Jennifer Aniston just sold her NYC apartments at a $510,000 loss

This is interesting only to those people who love stories about celebrity real estate (raise your hands). Last year, Jennifer Aniston sold her completely renovated and refurbished Beverly Hills home for an enormous profit. Aniston had bought the property several years beforehand for a price of $13.5 million, and she had painstakingly remade the house into a 1970s shag-pad – it was luxurious and all, but there was something rather dated about all of it. Well, someone absolutely loved the shag-pad, and they laid down $42 million for it. So, Aniston made an enormous profit.

Around the same time last year, Aniston began buying property in New York City. She had always talked about moving to New York and how she was, at heart, a “New York girl.” Conveniently, Justin Theroux and his then-girlfriend of 14 years, Heidi Bivens, were also living together in New York. Magically, Justin and Jennifer came together and Justin dumped Heidi (and that happened in the exact chronology I’m using). Justin and Jennifer were spotted all over New York for the last half of 2011. It was assumed that Justin pretty much moved into Aniston’s NYC apartments. And then, after the bait had been set, it was time to pull the switch. Suddenly, Aniston “hated” living in “the fishbowl” of New York. She put her properties on the market and a bought a mansion in Bel Air for herself and Justin. A source told the NY Post, “She loved [the NY condos], but her circumstances changed and the space was just wrong.” My theory: she only moved to New York to lure Justin in, and when she accomplished her goal, she wanted to go back to LA.

So her apartments just sold – and Aniston lost money! That should tell you a lot about how much she didn’t want to be in NYC. She bought the New York properties for $7.01 million, and she just sold them for $6.5 million. Pffft. What’s $510,000? Pocket change!

Not even Jennifer Aniston gets a break when it comes to the housing market.

Months after moving into an 8,500-sq.-ft. Los Angeles estate with beau Justin Theroux, the actress’s New York City apartment is officially off the market – for a half-million cheaper than the price she paid when she bought it last year!

A mystery buyer dug $6.5 million deep for Aniston’s two pre-war West Village condos, a one-bedroom penthouse and one-bedroom on the building’s 17th floor that she planned on combining, reports the New York Post. Aniston originally paid $7.01 million.

“We tried New York,” the Wanderlust star, 43, said last month of her Big Apple departure. “It was a little rough with the paparazzi. It didn’t feel like the New York I grew up in and knew.”

Back in L.A. with Theroux, 40, since August (the two shacked up in a rental before moving into their $21 million Bel Air space, which boasts a vineyard, four bedrooms, a garden and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean), Aniston will soon have another reason to celebrate: The couple will mark their one-year anniversary in May.

[From People]

People Mag is still sticking with the “they got together in May 2011” story, aren’t they? Even though they were spotted together in March and April (and maybe even February) of 2011. Still, Heidi didn’t move out until June 2011, so even with this “official,” Aniston-provided timeline, there is still an overlap in the two relationships.

As for the $510,000 loss on real estate – it really is “whatever” for Aniston. After the insane profit she made on her Beverly Hills home, she probably didn’t even notice.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Terry‘s Diary.

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  1. Bite me says:


  2. djork says:

    WHY is anyone still trying to make this ridiculously rich blob of oatmeal “happen”? The expressions on the faces of those bystanders speak volumes.

  3. DenG says:

    That guy has a really short inseam. He’s taller than Aniston, but their legs are the same length. He does strike a good Too Cool To Care pose, though.

    • marie says:

      ahh damit, that’s all I’ll see now.. tall guy with the stubby legs (“fat guy in a little coat” just started randomnly playing in my head)

    • crtb says:

      And…he can do what about that??
      Why make snotty comments about things people have no control over? Oh right, this site is call Celebitchy. That’s the answer to everything!

      • The OG Sasha says:

        It’s an accurate observation. Why do you seem to take it personally? Are you a relative of the hipster douche?

  4. MSchic says:

    You haven’t taken into account how much she spent renovating her 70s shag pad.

