Demi Moore is photoshopped into a 20 year-old model in her new ads (update)

When I look at print advertisements I’m often struck by how much the models’ faces are Photoshopped so that they vaguely look like celebrities. The faces end up looking so fake that it’s like they’re using interchangeable parts. Sometimes I question why they even need to use real women at all. At some point in the not-so-distant future, women’s faces in ads will be entirely computer-generated. In the mean time we have celebrities airbrushed beyond recognition, and models looking the same. Their faces are so dewy and smooth it’s like they come from the same alien planet, where humans were genetically engineered with reptilian skin and the perfect ratio of eyes, nose and mouth.

But I digress, this is about “Demi Moore’s” ads for Helena Rubenstein, which are causing a stink due to how unlike Demi Moore they look. (Update: earlier ads came out two years ago, but these are new. I was originally reporting this based on the images on E!, although different ads are available at The Mirror and on Jezebel.) Here’s E!’s report on it:

Before you get defensive, we’re happy to see Demi Moore back to work, and she is beautiful. We know that, you know that, everybody knows that, and that’s why we ask this question.

The star’s latest ads for Helena Rubinstein’s 2012 campaign have been released, and all we can focus our attention on is the massive amount of Photoshopping going on.

Let’s see, there’s absolutely no wrinkles or facial lines whatsoever, her nose and chin seem a different shape and suddenly, her tan has vanished. Yes, people always notice these things.

We understand that all ads and widely distributed photos get some retouching done, it’s part of the biz, but it’s freakin’ Demi Moore. How much do you really have to fix?

[From E! Online]

Remember when Demi Moore got all up in arms over a photographer who claimed she was Photoshopped on the cover of W Magazine, because that was clearly someone else’s body? (Which she subsequently tried to obtain with a diet of Red Bull and ADHD drugs?) Well there’s not much she can say about these images, except for claiming that they used another model and just messed with her face so that she ended up looking like Demi.

In related Demi news, Star is reporting that she’s jealous of her daughter Rumer for still being friendly with her ex Ashton Kutcher. A source is quoted who says Demi “is not at all happy that they’re hanging out. It’s disrespectful and is not helping her recovery… it’s salt in the wound after everything that happened. Demi should be focusing on her recovery, and this is a completely unnecessary distraction.” I hope this isn’t true at all, but given all we’ve heard about how Demi is still fixated on Ashton, I can believe it.

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  1. Sapphire says:

    They’ve even changed her eye color_how much is Demi at all?

    • Lexy says:

      LOL beautiful hybrid of Dita Von Teese and Kristen Steward. It’s just ridiculous.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

        From the header photo I thought this was going to be an article about Dita Von teese. Also the first photo looks like Rumer.

      • taylor says:

        YES! All I see is Dita Von Teese in the header photo, too.

      • Babalon says:

        Funny. I actually thought I was looking at Jennifer Connelly.

        This is shameful of them, IMO. She’s lovely without all of that.

      • Rio says:

        Yeah, I was thinking Dita with a tan or Jennifer Connolly with plucked eyebrows but couldn’t pin down which one it was. It’s not a good sign when you have people trying to “guess the face”…and neither of them are yours!

      • marge says:

        i though that same thing too…

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I thought the pic with the red lipstick looked like Dita too.

        I’m OLD. I remember young Demi from when I was in my teens. She was never this pretty EVER. She was this young once but not this pretty.

  2. almond says:

    Forget virtual women. A little longer and they’ll be putting anime cartoons in the ads. It’s getting beyond ridiculous.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Al Pacino had a movie out a few years ago about exactly that – a virtual supermodel who everyone thought was real. The “model”‘s name was Simone and she became a cult hit. Very strange – art imitating life?

      • NancyMan says:

        There was also a movie out in the 80s called ‘Looker’. Where all models were generated by computer… Although at the time, the movie’s perfect beauty didn’t look so zombie like…

      • almond says:

        I remember that movie. By the end he was struggling to discredit her so she could vanish from the lime light but anything he made her do in films was met with critics’ and audiences’ appreciation and praise.

      • UnAttributableSpoon says:

        It was called “Simone.”

        I just watched it a couple months ago, it was a really interesting look into the fame machine and who gets caught up in it.

        I recommend it, it’s kind of quiet but pulls you in.


