J.Lo wants her kids to value “growing up lower middle class”: hypocrite or clueless?

There was an inset story on the cover of this week’s OK! about how J.Lo and Marc Anthony might get back together after their very cozy joint appearance promoting their new reality show. OK! claimed that a source told them Jen is “not nearly as crazy about [Casper] as she was a couple of months ago, he’s half her age and she worries he’s using her for her fame. Add it all up and she’s starting to really open up to the idea of taking Marc back.”

So cue the staged photos of Lopez looking loved-up with her douchetastic younger lover, Casper not-so Smart. Kaiser covered those over the weekend and she very aptly summed up the collective response to this relationship: “Why? The dude isn’t even hot.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

We’ve heard other rumors that Lopez is ready to marry Casper, that she wants his babies, and that she’s setting him up with a hefty allowance and a paid (vague) position on Idol. Well in an appearance on The Today Show this morning, (video is below) Lopez got flustered when Matt Lauer asked her about potentially marrying again, saying it was “too fresh,” but she didn’t rule it out. I’m going to include People’s coverage of this, because it’s safe to assume this is straight from Lopez’s camp:

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. We’ll see. I mean, I don’t know,” a slightly flustered Lopez, 42, told Matt Lauer on Monday’s Today show when he asked, “Do you think you’ll marry again?”

“It’s not time to think about that yet,” she said. “It’s still fresh.”

On the topic of appearing with her ex-husband (since last July) Marc Anthony on their new TV show, ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen, Lopez admitted that, given their personal circumstances, it would have been easy to walk away from the show commitment.

But, she explained, “Marc and I were friends before we got married. We were friends for years, and we always loved each other. And we always worked together, so it wasn’t an unnatural thing for us to continue working together. And, obviously, we have children together, so it’s not going to be like he’s not in my life. He’s always going to be in my life.”

She also conceded that there are uncomfortable moments between them, but said, “There is real love there.”

South Beach Fun with Casper Smart
On the relationship front, Lopez was seen getting wild with boyfriend Casper Smart on South Beach this weekend.

After a marathon two-day photo shoot on Ocean Drive in South Beach for an upcoming Vogue magazine feature, Lopez and Smart, 24, joined Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias and a group of other colleagues for dinner at Casa Tua late Saturday night.

“After a festive dinner, she jumped up on the table and performed an impromptu dance in front of Casper, who sat there wide eyed and happy,” a source told PEOPLE. “She was having a blast and looked radiant.”

The source added: “The last time I saw Jennifer at Casa Tua, she was with Marc, and neither performer looked happy. This was like a positive renewal for Jen.”

[From People]

So Marc was a downer for her so she’s bringing her boy toy around and visiting their old haunts in order to wipe the slate clean.

I did get the impression that she still loves Marc and was even a little embarrassed talking about him, like you get when you’re talking about a new lover. So is she keeping the door open for a reconciliation? Is this whole split and “taking younger lovers” thing a publicity stunt for their new reality show? Many of you say you think it is. I don’t think so, but I’m naive like that.

Toward the end of that interview, Lopez laughingly tried to claim that she was trying to give her kids the same kind of upbringing she had except “in a bigger house.” I got a huge kick out of this and I just need to quote her on it:

Lauer: They’re privileged. Does that worry you at all?
Lopez: I think about it. I loved my upbringing. I’ve tried to give them the same thing, just in a bigger house. The same family, they grew up around their cousins and their aunts, just like I did. The same foods, they eat the same foods I did when I was growing up. You know, I try to just keep what was so good about growing up Puerto Rican in the Bronx, lower middle class family. The same things, the same values that were important to my mom and my dad and what I’ve learned from that upbringing I’ve tried to bring to them.

Do you remember that ridiculous baby photo spread she did in People Magazine with the $3,000 stroller? She posed in couture gowns while holding her twins and showed off an elaborate nautical themed nursery with chandeliers. (Marc and J.Lo later sued the stroller company for $30 million for using them in ad campaigns.) Do you remember how her kids fronted a baby Gucci campaign?! I get what Lopez is saying in theory, but how does that translate in practice actually? Does she deny them anything? Does she teach them that they have more than almost anyone else in the world? What are they learning from going on vacation with mommy’s much younger boyfriend? I would buy these lines coming from Jennifer Garner, but Jennifer Lopez, not so much.

