Lindsay Lohan’s crackface at the A&E upfronts: the worst it’s ever been?

It is WAY too early in the morning to be assaulted by these Lindsay Lohan photos, I know. I couldn’t help it. If this is the crack-face I have to look at this morning, so do you. These are pics of the Cracken at the A&E upfronts last night. I’m guessing this was a “job” for her – maybe something to do with the Elizabeth Taylor movie for Lifetime? You know what I think is weird/funny/sad? Lindsay always pulls this stunt. She’ll go along, gradually improving her “look” for a month or two, then she’ll finally get a chance to walk a red carpet, and BAM! CRACKFACE. She did it at the AmFar gala a few months ago too. She looked like death warmed over during her Today Show interview back in March (when she claimed she was a “homebody”), and since then, she seemed like she was trying to look a bit more “cleaned up.” So, is this her pattern? Is this how she gets attention? Every three months, she walks a red carpet and makes sure she’s the most busted looking crackie there, so she can get all of the attention?

Honestly, I don’t think the Cracken even thinks that far ahead. And you know she’s a delusional monster too, so she probably thinks she’s looks awesome here. Just a few things I’d like to note:

*Her slug lips look WORSE when she tries to close her mouth.

*NEVER wear orange-coral lipstick when you have A) ginger hair, B) slug lips and C) a filthy crack face.

*NEVER wear white-silver eye shadow. Ever.

*Remember how everyone was like “Oh, thank God she went back to the ginge.” Well, look at those ratty extensions! This just proves her hair can look just as awful when she’s back to being a ginger.

*She looks like a Marx brother with those chola brows.

*Is the makeup on her forehead DARKER than the makeup on the lower part of her face?

That’s all I’ve got. CB wanted me to mention that there are some promotional images of LL on Glee floating around – you can see some here. I think next week’s episode will be Lohan’s appearance as a “judge”. Allegedly, Glee cut her part down significantly when they realized how crackie she is, and they didn’t want to have to deal with her six-hours-late dumbass.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN.

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  1. Beyonce's Bump says:

    this is not that bad. I have seen worst of the cracken.

  2. Beyonce's Bump says:

    but I wonder what’s with the constant bloated face though? :s

  3. Marjalane says:

    I swear, I feel like I can smell this girl through my computer! and it smells like a mix of caustic chemical, dirty underwear and Jean Nate. Naaaasty!

  4. brin says:

    Holy crackhead! I love the poses, she thinks she looks good. She is cracked out of her mind!

    • gee says:

      I agree! I don’t think a lucid person would pose the way she is, looking the way she does.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      You can tell she thinks that squinty thing she does with her eyes and the duck face are sexy. They’re her “signature” facial expressions 😒

      On a positive note, her nose is looking a little less decomposed.

      • Bess says:

        Agreed. Lohan totally thinks she’s the hottest thing in the room.

        At least we can be thankful the Cracken retired the “finger-in-the-mouth” and “blowing-kisses-to-the-camera” poses.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Mort, that makeup is so bad, it’s worse than ever. I’ve seen better makeup on a dead body, you should know that:)
        I love the heavy white concealer stripe on the nose the best. It’s trying to hide the wrecked, red mess behind it. Spackle.
        You guys, I get to see her pics on the new iPad retina display. It’s freaking scary how close up and HD I can get the pics.
        You know, to smell the Jean Nate better. Or for you young ones Jean Nahtay. Haha!

    • Roma says:

      There are stages of cocaine highs. At the start when you’ve only had a bit, you look pretty. Then you have some more and you look manic. By the time you look like she does, it means you’ve been railing for a few hours and aren’t sure how to walk anymore.

      She’s a binger whose addiction lies to her and says she looks great.

    • Rice says:

      You know, at first it was funny. But now she’s way past sad and pathetic. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

  5. Gia says:

    I think it’s safe to say that she can no longer afford a make-up artist. And is that bobby pin supposed to be there???

  6. says:

    Those lips…. *shudders*

    What’s with the bobby pin? Is it to keep her hair from falling in her face when she bends down to snort her crack?

  7. Sillyone says:

    Oh holy hell! Damn if this isn’t the billboard for a busted face I don’t know what is. What in the hell is wrong with the makeup/fake tan/bronzer around her eyebrows?

    Hahahahaaa thanks for always making me feel like a beauty queen even when I just roll out of bed Lindsay!

