill was so she wouldn’t make that mistake again.

    Good enough for you Hyena? Or do you need it spelled out a little more?

  9. ShanKat says:

    Her face is a little bit tight. But do we have to cop to *all* of our beauty secrets? Does Botox count as surg? What about a stitch under the chin, or behind the ears?

    It’s such a new world, with all the tweaks we have available. I’m interested in seeing where all the new voodoo will take us culturally.

    I also wonder exactly how many of my own “procedures” would be held up to the light of day, if I were ever crazy enough to seek fame. Because no effing way would I want to get into details!

  10. lin234 says:

    I’ve seen video clips of her and her face is weirdly frozen. You can tell she was a very pretty woman until she messed with her face. Nothing on her face moves except her lips. I think she should lay off the Botox, fillers, and whatever else she’s been messing around on her face. She would look so much better natural.

    On the other hand, this is why Leanne Rimes is starving herself. Brandi has a killer body. Especially her legs. Leanne is so much shorter so in order for her legs to look as nice as Brandi’s, she has to really starve herself.

  11. mamking says:

    Being a moron is never endearing, no matter how said moron deals with saying moronic things.

  12. Jezi says:

    I know exactly who this source is and they are full of shit. Brandi and I have had many discussions about her “supposed” plastic surgery. She will be the first to admit what she’s had done. She had her boobs done after she had her 2 sons. She had her nose broken on Eddie’s motorcycle with Eddie right before they broke up and that could be why her nose may look different and she’s had botox. She hasn’t gone the fillers route yet only because she doesn’t need it. Her cheeks are hers. She is half Huron Indian and those high cheekbones run in her family. She’s had the same cheekbones, but as you get older your face loses the fullness and so your face changes. Mine does not look like it used to because I’ve aged. So sorry to disappoint people but this is the truth.

  13. Stonegoddess says:

    I have a pretty good idea of who the “source” on this story is. To them I say that they will have to try alot harder to sway public opinion. Try looking at your actions to see why the public doesn’t like you. You are not a victim. You are in the position you are in because of your own doing. You narcissistic pyschopath.

    It smacks of desperation & of someone who is in dire need of maturity and sanity.

    Brandi has always been open about what she’s had done and isn’t ashamed of it nor should she be. We all know the “source” has had work done as well. It’s jus that Brandi’s looks WAY better so there is jealousy.

    Better to admit when you’re wrong about something & inform yourself than to sit on your high horse obsessively following someone you say you’re not in competition with while pretending you have a clue.

    F**k off and get some class both of you.

  14. Kimble says:

    She’s probably nice enough and I feel for what she’s gone through with her ex – but she’s an airhead!

    Ignorance on that scale is not, and should not be “endearing” however much you all hate LR!

  15. Jezi says:

    @Kimble I didn’t know who Winston Churchill was either and I’m sure many didn’t. Hence the trending of google searches for Winston Churchill the day after the episode aired. I sucked at history in High School and I haven’t been in school for a looooonnnngggg time. I don’t consider myself ignorant and I’m a pretty cool chick if I may say so myself.

  16. Jezi says:

    @brin Hahaha! Thanks girl. I think you’re pretty cool yourself :)

  17. eileen says:

    I replied to Brandi on a twitter that I actualy SHARE a birthday with Winston Churchill and I don’t really know who he is either. lol I know he’s white and British, but that’s about it.

  18. theaPie says:

    Not knowing who Winston Churchill was really surprises me. Wow. What are they teaching in the schools these days or was she simply not paying attention? That’s like not knowing who Martin Luther King Jr was.

  19. eileen says:

    I’m with Rita on this one-she didn’t know who he was, owned up to it, studied who he was and moved on. She didn’t justify it or blame the school systems that “failed her” either when she was in high school but off modeling. I’m all about owning behavior and mistakes-otherwise I’d call her out too.

  20. brin says:

    @Jezi @Eileen…he smoked cigars,too.
    I love these days when we’re on here.
    Our gal is doing great on RHOBH!

  21. Katyusha says:

    I am so, so sorry. I just don’t understand how any adult doesn’t know who Winston Churchill is. I wasn’t that great at (remembering) history either, but Winston Churchill?

    My parents would be appalled.

  22. eileen says:

    theaPie: I’ve seen Leno clips and the news where high school kids are asked who the current PRESIDENT is and they don’t know. That’s failing at life right there. I didn’t know who the Libyian leader was that got killed yesterday and I’m not about to try to spell his name. lol But I’m a whizz at Trivial Pursuit and SCHOOL anyone who challenges me-even my friends with PhDs. After spending 2 weeks in Europe and hearing all of them talk about the African president and all world events over wine….I felt VERY stupid! I made a promise to myself that I would watch more world news and plug into the rest of the planet…. I need to brush up on my current events again! :)
    CB->I have an idea how about u guys do a segment on here about world events….I spend most my free time on here so I can get my gossip on AND my edu-ma-cation on! JACKPOT!!!! :D

  23. Jezi says:

    @Katyusha Because I didn’t pay attention in history. I’m not gonna lie and say I know who he is and what he did. Some people I remembered and some I didn’t. So shoot me. I was more into math and in college I studied psychology. I can tell you all about Sigmund Freud. I think my mom is pretty happy with how I turned out.

  24. Pyewacket says:

    Saint Brandi! *eye roll*

    NEWSFLASH- Ladies, she is not the only woman to suffer a cheating husband and public humiliation. See Demi, Elin, etc….

    I feel for the every day women, who are cheated on, beaten, and humiliated, yet get NOTHING in a divorce and have nothing on which to raise their children.

    Those are the women I consider saints and feel sympathy for. Not some wealthy ex-Playboy model who has too much Botox and little else upstairs.

  25. surlymonkey says:

    @katyusha – her mom did have an issue with it. She posted to her twitter account that her mom called her out on it and made sure she looked him up. Appalled? Who goes to that extreme emotion over a trivia question?

    I wasn’t instantly a Brandi fan just because I disliked Leann Rimes.

    I must admit after getting a taste of her personality on twitter, I have become more of a fan.

    She is who she is and she owns all of it….. crappy spelling, hot temper, even the work she’s had done. I like the honesty.

    By the way, why is NO ONE discussing the fact that Kim answered BRAD PITT when asked to name a famous rapper?

  26. eileen says:

    @Pyewacket: actually I run a local charity here in Altanta that donates cell phones and business clothes to women in Battered Women Shelters who need help getting jobs or having the ability to be in contact with their children at all times -so just because I stick up for a friend who I KNOW for a fact is a comeplete sweetheart doesn’t lessen what I do in my life either. Let me know if you’d like to donate. Peace.

  27. Jezi says:

    @Surlymonkey Not to mention Kim using Air Freshner as a breath spray. Uh, which is worse? LOL

  28. brin says:

    If you read Brandi’s twitter page you can tell she’s a down to earth gal who puts her kids first. I would want her as a friend over any of the other housewives. That’s why she’s getting positive feedback.

  29. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Eh. I’ll give her a pass on the work AND not knowing Churchill. She was a model and made her living off of her looks. So it makes sense that she’d try and “preserve” her looks and not spend much time studying. The only time I expect actors or models to be knoweldgeable in world history, or current events, is when they start taking on a cause and lecture us about how we should educate ourselves and donate money to said cause.

  30. surlymonkey says:

    @jezi – I loved the comment in Brandi’s blog – “It wasn’t crystal meth, it was Febreeze.”

    That is exactly what I like about her. Brandi seems to pull no punches; says what she wants to say without worrying about what everyone else thinks.

    I think it is her own style of charming and a bit of a change on the RH series. We must not be the only people who think so, seeing how overwhelmingly popular she has become in just a few short episodes.

  31. Kimbob says:

    @eileen, just read your post. Actually, I have like @ least 2 cell phones that I know of, & I’m sure my Mom would have some old cell phones to donate, also. I like to do service work & donate to charities that are actually helping, you know? There are so many charities out there that are actual scams, but I JUST LOVE worthwhile causes. I also am into any organization that helps animals. How do I go about doing this? Can you let me know the name of the charity, & I can contact you through that charity so I could send/mail cellphones to you that way? Let me know.

