Kim Kardashian hit Kris Humphries on TV, Dr. Drew calls it domestic violence

Dr. Drew is such a hack that he regularly armchair diagnoses celebrities with addictions and other problems based on interviews they’ve given. For instance he questioned Angelina Jolie’s charity work and wondered whether she was still on drugs after she admitted that she’d done heroin in her youth. He also called out Brad Pitt for admitting that he used to smoke pot, also in his past, and for moving his kids with Angie around while they’re working. (Kaiser did a recap of some of Dr. Drew’s nonsense here.) In this latest case, though, I’m rooting for Dr. Drew and I almost agree with him.

On the last episode of Kim & Kourtney go to New York so they can have a spin-off, Kim moves to punch Kris Humphries after the big oaf steps on her toe and breaks her pedicured nail. Kris of course quickly deflects Kim’s blow since he’s a giant basketball player. It looks like Kim was seriously going for him, and like she could have caused some damage if she landed that punch. Dr. Drew got all incensed about it and says it’s a clear incident of domestic violence and that domestic violence goes both ways, meaning women can commit it against men. He also said that stuff like this can escalate into a more dangerous, abusive situation. Go Dr. Drew?

Holy matrimony took an unholy turn back in October, when news broke that reality television star Kim Kardashian filed a disclaimer of interest — wait, no, I meant a petition for divorce from New Jersey Nets free agent forward Kris Humphries.

Their marriage lasted 72 days, just enough time to get footage for Kardashian’s new E! television series, Kourtney & Kim Take New York. The series debuted on Monday and featured startling footage of Kardashian winding up to punch Humphries for “accidentally breaking her toenail,” according to

Kardashian appears to be smiling while throwing the punch and Humphries doesn’t exactly cower in fear, but psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky opined on CNN that the punch amounted to domestic violence.

“What you are seeing there is domestic violence,” Pinsky told viewers. “A lot of people watching this may not understand that and I get that. It looks playful. What’s the big deal? It is a massive deal.”

Pinsky continued: “Kris and Kim, listen, they’re separating and that’s over with, this doesn’t need to be reported or anything. But anybody listening at home or viewing this has to understand the spectrum of domestic violence. And this is an incontrovertible piece of evidence of someone who is engaged in a domestic violence relationship.”

[From CBS Sports]

So for all the times that Kris calls Kim “fat” or acts like a dick or accidentally steps on her, Kim is behaving even worse by lashing out at him physically. Even if Kim’s punch was delivered with a smirk, it’s still domestic violence according to Dr. Drew. I don’t think she was joking, she looked serious about hitting him. It’s a hard call for me to make since I don’t like either one of them and don’t particularly give a sh*t, but young teens watch this show and they should know that’s not acceptable.

In other Dr. Drew news, it looks like he’s softening his stance against drugs. Or maybe he just bases it on whether he likes the celebrity or not. On the whole Miley Cyrus “I’m a stoner” Bob Marley birthday cake controversy, Dr. Drew said she’s not an addict. He told ExtraI don’t think it’s that big of a deal… Real marijuana addicts don’t quite talk like that. I don’t think we have somebody who has a drug problem on our hands.” Uh huh. When that Miley smoking “salvia” video came out in December of last year, Dr. Drew saidThis is a child who is in trouble and who is suffering and this is her way of trying to manage that. Get professional help.” I bet Miley or someone close to her reached out to him after that, so during her next crisis Drew would be on her side. It worked. Now the Kardashians have to kiss his butt so he’ll call their dysfunctional squabbles no “big deal.”

Look at Kim serving up food at the LA Mission. Jennifer Love Hewitt does this every single year. Credit: WENN

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  1. Elizabeth S. says:

    Yes, it’s domestic violence. Any doubters should switch the genders and see how they feel.

  2. G says:

    Gee, Dr Drew seems to think they might break-up?

  3. LeeLoo says:

    As much as I think Dr. Drew is a bit of a hypocite and as much of a quack as Dr. Phil, I do think he’s right. It’s NEVER okay to hit your partner regardless of sex and it isn’t something I would even do jokingly. I’m glad he called Kim out on it. We’ll be really quick to crucify any man who hits a woman but if a woman hits a man it is called entertainment. I just think that’s so wrong. Plus, it makes no sense. Everyone says that if a woman hits a man then he needs to “do something about it.” Like what? Hit her back? Domestic violence is a horrible cycle people in both genders need to address. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

  4. Nev says:

    he’s reaching with this one. please.

    kris used to always throw her here and there…on the bed…into the ocean.


