Angelina Jolie’s leg is the most controversial and horrible thing ever, of course

For. The. Love. Of. God. We’re still talking about Angelina’s leggy appearance at the Oscars. I just… seriously? OK. Let’s get to it. First, everyone is dissecting Angelina’s body. As I said at the time, her waist looked super-tiny and her arms bothered me, but overall, I’m just so f–king sick of talking about Angelina’s body. She’s thin. It’s not breaking news. She’s not calling the paps and posing in bikinis. She’s been criticized about her figure for more than a decade – I remember even back in 1998 and 1999, people were freaked out about her tiny arms. Enough. As for her Oscars appearance, CB and I were debating whether or not to devote an entire post to Jolie’s body, which I argued against because – and I still think this – the tabloids will be having a field day with this anyway, so we can just cover it then.

CB, who is not a Brangeloonie but not a hater either, said that “Angelina looked worryingly thin to me, particularly her arms, which looked twig-like, I’ll be honest. I don’t think it’s fair to be harsh to her about it, just like it’s not fair to point out when celebrities are overweight, although we all know that it happens.” In the past, “sources” have claimed that Angelina simply doesn’t eat enough because she’s too busy thinking about the refugees, or because she was grieving for her mother, who passed in 2007.

Joan Rivers has weighed in (ugh) on Angelina’s appearance. Joan has mocked Angelina in the past, but over the past few years, Joan has been going much easier on her. Not this time, though. Joan told Radar:

“Angelina Jolie looked like a fool the way she posed. She took herself right out of that super star category because you now realize she stands in front of a mirror to figure out [what she looks like.]… Have you ever seen anybody stand with their hand on a hip with a leg thrown out to open an envelope? No. and you want to say, you idiot! You brought us back to the fact and we’ve all forgotten that you used to wear blood around your neck and French kiss your brother! That looks like Auschwitz adjacent. This is the first stupid move she’s made. She handles her own pr, career and it’s all been very thought out. She turned around from kissing her brother on the carpet to being a representative of the United Nations and she’s done it all. She turned herself around to be a super star and you go whoops! Maybe she had a drink?”

[Via Radar]

I love how people are saying, “This is the FIRST TIME she’s ever screwed up this badly!!” First of all, I still have my doubts that The Leg is a “screw up.” Second of all, don’t bring up the Holocaust. Don’t. It’s just a ridiculous and offensive comparison/joke, and it shouldn’t even be brought up. Third, Jolie’s critics claim that every little thing she does is The Most Awful Thing Ever, and they have the shortest attention spans ever. I just don’t get how “Haha, Angelina’s leg is so funny” becomes “This is Angelina’s worst PR catastrophe of all time! HOLOCAUST.”

I understand why her leg is a joke and why it‘s a “thing,” and my argument remains: Angelina was laughing at herself too. I think she was having fun with it. That’s what Radar’s “source” claims too – this person tells Radar, “Angie was vamping it up, no more, nothing less. There was no hidden meaning in what she was doing. The photographers went crazy for her on the red carpet and were screaming for her to ‘Show some leg,’ and so she did. It was totally unplanned for Angie to do it again when she was presenting, she was having fun, living in the moment, like she always does. She is absolutely oblivious to the controversy and attention the sexy pose has created.” As for Angelina’s thin appearance, the source tells Radar: “Yes, Angie is thin. She has a lot going on with the kids, Brad, and work. Angie understands that going to award shows is part of the business, but it’s not at the top of her list of favorite things to do. She is relieved that it’s now over.”

Oh, and after the Oscars, Brad and Angelina joined George Clooney for a private dinner at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood. Clooney and Stacy Keibler organized the dinner, it seemed, as many of George’s friends were there. Maybe Angelina had a big post-Oscars meal.

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  1. Jane says:

    I have to agree with with Joan said except for the Auschwitz reference.

    • LadyJane says:

      IF it was a joke that Angie was in on, she would have assumed the pose again when she introduced the next award, in an even more exaggerated way, after Jim Rash did. Now THAT would have been funny. That would have shown she had a sense of humour, self-awareness and was in on the joke. But she just stopped doing the pose immediately after being mocked by Nash.

      • Maguita says:

        Can I just please say, that the leg pose, is how I got on my first bidet when I visited Rome.

        That is truly how you get on a bidet, without wanting to take all your clothes off.

        That is all, please continue with the adoration. Just remember to hike-up your skirts as high as possible, when getting on a bidet.

    • ashleigh says:

      Why isnt anyone bringing up Anistons much more famous leg exposure? Thats like her famous pose.. im surprised the problem isnt her macking in on Brad again.. plus Angie dared to steal Jen’s usual LBD look.. “thigh”scapade and all!

      • Wendy says:

        Oh god… is Aniston the “default” answer to any and all criticisms of Jolie? Please, the woman wasn’t even there and we’ve NEVER seen her pose as if she has massive razor rash.

        No one gives a hoot if Jolie flashes her leg, she’s been doing it for a couple of years now. But when she contorts herself akwardly, taking a wide legged stance to do so, that is straight out of the Z-lister playbook. This stuff is supposed to look effortless, not so bloody obvious that they guy you just gave an award to feels the need to mock your obviousness.

      • bondbabe says:

        @ashleigh – Really? You just had to go there!?