    I will read comments but I can’t look at those pictures again..YUCK.

  8. Maguita says:

    She’s the fastforward Charlie Sheen button.

    Charlie also goes through the same thing, but every year. Lohan does it every other month.

    Not to sound mean, but it has gotten tiresome this yo-yo drugging. Sometimes, when reading articles like these, I just feel like screaming Overdose already! So we can go on with the mourning, and shaking our heads at her refusal to get serious help, and the chances, outrageous chances she had gotten at getting her sh-t together.

    Sorry, this story and pictures made me morose.

  9. LuEmMa says:

    Did she leave the bobby pin in on the right side of her hair on purpose?

    I kind of dig the shoes, though.

  10. Katren says:

    This is sad :(
    She needs to get it together!

  11. Didi says:

    Oh shit! She looks dreadful, weird, almost like Lee Ann Rhimes! Whats up with her eyebrows? Why are they so dark. And why doesn’t she apply the spray tan evenly to her face.

    • RuddyZooKeeper says:

      Looks like what happens around my hairline when the guy who does my color doesn’t put enough goo on to make sure it doesn’t stain my skin. That must be a dye job on those brows, not a color pencil or fill-in. Egad!

    • Dani says:

      I bet she is darkening her eyebrows in preparation for her LT movie. Her eyes are totally dead. How on earth is she going to pull off that movie??? I just don’t see it happening.

      Someone needs to lock her in a room, get rid of those extensions, let her natural hair grow back and the fillers and drugs leave her system.

      I know, I know, I am being delusional.

  12. beclove says:

    Dang, she needs to go back under her bridge. YUCK.

  13. janie says:

    Can she actually not close her mouth? Rough life.

  14. Gwen says:

    Hiiiigh as a kite on top of the crackface. Oy!

  15. Agnes says:

    i just don’t think she can keep it together for longer than a few weeks/few appearances. the yearning for the sweet nectar and crack take over, and she ends up looking like this.

  16. logan says:

    She must have went to the Olsen School of Posing….say “Prune”.. Like Lee Ann Rhimes, she looks almost alien.

  17. Bess says:

    The Cracken looks completely wasted here.

    Also, the budget doctor who did her lips screwed up. Notice how the left side of her upper lips is puffier than right.

  18. Jonah says:

    She’s hanging out with her indian pimp vikram chattel again. He has a history of substance abuse and has been to rehab almost as many times as her.She always looks like a complete mess when he is around. Last time it was the teeth.
    Shame because she was looking better recently

  19. Cathy says:

    My eyes….that face is burning my eyes. That thing in those pictures looks horrible. My gawd won’t she ever learn?

  20. some bitch says:

    Holy smokes, she’s absolutely blitzed in those photos! And wtf happened to her eyebrows, did she fill them in with Crayola?

  21. serena says:

    Oh god… I’m going to have nightmare about this.

    Her face is so puffy I doubt she can move it..I’m not even talking about the lips.. I can’t..!

    She really is a genius in getting herself uglier and uglier.

  22. Dawning Red says:

    Wait, that’s Lindsay? I thought it was the puffer fish from Finding Nemo!

  23. Blue says:

    I like her shoes. That’s it.

  24. Jayna says:

    The parting of the lips every photo, straight from the Jennifer Lopez School of Posing. Those puffer fish lips are awful. But she looks good otherwise.

  25. Axel 5 says:

    I´m sorry Linds but everything is wrong here, the skin colour, the hair, the makeup, the facial expressions :(

  26. Mia says:

    Why oh why does she have Ali Lohan eyebrows?! The other stuff you have to be up close to see, but those brows…You may be able to see them from space.

  27. dorothy says:

    She was looking good for a few weeks there. Now, looks like shes back on fillers. She looks like tanning bed mom to boot. Horrid, horrid, horrid.

  28. Anne de Vries says:

    Haha, to me A&E stands for Accident & Emergency (AKA hospital’s emergency room) and for a second there I thought she was crackposing at the entrance of the hospital as she was being brought in. Which… made a strange amount of sense, somehow.

  29. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Looks like all that ugly she has inside has finely worked to the surface…….
    and she os so drugged out in those shots I defy someone to say shes clean and sober….. and somebody that the magic markers away she using them for makeup now….

  30. clevelan says:

    what the hell is going on with her zombie fingernails!?!?!?!?!?!?