    • Zoe says:

      She looks animated and very cartoonish

  3. drdoolittling says:

    This idiot: you know what’s disrespectful? Partying with your daughter to the point of od’ing. She’s an immature twat who clearly is not bettering herself. She is blaming her young adult children (who are probably mortified beyond belief), and Ashton for what appears to be the weirdest drug addictions I have ever heard; red bull, whippets, fake weed, and coke. Get a grip.

    • jc126 says:

      Any sympathy I had for Demi – it is sad to see her desperate attempts to pretend to be young forever – evaporated when we all found out she was partying with her daughter there.

      She’s pathetic.

  4. cassius. says:

    I thought it was a photo shopped Kyle Richards.

  5. Maria says:

    surprised by the two photos,theres is less than zero on the Add XD , I can´t believe she used to be Bruce “hard to die” Willi´s wife -_-

  6. dorothy says:

    Why use Demi at all? This Photo-shopping has gone too far. Do they think consumers don’t know?

  7. Reba says:

    The new ads are for another thing not her perfume, Jezebel has them.

  8. She looks like she has hazel eyes. I do, and they change color here and there. She’s done some really decent work in Indy movies in recent years. Maybe that’s all she could get, but those are often the most interesting roles. She looks good on film still.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I have hazel eyes too. They range from dark golden brown to their usual light golden brown to a light golden green. They never look quite as green as Demi’s in this photo, IRL but it takes nothing to punch them up in Photoshop to this color, sometimes just Instagram or the Hipstamatic does it without my trying. The eyes are just a simple filter or color mask BUT……………………

      The rest is too much. It looks like the time I was learning highpass to remove blemishes and made Michael Bay looks like a woman! I wonder what I will be able to do once I get to the advanced class. Can I have this filter put on me in public?

  9. gab says:

    We’ll tell the public that this is Demi. They’ll never put it together that it’s not.

    This sort of thing worked a few years ago, but not now.

  10. Dani says:

    As a mother, you want your child to be emotionally healthy. Demi was more than happy to have Ashton in Rumer’s life when they were married and obviously they developed a relationship. Rumer didn’t divorce him. I am sure it is tough for Demi but shouldn’t motherhood trump her own needs?

  11. Franny says:

    the publishing world must think that we are all blind as bats and morons on top of it. helllllo, we all know what she looks like, plastic surgery or not. no one has 0 line skin in a color that doesn’t happen IRL. Just look at the drastic difference between the last 2 pictures. Its frightening.

    Have you seen those cosmetic ads where they have 0 photoshop on them? Like, there is even a note on it saying its been notorized that there is 0 digital manipulation. I was confused at first why the picture looked so strange, until I realized that I’m so used to seeing these crazy unrealistic pictures that I forgot what real people look like. I think that’s the way to go with all advertising. If you promise me your foundation will look like one thing, I expect a picture of it, not a blank screen of “perfect glowing dewy skin”.

  12. heatheradair says:

    If you’d told me those were pictures of a ‘Shopped Jennifer Connelly, or Dita VonT, I’d have believed you, too.

  13. Eve says:

    In the second picture, that cartoon* looks like Dita Von Teese.

    P.S.: Seriously, that doesn’t look like a living creature.

    • clare says:

      That’s what I thought, too.

      Honestly, don’t these aging models – actors know candids are published of them in the Mail, etc.
      Like Andie MacDowell when she was debuting her daughter in England or France last Nov. or Dec. – she looked her age in the candids – yet these L’Oreal tv and magazine ads make her look the same way!
      There needs to be a campaign for Just Say No to Photoshop!
      It makes them look pathetic.

  14. Dawn says:

    I don’t think Demi looked this good when she was 20. I find this sad that this company would hire her knowing she is almost 50 and then make her look overly young. No wonder she does what she does to stay young looking. It’s a shame that she can’t accept her age and move on.

  15. AudreyS says:

    “Sometimes I question why they even need to use real women at all. At some point in the not-so-distant future, women’s faces in ads will be entirely computer-generated. In the mean time we have celebrities airbrushed beyond recognition, and models looking the same.”

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT! And, it’s sooo ironic that the ad’s line is “All you’ve ever wanted”. Demi Moore is the epitome of an insecure woman. She is absolutely the wrong spokesperson for this type of ad.