        No one brought up Aniston (and I AM a fan) because this post is about Angelina, and her out-of-character and very awkward “leg pose.” (Just so very bizarre IMHO.) So just please STOP with the Aniston interjections…please. This isn’t the Awkward/Weird Body Contortion Pose Competition.

      • ashleigh says:

        Just to be clear @lolababe: I dont agree with aniston references, im just surprised that they hadnt been made but its good to see how hostile we get defending people we don’t know..This stuff should b light fluff for our consumption not international image competitions but then again Im not saying anything new.

  2. Justine says:

    Totally Agree!!!

    It was a dumb move to do, but i thought Angelina was having a lot of fun so good on her. She doesn’t ever look like she has fun at these award shows since she got together with Brad (I don’t mean he sucked the life out of her…she seems like the happiest she’s been in her personal life)…I just mean she seems bored at these events nowadays.

    Also, while people call some actresses out for being “heavier”….all the posts are pretty much unanimously “beauty comes in all sizes. She looks gorgeous, lay off haters. this industry is sick, making us think anorexic is beautiful.” That pisses me off. Angelina is WAY too thin, no doubt, but she’s hardly anorexic…too many pictures of her carrying her 6 year old kids, who must weigh about 50 pounds, with one arm.

    So it’s okay to be overweight but not underweight? The one thing in common all people who’ve lived over 100 years old have is that they’re thin -_-…Japanese people are especially long lived and they’re stick thin.

    Also, those guys who “mocked” Jolie praised her later for being sexy and how it was a tribute to her…Jolie stole the show at the Oscars, even though she wasn’t even nominated.

  3. Rita says:

    I am sick to death with all the talk about AJ’s body. My God, if there is any more discussion about how skinny she is or how she had the nerve to expose her thigh, I am going to explode. Is this all that is happening in the world of celebrity? I simply can’t take it any more.

    On another note, AJ does look thin and I think her thighs look okay when it’s a peak-a-boo thing. I’m going to check some other gossip sites to see whose still talking about this.

    • Riana says:

      Lol, I noticed that. Anyone else and Kaiser would have gladly discussed it for 3 or 4 posts.

      Anyway it was a mistake, silly but no big deal. Pretending it was intentional when she clearly looked embarrassed when she got back on stage is just making it into a bigger spectacle than it was.

      The great Angie can look silly too, last I checked she is human.

      • Julie says:

        She looks great. She may look very thin in person but she photographs perfectly. And don’t forget, that HER JOB IS to look perfect in photographs.
        I think the leg pose was part champagne (or whatever) and part goofy exhaustion from the ridiculous award show circuit. Brad and AJ are too busy and happy to take any of this shit seriously and it got to her. It just happened to be at the oscars when it happened! It’s like when Anderson Cooper had a laughing fit during the news.
        I think it’s hysterical what Angie did with the absurd posing and I also think she is LAUGHING at all the fuss about it!

  4. Ailine says:

    I don’t think she stood in a mirror before posing, if she had she would have realized how awkward it looked. People love to find a reason to tear a woman down. They seldom have this kind of criticism for men.

  5. normades says:

    I think it was all planned. Ange knew Brad had 0% chance of winning, so she made sure people would still be talking about the Brange…mission accomplished.

  6. carrie says:

    she always had a gorgeous face and a too thin body (her arms,her legs are not her best) but there her dress is ugly (she looks wrapped in a black velvet curtain ),her hair is awful,her make-up is so-so(too pale,bad lipstick color) and her pose is ridiculous

  7. LadyJane says:

    If she only showed her leg because a pap shouted at her and told her to, well that pap must have been following her around the entire night, shouting “Show us your leg” until he lost his voice because she cocked that right appendage out at every possible opportunity. And most of the time she wasn’t laughing – she had on her ‘smolder’ face. Meh – people think what they want to think. She did show vulnerability and appeared insecure and needy with all the posing and I think that is what people find remarkable.

  8. LoL says:

    In 98/99 she was obviously going through some ish. She looks very similar to her sickly appearance back then and she’s looked like that ever since she got with brad Pitt,

    I think some people don’t want to admit that Angelina looks anorexic again because what does that say about brad. Isn’t he supposed to be superman and Angie’s knight in shining armor?

  9. Assistantrachel says:

    OMG What is the big damn deal, seriously?!

  10. goga says:

    AJ used to work as a model and if she tried to pose, she would have done more gracefully. Of course she was just having fun

  11. LoL says:

    Btw, nobody is talking about brads cat face and orange skin. He looks like he rolled around in a bag of Doritos.

  12. Agnes says:

    all this is quite silly. she looks like she was being silly. and who cares? and the absolute last person on the planet who should criticize anyone’s appearance or alleged body issues is joan rivers, who has been remaking herself into an alien cat plastic face.

    • TMI Tape Mouth Immediately says:

      I completely agree. Maybe she was tipsy, maybe not. I have to say that I am no fan of anyone. Not Pitt, not Jolie, but from watching the show, my impression was that AJ was tongue-in-cheek with her posing. She’s been in the public eye for so long and is usually not in-your-face posing or trying hard. Anyway, as Lainey says “Gossip is a buffet and you choose what you you want to believe”. I choose to think girl was a little under the influence and overdid it in a silly way, having fun at the time (probably regretting it in retrospect with all the hype). As to her body (or any other actress’s body): there’s always something to complain about. Too skinny, too big, too masculine, saggy boobs, bolt-on boobs, too tweaked, looking good “for her age”, old neck, old hands … Just like we all criticize our own bodies.

