Did Selena Gomez dump Justin Bieber over his friendship with Chris Brown?


Let’s face it — anyone who isn’t a 12-year-old girl knows that Selena Gomez could do much better than dating Justin Bieber, and there was indeed a collective sigh of relief when her recent hospitalization for “exhaustion” and “malnourishment” did not result in any apparent Bieber babies, which was also much to the relief of both the Gomez and Bieber camps who continue to live in fear of an accidental pregnancy. In a presumed act of celebration, Selena then immediately commenced wearing hot pants onstage while the Bieb openly gaped at her rack. This is not to mention the famed public displays of gross affection featuring foot rubbing and butt grabbing, but all of that might soon be a distant memory. Why? Perhaps Selena is concerned about her continuing status as the girlfriend of the next MC Hammer, for The Sun claims to have word that Selena has told Justin that they’re on a relationship break:

TEEN lovers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are on the rocks – because of his bad boy hip-hop friends.

The pair are taking time out after Selena, 19, ordered the clean-cut pop idol to ditch his new pals, The Sun can reveal.

It came after Justin, 17, arrived at one of Selena’s gigs in Florida last week with rap ace Sean Kingston, 21 – a former child burglar.

Justin is also close to gun-charge former convict Lil Wayne and has released a track with R&B’s Chris Brown, who beat ex-lover Rihanna.

A pal of Disney star Selena revealed: “Selena told him to stop hanging with these bad people.

“She didn’t want him to crash her gig. They had a huge row and said it was good they were having time apart while she was on tour.”

But the next day Justin and Sean caused hysteria by cruising through Miami in an open-top Rolls-Royce.

A pal of Selena said she saw Justin in tears during rows with her. She said: “It’s hard seeing a little 17-year-old crying and saying he loves her.”

[From The Sun]

Thus far, there’s no confirmation or denial from either Selena or Justin’s reps or (quite tellingly) from their respective Twitter accounts, so these breakup rumors might be just that. However and if I were Selena, a split would make a ton of sense because I certainly would draw the line at my boyfriend associating with Chris Brown, who did this and that to his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, and also upped the ante by tipping his hat to Tiger Woods. However, the tiniest part of me is kinda hoping that this news isn’t true because, last time I heard, Wilmer Valderrama might be on the prowl for a new barely-legal girlfriend. Run from both of them, Selena!

Here’s a photo of Biebs and Chris Brown on 6/18 hanging before they went inside a studio to lay down a few studio tracks together:


And here’s a possibly unwarranted trip down memory lane featuring Selena and Justin in so-called “happier times.” If it’s true that Selena dumped Biebs, my 10-year-old daughter will be thrilled, for she never understood what Selena could possibly see in his wee-ness:




Photos courtesy of Fame and WENN

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29 Responses to “Did Selena Gomez dump Justin Bieber over his friendship with Chris Brown?”

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  1. Tigger says:

    I’m going to sound like an ass, but let me just say what ‘rack’ does she have?! Seriously man…

    Ugh, neither of them are talented, nor are they going to be around in a couple of years. Both of ‘em are marketed, manufatured drones and for that deserve each other in my opinion.

  2. aloe juice says:

    Dear God, he looks like an 11 year old girl next to Chris Brown.

  3. Riana says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t want my bf hanging around a merciless abuser either. Good for Selena, for Justin I suppose it’s just more convenient to ignore the facts.

  4. Mu says:

    They’re still together and were all over each other at the TCA last night.

  5. Helen says:

    Still together, they were all kissy kissy at the Teen CHoice Awards 2011 last night.

  6. guesty says:

    why do i doubt she has that much common sense? hope for her sake that she has does, BUT probably not.

  7. ladycj says:

    I still say it is (was) a fake relationship, Selena was popular before, but was never talked about this much and it makes him look like a ladies man and not a little boy. Although ever time I see him I think it’s a lesbian. I think they wanted to capture the Britney and Justin dynamic.

  8. lin234 says:

    She is really beautiful. He looks like he’s 12.

