Renee Zellweger has half of Madonna’s face on the cover of Bazaar Russia

I had to do a double take when I saw this image of “Renee Zellweger” on the cover of Bazaar Russia. It’s as if Renee has had the same chipmunk cheek and overdone filler treatment as Madonna – Photoshop style. I’m not suggesting that Renee had any plastic surgery or injectables in real life, although we know she’s had a boob job so it’s entirely likely. I’m saying that this image is so altered that she looks like she’s Madonna. It’s as if someone took Renee’s face and Madonna’s face and morphed them together. If you cover the left side of “Renee’s” face, she looks just like Madonna, right? How does a team of people with regular eyesight end up greenlighting these alien-looking covers? Is it an issue of a bad photoshop “artist” and a clueless manager type? “She looks great!” Or is it too many trips to the dermatologist coupled with too much airbrushing?

Anyway I guess we should look into what Reene’s been up to, since she hasn’t had anything to promote and is adept at avoiding the paparazzi when she doesn’t need publicity. (When she does, she’s pretty obvious about it.) According to IMDB she’s got that Bridget Jones’ Baby, (aka Renee gains weight again) sequel potentially coming up and that’s it. (I’ll believe that movie is happening when I see photos from on set. Colin Firth has confirmed it’s happening, but I’m still not convinced.) Her last movie was in 2010 and that year she only had one film I don’t remember hearing about, My Own Love Song, with Nick Nolte and Forest Whitaker. So Renee has been laying low. The last time we covered her was at fashion week in September, 2011 and she was looking fabulous back then I have to admit. She also looked incredible at NY Fashion week. In this image, not so much. It’s probably an old photo doctored up. Maybe they just took Renee’s face and morphed it onto a model’s body.

Story via Huffington Post. Here’s Renee at NY Fashion week on 2-14-12 outside the Vera Wang Show. Credit: GG/FameFlynet Pictures. She’s also shown at the airport in LA on 3-25-12. Credit: Visual/

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  1. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t know Renee is looking slightly botoxy in the forehead. However if she’s had her face worked on it’s very subtle and she still has lines around her mouth.

  2. taxi says:

    Great hairdo for her. Love that she’s actually rolling her own bag & carrying her own purse.

  3. Gene Parmesan says:

    She looks hot in that trench. Maybe she’s just over the whole hollywood thing.

  4. paola says:

    i love Renee, she so cute and i love her tiny frame.. plus she is a famous person without rubbing it in your face too much.

  5. gast says:

    Actually my first thought was “, Naomi Wat…no, Nicole Kidman? WHO IS THIS?” It seems like we finally reached the point where you can’t identify the celebrity on a photo. Thanks photoshop :)

  6. heather says:

    Looks like kate winslet

  7. valleymiss says:

    If you hadn’t said this was Renee Z., I wouldn’t have known. She looks like a morph of Madonna and Kate Winslet (especially Kate’s mouth). Freaky! I also see a bit of Christina Applegate in the eyes.

  8. dorothy says:

    I think she looks stunning. Good to see her again.

  9. Jayna says:

    I like Renee. Great actress. She seems like a kind person. Though she does annoy me in interviews speaking so softly and rarely making eye contact. I hope one day she finds longterm love. She seems to have been unlucky so far.

  10. The Truth Fairy says:

    I met her and she is drop dead gorgeous in person and very nice.

  11. QQ says:

    I wonder if her eyes stay closed and mouth puckered until is time to “act” or be in a magazine LOL

  12. Reece says:

    I don’t think it’s Madonna face. She’s always been super cheeky.
    Yes it is airbrushed to hell. Weird cover. I wish they had shown more of what she’s wearing. Lipstick is drawn all over her lip line. I hate that. Tacky.

  13. Candyland says:

    I’m not recognizing her in any of the pics. Botox forehead. Wowzie what great legs! I’d kill for ‘em.