    • Shaz says:

      Me too – she has a big silly grin on her face – she wasn’t trying to look sultry. I like it when stars entertain me – everyone tries so hard to be proper and it gets borrrring…

  13. Reba says:

    I can’t believe I’m about to defend Joan but she’s Jewish, so the Holocaust thing isn’t offensive, when you’re _________ (insert ethnicity) you can make fun of _________ (said ethnicity). If you’re not, YOU CAN’T!

  14. Rosalee says:

    Angie’s leg loves to act but really wants to direct.

  15. Jane says:

    CB, do a post on how young Tom Cruise looked. I didn’t get to see him on TV, but he sure looks younger. I’m getting sick of AJ’s leg too. lol

    • Nev says:

      yeah when he was presenting my mouth fell open…he looks 35!

    • Eve says:

      I thought that too! I wasn’t actually watching the Oscars. The tv was on, but I put it on mute (was studying for a test I had on Monday). When Cruise popped up on the screen, I had to stop what I was doing and pay attention to him because I couldn’t believe my eyes. He looked like he was in his 20s.

      As for Jolie…I think it was a silly move. I also didn’t like her lipstick this time and her hair looked dull. She seemed drunk to me.

  16. islandgirl says:

    So now she is now she is no longer a superstar lol. I tell you some people are crazy

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    God forbid AJ have a sense of humour. At least SOMEONE at the show did!

    Going now; I’ve been trying avoid all the AJ & JA posts as of late, due to all the back & forth.

  18. Nev says:

    Angelina is laughing at everyone.

    the dress she was wearing will sell out and be copied.

    her leg move will be the new Tebow move.

    genius move. and she prob didn’t know it would happen, that’s the most interesting part.

  19. Kaboom says:

    Talk about the perfect PR stunt with minimal fallout for her. It had over a billion people talk about her. She’s a pro.

  20. hateonit. says:

    this is not even a big deal. I don’t care for her anymore. she’s beautiful and all but not my cup of tea. either way it was her leg she didn’t kill anyone what’s the problem. she did an awkward pose. omg I think it’s either dlisted or the blemish that put the funniest pic of Angie’s legs all over even on brass head. HILARIOUS.

  21. Lucky Charm says:

    Did anyone watch the rest of the presenters? Emma Stone with her exaggerated arm waves & Miss America wave when she entered the stage. JLo and Cameron presenting with their backsides. Everyone was doing something, I thought it brought some fun to a long awards show. The ONLY reason anyone is cackling about how awful & wrong it was is because she’s Angelina Jolie. If Meryl had done it (which I can totally see her doing, too) everyone would be gushing about how cool it was. Let’s just all move on. Now lets talk about how cute the twins were yesterday going shopping with mommy and grandma! Viv is just too precious!

    • Hypocricy says:

      Well Meryll Streep and Sandra Bullock did kiss on the lips during the Oscars or SAG 2009 when on stage and in front of the public….

      It was one of those stunt too…

      • Katherine says:

        How dare they!! It’s the OSCAHS, Dahling.

        No room for fun or frivolity.

        I think most sane people know that if Angie had been all serious she’d be accused of having no sense of humor. When she gets playful and shows a delcious sense of humor – at the OSCAHS, no less – she STILL has no sense of humor because, well, she has no sense of humor. LOL!

        If one needs any more proof of the power of this woman then this brouhaha over nothing is proof positive she is the most famous and obsessed over person on the planet. (Okay maybe just the US)

        The phenomenon I still need explained is the obsession by those who claim to dislikeher so much. They end up being more obsessed and follow her more closely than her own fans.

        My favorite take on the whole thing is by What the Buck on Youtube. His recap of Oscar night is hilarious.

  22. olivia says:

    And were they yelling it when she took the stage to present the award as well? Nice try but no dice.In any case, thanks for confirming for us that you’re a hustling ho who will do anything with her body to get some attention…even making a complete ass out of herself because complete strangers “told” her to. And if they yelled “Show us your boobs!”?

    • Hootysgram says:

      I agree…it was her trying to come off like she’s the sexiest thing on the planet and everyone would oooh and aaah over her skinny ass leg showing. This isn’t the first time she’s shown the leg. Look at every picture ever taken of her with a slit up the thigh..the leg is always jutted out to show it off. She’s pretentious…and self absorbed..and nobody will ever convince me otherwise!
      Go adopt another foreign baby..because we have no babies in this country that need a home…you stupid smug idiot!!!

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        Good lord, AGAIN with the quip about foreign adoptions. It amazes me that so many people are so offended that someone would dare to adopt “a child in need”, wherever that child may happen to be. She’s free to adopt from where-ever she wants to – and so are you. :-/

        And her adopting has nothing to do with the Oscars or her legs or anything anyway, so whatever.

  23. jaime says:

    I think its weird no one is stating the obvious and that she has an eating disorder. If it was any other woman that would be brought up. This isn’t her naturally, remember tomb raider? She had meat on her bones for a long time. My instinct on the whole thing is she was trying to be “cool” like the time she said she liked punk bands like match box 20. She isn’t a fun personality and is really bad at it when she tries.