    • The OG Sasha says:

      That’s true. But while the profit isn’t the $30 million it looks like just based on the bought for/sold for prices, it was probably still pretty substantial. No way would she have spent $30 million on renovations, right? That seems like an ungodly amount.

      Of course buying a house for $21 million (re: the Bel Air pad for her & Justin) seems like an ungodly amount to me, so what do I know.

  5. bea says:

    Half a million to ensnare a hipster husband? Suchadeal!

  6. Jayna says:

    “We” tried New York? LOL. He was a New Yorker. It was a Baugh and switch for sure. But let’s face it, Justin is all for moving to Hollywood in hopes of amping up his career. She didn’t have to twist his arm.

    • Dinah says:

      Amp up? I thought I read here once that he is an accomplished screenwriter? Unless you mean acting?

  7. Tanguerita says:

    However, what I don’t get, is – why is she selling?The situation on the market will change eventually and in the long run the prices always go up, so -why not wait and sell later?it’s just common sense, isn’t it?it’s no like she is short for change…

  8. spinner says:

    When you’re dealing in millions a half million loss is a drop in the bucket. It’s like breaking even. If she bought it as an investment property she’ll make that back easily in tax write-offs. She’s a smart cookie for circulating her money in this way.

    • Jayna says:

      But I bet she poured a couple of million into renovations.

      • Huh? says:

        What renovations? She never renovated anything in NY. She barely even stayed there. After they were first spotted all over NY in september, they didn’t go back to her place. They stayed at The Gramercy Hotel when they returned for like less than a week at a time.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      @Huh …

      Yes, she did do renovations. In fact, ‘E’ Online showcased her ‘newly renovated’ NYC digs in April 2011. If you do a search at ‘E’ you can see the photo of said digs with renovation story caption yourself.

      She bought those two apartments in February 2011 and promptly began renovating them.

      • NOPE says:

        Nope. She NEVER did any renovations. She wanted to do some renovations but it never happened. Provide your link with pics that you are claiming shows the renovations she supposedly did. I’ll be waiting.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      @Huh …

      Yes, she did renovate the properties. They were showcased in April 2011.

  9. Janet says:

    She probably overpaid for it to begin with.

  10. Rena says:

    News is actually she sold her previous completely renovated LA home for $37 mil, $42 mil was her asking price. A nice profit either way. Her newest LA home cost $21 mil plus it is also being extensively renovated. So far her real estate dealings appear profitable but she needs to stay out of Matthew Perry land as he is wheeling and dealing on multiple properties and word is he is somewhat over extended at the moment. She is not making big money on her next film, a dramatic type indie.

  11. fabgrrl says:

    I think you are reading too much into “Heidi moved out in June”, zing! relationship overlap! I am not saying overlap didn’t happen. But what? was Heidi supposed to pack up and move out of her home the very day she and Justin broke up? Finding a new place to live and packing up all your stuff is going to take a while. It sounds like Heidi’s name wasn’t on the lease of the apartment they shared (hm, why not? possibly, not a committed relationship?). But it seems like the one leaving the relationship should be the one leaving the apartment, or at the very least, give the other person ample time to move on.

    • Huh? says:

      There was a rumor that he didn’t let her move in with him for many, many years when they were dating and even after he decided to let her movie in, he rented a studio apartment across the hall from his apartment and told her to unpack there, which she did for like several months!

      I’m sorry but he seemed SO douchey to his ex. WHY THE HELL DIDNT SHE LEAVE HIM?! This whole thing reminds me of my room mate. Her boyfriend was a dick and we kept telling her to dump him but she was sooo blindly in love it was beyond pathetic.

      • says:

        Oh I didn’t know that. Factor in the long engagement and it does make you wonder why any woman would put up with that crap. It’s always clearest to those that aren’t in it I guess.