    @Pyewacket…I am in COMPLETE AGREEMENT w/you. It’s really very hard/difficult for me to empathize w/many celebrities when they are DRIPPING w/$$$. At least they can easily get and PAY therapists, psychologists/psychiatrists…whatever. But YES, the everyday man or woman…yes….I feel their pain as I am experiencing it, as well. This economy is really hitting me where it hurts. I have an interview this coming Wednesday, though.

  32. Jezi says:

    @surlymonkey That was great!! She’s got a great sense of humor. I can honestly say she’s a great person. She’s very loyal and loving.

  33. Katyusha says:

    @ Jezi…that wasn’t a stab at you…MY parents would be appalled if I didn’t know who he was; I think they would also be pissed that the educational system failed me. If you didn’t pay attention, lots of kids don’t – but you have to REALLY not pay attention to not know who Churchill is. Again, not a stab at you.

    @ Surlymonkey

    Yes, appalled. Winston Churchill was a gigantic part of world history. I consider him more than just mere “trivia.” I also wouldn’t blame my parents for being appalled – I should know who he is. They hold a good education in a high regard.


    Guys, don’t kill me for saying this!!!
    I just strongly believe adults who went to at least highschool, should know who he is. Just an opinion :)

  34. brin says:

    @Kimbob….good luck with the interview….hope it goes well!

  35. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @Katscorp, agreed! Honestly if Leann said this, I’d rip her apart b/c she is the most judgmental bit*h around, and it would surely be followed by some Kristen Stewart-esque defense. However, Brandi is so likable.

    Oh and how silly–Kim doesn’t like her b/c she slashed her lying/cheating/d-bag husband’s tires?! WTF does she care?! She’s just mad b/c Brandi called her out. I felt sorry for Kim prior to all of this (& still do a bit b/c Kyle is such a jerk! She gave Kim 20k for her share of their mom’s house in California?! I digress…).

    @Jezi, I guess you are Brandi’s friend-? Hope she knows we have her back over here at CB!

  36. Jezi says:

    @Katyusha Maybe at the time in HS I was paying attention but it obviously did not stick. I’m 34 and my brain basically has shut down after I had my son. It remembers what it wants to remember at this point. I’m far from uneducated. I did really well in college in the courses I was interested in. Psycholgy was my strong suit. My mom always gets mad at me for not being interested in History…lol. We’ve had conversations about it, since she LOVES history she doesn’t get it. What I did love in history was learning about the Egyptians. Go figure. :)

    @Heather M Yes, I’m her friend. Started out as just a twitter supporter and her and I seemed to click. We began a friendship and I can say she is awesome. I will let her know. Thanks for supporting her.

  37. Rita says:

    @Eileen #22- Not sure how you can be with me on this since I haven’t posted yet but if you have another bff named Rita, you could at least tell me so I could find a new bff named Eileen.

    Anyway, this kind of crap comes directly from LeAnn’s camp. If you want to know what Brandi has had done, just ask her. She’s an honest and open book.

    The currents running for LeAnn and her handfull of fans are very consistant. If you want to be part of that camp, you must lie, manipulate, plant stories, and play the victim.

    If you relate to Brandi, you must be open and honest, humble, and a well intentioned person. I’m in.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    Eileen – Cool! We donate our un-used cells to the military, some program or other. (But, as an officer’s daughter who had to go to the MARS station to talk to my dad while he was deployed, I have a serious soft spot for the military.)

    Kimbob – Best wishes for your interview! We’ve been affected by the (ongoing, despite what the pols say) recession, and relocated because of it.

    As for Brandi, I don’t care if she had more “work” done and I don’t fault her for doing the show to support the children that EC refuses to. (I don’t watch any if the RH show.)

    She seems honest and like she loves her boys, and I respect that, mother to mother.

  39. Rita says:

    Oh yeah, any of you (including my friends) who don’t know Winston Churchill need to watch Jay Leno’s “Jay Walkers”. It’s embarrassing what people don’t know but if you don’t know, don’t guess in public. Just say “I don’t know”.

    Here’s a little history question for you. In the midst of the German Blitz bombing of London, who said, “There will always be an England”?

    That’s right!!! Gwynth Paltrow…it was a trick question (only you Churchill fans will find the humor in it…or maybe not).

  40. why? says:

    In Touch? The very same media outlet that just wrote a positive article about BG? That same In Touch?

    Didn’t we say that In Touch(Although I thought that the story came from Star mag) was going to write a negative article about BG to appease LR for doing that exclusive on BG?

    What do you know. Friday morning and here is a negative article about BG.

    Now that would have made a great story.
    How LR mouthpiece tries to appease LR by attacking BG.

    How interesting LR and EC had the kids this week, and this article claims that BG has recently had surgery. So we know who the source to this In Touch article is. It’s Leann Rimes.

  41. Kimbob says:

    @brin & the original bellaluna…thanks so much for the warm wishes! Hopefully I’ll get the job & can stop worrying about bills.

  42. TabbyCat says:

    “why is NO ONE discussing the fact that Kim answered BRAD PITT when asked to name a famous rapper?

    Great point surlymonkey! Even though I took history right through to year 12 and I love my politics, I can buy that many people around Brandi and my age and younger don’t know who a several decades past Prime Minister of England is, before I’d EVER buy that…

    someone thinks Brad Pitt is a FAMOUS *RAPPER*!!!! :O

  43. Rita says:

    Here’s another thought that I want to post on Brandi’s thread, ignoring the Rimes thread.

    There is almost unanimity amongst the public that LeAnn is the quintessential stalking personality and I won’t go over the mirad of examples of SWF, Stalking, impersonating, and all the rest.

    My question is this: When Eddie cheats on and dumps LeAnn, will she pose a physical danger to Brandi?

    Sure, now that LeAnn is fully ensconced in her snow-globe delusions, she appears merely mean-spirited with her pretense. But when Eddie walks away from the cray-cray or the money runs out, who will LeAnn blame….certainly not herself because it was Brandi who destroyed LeAnn and Eddie’s careers, right?

  44. ! says:

    It is really sad that so many of you will step up to proudly profess you don’t know who Winston Churchill is. My effin’ God.

  45. Jezi says:

    @! It’s because I don’t care what people think. That’s why! Have a nice day.

    @Rita Yes, I do think she will try to hurt B. I think she’s so obsessed with Brandi and outdoing her that she will get very angry when she loses it all.

  46. skilo says:

    I knew that Winston Churchill was a British politician/leader of some sort and that he is someone famous people and politicians here like to quote.

    “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”
    Winston Churchill

    There’s one of his quotes you bitches who think your so superior in knowledge need to absorb.

  47. Simon says:

    In England, there’s an insurance company called Churchill and their mascot is a nodding Bulldog, like, the novelty items for the back of the car, called Churchill. Now, I’m 22, from London and just completed an English degree at Uni. I know who Churchill was. My husband, on the other hand, same age, we went to the same school (he failed, bless him), when I just asked “You know who Churchill is, right?”, he nodded and replied “The dog from the advert.”
    So, yeah, I’m not gonna fault Brandi for not knowing when I thought my husband was adorable for his answer.

    I thought this story had already been quashed by Brandi on her Twitter? If Leann’s camp planted this, it was probably to deter everyone away from her jacked surgery and her ‘pitty titties’ as my husband calls them. I don’t think she’d get surgery to ‘get a man’ either. That sounds like something Leann would dig in. Regardless, though, Brandi looks good and Leann really doesn’t. Operation Look Like Brandi is failing so she needs to make Brandi look desperate and needy.

    Brandi would need recovery time after so much surgery, especially rhinoplasty. The husband had a nose job at 17 and he was out of wack for a good six weeks ’cause it looked like someone had blacked both his eyes. I’m sure the media would have noticed that and Leann would have pounced on that story and used it to her own advantage.

    On the other hand, we catch RH when we can (hubby likes the OC one) but we’re not avid watchers. We caught Brandi a few times and hopefully, she’ll be made a full cast member.

  48. Kim says:

    When did she have this work done because she looks the same as she has for a while? I mean yes she has had work done but doesnt look like anything new – in past year at least.

  49. brin says:

    @Rita…I don’t put anything past Leann, psycho is capable of anything.
    @skilo…love it!
    @Simon…enjoyed your comment.