    • Sunny says:

      ^^AGREED…..super sad, no one screaming about how bad of an example this is for females everywhere, not to mention she has daughters! I get that it’s Jolie but surely that DOES NOT make it ok!?! She needs help…. It happens to da best of us

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      The leg thing I can forgive her for, but calling Matchbox 20 punk? Unforgivable! Someone please introduce this woman to some Bad Brains and Minor Threat.

    • Toot says:

      Actually, Angelina said at the time how hard it was for her to get that Tomb Rader body. She had to constantly lift weights and eat a lot of calories.

      I guess she would rather just live her life outside a gym. There are natuarally skinny people, like myself, who eat, but still have skinny ass arms and calves.

    • Hypocricy says:

      I would agree with you if the same were done to those who are fat and cause more damages to the society promoting it whie most applaud it in here when they are more poeple dying from fat related problems than skinniness ones.

      Same with alcohol and cigarettes that kill much more each year and the 4th smooth criminal nobody ever talked about : SUN.

      Everyone applaud the tan ones for being healthy when they are promoting skin cancer !

      Just saw a medical report on TV news about Austraila which will now ban some of the practice done in salons to get a tan cause it’s the champion of skin cancer before the US due to sun damages which has increased at a rate of 75% during the last twenty years.

      So there are many more people who should be called out for so caled being healthy when they promote killer TAN or passing fat as curvy and heathy while actually eating diet foods to maintain a body dubbed as healthy when the diet doesn’t even contain all the nutriments that qualifies an healthy meal.

    • Kerfuffles says:

      I completely agree. The leg pose is hardly the issue to me. AJ is starving to death in public! Yet to comment on it is to be “jealous” or a “hater?” No, in fact, it’s just pointing out the obvious.

      This site has no problem ringing the gossip alarm bells when any other actress gets painfully thin, especially if said actress flaunts it in public. But Jolie shows up at the biggest night in movies looking like a skeleton & exhibiting bizarre behavior and suddenly making a big gossip deal out of that fact is off-limits?!

      I hope AJ gets help. She is clearly not healthy. Sorry if that offends the Brangeloonies, including Kaiser.

    • Maguita says:

      @jaimie, really agree with your post.

      If you compare the Golden Globes pictures, the proof that Jolie can look more stunning covered head to toe than that silly leg showing, she had a bit more “skin” to her arms than she did at the Oscars. So between the Globes, where she already was skinny, and the Oscars, Jolie lost even more weight!

      And that is sad. A mother who doesn’t eat, is just a bad example for growing daughters. Especially ones growing in front of Hollywood eyes, and who later in life, will always be compared to their mother.

  24. birdie says:

    Honestly, when you see someone like that on the street you would think: eating disorder! Tell me whatever you want, this is not healthy!

  25. Indra says:

    Angelina was not laughing at herself. She was lapping up the attention, all the while having no idea how silly she looked.
    People are still talking about her leg because it was such a bizarre pose for such a polished professional.

  26. NYCgal says:

    I disagree that this was a joke on her part, or she was deliberately vamping it up/mocking celebrity vanity. This is not what she was doing at all. It points again to her mental instability, vanity, insecurity, and poor judgment.

    I strongly agree with Joan’s comment, and also what she said last night on Fashion Police.

    • LurkyLoo says:

      EXACTLY! The loonies are in overdrive making up excuses to protect their idol. We all saw it go down and if not, then we have seen the images and videos. It was no joke, from someone who does not regularyly joke around on red carpets but is usually very somber — she simply misjudged the reception of her dramatic pose.

      One has to wonder if the obsessive fans truly believe that one day they will be rewarded for their unbdying adoration and devotion to the saint and will thus be invited to live in the brangelina castles as BFF for Life, and as bestowed with honorary family status.

  27. kay says:

    it would be totally out of character for her NOT to be joking.
    Or vamping, or whatever.

    She’s another one whose movies I see just to see her, she’s so gorgeous.

    • LadyJane says:

      Seriously? She isn’t funny. She isn’t known for her sense of humour or fun. She NEVER makes fun of herself. She takes herself extremely seriously. If you could find a link to a skit or a show where she did a comedy bit, sending herself up, I would truly appreciate it and completely admit I am wrong.

      • Riana says:

        Hey if people want to think Angelina developed a sense of humor and her running joke was “BOOM, here’s my bony leg.” then cool.

        I really don’t get the logic of it but I figured some excuses would come out of the woodwork to make it seem like it was Angie’s master plan all along.

        “Ah yes, I’ll intentionally look silly so that people make fun of me. Me and Borat will be the two funniest people of the night!”

      • kay says:

        Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

        It;s not in character for her, so of course she was vamping it up.
        because she holds herself so well, to suddenly do this on a red carpet is out of character, so she had to be vamping/joking, whatever word you want.

        Semantics- try reading my post again and gleam the meaning. :)

      • Mari says:

        Oh, please, she may not act in comedies or be silly in interviews, but we do not know her in real life. Since her youth people know she is not that stuck up. Someone dared to jump in the pool if she won that GG award, the took of her fanvy dress and wearing a slip, she jumped in the pool, dragging a reporter with her, she also went to the Oscars practially in costume.
        She has been encspsulated as a sexymman eater, and she had to shed that image. Now she did this, it may be good. She was being called a stuck up for her serious work. She is more than that. She is human.
        I question her stunt, but at the end it was funny, and I think it is already over, well only the jenloons will keep bring it back. We all know they just keep watching for any mistake or bad pic of the JPs, specially AJ to harp on it.