  14. Candyland says:

    she outta kill the photoshopper. Cause she looks like Sarah Jessica Parker in the cover shot.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, I see SJP, too. The headgear contributes to that vibe, I think. I do also see a dash of Winslet and Madonna. What a crazy photoshop hybrid.

    • mystified says:

      I see SJP and Madonna as well. It’s a shame. Renee has that beautiful soft and vulnerable look which is completely missing on that cover photo. SJP and Madonna they just look hard, hard, hard.

  15. Neelyo says:

    I miss her. I never understood the HUGE backlash against her and she’s been MIA since. I wish she’d work again.

    • Nanz01 says:

      What backlash? I seriously want to know because my question was going to be ‘what happened to her career?’ It was like she was doing Bridget Jones and maybe some other stuff and then…nada. So I had no idea there was backlash. Was there some sort of scandal?

      • Neelyo says:

        After COLD MOUNTAIN it seemed that people decided they didn’t like her and it became quite fashionable to slam her for her eyes, her facial epxressions, etc.

        I just remember that whenever I would read about her on blogs such as this, there seemed to be so much vitriol directed at her and it seemed unwarranted. Maybe the Kenny Chesney thing didn’t help but it wasn’t like that was done maliciously. I don’t know what happened but people HATED her.

    • Liv says:

      Are we talking about the backlash against her looks, like her eyes or her skinnyness? I always liked her, she seems really nice.

  16. CTgirl says:

    What has she done to her face?! She doesn’t even look like herself anymore.

  17. moopsie says:

    she is looking good

  18. sup says:

    i still hate how they ruined bridget jones with those awful, mushy adaptations-and i hold her responsible for part of the ruin

    • wunder says:

      RZ looked her ALL TIME BEST in that first Bridget Jones movie.

      She should have kept working off of that look!

      • sup says:

        i think her best looks were in chicago, but that wasn’t why i was mad at all. bridget is supposed to be an average looking lady. and she was pretty pathetic when it came to relationships and expectations from herself. but she wasn’t a helpless little victim the way she was portrayed there, she still had a stronger will and her friendships were great, i understand there wasn’t enough time in the movie to develop the friend character but they did nothing more than glossing over them. and she purses her lips too much, it’s f-ing distracting :P

  19. wunder says:

    I didn’t even recognize RZ in that pic.

    That said, it’s not one of her best.

  20. lucy2 says:

    Weird photo cover, but she looks good in the candids.

    She had a great run of movies there for a while, but then a bunch that tanked, and she’s been off the radar for a while.

  21. skuddles says:

    Love the trench and nude heels.

  22. G says:

    Love the heels and legs!!
    Half her face may look like Madonna but I thought the other half looked like Kate Winslet… lmao!!

  23. Alecsma says:

    I see Jennifer W, Jon Hamm’s girlfriend, in that cover shot. Great legs and the longer, looser hairdo looks great on her.

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    Agree that if you hadn’t told me that was RZ, I never would have guessed. She looks like a morphing of so many different people.

  25. Mary jones says:

    I heard a story from one of Kathy Griffins stand up specials. Sounded like Renee had a drug problem.

    • polk8dot says:

      Kathy Griffin stoped being funny 5 years ago. Now all she, and her act, are is the stream of snide, smug, unjustifiably self-satissfied vitriol drenched in hate, jealousy and less and less humor.
      I used to like KG, but when she started going after people who’ve never done her, or anyone else, any wrong, like RZ, or Dakota Fanning, it just went too far. All she can do now is smear anybody for a cheap laugh, thinking that throwing the word ‘allegedly’ in after every sentence makes it funny and safe from prosecution at the same time.
      I believe that it is the height or irresponsibility and hate to call someone a ‘coke whore’ without ANY PROOF, just because you do not like their puffy face. Nowadays people first consider that maybe there is some health issue, steroid use for medical emergency etc, instead of immediately calling someone a druggie for a cheap trick. I find Kathy has turned into a skanky, nasty, bitter, jealous pre-menopausal bi0tch.
      Love Renee, although I wish her face stayed as it was in her younger days. I thought that ‘Cold Mountain’, ‘Chicago’ and ‘Nurse Betty’ were the pinnacles of perfection for her as an actress and a woman.
      Whoever destroyed her image in thar cover picture is a moron. (as I do not believe it is plastic surgery jacking). Enough with the Photoshop slavery!!!!!