  50. Jen34 says:

    “Remember him, for he saved all of you.”

    Seriously, are there people in the English-speaking world who don’t know who Winston Churchill is? That’s unbelievable. Brandi is a dummy.

  51. Camille says:

    I know she has a lot of fans here (please don’t attack me, I’m NOT team Leann or whatever- honest!).

    But Brandi does have that ‘artificial’ look going on with her face. It has a very plastic looking quality to it.

    /Sorry Brandi fans, just my opinion. :(

  52. Rita says:


    This is not a “promote Brandi” thread. Any honest opinion is encouraged here. I know what you mean about Brandi not looking natural in the pictures. She is such a nice looking woman when the paps find her at the market. I’d love it if she’d tone down the makeup.

    In any case, Brandi is not in this world to please me and I encourage her to continue to be herself. If she likes the make up and play things, that’s fine. I may not approve of everything but then, to hell with me. Whatever makes Brandi happy and successful is fine with me as long as she stays a woman of good character.

  53. Jezi says:

    @Camille HOW DARE YOU!!! Nah just kidding. LOL. Like Brandi says, you have a right to your opinion.

  54. eileen says:

    Rita-I either mistaked someone else’s comment for you, or I’m psychic…I’m going with Choice B. ;)

    If anyone is interested in donating their used iphones or business clothing and shoes to the Atlanta Domestic Violence Shelter here let me know on Twitter-> eileenyover. I am in the process of getting a virtual number set up as well. I really love this cause because it gives women the strength to get out and find a job & always be able to reach out to their children & emergency contacts while they are working or looking for a job.

    **Georgia Ranks 15th in Nation for Domestic Violence

    **And in the last seven years, 835 Georgian women lost their lives to domestic violence.

  55. eileen says:

    @Camille: lol we’re not Brandi Gustapos! Everyone is intitled to their opinion and not everyone can like someone. The ones that get BBs panties in a wad is when LR befriends fanatics and manipulates them into hating and harassing her. Girl- I can’t stand Jennifer Lopez and I get many love her.

  56. Stonegoddess says:

    @Eileen, I have a few old phones I could ship to you but I live in Canada so wonder what the deal would be about getting them across the border.

    I’ll hit you up on Twitter later.

  57. why? says:

    EC isn’t going to ever leave LR. Cheat on LR and leave her to clean it up with C & D and CA. Yes. But EC isn’t going to leave LR. EC comes off as too much of an oppoturnist.”What’s that Don Julio? Le you are going to give me some Don Julio if I let you exploit the boys whom I put above and foremost so much so that I was going to sue my ex-wife if they showed their faces on her show? Okay Le, you can write yet another blog about our happy family and invite the Dailymail with us when we go out to eat with the boys.”

    LR has a severe case of “I don’t want to hear I told you so” -itis, so she is going to make her marriage to EC “work” no matter how bad it gets, hence why she is now using the Stand Up For Kids organization in DC to release report after report about how lovey dovey LR and EC are being at airports and on her tour bus.

    Someone said that when EC affairs are finally exposed that LR would spin it by saying that it made her EC and LR closer. I would have to agree. LR sees EC affairs as something that makes them closer because it’s a secret that she and EC share (something she thinks that no one knows because she hides it well enough to fool the media into thinking that all is well), but by the way LR is acting towards BG and with these attempts to validate her marriage with pda airport photos, it’s obvious EC is cheating.

    NBC lied about EC “injury”(check out the photo of EC down on the ground dancing with LR at his mistresses wedding, how is that even possible when he still has stitches and a 200 lb steel door fell on him?) and had them lay low for a week to cover up the lie( because if EC had REALLY been injured or had the injury that NBC released, then EC and LR would have milked it like crazy, like LR milks the weight issue thing), so we know that anything is possible.

  58. Kimbob says:

    @eileen…thanks for the info. I’ll get on it.

  59. Simon says:

    @brin – Thank you, just thought I’d gibe my ‘two cents’ :)

    @eileen – Off topic, but I think it’s amazing that you help run a charity for women that were victims of domestic violence. While we’re both men, me and my husband were victims of domestic violence and he just lost his 19 year-old brother to an abusive girlfriend so we’re supporters of charities like yours. We’re from the UK or we’d gladly donate our old phones. But keep up the good work :)

  60. Patton says:

    @Jen34 (#54): You’re not so educated yourself! It was the USA that “saved us all” not England. England was on the very verge of defeat. Just because a person is ignorant on a subject doesn’t mean they are stupid or of low IQ. I really don’t understand CB being so hostile to this publicly victimized woman, just seems low to repeatedly kick the victim which never sought fame, but now is her best option to earn income!

  61. Lbeees says:

    I caught part of an episode of RHOBH and was surprised how pretty she looked. Maybe it was just that she was next to the other (older) women who have had more plastic surgery, but she looked genuinely beautiful! I never thought of her like that from the pictures I’ve seen online. Hmm. Maybe just the ol’ Hollywood magic?

  62. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Duh. Of course Leann put this story out there! LMAO, I wasn’t even thinking about the source, but it’s so transparent!

    1. Leann used to belittle Brandi for her cosmetic enhancements but, of course, Brandi got the last laugh when Brandi warned her she would be next and then, indeed, Leann turned around and used Brandi’s surgeon for her (deformed) boob job (when Brandi’s look great).


    2. You KNOW watching beautiful Brandi on the show is TOTALLY screwing with Leann’s self esteem, so she has to resort to old bully tactics to try to undercut Brandi’s obvious beauty.

    I even thought that last night when I saw the last half of the show. I actually think Brandi is more attractive since I’ve seen her on TV. Her voice is really girly and cute and she somehow manages
    to come across with the right mix of humility, gumption, confidence and vulnerability…pretty hard to do!

  63. eileen says:

    Simon: WOW-that is insane. I am so sorry for his loss. Times are changing….more and more men are becoming victims as well.
    On a more positive note: congrats to you on your marraige! Thats another cause near and near to my heart. I have a friend that wants to marry the mother of her child so she can be a stay at home mom and my friend’s future will be in her wife’s hands vs. her unsupportive family. Its so freaking hard to watch them leave the steps of the courthouse defeated when the Gay Marriage Law is beaten. Any day now I believe!!
    My grandma, aunt & cousin are/were gay as well-all 3 generations! My dad has 3 daughters and my aunt/his sister is always saying at least ONE of us will surely “come out” one day! lol ;D

  64. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Rita – That is a positively terrifying thought, one I hadn’t thought of, until now. (Thanks for the nightmares.)

    @ Eileen – I’ve no idea what the statistics are for CA (my state) but you can bet that whatever they are, they don’t include the unreported acts of violence. (I don’t think any state takes into account the unreported acts of DV.)

    Oftentimes, it’s just too humiliating to report. And the thought of putting all that out there…well, that’s humiliating too.

    I don’t know how it is now, but it took A LOT to get a restraining order when I NEEDED one, and it was completely mortifying to have to recount every single act of violence/abuse from most recent to oldest incident. (And I left out a lot of the most humiliating stuff, because only me, my abuser, and God know that.)

    As an abuse survivor (and escapee), kudos to you for your work.

  65. Sasha says:

    Not knowing who Winston Churchill is does not equal stupid; it equals uninformed and perhaps poorly educated but it has nothing to do with intelligence.

    Now I’m kind of amazed that someone wouldn’t know who Winston Churchill is because they *should* have learned about him in high school history class or even by turning on the History channel (every other show seems to be about WW2) BUT I’m more amazed that others are equating the lack of knowledge about Churchill with stupidity.

    Does everyone know the Pythagorean theorem? Because that is basic Geometry that everyone should have learned in high school & everyone *should* know. But I don’t think someone flubbing that one would be accused of stupidity.

  66. indi says:

    A couple of years ago I saw on the news an interviewer asking people in the streets of New York “on what date did
    9/11 take place?” and he didn’t mean the year. Answers ranged from August to October to “I don’t know”. So hearing that people don’t know who Winston Churchill was doesn’t shock me at all.

  67. the original bellaluna says:

    Sasha – Even I know that, and I flunked out of Geometry.

    People need to watch Idiocracy, because that is seriously where we’re headed.