  28. wuuuut!! says:

    I don’t know what’s the freaking big deal anyways,the leg is hungry,it’s just peeking out to look for a sandwich,lol!

  29. Dede says:

    do you think Joan and these other ppl would be screaming headlines telling Melisa McCarthy and Adele that they need to eat a carrot..nope..why is it okay to publicly get on skinny girls but you cant do the same for overweight ones..hmm

  30. bored says:

    Seems like she was having fun, sticking out her leg and being silly, sexpot style. I don’t get the big deal. It was cute.

  31. teehee says:

    If she wanted to show her leg, she should have chosen a dress with a slit in the FRONT of the right leg, not to the SIDE of the dress– then when her leg did show, she wouldnt be hanging to one side and purposefully sticking it out all the time.
    It would happen on its own, and everyone would have thought they were catching sight by privilege, not by her awkward trying.

  32. Jill says:

    Everybody is carping about Angie’s weight. Even Bill O’Reilly is commenting about Angie’s weight.

    The thing is, Angie is no thinner now than she was five years ago at Cannes in 2007. She had a yellow dress on and she was so thin you could see every bone in her spine. I don’t remember nearly as much carping and snarking on her weight then as there is now.

    When I saw her in that yellow dress I was like “Damn, woman, eat a cheesburger!”, but then I realized that she is a very thin body type that may find it difficult to gain weight. I can totally relate, having had that same body type until I was well into my forties. Then your metabolism goes south and your weight goes north and you have to work at keeping the pounds off.

    Angie has six children and a very active schedule. She knows she has to keep healthy. She isn’t stupid. If she was in any danger from her weight, she would have done something about it a long time ago — or Brad would have made her.

    • LoL says:

      Yep, she has been way to skinny for as long as she’s been with brad. Brad is too busy applying foundation makeup and Botox to care.

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah but…2007 is the year her mom died. It makes more sense that she would not care about eating then because of the tragedy. What’s the reason now? That isn’t just being thin from “an active lifestyle”, that is someone who is depriving herself of food.

      • Jill says:

        As someone who was extremely thin well into my thirties, I can tell you from experience that being very thin and being anorexic are two very different things. I was never anorexic. I ate three meals a day but I had a very small appetite. Two bites and I was full up. Anorexia means actually refusing to eat out of some severe body image distortion and requires medical intervention. If she was anorexic, Angie could never have kept up with all her activities and given birth to three children.

      • Sarah says:


        Even if you were/are as skinny as Angelina shows in those photos (which I doubt), you say that you were consistently that weight. Jolie has been heavier and chooses to weigh less. And MANY anorexic women give birth. Many women will eat healthy sometimes and all of the sudden something will trigger their habit and they’ll start reducing their caloric intake again.

        But honestly, look at her. She doesn’t look healthy. No one naturally looks like that without trying to.

      • RuddyZooKeeper says:

        Actually, medically speaking, anorexia is a diagnosis that means being unable to eat or having little to no appetite. Anorexia nervosa is the term used when you are talking about purposely starving yourself to lose weight because of a distorted body image.

  33. G says:

    A tempest in a teapot.

    Points out what a snore the Oscars were otherwise that this is now a “story”. The hits are fab for CB.

  34. nan says:

    I love Angie, but when I first saw these photos, I was embarrassed for her. Why did she make a fool of herself????

    • Hypocricy says:

      I didn’t like the leg part, it was stupid and sterile.

      I didn’t like the kiss on the lips with her brother, just like i didn’t like it betwwen MerylL and Sandra. Again, stupid and sterie.

      Same with the real kiss between Britney and Madonna and Christina.

      Same with Madonna showing her butt rolling on stage in the 80s during her ‘Like A Virgin’ performance.

      Aniston public display of ass fingering,
      Janet Nippelgate, and countless of embarrassing stunts from stars…

      Jolie’s leggate is the nicest form of it but its still on of those STUPID and STERILE public stunt.

    • waq says:

      I thought the same thing. I consider myself a fan but I had second hand embarassement. The saddest part is that she doesn’t have any idea of how sickly she looks. There is something going on with her.

  35. jano1981 says:

    I don’t see her thinking she is being funny. I don’t think she was in on the joke. I see someone trying way too hard to be sexy. The reason why “the leg” is interesting to me is because this is not the AJ that we always see. It was just too different than her normal public demeanor that with her history of drug use I immediately wondered what she was on. Maybe a lot of people are thinking what I did. She can look great sometimes though. Pretty lady.

  36. Az says:

    First of all, I think that Angelina is naturally very thin and the body she sported when playing Lara Croft (which was a million years ago) was the result of serious training and bulking up. Also, in your 20s your face looks different because you are still shedding baby fat. She’s in her late 30s now, of course she looks different. My theory is that she was strutting her stuff out of sheer joy at how badly Wanderlust did. That flop makes The Tourist look like a blockbuster.

  37. Sarah says:

    I guess I’ve always just barely noticed how thin Angelina is but when she was on stage holding the envelope….it was scary. Nobody is supposed to look like that, you know? I don’t think she was even close to that skinny in The Tourist. Can anybody get that thin without an eating disorder???