        Good luck to Aniston because he doesn’t sound like he’s settling down anytime soon. (And if he does settle down with her he looks like a bigger asshole because he strung Heidi on for 13 years. That must hurt)

      • Jayna says:

        Rumors are just that, rumors.

      • fabgrrl says:

        I’ve seen women lead *themselves* on. They are so desperately in love, and influenced by all the sappy love and romance stories, that they think “Prince Charming” will change when he sees how devoted they are. {I saw myself start to head down this path a couple of times, in my early 20s. Glad I smartened up.} Has anyone seen “Bitter Moon”? The woman lets herself be treated like sh*t by the guy, who has totally lost interest and wants her out of his life.

        And lets be honest, some men just don’t have a lot of integrity. They don’t really want to be with this obsessive chick, but are too lazy to give up sex with an attractive woman, one who worships the ground they walk on {because they are taught that they deserve that}, when the alternative is being alone. So they’ll stay in the relationship until they can find an excuse to get out.

      • melior says:

        I wonder why women get picked on for being emotional and naive. So they are inlove. So they want to change the guy. So what? At least they are capable of love. Why don’t we pick on the guys who are emotional predators and selfish assholes who stay in bad relationships for the sex. They somehow get a pass.

      • fabgrrl says:

        @melior: that is not love. That is insecurity. That is generations of teaching our little girls that they are nothing without a man. And it is generations of teaching our little boys that to be *real* men they need to be dominant, hard, and that women are their sexual playthings.

      • Pia says:


        What’s the point in being in love if you don’t have any self-respect? The only ones giving men a pass are the ones that overlook their behavior because they are “in love”. Being in love is great, being delusional can put you in a bad situation. Best case scenario, your feeling get hurt, worst case you end up dead in a river because you thought you could “change him”. No woman should stay with a man who doesn’t treat them with respect even if they love them, period.

      • melior says:

        You both made some good points. I was actually aiming at criticizing men for their selfishness not defending self-demeaning behaviour with women.

        I happen to see this type behaviour quite often with my female friends. I sometimes wonder if it’s a “woman thing” to get to clingy. But I guess you’re right. It comes with the pre-conditioning during childhood package. But the rest of the pre-conditioning is done during adulthood (sexist, ageist practices in the society). You see quite a lot of examples on this site.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree. I have friends who lived together and then broke up and she stayed in the apartment (which he was keeping) for two months until she found a new place. Super awkward.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      Justin and Ms. Bivens were last seen out together as a couple at the end of April 2011.

      • kira says:

        Yep…and, then there’s Heidi talking about taking a “happy” vacation with her longtime boyfriend to an online magazine at the same time, Heidi’s mother telling Radar that Justin and Jen are just “friends,” as Justin told her himself, and of course, Aniston’s PR repeated the “just friends” lies to People magazine. It’s pretty darn obvious this relationship began with some major lying.

        Further, Jen and Justin NEVER denied the cheating claims. Why not? Jen is not press shy–she recently ran to People to deny that she spends too much on beauty treatments. I think Heidi’s threat to tell all if they mentioned her name in the press shut them up.

        Next thing you know, the “on/off” rumors pop up in the press. Very tacky behavior from Ms. Aniston considering
        how she threw herself a public pity party, cried and berated Brad/Angie.
        Now, she’s no better than them…

  12. lucy2 says:

    I love celeb real estate. I’m happily jealous of anyone who can afford to buy amazing places and renovate them however they want.

  13. Huh? says:

    I’ve heard from numerous people that they started hanging out with each other in March of 2011. She had gone to NY in March to inquire on the apartments which she finalized the sale in April (and no this purchase had absolutely nothing to do with Justin).

    While she was there, she started hanging out with Justin because he was coincidentally staying at the same hotel. (He wasn’t “officially” done with Heidi in March but he had stopped going home to his apartment) Anyway, they started getting close but Aniston had to go back to LA because she had to start directing FIVE. But, conveniently, Justin also had to be in LA at the end of March/Beginning of April because he was doing press for that movie Your Highness which was released in April 2011. The whole time he was in LA he was at the Chateau Marmont (thats the place he always stayed at when in LA and that also happens to be one of Jen’s LA hangouts, plus Handler’s BF owns the place).