  31. lucy2 says:

    Unbelievably, I don’t think that’s the WORST she’s ever looked, but that’s really saying something.
    She looks totally wasted, and everything on her face is just…wrong.

  32. The Other Katherine says:

    Worst deployment of bronzer and eyebrow pencil ever.

  33. SmokeyBlues says:

    Is she trying to emphasize her eyebrows to remind people of Elizabeth Taylor? Ugh… Fail

    • boo says:

      @SmokeyBlues I think you’re right, that’s what I was thinking too, she’s trying on her “Elizabeth Taylor brows”. If these are the brows she’s bringing to the movie then we know what a mess this is going to be, a hot mess for sure. What about Taylor’s black hair? a wig from Walmart? Please, poor Elizabeth deserves better.

  34. ladybert62 says:

    This girl always looks dirty!

    That hair is awful; her makeup is silly – dark eyebrows and white silver shadow? eeekkkkk!

  35. TruthTella says:

    She doesn’t look that bad IMO, her lips are too big but they don’t look as busted as she usually has them and her hair looks nice IMO, way better than when she has those nasty blonde extensions…
    If she didn’t have her eyes constantly at half mast she wouldn’t look so crackie.

  36. Jessica says:

    Coral lipstick should be a no no for anyone under 65. My grandmother wore it along with Shalimar perfume, large pearl clip-on earrings and a honkin fake emerald ring. And she NEVER wore nude nail polish and wouldn’t have been caught dead in public without a proper manicure. Either my gramma or Liz T. needs to come back from the grave and teach this girl about the wonders of facial powder-the ol’ dame wasn’t messing with some damn spray.

  37. Sara says:

    You guys don’t know your drug faces very well. This isn’t a cracked out face, this is an opiate/benzo I’m about to fall asleep face. She was probably wired up and had to be “put down”.

  38. phlyfiremama says:

    I think this is the look of someone who finally realizes~it really is over for her. She had her chances, and blew it, and now no one wants her anymore. This is just steps away from death by overdose, which ironically enough will make her more relevent when only Dina & Michael Lohan (2 of the slimiest,most disgusting “parents” any unfortunate soul could have) will be able to profit from it. It is revolting, and tragic. Not a tragedy, the Cracken could have saved herself~certainly enough people reached out to help. The best thing you can do for that young woman is ignore her any further~trying to stay in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons is still the spot light. It isn’t even fun to watch the train wreck happening-just sad and pathetic…

    • iloveretro says:


      There’s this very uncomfortable, eerie sense of knowing what is going to become of her, and soon. Having to watch it being publicly played out is all the worse. Her sister will soon follow if she doesn’t get the frak away from mommy dearest.

  39. Becky says:

    Does anyone here watch real housewives of new jersey and can we please discuss what ashlee did to her face cuz she looks exactly like Lohan???

  40. carlino altoviti says:

    sorry, this is my comment.

    Very bad, she does not have light in the eyes, she is off, her skin is opaque, its expression is tired and sleepy, very bad. The pin in the hairs is horrible.
    Nice dress.

  41. jano1981 says:

    Oh God!! With the fake Tanner disaster on her face and the lips the last thing she needed to add to that was Octomom brows! I’m a huge fan of a Fuller brow but this is not how its done.

  42. Dee Cee says:

    Cover the freckles.. she hates the freckles.. must endorse her skin cover product.. Trying the M M eye make up.. Botox injections have been used by several celebrities to get a perfect pout. When lips are injected with botox, the wrinkles on the lips get smoothened and that causes the lips to look fuller. This has emerged as a very popular option for those in the field of glamor.

    Besides Botox injections, injecting collagen, restylane, hyaluronic acid and artecoll can also help give plumper lips. For those who are not keen to visit a plastic surgeon to get such implants or injections, there is another option. Nowadays lip plumpers are available in the market. These contain ingredients such as peppermint, cinnamon, wintergreen, niacin or cinnamon which irritate the outer layers of your lips. These dilate the blood vessels and this increases the flow of blood to the lips. So you might experience a tingling sensation when you apply a plumper and the swelling creates an impression of plump lips. Whatever she suffers.. dark brows are not good either..

  43. sarah says:

    her face makes her look like a blowfish.