  68. Rita says:


    I’m below average smarts but I know A(sqaured) + B(squared)= C(Squared). Learnt that right from Mrs. Pythagerous herself.

    How about dy/dx = f(x)g(y) for differential equations? Yeah, I took a lot of math just to see if I could do it but I haven’t figured out what to do with it.

    It’s interesting that while people might know a few members of a group like FDR, Churchhill, Stalan, or Benito, they are not sure how they all fit together, and to that I say Yalta (It was a conferrence where a few of them got together and cooked a little crank).

    Anyway, it sounds like Brandi’s plate is full and I’m so happy for Jezi. Give B a kiss on the cheek for me….and now that you’re hanging out with all the A-listers,please remember us little peeps.

  69. skilo says:

    @sasha, @indi I agree with both of you and will add another example. One of my daughters friends when they where in the 11th grade got into an argument with my daughter, because my daughter told her that Chicago was a city not a state. The kid was 1 year from graduation and didn’t know Chicago was not a state.
    Also I high school a girl who got B’s in Algebra (which I failed) but she couldn’t balance a checkbook. I could in high school and can now.

  70. Deliverer Of Deceit says:

    I guess we, as adults, are no different than kids. Ask a kid anything about what they will soon be tested on in school & they get all flustered. But boy can they describe EVERYTHING about the 1,000 Pokemon there are or every Justin Bieber statistic you could dream of. We may struggle with Winston Churchill & the Pythagorean Theorem but we know, remember & discuss everything LeAnn & Brandi have ever said, done, or SWFed. Go figure!

  71. Jayna says:

    I like Brandi. She’s very pretty, beautiful figure. But she’s a little rough around the edges. Some men might be turned off by that, but others will really love her personality. More than anything I am continually embarrassed by the lack of intellectual pursuits or intellectual curiosity by women these days. Not knowing something like who Winston Churchill is is in the Snooki territory. It shocks me; I can’t help it.
    This has nothing to do with her intelligence before I’m jumped on.

  72. brin says:

    @Jayna….no jumping here, I’m glad you like Brandi.

  73. skilo says:

    Also I (went to) high school (with a) girl who got B’s in Algebra (which I failed) but she couldn’t balance a checkbook. I could in high school and can now.
    I just had to repost that part and fix my goofs, it was bugging me.

  74. Jezi says:

    @Rita Thanks hon. I will probably be hanging with all her model friends soon enough. I told B she can’t look too good because I can’t compete ;)

    @skilo I may not know who Winston Churchill was but I used to cut a lot of classes in high school. I cut so much that I almost flunked out of Trig. My teacher said that I had to pass the regents in order to pass the class. I did not learn anything. So I bought the Barron’s for that course and studied my ass off. Taught myself trigonometry and passed the regents with a 90. See I’m smart!!! LOL

  75. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    After misspelling something on an Ivanka Trump thread (where I talked about going to Penn with her). I was told I couldn’t possibly have gone to an Ivy League University (and must be lying about my Alma Mater) because of the misspelling. So, I have to agree with those of you saying that ignorance in a particular area (be it math, history etc) does not make someone stupid. We all have our areas of weakness and some of us have forgotten information we no longer use. I graduated from college 9 years ago with a BS in Human Biology so what if I commit a typo here or there on a gossip blog.

  76. Pyewacket says:

    @Eileen- No thank you, as I am involved with several charities in my own area. I so appreciate you asking though.

  77. Debra says:

    I’m with you on this Jezi… if you don’t use it you lose it,, I’ve been out of high school for ..(many years, lol) and while I did okay in History at the time, I’m sure I couldn’t pass a test on it now…I know Winston Churchill’s name & seen pictures of him but if I had to describe him for a trivia quest. I would just have to pass…(and I don’t think I’m a stupid or an ignorant person because of that)—- anyway, Brandi has already said what kind, if any, work she’s had done, and she said it long before this BS story came out,,, unlike ‘some’ people she’s honest about it, and if you’ve followed her on twitter for any length of time (I’ve followed since the beginning) you would know that about her..

    I am so happy for Brandi right now…will be watching her Monday

    and Jezi, enjoy yourself and give Brandi a hug from her loyal fans, okay?

  78. Jayna says:

    God, People, it’s not just high school. I’m Brandi’s age. He is mentioned in articles, in documentaries or books regarding our world leaders, about the war, on and on. He is mentioned in movies, portrayed in movies, mentioned in books. He was a pivitol figure in history and thus his name did not die in a high school history class . I am not ragging on Brandi. I am more bothered by our culture anymore as a female who sees the dumbing down of women and what the focus is by many – looks, the lastest plastic surgery. No reading of newspapers or
    following world or local news, not being as I said intellectually curious as we become adults. Men read books that cover a wide variety of subjects. Women not so much. I am trying my best to raise my daughter to be interested in more than the Kardashians. I am trying to expose her to more than I was (outside of school activities) culturally and have her interested, not just obsessing over the newest eyeshadow.

  79. surlymonkey says:

    @ Katyusha – I get what you are saying. I really wasn’t trying to get in to uber-defender mode. You know how it is when you are just reading comments early in the morning.

    After considering it, there are lots of times I am appalled with myself when I don’t know / remember things that I absolutely should know / remember. Mainly when I watch things like those Jay Leno bits and get something wrong….or when someone brings up Winston Churchill and I realize how little I remember about him even though I took more than a few World History classes.

    What’s worse is I do know, for damn sure, that Brad Pitt has never been a rapper. Apparently, I am now part of the decline of civilization…… ;)

    Yeah, Brandi probably should have known about Winston Churchill. My point was more that her response to it…the “eh… I made a mistake. I get things wrong. It wasn’t the end of the world and I have since looked it up” is part of her charm and the “realness” that people seem to be responding to.

    Bottom line is love her or not, Brandi is absolutely the breakout star of the season. She seems to be enjoying the mainly positive response and I’m happy for her.

  80. wresa says:

    I’m. So. Confused. People really don’t know who Winston Churchill is. It’s apparently widespread. I had thought Brandi was an anomaly. But no. No. I was wrong.

    Well, I’m off to eat arsenic now…

  81. charity says:

    all anyone has to do is look at Brandis 2 boys and they will see Brandis hi cheek bones and very full lips. at the ages of 4 and 8, can guarantee they have not had surgery.the only things they got from their dad are dark hair and dimples.the rest is pure brandi.If Leann ever has a baby, that poor little thing won’t be able to see because LR and Ec have the same squinty eyes. hi twitter buds, Brandi will be a star and even bigger celeb than those 2 douche bags.so admire her honesty and frankness, she could have said she didn’t have the TOOLS to know who Churchill was.

  82. skilo says:

    @Jezi I have read your awesomely written, open, and honest blog. I know you are a smart girl. The point I was trying to get through to everyone is that not knowing who W.C. was doesn’t mean you’re an idiot, just that maybe History wasn’t your best subject. Hell, I openly slept through my history class on most of the days I didn’t cut it. Just because you don’t know everything, doesn’t mean you don’t know anything!

  83. wunder says:

    Winston Churchill WAS a famous black man. To say he was white is a conspiracy theory.

  84. the original bellaluna says:

    Jezi & skilo (et al) – My Advanced Honours History teacher in HS (who was also my track coach, incidentally) had us watch Gandhi (the movie, with Ben Kingsley) in class. I just don’t know what else to say.

    Oh wait – yes I do: my history teachers openly hated me because I was always defending the Indians and the slaves, and how come it was okay to do what was done to them. (Suffice to say, I had to go to summer school for history classes.)

    And Jezi, where is your blog? (And please don’t say twitter, because I’m not a twitiot. No offence.)

  85. the original bellaluna says:

    Wresa – Direct them to HBO – they did a wonderful “mini-series/movie” on him, and how he behaved during The War. And step a-w-a-y from the arsenic, PLEASE. (One less ignorant/un-informed person is NEVER a good thing.)