    They hung out all the time and he completely missed his timeline on going back to NY once his promotional duties were done. He didn’t want to go back to NY cuz he wanted to be with Aniston but she wasn’t having any of it. She wanted to be 100% sure he was single. Anyway, he eventually went back to NY to officially break up with his ex toward the end of April and as soon as he did that, he hopped on the next available plane back to LA and the rest is history.

    He didn’t waste any time moving into her LA home, mostly because of the privacy it offered–they couldn’t have rendezvous at the Marmount because SOMEBODY was bound to out them so instead he slept over at her house.

    Justin didn’t physically cheat on his ex with Jennifer. But he sure as hell had feelings for her before he was “officially” single. But at the same time, you have to consider the fact that he was already emotionally checked out of his relationship with his ex–and they weren’t even living together anymore when he started meeting up with Jennifer in NY. He spent his days at his friends house and nights at the hotel. As far as he and heidi were concerned, their relationship was all but done. IDK if I would blame Jennifer for any of that

    • Miss Sarajeo says:

      oh realy? interesting! isnt that the same stuff Brad and Angie said for years???
      But nobody believed them?
      Why should we believe superficial platicsurgeryaddict fillerloving Aniston ?
      Get that fantasy out of your head!
      Shes a homewrecker LoL

      • lira says:

        ˆ THIS

      • Dap says:

        At least, they didn’t adopt a child together three months after the official break-up/divorce. When you know how long it takes for people, even celebrities, to finalize an adoption, that have to make you wonder…
        P.S: and before you go all “but AJ adopt all by herself”, here the official version by BP himself: “We decided we were adopting a daughter. We were going to do it right out of the gate. We were not going to mess around. Angie said, ‘No shopping [for kids].’ I thought that was astute and beautifully put”.

    • says:

      I remember reading a few sources (Heidi and Justin’s friends) that they weren’t living together too and that their 13 year relationship was really a mish-mash of being on and off and breaking up plenty of times during that time. It’s why I find it hard to place the homewrecker title on her head. A couple who have such a long engagment and then break up numerous times during said engagment? It doesn’t surprise me when they actually do break up. It’s inevitable. And in this case people came out to say that Heidi and Justin weren’t together anymore.

      And I’m sure there’s someone that has their “my husband and I did that for years and now we’ve been married for 5″ story but those people are the exeption to the rule.

      • spinner says:

        I remember reading a few interviews with Justin. One was the dumpster diving interview in the New Yorker, I believe. The interviewer asked him who he shared his apartment with & Justin said it was just him & his dogs. In the other interview he stated he was single & living with his dog. He & Heidi did not have a solid 14 year living together situation. They were off & on & then he met Jen. I think he loves her.

      • autumndaze says:

        I remember reading stories from people working on the movie Wanderlust who claimed that Aniston was hosting everyone to parties at her place during filming; until everyone else but Justing quit going to the parties and it was only the two of them….

      • spinner says:

        @ autumndaze

        I remember reading that too. That’s probably how they got together. Nothing wrong with that.

      • des says:

        Heidi moved out she mentions moving in article link below…but it doesn’t really matter because she’s doing really good for herself…good riddance.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        Yes, but isn’t it funny that those ‘on again/off again’ stories stopped appearing once a photo of Justin and Heidi on a date in late April 2011 surfaced?