    • AG says:

      So – by that way of thinking – if she accidentally stepped on him and he went to punch her, that would be okay too??

      • Lisa says:

        My point exactly. DV is DV, it has no gender, race, religion, etc.

      • Nev says:

        no, of course not…but it seemed that she went to hit him in a childish, tantrum way…not to overpower him and make him feel threatened or demeaned.

        it seems pretty obvious that that was the spirit in which she hit him…I am sure dr.drew could see that.

        he is trying to stir contoversy for his show.

      • AG says:

        I hate to be a stickler for details here – but – so if HE got angry and went to hit HER in a “childish, tantrum way” – that would be acceptable? I don’t understand that way of thinking. I think you see her punch that way because she looks like a child compared to him — but that still doesn’t make it ok.

      • Erinn says:

        Nev, I think it only seems like a childish tantrumy way to you because Kim is so much smaller than Kris. She LOOKS child sized next to him. If they were closer in size, it probably wouldn’t look like that.

        Throwing someone into the ocean or onto a bed is different too.. he’s not hitting her and knocking her into the bed or ocean. There’s a difference. He wasn’t throwing her into the ocean to hurt her or anything. Just to annoy her/to have fun. She on the other hand is swinging at him because he caused her accidental pain and thinks it’s okay for her to cause him pain in return.

      • Nev says:

        yes if it was him it wouldnt be seen as such, I agree.

        I agree with you guys but as she hits him there is a smile on her face.

      • Original Tiffany says:

        That situation couldn’t be reversed. Look, no way could she hurt him. If she was huge and he was jockey sized, maybe. They regularly wrestle and he throws her around. She is way more likely to get hurt from him doing that. The only way she could hurt him is with a weapon.
        None of you ever wrestle around with the hubs? Even when young? Shoot, my brother still tries to wrestle with me!
        Much ado about nothing and that includes her, him and the show.

  5. ruby says:

    So this is bad, but it’s perfectly ok for Kris to regularly throw her around (yes it’s playful… for him) and overpower her. I remember this video where he grabbed her and threw her into the water when she clearly didn’t want him to (and lost a really expensive earring) and I remember thinking it was seriously wrong. She said she regularly feels helpless and bowled over.

    If you want to start on this couple, I think it’s stupid to say poor Kris is the victim. He’s a sexist douchebag. As for Kim, she’s no better, she’s a whiney self centered famewhore. In my opinion both of them are incapable of having a healthy relationship, and the blame is shared, it doesn’t just rest on Kim. To me it’s a fifty fifty situation. And the verbal abuse Kris heaps on Kim is appalling.

    For the record I didn’t type all this to defend Kim or anything, the Kardashian family in general is repulsive. I also don’t condone hitting your partner whether you be male or female. I could never raise a hand against my boyfriend, I just couldn’t. I just think at the moment a lot of men are trying to say that women do the most damage and abuse in couples and that is just not true. Statistics show while domestic abuse (physical or psychological) can be perpetrated by women, a vast majority is commited by men. It irritates me when people try to shift the blame off of men and say women do it just as much. No they don’t. Of course there are cases of it. But not nearly as many as there are cases of men abusing women.

    To me Dr Drew could have done a much more interesting job by showing how the relationship is toxic all around. How Kris is verbally abusive and overpowers Kim, and how Kim also lashes out nastily. It would be a lot more realistic and more interesting, because things are never black and white and often the blame is shared.

    • SallyJay says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful and considered comment Ruby, very well said.

    • Nanz says:


    • LeeLoo says:

      I agree. I think the relationship was an all around bad and toxic one. It went both ways. But I think people were quicker to call Kris out for his part than they did calling Kim out. So it’s nice someone finally called Kim out on her behavior. But they were both guilty of behavior which I deem unacceptable.

