‘Bridget Jones 3′ is a go, Colin Firth confirms new details


A few months ago, we covered the unfortunate report that a third Bridget Jones’s Diary movie was on the way, thanks to the fact that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig was inexplicably interested in helming the project. Like many of you expressed in the comments section, I was utterly distraught at this news and couldn’t understand why either author Helen Fielding or the movie studio could justify the further desecration of the formerly lovable Bridget, who was transformed in the second movie, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, from an exhilarating heroine to a relatively idiotic buffoon in eternal pursuit of Mark Darcy’s almighty marriage proposal. To make matters worse, the second movie also shoehorned in some silly plot where the Rebecca character awkwardly planted a kiss on Bridget, which was just a shameless attempt to add some “lesbian controversy” into an otherwise vanilla sequel. What I’m trying to say is this — clearly, the first movie was lightning and couldn’t possibly strike twice with the same degree of charm.

At any rate, when the new rumors popped up a few months ago, I was discouraged but also of the firm belief that Colin Firth (and his demanding post-Oscar schedule) would step up and save the day, for he would be the only person who could possibly keep this third movie from happening. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and Colin himself has given EW some new details that are even worse than you could have imagined. Apparently, Mark Darcy is shooting blanks:

It’s finally time to re-open the diary: Bridget Jones is returning to the big screen.

EW has confirmed exclusively that Working Title Films, the production company responsible for the first movie released in 2001 and the second one dubbed The Edge of Reason in 2004, is moving ahead with a third installment. Based at Universal, Working Title has been mulling a sequel since 2009.

No other details were available, but last year, Bridget costar Colin Firth, who plays lovable Mark Darcy, told EW’s Dave Karger some details about a possible plot. “I can tell you that Bridget and Mark can’t have children, I think that’s the way it goes on,” Firth told Karger, who was reporting for Access Hollywood. “So then she makes the huge mistake of going back to Daniel Cleaver [Hugh Grant's character] for long enough to get pregnant. And I think he dumps her, and she’s left stranded, and guess who comes back to rescue her?”

The movies are based on Helen Fielding’s novel of the same name and starred Renee Zellweger as Bridget. The first film was an international hit, taking in a reported $281 million. The second was crucified by the critics but still raked in $262 million worldwide.

Earlier this year, the London Evening Standard reported that Fielding had begun writing the third installment of the best-selling books. At the time, she said there had been discussions about the next film. “I will be working on both the book and the film but I don’t know if they are the same thing yet. It’s not been decided.”

[From EW.com]

Alright, now that Colin has deserted us, maybe Hugh Grant can put the brakes on this nonsense? After all, Hugh, who is very busy and important, has been quite occupied whilst saving the whole of England (and Americans too) from the NOTW wiretapping scandal. As for Renee, she has no choice but to jump on this ill-fated ship because she’s got no other future projects lined up in the immediate future. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she won’t want to leave John Stamos’ side, but that’s a very remote possibility.

You know what wouldn’t be a totally awful prospect though? Scrap the entire plot that Firth described and just make the entire story about Shazzer (I love that mouthy bitch) with brief interludes of a floppy-haired Daniel Cleaver and a stammering Mark Darcy running through in a homoerotic daze. Because, honestly, I want to capitulate at the thought of Mark “saving” a teary-eyed, pregnant Bridget and have no further desire to see Daniel’s womanizing baby hit upon his own mum.





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  1. mew says:

    Sounds horrible. I can imagine the horrid, not funny at all, recycling all the old jokes -movie. Bridget Jones 3D Pregnancy Affair.

  2. Hautie says:

    I need to truly believe that Firth was kidding with that whole synopsis.

    I would hope if anything they let the author hash out a reasonable storyline for Bridget.

    And what I want to see is more of her Mother. I love that woman. I always found her parents to be one of the best part of the movie’s.

  3. mln76 says:

    The only good thing would be Renee gaining weight she looks so much better with few LBS on her.

  4. Emma says:

    Oh god, Hugh Grant is looking rough. All the while, Colin at the peak of his career. Guess Bridget did choose well. :)

  5. mi says:

    what a great idea!!!!!! i love colin playing marc darcy and renee is so sweet as bridget!!!!

  6. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I am horrified. That can’t be the plot of the next of film. That sounds horrible. Maybe he was joking. Man the first Bridget Jones was sooo good. So good. So wicked and sexy. The 2nd one was not the same thing…it was rubbish. It was trying to be funny…it didn’t have anything to say. Now they wanna bring in a comedy director to do the 3rd when the first Bridget Jones wasn’t funny…it was witty. They need to inject the wit in the 3rd one.

  7. brin says:

    I loved the first Bridget Jones, fortunately didn’t see the second.

  8. OriginalGracie says:

    So funny about this post coming up today. I myself dislike Renee for reasons not really rational or even nice.

    My son, who is 19 and works at the Starbucks in Boston near the Courthouse, out of the blue texted me this morning and said,

    “Guess who came in this morn, a movie star: Renee Zellweger”

    I texted back, “Oh, cool, but I don’t really like her”

    and he texted back, “Me either!. She’s really short, really obnoxiously bubbly, and looks really old! And ordered like 5 drinks at one time!”