  44. Rory says:

    She looks awful, and different, but in a bad way. Those lips look like a swollen anus, sorry. Imagine having to have all that work done at age 25 to “erase” evidence of hard-partying, too much sugar, a horrid diet and drug and alcohol abuse. Just imagine. Add to that her nasty and entitled personality. Just vile.

  45. veruca darling says:

    Lips like a swollen anus…I’m still giggling…

  46. nikzilla37 says:

    This is definitely the absolute worst she has ever looked.

  47. NONNIE says:

    She looks like a late 40′s bar worker. she is nasty.

  48. Pedge says:

    She’s almost oranger than Tanning Mom.

  49. Justine says:

    OMG, she was so pretty, flawless… Was.

  50. Lucky Charm says:

    OMFG! THIS is the face that’s supposed to play the lovely Elizabeth Taylor?!?!?!

  51. Feather says:

    I’m assuming she does her own makeup, and like most things, she sucks at it. Have you guys seen this vid of Lindsay’s age progression?

    SCARY! I can absolutely NOT believe that this girl is only 25. She needs to stop with the plastic surgery (and get a job so she can afford a makeup artist)

  52. Anahata says:

    Third pic down – check out the sides of her nose. She’s got some serious “shading” going on and it extends all the way up to above her brows. Wtf!!!!

  53. jesstar says:

    She looks VERY masculine here. Whatever she’s done to it, including the drug abuse, has absolutely taken away ANY attractiveness she might have once had. It looks like she’s moved from coke to heroin too, hence the sleepy eyes. She just cant wait to get into the 27 club.

  54. JB says:

    A bobby pin on the red carpet? Lord.

  55. G says:

    Is it me or does anyone else see her trying to do a make-up emulating katface a la Kardashian?

    All the shading, under-eye concealer and high lighting?

  56. A-Rod says:

    I saw these pictures on another site last night. The writers and commenters were going on and on about how flawless and gorgeous she looked and how it’s proof “she’s back!”. I thought I was losing my damn mind cus it’s obvious she looks like hell! Thanks, for confirming that she does in fact look terrible and I’m NOT going crazy!

  57. Hope says:

    I don’t think the foundation is a different color on her forhead, I’m gonna guess that she didn’t put any on her forehead. Because she didn’t have any dark circles to cover up up there. And she thought her foundation was a perfect match for her skin. And… she’s an idiot.

  58. A-Rod says:

    I saw these pictures on another site last night. The writers and commenters were going on and on about how flawless and gorgeous she looked and how it’s proof “she’s back!”. I thought I was losing my damn mind cus it’s obvious she looks like hell! Thanks, for confirming that she does in fact look terrible and I’m NOT going blind or crazy!

  59. Rice says:

    Is it me or does the Cracken, Megan “Thumbs” Fox and Kim kartrashian beginning to look the same? It’s the ridiculous plastic surgeries, right?

  60. Mara says:

    Poor girl she look so old and very unattractive ,who wants her to play Liz Taylor is delusional she has nothing of her beauty and grace.

  61. Bobby the K says:

    When it comes to Lindsay, the industry does not seem to be on the same page as the public. Cannot figure out why.

  62. Kandace says:

    2nd picture – her nails look broken and grungy. Why’s she holding them up against her face like that?

    • meh says:

      Someone below pointed out that she’s stretching her neck to hide the double chin. I think maybe she’s covering her neck with her hand for the same reason.

      But yeah her nails are awful. They look like mine after I’ve worked in the scene shop for several hours. What was she doing between when she got dressed and when these photos were taken that jacked up her manicure so badly? A little light carpentry around the house?

  63. Miss says:

    Someone should tell her to stop trying to make sexy fly. That shit is way left.

  64. Sassy says:

    Those bloated anus lips are disgusting. And her forehead and neck are the same color, yet the rest of her face is lighter. FAIL.

    And LOOK AT HER NAILS. I probably need antibiotics just from viewing her photos. Nasty.

  65. claire says:

    Is body dysmorphia like a virus that one contracts in the waters in Hollywood or something? Seriously, how do these people not understand how jacked their faces are? I think this one is going to end up like Lara Flynn Boyle.

  66. im new says:

    She now looks like Michael Lohan Sr. in a wig. I actually believe she thinks she looks good too

  67. im new says:

    Notice she is stretching her neck to avoid the triple chins. AND WHERE THE HELL ARE HER PUPILS AT?

  68. Good grief says:

    Ay yi yi.