    • Kasey says:

      Haven’t watched the show since they got engaged b/c I refuse to support E!/Seacrest while they continue to force us to drink Kardasian Kool-Aid. But I’ve heard the rumors that they will villainize him and fix Kim’s rep and that she was tired of him bullying and verbally abusing her. I’ve also seen just the previews to be affirmed in my belief that this klan (minus Khloe) is kukoo and out-of-touch with reality.
      The previews alone actually serve to make Kim look uptight, controlling and diva-esque and Kris comes off looking like the level-headed reasonable one.
      I cannot understand based on the mean comments I have heard or read about, how someone could take the things he says maliciously, especially since most of it is true! Kim was overreacting, getting angry and violent over the pettiest, most superficial things in relation to someone she claimed to love and should extend grace to.
      Further not ONE thing that’s coming up as a ‘new’ problem is something she didnt know about or experience before (ok maybe his messiness since shockingly they didnt live together before marriage) saying I do. And the same goes for him on this front. But truthfully, Kim has been married before, she knows how this works (although she may be blocking out her less famous days) she is just accustomed to and expecting a doormat to walk on and sycophant to worship her. He at least is young and probably naive thinking she’d be normal and the way she was when they were dating AWAY from her krazy family and in my opinion dodged a bullet. If you had two children say ages 5 and 2 who scribbled on the wall, YES discipline them both to teach them it’s unacceptable. But I can’t imagine the level of discipline, words or tone used for a 5 year old who’d already gone through this 2 years earlier and gave the markers to the 2 yo to join them would be the same. Both wrong, one should know better IMO but then again she has the selfish and self-absorbed psyche of a 5 yo so maybe you’re right, Kim and Kris are on the same level.

    • Vesper says:

      I guess u haven’t read the research that men are much less likely to report domestic abuse. Obviously, that would skew the stats.

    • Rachel() says:

      I definitely agree. Also…I’ve had my toe nail split open, and I’m pretty sure that hurts worse than any pain little Kim could inflict on someone…not that she should hit her boyfriend. I just think that Kris hurts her a lot more through negligence than she would ever intentionally hurt him.

      • ab says:

        To my understanding, he didn’t split or break her toenail. He scuffed her freshly applied polish. I am a ballerina and I know split nails and all foot malidies, they do cause severe pain. He stepped on her polish and screwed it up and she had to remove it and do it again. I have also been in an abusive (severely) marriage, and while i do see a smirk on her face and there is no way she will hurt him, can you imagine if she came in and inturupted his madden football video game and he missed a fake touchdown!? and hauled off and hit her? it happened to me, reverse roles, hitting isn’t a response. I do kinda think they are both didgusting people, but oddly enough, I think I may be siding with Kris (not that he needs any help, but I also find the Kardashians to be complete bullies, even the younger ones)

  6. G says:

    After the earring incident, I’m surprise that she hasn’t had her toenails insured.

    How long are her toenails, anyway?

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Wait, do I have this right? Ex-couple was in some kind of ocean vicinity, he horsed around with her, splash, splash, lost earring, angry girl over lost earring.

      So, if they were around an ocean they couldn’t have been in a formal setting since a bonfire isn’t a candlelight social. Am I picturing a bikini and Tiffany setting? I don’t care what he did, if you wear diamonds to the beach that aren’t permanently sausaged over by the folds of your wedding ring finger you asked for it.

      • edogfemme says:

        I swear I almost laughed hard enough to pee at “permanently sausaged over by the folds of your wedding ring finger”

        and yes, domestic violence is a serious problem, but I don’t even think this is a forum to have such a serious discussion. How about we say hitting is bad and go back to silly gossip?

    • omgwtfbbq says:

      @G: her toenails are probably longer than her marriage

  7. MJ says:

    That first Kim K. photo is priceless! She looks so high and mighty: “Why, yes, I am so selfless! I’m helping the poor toothless homeless people by tearing their salad greens into tiny gummable pieces!”

  8. DarkEmpress says:

    I do no watch the show and I refuse to so I really can’t say whether it was domestic violence or not. However, Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil are both quacks. Their tv-psychology/psychiatry is disgusting. A real therapist won’t even come out with an assessment or diagnosis after one session much less after 5 mins of tv time.

    I do have to say Kim is an expert famewhore. Look at her carefully posing for the cameras and looking upwards to heaven to display her saintly goodness. A real celeb like Jlove isn’t searching for a photo op she is actually paying attention to the food she is serving. It’s so disrespectful of Kim to take the opportunity of using other people’s misfortunes to garner more attention and hence money for herself. If I were a tv- pyschiatrist I would diagnose her as having narcissistic personality disorder.