    He said she was in every morning this week.

    I had to laugh. Mean of him, but the kid is honest. Is she doing a movie there?

  9. OhMyMy says:

    I loved the first one. The second one was meh. One of my all time favorite movie quotes: “Shut up….I’m very busy and important”. I’ve met several people I’ve wanted to say that too.

  10. HRH says:

    I love these movies, I love all three actors – I’m excited!

  11. Jaded says:

    They have to stop flogging a dead horse, and it’s excruciating that someone with the cachet of Colin Firth would stoop so low after the stupidity of the second installment. Stop now that you have an Oscar Colin, no need to bother with this drivel.

  12. girlwithapearl says:

    Maybe itll be different this time, new director and all?

  13. original kate says:

    bridget jones 3? oh noes!

    also – did i miss HGF?

  14. aenflex says:

    I loved BJD v 1.0. The second was ok, so the third should suck.

  15. lucky says:

    ohhhh no- be careful with that, “maybe it will be different this time” logic- that gets you in trouble every time!

    This is almost tragic news, if I were more of a drama queen that is….


  16. That's Interesting says:

    Can’t we just retire lemon face already?
    I mean seriously, WTF happened to her career? She’s now basically a professional beard, although I hate to think my Stamos swings that way, which is why I call BS on the whole Stamos/Zellwegger thing. I think that was just her PR people getting her some press before this utterly awful announcement.

    And Colin Firth, you are officially dead to me.

  17. zesty says:

    I wish they’d just make a movie with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant and leave the entire Bridget Jones thing out of it. And how cute was Renee Zellweger back then?

  18. Ann says:

    I love Zellwegger! Take that, haters!

  19. lolalola says:

    I love Renee! It better be great.

  20. bogie says:

    love renee and im excited about the movie.

  21. iseepinkelefants says:

    *Spolier* I think it was the second book that actually had Daniel and Bridget have a child together and Marc Darcy was nowhere in it because unlike in the movies they don’t end up together. Daniel is a cad and they end up not being together either.

    Any way I love Bridget, I’m willing to give the movie a go. But let’s be real they all look too old to be having children. Renee’s starting to look positively menopausal. She did not age well at all. And Hugh looks to be in his 60′s. The only one who hasn’t changed all that much (besides grey flecks in his hair) is Firth.

    It would have been nice to see Bridge and Marc with children trying to juggle the school run, instead of putting them in more hijinks and problems. Geez enough with that already. I’m sure Bridget can be her clumsy self at bake sales and PTA meetings (or whatever the English equiv is). I can see her finding motherhood hard to cope with. I don’t see why they couldn’t take it in that direction.

  22. iseepinkelefants says:

    mln76 – she won’t be gaining weight. They mentioned I think last year that she would be wearing a fat suit. The stress of gaining and dieting is too much for her. I hate the idea of a fat suit but it’s true your body, especially your heart, goes through hell gaining and losing even as little as 30 pounds.

    But somehow I think this is more a vanity thing for Renee and she mentioned something about being over 40 and having a harder time losing the weight so quickly. Plus she’s quite obviously a gym freak on the verge of anorexia, she’d probably go through mental hell (body dismorphia) knowing she’s an 8 instead of a 2. In reality she’d look so much better with weight on (at least a 4 or a 6).

  23. Irene says:

    NO! Hollywood is so out of touch with audiences now. awful idea.

  24. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Senility’

  25. Cleo says:

    What if somehow Bridget Jones becomes independently wealthy and can afford to BUY Daniel Cleaver. That would make a better story and since the sequels seem to run on the steam of Bridget Jones’ insecurities, this plot would provide excellent fuel for her fears but at least it would be less contrived and more realistic to BUY the real snarky Hugh Grant than to expect anyone to believe that she dumped super snarky Mr. Darcy just because she doesn’t care WHO fertilizes her as long as she can bring forth a pumpkin into the world.

  26. bren says:

    I read the second book and she doesn’t have a baby with anyone. Marc rescues her from jail and they end up together in the end.
    The baby storyline is beyond dumb!

  27. Ann says:

    “The only one who hasn’t changed all that much (besides grey flecks in his hair) is Firth.”

    I beg to differ – he’s definitely looking menopausal as well!

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    No-o-o-o-o-o-o. That plotline is ridiculous! Bridget drinks and smokes and falls down a lot – she’d have to give all that up to get/stay pregnant.

    And yes, they are all too old to make an infertility plotline believable.

    Add those things to the fat-suit, and it’s a deal-breaker. Final nail in the coffin.

  29. Turquoise says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, these are three huge comedic talents and there is little enough good, sexy romantic comedy out there. I’ll take whatever I can get and hope for the best if it includes both Firth and Grant.

  30. Listerino says:

    I really hope he was kidding about that plot because if not I’m not going to waste my money seeing it.

  31. yadicakes says:

    YAY! I love Bridget Jones especially Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver fights…

    I heart Colin!