    I think her scary thin body is worth more to discuss than the fact that she decided to AW all over the Oscars. To me, the difference in discussing a crazy thin girl vs. Discussing an overweight girl is the danger that comes with being too skinny. A large older woman can get sick (see Paula Deen), but to me, its not nearly as alarming as a woman who very well could be starving herself.

  38. boo says:

    I’m still thinking she did it to be funny, cause she kind of laughed at one point while she was presenting, this kind of low snicker type laugh, which made me realize later that she might be in on the joke.

  39. tinker says:

    If it is no big deal why do you keep posting about it?

  40. SJ says:

    I give her credit, is not easy to became an internacional joke just like that, but she did it. Kudos to her,LOL

  41. Leigh says:

    Really? So much press over her leg?
    Is this for reals?

  42. Maria says:

    don’t worry, in 10 years time, she’ll fill out quickly due to undereating for most of her earlier years. We have all seen her slightly fuller figured, in a good way, so we do know now that it is slightly self imposed by restricting calories, exercising too much, or stress…regardless of that, unfortunately, one day when she eats a bit more normally or reduces stress, she’ll fill out very quickly because her body will be thrilled with more calories coming in or being stored properly . so it’s temporary, and will look too thin after she hits 40…she’ll fill out nicely eventually. In the meantime, she is stunningly beautiful, albeit a bit too thin…and it’s true that she couldn’t lug those kids around so easily if she was dangerously skinny.

  43. kibbles says:

    This was a pr win for Angelina. The reason why she is such a big star is because of crazy stuff like this that makes her Oscar appearances so memorable. Now I am hearing about her scrawny leg more than any of the Oscar winners. People will be talking about this years from now and you will see a photo of her with her leg out in any story about the wackiest, most controversial Oscar events of the decade. This will not damage her career. If anything it has put Brangelina and their family back in the spotlight. This is in no way idiotic at all. She’s a pro at stealing attention and she knew exactly what she was doing.

    Her weight is an entirely different issue. She has been underweight for many years and unfortunately no one in Hollywood is really calling her out for it. Eating disorders are so common in their line of business that I doubt a star’s career is really compromised unless they become overweight. I have always said she needed an extra 15-20 pounds on her but I doubt she will gain the weight to be healthy anytime soon. Brad seems to be okay with it so unless he or another big star like Clooney intervenes, she will continue wasting away. None of us really know what her real health problems are but I don’t think she is healthy.

  44. shannon says:

    Still so not getting how this is a thing, but I think the furor over it is pretty funny. It’s a leg people, really. How is this the biggest story from the Oscars? I can’t help but think she’s laughing about it thinking, wth?

    • Hypocricy says:

      Actualy, one of the main story about the Oscars in some news outets, at this side of the Atlantic is some sheer negative anti french reactions over Jean Dujardin’s win and the french reaction in return.

      The leggate hysteria is mainly a national joke that didn’t cross the Atlantic. In here it’s the once again the recurrent, french bashing and american bashing reaction consequent to some tweets against jean Dujardin’s win and some mean anti french stereotype comments about some people from the Descendants cast on tweeters, which sparkle the incident.

  45. Heine says:


    You took the words and thoughts right out of my head.

  46. Heine says:

    Jolie was not in on any joke. She has zero sense of humor about herself and doesn’t know how to do comedy (unlike Emma Stone or Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez). She was publicly mocked for her desperate, focus-pulling antics. She was not nominated; she should have kept her scrawny leg in her dress. The pose-hard was funny but in a laughing at her kinda way not a laughing with her type way. Love that Dean Pelton pulled focus right back to where it belonged.

    Some yelled at her to show her leg? Please. Even if that were the case, wouldn’t ‘Above It All’ Jolie have just ignored him and swept along the red carpet at her own pace? Doing whatever she deemed appropriate?

    She probably thought she looked sexy or vampy when really she looked like she was trying too hard and desperate for attention. Which is weird because she’s an A-list superstar. Maybe it’s gone to her head? Maybe she was peeved because her film got shut out so she wanted to pull attention from the nominees and winners?

    Whatever the reason, she should have let the nominees get all the attention. I didn’t think she was the type to pull such a ridiculous antic.

  47. Lauren says:

    Angie has never claimed to be perfect, this Leg incident makes her more human. Angie is allowed to be playful & silly. There are many sides to AJ..if she were boring Brad would have left a long time ago.

  48. di elepha beth says:

    the last pic cracked me up!
    BP was like: Don’t Even Ask. Don’t. Even.

  49. Jeanette says:

    The leg discussion is just stupid. I keep looking for references to her scary skinny frame. THAT is NOT healthy. You can see her bones in her upper arm! you CAN carry a kid to be anorexic or on drugs or whatever is going on with her and still function. What is wrong with Brad Pitt that he cant intervene and get some meat on his mate, love, wife, whatever’s frame?? How many people in your normal life do you know that you can see their upper arm bones and their shoulder joints?? I think she needs help of some kind. Really.

  50. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Stay pressed bitches!

  51. Jessica says:

    This claim: “She is absolutely oblivious to the controversy and attention the sexy pose has created.”

    Oh PULEASSE! She is not oblivious to it. She is not so above it all that she has no idea whatsoever that it’s been in the news, all over the internet, about the leg twitter page, etc. It’s everywhere. For anyone to make the claim that she is oblivious to it all just shows that he or she is the oblivious one. She may not care, but she knows.