    • Roma says:

      You know things are rough when JLove is being called a “real celebrity”.

      But I agree; she’s been doing this for years and while she knows the cameras are there, she isn’t playing up to them.

      The one of KK with Kirk Douglas was disgusting.

      • Erinn says:

        Haha, Roma, my thoughts too.

        I suppose JLove is probably much more concerned about teaching the world about vajazzling (how the hell do you even spell that? lol) to worry too much about photo ops. But there were plenty of photos of her during that event too. At least she didn’t seem to be whoring herself out to the paparazzi.

  9. Lisa says:

    For those who say this is not domestic violence let me ask this question, would this type of behavior be acceptable if Kris was the one inflicting it on KK? I don’t think so. It’s definitely DV. You can clearly see she was not playing. He didn’t mean to step on your toenail Kim or did he?

  10. ... says:

    Morticians- here I am! Ha ha. Speaking of…. That face will always remind me of Eva Peron’s two week long, $100,000 embalmed face. Really. All creepy and chemical-scented,poreless and shiny. On topic- I could never fathom hitting a man even somewhat playfully. Someone once said that if you hit a man you must be prepared for them to hit you back; I ve heard that proven true. That’s all I ve.

  11. MellaYella says:

    Kim’s looking in the camera and Jennifer love looks like she is really trying to help. When is Kim going away? I don’t think ever. Because people think its more important to be attractive (by way of much plastic surgery) than to be talented or a good person.

  12. lamplighter says:

    the disturbing aspect of the hit was how automatic it was. kk immediately and physically lashed out. that’s worrisome. glad it looks like she won’t be having children any time soon.

    • theaPie says:

      Amen. And you have to wonder where she learned that behavior. Because you don’t just pull it out of thin air.

  13. Nanz says:

    I think he’s right. Look at the way her arm pulls back – she’s serious about landing a hit. You know, my husband and I play around a lot, teasing each other and stuff. When one of us gets hurt, we don’t try to punch each other! We stop goofing around and check to see if the other person is OK. KK tried to punch the other KH because she doesn’t know ‘how to use her words’ like I tell my toddler all the time. It goes with her overall lack of maturity.

  14. Jessica says:

    Sure, it’s domestic violence, but it’s okay for a woman to hit a man. Men usually deserve to get hit by women.

    • Lisa says:

      I really hope you’re not serious Jessica. Yes SOME men are dogs and assholes, but no one deserves to get physically abused. It’s just not right. DV is a very serious issue and one that should not be promoted.

      • Erinn says:

        I hope that was a joke, too.

        I can’t STAND the kind of women that blame men for everything. Men don’t deserve to be hit anymore than a woman deserves to be hit. You’re not doing our gender a favor, Jessica.

  15. Alida says:

    Well this isn’t going to help her do damage control.. HAHAAHA

  16. Marc says:

    Being forced to watch them becouse they are everywhere is violence. And yes her eyelashes freak me out. They looks like legs of spiders or something.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    Maybe it’s just me; maybe it’s because I’m a parent; maybe it’s just because I’m a half-ass decent human being, but punching someone for ACCIDENTLY breaking a freshly-pedicured toenail seems extreme.

    Irritating? Absoluely. Painful? Possibly. Punch-worthy? NO.

    • Firecracker says:

      Bellaluna, I agree. Probably faked for the good of the show…but I don’t watch the show so that’s my opinion.

  18. Jackson says:

    Dr. Drew is such an idiot. Why on earth would CNN go to him for a comment on anything? Appalling.

  19. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I’d like to see Kate Gosselin duke it out with Kim and for Celine Dion to be the referee.

  20. OXA says:

    I saw her punch him and thought the same thing as Dr Drew.
    This family has no respect except when it comes to their bank accounts.
    From day one there was complete lack of respect and it was acceptable for them to be cussing like sailors in front of their parents and young sisters.

  21. Firecracker says:

    Kim and Kirstie Alley should have lunch. They can chat about their “size 4 and 6” bodies. And Kirstie’s name starts with a K! Automatic friend. Great fun.