  9. Skins says:

    Good for her. This kid is becoming such a tool. He is a white kid acting like a black guy

  10. Quest says:

    They are still together…whether it is a front or not …they are still together. I wish he would learn to wear his pants correctly.

  11. sharylmj says:

    She’s going to break his heart and it won’t be pretty.. then we will see some really bad behavior from him, I hope I’m wrong..

  12. Sumodo1 says:

    We have this stand-up Bieber poster where I work. I thought they made his legs look scrawny for the cardboard stand-up poster–but NO! His legs are tiny and out of proportion to the rest of his body. Uck. Selena, find a real guy, not a manufactured pop-up cutout boy.

  13. Pyewacket says:

    I am just going to say it, I despise Justin Bieber. I hate the little creep.

  14. lucy2 says:

    She’s really cute – why is she hanging out with that little boy who still looks like a girl?

  15. Bubbling says:

    And now she is on to Sam Ronson

  16. hater from siloam springs says:

    She’s the last, best hope to show that one doesn’t have to turn into Lindsey Lohan if one is a Disney child star. Let’s hope her better instincts win out.

    She would be better off dating a Ken doll made of dog crap than dating this pre-pube d-bag.

  17. Shaishai says:

    @Skins: Are you implying that only black guys beat their girlfriends, carry guns or burgle homes? Or is it that he’s “dressing black” Either one is offensive. And no one asked you to bring race into this.
    He’s a little boy hanging with the big, “cool” boys and too in awe to see their coolness is a result of bad behaviour. Their colour has nothing to do with this.
    It would be just as bad if he were hanging with Charlie “methface” Sheen, or that idiot from Jackass who ended up killing himself and his passenger or the Hogan kid. Colour aside, they’re all tools and a bad influence on any kid. So gimme a break with the “acting black” shizz!

  18. i.want.shoes says:

    That little boy really creeps me out.

  19. moja31 says:

    I’ve never really bought this relationship, or at least I hoped it was fake, because he looks like a 12 year old girl and she could do better. Both benefit from this “relationship” though, so I think they’ll stick it out for a while longer.

  20. r u ok miss? says:

    @shaishai: thank you

  21. Anne says:

    You know, I thought it was a fake relationship at first, too. But now I’m convinced it’s real, yet it still baffles me. Selena is lovely and doing very well as a singer/actor (for her age and talent)–she never needed JB to make her popular. So what is it that she sees in him? He’s younger than she is (which is a big deal when you’re a teenager) and he doesn’t seem exceptionally mature for his age. He’s cute but so are a hundred other guys in Hollywood. I really don’t get why she’s dating him. Maybe he has a wonderful personality–I don’t pretend to know much about him…??

  22. gg says:

    They do look like a lesbian couple. And how stupid does Bieb look with his butt sticking out the back of his pants? Good lord.

  23. The Other Katherine says:

    DTMFA, Selena. Bedhead, your daughter rocks! Hopefully she will retain this level of discriminating taste when she starts dating in a few years.

  24. Juliesunflower says:

    @skins. How does one act black? If Selena wants to dump Bieber that is her own cup of tea because her 15 minutes free publicity would be up. Besides why is that when a black celeb makes a mistake , it is brought up time and time again. Bieber is big because he is a good soul and does not people besides being a true friend – a friend in need is a friend indeed.

  25. Juliesunflower says:

    @skins. How does one act black? Is every criminal a black person? If Selena wants to dump Bieber, that is her own cup of tea because her 15 minutes free publicity would be up .Again why is it that when a black celeb makes a mistake, it is brought up times without number. Bieber is a good soul because he does not use people for publicity. Bieber is a true friend who will not turn his back on a friend.

  26. Meadowlark says:

    This relationship always creeped me out because they BOTH look so..prepubescent (him, especially)! It reminded me of that movie “Kids” and I just want to run up to them and pull them apart and say, “stop touching each other and go do your homework!”

  27. Jaye E says:

    Oh Skins…that was a completely ignorant remark.

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  29. Clay says:

    Its funny how Chris brown is all like why is there a 10 year old girl in my fAce while beiver is just standing there like duuuhhhh hahaha