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  1. Justaposter says:


  2. the original bellaluna says:


    Yeah, CB, I’m going to have to with you on this one: ain’t no way she’s bringing up those kids in a “lower middle class” lifestyle.

  3. jc126 says:

    I was just going to mention that photo spread. She’s ridiculous.

  4. Lisa says:

    Jenny from the block, my ass.

    • gg says:

      JenLo from the Ass. I might laugh when she gets bunions and her toes twist all up from wearing those shoes of pain.

      • CooCooCatchoo says:

        Are you old enough to remember Steve Martin’s comedy routine called “Cruel Shoes?” I cracked up thinking about that when u mentioned her “shoes of pain!”

  5. Agnes says:

    She’s so full of shit. I bet you her kids never even see any of us, the peasants. Except for their (presumably peasant) nannies.

  6. Nev says:


  7. Chalky says:

    Hypocrite or cluless? Both. Still trying hard with the “just Jenny from the block” schtick.

    • girlindisguise says:


      She’s so far removed from the middle class. Is she going to move back to the Bronx to teach her kids real values?

      What an idiot.

  8. HappyJoyJoy says:


  9. SAMAB says:

    she’s such an ass*ole

  10. Jaded says:

    OK, after that pile of sh*t she wants everyone to believe, I’m going to use one of my favourite “big” words to describe her: “meretricious”, which my thesaurus defines as glib, insincere, deceiving, false, superficial, flashy, vulgar, tawdry. She’s all that and a bag of chips.

  11. heatheradair says:

    Um, eating some home-cooked meals by grandma will not grateful, un-spoiled, normal kids make.

  12. Jaxx says:

    Those last two photos gross me out. Here she’s holding her twins and her face is vamp hungry sex goddess? Please. Ick.

  13. JM says:

    So does that mean her house(s) is in foreclosure, she lost her medical benefits because of inability to pay the astronomical premiums because she hasn’t had a raise in 4 years, she’s shopping for clothes at secondhand stores and pays for groceries with fists full of coupons? No? Then she needs to sit down and STFU!!!

    • crazycatlady says:

      Amen to that, JM.

      Unless she plans on raising them in the Bronx while depriving them of her multimillions, they will never know what it’s like to grow up “lower-middle class.” Ever.

  14. Rita says:

    “Lower middle class”? It’s her way of saying, “I identify with the latinas who buy my stuff. So keep buying it.”

  15. Kat says:

    On today’s episode of “B*tch, Please!” we have J.Lo. Her drugs of choice? Delusion mixed with an overly generous side of narcissism.

    If you’re that genuinely concerned with raising your kids lower middle class, get rid of all the “stuff” and move back to your old neighborhood. Yeah, didn’t think so. Sell it somewhere else.

  16. Odyssa Kelly says:

    RIGHT! Whatever JLo!

  17. islandwalker says:

    A 42 year old mother of two should not be jumping on tables dancing trying to impress her bought and paid for boy toy. How embarrassing can you get?Everything about this woman is crass.

  18. Asli says:

    She got up on a table in a restaurant and danced for her paid f*ck-buddy?! That’s it. All respect for J-No has vanished. And lower middleclass?Riiiiiiiiiight.

  19. juju says:

    Oh please shit up !!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is such bull shit !!!!!!!!!!

  20. Brenda says:

    I’m latina n I refuse to buy her tacky ass shit!! Even my mom is all ay Dios mio!!! That’s a delusional trick!!

  21. Quest says:

    Absolutely Clueless.

  22. Girl says:

    So she pays this dude $10k a week but wants her kids to live like peasants in comparison?

    If it’s true, wow. She’s an even bigger asshole than I thought. I get that having money doesn’t mean you can only have a certain set of values but I doubt she is a dedicated enough parent to actually pull it off.