    • Erinn says:

      I enjoyed this comment 🙂

      • Original Tiffany says:

        Unless Kirstie is going to talk her into COS, they aren’t getting together. Kirstie is waaaayyyy more delusional about her size than good ol Kimmy. She is only 5 feet, and probably closer to a 4 than than Kisrtie being a 6. Shoot if Khole looks huge next to her sis, can you imagine the enormousness of KA next to her? Khole’s probably a 8-10, Kirstie is still a 16.
        And since I’ve been all those sizes, I’m pretty sure about it.

  22. TG says:

    I agee with many on here. They both are not very mature and it is domestic violence, but Kris does tend to dominate her and throw her around a lot such as on the bed. Also, him calling her fat by saying she ate too much wedding cake has been blown way out of proportion. He was not saying anything mean IMO. My husband loves me to have more weight and Kim is not known for her skinniness if she were Posh Spice now that conversation might be considered mean.

    Oh and why is no one talking about the absolute weirdness of Kourtney sleeping with her son while Scott sleeps in another room? That is messed up big time.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Sort of makes one wonder how (IF) she got pregnant with their lastest little publicity stunt, no?

    • Erinn says:

      I think the fat comment has been blown out of proportion a lot… I don’t think it was that bad. But a lot of people are up in arms over that one.

    • Jennmarie says:

      Scott says it is beacuse he does not sleep well and the fact that Mason sleeps with her makes it even more difficult to sleep.

      • Original Tiffany says:

        My brother does as well. So do my best friend and her baby and husband.
        My buddy has an excuse though, since we are on tour and she is nursing and only gets a queen or full bed.
        It’s not that odd. I had mine in bed with both of us while I nursed. We just had a huge bed so I could put me in the middle and baby on the side with a rail.
        I’d personally not choose baby over hubby, but whatever works. Who cares anyway-too much judging other’s parenting and pregnancy!

    • guest says:

      kim is so stuck up and stuffy that she doesn’t know how to take a joke or have any fun. kris is the type who likes to have fun and horsing around and being playful with kim is just him. Kim is a hypocrite, self-absorbed, bitch, and materialistic. kim can’t find love and be happy because she is to obsessed with her self and thinks to highly of herself to show love and compassion to someone else.

  23. Criss says:

    I would punch him too if he cracked my toe nail. A guy that big and heavy has to be more careful, creep.

    • Erinn says:

      She knew he was that big and heavy when she started dating him… it’s not like he’s closing his eyes and walking around blindly, not worried about stepping on her. Accidents happen. My boyfriend has stepped on my feet numerous times- it has nothing to do with being big and heavy.

    • Vesper says:

      I think it is more likely that he ruined the freshly painted nail versus cracked her toe nail. She was filing the nail immmediately after. She wasn’t in any pain. If the toe nail was cracked it would hurt and she’d be whining about the pain and looking for a bandage.

  24. Cerulean says:

    Her face looks extremely frightening in these photos. Like taxidermy scary. Did she animate a wax figure as her chatrity stand in while secretly she was at home buying ass pads online? Mmmmmm. Methinks so.

  25. G says:

    I guess this passes for normal in a household where a pedicure is more important than your husbands feelings.

  26. Sol says:

    I read some time ago that Kim had total control about the edition of her show so maybe we are just watching what they want us to see , just saying.

  27. Seal Team 6 says:

    Dr. Drew is 100% right, it is domestic violence.

    And, we know there are plenty of us CBers who are DV survivors, and not one of us would ever say it isn’t DV if a woman does it to a man.

  28. Amanda G says:

    Okay, I think domestic abuse is stretching it considering the show is scripted. What I found interesting is that she hit him (or attempted to) like he was an annoying brother, not a husband. Speaks volumes for their fake relationship.

  29. Lindy says:

    By the way, check out that picture where JLOHewitt is actually working, while KK is posing for the camera. Gross. Hate the K’s. Want them to go away forever.

  30. wunder says:

    KK is a domestic abuser as well as wedding scammer. . . wow, who knew?

  31. I Run New York says:

    They were play fighting. That’s not domestic violence. I’m not a fan of Kim, she’s an attention whore but this is not domestic violence and you cheapen domestic violence by comparing it to trivial stuff.

  32. daisyfly says:

    If it would be wrong if he did it, then it’s wrong if she did it. Period. You can’t have your cake and eat it too when it comes to DV. Sorry.