  26. Jordan says:

    At least she’s not squinting.

  27. kristipistol says:

    Ugh, I hate her fake Brit accent.

  28. Ashley says:

    She has a constant constipated face.

  29. Sugar says:

    the black trench rocks & those nude heels are the perfect match for her skin tone & her amazing legs. I have always admired her as a runner & loved her in Chicago & CZJ how good was she…watching them on the big screen made me want to jump up & dance:)

  30. cat1 says:

    so CB is so ‘easy’ on her compared to others. compared with her earlier looks, she’s been so puffy face/cheeks, squinty eyes and strange lips that have never looked natural to me or how she looked initially (even with getting older). I can’t remember if it was pre-first bridget jones or in jerry maguire but after that she’s looked like she ‘played’ with her face. (“down with love” for example.) okay, I guess sometimes general sentiment is okay with that and sometimes not. I just think she would have looked better aging naturally or close to it.

  31. Flim says:

    The cover looks like Joan Osbourne.

  32. kix says:

    geeez, i thought that was kate winslet on the cover…. lol

  33. tooey says:

    That cover looks like an over-Photoshopped Chloe Webb…

  34. Moi says:

    She is a doll in that trench coat. Why do they over photo shop like that? Yikes.

    A lot of people outside of Texas do not know this story…. but in the 90′s Renee was with a guy named Sims Ellison. He was a musician here in Austin Texas. They were together for quite a long time. But after Renee graduated from the University of Texas and her acting career took off, she moved to Los Angeles. And her and Sims eventually broke up. Sims committed suicide not long after, in 1995. Renee Z was extremely devastated. She left L.A. for a while, went back to Katy, Texas and stayed with her parents to cope with his death. Sims mother stated that Renee was it for Sims. She was the love of his life. Sims did battle depression for a very long time and I think losing her put him over the edge. Anyway, his parents started a charity in his honor called The Sims Foundation. It provides access to and financial support for mental health and addiction recovery services for Austin-area musicians and their families. So I’m sure his death affects her and her relationships with men to this day. Just my opinion.

    • Aubra says:

      She left L.A. for a while, went back to Katy, Texas and stayed with her parents to cope with his death*****

      So her parents are still alive. I was wondering if they were or not, because when she was dating Bradley Cooper, you NEVER saw him with her family, but ALWAYS saw her with his…odd

  35. crtb says:

    Who is that on the cover of Russian Vouge?

  36. Lilly says:

    I was sure it was Juliette Lewis (though I can’t imagine her getting any magazine covers). Do like Renee, though, and she can be quite cute at times. I think this is mainly bad photography and a weird hairstyle.

  37. Lauren says:

    Renee was the only reason I could watch Cold Mountain. She is a fantastic, authentic actress. I will try not to judge her personal life, for many of us have struggles in that arena. Renee is decent and kind. Never hear any diva or bitch reports. Messing with her face..i suppose. Still love her.

  38. corey says:

    she looks like kim basinger in the first pic of the set.

    “How does a team of people with regular eyesight end up greenlighting these alien-looking covers?”

    I know!!! right? the lips are a mess. appropriately named magazine. she really does look

  39. mememe says:

    I did not recognize her on that cover.

  40. fine fine fine very good very good very good

  41. kitty bye says:

    Hard for me to recognize in the mag photo.

  42. Rachel says:

    I did a doubletake too and thought it was Madonna before reading the text & looking at the photo again. Creepy!