  23. lucy2 says:

    Yeah right. She keeps pushing that image, trying to be relatable, but everyone knows she’s a high maintenance spoiled diva.
    Those kids will always know that they’re very wealthy, and I can’t imagine there’s anything in their lives similar to how she grew up. Which is fine – she’s had great success – but don’t try to sell everyone a bullsh-t image.

  24. Jover says:

    Good comments all completely insulting and disgusting; really, the public needs to stop buying her crap. And these celebutards wonder why they are despised by the unwashed masses.It’s not just FOx and the right, anyone with common decency is disgusted by this narcissistic BS.

  25. The Bobster says:

    A fake ghetto girl who just finished a fake car commercial? Yeah, I believe her. 😉

  26. Camille (The original) says:

    Hypocrite, clueless and ridiculous too. 🙄

  27. Jayna says:

    I saw. the complete interview and I thought she was very thoughtful about her childhood compared to her children because they now come from privilege.

    • HA! says:

      Watch them splurge and waste her hard booty call earned money when they grow up…she’s gonna raise two brats. I’ve seen them greater and really wiser fall. Don’t expect much from this ho, especially with paid-bf setting an example of a leach.

  28. Minty says:

    Oh Jenny, they were just pleasant-sounding words coming out of your conceited mouth. You can take your furs and shove it up your Bedazzled ass.

    God help her children.

    • Kat says:

      “You can take your furs and shove it up your Bedazzled ass.”

      Thank you, Minty. That made me laugh my ass off.

  29. Hautie says:

    This was a girl, that was practically broke.

    Lopez had spent tens of millions of dollars and really had nothing to show for it. Had she not gotten hired by FOX for Idol. She would be up sh*ts creek.

    So Lopez knew she was financially in trouble. So to show her gratitude for pulling out of that sink hole.

    She dumps her husband.

    Immediately starts shagging another backup dancer.

    Whom is getting an allowance to be her boyfriend.

    And this is her way of showing her children how to grow up “lower middle class”?


    This girl is just delusional as hell.

  30. KateNonymous says:

    If she’d said, “I want them to value their family and their heritage and culture, no matter what income bracket they grow up in,” I’d have no problem with it. But her comment as made is just dumb.

    And she’ll get married again. That’s what she does.

  31. Tweakspotter says:

    Que Mentirosa! La actitud de esa mujer es falsa.

    Lo siento pedo It’s prettier in Spanish…LOL!!!

  32. Alexis says:

    Her kids are cute.

  33. Moi says:

    Without a doubt, without a clue…

  34. Maritza says:

    What she means is that she wants her kids to be raised like she did with the middle class Puerto Rican values, food and culture. By raising them close to the family, aunts, cousins, grandma and grandpa. It doesn’t matter that she is a millionaire, she knows where her roots came from and she wants her kids to learn them too. Good for her!

  35. Mingy says:

    she got a nose job, right ????

  36. NeoCleo says:

    Well, since everyone has quite thoroughly, and in some instances, quite poetically, called Lopez on her BS, I’ll just say:


  37. Lukie says:

    How lower middle class can you be if your parents owned their house and sent her and her sisters to Catholic school?

    She is so full of shit.

    • Bodhi says:

      I grew up lower middle class & went to Catholic school. My parents scrimped & sacrificed to send me. And I was on scholarships from 2nd to 12th grade

  38. Lukie says:

    How lower middle class can you be if your parents owned their house and sent her and her sisters to Catholic school?

    She is so full of $hit.

  39. Diane says:

    She can begin by taking them out of the Gucci clothes they are wearing on the beach.

  40. gina says:

    That probably means to her that the kids can only have caviar and Cristal Champagne on Thursdays, lol.

  41. Beatriz says:

    I’m Latina, and my sister and I always talk about how we don’t consider Jlo to be a Latina at all. And that that whole lower middle-class shtick? Bitch please.

  42. HA! says:

    LMAO! What she won’t do for attention …so she wants them to know what poor is (middle class is now a legend) so they grow up doing wahtever she dictates to keep their allowance/trustfund? Like her paid bf?
    Those kids look so much like their dad it’s almost dreadful…

  43. Lana says:

    Wow, so know one will defend her? Well I saw one or two post tops that did. My parents are Hispanic and the most my Dad makes is 60,000 dollars and my Mom like 25,000 I think. I have MORE than they did growing up in THEIR country. They often talk about trying to raise us similarly to how they were raised and with their values. Sometimes they act overwhelmed or like it’s not possible.