  33. Josie says:

    There is way too much hitting on both of their parts. It’s extremely immature behavior, but it’s not domestic violence. She can’t hurt him, and he keeps manhandling her and pulling her and not letting her go.

    I used to respect Dr. Drew, but he’s such a famewhore. I don’t even think he can control it. Maybe he should take his own narcissistic personality disorder test.

  34. Kim says:

    I this case I totally agree with Dr Drew. I was really suprised to see Kim hit Kris on the show. Especially since she has final editing rights. How stupid she was to let that air?! Silly as it may seem she could be arrested for that and it made her look like a volatile nut!

    She was not playing. She was serious. Her natural reaction was to punch him. Who does that over a messed up pedicure?! No one! Its very obvious in the footage her reaction was one of anger. She was NOT being playful.

    You could tell she was really pissed (about a freakin pedicure of all things) and that was her natural reaction – to hit him! I was really shocked actually.

    If Kris did this to her EVERYONE would be up in arms about it! You do not punch your spouse over a messed up pedicure. Her reaction was not normal or okay.

  35. Kim says:

    There is no comparison to him throwing her into water and how he plays “rough” with her to her hitting him. He has never hit her (that we know of).

    Throwing someone into water, whether they like it or not, is not illegal. Hitting your spouse is!

    Bottom line he could not be charged for throwing her playfully into the water she on the other hand could absolutely be charged with domestic violence for punching him. It was not even a playful tap – she cocks her arm & fist back and punches him for goodness sakes!

    Obviously he is a big, strong guy and she didnt hurt him physically but that isnt the point. The point is her intention which is obvious when watching the footage that she isnt being playful – she is pissed.

  36. pwal says:

    Agree about the punch – a bit too excessive, especially over a ruined toe.

    But regarding the Miley Cyrus part… the only reason why he’s being diplomatic about her possible drug use is because he has/had access to the Cyrus family. Remember when Billy Ray stepped in it, suggesting that sycophants were isolating Miley from her family and Hannah Montana ruined their family? Dr. Drew was right there giving Billy Ray reassurance that he didn’t do anything wrong.

  37. Luckylilgem says:

    Cancel the show, she’s an unfit role model for viewers and fans.

    • Nilber says:

      Ha! I can’t think of anything about her that I would want my niece to look up to. I would croak if my son brought someone home like her. I am a forgiving soul to a point but… her? It just wouldn’t happen. I think that she is a role model for what not to be though. “See Sweetheart, you can shine a turd and even put it in expensive clothes, but it is still a turd.”

  38. Zoe says:

    Dr. Drew is an insult to medicine. On his show Loveline, he used to diagnose callers he never met in 30 seconds. He’s always talking about celebrities and weighing in on their affairs for attention and his ‘rehab’ shows have caused almost of all of those patients to relapse or die as it deprives them of the anonymity necessary for a successful recovery (and they are rewarded with attention for bad behavior by being given a television show they can act out for). Dr. Drew is an unethical jerk who has no right to be on television or dishing out advice to anyone. That he continues to be the subject of articles and have his own shows is baffling. Seriously dangerous stuff.

  39. HoneyBee says:

    I think Dr. Drew is ridiculous. I don’t think that punch was domestic violence. Maybe it was because I grew up a tom boy but I was always play fighting with my guy friends. There is a difference between ‘play’ and ‘fight’. Just think of kids playing hockey and being rough, or playing football. Do you go around tackling people in everyday situations? No. But in certain contexts, physical play is ok.

    I think people over think things. My dogs ‘play fight’ all the time – it’s very natural. I wonder if the same people who are balking at Kim’s punch have ever seen two dogs or two cats play together. You do realize that this is a normal part of bonding?

    I’ve playfully wrestled with my boyfriend before. It didn’t lead to domestic violence – it was just play.

    • Sara says:

      I wrestle with my kids, dog and husband and we tickle each other and it’s all fun and joking around. Everybody is laughing and having a good time until somebody accidentally steps on the dog or gets elbowed in the eye!

      Still that kind of rough housing is completely different from me slugging one of my loved ones because they pissed me off. That wouldn’t be acceptable. We are a no hitting family. My husband and I don’t hit each other, the kids or the dog. Just a basic respect thing. As far as the dog, he play bites very gently and when he gets too rough he gets in trouble and play time is OVER. We make him go sit on his doggy bed for a few minutes until he’s cooled down.