  86. annie says:

    No excuse not knowing who Churchill was. Do people know nothing about WWII? Appalling. My grandfather died in WWII. Just unbelievable to me that people actually justify this lack of respect or knowledge about our country. Sorry just sore subject with me

  87. Vesper says:

    All one has to do is google images of Brandi from when she was married to Eddie to see that there is a difference in her appearance between the early part of her relationship with Eddie, the later part of the relationship, and after the relationship. It is very obvious that she has had her implants enlarged significantly in the last year or so. Although she has always been thin, she has lost weight as well. And for those of u who keep stating, like as if u know her personally, that Brandi is “naturally thin” vs LeAnn, Brandi herself mentions on twitter that she does have a tendency to bulk up if she is not careful.

    I find people are so willing to make bad assumptions about LeAnn and good assumptions about Brandi without taking any time to check out an easily verifiable fact. U don’t have to have a twitter account to read someone’s tweets.

    Brandi’s twitter comments and interviews reveal a lot of negatives, especially if u have been following them for while. She lies or contradicts herself alot. Just one example, while being interviewed on “The View” she admits that she thinks twittering is silly, although when u check her account she twitters constantly. Than there is the comment that she has no way to get in touch with Eddie when he has the boys. Anyone who has gone thru a divorce involving custody knows that cannot possibly be true unless there is a court order. The women on The View maintain sceptism, but when they pursue it, Brandi cuts them off. Another example, she complains that LeAnn twitters about her boys, while she herself admits on her twitter account (in response to a follower) that she “always” tweets wherever she goes, even when she takes her sons. I’m not sure why some people think she is nice, except on a very superficial level because in every interview whether in print or on tv, she tries to get a suble barb in about Eddie or LeAnn. She still does it even though she maintains that “of course” she has moved on. She also admits via tweets the obvious, that she is often combative (which her mother backs up). Her costars certainly back it up, adding in the fact that she is like a child, always needing drama, and having no filter before she speaks.

    As for handling the end of her marriage with class, please. She admitted to slashing Eddie’s tires. He should have charged her. If Leann did that, everybody would call her a psycho. U would think by Brandi’s comments and her constant need to stir things up that she is the only woman in the world who has ever gone thru a marital breakup. Class is how, Maria Shriver, the ex-Mrs Tigger Williams,and Sandra Bullock handled their breakups. Brandi instead is completely graceless which does fit into her new job.

    Brandi’s comments and her lifestyle relect someone who is unbelievably superficial, even when mentioning her children. During one interview she went on and on an on about how her and Eddie make beautiful children. That was the main focus of that interview, no other qualities about the boys were mentioned. Does anyone remember her tweet about how gorgeous her girlfriends are and that she wished she was gay. There are lots of references in her tweets to appearance, as if it is the only thing she values outside of her boys. Ever notice her girlfriends? In pics they all are at least a decade younger, pretty, party girls, who are attending some superficial event and have drinks in their hands. U never see her with other moms. Her activities also tend to be superficial – spa appointments, hanging out at the beach posing, shopping, hitting clubs, and restaurant dates.

    Even her new “job” on that silly reality show that exploits a man’s suicide, is indicative of her personality. Everyone complains that she has to earn a living when her lifestyle tweets indicate the opposite. The court ordered her to give money back to Eddie. They don’t do that to impoverished women with children. Quite frankly, why shouldn’t she be out working, her kids are in school most of the day, why should she be able to sit at home and be supported completely by child support payments.

    I think she is a nasty piece of work, which is staring to come out more and more. She is not “playing” the villin, on HOBH, she admitted at the beginning of the season that she was being herself, all the way thru. And as per her comments on Winston Churchill she is as dumb as a brick. I’m sorry, but, at the very minimum, every adult in North America should know who Winston Churchill is, and if u don’t I wonder what exactly it is that u learned in school.

  88. Memphis says:

    Brandi doesn’t seem the type to hide anything she has had done, so I believe her.

    As for not knowing Churchill.. Honestly all most people know is his name and that he was a leader of some sort but they have NO idea what exactly he did. So I don’t think her not knowing is one of the seven deadly sins, sheesh.

    your description of Leann… “pity titties”. Made my night. :)

  89. Vesper says:

    I’d like to add that everytime Brandi puts Eddie or his wife, LeAnn, down in any public forum, she illustrates the sad fact that she hates her husband more than she love her boys. For the sake of the children, parents should not be talking crap about each other. Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, is a perfect example of putting ur children’s feelings above your own. Come to think, Eddie never talks negatively about Brandi. Even if Brandi’s boys don’t hear the comments themselves, u can be sure that at least some of their classmates are aware of them, and will be more than happy to repeat those same comments.

    Most kids love both of their parents even after a marital breakup and they shouldn’t have to feel guilty because they enjoy spending time with the “bad” parent, nor should they feel like they have to choose sides. Any social worker, family counsellor or family lawyer will tell u the same thing. Let the children decide when they are adults. Continuing to stir the pot enough times could lead to a situation of parental alientation which, from anyone who has gone thru it or witnessed it, can be a lot more damaging to a family than a divorce. Has anyone done any research on the damage children go thru during a divorce? The research clearly indicates that it is not the divorce itself that causes the most damage to the children, but instead how the parent(s) continue to treat each other.

    BTW, @ Jezi – For all the mentions of friendship, I assumed u were a childhood friend of Brandi’s or at least a friend from a while back. Being a “fan” of Brandi and getting to know her via twitter can hardly be considered in the same vein. LOL. How well does someone really know someone who they have met on twitter. Does anyone find it disturbing that a 42 year old woman with two young children is meeting friends on twitter, moreso if they ever hang out with said friend. It is pretty irresponsible and it reeks of desperation (from Brandi’s end). Good God, I hope Brandi has more sense than to date men she meets on twitter for the sake of the boys.

  90. Rita says:


    Isn’t WyFi wonderful? Are you posting all that from your tour bus?

  91. brin says:

    @venom, I mean vesper….you sound just like your idol leann. BTW, along with all your other false info, Brandi is not 42.

  92. Jezi says:

    @Vesper wow aren’t you exhausted? What an imagination. First Brandi is 39 not 42 but I’m sure you know that. Second wouldn’t Leann be creepy for meeting up with her “fans” as well? And yes Brandi and I met on twitter but developed a friendship from it. I think we’ve talked enough for her to know I’m quite normal. I’ve also developed many friendships with the other ladies I met on twitter. I doubt it would be considered creepy to meet with them.Your essay shows just how sane you are.

  93. charity says:

    VESPER VESPER VESPER or Leann I might say. Eddie is not a man,just a gigolo. He needs to MAN up and for the kids sake, co-parent with Brandi, regardless of what Leann says or thinks about that. Brandi and Eddie are the PARENTS of those boys and no matter what they think about each other—LET IT GO== and Leann needs to S.T.F.U about some one elses kids. she was not there when they were conceived or brought into the world, she is what you call a devious stalker who wants to be the kids Mom and not just the BONUS mom. think she should be called bankrupt mom, morally and soon to be finanically if she keeps supporting the dead weights a.s.s

  94. Diana says:

    Vesper, you are writing some “romanza” here. My eyes glaze over with your long psychobabble “analysis” of the commentary. You must have a lot of time on your hands. I’ve heard people who constantly twitter all day long admit they, too, have a lot of time on their hands. Anyway, just so you’re prepared, there will be a quiz later on about Churchill. Make sure you know what his hobbies were and the names of his wife and kids. Also, bonus points for explaining how Lend-Lease really worked, and what Churchill meant by “… our finest hour.”

  95. Sloane Wyatt says:

    If you don’t know something, why not look it up? Winston Churchill was an amazing, towering man who led England to successfully resist the Nazis. I really admire him.

  96. surlymonkey says:


    So Brandi is creepy and unfit for meeting with Jezi? All because they met on twitter?

    Well, I guess you better swing your fingers around the other way, too, since you are so ready to pass judgement.

    What about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian? Both of them met with one of LeAnn’s twitter favorites and did a bunch of tequila shots back stage at one of her shows….at the fair. (insert sarcasm here….)

    Even better, both LeAnn and Eddie AND the “FAN” had their respective CHILDREN with them. I guess, in the least, LeAnn and Eddie had a sober bus driver. The fan? Well, let’s hope she sobered up by the time she got the in her truck with her little girl.

    The BEST part of all? They all 3 posted all about the drunk, with pics, on their twitter accounts.

    STFU. Please.

