Justin Bieber wants to move into acting, fancies himself the next Mark Wahlberg

Remember back in the day (1996, to be precise) when everyone was awfully surprised that Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg wasn’t just a goofy rap star and could actually act? He convincingly showed off his menacing side in Fear before playing a pr0n star in Boogie Nights and then moved onto starring in studio tentpoles and an array of mostly mindless action movies. Well, Justin Bieber has reportedly decided that Mark is a great role model in the career department (as opposed to, say, the talking about 9/11 department). Biebs wants to be the next Marky Mark!

In retrospect, this news shouldn’t be too terribly surprising. After all, Mark showed us his Calvins, and Bieber has been showing us his boxer shorts for far too long already. Bieber also already has a wee bit of television experience (most famously getting killed on “CSI”) and has appeared in his own faux-biopic, which I like to call The Origin Story of a Dipsh-t. Now Bieber thinks he has what it takes to buy the rights for a Fear remake and star in it himself. Have mercy:

It is no secret that, like many pop stars before him, Justin Bieber has acting aspirations, having already appeared on the TV series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “Cubed.” He also appeared, as himself, in the 2011 concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

[W]e’ve been told that Bieber has been mulling over a number of feature ideas, and instead of looking to someone like Britney Spears for guidance in this department, he is looking to build off the career model of teeny bopper/rapper-turned-Oscar nominated actor Mark Wahlberg, [and it's] Marky Mark’s dark R rated thriller Fear that has caught the attention of Justin Bieber.

There are currently no plans to remake Fear, released by Universal Pictures in 1996. But Justin Bieber is rumored to be obsessed with the movie, which finds Mark Wahlberg playing the psychotic boyfriend of Reese Witherspoon, who torments both her and her family. Throughout the course of its runtime, his David McCall rapes a young woman played by Alyssa Milano, beheads a beloved family pet, carves tattoos into his chest, breaks the neck of a family friend, beats himself up, and threatens to shoot Justin Bieber’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation co-star William Petersen (see the connection there?) point blank in the top of the head. Not to mention the most iconic scene, where he fingers Reese on a roller coaster to the tune of The Sunday’s Wild Horses.

Bieber is said to be eyeing the role in a proposed remake, hoping that it will give his image and career the same edge it gave Mark Wahlberg back in 1996, a time when most thought of the actor as a one hit wonder who would quietly disappear. Mark Wahlberg was 25 at the time he made Fear. Justin Bieber will turn 18 this March.

It is believed that Bieber will pursue the rights to remaking Fear, using the film as his launching board into feature film acting. Though, its being speculated that this new Fear will most likely be tamed down for a PG-13 rating, and that it will closely resemble the thrillers and remakes currently being produced by Sony’s Screen Gems division.

[From Movieweb]

Here’s the trailer for the original Fear starring Marky Mark and Reese Witherspoon. I’ll be honest here and admit that this movie scared the living crap out of me:

If Justin thinks he can pull off a remake and truly be the next Mark Wahlberg, well, good luck to the kid for at least recognizing that his pop star career won’t last forever. Can Bieber actually pull a Wahlberg in terms of acting talent though? I doubt it, but if Biebs wants any shot at all, maybe he ought to bulk up a bit beforehand. Here are more photos of Bieber hitting the beach in Cabo earlier this month.

In further tales of grand delusion, here some photos from this weekend of Justin arriving in Miami while his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, touched down in Puerto Rico. Both of them kid their faces like little divas. On a related note, Selena has commenced complaining about the trappings of fame and has started talking about how maybe she’d like to retire at the ripe old age of 19. Well, at least she’s not making silly claims of wanting to be a laundress like Michelle Williams did. Yet.

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  1. Jilli says:

    Why not? The way Hollywood embraces mediocrity this no talent should rocket straight to the top.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Right on. He’ll star in a few idiotic movies, all his fan-girls (and possible baby-mamas) will go see it (and sigh in the dark) and there you have the millions that make the wheels go round.

      Then he’ll be a nobody, a new (even younger) kid will arise from auto-tune hell to delight our ears and he’ll fancy himself an actor too. New movies, new millions, happy producers and the bus drives on and on.

  2. mln76 says:

    Hate to be graphic but the kid isn’t going to have a movie career until he starts looking like his balls have actually dropped. If he doesn’t get older in his looks he’s limited to music.

    • whatthehell456 says:

      Bwahahaha!! That was my thought exactly!!

    • Asli says:

      I agree. He looks very… asexual. Also, he’s way, waaaaay to arrogant and obnoxious. First he wants to be the next MJ and now he wants to remake a very sexual and violent film with him as this generations Mark W. I dislike Mark but for the lack of a better term – eeewwwww. At least Mark was remotely attractive – which is more than I can say about Bieber. I also doubt he’ll be able to do a Taylor Lautner and actually bulk up. I just don’t see it.