  52. sullivan says:

    The fact that this is big news speaks volumes about Jolie. Why do people care so much about her? Most people love her or hate her. Either way, it seems to be a visceral reaction.

    Regarding the tired “eat a sandwich” comments: it’s not politically correct to make fun of overweight people, probably because more than half of us in the U.S. are overweight. Too many people were getting offended. Piling-on the underweight is currently acceptable because they’re the under(weight)dogs.

  53. harfang says:

    Augh. I love Joan, but I can’t stand it when anyone pulls that whole thing you expressed so well, “HOLOCAUST.” It reminds me of when the extreme political right here in the States pulls a “HITLER.” As though these words are just fun toys to stinkbomb your rivals’ houses with when you’re 9.

  54. blonde on the dock says:

    I thought her behaviour was borderline creepy. The cracks are beginning to show. They didn’t appear to be the happy couple.

  55. sm255 says:

    Crude joke incoming:

    How does a person measure Deville’s skinniness?

    Chop off that leg of hers, feed it to a bear and see if it’ll turn away or not.

    /crude joke

  56. lee says:

    wow — can’t believe people think she was seriously vamping. this wasn’t the first time she wore a dress with a high slit — almost all her rc dresses have a high slit. but this was the first time she did that exaggerated stance. she was kidding folks — she was making fun of the rc sultry pose of wannabe starlettes. she coninued the joke on stage — she entered laughing as she did it –until she realized with descendants’ winners that maybe she did it one too many times.

  57. chloew says:

    the key is to see her face when what’s his name mocked her on stage…that will tell what her mind set was – serious or playing around

    i suspect that she was trying to be sexy and it failed big big big time!
    the audience was not sure what to think – they were taken a back from what i understand

    she just may be losing it again – and that (mental illness) is nothing to make fun of

  58. jc126 says:

    I think it was some kind of inside joke, or dare. She is rational enough not to act like that.

  59. G says:

    The reason we aren’t talking about Lopez and Diaz and their ass backwards presentation instead, that also fell flat is ?

  60. KsGirl says:

    “She is absolutely oblivious to the controversy and attention the sexy pose has created.”


    Comedy. Gold.

  61. Heather says:

    The bones in her shoulder are so sharp. I hope she gets a role like Lara Croft again. She put on a little bit of weight for that and it she looked really good.

  62. Nanz01 says:

    “I just don’t get how ‘Haha, Angelina’s leg is so funny’ becomes ‘This is Angelina’s worst PR catastrophe of all time! HOLOCAUST.’”

    LMAO! Can’t breathe. Best line of the day. Well done.

  63. original sandy says:

    it was funny to me, nothing more or less, really funny, even angie started laughing at herself on stage, it just doesn’t take away from who or what she does, so what… a leg? what about actresses showing more than that? BBL

  64. HoustonGrl says:

    I really don’t think the leg thing is that bad. Sure, it’s a bit exaggerated, but I understand that she has to pose for pictures – what feels unnatural in person can look great on a still shot. Also, often times these stars get designers to fork over dress after dress for big events, so maybe she just wanted to highlight the slit and give honor to the free couture she scored.

    Finally, as far as Angie’s weight is concerned, I agree she’s a small woman. But I remember her arms being really thin even when she was pregnant. Maybe she’s just really busy chasing after all those kids (who are damn cute by the way).

  65. jen says:

    Yikes! I would not be flashing anything of mine that looked like that. It looks like something you’d see hanging up in a butcher’s shop. You can see every unsightly bone and sinew and vein.
    I think she’s instigating gossip about herself again. We were remiss in not paying enough attention to her lately.

  66. Kim says:

    I think the designer or her stylist probably told her how to pose in the dress but that would be for wearing the dress on the runway. This is a runway type pose that doesnt work for the red carpet. I bet she looked at pictures the next day and went what was I doing with my leg. She laughed when the Descendents people made fun of her so i think she probably realized after the fact that the pose looked silly.

  67. lulu says:

    Why is no one asking the designer for comments? It was Versace, wasn’t it? So it is constructed with an A symmetric ‘bustle’ style thing on the left hip, and a massive slit to the right. Angie was advised (perhaps even taught) how to stick her leg out of this dress… but she should have looked in the mirror or asked Zahara whether or not to take up the crazy recommendation…She wanted attention, she got it – but I don’t believe she knew how stupid she looked. Maybe by the time she was presenting, she was showing a sense of humour, but maybe she was just still thinking it was all about the dress (or the leg).
    Clooney and Stacey arrived really early and worked the red carpet a-go-go, then everyone else, and Brad and Angie late. They choreographed this between them – I’m afraid they over-estimate their relevence. Not only have they been famous for such a long time that it’s got to have an effect on their personalities, Angelina is second-generation, which means she herself had a bizarre up-bringing (Jon Voigt as a father?).
    Like or dislike stars like Julia Roberts, Bono, Robert de Niro – they have managed to give their children normal lives. With all their money, and all their power, and Angie’s many other interests, there was never any need for them to drag their kids into this circus. Any good parent would be freaked out by the whole thing. And withdrawn from public life by now. It’s an instinct people. You protect your kids. Not in the phoney “Brad was injured taking the fall for Vivienne in an accident which neither parent can clearly describe” but in a “oh my god, what kind of lives are our poor kids going to have?” Every time an interviewer asks a stupid question about those kids, all the parents need to say is “Please respect our privacy as a family – we’re very worried about our children” and watch the journalists’ faces fall.