    @Jezi – I’m glad you are finally getting to meet up with Brandi in person. Long distance friendships are certainly easier with all the electronic communication, but face-time is always great, right? My very best friends in the world both live across the country from me, so I cherish the times when our schedules permit travel time. ;)

  97. GG says:

    So obvious, LeAnn = Vesper. Hey Jezi, enjoy your visit with Brandi. Give her hugs from all of us!!

  98. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @Rita: LMAO!!!!!!! Damn, I just almost spit out the water in my mouth!!!! I was paying close attention to misspellings (sceptism…um, skepticism, LeAnne, dear? Suble? Who is Tigger Williams? Is that a Sesame Street character? Relect? Um, reflect? And 42? Nice try, you desperate hag.). LeAnn (Vesper), karma sucks horribly. Bless your little insecure, pathetic heart. You will get “yours”…

  99. why? says:


    BG has tweeted over 3000 times(at the time of that TALK interview BG tweets were probably less than 1000). Now compare that amount of tweets to the amount of tweets that very popular HW celebs(celebs with twitter followers 9-10 M) make. What do you notice. That very popular celebs have tweeted between 2000-12,000 tweets. BG tweets falls within that range, it was probably less than that when she went on the Talk. Kim K tweets 9000, and BG tweets falls less than that. So BG doesn’t tweet a lot. JB tweets are over 11,000 and guess what BG tweets are less than that.

    BG specifically stated several times that she was working with the courts to get a number from EC and LR, now why would the court system be working with BG to get EC and LR number if they had issued a order of protection? And you have also selectively left out what Dr. Walsh said, who completely agreed with BG. Sharon O and LR are BFFs, so you can’t trust what SO says. And Julie was also the other woman just like Sharon.

    BG is those kids mother, therefore LR does not have the same rights as BG. Didn’t EC state that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure; therefore, LR should not be tweeting or blogging about those kids. Since EC, not BG, made the big deal about his kids faces being seen by millions of people(which is why he didn’t want them on RHOBH), why can’t EC and LR abide by that standard that EC set? When BG tweets about HER kids, we don’t see the kids faces plastered all over the internet, the way we do when LR tweets/blogs/posts twitpics about them.

    The very same co-stars who hid BG crutches? Where are you seeing this information where people think that BG is a nasty piece of work(Why does this sound famliar?)? Once again what you are saying isn’t even supported by the evidence. According to several of the polls, the public supports BG, even the one on People mag. Even the producers of RHOBH were overwhelmed by all the positive support that BG was receiving from the public, hence why they had to defend Kyle. Since you are reading BG tweets, I’m sure you saw all the many tweets of support she received from the public. So are you selectively seeing what you want to see?

    Wasn’t Maria Shiver and her camp the ones who leaked the information about Arnold’s affair and love child to the media? Sandra Bullock and Elin both did a People mag spread about their divorces and husbands affairs and since People mag is LR mouhtpiece we all know that a People mag spread for BG was out of the question. In fact don’t many of these HW affairs result in the women writing books or doing spreads about their husbands infidelities? So it’s not unnatural when those women talk to the media.

  100. why? says:


    What it comes down to is that LR is upset with all the support and positive attention BG is getting, and she thinks that putting out stories about how BG has had pastic surgery will sway the public into not liking BG. By your same logic, we can look at old vs new pictures of LR and see that she lied to STAR when she said that she was natural.

    People are not making assumptions about LR, since everything we say about LR has been confirmed via LR DAILY staged photo-ops, tweets, interviews, and blog entries. People think the worst of LR because that is ALL she EVER puts forth. Take for instance how LR ONLY got involved with the Stand Up For Kids campaign just so that she could promote her marriage to EC, hence the staged airport photos of them in DC and the tweets about their 6 mo anniversary. Who does that? Who uses charity to convince people that their marriage isn’t a sham?

    Doesn’t LR make a lot of tweets and statements about her appearance and her “hot” husband? So what’s your point? That LR is superficial? Of course we don’t see BG out and about much with her friends who are moms because she doesn’t feel the need to call the paps EVERY time she makes a move, the way that LR calls up the paps and tips them off every sec of the day.

  101. Heather M (Heather) says:

    What is worse, Vespa (LeAnn), not knowing who Churchill is or spelling practically every word of your post wrong?

  102. why? says:


    So everytime EC allows Leann to SWF BG or allows LR and Darrel Brown to use twitter as a means to taunt BG with her own kids, EC illustrates the sad fact that he hates BG more than he loves his boys. Eddie doesn’t directly talk negatively about BG because he uses Leann, Darrel Brown, LR “fans”, and LR road manager to do all of the dirty work for him. People see this. They see that EC uses LR to attack BG, so that in the end, LR and not EC, takes the fall. What a great doll of a loving husband that EC is. That is one reason why EC stays with LR. When he wants to get back at BG, EC gets LR to put out negative stories in Star and In Touch about BG.

    Denise Richards? You seem to have a VERY, VERY, VERY selective memory because Denise Richards was one of those people who did air her dirty laundry about Charlie Sheen and their kids. Remember the supervised visits?

    Classmates, the very same classmates who sat on a soccer field watching LR in her very short shorts bending down to expose herself and as she stuck her tongue down EC throat? What did the classmates think of those 4th of July photos of LR with her behind in EC son’s face? What about the damage that LR has and continues to do to those boys when she continues to tweet, blog, and stage photo-ops with those kids after her own hubby stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure? What message is EC sending his kids then?

    Didn’t Leann Rimes meet with the top two people whom she tweets with the most? LR and EC even Skype with one LR twitter follower who was an avid LR “hater” and now an avid BG basher. So what is your point? LR is reeking of despeartion and being irresponsible when she hangs out, Skypes, tweets, or sends DMs to her “fans”? So where was LR sense when she was Skyping, sending her “fans” DMs about BG and EC kids, and tweeting to the road manager who called BG a very nasty name?

    Are you really going to after BG because she didn’t know who WC was, when EC didn’t know the difference ROAD vs RODE(he tweeted that he ROAD his bike) and LR didn’t even know the difference between acceptable vs exceptable(The word LR used in her fake attack story)?

  103. why? says:

    LeannInc is at again, stealing names from other sites or old threads and then using those names to make posts on another site.

  104. KARMA says:

    Vesper instead of worrying about Brandi how bout you go buy a couple of leanns cds..Leanns album is currently 155 on the charts and it was just released 3 weeks ago not to mention eddie has had bad luck with tv gigs ever since he hooked up with wewe..sorry vesper that Brandi is more liked than wewe…and i think its funny how you question brandi meeting up with Jezi when leann has done it several times not to mention with Brandi’s kid on hand..you tweles have been saying brandi needs to get a job but now that shes employed you are upset because she is becoming more famous than her loser ex and his mistress..by the time RHOBH ends the season eddie will be known as “brandi’s exhusband” because most ppl doont even know who he is..bwhaha at you criticizing her gfs sorry that wewes “friends” are all ugly and brandi has hot model friends whom she has known for years.

  105. EShiksa says:

    @Rita I f-cking love you. That is all.

    @Surly You shut it down. Thank you. Vesper seems to forget that Sweet Lele shelled out money to her fan to “meet her” in London not to mention her other meet-ups.

    @Vesper You wrote 10 paragraphs. Imagine, if you had bought and gifted 10 of Leann’s new CDs instead….Or maybe bought a few of her candles/shotglasses. If you truly want to help Leann, support her musically. We make no “assumptions” about Rimes.

    I always use this example but here we go: Shortly after Brandi and Eddie filed for divorce, Rimes decided she wanted take Eddie and the boys to Mexico. Brandi needed to sign papers to allow her children out of the country. She did so with no fuss. In her words, “She didn’t want to deprive them of the experience.” Fast forward to a couple months later, Leann then tells Eddie she doesn’t want Brandi at her SON’s birthday party because she “doesn’t want to uncomfortable.” So both Ed AND Leann banned Brandi, the MOTHER from coming to her son’s birthday party because it fell on Eddie’s custody day. How’s THAT for “Parental Alienation”?