    • MrsNix says:

      My sentiments exactly.

  3. M3l says:

    Aw, crap. I always liked Fear and I feel old bitching about remakes. I’m sure it’d popular with fans anyway.

  4. Bean says:

    Why, he looks like a young Monty Burns in that second shot!

    In all seriousness tho, trying to up his sex appeal by emulating Mark Wahlberg might be a huge error in judgement since he has none of the accompanying bad boy appeal that was a hallmark of the Wahlberg brand in the 90′s.

    • bea says:

      Great eye!

    • Caz says:

      Bieber strikes Fear into people with his music. Doesn’t need to act. He is stuck in the same Hell as Miley is…both talented in a tween sense but not enough skills or charisma to make the transition into proper grown-up roles. Miley hasn’t. Bieber won’t. Both are surrounded by people continually telling them how awesome they are and that they can do anything. Marky Mark actually has talent. Bieber would do well to consider this fact.

  5. Adrien says:

    He could play Brandon Teena in some remake of Boys Don’t Cry. No make-up/drastic haircut needed, just be himself.

  6. renata says:

    somehow I just don’t think the Biebs has got that old Marky Mark presence. If anything, the Biebs looks like the guy who got sand kicked in his face by Marky Mark.

    I don’t think that bodes well for his movie career, though they may squeeze a few goofball features out for the guy before he hits his expiration date.

  7. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Little boy needs to sit down, shut up, and get himself an actual education.

    By the way, what ever happened with the paternity test?

  8. Agnes says:

    oh, good.

  9. NancyMan says:

    I can’t imagine ever being interested in whats in his Calvins- no matter how old he gets….

  10. GoodCapon says:

    I hate it when celebrities crossover into another industry. It’s just a recipe for failure.

    Artists – and I say that loosely regarding Beiber – should stay in the music industry writing, performing songs or whatever. Let the actors do their own thing!

  11. Cathy says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha My coffee came out through my nose when I read this.

  12. Marjalane says:

    Hopefully he’ll attend the Justin Timberlake school of acting. That’ll cut his dreams short.

  13. Maya says:

    He is so lame. I’m secretly holding out for him to morph into Danny Bonaduce at some point.
    I mean, look at his chicken legs and lame tattoos.
    His puny highness more like.

  14. normades says:

    Sorry little man. He does not have the sex appeal that Walberg had. Also Mark was a pretty good actor as seen in Basketball Diaries because he had some street cred. I can’t see Justin convincingly play anything but a little spoiled brat.

  15. Quest says:

    Beiber looks like a weener and really needs to bulk up at least start looking like a man

  16. Deliver Of Deceit says:

    Fancies himself next to Mark Wahlberg is more like it.

    And as for that hunchback/scowl/side view shot I’d say he’s better suited for a walk-on zombie role on The Walking Dead.

  17. Charlotte says:

    He looks like E.T in the 2nd beach photo.

    • kc says:

      That picture, especially after discussing his ability to play a psycho scary stalker, seriously made me have to put the kindle down. I was laughing so hard, but definitely agree that he needs to bulk up before bringing that to fruition

  18. Snappyfish says:

    That’s about right since Wahlberg can’t sing or act

  19. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    Oh please noooooo! I am so sick of this kid already. He’s so over-exposed and seems so full of himself from the things I see and read. I hope he goes the way of most teeny-bopper idols (ie: Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, Hansen, etc.) and fades into almost obscurity when the next big thing comes along or the 12 year olds who love him now grow up and move on. Hope he’s saving and investing his money.

  20. Cindy says:

    Now I’ve heard everything. Has this idiot seen Fear? He’ll be a very scary threatening little chipmunk covered in Jesus tattoos. SMH.

    • Caz says:

      hehehehe I had forgotten how menacing Mark was in Fear. If Bieber is in this remake every scene will result in laughter from the audience….not quite what the director would have intended.

  21. saylor says:

    you people are overly harsh on this kid. he’s just a kid. I don’t get the need to constantly put down everything about him. his fans suck, his music isn’t my taste, but to say he’s not talented is a little ridiculous. the kid obviously has musical talent, he’s just a manufactured pop star. Hopefully he grows into his own as a musician. hope he turns out to be a good kid and uses his money wisely in the future. also marky mark is and always will be a giant douche, prick, and ass. I used to love that guy, but his doucheness just pisses me off.

    • MrsNix says:

      I disagree. His level of talent can be found in at least one cute kid in every local high school choir in America. He’s not terribly attractive and his singing voice, though passable, is nothing special either.

      I don’t begrudge him the success he’s found. I’m happy for people who get “the big break.” His lack of self-awareness, however, is just mind-blowing.