  16. Fyofeelings says:

    What in the photoshop hell is this?? Demi we all know that ain’t you head yes, body hell no!

  17. ladybert62 says:

    After looking at the first set of photos that are photoshopped and then looking at her in the bottom photo, wow, she has gotten older – that is for sure.

    Considering her self esteem issues, I am surprised that she (or whoever makes these decisions for her) would allow these photoshopped things to be released – no wonder she has issues – she cant possibly look like those first set of photos.

    I think this might cause a relapse.

  18. MarionP says:

    Please all of these stars have had work done I like to see them all in person with no makeup!!!! Its really sad that society has done this to us. We are all going to get old and it should be natural……..

  19. truthful says:

    I’m sure she “oks” these pics and she thought this was ok???

    it makes her look all the more ridicilous…the most unrealistic photo I’ve seen in months.

    what’s wrong w/a few lines of character on the face??

    she looks her daughter’s age in these.

  20. Funkenstein says:

    I definitely thought this was Dita von Teese at first glance? Wtf.

  21. Lol says:

    She looks like jennifer connolly in these pics

    • Darlene says:

      I asked my husband last night (showing him the images only) “who is this celebrity?” He guessed Jennifer Connolly.

    • bella says:

      Yes, I thought it was Jennifer Connelly, too! Thing is…though Demi is beautiful, if you go back to photos of her in her younger days, she was never as flawless as these recent photos. Just another unattainable beauty standard put forth by advertisers.

  22. Green_Eyes says:

    Demi in her 20′s didn’t even look like photoshopped to heck virtual Demi in these ads. Having dark green eyes in some photos my eyes appear darker than they are..but for the most part they show green. That being said not sure why they changed Demi’s eye color as that isn’t lighting capturing different shades of eye color..that’s an entirely different color altogether. WOW, if one didn’t have body issues before having modeled for them I would think one would after!! Demi must be really insecure and cant be getting better if she accepted this quietly!!

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Demi’s eyes are hazel not green, they are the same color as mine in the real picture some goldy greeny khaki olive color.

      Still that is the least of it. She looks like a young Kyle Richards with good brows here. Demi was never that pretty.

      Not that I know what a young adult Kyle looked like. I remember her as a kid and now as a 40 year old woman.

  23. Darlene says:


  24. birdie says:

    I know she is photoshopped to death, like, this is not herself in the tiniest way anymore.
    But still, I really like them. When you accept that this is just a cartoonish version of her.. It is almost like these are alternate versions of her being young.

  25. Happy21 says:

    She looks like Danica Patrick (the racecar driver) in the first photo so much that I think that it IS Danica Patrick!

  26. Maguita says:

    And repeatedly!

    That being said, I’m not at all surprised if the gossip is true. Demi has acted like a self-centered spoiled brat! She had worked so hard for her daughters to accept Ashton as their second dad, and now that they do, she thinks they are being disloyal? Like girlfriends with your ex???

  27. CG says:

    I never thought that Demi and Rumer really looked alike, but that is what these ads look like–the two of them mixed together.

  28. Hautie says:

    To semi-quote Truvy from Steel Magnolia’s:

    “There is no such thing as natural beauty. It takes a lot of effort to look this good.”

    I have mention this before… but Rumer looks like Dita. They have the same shaped eyes and general facial features.

    Rumer could be a dazzler. If Demi put 5% of her whole beauty fund money, into getting Rumer some professional make-up help.

    Most girls figure out their pro’s and con’s of their faces in their teen years. And then work toward the positive. Minimize the negative. Dita is a prime example of a girl who did just this. Go find her early stuff before she decided to go retro. She looks like Rumer.

    Yet, I am sadly starting to suspect that Demi… was never interested in having any of her daughters… out shine her own beauty.

    And I believe it was mention over year ago. That Ashton had co-signed the mortgage for Rumer to buy a house.

    So there seems to be a decent relationship (parent to child) with them.

    But unfortunately, I can see Demi trying to exploit it now. Since all implies that she is determined not to be dumped by him.