    • kira says:

      @huh. Then, why did Aniston NEVER deny
      the cheating claims? She’s not press shy. She recently ran to People magazine and publicly denied she spent 8k a month on beauty treatments! She denies that but NEVER denies cheating? Give me a break. I think the reason she never denied it is because 1) it’s TRUE, and 2) Heidi, the wronged ex-girlfriend, threatened to tell all if they talked first. It’s pretty obvious they fooled around behind her back. Both of them lied their ass off about being together, even lying to Heidi’s mother, as she told the press, and finally, Heidi moves out months later. Then, out pops Aniston and Justin with matching name rings, taking PR pictures and releasing them to the press. It’s the same thing as Brad/Angie, but all of Aniston’s fans want to deny it. Talk about hypocritical.

  14. She is lair says:

    She bought it thinking the relationship last. who forgot what she said about LA. She said LA is boring, they have the same bilboard they have the same everything I jsut want to get the hell out here blah blah… and then she went to NY and the guy must not stand her it is over. Now she is wating until the dvd sells and they announcment will follow shortly after. I feel sorry for her but she brings it in herself. She is needy and drive men to run away from her. She is back in LA after she said all that about LA and after she said I need to downsizing, I am not this person she bought the same price house and renovating again to live in LA? She is mental. The funny thing is how come there is not one blog or tabloids call her on that on her fakness. How long the media baby sit this 43 years for 3 years old.

  15. Miss Sarajeo says:

    we all know that they had an affair in Oktober 2010 when they was filming wanderbomb! She went after him, she knew hes in a relationship. That shows her real character and it is the absolute evidence that she played the victom for years and years because she feard to fade away. She was married to a superstar, she knew how it feels to be in that universe of superstars in hollywood so she did everything to stay there even if it ment for her to lose her dignity. shes a disgrace to woman. shes sold her soul for the fame. shes a twofaced selfish neurotic ugly idiot. money cant buy her dignity. she already lost when god gave her that face!

  16. Gene Parmesan says:

    Uncle Terry Richardson looks like a 1970s serial killer

  17. Miss Sarajeo says:

    This the humor of god/karma, for years and years, everybody hated angie for doing something she never did and NOW we see that Jen is the one who does these things realy!!!
    She “stole” a man! she is the evil … mental ill

    • Lol says:

      She is mentally ill? LOL!! Jolie is the one that was committed to mental institution. Stop projecting dude.

      • think says:

        oh pls Angie is not like her. She commit to the ward herslef not because she was taken because she thought she got something wrong with her and stays only a couple days they found nothing wrong.
        Maniston was in theraphy 25 years… she is in her 7th guy and still talking about moving on…
        talking about kids and it has ben 10 years nothing happining..
        I hate I am leaving and a couple months later she go back doing the same thing.

        This are sign of serious case that is not very obvious.

  18. says:

    Hmm can’t see this lasting if she did pull the bait and switch. Justin has always seemed like a NYer and NY and LA are like two different planets. There really are two different types of people; those that live in LA and those that live in NY and they don’t mix well.

    Unless he’s willing to compromise on everything (which I don’t see happening as he’s had a successful career and doesn’t really “need” her), she better not get too attached to this one.

    • Jayna says:

      He obviously is big time on board with this. I think he loves being seen with Jen and raising his profile. I had never heard of him or noticed him before Jen. Many actors/screenwriters move to Hollywood/LA for the work and connections. Will he last? I don’t know. He might go all Mr. Hollywood on us or not. But for right now no way would this be happening if he didn’t agree with it.

  19. Agnes says:

    she should have kept it. you never know when you will need a pad in which to homewreck another piece. haha!

  20. Chellez says:

    Don’t care about any of this, except for this snippet that stuck out:

    “It didn’t feel like the New York I grew up in and knew.”

    While I think this blog tends to be overly cynical about things she says (as if a woman has NEVER changed her mind), I can honestly agree with her on this. NYC is NOT the same! NYC SUCKS!!! As a native, I moved out last year, becuz it’s just a lonely, base and increasingly expensive existence. Of course, that doesn’t effect someone like JA, but NYC used to be known as the complete opposite of LA: it was widely accepted as taboo to stop and gawk at celebrities. It was much easier in the 80′s & 90′s to walk around as a celeb and not be followed.