    I am the worst extension spotter on the planet: what are the tells here that this isn’t her real hair? Hasn’t she had long hair since 2005/2006?

    • Deryn says:

      I can’t usually spot extensions, either, but this one is easy. It’s the different color of her ends versus the top of her hair; you can also easily see the way the darker color is “weaved” in to the lighter hair up top. And no, she hasn’t had long hair since 2006; it was chin-length short as recently as the end of last year. Until she figured out that maybe focusing attention on her chin wasn’t such a fab idea.

      My guess is that her real hair is very, very short — a few inches at most.

  69. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Holy coke bloat! She’s higher than a dubai building! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. She’s holding out for the 27 club because she fancies she’s a talented star. 2 more years, ya’ll.

  70. Tara says:

    Weird. I really like her dress and shoes, which is unusual for me in this Century of the Fug. The face and hair tho… Remind me of me … As a junkie. Not good.

  71. MBGB says:

    Can she not breathe through her nose anymore? And that’s about the worst spray on tan I’ve ever seen.

    She should sue whoever sprayed her. Her legs are about 100X as dark as her hands.

  72. Stubbylove says:

    She is BAKED out of her mind in those pics!

  73. Shelly says:

    I cannot stand her freaking lips! She used to have such pretty, perfectly shaped lips. WHY does she do this to herself? She looks ridiculous. She needs to cut about a foot off of her hair, stop taking baths in a vat of self-tanner (I mean really – what color is she right now?! It’s hideous!), and just STOP with the lip injections and whatever else she is doing to her face. She clearly hates herself.

  74. skuddles says:

    What a complete loser – here she is promoting a high profile movie for her big “comeback” and she shows up wasted out of her skull.

  75. Boo says:

    Michael K believes she is setting a trend called “the ombre tan.” Bwahahaa.

    Cheap looking dress. Very Bad looking everything else. Her eyes seem to be getting smaller.

  76. dorothy says:

    All I can see are the eyebrows. What a mess.

  77. Sweettart says:

    I’d hate to have someone critique the way I look at every single moment, but I will say this.

    I don’t think this is her worst.

    I’m not an expert on hair/extensions, “ratty” or not, I think it looks better than the fried-to-a-crisp blonde.

    Eyebrows . . . no. Not a good look

    Foundation: it looks like she either used two different colors or completely forgot to blend.

    Her lips still look ridiculous, but other than that, her face doesn’t look as wrecked as it did around the time she did SNL.

  78. sugar says:

    looks like someone got into mommys bathroom cabinet…found the bottle of QT:/ @least she figured out the white stuff was eye shadow and not well ya know something else.

  79. the original bellaluna says:

    Okay, where to start?…

    Her forehead and body are one colour, and the lower half the lower half of her face is several shades more pale (paler?);

    The hair is…not good;

    Her chiclets and lips are to big to allow her to close her mouth;

    Those eyebrows. No. Just. NO.

    And yes, it looks like a “parent network function” meaning all those networks on the wall are owned by the same parent company.

    *raises cracktini to the Usual Suspects; scrolls up to read the comments*

  80. LeeLoo says:

    Wait, didn’t the producers of the Elizabeth Taylor movie tell her to knock it off with the fillers and plastic surgery?

    Somebody doesn’t listen…

    Please fire her now.

    • sugar says:

      hi LeeLoo i always read your posts and congrats on your sober years and getting married next year :)
      you’d think she would appreciate & abide by those LT producers giving her this GIANT chance (even tho only they & she think she is deserving of it). Self sabotage comes to mind. I think she only thinks she wants that chance to prove her big comeback because the rate she looks now doubtful she will make it to the first day of filming. yup if they don’t fire her first pretty sure she will unhire herself and will conjure up that excuse to legitimize it in her mind. In my line of work I see self sabotage behaviors all the time and it is really sad not only the person who is given so many chances but those who work really hard to help them get these chances. ok how many times can i use the word chance in this comment sorry bout that.

  81. MJ says:

    Her makeup looks like mine did in the early ’90s, when I had to steal it from my mom’s expired cosmetics stash from the 1980s and apply it in secret in the elementary school washroom. The difference is that I was 12.

  82. Jackson says:

    Clearly she is Elizabeth Taylor reborn.

  83. Mounir says:

    I disagree, I think she looks fine. BUT, she needs to fire her makeup artist. Her dress is cute though, really cute.