      • HoneyBee says:

        I saw them laughing and smiling – did you see the same video? Usually when someone is pissed off they are not laughing and smiling.

        I know what fighting is – I work in a Juvenile Hall, I see fights all the time. And I know what play is too. From the video it is obvious they are playing. Even though she tries to hit him, she knows and he knows she’s never going to reach him. It’s a mock effort.

        Domestic violence is violence. It’s not two people horsing around smiling and laughing and pretending to hit each other. If you have pets I’m sure you know a thing or two about body language. When pets play their body language is different than when they fight. When people smile and laugh – this is body language, it indicates play.

        I’m hard pressed to understand why people can’t see this.

        Anyhoo, on with my life.

  40. eternalcanadian says:

    So totally violent behaviour! I can’t believe people have this double standard. If a guy hit a gal like Kim hit Kris, we’d be all over it. Gloria Allred would be all over it. But because this is a tall guy that is a NBA athlete and a teeny tiny gal is beating on him we point and laugh and say “Go Kim!”

    It is NEVER okay to hit your partner. EVER.

    And speaking of violent behaviour, what about that verbal and psychological abuse Kris the mummy is heaping on Bruce, Scott, and Lamar in addition to all that drama against Kris the ex-son-in-law? Words do cause as much if not more harm than fists and feet.

  41. Brandon says:

    First, I really dislike Kim, but this is playful. Kim understands how strong Kris is, and so she acts accordingly. I am a bigger athletic guy and my girlfriend has done that many times. Like after I make a silly comment, and she does like an “oh shut up” punch. I like it, because it’s cute, because it doesn’t hurt. She knows it doesn’t hurt me, just as Kim knows it wouldn’t have hurt Kris. I am a fair person and even though I cant stand Kim, I have to tell it like it is. If you think this is domestic violence then you are overreacting. I don’t need to change genders to know this. I grew up with women, one of whom was beaten by her husband.

    To those who say double standard blah blah blah, give it up. Duh! Of course if Kris did that to her it would be a different story. He’s 5x her size, and would have actually injured her with minimal effort. I guess the people crying about this being violent are your common over-reactors. Probably spend all their time peeking out their curtains looking for neighbors to call the police on. Btw, If your a man and your complaining about this double standard, sorry to say but your a wuss.

    The reason why there is a domestic violence double standard is because real men can take it, and probably did something to deserve it. I ask all you who cry double standard. How many relationships are you aware of that have a dominate women and a submissive man? Its rare to find a couple where the women beats the man over and over. In those cases the women should be prosecuted, but it doesn’t happen that often. That’s why you think there is a double standard. Real men don’t call the police on there wives for stuff like this. We usually did something to deserve it for one.

    A women on the other hand, has every right to call the police on a man who is beating her. Men can kill women with their bare hands, but rarely can a women do the same. She has to call the police. She can’t take it like a man could.

    I bet Kris found it cute and endearing. Sorry to those who have lackluster relationships, or those who have never dated an ethnic women, or a tough women, like a tomboy. Or a big strong man. Some species in the wild fight each other before they mate.

    Ill eat my words if there is proof she had malicious intent when trying to hit him. Or it comes out that it happened often. Until then, back to real life for me…

    I agree that Dr. Drew is a disgrace. I use to listen to Loveline back in the nineties. He told every person who called they needed pharmaceuticals for there problems. He’s a licensed drug dealer.

    • HoneyBee says:

      Well said Brandon. I can’t stand Kim either, but to call that punch Domestic Violence is a bunch of BS. I used to like Dr. Drew on Loneline, but that was when Adam was on the show to make it funny. He balanced Drew’s melodrama, and kept things in perspective.

      I think people just love to have something to talk about – it doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is.

      As for me, I’ll always be a tomboy and I’ll always like a little rough play.

      Live and let live.

  42. Judy says:

    That is the best photo of her I have ever seen . SHows how plain she really is without posing and the pound of makeup.

  43. Annonymous says:

    If i was kris humphries i would knock kim kardashian down and stomp on her, which would teach her a lesson since kris is like twice her size and his feet aare probably like the size of her whole chest