Michael Lohan threatens bodily harm to porn star who claims Lindsay paid for sex

My first thought on reading this story: “Did Radar pay $10 a minute to talk to Micheal Lohan because these quotes must have been expensive.” But no, I’m sure Michael has them on speed dial and they only take his calls on slow news days and/or when his daughter does something exceptionally stupid, which as we know is relative for Lindsay. Yesterday we heard a porn star dish to some radio station about how he had sex with Lindsay Lohan while her father was sleeping in the same house. The guy even insinuated that Lindsay paid him for his services, which is better than the money going up her nose I guess. Well now Michael Lohan has chimed in, and he said this never happened, and if it did he would have seriously hurt the guy. Well, maybe he’s right. The guy sleeping upstairs was probably another old dude that Lindsay just claimed was her dad, but was really her 10:30 date. Lindsay doesn’t let her dad in the house anyway.

“This delusional moron wishes he had a nanosecond alone with Lindsay!” Lohan charged. “If I ever caught a guy having sex with my daughter in my house I’d be in jail the rest of my life, especially a dirtball porn star.

“I’m a light sleeper. I would never be asleep while my kids were in the house and awake.

“Another worm crawling out of the woodwork trying to get some publicity. But this time, it’s a person that doesn’t even have respect for himself, never mind Lindsay or anyone else. To begin with, not at ANY time that I was with my family or Lindsay at our home, or anywhere, did I go to sleep before my children did.

“Or allow any man/male and especially a sleazebag, alone with Lindsay. Can you imagine ME, Michael Lohan, of all fathers, allowing my daughter(s) to be alone with any guy while I was present? Ha ha!

“And if, by chance, a dirtball like Voodoo, snuck in, he wouldn’t have made it out. Last but not least, Lindsay would NEVER stoop to the level of this neophyte. (The lowest form of living organism on earth).

“Sad, very sad. I pity him.”

[From Radar]

This is a guy who secretly taped his daughter’s (and everyone else’s) phone calls and sold tapes to the press of Lindsay crying and begging for help during what she assumed was a private phone call with her family. This is also the guy who photographed at least two of his ex girlfriends nude and then sold the photos to the press after they inevitably received his fists full of anger (and some kicks to the crotch for good measure). But he would “protect” his daughter by beating up a guy she was having consensual sex with, that she probably paid dearly for. What a great dad.

Here’s Michael and a woman described as “his new girlfriend” on 2-12-12. There are a lot of women with low self esteem in this world. Credit: WENN.com. He’s also shown on 3-16-12. Credit: FameFlynet

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29 Responses to “Michael Lohan threatens bodily harm to porn star who claims Lindsay paid for sex”

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  1. brin says:

    This family is beyond dysfunctional.

  2. Buffy says:

    With all his heart problems, should he really be smoking??????

    • gg says:

      For this idiot, everything should be off limits. He loves to yell in the middle of a freakout “I’M HAVING HEART PALPITATIONS!” If he were out of the water on the heart issues, what else can he blame besides his addictions, his rage issues, or his on-off girlfriend?

      What a piece of work.

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    Isn’t it usually the other way around? You know, Blohan getting paid for sex…

  4. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Lindsay looks so much like her father.

    • hillbilly in the corner says:

      “Lindsay looks just like father ”

      LOL…she sure does wonder who he was cause it wasn’t Micheal…..!! the other three kids look just like him but not Lindsay…cause she ain’t his …..

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Agreed – Linnocent is morphing into Michael but its def more to do with his arrogant stance, vibes and attitude that are really evident in this photo.
      Lindsay adopts the exact same posture and face full of superiority that her dear ole daddy has….lovely!!! 😉

  5. lucy2 says:

    “Another worm crawling out of the woodwork trying to get some publicity.” Pot, meet kettle.

  6. Bess says:

    Didn’t this guy just get out of a court ordered halfway house for his anger management and co-dependence issues? It seems like he hasn’t learned anything.

  7. islandwalker says:

    Why would a hooker pay for sex? Not buying it.

  8. dorothy says:

    The Lohan’s…one classy family.

  9. Agnes says:

    That’s what I was thinking. Then again, maybe he had Word open so he could use the thesaurus.

  10. gg says:

    Because making dumb threatening statements about your con-artist daughter while she’s on probation always makes things better, right?

  11. Dave Hunt says:

    There’s always two sides to a story. This guy maybe actually did have sex with Lindsay some other time. Figured he’d blackmail her (considering the fact that he’s a porn star and all that) and she refused…and so the story goes.

    But then who knows?

    And talking of self-respect…that’s a joke.

  12. SFRowGuy says:

    Voodoo better watch out or Michael’s going to rape him like the whore he is.

  13. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Bullshyt Micheal,
    The time to have done something was when you allowed a porn star in a room alone with your “innocent ” daughter and went upstairs to sleep…
    This story is just pure bullshyt from Lohan Inc to keep her name in the news while she keeps her ass out of trouble until the 29th…
    And now that Micheal is back with Lohan Inc no matter what Lindsay says….just like the Hawaii thing on that tape she says ” what will my dad say ” and I’m afraid to tell Dad ”
    she is more involved with Dad then she leads people to believe…the whole dam family are all one big Grifter Family..connings their way of making a living….

    • Bess says:

      I agree with you. The estrangement is a big ploy to get more attention. They’re definitely in touch much more than they want anyone else to know.

  14. hillbillygirl45 says:

    Michael Lohan……that’s like a rat callin’ a possum a long-nosed S.O.B. Extremely dysfunctional family….

  15. jamie says:

    he is such a famewhore can’t stand him! go away and take your crackie daughter with you please and your nutjob ex-wife! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. JJ says:

    Ummmm…. has the definition for ‘neophyte’ changed since I took the GRE? Because from what I remember, all it means is someone who is new to something or someone who has just recently converted to a something (like a religion, fraternity, etc.) Is there a slang version of the word I’m missing out on that means “the lowest form of living organism on earth”? Neophyte is also a word for a priest. Is he making an anti-Christian statement out of nowhere? I am SO confused! Even more confused as to why I’m surprised he misused a simple word. This dude’s a major tool.

  17. Plus, I don’t think it means what he thinks it means.