    • Isabel says:

      Dita and Rumer look alike? HELL NO! Maybe everything above the nose, but have you seen the chin on Rumer? Don’t think make up can fix that -.-
      (I know, this is very immature to say, but generally most people find Dita von Teese an example of ‘attractive’ and Rumer a perfect example of ‘missed all of the hot genes of her parents’) Just sayin’

  29. maggiegrace says:

    None of those hands are her hands either. Her hands are pretty wizzened.

  30. Esmom says:

    In the first shot even the shape of her nose has been changed. It’s like whoever retouched it could not leave anything alone, crazy.

  31. Kiki says:

    I think she looks like Pippa Middleton in the first pic.

  32. Meanchick says:

    I thought it was Dita too.

  33. Beatriz says:


  34. wunder says:

    This goes beyond normal photoshop. She has been turned into a CGI!

  35. sup says:

    wow they sure photoshopped her into oblivion-i thought i was looking at dita in some of these shoots! for realz

  36. Maritza says:

    Demi didn’t even look like that when she was 20 years old! All this photoshopping is ridiculous, why can’t they show people like they really are? At least they would look human not like cartoon versions of themselves.

  37. Jenna says:

    Whoa. If you didn’t tell me that was Demi, I wouldn’t even have guessed! That looks nothing like her!

  38. Shelly says:

    She looks like Dita. Which, I guess they do resemble each other, except for the fact that Dita actually looks like Dita and Demi does not.

  39. skuddles says:

    How must it make a 50 year old woman feel to see her pics so heavily photoshopped she can barely recognize herself? And is she going to hide in her house forever now so nobody can compare fantasy Demi with real Demi? Sad stuff.

  40. Candyland says:

    Whoa! Demi looks bad next to her photoshopped self. Even the eyebrows aren’t her.

  41. juju says:

    She looks nothing like these pictures, she didnt even look like this when she was young !!! talk about being fony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wunder says:

      Was thinking the same thing! She didn’t EVER look like that CGI even when she was young. NEVER. It’s like “Who the hell is this?”

      Demi comes across as even more desperate, vain and stupid than previously thought.

  42. SpunkyPR says:

    They even photoshopped the lines from her neck and gave her shoulders shape. The product they should be selling is the photoshop software they used. It’s the only true fountain of youth.

  43. jc126 says:

    The eye color thing barely registers in the grand scheme of how they changed her other features.

    I think she should concentrate on getting better right now. Still find her pathetic.

  44. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Wow. Holy mother of photoshop, Rachel Weisz’s L’oreal adverts weren’t even this shopped to death.

  45. egads! says:

    This woman is a travesty! Pathetic. She is the epitome of Hollywood’s pathetic clowns.

  46. Isabel says:

    Hate to say it, but I almost understand Ashton for stepping out on her.. She seems like someone who is desperate to stay in the picture and hold on to things (fame/money/Ashton/YOUTH)
    Get over it girl, your 15 minutes of fame are over. And please don’t let that Rumer girl take over your ‘spotlight’. Can’t stand to look at her -.- (I know, very mean, but goooooood the girl is ugly)

  47. ZenB!tch says:

    The series doesn’t even look like they are the same girl. Not knowing I would have thought it was three models in their late teens/early 20s. The face shapes are not the same. The top one looks like a Photoshopped Dita.

    I’m not sure who the middle one with the tan looks like.

    The last two either a young Kyle with good brows or a shopped Jennifer Connelly with good brows.

  48. kc says:

    Nothing but an ego boost. Only fooling Demi. Guess she’s hoping it makes Ashton all “HOT”.

  49. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    ahahahahahahahahah . . . . .

  50. mew says:

    It’s very basic Photoshop overload, extremely easy to do and nothing special at all.

    The idea of advertising is not to show how Demi looks in nature. The idea is to sell product and marketing people think the way to do that is to create fantasies and imaginery. It doesn’t need to have anything to do with reality, actually, far better if it didn’t.

  51. Julia says:

    Photoshop is evil :) I thought it was Dita von Teese before I read the title.

  52. Paula says:

    I remember years ago when she was first with Bruce, one of the tabloids published pictures of them on the beach and she had a really big ass & legs, really big! She has had so much work done. I hate when they pretend its good genes & taking care of themselves. They all lie thru their teeth!

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  54. Erin says:

    Wow! Demi really looks good. I need to start using this line of cosmetics.
    I wonder if the celebrities really believe they look like this? Do they convince themselves that the pictures are just touched up a little?