  84. Erin says:

    what is that lone bobby pin supposed to be doing?

  85. Annie says:

    That’s Elizabeth Taylor right there. Elizabeth Taylor a couple of weeks before she kicked the bucket. That’s when the Cracken is playing her right?

    Also who’s playing Dick? Charlie Sheen with his false teeth out?

  86. Anahata says:

    She looks like Elizabeth. In her casket. In the ground.

  87. dahlia1947 says:

    She looks dazed, just not all there. I’m rooting for this girl, but it seems like she’s into self-sabotaging herself. It’s sad!

    Her parents suck at being parents and I know that that has alot to do with how she acts and all of the stunts she’s pulled.

    I just hope she comes out of it somehow.

    • roooster says:

      I think she’s old enough for us to finally stop blaming her sh!tty parents for everything wrong in her life.
      She’s been an adult for 7 years now, at least. That’s a long enough time to realize that you are responsible for your own decisions, and riding the pitty train over mommy and daddy’s total lack of parenting skills gets you only so far.
      She knows full well that she is still being excused by people who remember her as a child actor and feel sorry for her, and she is using and abusing this line of thinking to get herself whatever she wants, including a million second chances.
      I say enough with all this being her parents falt. Time to wake up, smell the crack pipe, and throw it out the window.
      * Yeah, I’m sure she’ll get right on it, LOL…

  88. Shaz says:

    might be time for the vultures to back off – this child doesn’t need any more negativity in her life…she is entering Winehouse territory and it’s getting scary

  89. Alexis says:

    This is as bad as usual, it just doesn’t look as bad with red hair and warmer make up.

  90. Edvard says:

    What’s wrong with you people?
    That’s not Lindsay, that’s the tan mom.

  91. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Jesus, you owe us like a million pictures of Fassy and Askars for having to look at that face. I can’t believe what she has done to herself. If that’s not an anti drug/alcohol/injections poster I don’t know what is.

  92. Love says:

    Ok imagine being the person who had to cut her tampon string in machete during the bikini scene … True story . She had to call someone on the set to get an assistant to cut it . Puke job

  93. frothy says:

    it’s called exfoliator, try it.

    50 shades of orange…

  94. Jellybean says:

    This girl is done, over, finished. She has had so many chances to redeem herself and screws up every single time. This is tragic but who is surprised? She’s her own worst enemy and looks like a reject cast member of Mob Wives.

  95. roooster says:

    As of this exact moment, I’ve officially moved out of the the ‘giving a sh!t’ teritory.
    Oh, how sweet the freedom from Ckackendom.

  96. Hakura says:

    …what a mess….That’s pretty much all I can say that hasn’t already been eloquently worded.

    I wonder if ‘Blinded by the cracken’ is covered on my insurance policy…

  97. Laura says:

    Crazy that this girl is the same age as me ans has had more opportunities and money than I could ever dream of having, and yet I feel my life is far better!

  98. Stephanie says:

    And somebody hired this delicate flower to play Liz Taylor!! WTF ppl??

  99. ViloDeMenus says:

    The bad make up job is to try to distract from the atrocious botox, filler abuse done by some cheap hack doctor. There are literally thousands of women in LA who look like this, unfortunately. Even dentists can give shots and she’s a poster child for someone other than a trained plastic surgeon trained well using these products. What I don’t understand is how she can’t see how bad she looks, is her world devoid of mirrors or something?

  100. girl says:

    If I were her I wouldnt leave the house! WHY does she look like she is getting worse? I mean how can someone look in the mirror and say ” I look pretty” when they look like that!

  101. Chrissy says:

    I think she’s back on the stuff. Her eyes are so glazed over and the last pictures of her before this showed her looking more alert. She’s gonna be dead one these days, y’all. :(

  102. girl says:

    Her skin is so dehydrated ick!

  103. girl says:

    did anyone notice her hands?!? Def. poor circulation… Its terrible. She is completely in denial. I think she hsould completely go into hiding shave her head no more extensions… and start taking care of herself for 6mos to a year! Obviously this girl is not mentally sound and needs to go back to rehab!! I don’t think being in the spotlight is going to help the poor girl.

  104. Chinky says:

    Never have I ever seen a bobby pin in a celebrity’s head.. EVER. Like, really LiLo, for real? She’s a mess.