    THAT is Leann Rimes. A selfish narcissist who doesn’t care about ANYTHING or ANYONE but herself, let alone a six year old who was probably upset that Mommy wasn’t there. This is not a rumour. This is not conjecture. This is not something we read second-hand. This was an interview GIVEN by Brandi, distraught that SHE was trying to be the bigger person and he she was getting f-caked over. Mr and Mrs Rimes NEVER denied that they did that. So please. Don’t insult us by saying we are “making assumptions.” ALL of our opinions are based on HER actions and HER words and interviews. She was sloppy regarding her affair and continues to try to whitewash her behaviour. Have a good night.

  106. brin says:

    LOL @ “the ex-Mrs. Tigger Williams”…who’s that? Did someone get divorced in “Winnie the Pooh”?

  107. becky says:

    I can’t believe how many of you ared defending Brandi’s Winston Churchill gaffe. No guys, it’s ok just because you dind’t know either! And yes, you should absolutely know who he was!

  108. Jen34 says:


    Churchill spoke out against Hitler, German aggression and re-armament, and Appeasement before WW2 even began. If only people had listened to him, perhaps history could have be altered.

    The US didn’t enter WW2 until very late 1941, which was more than 2 years after it began. So, yes, you can argue that the US stepped in and ‘saved us all’, but I would argue that if it weren’t for the British people and their leaders, the war, which they had been fighting for more than 2 years, may have ended differently.

    And, BTW, I haven’t sat in a history class since the early ’80′s, but I have read books, watched documentaries and tried to educate myself a bit about a very important part of US/world history.

  109. Rita says:


    Churchill saw it all before it began to unfold. Never understood how he did not get re-elected after the war. I always thought Chamberlain’s resignation was so perfectly British. He realized his naivete and the damaged it caused. Stepping aside was such the honorable and British thing to do.

    Yes, America saved the world but the British “stiff upper lip” and dignity is what led the world. Those traits are part of the British soul and we soooo need them today. God bless Great Britian.

  110. Patton says:

    @Jen34 & Rita: I don’t disagree with most of what each of you said, however, England HAD NO CHOICE to be involved, whereas Germany ATTACKED them, not the USA. USA chose to to be involved on the European Front after attacked by Japan, they could have chosen to only retaliate against Japan. In history, the ONLY correct answer to who “saved us all” is the USA when given a sole choice of England or USA. In regard to my former post, the most important focus of that post was “Just because a person is ignorant on a subject doesn’t mean they are stupid or of low IQ.” NOT a refresher course on WWII, which wasn’t the point of my post.

  111. Rita says:


    Any relation to George? Luv that movie. Anyway, I think we’re all on the same page. Be well today.

  112. Jen34 says:

    @ Patton
    “USA chose to to be involved on the European Front after attacked by Japan, they could have chosen to only retaliate against Japan.”

    Not trying to beat a dead horse, but after the US declared war on Japan, Germany declared war on the US. So, really, the US had no choice.

    ALso, I agree that being ignorant on a topic doesn’t make a person stupid. I just wish students cared a bit more about history.

  113. Patton says:

    @Jen34: You’re really going off topic (Brandi) in an attempt to claim correctness of your previous statement (Churchill saved us all)which is absolutely historically incorrect. The USA had a choice. At that time in history, the USA and only the USA had the capability of furthering a credible transcontinental war,therefore Germany’s declaration was meaningless unless the USA CHOSE to take it to them.

    In regard to students and history, sometimes I wonder whats the point when teachers and school boards, which choose the curriculum, now have an AGENDA to demonize and diminish the importance and relevance of US contributions and role in civilizing the world. Socialists/Progressives have control in the Educational System (and the White House), not just at Universities anymore, but all the way from preschool up. They re-write,omit and distort history in their ultimate goal of doing away with individual countries importance to diminish them, and do away with borders. They want One World – One Government (a Socialist one at that), a “New World Order”, which is a goal they share with Hitler!

    That is the only reason I brought up USA role in WWII compared to our valued allies. I don’t believe in Revisionist History, and I don’t tolerate lessening USA sacrifices made than the reality of how important and how critical their contributions to society have been.
    Really, what good is history curriculum when filled with lies and distortion in order to further some agenda, other than accuracy of events?

  114. Deliverer Of Deceit says:

    Are the “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” warnings necessary? I’m assuming most of us are aware (or don’t care) what is happening on that “other” site. More than once I’ve seen it referred to as a cesspool & we all know why. However, if this National Emergency Alert System has saved a life, I will begin wholeheartedly supporting it.

  115. why? says:

    Deliverer of Deceit,

    Weren’t you going by Messenger of Truth?You sure do like to change your name alot.

    Sure you don’t care, it’s why you took the time and energy to write a post just about how you don’t care because that is what people do when they don’t care, right?

    Obviously the warnings are working, because the posts that are being made in other posters names(from this site and many others) are being deleted once people realize that “hey I didn’t make that comment” on that site and then go to the other site and complain about how their name mysteriously got on that site.

    Funny how you are taking offense to the fact that people are being warned that their names are being used on other sites. Actually you seem to be the ONLY ONE who took offense. Yes, how come DOD/MOT was the ONLY person who took offense to this warning? That is awfully strange.

    If someone is going to keep using other posters names to make posts on other sites, why not warn them? What I can’t understand is why you are even upset? Is that a sign of guilt? Don’t tell me that you are pretending to be friends with people on this site and then stabbing them in the back by using their names on other sites. I must have ruined your plan?

    I guess you can always tell which person on this site is responsible for using other posters names on other sites by watching to see who reacts in an unsual manner to the news of names being used on other sites.

  116. why? says:

    Strange, the posts in other posters names have started back up again. Just a hour after someone complains about other posters being warned that their names are being used on other sites.

    No wonder someone took offense at me warning other posters that their names were being used on another site to attack other posters and to write nice things about LR.

  117. Deliverer Of Deceit says:

    Curses! Foiled again!

  118. why? says:


    Seriously, it’s not a coincidence that you come here whining about how people are being warned about their names being used on another site and then an hour later after you lecture me on warning others more posts in other posters names appear on another site.

    So how come you took such an offense to people being warned about their names being used? That’s not natural.

    So you only pretend to be friends with the posters here so you can then stab them in the back?

    I wonder how many other posters names are going to pop up on other sites today?

    Foiled? More like you didn’t expect anyone to mention what was going on with the names of other posters on that site. Quite interesting that everyone else commented on WC, how they experienced the same thing with their names being used on other sites, or on LR, but YOU, and only YOU went the extra mile to whine about the warnings. Do you have a guilty conscience?

    How ever will you get yourself out of this one? Hijack someone else’s name?

  119. brin says:

    Woo hoo….Brandi’s on Today, Wendy Williams & Watch What Happens Live…can’t wait to see her!

  120. Deliverer Of Deceit says:

    Just watched the Today Show. WTF was that?

  121. smh says:

    for days i’ve been passing by this thread confusing this person with heidi klum. maybe she went to the surgeon’s office with a photo of klum in her hand.

  122. Ashley says:

    I live in Granada at the moment, and oddly enough I had a conversation the other day in which Churchill’s name popped up. That conversation was with a 28 year old Spaniard. He managed to have a grasp of Churchill and the events of WWII.

    Some of the posters defending this educational deficiency are missing the key issue. The problem here is not merely a lapse in knowing one individual historical figure. It’s indicative of a larger problem, being that increasingly less adults have an adequate grasp of recent major historical events (and yes, the last hundred years is recent). As the saying goes, ‘those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’.

    I enjoy celebrity gossip as much as the next person. However, when we can recall every detail about X celebrity’s life while remaining clueless about people/events that actually changed the world, it might be time to step away from the blogs. Libraries are often free, and open weekends too!

  123. why? says:

    Leann Rimes strikes again.

    BG was spotted at the pumpkin patch on Saturday wearing all black.

    And guess who shows up at an airport today wearing ALL BLACK(a sheer top to show off her bra), she tipped off her fav mouthpieces Dailymail and JJ. Leann Rimes.

    So why is LR so insecure that she once again SWF BG? Is Leann Rimes that insecure over all the attention BG is getting?

    Now Leann is throwing a twitter tantrum over a comment that BG made a week ago, the same way she threw a twitter tantrum when GR criticized LR. So once again, LR is trying to use her pals at NBC to bully people into being nice to her.

    It never fails.