  68. brasileira says:

    That wasn’t a “sexy pose”; that was a pathetic one.

  69. Smokin' Jo says:

    Look at the size of her waist compared to his!! She’s not much smaller than him, and as an actress she probably feels the need to be smaller than him. Which is a stupid way to look at it when you’re big boned. She’s trying to maintain this “smallness” that hollywood caters to, when it doesn’t suit her bone structure. She’s not much skinnier than the other starlett’s but it seems so because she’s bigger boned than most of them. You can tell by the broadness of her shoulders

  70. Claire says:

    I’m so sick of all the sh*t actresses have to put up with.

  71. corey says:

    I bet this is a game to her “Hey Brad, I’m gonna stick my leg out like this and watch everyone go nuts haha” The whole celebrity obsession goes a little far sometimes

  72. Karen says:

    Considering that Joan Rivers started her career in gay bars you’d think she would recognize camp when it hit her in the face. Angelina was amusing and she was simply taking the piss. For Rivers to invoke the “Holocaust” is waaaayyy out of line. Perhaps she should retire.

  73. Disbelieving says:

    Me too, I have an anorexic mother. I have watched her disease for 50 years while she tells the world at large she is just naturally thin and she eats all the time. Not true. This site scares me with their support of this woman. If your upper thigh or upper arm are the same size as your lower, you are consuming your own muscle.

    I feel for her daughters. It is a scary thing to see your mother like this. The site owners need to be more responsible. This is not okay.

  74. Pizzazz says:

    I thought her dress was beautiful and she’s too thin but so what? She has issues like anyone else. I hope she gets it together though for her kids. I think she’s trying and I don’t understand why people are so eager to condemn her.

  75. original kate says:

    i thought angie looked pretty great in that dress, but she needs to A) eat a few burritos and B) stop sticking her leg out.

    there. problem solved.

  76. misstrishm says:

    Wow some people are just vicious over someone they don’t know. I thought it was cute and she was having fun. But I bet if she gained the 10 pounds people seem to think she needs they’d be the same people to say she needs to the lose 10 pounds. I would love to be that thin.

  77. runswithscissors says:

    Poor girl’s wearing that leg like she thinks she’s a fat person, that’s the problem. Body dysmorphia in Armani, how’s this news?

  78. Kelsey says:

    This whole thing is totally ridiculous and far-fetched. Although she’d have looked 10 times better without the pose, I get why she did it. Had she practiced this pose infront of the mirror like Joan claims then I’m sure she’d have realized how silly it looks. (DUH!) But I just think she was trying to show off how sexy the gown was more than her leg (knowing that people would be talking about best dressed and worst dressed). Although, i feel bad for her that it actually blew up in her face.

  79. Kelsey says:

    And please I hate how just because of the whole “anorexia” hype, everyone who’s even a little skinny is suddenly unhealthy, gross and totally off-putting yet it’s okay to put the overweight ones on a pedestal and that calling them out on their weight is a blasphemy. She is slim no doubt, but she’s not sickly and ugly. You wipe tears when u see dove commercials on embracing women of all sizes(although they only show big women), and then you come on sites like these and bash people for their weight. I think it’s really unfair how ppl now think it’s okay to bash others for being slim but when someone’s overweight (even obese) it’s a sick, unhuman thing to call out on their weight. Hypocrit much?

  80. Karin says:

    The title here says everything “the most horrible thing ever”. She´s lost it completely. It was so dissapoiting watching the presentation scene, I love her but would never think she would appear as ridiculous as she did. Geez!

  81. Mara says:

    This is not about the leg but many people are so jealous of her beauty and try to find any mistake she make , she is thin that for sure but she look fine .

  82. Loulou says:

    She was turning batty at the prospect of Brad winning an Oscar not her, AND having to go have dinner with George Clooney and the wrestler chick she’s on par with now.

  83. Adrien says:

    Angelina could be our last proper superstar. Could have been Winona (Angie stole her thunder in Girl…Interrupted, hehe). Seriously. I don’t know anyone that can match her caliber — gorgeous, mysterious, charismatic. Let’s not forget she’s also an action star. She’s a decent actress (talent has nothing to do with being a superstar anyway).

  84. mememe says:

    This controversy is insane. Keep rocking it Angelina!

  85. Meanchick says:

    THAT leg is causing all of this? I’m a fan of her work, but that little scrawny leg is nothing to write home about. It’s the way she’s standing/posing that makes me laugh.

  86. Angelina's left leg says:

    I’d just like to say I was shaved and pumped and ready to go too, I’m just a little camera shy.

  87. Francesca says:

    She loves to hit it at the Oscars. She knows what will cause a stir and she does it. There is something raw, uncaring and very overt about la jolie; I just hope she isn’t going to cross the line and start making us all cringe, like Madge has done. We don’t need to see her mama boobies or any thing like that anymore…

  88. danielle says:

    the leg thing looked idiotic. But if she did it because she thought it was idiotic, but funny…well, then I love her again. I was getting bored.

  89. rita says:

    but it is, I find it so ridiculous women to support, defend and admire a homewrecker, we should unite.

    she looks like a starving jew, her body looks ridiculous and her leg showing was so desperate.