    But on their best days they believe they can do it and try. Essentially, they can’t recreate their upbringing for us (and they wouldn’t want to recreate the worst parts or suffering) but definitely aspects that will help us build a work ethic and character as well as the old fashioned CAtholic values.
    I often hear my other Hispanic friends’ parents say the same thing.

    It’s constantly on their mind. Maybe it’s a Hispanic thing or immigrant thing. We try. And maybe that’s what she is talking about? She has never been super articulate. She has said the same thing about “the same food, same music,” etc.

    When culture and values is more than that or can be explained a bit better but I get it. She also once said that she loved her upbringing in New York and that benefitted her when she came to LA that she wished her kids will get some of that and contemplated raising them in NY full time. Also, why mention Jennifer Garner and not some other Hollywood moms? There are plenty to choose from.
    Mind you I don’t absolutely consider her Hispanic or Latina. I’m one of those people that feel you should speak Spanish (learning it from your hubby doesn’t totally count) Puerto Ricans love to act and think of themeselves as White and don’t teach their kids Spanish. But she doesn’t deserve ALL this hate either!

  44. e.non says:

    this bitch couldn’t leave the no. 5 far enough behind. some lower-middle class values — the way she flaunts her jewelry, furs, desigher clothes. hell, i bet she doesn’t even donate her old wigs to cancer survivors — not even the ones left behind ‘on the block’…

  45. *Roxy* says:

    If she’s not Hispanic or Latina who she’s then? ))

  46. Kimlee says:

    (“I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. We’ll see. I mean, I don’t know,” a slightly flustered Lopez, 42, told Matt Lauer on Monday’s Today show when he asked, “Do you think you’ll marry again?”

    ” It’s not time to think about that yet,” she said. “It’s still fresh”)

    My question is what’s still fresh? can’t be her divorcé because if she felt it was still fresh she would have hope on the first dancer that look her way she would have taken time to get over the hurt and time for herself.

  47. original sandy says:

    j-lo is so busy trying to stay out of the hood, that’s surprising she wants her kids there, and also i did not get a chance to comment last time and i did notice the switch up from douche boy to facial challenge?. lol that’s true, and can’t argue with that one. lol very funny indeed.

  48. Maya says:

    J.Lo using the media for her advantage. As if her children will realise anything other than their current lifestyle. I don’t see why actors or any other high achievers have to feel like they have to apologise for their success and suggest that they’ll somehow make their children understand the plight of the lesser privileged.

  49. Messenger says:

    why is it that, once a person “arrives” they want to turn around and foist poverty upon their children in the name of “values”? imo, the best reason to have obscene wealth is to allow your children the freedom to follow their hearts in the choice of life work and to give them all the opportunities while growing to try everything in that pursuit. something people with limited resources can’t do for their children. you can teach your children values and manners and compassion first by example and second by being present in their lives every day to guide them should they falter. most of the filthy rich are happy to be so. their children are and should be the natural beneficiaries of that good fortune. an opportunity to raise amazing human beings is present in these circumstances…IF you are up to the parenting challenge.

  50. crys737 says:

    I am lower middle class puertorican and think she should fly to the most rural parts of Puerto Rico and really see what Puerto Rico and lower middle class is all about. Until then she should shut her yap.

  51. Dee says:

    I would say clueless. Not sure how little kids clad in Gucci will relate to lower middle class.

  52. Dana says:

    Well she does drive herself to appearances in a Fiat, right?

  53. mira says:

    I think all this is terribly hypocritical. I’m talking about the comments. You are those who call Marc Anthony ugly dictator, because kept Jennifer away from the paparazzi and endless interviews. You are those who prefer to see the beautiful and artificial things, but you are not interested for the endless talent of a great vocalist, but are only interested for gossip. You deserve Jennifer Lopez in all her splendor. But Marc Anthony was too great for you.