Is The Situation in rehab or is he merely “resting” at an “undisclosed location”?

Ever since the fake-tanned cast of “Jersey Shore” hit the airwaves a few years ago, rumors have persisted that a certain cast member was knee deep in a cocaine addiction while everyone else pretended not to notice what was going on. At times, I thought the cokehead might have been Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, but his questionable behavoir was much more roid ragey than symptomatic of cocaine use. The more likely suspect has always been Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who has quickly blown all his money and steadily devolved from smooth player to paranoid old man as the show has progressed. Now TMZ has sort of confirmed these suspicions by breaking the story that Sitch is in rehab for substance abuse:

“The Situation” is in rehab for substance abuse … TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ the “Jersey Shore” star — aka Mike Sorrentino — has checked into an inpatient treatment program.

A rep for the Situation just contacted TMZ to say they are not confirming that Mike is in rehab … just that he “has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule.”

Like most of the ‘JS’ crew … Sorrentino’s been on a non-stop party train since the show debuted on MTV 2 years ago — drinking and making paid appearances at nightclubs all over the world.

Sitch makes anywhere from 15K … up to a whopping 50k per nightclub appearance.

[From TMZ]

TMZ also follows up with an update about how Sitch was acting all paranoid on the second-to-last episode of Season 5 when the cast went camping together:

Multiple sources close to The Situation tell TMZ … the MTV star’s hard-partying ways were worse than ever during the taping of the most recent season of “Jersey Shore” … and the signs were obvious during the episode when the gang went camping.

TMZ broke the story … Sitch recently checked into rehab for substance abuse after realizing his recreational habits had spun out of control.

Now, sources close to Sitch tell us … the reality star had been showing signs of substance abuse for a while … but “he was getting worse” as the season went on.

We’re told … several people noticed he was “acting paranoid” on the set … and the unusual behavior was evident in certain Season 5 episodes that recently aired on MTV. During the ep when the gang goes camping, Sitch can be seen acting jittery, sweating profusely and just plain acting bizarre.

[From TMZ]

Eh. While it’s true that the Sitch was acting bizarrely in the woods (he kept fearing that a bear would jump out of the woods and attack them), I think this was more of an illustration of the entire group being out of their comfort zone. None of them handled the camping situation very well at all. What makes me more suspicious about the Sitch being cokey are the moments when he truly does act paranoid — especially during a recent Season 5 episode where he ran around on the roof of their home with his wang hanging out for five full minutes while delivering a nonsensical, paranoid rant about how he’s done nothing to be perceived as the bad guy. This is not to mention the Season 4 episodes where Sitch rammed his head into a concrete wall, had to wear a neck brace, and then (while his flatmates all left him alone while they went out to party) sadly sat around talking to himself about how someone has to be “the villain.”

Of course, I pretty much believe that Sorrentino has hit rehab, and I think it has a lot to do with (and this is just my theory) a possible MTV ultimatum that he get his sh-t together before rejoining his castmates for the recently announced Season 6. By the way, it has been confirmed that the cast will shoot again this summer, and even a pregnant Snooki will return for more Seaside shambles. They must have waved a lot of money in her face too because she was insisting that she’d never be preggers in the group house. It’s going to be a royal mess, but I’ll probably watch it anyway. Meanwhile, Sitch is tweeting about how he’s lifting all the weights to prepare for Season 6:

Also and in a more pointed response to questions of rehab, Sorrentino’s rep has denied the rehab story but does admit that the Sitch “has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule.” Sorrentino himself has taken to Twitter to tweet a blanket “Don’t believe everything you read or hear” denial:

So is The Situation really in rehab, or is he telling the truth in that he’s merely been spending all of his time in the gym “preparing” to look “good” for Season 6? Whatever the case, he hasn’t shown up for MTV’s Spring Break opening ceremonies with some of his other “Shore” castmates. In all fairness though, he may not have been invited.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    I should never read about this kind of thing. It makes me say “I hate America” out loud.

  2. Snookie Wookie says:

    Please. This guy has been in rehab twice already it just never got out to the press. Remember when he wasn’t at the VMA’s with the rest of the cast because he “missed his flight?” Rehab. He’ll never get his act together. And whoa, holy nosejob Dina.

    • gg says:

      That’s it! I couldn’t figure out why Deena looked so different. Her mouth seems misplaced. The nose, of course. Which is dumb, because I’ve never noticed her nose before. I’d have spend the cash on Charm School if I were her.

  3. Jezi says:

    Season 6? Good god noooooooo!

  4. Linda says:

    I can’t stand him. He thinks he is so hot. He thinks he has a nice ab. Oh please. He is too damn ugly.

  5. Zelda says:

    How they all have money, but still manage to dress like it’s 2001 is beyond me.

    Whatever. I love this trainwreck of a show.

    • gg says:

      Ha-ha, I keep waiting for them to attain some sort of decent style, but it never comes …

  6. kas says:

    I only watch on occasion and I’ve noticed the visible sweating.

    And if he can’t resist denial tweeting, I doubt this round of Rehab will “take”, either.

  7. Gia says:

    Um, yeah. Pretty sure he’s on drugs. Who the hell wouldn’t be if this show was their job. That said, I’m kind of pulling for him. I hate seeing young people $hit the bed so early in life. The early 20’s is such a make or break period. I know I could have ended up totally different but has the sense to make better choices. These people are surrounded by leaches…so hard to imagine the temptations.

    • Amanda G says:

      The funny thing is, he’s not in his early 20’s. He’s probably in his early 30’s by now.

    • gg says:

      He’s probably in his mid-30s by now, but he acts like a VERY immature 17.

      I want to know what happened between all of them saying in Florence they were not going to put up with his sick BS, baiting people, ruining their relationships, and then they get back to the NJ dump, and here comes the stupid drama again.

      • Amanda G says:

        Because it’s all fake.

        I looked it up and he’s actually 29. Wow, he is a rough 29.

  8. Zigggy says:

    I think the one with the problem is Pauly D- I’ve seen him looking pretty high when they’re in the clubs. I think Sitch & Ronnie dabble though.

  9. Me says:

    Ok, I know they all are suppose to be in their 20s. But most of them look like late 30s. I should say all of them.

  10. NeoCleo says:

    I hope he gets his sh*t together because I hate to see anyone crash and burn on drugs. Beyond that–never seen the show, never will.

  11. hillbillygirl45 says:

    Rehab? What a joke. He and the rest of those idiots spend 98% of the time hammered….I don’t know where he is, I just hope he took the rest of them and they never come back.

  12. Beatriz says:

    Yeah, I totally believe that he is in rehab. I don’t think it will stick though, I mean he’s getting paid to go out every night and party, how in the hell is an addict supposed to make it in that kind of environment?

  13. Zigggy says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t write “don’t beleive anything you reed or here.”

  14. elvyn says:

    I don’t believe anything of this scripted show. Nothing is really real, just a Shi*** version of their reality.
    Have you seen this episode of CSI: Miami which deal with the reality show? You should, it is really interesting.