  32. Ally says:

    I agree with you, Bedhead: the only way this movie is worth seeing is if it’s mostly Daniel and Mark scenes. In the last one, the Hugh/Colin fight was the only exhilerating scene in the movie. Bridget was cringeingly mortifying, and not in a good, The Office kind of way.

  33. Madison says:

    Please no, tell me Colin is joking because a movie where Bridget leaves Mark and ends up pregnant by Daniel sounds awful.

  34. mln76 says:

    @iseepinkelefants I actually think gaining weight the first time is what threw her into dysmorphia do you remember what she looked like in Jerry Maguire (adorable normal weight) vs Chicago (skin&bones).

  35. Joan says:

    More Spoilers -
    @iseepinkelephants – Yes, you are right about your *spoiler*. I read a blog several years ago written by the author, Helen Fielding, and she continued writing about Bridget’s adventures. Indeed she ends up pregnant with Daniel’s baby and delivers a boy. I don’t remember her getting back with Mark Darcy, though, although it wasn’t likely Daniel Cleaver would stick around to help her with the baby.
    The 2nd installment was painful enough to watch. I think I’ll pass altogether on this new one, even though I do love some Colin Firth!

  36. Amanda G says:

    Not gonna lie, but I will still see this even though it sounds AWFUL. I’m just shocked that Firth would agree, but it kinda makes me love him more too LOL

  37. BeckyR says:

    I liked both the Bidget movies, but you know what I LOVED? Their soundtracks…whoever put the music together did a great job..listen to both CD’s even now.

  38. Stephie says:

    Please let be better than the second one.

  39. observer says:

    I know it won’t be as good as the original movie, but I’m still psyched about it.

  40. zelda fitzgerald says:

    In the Bridget Jones’ Diary newspaper columns, she and Mark Darcy had a baby.

  41. eternalcanadian says:

    Oh dear. I didn’t like BJ 2 as much as I liked BJ 1. How ever are they going to improve for BJ 3 especially with the actors much older than what the book says and from the two previous movies?

    I still will watch just to sate my curiousity. :|

  42. Hannah says:

    She looks really cute with the extra weight, way less squinty.

  43. kibbles says:

    The first Bridget Jones is among my favorite movies. Since Renee and Colin seem on-board with this third film, I truly hope that lightning does strike twice for them and the third film is much better than the second.

    I also hope that this is not the plot of the movie. I think it would be awful for Bridget to cheat on Darcy with Cleaver and get pregnant. That would confirm that she really is an idiot and no one would have sympathy for her. Please leave this kind of stuff for Maury Povich! Something this awful should not be made into a romantic comedy.

    They are all looking increasingly worse as they age. Colin looks the best of the three. Renee and Hugh have not aged well. At least this film will hopefully force Renee to put on a few pounds again.

  44. Kasey says:

    I agree the sequel paled in comparison to the first movie. I have no high hopes here. This’ll probably be one of those movies I see years later on DVD.

    @min76- I’m with you the only potentially redeeming thing about this would be Renee gaining weight. She looks so cute and attractive with the weight. I wish more women would realize (particularly as they get older that a little extra weight goes a long way in making them look attractive). Jennifer Anniston is probably the only one I know who looks equally attractive (or unattractive depending on your opinion) with a little more weight back in the day or more skin and bones-y now.

  45. mac says:

    @iseepinkelefants, you’re partially right.
    Helen Fielding DID definitely do the plot that Colin Firth said the third movie would be about. It came up in the Independent newspaper column. After the plot of the first two books, it was written that Bridget left Mark (can’t remember why) and went back to Daniel, and then got pregnant, and then realised that not only was Daniel the father, but that she was having a boy (cue funny line by Shazzer about penises or something). Then, Bridget ended up with Daniel. The end.
    Pretty annoying, right?

  46. Andie B says:

    I don’t care how crap the plot is, if Colin Firth is in it I will be going to see it. He is gorgeous and divine..sigh!

  47. LJ says:

    “but last year, Bridget costar Colin Firth, who plays lovable Mark Darcy, told EW’s Dave Karger some details”

    If he told her last year, why is this only just news now?

  48. HeiN says:

    Enough with Renee, 90 minutes with Firth & Grant! Oh my <3

  49. Adrien says:

    “Oh dear. I didn’t like BJ 2 as much as I liked BJ 1. How ever are they going to improve for BJ 3 especially with the actors much older than what the book says and from the two previous movies?”

    @ #41, I’m reading this and I am smiling with filthy thoughts in my head.

  50. Jane R says:

    I have been wanting a Bridget Jones 3 but not the story line Colin Firth said! Who wants Bridget pregnant by Daniel–ugh! Maybe it’s just me, but I want the pieces to fall together for Bridget in some way. Either she and Mark adopt a baby, or they choose to remain childless until her mom talks them out of it (that way she can get some air time), and Daniel will somehow have to keep messing things up. But it’s got to end up happy. How we can get in touch with Ms. Fielding? =)

  51. The Bobster says:

    My God, I can actually see her eyes in that one picture.

  52. Jilly Bean says:

    FRAK THEM ALL…. I just want to see James Callis working his magic on the big screen!