    After 9/11 and Sex And The City…. NY is a shadow, a caricature of it’s former self. It makes me sad to know that about my home. I had to move. So, at least on this, I believe her… even if the timing is suspect.

    • lala land says:

      If you say you are moving because the city your living is bad , then don’t go back to it. If you say I need to downsize then stick with it don’t go do the same thing again.

      • Chellez says:

        well, yeah, sure, but that still doesn’t change the fact that what she said IS true. for any NYer to see what NYC has become, it’s shocking. whatever her own motives were, this specific quote rings true to me… NYC is not the same.

      • guest says:

        Oh please NYC has changed for the average person but, not the rich. They can still afford the theater,expensive restaurants and everything else the city has to offer. There are many stars that reside in NYC and never oomplain. They are not even real NY’ers
        She lived there from 9 years old-20 years old. She moved back to Cali before she became famous. He is a wealthy kid from Washington DC.

        She’s so full of it.

  21. BLA says:

    “$510,000 is what it cost to get Justin!”

    So THAT’S why I’m still single. Here I was spending money on car repairs and new camera lenses, when I really should have been saving for a boy toy.

    • skuddles says:

      And don’t forget all the ongoing maintenance fees, incentives, bonuses, per diems, etc ;)

  22. SirSnarksalot says:

    She has bad taste in men. You can always tell a man by the company he keeps and Terry Richardson….blech. I dont see why people who are so mobile even bother with massive real estate purchases. She should have just rented a place for a while until she knew if she wanted to live there. I give the Aniston/Thoreaux relationship a year more at the most before he tires of her and figures he’s gotten all the career and fame boost he’s gonna get and hits the road.

  23. Meadowlark says:

    *raises hand*
    More celeb real estate stories, please!

  24. Linda says:

    It’s not really even that much of a loss…she can write if off in taxes..

  25. ours says:

    Brad bought a 1m+ ring to Angie.

  26. skuddles says:

    Whoever dubbed Justin Theroux the “hipster douche” got it so exactly right. Those same words pop into my head every time I look at his pics.

  27. sup says:

    new york is too intelligent and interesting for her.

  28. GORGON says:

    Big F’ing deal. That’s less than 15 minutes of an episode of Friends for her…

  29. lisa says:

    I don’t understand when people predict the break up of anyone. I’m not a fan, but I will say I hope this one sticks. One selfish reason of course. But that being the case I have never wished anyone’s relationship to end. I think she is just that person that is forever searching, still finding a home and a place… that is a bit strange at her age, but if she can afford it go for it. But I recall that she said something about doing theater work. Wanting to be on stage. Wonder if that will happen?

    it will be interesting how long she/and or he stays in this house

  30. ukl1 says:

    LOL just like I said this last week.
    AS soon as she gave out the second comment which was “she doesn’t care” I said she knows what she was doing. This automatically put her in her usual bitter self which is victimhood catagory so the tabloid will use this for the usual she is pinning for Brad. Which she wants them to say by commening bitterly like that then just like I said she can come out and deny it which she did to gossip cop so she can get publicy and attachement fame keeping and rejuvinating her disgusting hens .lol

    If the National enquier enterns are here and if they are real men, they should have put her in the REAL cover that she desrve which should have been “Maniston uses Brad and Angelina for relevancy “and put her predictable moves that she does for that and how she use them for her relevancy and fame keeping over the past years in her passive agressive ways.The stupid tabloid go with the usual stories failing for her bait because they don’t want her to be get rid off from jp instead they want her to do her usual giving and denying shiit so she stay atatched so the blogs will post that and help her hens to go off over it and bash jp over it and the usual using circle will contiue. How a woman who has been with so many men after the relationshp ends and many years pass deserve to use people who want nothing got to do with her..

    What more funny is she went on saying to people forgetting she was like a cancer to brad andAngie life she said she wants Brad to be happy lol. If she is infront of me I will slap her. She is annoying stupid ho the media protect because she is useful machine to bash jp and make money off them.