  124. why? says:

    LR actually had the nerve to sit on twitter and to scold Wendy Williams for having BG on her show, supporting BG, and daring to ask BG about EC affair with LR and about how LR is as a stepmother.

    Now let’s keep in mind that Leann went on Ellen show where she talked about her affair with EC and BG and EC kids. Not to mention that BIG special interview with Maya A that NBC set up for LR in Jan 2012 where LR once again talked about her affair with EC and BG and EC kids.

    So it’s okay for LR and EC to go on several tv shows to talk about EC and LR affair and BG and EC kids, yet BG and EC want to impose a double standard on BG? So by LR own logic that interview with Maya A should be canceled. According to LR own logic, Maya A is wrong for even sitting down and listening to LR talk about her affair with EC and BG and EC kids?

    To top it all off, Leann then goes on Regis and Kelly and shows up a LAX in all black once again SWF the photos of BG from Saturday.

  125. why? says:

    It’s disgusting how EC and LR are scamming the court systems. EC loses his job and he tells the court system that he can’t afford to pay child support.

    And yet since he lost his job we have seen EC out dining 2-3 times in ONE WEEK, shopping trips 2-3 in ONE week, in NEW clothes at his mistresses wedding with LR, at airports with LR wearing NEW clothes, at LAX with LR, and according to LR EC planned and set up an at home dinner from Nobu and a dinner for their 6 month anniversary. According to LR EC had money to buy her a handcuff bracelet and rare purse. So we are to assume that either LR bought all this stuff or EC is lying to the courts.

    And yet the courts are going to let EC tell them that he doesn’t have the money because he doesn’t have a job? Can’t that be challenged. Rather than dining out at Nobu, couldn’t EC take that money and apply it to his kid’s child support? Or how about the money LR spends on his plane tickets? Rather than accompany LR on those tours, couldn’t that money from EC plane ticket be applied to his child support? It’s sad that EC and LR are allowed to scam the system and then they go around mocking the system for letting them get away with it with very expensive trips to Cabo and dining out at Nobu every week.

    EC doesn’t have financial problems and it’s wrong that he goes on selling this sob story to the courts when we saw him shopping and dining out 2-3 times in just ONE WEEK.

  126. Vesper says:

    Oops, noticed the mistake about the ex-Mrs. Tiger Williams (obviously should be Woods). Actually, while I was posting I was thinking about the ex-wife of Col. Russell Williams and the heartache she must be experiencing. It’s got to be the most devasting and horrific divorce situation possible.

  127. Vesper says:

    Sorry @ Eshiksa – I didn’t realize that this was a site only LeAnn bashers could use. Quite honestly, WHO ARE U, or any of u other bullies to tell me that I should not post my opinion, but instead should go out and buy a CD. Can u be any more condescending?

    The problem with any story about Eddie, LeAnn, or Brandi, particularly on CB, is that nobody can make a positive comment about LeAnn or a negative commment about Brandi without a group of silly bullies pouncing on every last word that is written, all the while making personal comments about the poster. “Shut it down”….”U go girl”, what is this highschool? Let me guess, u were bullies back than too? There used to be other posters on this site, who weren’t pro-Brandi, but gradually they seemed to disapper likely because they got tired of having to justify their opinion and being bullied.

    Biatches, why don’t u grow up and focus on ur own opinions instead of attacking those u don’t agree with.

    As for @ Eshiksa’s comment, not sure what Leann giving money to a fan has to do with my comments about Brandi.

    As far as ur comment on parential alienation, why don’t u actually look up what it involves. It is much more than your simplistic example.

    As for ur comment about Brandi, the trip to Mexico, the birthday party, the interviews, THAT is exactly what I’m talking about. U are only getting Brandi’s side, which she always makes very public. And there have been discrepanies in what she has said. There is no proof that things went down the way she said they did, including the split up of their marriage, with the exception of the admitted affair. For all we know, Eddie was trying to get out of the relationship for years, they were seeking counseling and she wouldn’t let go. As for Eddie denying any particular comment, why would he be stupid enough to let himelf get pulled into a public he-said she-said. It’s a private matter that should have been kept that way, especially since children are involved. Responding to Brandi’s comments will only continue to stir the pot and keep fueling nasty comments for another three years. Obviously Brandi does not have a publicist or doesn’t listen to her publicist because she isn’t doing herself, or her sons any favours by continuing this.

  128. Diana says:

    Vesper, you didn’t need to trouble yourself over the old photos of Brandi … she posted them herself on her twitter page … that’s where “starcasm” got them… weeks ago. You are so behind the times Vesper. The issues here are personal integrity and honesty, something Brandi has in addition to her inner and outer beauty, and not the superficial, something LeAnn seems to have in abundance. LeAnn needs to get some interior work done.

  129. Linda says:

    @ Vesper

    One thing that has been ‘definitely’ done is this….LeAnn’s jacked up pity titties. Gross!!! No he-said, she-said there. And there’s plenty proof, you blithering idiot.

  130. why? says:


    So what type of STAGED photo-op will Leann be releasing today? One that involves her out and about at a pumpkin patch with EC and BG & EC kids wearing a nightgown with no bra?

    People are cautious about these “LR supporters”, who just so happen to show up just hours before LR is about to release a staged photo-op to her mouthpieces, because it appears that LR is using them as her puppets. We know that LR is sharing personal information about BG, EC, and their kids via Skype sessions and DMs; so it’s not a far fetch to assume that LR is sending people to various sites to defend her and attack BG.

    So basically what you are saying is that Leann is upset because BG is getting more attention and sympathy than she is. Leann just can’t stand it can she?

    EC isn’t keeping things private, hence Leann’s blog, tweets, staged photo-ops, and interviews. EC is just smart enough to keep quiet so that LR ends up taking all the blame. So if it’s a private matter, how come Leann did that exclusive interview with Maya Angelou about her affair with EC and BG and EC kids? And if it’s a private matter how come Leann is gearing up to release more “happy family” photos of her with BG and EC kids? You see you can’t keep going on about how things are private when Leann Rimes is giving interview after interview about and stgaing photo after photo of her “happy” life with EC and his kids.

    LR has definately had work done, so are you confirming that LR lied to STAR/Radaronline? So why then should anyone believe a thing LR says when by your own logic LR lied.

    BG isn’t doing herself any harm, which is why you came back in a panic because once again the support for BG has grown, something LR was trying to prevent by throwing a twitter tantrum on Monday.

  131. why? says:


    I think that BG has been WAY TOO nice to LR and EC concerning those kids.

    EC tells the courts that he can’t pay his child support and then he shows up 2-3 times in ONE WEEK dining out AFTER he lost his job? He doesn’t have money to pay his child support yet a week AFTER he lost his job per LR he set up a dinner for LR from Nobu and then a 6 month anniversary dinner? How? How is EC allowed to get away with scamming the courts like this?

    EC threatens to sue BG if the kids make cameos on her show because he doesn’t want his kids faces to be seen by millions of people, and then he allows LR to post photos of those kids on her blog/twitter page, which he knows from past experience end up as stories on several blogs, tv stations, mags, and etc…

    LR whines about how the paps are always following them and then she posts photos of her house(both the inside and out) on twitter?

    LR tweets about when she and EC take EC son to school, so that one day when they go to take that child to school the paps will myseriously be out side that school and LR and EC will pretend like they don’t know how this happened.

    LR continues to show that she is unstable. I’m sure that BG could use all the documented evidence of LR SWF to show the courts just how unstable LR is. LR behavior is just going to get worse.

    So you see LR and EC are getting away with more than what they should.

    BG should just follow EC and LR lead. Issue a C & D or threaten to sue EC when LR tweets, blogs, mentions those kids in interviews, or stages photos with them.

    Strange how EC and LR NEVER abide by the standards that they impose on BG.

  132. why? says:

    Leann is indeed gearing up to release another staged photo-op to her mouthpieces. LR tweeted about how she is in Malibu with her BFF. Can you guess which BFF this is? The one that is actually EC mistress.

    So we have the next Chap of LR “I am more popular than BG” triple mega media blitz as:

    a “happy family” photo-op with EC and BG and EC kids


    more attempts to hide EC affair with Liz by staging these “Look at my new bestest BFF” staged photos

    And in both instances LR SWF something she saw BG wearing.

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