      To look in his mirror and see someone comparable to Mark Wahlberg is laughable. Having been in show business now for several years, young Master Bieber should have a better set of self-evaluation skills. Mark Wahlberg, despite what people mad at him over the current 9/11 comment BS are spouting at the moment, is an outstanding actor. He also had great genes which gifted him a mature looking and very masculine physique that hard work added to at Bieber’s age. Between nature and the gym, Mark Wahlberg had an unprecedented rack for his generation of young actors.

      Bieber still looks like a 12 year-old girl. He won’t always look that way. At some point, he will mature in the face. He should wait to compare himself to established alpha-male-type actors until then.

      • Caz says:

        Agree x 100%. Trawl through YouTube and see live singers/bands in action you’ll see dozens of people with equal and more talent than Bieber. Hell, there are even people doing Kesha covers that have far more talent than her. It’s his sense of entitlement that irritates most people…his belief that somehow he more deserves this than others and that it was destined by God to be this way. If Usher hadn’t found him, he found have found someone else and groomed him or her into tween megastar. Good on him for his short-lived success and I hope he’s saved most of his money for later. I give Bieber 3 years max. The public will lose interest in him by then.

    • Zoe says:

      He’s not so much of a kid. He’s 17. Boys at 17 have their pre-man bodies. He has a small frame, nothing like Walberger. Justin, sorry to say is asexual. Look at pictures of Mark around Biebers age. He was already built at age 17. Mark’s body hasn’t changed very much, a little bulkier with age and less lean.

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    Mark was already bulked up at Baby Bieber’s age. No way, no how, not even on his best day will BB EVER even come close to filling Mark’s Calvin’s!!

  23. Feebee says:

    Mark Wahlberg has a number of attributes that assisted him in transitioning to an acting career, of which Bieber has none.

    Could you imagine JB trying to scare anybody? I would have thought he’d be trying to emulate Zac Efron, who despite having a little more talent in the acting department is struggling to find a footing.

  24. miriam says:

    Ugh, can’t this little shit just disappear now? Whatever did the world do to deserve such crap?

  25. KsGirl says:

    I think it would be a big mistake for Bieber to try and play a *violent* character. He doesn’t have the physical size to pull it off. If he wants to play a bad guy, maybe he could play some smarmy upper-class type, maybe something like Ryan Philippe’s role in Cruel Intentions? But he should stay the hell away from violent thug roles, because as of right now, he isn’t going to be able to pull that off. If he goes full psycho he’s gonna have to go full *mental* psycho not full physical psycho.

  26. skuddles says:

    The idea of Justin playing the terrifying boyfriend in Fear is just tooo funny!! Except in this version his little sister would kick his ass and the girlfriend would be imaginary right? :D

    • MrsNix says:

      Especially when you factor in the very real possibility that most women his age in tolerable physical condition could pick him up and throw him around. Body type is definitely a limiting factor for him in a role like that right now. He’s maturing. He actually looks older in that top picture, finally. He needs another five years. He’s a late bloomer, and that’s okay. Mark Wahlberg…he will likely never be, but he WILL someday look like a grown man. I would support his decision to try and branch out into roles like this at that time, but not right now. It’d be a joke.

      If he makes the film and has the acting chops required to convince me he could be scary…I will gladly eat my words and shell out 10 euro for a cinema ticket.

  27. kas says:

    His CSI stint was hilarious. Playing a “street thug” with both visible blush and lip tint on.

  28. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    Is he even 5’4? What’s with all these miniature male actors??? And is EGO is already unbelievable can you imagine, he will make Marky Mark(9/11 avenger) look like a SAINT!!!

  29. jasperkitty says:

    Justin obviously has something going for him. It is surprising to see the negative comments regarding, what some people seem to perceive as, arrogance. He respects those greats like Michael Jackson and would like to enjoy the same sucess. Goals, at his age, are nice to see these days. Why so many are against him when he has shown to be a generous and talented young man?? (he has, thus far, been shown to not dabble in drugs, alcohol, etc…like a lot of child stars at his age)
    Kudos to him…best of luck.

  30. anne says:

    Vomit. He’s such a wanna be, feminine, geeky kid. hahahahahahahaahah

  31. Dredz says:

    He would be great playing a younger Blanche Devereaux of the Golden Girls fame

  32. Jover says:

    Good comments all; you’re right caz there are people all over the world posting the guitar works/music that are better than the originals – way not he can’t sing that well and look at his moola; may as well try acting but on a serious note; I think his comments indicate that on some level on his self absorbed entitled brain he knows he’s shot (can I say this), “wad” and it’s time to move on. Thanks for the reminder Kas of that epi – you’re not a “street thug” if viewers can’t contain their laughter.