    Too much for she didn’t care all that comment in short period of time lol why not be not care and act it and shut you hole .

    • Annie says:

      I’m excited to use my new favorite quote I’ m ripping from Dinah……

      Wow! – you- just ..Wow!

  31. Not So Fast says:

    Aniston’s Beverly Hills Home sold for $36.6MIL not the $42MIL she was asking for. A $510K loss is nothing to her because she got her way with her gigolo. She never intended to live in NYC anyway. It was just part of her scheme to snag Theroux. She pretended she was going to move to NYC knowing the entire time that she’d cry off that the paps were just too much – and he fell for it hook, line and sinker. Aniston’s a great liar – especially when she’s trying to catch a man. She did the same thing with Tate Donovan and Brad Pitt. She claimed to like a bunch of the same things they did and after they settled into exclusive relationships, and in Pitt’s case marriage, then they found out she was blowing smoke up their butts. And for the Jen-hens out there who question that, to be specific about Pitt she claimed to like architecture, modern art, contemporary and modern design and furnituere, traveling – all stuff Pitt did in abundance before he met Aniston. Aferwards she suddenly developed a fear of flying and hated his furniture and design schemes and wanted shabby chic and Laura Ashley florals, chintz and borcade. Pitt then started telling interviewers asking about their house remodeling project that Aniston had “matronly” tastes in design. Of course years after Pitt dumped her she then turned around and remodeled her Beverly Hills house in a style very similar to what Pitt had done to the Beverly Hills house they co-owned. Bottom line – Aniston’s plenty willing to throw away money to snag the man she has her eye on. Theroux will undoubtely have to leave his dumpster diving collectibles in storage because there’s no way in hell Aniston is going to allow that junk in the Bel Air house SHE paid for and released a PR statement saying THEY bought together. He’ll have to leave his pill bottles and teeth collections in a storage locker, leave the bill unpaid and let the Storage Wars folks battled it out for the privilege of owning his Psycho collectibles.

    • sup says:

      i agree. i bet she and her huvane masterminded pr team believe in the motto of you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. the move to ny was initially because brad has an apartment there. but of course that plan fell flat, so she bagged herself a rent boy who’ll move her in the psuedo intellectual hipster category to renew her image from vapid valley girl to director and intellectual in the eyes of brad and the public. she can just throw her money away like that, what a waste. and it didn’t even work, when they were both in the same airport landing at new york, brad reportedly avoided her. all her plans fall flat but when you made so much money for crap, what’s an extra billion dollars amirite?

  32. ZenB!tch says:

    that side view with the receding hairline and the beard: EWWWWW

    oh and those 90s boots and her weird rolled up jeans and weird booties. I normally like her casual looks but that is a miss.

  33. sup says:

    god that is such a fake and mean smile at pic#4. i’ve seen her flash those fake smiles on the original thread but damn, she doesn’t seem like a nice person, at all. edit: lol i just noticed that the women in that photo are giving her serious bitch please and wtf do you think you’re doing looks. lol

    • lisa says:

      I enjoy looking at the people in the background of some celebrity pictures. So interesting to see reactions.

      but why does Justin have all that hardware hanging off his pants.. damn I hate that look. He is not a maintenance man

      • sup says:

        not to sound too freudian but he might be putting on all that stuff to make up for his other shortcomings *eg*

  34. Britt says:

    Can’t he wear some different clothes for a change, I feel like every time I see pictures of him they are all the same…Yawn.

  35. mymy says:

    I am sure it was not a loss. You can get the loss back. If she sold it above there is a little tax called capital gains

  36. yuk! says:

    It disgusting me that the media put eco what they do to stay relvant using jP and after 7 years they still have deal with reject barrent bittich who got no man to stick around. How is this even fair.

  37. divorcee says:

    It’s not much of a big deal. People have loss much more on selling their homes, and I’m talking millions.